Voodoo Woman (1957) Movie Script

Zuranda under
spell now, she ready.
You've done your work well.
Now it's my turn.
Your magic and mine.
Gods like my magic,
maybe not like yours.
You startled me.
I wish you'd wear shoes.
No, shoes and Bobo big enemies.
No like.
What do you want?
Bobo come say maybe
Madam Mrs. Lady want cup tea.
No, thank you.
What are they doing out there?
Not know.
You like me, Bobo, don't you?
Oh, very fine lady.
Then help me get
away from here, please!
Get me as far as Bandalaya
and I'll give you this.
You speak run
away, doctor kill me.
This, too.
It's yours if you
help me escape.
Gandor outside.
He watch house every minute.
No speak run away.
Bobo not listen.
This very sad house for you.
If I stay here, he'll kill me.
You can help me if you want to.
I know how I help.
I bring you cup nice hot tea.
She must be powerful of mind
and body, this new woman.
The blood of the fox
to make her cunning.
The claw of the cougar
to make her strong.
She will have the
strength of 10 tigers
and she'll kill, Chaka.
She'll have to kill to survive.
The venom of the
viper to make her kill.
It's reacting.
Now she's ready.
Not yet!
The blood ritual.
After that, we must wait.
Where's he taking ya?
Up north, that's all he'd say.
Last night after he go
to his room, I find this.
What do these things mean?
These are the objects
used by the natives
in the ceremony of the voodoo.
This isn't gonna help us.
Make him tell ya.
He's tough, Marilyn,
he's tough and he's smart.
It isn't that he's so smart.
It's just that you're stupid.
How'd I ever get mixed up
with a guy like you anyway?
I think I had some
dough at the time.
Come on, Mom'll
show you how it's done.
Well, what is it
this time, Marilyn?
You look lonely, Harry.
And you think you can cure it?
I've been known to.
Some cures are
worse than diseases.
You hate my guts
and I hate yours.
That's true, but that doesn't
mean we can't do business.
Get to the point.
You're spoiling my drink.
Go on, Ox.
About this trip, when
do we get going?
You know our guide
is supposed to be
on the Jawar bus tomorrow.
We leave the next day.
That's wild country
you're going into.
- What are you looking for?
- That's my business.
I thought this deal
was between us.
- What's her stake in this?
- She...
I figure to marry Rick
when he gets back.
I wanna make sure he does.
You know the way women are.
You going to marry her?
One week with you and
you'll join her boyfriend
back in the States,
the one she...
I'd kill you, too.
But there's still a
drink left in here.
Cut it out.
I've got a right to know
what I'm going after.
Wealth, lots of it,
if we get back alive.
What kind of wealth?
Gold? Money? Diamonds?
We're going into the
jungle to bring back
a secret recipe for borscht.
There's millions in it!
This fiancee of yours,
don't turn your back on her.
You had better not either.
I don't intend to.
No luck, eh, cherie?
Give me another.
Alas, ma petite, I shall be
forced to cancel the credit
which I have so
generously extended,
but I am helpless.
Whiskey does not grow on trees.
Yours does.
This stuff tastes like it
comes from a gum tree.
Tastes like turpentine.
I'll outfox him.
Go to his room.
Wait for me.
Go on!
You are very angry, cherie.
Hand me my bag.
You think he's carrying a gun?
You know I do not permit
my customers to carry a gun.
I'm going to his room and
I don't want him to see me.
Black voodoo
You are my soul
clutching in your fingers
You are that maddening
need that lingers
Black voodoo
Black voodoo
Every fiber of me
Comes alive with sorcery
But you come
to life with black
The drums beat
I'm consumed with desire
With the spell
that you weave
My whole life is on fire
With black
More of them drawings.
Keep looking.
When you possess
me, you are love
When you caress me, black
Where did Marilyn go?
You have made Marilyn
very angry, Monsieur.
I tell you this for
your own protection.
Thanks for the warning.
If there were
police in this place,
you would seek their help.
I've got a gun in my room.
That's enough protection for me.
It's a long way to
your room, Monsieur.
For the $5 American.
Did Monsieur think I would
give him an empty gun?
Just a little.
Alas that I am so misunderstood.
Yvette, my favorite song.
Hold it in the light.
