Vorstadtkrokodile 3 (2011) Movie Script

Here, something else.
What could it be?
- As long as it's not a book.
Cool, it's a
novel. "Biting Love."
It's the sequel to the movie you loved.
- The love story with the vampires.
Oh, that one. Cool!
I should've gotten
a dose of romance for you.
Hey, there you are!
- From me, too.
I'll go for ice cream.
Hey, Jay-Z. Can you turn it down a bit?
- What?
Can you turn it down?
- I can't hear you. It's too loud.
Turn it down!
- Can't. The volume is broken.
Are you crazy?
What are you thinking?
Maria, I'll help you.
You can swim?
- I've told you . I can do everything .
Except pee by yourself!
Well, I can do it in water.
Yeah, that's right.
Happy birthday.
All the best.
Awesome. Go-karting.
- You asked for adventure. Here you go.
Guys, aren't we a little too old
for hanging out and having adventures?
M-M-Maybe you are.
- Why don't you wait for tomorrow to go?
Yeah, stay for some action with us.
If I had the choice between her and you,
I'd choose her.
You won't ever have the choice.
We'll call you
to tell you what you missed out on.
Tell me when I'm back.
Cell phone calls are too expensive.
Take good care of Olli.
Without us, he's dangerous.
I like danger.
Just like us, the Crocodiles.
Suburban Crocodiles 3
I don't get it.
- What a screw over!
When did you buy the gift certificate?
- Three weeks ago.
Hey, look here.
Come on, guys. It's forbidden.
- Totally.
So? You've already paid.
How about a race?
If you keep at it,
we can have a scooter race soon.
Aren't you doing that
with your new buddies already?
And we're off!
My tires are warmed up. How about yours?
The first one to make it up there.
It's way too dangerous.
- And too childish.
What? Are we too mature for it now?
- Not me.
See you later. Have fun.
Why are you so far back?
- Leave me be. I c-c-can't go faster.
Watch out. Make way for the winner.
You'll never catch me.
So long!
Just wait. I've almost got you.
Oh goodness.
Guys, give me a hand!
Dude, are you okay?
Did I win?
I really didn't want that to happen.
Is everything alright?
- Sure thing. I've got cushioning.
Are you sure? You don't look too good.
That's nothing new.
Fucking crap.
Have you had enough action for today?
Should we do something else?
Something quiet?
- Exactly. A quiet round of Playstation.
Or do you two want to be alone?
We were already alone once on the pier.
Cool, let's ride back to my...
A young accident victim. 13 years old.
He's gotten an IV, artificial
respiration. In shock, inner bleeding.
The trauma room is preped.
Stop, stop, stop! Not so fast.
You can't go in there.
He's our friend.
- I'll tell him you're waiting.
What's his name?
- Frank Steffenhagen.
Do one of you have his parents' number?
- There's not a number I don't have.
Hurry up.
Mr. Steffenhagen?
- Yes, where's my boy?
Right away. Please go home.
Your friend has a serious injury.
He's in surgery. Ask about him tomorrow.
He'll be okay, won't he?
- Were doing our best.
Is everything alright?
- Yes, it's just my circulation.
Your circulation has a different smell.
Unfortunately I have to inform you
your son was in a serious accident.
Meaning what?
Keep your chin up.
He'll be alright tomorrow, for sure.
Are you awake already?
You're on vacation.
What's on your head?
It's called a new hairstyle. Like it?
I know it's different. We've got
a new boss and he likes blondes.
Promotions are coming up.
It's not enough to do a good job?
Sweetie. Single mom, second career,
big mouth. I have to use my assets.
How was it yesterday?
We went go-karting.
Great. I'd love to be a kid again.
Enjoying life. No worries.
Well, but...
- Shit, gotta go.
If I'm late, my hairstyle won't help.
Take care. Bye.
Thanks for talking to me.
- The hospital called. Frank's awake.
Really? Great.
Hey, Kai. I've got something for you.
- Yeah? What?
Come on, guys. Let's go.
- Sorry, we've got a 3-day tournament.
