Voy! Voy! Voy! (2023) Movie Script

Life is strange
You don't know what surprises
are in store for you
Where will you be tomorrow
and what will you be doing?
Who'll be with you?
You don't know
What you'll see now
is the story of Hassan Al Sayid Ali
A smart man
and a lowlife
"Voy! Voy! Voy!"
"Inspired by real events"
"Sharm El Sheikh, 2013"
Really, Julia, really
- really
- No
Morning, noon, and night, no
you don't love me
Julia, I feel you
No, you say that to all women, liar
No, Julia, no, baby
- You, you difference
- Different
Not "difference"
- My baby
- You'll love Cromer
We can go for a long walk in the sand
on the beach
and we can eat cream tea
and we can walk the dogs
Do you have dogs?
Do you have three dogs?
I love dogs and I love you
And I love dogs and I love you
Where will you walk the dogs?
In England
Great, what happened next?
You wouldn't be marrying me
for my money now, would you?
You sexy thing, you!
I'll be right back
- She died?
- She literally dropped dead
Damn, man!
what were you high on?
I'm telling you she was 70 years old
- And what did you do?
- What could I have done, Saeed?
I grabbed my clothes and left
What a sad thing to happen!
- And what about the second option?
- She's 80 years old
Why do you always choose this age?
Listen, stick with
middle-aged women, it's better
Hang on, my friend, I suggest we go
to Daw and listen to him first
Who is this person?
He's the one who sent Salama to Italy
How do we know if Salama
is still alive, dead, or drowned by now?
He's alive and well and he's
sending a lot of money to his family
What do you say?
Should we talk to him?
"We wanted to start a truce with them"
"They refused the truth
and started hitting us with bricks"
"Aiming at the peaceful guys"
"And they hit us with stones again"
"The Muslim Brotherhood wants to occupy
El Tahrir Sq. the cradle of the revolution"
"Freedom and Justice allies raged attacks
against every platform..."
"that goes against their candidate
Muhammad Mursi"
"tearing down their banners
and destroying them"
"Then both parties started throwing
stones at each other"
"Which resulted in several people
being severely injured"
- "Which..."
- Why is the house filled with smoke?
I've told you many times if you
want to smoke, smoke on the balcony
"Today, we all demand that Muhammad Mursi
is to be removed"
And turn the volume down, what is this?
Did you become deaf
on top of being depressed?
I brought you the vegetables you asked for
Thank you, God bless you
Good morning, Abu Salah
Good morning
So, how was yesterday's game?
As usual
We were defeated as usual
No player puts in any effort anymore, Adel
Forget that, I made you
a very delicious Goulash
No, forget about the Goulash now
I have very important news
Ibrahim Samaha is the new manager
of Miser Lel Makkasa SC
What are you saying, boy?
I swear, read, there you go
here's the news
Here it is
He's named as the manager
of Miser Lel Makkasa SC
Ibrahim Samaha, our colleague
who was still in school three years ago
Dear God! He could barely
manage a broom!
Can you believe it?
He was a real loser, Salah
We used to call him simple-minded
It's God's will, Adel
Don't pretend to be a know-it-all
You'll do exactly what you're told
A car will pick you up from El-Hawamdeyya
it'll drop you off near a farm
at 81 kilometers
There, you'll ask
about a man called Ghannam
You'll lie down in a pickup truck
They'll cover you with vegetables
then cover you with coffee
Excuse me, but why would they
cover us with coffee?
You'll reach a checkpoint
Search this car
- You won't make a sound
- Your papers
The coffee on you will cover up your smell
- The dogs won't pick up your scent
- Where are you coming from?
- Giza
- You may go on
After passing through the checkpoint
you'll get off the car
two or three kilometers away from the beach
When you arrive at the beach
you'll find a mosque
You'll find a boat
floating near the mosque
You'll find a man named Sharhabeel
who will signal you
Is he a jinn or a human?
- He's a pirate
- Is his name Sharhabeel?
No, buddy, his name is Ahmed
Does that make any difference?
Yes, while I'm drowning
should I call for Ahmed or Sharhabeel?
- Of course, it'll make a difference
- Ask him when you get on the boat
The boat will set sail
It'll transfer you
to a larger boat near Cyprus
You'll climb on and board the boat
They'll give you a lifebuoy there
You'll hold on to it with all your might
and preserve it well
So that you don't drown
if someone throws you overboard
Is it possible for someone
to throw me overboard?
Everything is possible
especially if there was a fight
Give it to me
- Let go of it
- No
I said give it here
Take it easy
The boat will arrive in Italy in three days
You'll get off one kilometer
before reaching the beach
You'll swim to shore
On the beach, you'll find the police
waiting for you and they'll arrest you
- They will arrest me?