This stuff's gold.
I wonder what they
use for the eyes.
- Diamonds and rubies.
- I'm rich! I'm rich!
Not quite.
Turn around and put your
hands flat against the wall.
Put that down!
I'm not kidding.
I know you're not.
Marcel is a friend of mine.
She's cute, huh?
You'll never be able to find where
that came from without me, Marilyn.
I'm the only one who knows.
I'll make a deal.
I can't deal with you, Harry.
You know that.
We'll find out where
they are, won't we, Rick?
Let's get out of here.
What for?
There's no cops here.
Marcel will cover for us.
Keep searching.
How come you didn't tell
me me about that rigged gun?
A girl just naturally keeps
from telling
everything she knows.
Keep looking.
We're doing it, Chaka,
white man's science
and the black voodoo.
You know what they said
about me in the States?
That I was a man of science
trying to outrage
the laws of nature.
But my forms couldn't change.
We're proving them wrong.
She like this while spell last.
Then she change back.
But she must stay like this.
I'll find a way. I'll...
I'll take her back home
to my own laboratory.
No, no take home.
Zuranda, daughter
of priest, next village.
But we can't stop now.
We're brothers of
the blood, Chaka.
I'll make a goddess of her,
mighty and indestructible.
Not my kind goddess.
I'll take her away from
here, back to my own people.
I not know.
You can tell your
people it was your magic.
They'll make you a
god, a god for all time.
They'll make
sacrifices in your image.
You take her.
It is Marcel.
Ah, poor Monsieur
Harry, a sad funeral.
No one to mourn him.
Only my tears to
water his grave.
May he rest in peace.
It was very costly, too.
You owe me much money.
I don't doubt that, the
way you keep books.
There were many
things to attend to,
witnesses to swear he
died of a heart ailment.
No one ever knows when
the gendarme will start coming
to this forsaken place
and start asking questions.
I...I hope all this
unpleasantness was worthwhile.
Not exactly, but we've
got a starting point.
These things make sense to you?
The black voodoo.
This beautiful sound
you hear is gold, Marcel.
Beyond Bandalaya,
the voodoo country.
Those dolls are up
in there somewhere.
And all we've gotta do
is find that somewhere.
It would be
suicide to attempt it.
I would throw myself on this.
You just finished telling
us how much we owe you.
If you wanna get it back,
why don't you help us?
I have warned you
that is all I can do.
If you are successful
in your attempt,
I will expect a
respectable rate of interest.
That's our Marcel,
back to normal again.
Rick tells me that Harry
didn't know the guide
who's coming today.
That's right.
He hired him by
mail, he told me that.
Marcel, meet the new Harry West.
A rare pleasure, Monsieur Harry.
Likewise, Monsieur.
I will offer one
suggestion, gratis.
Yeah, I'll bet.
Every voodoo tribe have their
own symbol, their own signs.
Then we've gotta find the
tribe with the right markings
and we're where we wanna be.
Marcel, you're a genius.
That is very possible.
Aha, a new face,
and a handsome one.
My girls will be pleased.
You can tell 'em
I'm not buying tonight.
Looking for a Harry West.
Oh, you must be the
guide Monsieur West hired.
This is Monsieur West's guide,
Mademoiselle Marilyn Blanchard.
American, huh?
You know the Bandalaya country?
Been outta the States long?
Your tongue glued in your mouth?
I figured my boss
was Mr. Harry West.
No use answering the
same questions twice.
I got news for ya.
I'm his boss.
So if you answer my
questions, you're in the clear.
Name is Ted Bronson,
6'1", 180 pounds,
sleep light and eat heavy.
When I'm broke, which
is most of the time,
I hire out as a guide.
Anything else?
You'll pass.
I'm sure we'll make the
most of our little trip, you and I.
You going along?
It's pretty rough
country for a woman.
I'll survive.
When do we leave?
Good, gonna go turn in.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
I never mix pleasure
with business.
Sometimes they're
one in the same.
I'm sure we'll get
along just fine.
Cherie, I think in that
one, you meet your match.
We'll see.
From this point on, we'll
be in voodoo country.
They won't like our being there,
but if we leave them
alone, they won't bother us.
We'll turn back at Bandalaya.
Beyond that point, they'll
do more than just resent us.