There'll be girls there, too.
We can talk on the phone later.
Hi, Hannes.
- Hey.
Hey, Jorgo.
- Dude.
Hey, Maria.
That's the prison
where we took Frank's brother to.
Like he deserved.
H-H-ow much longer does he have?
- Don't worry. He won't be out soon.
...Three equals five
minus two equals four...
Nope, three...
Good morning, warden.
- Good morning, Horst.
Geez, Dennis!
Good day, Warden Hartmann.
Kevin, you can learn as much as you want
you'll never earn your GED here.
Yes! No!
- Dennis, you're crazy.
Warden Hartmann, how can I help you?
It doesn't matter
if you leave your roomies in peace.
It doesn't matter
if you kiss my whole ass.
It doesn't matter if the sky falls on
our heads and it's the end of the world.
You will not leave this prison
until you have served
your entire sentence.
I swear on my honor.
Hey, how are you?
- Hey. - Good morning.
W-W-Well, Frank?
- I'm still high on the anesthesia.
Here. This is for you.
To pep you up.
- Thanks.
Need anything else?
A Playstation wouldn't be bad...
Wow, he's still out of it.
Can I talk to you, Mr. Steffenhagen?
- Yes.
- Can we join you?
If it's alright with you.
- Sure. We're all family.
I wouldn't mind her examining me.
- Dream on.
I want to thank you, doc,
for patching up my boy.
Are you releasing him?
- Can he ride a bike again?
I have to inform you
that your son, your friend
has an injury to his liver
that we couldn't repair.
The organ has multiple lacerations.
Do you mean he needs a new liver?
Yes. Urgently.
His name is on the transplant list.
How long can it take
until a new liver is available?
I can't say. We have to wait
for an accident victim.
I know it sounds bad,
but that's how it is.
How long can he hold out
with an injured liver?
It's difficult to say,
probably only a few days.
Another option is
a partial liver transplant.
You remove a small section of the liver
from a living donor.
Both donor and recipient to stay alive.
- Okay, I'll do it.
Children aren't allowed
to donate organs.
Anyway, it's less risky for a relative
to donate.
Yeah, sure.
I'm ready. Take what you need.
Mr. Steffenhagen,
you seem to have an alcohol problem.
Your liver is out of the question.
Are there any other relatives?
His mother is dead.
His older brother is locked up.
You could call them. They'd release
Dennis so he can donate his liver.
It's not that easy.
We can't contact potential donors.
But if we want to save Frank,
his brother is his only hope.
The waiting list would take too long.
Make the preparations.
We'll get him out.
Hello, this is Hannes Burgsmueller.
We'd like to visit with someone.
I-I-I'll stay
and k-k-keep an eye on the bikes.
I'm going to have to take a look.
Alright, go on.
Anything in your pockets?
- Just the usual.
Knives and bombs.
- Okay, walk through again.
Unfortunately there aren't
any female officers here to search you.
She won't mind being frisked by you.
- Shut up, Jorgo!
Go ahead. I won't sue you.
I doubt she's got anything
hidden up there.
Okay. I just need your IDs then.
I forgot mine.
Can you make an exception?
I'm sorry.
Those are the rules. I can't.
What a bunch of crap!
Who are you visiting?
- Dennis Steffenhagen.
Come back in two months.
Mr. Steffenhagen isn't allowed visitors.
We don't want to visit him.
We want to get him out.
His brother is sick.
Say hi from the Correctional Facility.
No, he had a bad accident.
- In that case,
you can apply for a temporary release
at the State Department of Corrections.
They'll inform you within 2-3 weeks.
It's way too late. Can't you help?
Young man, Dennis Steffenhagen has
tried to break out 13 times.
I will not grant him a day pass.
If the State Department of Corrections
decides otherwise, I will concede.
Until then, I will stick to the rules.
Have a nice day.
I don't believe it, you...
- Taliban.
Get out.
Immediately, you little brats!
T-T-Two to three weeks?
It's way too late.
The doctor didn't say exactly how long.