- Yes
I want them to arrest you
You'll start crying
as soon as they arrest you
They'll speak to you in Italian
and you'll cry out in the Syrian dialect
But be careful
don't cry out in the Egyptian dialect
They may be accompanied by a Syrian man
if they find out that you are Egyptian...
- What if they find out?
- They'll send you back to Egypt
- They will send me back?
- Yes, my dear
did anyone tell you that it was easy?
No, sir, but I didn't think
it would be this difficult
This is all I have to offer
take it if you want
How much will this cost in total?
30 thousand pounds
30 thousand pounds?
- Ahmed
- No, he said his name was Sharhabeel
My dear, aliens exist
Aliens exist
So, you're interested in aliens
Imagine I have fans from another planet
It is so cool
What do your fans love most about you?
Listen, half my fans...
or not! Maybe three quarters of them
half of them are interested in me
as a product
So, to them, I'm a symbol or an icon
Sorry, you said "product"
product means you're a commodity
- Are you a commodity?
- I'm everything
I'm not the one who determines what I am
my audience determine that
No, I mean do they see you as an icon?
An icon is a person
or something that lives forever
- and that's what I am
- Okay
The advice you give
that your fans love the most?
"Love is stronger than fashion"
- Make room and praise the prophet
- This dish looks so delicious
What is this, Dad?
This is lasagna
Isn't lasagna made with meat?
No, lasagna is made with meat
in the streets, it's not delicious
The lasagna that your father makes
is meat free
Wow! It's very delicious
Enjoy it, my dear
By the way, I heard of an available post
in training today
Where did you hear about that, Mom?
From Samia, who works with me
I heard her talking about her neighbor
who was a football coach saying he died
he used to coach a team
for the vision impaired
they're going to play
in the World Cup Championship
Vision impaired!
Can the vision impaired play football
to start with, Mom?
That's true, how can blind people
play football, Mom?
Yes, they can play, brilliant chef
Instead of making fun of me
put in some effort
go and find another job
to help with household expenses
instead of sitting around like women
I don't feel like eating anymore
Enough, Mom, sit down
don't exaggerate
Let her be
- Don't you want to eat lasagna?
- Yes, I do
Wait a second
- Give me a hug, beautiful!
- Dear God! you startled me, damn it!
I missed you, honey-drop
Don't try to sweet talk me
I know you well
Wow! I love you, girl
Why don't you marry me?
How can I marry you?
Are you dumb?
Can I even afford to eat?
Really? So where do you get
this stuff from?
What stuff? It's just
a cigarette to calm my nerves
Take this then and calm your nerves
Did you receive a response from Kuwait?
- I swear to you, not yet
- How long will I wait for you, Hassan?
How are you, Mom?
- What is this smell, girl?
- What smell?
I hope that lowlife
didn't show up here again
He didn't come, Mom
what's with you?
- Wait here, girl
- What's wrong, Mom?
Are you still seeing that boy?
Your father will marry you off
to the other guy
Don't cause a scandal
So, did you go to see doctor Hashem?
No, Mom, I didn't have time
I'll go tomorrow
Of course, you had a conference
Son, I won't be around
till the end of time
Son, I'm tired of working
in people's homes
Enough, Mom, I swear
I'll go tomorrow, geez
Follow up on the Kuwait job
Yes, Mother, yes
God! Why are you raising your voice?
You talk about traveling
and money all day long
Why don't you do something about it?
What is this nonsense?
There's a bell inside the ball
A bell or something that makes a sound
How do they know where the goal is?
By God's grace, Son
There's a guide behind the goal
And the goalkeeper is not blind
Yes, I understand
He's the only one who sees the team
tells them how to play, defend, and whatnot
- Why not go check it out?
- What will I check out?
It's experience, what do you have to lose?
You might win the championship
and they recruit you to the league club
There's no such thing
Stop being delusional
I swear, there's no madness
except what we're seeing today
El Ihsan Club is on the cusp
of participating in the World Championship
for vision impaired football clubs
- El Ihsan Club is preparing...
- Good night
Good night, sir
may God protect you
El Ihsan Club is preparing to participate
in the World Club Football Championship
which will be held in Poland next year
in which the vision impaired play
with a ball with a bell inside it
To all the Pashas out there
we serve the best Koshari you can find
Come, Pasha
I respect this man
He's an artist
What artist? He's no good
Will you rule the world from
your cafe "Edra Net"?
It's called "Edra Cybernet"
What did you do regarding Daw?