Like what?
Like a poison dart in
the back of the neck.
Pleasant little
things like that.
Sounds real cozy.
For a Russian ruble, I'd
check out of this treasure hunt.
Treasure hunt?
He's, uh, kidding.
Look, I'm warning you,
you make one hostile move
or show too much curiosity
about their customs and rituals
and they'll kill ya.
There's more than
one white man's skull
hanging from their totem poles.
We'll be good, won't we, Harry?
Oh, the very best.
Now let's start
this little walk.
Voodoo drums.
We'll be hearing
them from now on
and there'll be somebody
watching us all the time.
So don't leave camp by yourself
and don't reach for your guns
unless you know
what you're shooting at.
From here on, we're
very unwelcome visitors.
You make too much
of this voodoo stuff.
- They know enough to respect this.
- Now listen, you.
Hey, cut it out, you two!
I know what's eating him.
He's jealous.
All right, we'll make camp here.
What are they doing down there?
Not know.
No go.
He kill you.
Me too.
Oh, God!
This time, its effect
will be permanent.
Go to your room, Susan.
I'll be back in a
few minutes, Chaka.
I told you never to
go near my laboratory.
I heard her cry out.
You were interfering
with my work, Susan.
Nobody's gonna stand
in my way, not even you.
If we had it to do over
again, we'd know better,
wouldn't we, Susan?
You wouldn't have
married a man of my age
and I wouldn't have
undertaken to play nursemaid
to a whimpering, shallow woman
who's been crying homesick
for the past seven years.
What were you doing
with that poor girl?
You'll know very soon.
I've a right to know now.
Very well.
I'm using her to
create a new being.
A being?
Not man, not beast, but a
combination of the best of each.
When I'm finished,
we'll take her back
to the States with us.
We'll shatter the very
foundations of science.
You're insane.
Never say that!
Never say that to me again!
Oh, Roland, let me go
home myself, please.
No, we're going back
together in triumph.
I can't stand it any longer.
Please, Roland.
It's too late now.
If you try to escape
I'll kill you.
You are ready.
From this time on, I will
send my thoughts to you
and you will obey.
Even though I do not
speak, you will hear my voice.
Rise, Zuranda.
Come with me.
Go to the village.
The hut, destroy it.
After them!
You didn't obey me.
You must kill or
you will not survive.
Do as I say.
Destroy the house.
You asleep, Ted?
Tell me something
about this voodoo routine.
Well, it's as old
as human life itself.
Based on superstitions,
hysteria, hypnosis,
and native medicines.
You know, I've seen healthy
men shrivel up and die
because some priest
cursed a rag image of them.
And I've heard of men
going out of their mind
because somebody
drew a certain symbol
in the dirt at their feet.
I like the sound of those drums.
It's like they were
talking to me.
I wanna go past Bandalaya,
to the north country.
If you do, it'll be without me.
I'll change your mind.
Wait and see.
I'll wait.
My people angry.
They say you try make
Zuranda kill own people
in next village.
They want girl back.
That not all.
White man come this way.
Evil sign.
Tell them I'll use Zuranda
to get rid of the white people.
Tell them I'll have her kill the
white men if they don't go back.
No, no, Zuranda no kill.
She good.
She no do nothing under
spell she not do when awake.
You tell her kill,
you break spell.
I'll teach her to kill.
No teach this.
Must be born to kill.
Bring girl back.
Soon it will be the night
of the blood sacrifice.
Third night moon fill sky.
I'll bring her back then.
No harm my people.
I swear it.
I swear it in blood.
What's the matter?
Put that down.
Knock one of them watchdogs off
and they'll leave us alone.
From now on, I'd
better hang onto these.
If you'd have killed that native,
we'd be feeding vultures in an hour.
He won't give you
any more trouble, Ted.
All you gotta do
is lick him once.
All right, we'll be in
Bandalaya in the morning.
We get supplies and turn back.
Right back to Marcel's
place, empty-handed?
Oh, he'll love that.
He'd be so tickled,
he'd slit our throats.
What did you expect
to come back with?
Butterflies to add
to his collection.
I don't know about you two,
but when we get to
Bandalaya, I turn back.
Now let's go.
You've hardly eaten anything.
I'm not hungry.
I wanted to go for a walk today.
