Vorstadtkrokodile 2 (2010) Movie Script

Sure this is right?
In the middIe of nowhere.
But the oId mine was here somewhere.
Behind the factory. - I can't see.
Wait! What's that overthere?
This must be it.
How can we get inside?
Is there a door?
Big enough for you?
P-pretty ...
un-un ...
- Underground, exactIy.
No one wiII find, burn down,
or bIow up our headquarters this time.
... un-unstabIe, is what I meant.
V-very un-unstabIe.
Look, they had mine carts here!
Of course, the shafts are miIes Iong.
Dead end.
It continues overthere.
Let's go that way.
We're not going
through the whoIe mine, right?
We'II keep going
tiII we find a new base.
Man, what is that?
Scared the Iights wiII go out on you?
I need protection riding on the streets.
- OnIy kind of''protection'' you'II need.
That bridge Iooks pretty rickety.
I knew it.
Okay, who's first?
- Him!
Jorgo shouId go first.
Ifhe can make it, anyone can.
Frank is way fatter!
I'm aII muscIe, not souvIaki and gyros.
- Beats fries and ketchup.
Hey, foIks, reIax. The bridge is fine.
That's not funny.
Watch out!
- No!
Be carefuI!
Come on! We can't be a gang
without a headquarters!
B-better n-no g-gang
than a d-dead g-gang.
Don't crap your pants, Peter.
We'II be okay.
W-what w-was that?
Don't think, Peter, waIk.
Damn, the Iights!
Hurry up, my battery is running out.
Turn the Iight on!
Oh shit. Quick, get off!
Are you kidding? I can't see.
- Lucky you.
Come on, share your Iight!
Not that cIose, man! Not that cIose!
That's it, I'm going back!
Shit! HeIp!
We'II get you!
- Hannes, don't!
Maria, go!
Get off!
- I've got you!
It's aIright.
Next time Iet's meet at McDonaIds.
I'II catch up with you.
The mine was part of Dad's company, too.
Look, I found candIes!
AwhoIe box fuII!
- Oh shit!
Jorgo, that's dynamite!
- What?
Put it out!
- Throw it!
- Quick!
Get out!
Get back!
Come on!
Everything okay?
- Yeah.
We're trapped.
Crap, that was our Iast fashIight.
- We'II be sent to boarding schooI,
Iike EIvis after his graffiti stunt.
Hey, there's another exit!
Th-thank g-goodness!
This train ... can move.
That means there's stiII power here.
WeIcome to our new headquarters!
No one can destroy this pIace!
Except maybe the CrocodiIes.
Thank you,
my hero.
WeII ...
I'm going in, okay?
I'II caII you Iater.
Do you want to come in for a bit?
We have Coke.
OIIi, have you seen the Coke
by any chance?
You jerk, I was saving that!
- You finished the NuteIIa.
I've done your dishes a miIIion times.
- No one asked you to.
I'm not reaIIy that thirsty.
Don't worry. Every factory has probIems.
- But not every day.
Why are they back aIready?
- Too much bad Iuck!
Have they repIaced you with robots?
They're cutting our hours again.
UnbeIievabIe! You Iook
Iike a bomb expIoded next to you!
Cutbacks again? Ah, Coke!
We came home earIy to see if
you'd done your homework yet.
I can't concentrate with Maria and Hannes
smooching. - We've never smooched!
Sorry if I hit a sore spot.
- You don't say!
You're Maria's boyfriend?
- What?
WeII then, come here young man.
WeIcome to the famiIy!
Mom! - ReIax!
You're growing up, PeePee-Mouse!
Yeah, PeePee-Mouse, reIax!
Can we borrow the foodIights tomorrow?
For our new base?
If they're back by dark, Poopsie.
Say goodbye, Maria,
and then heIp us set the tabIe.
Come on, Poopsie!
Bye, Hannes.
Bye, Poopsie!
PeePee-Mouse? See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
Out of my way!
W-what's that?
Motion sensors.
Ifit bIinks, we've got company.
Your dad's foodIights
are way cooIerthan the fairy Iights.
If the pIant cIoses, we couId keep them!
- OurfoIks wouId Iose their jobs, idiot!
So? Work sucks. There's aIways weIfare.
When I grow up, I want to be unempIoyed!
Any gang with an HQ this phat
has got to be cooI.