No way, he's a crazy man
I have to be a superhero to get there
It's honestly hard
I see that we have a wonderful life
I say that we should be grateful
For what exactly, Mr. Ambitious?
For our blessings
we eat, drink, and sleep in our homes
For real! Even bears and bats eat
and sleep in their dens and roosts, too
and what did they do?
Did they achieve anything?
I've never seen a bat
dissatisfied with its life
Because you don't speak
the language of bats
Why won't you stop being a pushover
and dream a little?
Dream? Listen
he's acting like Medhat Saleh
Get out of my way, I have to go to work
You can go on that boat where they'll
throw you off or a shark would eat you
- Leave before I throw this in your face
- Let him be
Watch out
Is he watching Medhat Saleh
behind our backs?
He's a liar!
Didn't he come yet?
Come here, boy!
Did he really do that?
Shame on you, lowlife!
How could you do that?
Isn't she like your sister, boy?
Don't ever bother her again
I swear, I won't have
mercy on you next time
- Did you understand?
- I understood
- Get out of my face
- Yes, sir
- Get out of my face
- Yes, sir
I apologize on his behalf
Don't be upset, my daughter
Next time, with God's help
I'll bring him to book
- I'll bring him to book
- God, forgive our sins
- Come on, deliver the order quickly, boy
- Yes, Haj
Damn you, you skinny rascal
Welcome, give me the food
- Thank you
- Enjoy it
- How much?
- 448
Faten, give me 20 pounds
Come on
Here you go, dear
- I'm sick and tired, Saeed
- Understand me, please
you're aware of my situation
I'm all alone and I must support
my sister and grandmother who...
- How long have we been like this?
- When did I find a job and refused it?
- I'm working very hard
- That's enough!
- I can't do this
- You can't do what?
I can't, I swear, I can't!
Where did you find her?
In an apartment in Dokki
Praise be to God
Ahmed is doing a lot better
- Praise be to God
- Thank God
Anyway, as long as he keeps training
his performance will improve
he just has to eat well
- You must take care of your studies, Ahmed
- Okay
We want you to do well
in school and sports
- Come on, dear, see you on Sunday
- Okay
- Goodbye, peace be upon you
- Goodbye
- Hello, sir
- Hello
I'm Adel, Coach Adel
- Are you doctor Raouf?
- Yes, sir
I contacted you before
about the training
- Yes, Coach Adel
- Yes
- Welcome
- Thank you
- Thank you
- Come on, Coach, we're honored to have you
God Bless you
We are honored, Coach, come on
You used to play football in the past
Yes, sir, I even wanted
to become a professional player
If I didn't suffer a cruciate ligament
that ruined my career
And now?
I'm a sports teacher
at Ibn Khaldoun Preparatory School for boys
and I hope to coach
a national league one day
Yes, but this is a special needs club
- they're vision impaired
- Yes, sir, I understand that
My son suffers from hemiplegia
and I'm his caregiver
I have a good idea
about people with special needs
- I wish him well
- Thank you
Okay, sir, you can leave your CV with me
Thank you, sir, may God bless you
Tell me, do you have
any medical experience?
No, lying's bad, not really
I'm like any normal guy, I find my ways
It is an honor to have you here, sir
- It's my honor
- Good night
- Dear God
- Goodbye
- Thank you
- In God's speed
For real, Angie!
- You burned her to the ground
- What did you want me to do?
People love nonsense these days
Did you know that this girl
has two million followers?
This is the disaster
it's a stupid and shallow generation
Anyway, don't make a big deal out of it
I want to write about important topics
that will change people's lives
People's lives?
That important!
Okay, I'll send you to the borders
to cover wars
and become a war reporter
I wish you would
I swear, you're crazy
Of course not
follow up on this topic
it's on the sports page
But it is possible to turn it
into a bigger report
- Who are they?
- Vision impaired people playing football
They have one match left and they will
reach the World Championship in Poland
Is there such a thing?
There seems to be
He found himself held captive
in the operations room
- they didn't even ask his opinion
- Really?
Excuse me, but someone
with a failing kidneys
was admitted to the hospital
and he left without a kidney
Can I see Mr. Ahmed Shawqi?
Of course
On the fifth floor
Thank you
Don't you believe me, Hassan?
To the seventh floor
Seventh floor, alright
Here you go
- Thank you
- Welcome
This man is blind but he looks normal
What's that? Don't they usually write
if one's visually impaired on their ID?
You're right about that!
They can switch between their identities
Why would they do that?
To escape from a lawsuit
To avoid paying a loan
He can evade any misfortune, Hassan
What's wrong with you?