Gandor wouldn't let me.
He's just following
my instructions.
I'm a prisoner in my own home.
You might say that.
Bobo, you've been very
careless about Mrs. Gerard.
She found her way down
to my laboratory yesterday.
I, I go to kitchen.
I come back, she gone.
Very careless, Bobo.
- I've spoken to Chaka about...
- Chaka!
Please, Mr. Doctor, tell
him I do anything you say.
The matter's out of my hands.
I have a surprise for you.
I'm ready to show you
what I've accomplished.
Come along, my dear.
I don't think I care to see.
You said you wanted to know.
Now I insist.
Come along.
She's dead.
No, she's between
life and death.
She's in a state which I
call pre-transformation.
Talk to her, Susan.
I only have to think a
command and she'll obey.
Get up.
Go to the end of the
room and come back.
Tell her to lie
down on the table.
Lie down.
Lie down on the table.
- I've seen enough.
- No!
No, not nearly enough.
Science has many disguises.
You'd be surprised how
much knowledge of medicine
and chemistry
I've gathered here.
Take the curichi
root, for example.
It has the most amazing
effect on a humans skin.
Used to take hours
to achieve results.
Now it's only a
matter of seconds.
Not a mark.
I've thrown a spear at
this leg, not a scratch.
Look at this.
This acid could eat
its way through iron.
The indestructible being,
immune to the folly of man
and the death cycle of nature.
What are you trying to prove?
Only that there are no secrets
that genius cannot fathom.
And this deathless
being of yours,
what are you going
to do with her?
Lead her through the
halls of the colleges
that mocked my theories.
And after that?
She may mother a
whole race of new beings.
You are crazy!
You gonna babysit all
night with those guns?
Looks like it.
What's the matter? You act
like I was sprayed with poison.
You are.
You didn't think so last night.
Temporary insanity.
I knew you were poison
the minute I laid eyes on you.
Then why'd you take the job?
I needed money.
I'm a sucker for eating regular.
What are you after, Marilyn?
What's this all about?
Eh, voodoo stuff, huh?
What about it?
Suppose I was to tell
you that one of the tribes
around here uses
gold to make the stuff.
Could be.
But you'd have to
be out of your mind
if you think you could
get your hands on it.
Then I'm out of my mind
because I'm gonna get it.
They'd tear you
apart limb from limb.
I need your help.
I'll split 50-50 with you.
What about your
friend over there?
The jungle swallows a
dozen of 'em every day.
Nice, clean-cut,
all-American girl, huh?
Right outta the
slums of Pittsburgh,
and this is my
chance to stay out.
I want that gold
so bad I can see it
every time I close my eyes.
You know your way around.
You can talk their language.
I'm still not buying.
I'll take you as
far as Bandalaya,
then you're on your own.
Oh, and leave me the
address of your next of kin.
I'll write them a
nice, long letter.
Tell 'em how you
died in the jungle,
'cause you won't be coming back.
I'll take that gamble.
I'm coming back
with it or not at all.
You're coming with me.
I need your help.
I can kill.
I've done it before.
Get yourself some sleep.
I'll sit up with this armory.
Go on!
It's either me with
the guns or Harry.
And you know how
he feels about you.
Better give it some
thought before morning.
Might save your life.
- Who is it?
- Me, Bobo.
Open door.
No one here.
Some of your
people come this way.
White people?
- How far away?
- Near Bandalaya.
- Bobo!
- Not you.
They catch you.
I try.
This place bad.
You write letter.
I take white man's camp.
Maybe I lucky.
This make you feel better.
Better I now go.
Be very careful, Bobo.
Bobo no careful.
He die.
Maybe some
tomorrow you be happy.
Me too.
That's what you gotta
look for, those markings.
You'll find them
on their totem poles
and on the walls of their
huts, if you find them.
What about that
watchdog out there?
I'll draw him off.
Ah, ah, ah!
I've been looking for an excuse.
You just won't be
friendly, will you?
Come on.
Look what you're making me do.
All right, lie down.
That'll keep him curious.
Go on out that way.
There could be
somebody out there, too.
If Harry doesn't come
back, we'll know there is.
First time I ever had to tie
a man to keep him down.
Those drums are talking to me.
They're saying you're
rich, Marilyn, you're rich.