Then we're definiteIy the cooIest.
- You're definiteIy the phattest.
WeII, it's definiteIy the perfect spot
forthe CrocodiIes' headquarters.
Crap, it's aIready cIosed!
We promised Dad we'd return the Iights!
And we have.
Are you crazy?
I'II stay here and guard the wheeIchair.
- Um, I'm sitting in it.
You know us.
- ExactIy.
I think you need
a chip card or something. - What?
Who are you?
- Who are you?
Shut up, you IittIe punk.
You steaIing stuff?
How? We're not even inside.
TeII it to the cops.
- My dad Iet us use them. He works here.
Who's your dad?
- Bernd Weissman.
Hey, you coming?
- Put them here. I'II get them to Bernd.
Put the Iights down!
What a jerk!
W-watch out!
Move it!
What a nut case!
Man, what a car!
- Dude, just Iike Vin DieseI!
That's d-dangerous,
not using your b-bIinkers.
Let's go!
Pick me up tomorrow?
- Sure, just Iike aIways.
Hi, I'm home!
If I were a strict mother,
I'd ask you why you're so Iate.
And if I were a good son,
I might even answer you.
Hmm, potatoes and sour cream? Yummy!
It tastes a bit funny today.
- That's because it's a faciaI mask.
It was so crazy at work today.
The reaI-time performance indices
were bottoming out, and they're Iike:
''Let's use the WiIcoxon test.''
I'm thinking:
IncredibIe! No wonderthey never hit
their benchmarks. - IncredibIe.
Mom, I'm not sure
this is the right job for you.
Ajob is neither good nor bad.
It's what you make ofit.
It makes a masked monster out of you.
- I don't want to shriveI up.
You're the prettiest mom in town.
That's sweet, Honey,
but nothing Iasts forever.
''Overthe hiII at 30?''
''After 30 you're more IikeIy to get
struck by Iightning than to find a man.''
Cutting it a bit cIose, right?
It aIso says
that Simon CoweII is a nice guy.
Hannes, do I Iook Iike a woman
missing anything in her Iife?
I don't need a man. ReaIIy, I don't.
Superdate. Find your souI mate!
Trade endIess soIitude for eternaI bIiss!
How cheesy!
- Women Iove that stuff.
Not my mom.
- That's why we're doing it for her.
We need a nickname for her.
What's yours?
- ''CrazyWheeIie14.''
How about
''CrazyFinanceLady''? It's her new job.
Let's say ''EconomicMiracIe29.''
It's got more sex-appeaI.
- If you say so.
Now it gets interesting.
''About me.'' Describe her.
- Hm, she's very nice ...
Nice? I don't think that's exactIy
what most guys are after.
What about her ass?
- What?
WeII, she's got a pretty nice one.
- You Iook at my mom's butt?
Of course. I sit in a wheeIchair. I Iook
at everyone's butt. AutomaticaIIy.
Okay, here it goes:
''I have a nice ass ...''
I reaIIy don't think that's a good idea.
- You're right, it's a bit much.
''... nice butt.''
Sounds better!
- Did you just submit that?
Yep. Any hobbies?
- Badminton ...
Isn't there a ''back'' button?
- Don't you want to heIp your mom?
Trust me! Sporty is good.
''Badminton ...'' Sent off!
If anyone responds,
I'II set up a date and Iet you know.
Do you do this often?
- No, I prefer personaI contact.
PersonaI contact?
- Sure, you can't kiss someone onIine.
Have you ever kissed a girI?
Of course.
- On the mouth?
Where eIse?
Haven't you ever kissed Maria?
No ...
- She's probabIy dying for it.
Kiss her aIready!
She's here!
Oh, heIIo. How much is it?
Oh, my God.
Is he having a fit?
Does he have a Iot of fits?
Is this the autistic kid Kai met onIine?
Um, I'm not autistic.
- Of course not.
Us normaI peopIe
just can't smeII as IoudIy as you do.
This is Jenny, Kai's cousin.
The boys have a gang. The CrocodiIes.
Wow, a reaI gang!
With a cute animaI name!
Are there a Iot of retards here?
- Now there's one more.
Guess who made cake?
Come on, Hannes, Iet's go.
- But there's cake!
Mom knows I can't stand her cake.
But Jenny's the daughter she never had.
She gets whatever she wants. Disgusting.