Should I tell you that?
- Is it a strong one?
- Very
Does it have Africans?
A mix of ethnicities
Asians, Africans
and a bunch of ethnicities
Come on, pay up and leave
- How are you, Amr?
- My friend Hassan, welcome
Listen, I really need to use a computer
Do you want a DVD?
I have a German video
seven hours long without breaks
What are you talking about, dude?
- I need a computer for work
- Of course, I'd be honored
You can use any device you want
Make way
"Football for the vision impaired in Egypt"
"El Ihsan Club
For People With Special Needs"
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Voy! Enough
- Voy!
- Come on, good job, go
Well done, Hani
Ahead of you!
- Ahead of you!
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Voy!
Hurry up
- Outside
- Voy!
- Voy!
- He's getting ahead of us
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Foul!
- Why?
- He didn't say "Voy!"
- It's okay, calm down
He didn't say "Voy!"
- He didn't say "Voy!"
- Yes, he did! What's with you?
Want an apology, coach!
- He didn't say "Voy!"
- Calm down
- What's with you, Faraj? Go left!
- Come on, young man!
A goal, El Ihsan Club scores
- Come on, it's okay
- It's okay
Good evening!
Good evening!
Good evening!
Excuse me, do you sell white canes?
Yes, we do
- Is this the bus stop, Sir?
- Yes, sir
- Please, give me your hand
- Let me guide you
- Is the bus headed towards El Basatin?
- Yes, sir
- Slowly
- Thank you
- Thank you
- Welcome
- Thank you, brother, thank you
- Welcome
Stay where you are
I'll pass the money to the driver
- Here you go, sir
- No need to pay, brother
He doesn't want you to pay
Thank you
- Good morning
- Good morning
"El Ihsan Club
For People With Special Needs"
One, two
three, four
we'll repeat it four more times
One, two, three, four
One, two, three
- four, stretch your legs, Hani
- Mr. Adel
this young man wants to talk to you
- Hello
- Hello and welcome
Come, hello and welcome
excuse me, come
Come here!
- Mr. Adel is sitting next to you
- Thank you
First and foremost
I want to thank you for your time
There's no need to thank me, Son
Go ahead and say what you need
Honestly, I would love to join your team
I'm blind, but I used to see in the past
I was also a very good player
before I got sick
What happened, Son?
A disease that affects and damages
the optic nerve in the brain
Within exactly two months, I lost my sight
I'm sorry for that
I hope you heal soon
It's all God's will
We are happy and honored
to have you play with us
- What is your name?
- My name is Hassan Al Sayid Ali
And I'm Coach Adel
Tell me, have you ever played
football with a bell?
I played it with a ball put in a bag
so I could hear it
Well done, come on
Where to?
To introduce you to your teammates
to play and try together
Sorry, but I didn't bring
the proper clothes for playing
Even if you're not wearing
appropriate clothing, you're fine
Do you know something? Give me a minute
- Hafez
- Yes, Coach
Come here
- Take this young man to the storage unit
- Okay
you'll give him the best
uniform around and a pair of shoes, too
- Yes, sir
- Okay? And bring him back to me
As soon as you come back you'll have
a bite so we can break bread together
and then you'll play
Coach, you are too gracious to me
Yes, take off the glasses, Hassan
so that you don't get hurt
if you bump into anyone
- I will
- See you!
- Thank you very much, Coach
- Welcome, Son
Thank you very much
Take this, dear
Thank you, Mr. Hafez
- Voy!
- Voy!
- Watch out for the step
- Voy!
- Hold my hand
- Voy!
Yes, guys, well done
Be careful not to get injured, Hani
- Well done
- Voy
Pass him the ball
- Coach Adel
- Yes
- Here you go
- Welcome
- Thank you, Mr. Hafez
- Welcome
Stop, guys, gather here, come
Come closer, men
I would like to introduce you to Hassan
our new teammate
- he'd like to join the team
- I'm Tamer, they call me Hogan
- I'm the goalkeeper
- Hello, Tamer, welcome
Don't believe it, he isn't like Hogan
or anything, he's not huge
- I'm Faraj
- Hello, Faraj
- You honored us, Abu Ali
- Thank you
- And I'm Hani
- Hello, Hani
- How are you, Hassan?
- Hello
And I'm Hisham
- Call me "H", it all works
- Hello, H
Hello, dear
This is the ball
They're great guys
Thank you very much, Coach
- Super cool
- We wear this to official matches
it's called a blindfold
but there's no need for it during training
- Okay, Coach
- Sit here, my dear
With your teammates, here is the chair
until I get you a sandwich like them
Thank you, Coach Adel, thank you
This is Captain Faraj
one of the best players on the team
- He's been here for...