Listen, you'll hear 'em, too.
Faster, we must move faster.
It isn't too late
to sign up, Ted.
Pay's real good with
bonuses thrown in.
You're still fighting me!
This'll be something to
tell your grandchildren,
how you protected your virtue
against overwhelming odds.
You gonna help me?
Well, untie me and I
might help you stay alive,
if it's not too late.
I'm tired.
I'm gonna go to bed.
See you in the morning.
I'm a light sleeper
and I like you, but...
These are enemies
of your people.
They've come to kill.
You must kill them.
Your father's gods
demand their lives.
You must kill.
Chaka was right, I
can't make you kill.
You're no use to me.
Go back to your village.
You lost, baby?
Don't be scared.
I'll see that you get home.
What'd you learn?
This, right in our own backyard.
The same outfit
that's been tailing us.
We got this far.
What now?
We'll talk about
it in the morning.
You're cut up pretty bad.
I just tangled with some
bushes, that's, that's all.
White man die for this.
That's only right.
All white man die, you too.
If they kill me, much
evil will come to them.
They say you evil.
My magic will
curse them forever.
It is bad to kill at the
time of the sacrifice.
The white people will
themselves kill the guilty man.
Tell them that.
Must do right away.
One of you killed a
native girl last night.
You must be punished at once,
otherwise you will all die.
It was him.
Now wait a minute, if
I remember correctly,
I was tied all night.
Looks rough.
Marilyn, you ain't
gonna let 'em kill me.
You can talk them out of it.
Square it somehow.
What can we do?
Take him.
They want one
of you to kill him.
Marilyn, wait a minute.
It's either him or us.
Now, Marilyn, listen.
Marilyn, you can't!
You weren't kidding when
you said you could kill.
You live around here,
near these people?
With them.
Can you fix it up for us to
hang around a little while,
kinda rest up a little
bit before we start back?
I don't know.
I think so.
This is the outfit
that owns the gold.
You can stay with
me for a few days.
If you don't mind, I think
I'll head for Bandalaya.
Wait a minute.
I think he needs a rest, too.
Yes, I believe he does.
It was lucky
meeting up with you.
I've got a hunch I can
use you in my business.
I'm almost positive I
can use you in mine.
What's that?
A death mask.
I don't know why, but
I see myself in that.
You're very susceptible.
If you're interested, I
can tell you a great deal
about the voodoo rituals.
Ted tells me that they
try to kill any white man
who wanted to see a ritual.
And yet you live
right in the middle of it.
You might say I'm part of it.
You, uh, live here alone?
My wife occupies that room.
Unfortunately, she's
not well at the moment.
She's... she's mentally
sick, severe paranoid,
subject to hallucinations
of torture and persecution.
Oh, Gandor, show our
guests to their rooms.
I've already told them you're
to have complete freedom.
How 'bout me?
Gandor will act as a
sort of personal guide.
That's a new name for it.
You're an unusual young woman.
I thought you'd be
frightened down here.
I haven't been scared of
anything since I was two years old.
I heard that some of these
objects are made of gold.
Is that why you came here?
Is it true?
Oh, Chaka had more
gold than you could carry.
Will you help me get it?
Oh, that could mean your life.
I'll gamble.
What do I do?
Undergo the rituals of the god.
With my influence, they'll
make you a priestess.
Then you can have
anything the tribe has.
I'll do anything they want.
We'll talk to Chaka.
What's in it for you, doc?
The usual?
The very unusual.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Ted Bronson, a
reluctant house guest.
Say, this isn't any
medicine for a sick woman.
You're wrong.
This is what's keeping me alive.
He'd kill me if I
didn't have this.
Who would?
My husband.
He's crazy!
He'll kill you, too.
You must get away from here.
Get to Bandalaya,
bring back help, please!
Ah, you're just overexcited.
You're imagining things.
I didn't imagine
that hideous creature
he made out of
that poor native girl.
I saw it, in his laboratory!
Be careful.
I just thought I'd
go for a little walk.
You changed my mind, corporal.
I can take a hint.
They are preparing for one of their
most sacred rituals tomorrow night,
the festival of the sacrifice.
Generally some
member of the tribe
who's fallen out of favor.
These things made of gold?
I'll talk to Chaka.