We'll try applying for it.
But she did say
they need the liver as fast as possible.
What happens if it's too late.
It'll be my fault.
I just had to go go-karting.
- Not true.
We all drove like mad.
Hannes asked for it for his birthday.
And he shoved Frank off the track.
Well, I guess we should be going.
Maybe the warden would believe
our parents.
Even so, he doesn't want to let
Dennis out. He doesn't have to.
We have to do it.
- Very funny.
The f-f-facility has
the tightest security in the area.
Yeah, but not if you break in.
If we can find a way in,
we can take Dennis out the same way.
You're crazy.
- We don't have a choice.
Hey, it's illegal, Hannes.
- Who cares? Frank's life is at stake.
What about your life? What'll happen
in there? They could shoot you.
Since when were you a coward?
- I'm just not a naive child, like you.
You've gotten boring along the way!
Well, what about you two?
Will you at least help get him out?
Just screw off, you all!
Maybe he's right.
Olli wouldn't have given up.
I'm so sorry.
Are you suddenly gay?
Can you take your hand away? It's odd.
- Sure.
Things went pretty crappy.
The accident and all.
Well, at least I'll have something
to talk about when I get out.
I'll be getting out soon, won't I?
Don't worry. I'll get Dennis out.
- We will.
We'll get him out of jail.
- We won't let Frank down.
If it means dying.
What? You can say that
in a situation like now.
N-N-No one is going to die.
We won't.
nor will Frank.
One for all.
And all for one.
It looks like
we need a new headquarters.
W-W-Way cool.
You've gone overboard, Jorgo.
- Why? It's empty.
My mom worked here as a cleaning lady,
until it was sold to an investor.
And they shut the place down.
Your mom is a cleaning lady.
- Yeah, we all want to work our way up.
There's our building.
- And there's ours.
Hey, the prison.
For observations, perfect.
- Hey, guys. Look here.
Cool! Wow!
We can plan our operation here.
Nothing happened.
W-W-What should we call it?
- Call what?
The operation. We need a name for it.
How about that famous prison?
Too obvious.
- "Big Break."
"Big Break," for the operation.
And thanks again, Mrs. Wolfermann.
If Kai calls, say we're on a mission.
Here is the front gate of the prison.
It seems to be the only entry point.
It means we go in and out through it.
- We know
what it looks like there.
We know nothing about the rest.
Not even Dennis' cell.
One of us has to go in.
I doubt they offer tours for tourists.
Of course not.
They don't want to be blown up.
For tourists, not terrorists.
I knew that.
Maria, don't you want to be a reporter?
- So?
I've got an idea.
Hi. Is this the Correctional Facility?
I'm Maria Weissmann,
a reporter with the school newspaper.
Right now were having problems
with criminal activities at school,
like fighting, drugs, and so on,
I thought an article about a prison
would be pretty interesting.
Great. Next week?
Too late.
- Next week is bad.
They need the article
in layout tomorrow.
Yes, it'd be great.
I'll be right over. My ID?
Yes, I have it. Bye.
More serious?
More boring.
- Yeah, that'd suit me.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it like that yesterday.
It's alright.
Things aren't that easy right now.
Here's my cell phone.
It's UMTS and a five megapixel camera.
Oh, I downloaded the Skype app
so you can stream the video.
We see what you see.
Do you think that's cool?
- Yeah.
You're holding the pen backwards.
Oh, great. Him again.
Okay, she's in.
It's great it could work out so quickly.
No problem. I know how it is.
I was on the school paper, too.
What a suck-up.
She's turning into a real lady.
She's looking for man,
and not a child like you.
- What do you know about women?
Hey, wake up. The Web. I know it all.
Sure thing.
Did you remember your ID this time?
- Yes.
Child ID card. Cute.
You have to be 16 for a real ID.
- I thought you were.
You're not much older.
You're right.
I'm just here over the break.
My dad works here.
Is he 18?
If he is, what he's doing is illegal.
I'm about to punch you.
It was just a question.
Nothing will come of it.
He's already in prison.