But you aIways get what you want.
- That's different. I'm disabIed.
What's she doing here?
''Standing in'' for Mom, Iooking after me
whiIe my parents are on vacation.
What? You're Ietting her babysit you?
She can't say a word to me.
Right, Iike your mom.
She never butts in.
Is there a street party?
Doesn't Iook Iike anyone's ceIebrating.
Shit, shit, shit!
Come on, Honey, it's no use.
- I want this stupid thing off ofhere!
What's going on?
Dad's factory is cIosing down.
They're seIIing aII the houses.
OurwhoIe street.
But they can't just kick you aII out!
- Yes, they can.
''Extraordinary circumstances.''
We have to be out by next week.
But how can such a big company
go bankrupt so fast?
The machines keep breaking down.
They got new ones, but they broke, too.
Now nothing's working. That was it.
I've never seen Mom so upset.
We have to do something!
Let's organize a march!
Dad aIready tried that,
but it won't fix the machines.
We'II figure something out.
- Maria, OIIi!
You better not teII anyone I cried.
- Hey, I'm not suicidaI!
See you tomorrow.
- See you.
Bye, Kai.
- Bye.
Hey, don't worry. They're stiII here.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Are you nuts?
- Morning!
Mom, say something!
What a great song!
It was a great idea to have Jenny over!
The atmosphere is just Iike
it'II be on vacation! In Hawaii!
You're going to the BaItic Sea.
- Yeah! The Hawaii of Germany!
The taxi's here!
Dad, I'm oId enough to stay on my own.
Don't worry,
she won't beat you up this time.
Jenny's a fine young Iady.
Why do you aIways think she was better
at judo? I beat her up, too!
She was aIways a bit ahead of you.
Don't sweat it. She's a year oIder.
Honey, these suitcases
won't carry themseIves!
So, Jenny.
- Yes.
The fowers need water
every day, the paIm tree every third,
the cactus just needs a few squirts.
Kai has to be home by dark
and in bed by ten.
He can watch TV, but no HBO.
- No probIem, Auntie!
You can totaIIy reIy on me.
I won't Ieave Kai's side for a minute.
Move? OIIi, you guys can't just move!
The whoIe town depends on that factory.
The workers, the shops, the pub,
''Giorgio's'' ... everything.
Soon there won't be any jobs Ieft.
That's why we're moving to Grandma's.
But how come the machines
just broke down Iike that?
Are they so oId?
- No, they're computer-controIIed.
Can't they be fixed? Or returned?
Jorgo, you can't buy
machines Iike that at the supermarket.
And repairing them is too expensive.
Maybe you guys broke something?
- We didn't even get in!
But the guys
with the bIack carwere there!
And ever since, nothing's worked.
That's just a coincidence.
- But maybe not.
We shouId see if we can find tire tracks
and then go Iook forthe car.
Hey! Not necessary.
Pimped-out cars are at ''Chrome''
every night. It's an R&B disco in town.
G-guys, we've got v-visitors.
Dude, who is that?
- That's Jenny,
Kai's cousin.
You know her?
- Kai, the base is for CrocodiIes onIy.
So you're Kai's disabIed friends?
WeII, Frank is a bit
physicaIIy chaIIenged.
And Jorgo's a foreigner.
B-but I'm p-perfectIy n-normaI.
Why do you meet underground, then?
You're not that ugIy.
We're just getting warmed up
before hitting the discos.
Kai, she can't stay here.
- And neither can you, Kai,
or you'II catch pneumonia!
You're disabIed enough.
Say goodbye to your buddies.
We're going!
No, you're going. I'm staying.
- I gave your mom my word.
What if you have a fit down here?
- I'II have one if you don't go.
Okay, but mark my words:
You're going to regret it.
Warming up before hitting the discos?
What? I didn't want herto think we're
a bunch ofbabies. - You are babies!
Tonight ... we're teenagers!
So, Frank, where's your Vin DieseI?
There, right behind you!
Dude, he's totaIIy Ioaded!
Strange. He just Iost his job.
- Let's find out where he
got that cash.
- What about Hannes?
He's coming Iater. He has a date.
With Jenny?
- No, with his mom.
Hannes, you're crazy.
Why did I have to dress up?
Thank you.
WouIdn't you rather go to ''Giorgio's''?
- No.
Who, me?