You stay here.
Don't touch any of these things.
Won't be easy.
I've come along way for these.
I've brought you the white girl.
White woman no take voodoo.
This one will.
She's born with it in her blood.
She'll be perfect.
She'll bring you a white man
for the sacrifice tomorrow night.
You must be
completely receptive.
Susan, it's me, Ted.
How'd did you ever
get past Gandor?
Even he's gotta sleep sometime.
Listen, I had to find
out who was crazy,
you or your husband.
Now I know.
I just took a look
around his laboratory.
He's got everything in there from high
octane gas and gun powder to pig's blood.
I'm gonna try and
make it to Bandalaya.
If I'm lucky, I'll be back in
a couple of days with help.
You could've gotten away.
Well, it wasn't
as important to...
- Take me with you.
- I can make it faster alone.
Now you be careful and
keep your door locked.
I wouldn't want anything
to happen to you.
We'll make it yet.
Be ready to travel.
It's working, Chaka.
Too fast!
Nothing will stop me now.
Nothing will destroy you,
not a flame, nor
weapons made by man.
People say stop.
Perfection at last.
Very well, I'll take her home.
I release you now.
You will remember
nothing of this.
How do you feel?
Is that all there is to it?
Until tomorrow night.
Better be nice to me, Ted.
I become a full-fledged
priestess tonight
and that makes me
eligible for that yellow stuff
that you said I'd never get.
It's all yours.
I'm checking out of
here the first chance I get.
It won't be tonight.
What do you mean?
I heard Doc tell Gandor
to take you to that
big festival tonight.
Good dog, Rover.
I need you for a moment, Gandor.
I'm sure you will excuse him.
Don't be too long.
Now listen, I'm gonna make a
dash for it. Gandor'll follow me.
Now you wait five minutes
and then you take off.
Do you know where the path to
Bandalaya takes an eastern turn?
- You wait for me right there.
- Oh, Gandor will kill you.
No, I don't think so.
The doctor wants me at that ritual
tonight and I think he wants me alive.
- Why?
- I don't know,
but I don't mean to find out.
Tonight you will leave
this form permanently.
You will forever remain a
being of strength and daring.
And as long as I live,
I will be your master.
You have no life but
that which I give you.
Evening, Rover.
Big doings going
on out there, huh?
Nice night.
You will hear me
though I do not speak.
Soon we will visit Chaka.
You are ready now.
Keep away!
You can't kill her.
I warned you not
to try to escape.
Destroy her!
You've got to.
I don't know that I can.
I've given her eternal life.
You're insane.
You're a maniac!
Take her to Chaka.
Put her down.
Come along, dear.
- Chaka's expecting us.
- Let me go!
I'm sorry, dear.
You stay there 'til I call you.
Here you are, Chaka.
I promised you
a white sacrifice.
Your wife?
She was ready to betray me.
She means nothing to me.
- Give her to your gods.
- Oh no!
Oh no!
Help! Help!
Priest says give all
white mans to gods.
Tell them their lives
are in my hands.
At my command,
they'll grovel before
a new and mightier god.
This isn't exactly the way
we had planned it, is it?
You shouldn't have
come back here for me.
You could've gotten away.
Somehow it wasn't as
important without you.
Maybe I'll tell you
about it someday.
A lot of good that will do,
but I'll listen.
They want you, too.
I think this is coming loose.
Lean on these ropes.
It's coming.
Okay, once more now.
Your gold is waiting for you.
The gold!
That is my magic.
She kill you, too.
Stop magic!
They thought I'd be
a sacrificial victim.
Chaka must die, too.
What need have you for gold?
Clay, that's all they were.
There was only one gold
object left, Chaka's idol.
He took that with
him into the pit.
You must obey me.
You're nothing without me.
Nothing! Stop! Stop!
It's an old trick,
these Molotovs.
They're coming here.
Well, these will get us through.
Here they come.
If we have any chance
at all, it's right now.
Sorry I had to do that.
Come on, let's go.
Bus from Jawar on time?
It will be here in
a few moments.
Oh, good.
Uh, Marilyn and her friend,
they come back with you?
They're dead.
She owe me much money.
Better luck next time.
Her friend perhaps is
dead, but not Marilyn.
I have a feeling
that one still lives.