The phone has to stay here.
But I need it to record things.
I'm sorry. No exceptions.
I'd get into big trouble.
Max, who's that with you?
Here's our cafeteria.
Food is very important here.
Eight inmates work here every morning.
Chefs from real restaurants come, too.
Even famous chefs.
Well, they drum it up for PR purposes,
but the inmates profit from it.
The food is good.
If you're so interested in writing,
you must like reading, too.
I love to.
I just got the whole Biting Love series.
The convicts read it?
I thought they like more action.
Well, yeah,
but a little romance never hurts.
Should I catalog the new books?
Oh, shit.
Yeah, shit.
You've met?
- In passing.
In passing. She's why I'm in here.
You caught Dennis and Kevin back then?
Well, my friends and I.
- Amazing.
Then you'll be happy to hear Kevin is
making progress. Getting his GED, too.
That's why he can leave prison
from 10 am until 5 pm.
You're doing better than your cellmate.
Yeah, exactly.
- Who's with you in the cell?
Dennis, who else?
I don't have much more time.
I could show you the shop, if you want.
How about the cell block?
The inmates are free in there,
and if they spot a pretty lady like you,
we've got a Red Alarm.
A pity.
I hope you can remember it all.
- Great.
We'll on air again.
Great. Thanks a lot.
I enjoyed it, too.
What were they doing?
Smooching behind bars.
I'll give you my number.
Call me if you have any more questions.
You can write on it.
What are they doing?
- Nope.
Jorgo, freeze the frame.
Zoom in on the logo.
What company is it? "Klimatec."
Let's google it.
Look up there under Current Projects.
AC refurbishing and filter replacement.
Click on Now Hiring.
Wanted: Intern.
"Wanted: flexible, dedicated intern."
Right away.
- Finally off the streets.
No chance.
I-I-I always dreamed of becoming
an AC r-r-repairman.
... a-a-and particulate matter
and a-a-asbestos
are totally okay with me.
l-l-like you.
C-C-Can you start tomorrow at 7 am?
S-S-Sure, okay. I've got the job?
I've got the job. T-T-Thanks.
- You're w-w-welcome.
Hey, you two got along well.
It was my job, wasn't it?
Lying and spinning a tale for Max.
We could see how you really suffered.
Whatever. Main thing is we got the data.
- Not 'whatever.'
What were doing is
illegal, unmoral, and crooked.
If we succeed, he could lose his job.
So? What about Frank?
I know that. Thanks!
It's still a shitty situation.
- Hey, Maria.
Leave me alone.
I need to be by myself for a bit.
I-I-I got the job.
Not cool?
Hey, Mark. See who's here?
- No, who?
Hey, Kai.
Hey, Kais voicemail.
- Shit! - Sorry.
It's not so cool here without you.
Something happened on top of it.
Frank was in accident,
and we have to free Dennis from prison
to save him.
Call back, buddy.
Watch o-o-out here.
The ducts are t-t-this big.
Run. Run, Peter.
Hey, watch out.
Cool, huh? The eye in the sky.
I glued my cell phone to it.
You see what it sees on the monitor.
Hey, great. We just need to contact
Dennis now, right?
No problem.
Kevin's working on his GED.
Every day they let him out.
And class is over at 4 pm.
There he is.
The glasses raise his IQ by 200 percent.
You have no idea what an IQ is.
We have to talk.
The ducts here lead to the library.
That's how I'm going in
to prepare the window with the cable.
Cable? Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
You make sure Dennis is in the library.
We put Dennis in there
and we're getting him out, too.
No, I can't listen. I can't listen.
If we don't get Dennis out,
Frank won't make it.
We don't have a choice.
And we need your help.
Otherwise hell die? Oh, no.
I've worked so hard
at getting out early on good behavior.
Look, no one will know you helped us.
And if things go wrong,
pretend we knocked you out cold.
Out cold?
- It's a great alibi.
Okay, I'll help out.
Great. It's a three-stage plan.
Stage one:
I go through the ducts to the library.