The ass was a dead giveaway.
Um, we've never met.
- Let's keep it that way.
Wait, it's me, ''BishBash34.''
Okay, Hannes, caII for heIp. - Are you
Iooking for ''EconomicMiracIe29''?
- Right!
You got exactIy five seconds to expIain.
Sorry, we're fuII.
Why can they go in?
- ReguIars.
Bye! - See you!
- There are four pIaces now!
Not for kids.
SureIy we can arrange something ...
Listen up you IittIe bedwetters,
this is not a nursery. So get Iost!
Hi there, pretty Iady!
What we need is some hot chicks.
- You've got me!
You're more Iike a guy with Iong hair.
Kai, caII your cousin.
- Huh? What for?
She is hot.
So Hannes pIayed a IittIe prank
on both of us.
Oh, yes. What a hiIarious,
cIever IittIe prank.
Now how about finishing those oysters?
He just Ioves oysters.
He can't go untiI they're aII gone.
Mmm. Yummy-yummy.
So does the boy have a father?
No, the stork brought him.
Okay, so you're not seeing anyone.
No, I Ieft him.
Not on my account, I hope.
You can rest assured about that.
Don't hoId your nose, Sweetie.
You won't taste the sewage,
dead doIphins, and oiI tankers.
What do you do apart from staIking
women onIine? - I'm an investor.
WeII don't expect
much return on investment.
I'm more interested
in Iong-term investments.
Can I go now?
- When the pIate is empty.
Being an investor must be awfuIIy duII.
Ajob is neither good nor bad.
Good or bad ...
That's what you make ofit.
Did you say that?
- Yeah.
No. Edward TeIIer, the physicist.
Okay, I'm done. Can I go now?
I'II ask forthe biII.
Hannes couId use a bit of a head start.
He's in for it if I catch him.
I'II try the dessert with you.
So what's yourfieId?
Thanks forthe ride!
So, you need my heIp, huh?
Aren't you coId? - I'm not pIanning
on staying outside with you.
Can you get us in?
- WiII you stop being a pain?
- Then maybe I'II Iet you in.
She won't get in anyway.
- Ouch.
Can I see your ID pIease?
Come on, I was just kidding.
Don't worry about it.
I couIdn't get in anywhere
when I was your age.
You're onIy a year oIder.
- I can drive.
In driving schooI.
- So?
If you want to get in, foIIow my ruIes.
- That's it, I'm Ieaving.
Do you want us to move?
We have to go inside.
Suck it in.
A cooIer hairdo wouId be good.
Work out.
You shouId dress with styIe.
You're actuaIIy good-Iooking.
OIIi, keep moving.
NaiI poIish.
- Nope.
Nose up, chest out,
and don't make eye contact.
If you act Iike aduIts,
you'II be treated Iike aduIts.
Like me.
- Yeah, right.
Is it HaIIoween?
It's ridicuIous what these girIs wear.
You're just saying that
because you couIdn't puII it off.
Brains are better
than skimpy outfits, right?
- Hard to say. - No.
There he is!
For someone who just Iost his job,
he seems pretty happy.
Oh, crap.
Lucy, is that you?
I bet he's taIking about
where he got the money from.
I can't hear a thing, can you?
Let's get a bit cIoser.
- Be subtIe. - Of course!
They can't hear him.
Then we'II have to do it oId schooI.
I was in such a cooI store
in BerIin yesterday.
They had the hottest shit.
Mini-skirts, tank tops.
I'II take you there in my car.
Anything you Iike.
- I'II grab us some drinks. - CooI.
What the ...
- Huh? - Oh, there it is.
What are you doing, freak?
Oh, what's that?
You got a probIem?
No, but he does.
There's a spasm coming.
Did you caII my brother a spaz?
- DoubIe the troubIe.
Leave him aIone!
- Is there a probIem here?
No probIem, Sam.
- He was aIready in the wheeIchair.
Hey, I know you guys.
- We were in the paper once.
Sure. Show me your IDs. Now!
Now get out ofhere, faster, faster!
Do I have to say it again?
Come back when you've got some pubes!
What's he doing here?
The IittIe shits
wiII wish they'd never met us.
I can't beIieve it.
Mom just washed
that shirt yesterday. Shit.
And Iook at my pants!
It totaIIy Iooks Iike I pissed my pants.
Dude. What the heII is that?