Stage two:
You bring Dennis into the library.
And Stage three:
Dennis and I escape over the cable.
Our car will be waiting there to get us
to the hospital in five minutes.
Yeah. Exactly, the hospital.
You can drive a car?
Sorry for coming so late.
You need my help?
Oh, yeah.
Don't let anyone help you carry me.
Otherwise they'll notice it's too heavy.
Got it.
Here so e-e-early?
The e-e-early bird...
... catches the worm.
Hello, gentlemen.
It's us again.
Pull on up.
- Yes.
Hannes is in.
- Big break.
- "Big Break." Our operation.
Can I study here, just for today?
Dennis keeps distracting me.
Sure thing.
I'll help you.
Oh, no.
Don't worry.
N-N-No, I'll get it.
Always on t-t-top of things. Great!
E-E-Everything alright?
- My foot.
E-E-Everything alright.
It'll cost you three titty mags.
- Titty mags? Okay.
You alright?
- Yeah.
Here's the rotary saw.
I-I-I've gotta go.
- See you later.
Time to quit for the day, my boy.
We don't pay o-o-overtime,
so we don't work o-o-overtime.
The bird has flown from the nest.
Okay, we can get started.
- You all are totally insane.
How cool!
Hey, baby.
What's up?
Wanna an autograph or can we get going?
Hey, are you crazy?
Are you in your right minds?
Are you trying to poison me?
- Why are you here?
You know
I'm allergic to kiwis, you idiots!
Are you crazy?
I get vanilla pudding
when you have kiwis. Get it!
Your time'll come!
It's almost 6 pm.
Don't I have to go back to my cell?
I'm staying later.
- Shit.
Maybe I'll stay all night.
All night?
Hello. - Maria, we've got a problem.
Max is in the library with Kevin.
Huh! Now what?
No clue. Call him
and tell him you want to go through
the article again.
Hilarious. There isn't one.
Figure out something. You can do it.
This is Max. Hi, Maria!
What a surprise.
Tonight? Where to?
To a movie?
- To a movie?
Sure, I've been wanting to see
Biting Love. At 8 pm?
Yeah, I'll make it.
I have to hurry. See you later.
I'm looking forward to it, too. Bye.
I'm taking you back to your cell. I'm...
... Going with him to a movie.
- You move fast. What does Hannes say?
"Biting Love." Is he gay?
Give me five minutes.
Five more minutes.
D-D-Dig this!
What's going on here?
Secure the entrances.
What's up?
What's going on here? Quiet up there!
Shit! What's all this?
Could you turn down the music a little?
Put something on. That looks horrible.
Do you have a permit?
Yeah, move those hips.
- Yeah, exactly. Hips.
It's over. Turn it off.
What are you laughing at?
I don't believe it.
Look at that. We cant allow it.
It's over. Turn it off.
- Yeah, party-poopers.
Turn it down.
The Eagle has landed.
Get out of there.
- Can you hear me?
Get going, you whippersnappers.
It's over, colleagues.
E-E-Everything's going according to plan.
Dennis, we have to go.
Come on, we're breaking out. Let's go.
- Sure, very funny.
You have to go to your brother.
Hey, have you flipped out?
- Come on.
This way.
Now what? A bedtime story?
- No, wait.
What's the bed-wetter doing here?
- Frank's liver is bad.
He needs a transplant or he'll die.
You're the only donor.
Are you kidding me?
- Do I look like it?
Come on. We have to go.
Let's go. There's no time.
- You can't tell me what to do.
You're the reason I'm here.
- He'll die if you don't come.
Yeah, Dennis.
- Hurry up.
What's going on there?
- Alarm!
Let's go.
They're breaking out.
- Let's go.
Are you crazy? It won't hold us.
- Alarm!
Shit! The antenna.
Get out of here.
Oh, no. My alibi.
Are you crazy! Get back to the cell.
Where are you going?
He's hanging up there.
I knew it. An attempted break-out.
Olli, what are you doing here?
I came right away
when I heard what happened.
You're not looking good.
I've got a bad liver.
I'm afraid.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
You know you can always tell me
everything. Why didn't you say anything?
We're a team, aren't we?
- I'll tell you everything, Mom.
The hospital doctor said
he needs a liver donor.
So we wanted to help Dennis escape
to save Frank's life.
And you all didn't consider
asking an adult for help?
For example, me?
- You wouldn't have helped on the plan.
Of course not. It was an idiotic idea
to try to help Dennis to escape.
What were you thinking?
They'd release him
if his brother's life was in danger.
You have to apply for it
and it'd take two weeks and
Frank might not have that long.
I'll talk to the prison warden.
And if worse comes to worse,
we call the TV stations.
You'll see how fast he'll be released.
What do you mean "flight risk?"
It's a life at risk.
I will not calm down!
I really don't think
the public will either
when it finds out that you're risking
a boy's life on principle.
I don't give a shit about your rules.
Insulting an official?
So what, you stupid asshole!
You'll get it now.
I'm calling the TV station.
I'll do it without remorse.
RTL TV viewer service.
Please hold the line.
Your call is important to us. We have
reserved the next available operator.
Please hold on the line. We have
reserved the next available operator.
Good morning. Is Hannes home?
- Yes, wait. I'll help you.
My phone got squished. I just heard.
- Come inside.
We missed you.
Now Mom's trying her luck with the TV.
They'll think she's crazy. Or won't have
a team available until next week.
Hey, we'll figure it out. Okay?
Please hold on the line. We have
reserved the next available operator.
I've got an idea.
When I was at the prison yesterday
I found something in the kitchen.
Please hold on the line. We have
reserved the next available operator.
If we stick together, we'll manage.
- Of course.
Am I interrupting?
you always say I should do what's right.
Hannes, what are you planning?
- Maria knows how to save Frank.
But we need your help for it to work.
You want me to risk my authority
as a parent for your harebrained idea?
Do you really think I consider it right
to go against the grain
and do what you want?
Instead of listening to adults
and abiding by the law?
Okay, I'm in.
Hey, Olli.
- Hey, guys.
Looks like
the Crocodiles are back together again.
What happened to you?
Get adopted by the Simpsons?
The Simpsons.
It's my bad liver.
Hey, Frank.
Is Dennis really allergic to kiwis?
He was hospitalized as a kid once.
His tongue swells up
and he gets a rash. Then he passes out.
- Don't worry. We'll get you Dennis.
Small-time chef, big mouth.
Just your type.
Max, this is Frank.
I've told you about him before.
He's getting worse by the day.
We really need your help.
Mr. Lichter.
- Yes. Hi, there.
Can we talk?
- Naturally. What's on your mind?
Let's go inside.
Okay, if thats the case, come inside.
Here you are, Mr. Lichter.
- Thank you.
And who's that?
- My assistant.
Goodness. Come on.
It's crucial to fry the sausages
before putting them into the soup,
like the others do.
The savory flavor remains
and gives the soup its essence.
Not bad, Horst.
It's just missing a little something.
It's important to dice the kiwis small
so their flavor can be released.
I'll go in
and tell Frank what awaits him.
I wish you luck. I'll wait here.
When all this is over
we can see a few romantic movies.
Well, if you still want... You know.
Hannes, Max is sweet,
but going to the movies was our plan.
I'm still your girl.
Even if Biting Love and stuff isn't
really my thing.
I fell in love with you
because you are courageous
and would risk everything for me
and your friends.
Because you follow your heart
without worrying what everyone thinks.
Nothing has changed.
Get going. Save your friend.
- I will.
You threw your desert at me.
Now you have nothing.
What's up? You didn't eat up!
Don't act up. The weather'll be bad
tomorrow. Let me help you.
I need help. An inmate collapsed.
What's going on?
Steffenhagen, anaphylactic shock.
- I don't believe him.
Okay, maybe I do. - I need
an anti-allergic med. The first aid kit.
Nothing. There's nothing in there.
Call 911.
- Out of the question.
It's regulation.
I'll do it.