- What?
Where's the damn stick?
I Iost it. - Big D wants it back.
Where did you Iose it?
Who cares?
The job's done. The factory's finished.
Dude, if someone finds it,
we're aII going to jaiI. Shit!
We'II go back and Iook for it.
We're the BoIIer brothers!
We'II go to the factory tomorrow
and get it back.
I stiII don't understand how those
idiots managed to shut down the factory.
No idea, but I'm sure
OIIi's dad wiII know what to do.
The cIub was awesome.
And w-where's Jenny?
StiII asIeep.
In your room?
- Yeah, why?
Dude, she is so wicked.
- Yeah, the wicked witch of the north.
D-don't taIk about her Iike that.
She's t-totaIIy sweet.
What are the BoIIer brothers doing here?
What's going on here? - They're
discussing the protest on Monday.
Don't Iose heart!
Yourfutures are at stake!
You must have misheard them.
No, I didn't!
They shut down the factory!
I say we go to the factory and
Iook forthe thing they Iost, the stick.
But why wouId they shut down the factory
and then fight fortheir jobs?
As an aIibi.
- M-makes s-sense.
The factory's huge, and we don't know
what to Iook for. - Forthe stick.
ProbabIy a USB stick.
We'II go and wait forthe brothers.
They'II Iead us to the stick somehow.
I got these pIans from the city archive.
- Were you an intern at the FBI?
How do we get in?
- We'II use our parents' chip cards.
Frank and Jorgo,
you man the crane in the north haII.
It has a good view of the haII
and main entrances.
Hannes, Maria, you take the controI
room and monitorthe assembIy Iine.
Kai's got the machine room.
Peter and I wiII watch the exits.
Radio when you see something.
We'II move in to record the evidence.
Turn aII fashes off.
- We'II do it in styIe.
Video: three cams. It aII gets sent
to my Iaptop, recorded, and saved.
Bring it on!
What do you think of Jenny?
A bit annoying, but otherwise okay.
Do you think she's pretty?
- Sure, she Iooks great.
Sure. Dumb question.
But you are great.
And pretty.
So you Iike me
even though I Iook Iike this?
Sure. You Iike me too
even though I Iook Iike this.
I can see you.
Oh God, how embarrassing!
Okay, here we go!
Crap, what's Paris HiIton doing here?
Kai, I know you're here!
I saw your handbike!
Jenny, you can't be here.
We're on a case!
Oh, I'm so sorry to wreck
your IittIe scavenger hunt.
It's too dangerous for Kai here.
I'm taking him home.
It's not a game!
Dude, it's Kai's cousin!
- ReaIIy, where?
CouId you at Ieast pretend
to be mature?
But it's reaIIy fun!
- Hey, Iet me try!
I can't imagine having to move.
- You're not going to move.
Mom has packed aImost everything.
- That wiII change when this works out.
It'II be just Iike it was.
Dumb and Dumber are here.
Come on!
- Let go of me! You're fiIthy! Shit!
These are Gucci trousers! They cost more
than your parents earn in a month!
Let go of me!
HeIp! Are you crazy!
- Keep quiet! - Let go of me!
You're such a jerk! Man!
I'II check the controI room, you check
the machine room. - Yeah, yeah.
The originaI's coming yourway, Peter.
The copy's heading to the machine room.
I've got him. I'II take over.
Y-you ...
CaIm down. What's up?
Breathe, Peter, nice and easy.
Rub your ear Iobes, inhaIe, exhaIe ...
- Run!
Man, where's the stupid stick?
O-one of them is in the c-controI room.
And the other?
Um, he's gone.
- Is that Kai? Where are you?
I can't taIk now. You were asIeep,
otherwise I wouId've toId you.
Yeah, right. We had a deaI.
We'II taIk Iater!
I've had it with Iater!
Yesterday it was Iater,
today it's Iater.
- What's up?
Kai, come in! Kai, come in!
... I got you guys into the cIub,
so chiII out ...
Man, he can't hearwhiIe she's bIabbing!
We have to make her shut up!
- Or get him out.
... it's fun to do more
than just pIay ...
Hannes, the stick!
Run for it!
You got the stick?
- Forget the stick! They're after us!
Hurry, Hannes!
Stop, you IittIe pissers!
That way!
Step on it, Kai.
HoId on, Kai!
Hannes, come on!
We have to bIock the way!
- Kiss my ass.
Jenny, heIp me!
- No way. My cIothes are screwed!
It's not a game here!
Do it!
Damn it!
- Come on, hurry up!
Hannes, watch out!
- Crush him!
Are you crazy?
Raise the hook!
- There is no ''raise,'' onIy ''up''!
That's EngIish!
- What's it mean?
How wouId I know?
I got a ''D'' in EngIish. - Do it!
Oh shit!
Kai, faster!
Hey, not so fast! Wait for me!
J-Jenny! G-get on!
Move it! Faster, Peter, hurry!
Don't worry!
Faster, Kai!
HoId on!
I'm not your mama! Now come on!
Crap, you weren't kidding.
That was reaIIy dangerous!
I've never been chased.
Happens to me aII the time.
Where'd they go?
- You think they photographed us?
How shouId I know?
Let's just give Big D the stick.
Big D, the BerIin DJ?
No, Big D, their boss.
The guy behind aII this.
Jorgo, Peter, you guard the base,
and we'II show the video to my foIks.
You want your dad's photo in the
basement orthe Iiving room? - Basement.
Mom, Dad, stop packing!
- It was sabotage!
The factory was shut down on purpose!
- We've got proof!
Here we go.
Yeah, maybe, but ...
- The important part is coming up.
Kai, next video maybe?
- Mom!
Where is that?
Oh my ...
OIiver, were you in the factory?
Yes, but we were trying to save you!
Are you crazy?
- How did you get in there?
Who cares? Just watch!
Who cares? Have you Iost your minds?
You can't just break in!
We didn't break in. They did!
The BoIIer brothers! - You broke in.
They work there and have a key.
- But one of them was using a computer!
He's a system administrator. It's his
job. - In his free time? Yeah, right.
He was probabIy checking his e-maiIs.
The fact is, he's aIIowed,
and you're not!
But there's something going on!
You have to caII the poIice!
You think the boys
want to Iose their jobs aftertwo years?
Sure, you get tons of money!
- Enough!
Just because you caught a thief once
doesn't mean everyone's a criminaI!
You can't accuse someone
just because you're bored!
They're hard-working, decent guys! They
don't have time for cops and robbers.
Now grow up aIready!
We're more grown up than you think.
You don't give a shit if we move!
That's enough! Go up and pack!
Dad, it's reaIIy true!
- Enough. Go heIp your sister.
Mom, pIease!
No, PeePee-Mouse. It's over.
Now go up and pack.
We can go to the BoIIers'
and get them to show us the stick!
Show's over.
We've got betterthings to do.
Now move it!
Hey, Hannes.
Friends come and go. It's part
of growing up.
- But OIIi was our Ieader.
Without him and Maria,
we won't be the CrocodiIes anymore.
Then choose a new Ieader
and start a new gang.
I've moved seven times.
Friends are easy to find.
Do yourfriends aIways stick by you
no matterwhat?
Even when you screw things up?
When the whoIe worId's against you,
can you stiII count on yourfriends?
Sure, I guess so.
Then you've found your CrocodiIes.
Don't Iet anyone take them away.
I'II go check the house once more.
It sucks that you're moving.
Here. It's just a Ioan.
I'm gonna come get it.
Don't forget me.
I was just teIIing my son yesterday,
and he couIdn't beIieve it.
The reaI-time performance indices
are tanking, and they try WiIcoxon!
WiIcoxon is reaIIy not a suitabIe tooI
for indexing. - ExactIy!
- HeIIo.
Hey, IittIe one.
No detective work today?
I toId him about your gang.
Hi. I used to have a gang, too.
Our base was a tree house.
The Croco's base is a secret.
- NaturaIIy.
Top secret, eh? - I'm not a toddIer.
You can taIk normaIIy.
The gang's been disbanded, and the base
was in the mine. Any questions?
Oh goodness, my roof.
I'd better cIose it.
What's the matter?
Did you have a fight?
Long story.
I'II teII you Iater.
It Iooks Iike yourfirst date
wasn't too bad after aII.
It's nice to taIk to someone
who's as much of a smart-ass as I am.
PIus, the dessert was amazing,
so we're going back there tonight.
You Iike him?
He's pretty nice.
But somehow a bit too nice,
you know what I mean?
I think I need someone
who taIks back a bit.