- No, I will.
Who knows who you'd call.
Everything's fine. It's under control.
An ambulance
to the Correctional Facility.
We're on our way.
Who are you?
- We're here to save a life.
- I'm going along to monitor the inmate.
I'm going.
- No relatives.
It's my prison. I'm in charge.
- Yes, and it's my ambulance.
We need room to work.
It's regulation.
You know about abiding by regulations.
- Fine. I'll ride in front.
Do I know you?
- Only if you were sick lately. - Go.
Maria, plan B.
We have met before.
I know.
- Dennis, when we get to the hospital
you can donate a section of your liver
and save Frank.
Listen Hannes,
here are a couple of meds.
Which one should I take?
Isn't there one with 'anti-kiwi' on it?
Here's one with anti-tox
something or other. Sounds good, huh?
"Anti" is good.
Don't panic. I took first aid.
In tenth grade.
Wrong one, I think.
Come on now.
Right on, Dr. Mom.
I hate you two.
Drive forward or backward a little.
- Sure.
Dang. Could you help me?
- Sure.
Okay. Let's go.
Now I know where I've seen you before.
The dance show at the prison.
Hey, stop! No one leaves
until I get out. - What are you doing?
- We have to treat him stat.
I'm coming with you.
I forgot something.
Can you watch the prisoner?
It's my job, young lady.
Stay where you are.
The coast is clear.
What's your decision?
- What a stupid question.
Stop, would you? Go on!
Stop! You're not getting away from me.
If I get my hands on you.
Wait up.
Would you just stop!
I've got you now!
What can I do for you?
There's my prison warden, Mr. Hartmann.
May I present my brother, Frank.
If Dennis arrived a day later,
we couldn't have helped Frank.
Thanks for releasing him.
You saved his life.
Of course,
I'm happy to oblige.
I submit the paperwork later.
Thank you, Warden.
My sincere thanks.
You can't imagine
how glad I am you're hungry.
I have to gain what I lost
so I'm the same old guy again.
It'll never be like it used to be.
You talk like my grandpa.
But it's true.
When we put Dennis in prison,
we were just kids.
Amazing what can change in two years.
How true.
The adventures found us back then.
Now we have to dare to find them.
Things could've turned out bad
for Frank. We made a big mistake.
I think our kid gang days are over.
It was a cool time in any case.
Way cool.
Getting the pendant off the roof
was the best thing I could've done,
because I met you all.
I never thought I'd find
such good friends when I moved here.
Or that it's even possible to find them.
W-W-Who accept you for who you are.
And who would do anything for you.
Let's be honest.
Everyone's going their own way soon.
But no one can ever take from us
the experiences we made
as the Crocodiles. Never. They're ours.
Forever friends?
Forever friends.
Forever friends.
He's on the roof. He made it.
He's a Crocodile.
I'm falling.
The Suburban Crocodiles.
Swear, swear on your mother.
Frank, I'm sorry.
Crocodiles! Get 'em!
What would Hannes say?
- My line.
Oh, shit.
This isn't a game.
How do we get in?
Where's the door?
How's this?
It looks pretty rotten.
No big deal.
I'm good with ladders.
You've got an
alcohol problem. Me, too.
I found some candles.
Do I look
like I lack something?
Here's to tonight.
we become teenagers.
Our problem is
we don't have any hot babes.
You've got me.
... if the stadium
floodlights go out.
Traffic safety.
Damn it.
Do you really think
it's okay
to go against the grain
and do what you want?
Should I say
all my lines right now?
I guess I'll do
the second line again.
Say cripple
to me one more time.
How's it with Dad's...
Jeez, get a grip on yourself.
It's your fault I'm in here.
You're why I'm in here.
You're the...
Like in a movie.
It's because my...
No cocktails.
right when you laugh.
I'm mean it. It's trashed.
It went wrong.
Well done.
Okay, we're ready.
Forgot my lines.
Excuse me.
I'll tell you when...
Just a sec.
Are you going
to pull him out to pee?
With what hand?
One for all. - All for one.