That's what you've got me for.
It's pretty wet out there!
ShaII we get moving?
Man! Watch what you're doing!
- Sorry.
No big deaI. Where can I freshen up?
I'II show you.
CentraI machine controI ... deactivated?
The stain is further Ieft.
Oops, sorry. You wanna take over?
- That wouId be good.
WoIfermann residence.
- It's Hannes. Give me Kai.
Hi Hannes, how are you?
Are you reaIIy upset?
Jenny, give me Kai!
This is Kai.
- They deactivated it. - Say what?
This is pointIess.
ShouId we just stay in?
No, we're going to dinner.
Crap, I gotta go.
I'II be there in five minutes.
We'II just stop by my pIace to change.
It's a 20 minute detour.
Okay. See you Iater.
Have fun.
I'II see you Iater.
Soonerthan you think.
HeIIo? - Jorgo, it's an emergency!
CaII everyone! Meet at Kai's in ten!
No probIem, Hannes!
Y-yes, heIIo?
Peter, meeting at Kai's in ten minutes.
TeII Frank, I have to shower. - Okay.
F-Frank ...
- Yes.
Oh, Peter, it's you.
Just send me a text, okay?
- N-no!
Okay, see you. Bye!
W-what's up?
- Not much.
Right this way.
- CooI.
I'm going to get stress pimpIes.
Out of my way!
Um, over here!
It's aII remote controIIed!
He's Iost it.
- I put the stick in Mom's Iaptop.
It's aII there.
- And what are you on?
That stick is our proof, and our proof
wiII be at the ''Luxor'' tonight!
How many driving Iessons have you had?
- Two.
It'II have to do.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
Thank you.
- Ta da!
Damn, it's copy protected.
So we'II take the stick to the poIice.
That's enough proof, isn't it?
They can't use it. We need an expert.
- True.
OIIi's dad?
- He'II be at the protest tomorrow.
Our criminaI wiII run off
once he reaIizes the stick's gone.
We'II have to give him another stick
that Iooks Iike this one. A cIone!
It's probabIy totaIIy decadent but ...
We're getting another stick.
Roger Foxtrot DeIta.
I've aIways wanted to say that.
- Have you chosen the hors d'oeuvre?
We'II have ...
Amouse ...
bouche ...
and bonche des ... hasta Ia vista.
We'II take that one, right here.
Very weII.
My brother didn't have one.
- They're aII different here, too!
I got one!
Okay, Iet's meet at the car park!
No wonder McDonaIds
is busierthan this pIace.
Oh my ...
Enjoy your meaIs!
Why don't we just go to my pIace?
I don't think so ...
- Why not?
Looks Iike Hannes' mom
is Ieaving the highway ofIove.
Wait! - Excuse me,
I'd Iike, no, we'd Iike the biII.
They're paying.
Don't worry, Kai's got a new stick.
It's green.
- SeriousIy?
ParapIegic and coIor bIind. Jeez.
Hey, don't worry about it.
9% of men are coIor bIind.
- Is Wikipedia your homepage?
That's why men dress so crappy.
OnIy 0.8% of women are coIor bIind.
Give us anothertwo minutes.
If they pay, they'II Ieave,
and the stick's not back yet!
Excuse me.
- Yes?
Why is there a shrimp
in my Chateauneuf-du-Pape?
I'm terribIy sorry about that,
Mrs. Becker. - PIease.
T-that was aII p-pIanned.
- CooI.
You're not as dumb as you Iook.
- You don't Iook as dumb as you are.
You can Iet them out now.
Thank you forthe nice evening.
Can I drive you home?
- No, I Iike to waIk. ReaIIy.
Good Iuck with your benchmarks. Bye.
Thank you.
N-no one wiII find us here
tiII m-morning.
I wonderwhat OIIi and Maria are doing.
- He's pIaying Gameboy,
and she's Iooking for a guy with
the guts to kiss her. - Shut up, Frank.
I think they're thinking about us, too.
Jenny, what about yourfriends?
Don't you miss them when you're away?
Oh weII.
Right now they're not there anyway,
orthey're working. - I think it's cooI
that you're different and don't work.
WeII, I am Iooking after Kai
whiIe Auntie's gone.
Do they pay you?
- Not as much as at a store,
but working with the disabIed
Iooks better on a CV.
What? - I don't have any
sociaI skiIIs on my CV,
and my friends
are aIways at charity events.
Do they Iook Iike you?
- Sure, they aII Iook great.
Everyone caIIs us the ''It-GirIs.''
Bring 'em aIong sometime!
You know, we're so ''cooI''
that we make fun of peopIe
if they wearthe same thing twice,
or can't buy expensive brands.
Maybe you shouIdn't bring them.
If my parents Iost their jobs,
I couId neverteII my friends.
I'd be out.
They onIy think about their asses.
But you think about mine, too.
Even though I was mean to you.
- You're not that bad, Jenny.
Even though you're such a grown up.
You're pretty nice, too.
Even though you're a bunch ofkids!
SIeep weII.
- You, too.
Good night.
- Night.
FoIIowing a string of setbacks,
the Brandberg factory wiII be soId.
Mr. Gotte,
what wiII happen to the factory?
The factory grounds and residences
wiII be soId to a reaI estate firm
and the defective machines
soId to China.
But why do the Chinese
want defective machines?
TechnoIogy transfer.
Workers have assembIed for a protest,
but if the machines aren't running in an
hour, they wiII faII siIent for good.
Thank you, AmeIie.
Let's hope those machines get fixed.
You IittIe shit!
You asshoIe!
- Good Iuck! - See you Iater!
Stay cIose. I don't want to have to
go Iooking for you. - Yeah sure.
AIarm off!
Crap, that's not the aIarm!
Th-the motion sensor!
WeII Iookie here!
The CrocodiIes have a base.
Shame to destroy it.
Where's the stick?
- What stick?
I'd hand it over if I were you.
HeIIo, Hannes. Wow,
when you toId me about your base
I never dreamed I'd be your guest!
I'II make you a deaI.
You give me the stick, and I'II
get yourfriends' parents new jobs.
Then you can aII pIay together again.
I'II make you a deaI.
You reactivate aII the machines
and never show yourface here again.
Think about it.
If I reactivate the machines,
I won't get them for such a great price.
No, everyone has to think
they're reaIIy broken, see?
IittIe Hannes has no sense for business.
First, I'm not IittIe, and second,
I'd neverwant to be an ass Iike you.
You know ...
ourtree house back then wasn't so big,
but if something happened,
you couId aIways caII for heIp.
But here, you can scream as Ioud
as you want, and no one wiII hear you.
No one wouId heIp you anyway.
Very funny.
Who's got the stick?
- You'II just have to find out.
You, perhaps?
- Search the others!
I'II search the girI.
- No, I wiII!
Okay, you take her.
I'II get the crippIe.
I've got it!
The stick!
Move it!
Oh shit!
Fire! - Give me the stick,
and you won't get hurt.
You won't get hurt
if everything goes back to normaI.
The twins! They're unconscious!
There's a fire!
You are ...
pretty ...
Like your mommy!
Having fun without us, eh?
It's gonna bIow!
- Dude, you can taIk!
Everybody out!
We gotta save them!
- Get up!
Get out!
- Stand up! Move!
In there! Get in the mine cart.
Come on!
- In there! In the cart!
Come on!
- Come on, get in there!
Get in!
- Faster!
Hannes, heIp us!
Come on, we'II make it.
Lift him up!
- Come on, faster!
Come on! Jenny, Maria, get in!
Get in!
- Faster!
The stick!
- Forget about it! Get in.
CIose the Iid!
Brandberg buiIt this town!
Brandberg is this town!
Dieter Gotte shut the factory down!
- What?
Give me my stick back!
Hey there, hoId on.
- What's this aII about?
Give me my stick!
Look! The machines aren't broken,
but deactivated!
Shit, this asshoIe
was trying to screw us.
I can expIain!
Friends, I can expIain this!
Let me expIain ...
- He put us up to it!
He forced us! We wanted to save you!
Arrest them!
Hands behind your backs!
That stick contains
the controI program forthe machines.
Just upIoad it to the mainframe
and stream it via the centraI server.
What's he saying?
Then what?
- Then the machines wiII run.
Let's upIoad and start the machines!
Back to work!
Come here!
- You are the best kids!
Sorry, I didn't beIieve you!
- It's okay! - Come here, Sweetie!
A CrocodiIe! Thank you!
I'm so happy!
- Mom, my hair!
I'II Iearn!