- One year, just one year
- And who are you?
- I'm Hassan
I joined the team today and Coach Adel
told me that I would play with you
- Welcome, it's an honor
- Thank you
Let me introduce you to Ms. Angie
A writer and journalist
for El-Sa'a Journal
and she came to meet you
and write about you
Hello, and I'm happy
to be with you today
We are the happiest
to have you with us, Ma'am
Nice to meet you, Captain Faraj
and congratulations to you, Mr. Hassan
- congratulations
- Thank you
- Come on, let me introduce the rest
- Excuse me
Such delicious beans, Um Hassan!
It's my mom's special beans
He must want money
Dear God, come on!
You treat me unfairly
and doubt me all the time, Mother
Shame on you, I'm your son
My son? Boys, convince him to get
a good job instead of his current one
I'm working, Mom, I swear, I'm working
what else do you want from me?
Do you consider this work?
Why don't you work with that certificate
I worked so hard for you to get?
What will my job be with this certificate?
A painter?
By the way, Um Hassan
do you see many job opportunities?
I secured him a job in a respectable
place with a gentleman
but he doesn't want to do anything at all
An office boy, Saeed
It's an office boy job
My mother got me a job
in a gentleman's office as an office boy
I'm supposed to cling to the opportunity
so that God can bless me
and get promoted and become a postmaster
You never know
when opportunity knocks
You harvest what you plant, Son
but you want everything
to come to you easily
You tired and exhausted me
You're only good at spending money
on weed and nonsense
- Do you have any to smoke?
- And you're leaving a mess everywhere
What are those?
Glasses? Are you wearing glasses now? Why?
Do you think you're an artist?
What's the deal with these glasses?
What's wrong? Why are you surprised?
They're regular sunglasses
What is this?
Why don't you leave my stuff alone?
Why are you going through my stuff?
What are these strange things?
Who are you wearing this for?
My mysterious son returns at dawn
and I don't know where he was
Enough with the nagging, Mother
- Alright
- I won't eat anymore
Make way, Edra
Why do look so fancy?
Since when do you wear sunglasses?
What's wrong? Is that shameful?
Calm down, it's not shameful
but it's not something you're used to doing
What were you doing on the roof?
I was fixing the satellite dish
Why didn't you come to visit me yesterday?
Don't you know that Mom's
at her hometown?
Excuse me, I had a few errands to run
Why are you acting so strangely?
I'm not acting strange
what do you want?
Listen, I'm late for work
I'll talk to you later
What's wrong with him?
You have to choose the right time
and position before you kick it
Why were they saying Voy?
It's a Spanish word that means
"I'm coming"
All players must say it
when they chase the ball
so they don't run into each other
because their injuries are very serious
Well, some of them are wearing
black blindfolds, even though they're blind
Listen, ma'am, not all vision impaired
suffer the same level of blindness
some of them can see shades
and this black blindfold
if we call it that
is used to make sure that
everyone can't see anything
But some of them aren't wearing it
Yes, because we're not in an official match
but according to the laws
the players must wear it
Hassan is very good
well done, Hassan
His kicks are powerful
- He's brilliant
- Yes, he is
Well done, guys
we'll qualify
- We're going to win the Championship cup
- Well done, Faraj
How are you, champ?
Tell me, Abu Ali
do you have a passport?
A passport?
- Why, Coach, are we going to travel?
- Yes, my dear, we are
to Kenya
- To Kenya?
- Yes
Listen, I've decided
to let you join the team
We played the first match
and we won one to zero, thank God
and God willing we'll qualify
in the second match
so I thought I'd take you with us
maybe you'll gain some experience
- Are you serious, Coach?
- Yes
Thank you so much
Thank you, may God bless you
I do have a passport, Coach
I applied for one and got it
because I had worked in the Gulf
but that was before I lost my sight
- Okay, Coach, I'll get it
- Thank you
Goodbye, my dear
- I'll be in the locker room
- Got it, Coach
Got it
I heard that Captain Adel
let you join the team
how do you feel about that?
- It was a surprise...
- Be careful, there is...
I was about to tell you to be careful
- Excuse me
- It's okay, no problem
I was asking how you feel about
Captain Adel letting you join the team
It was a very nice surprise from him
may God bless him
I'm sure your family
will be happy to hear this
Absolutely, especially my mother
The Kenya match is very important
it's just like the finals
Of course, God willing
our efforts won't be in vain
Other than coming here and playing
soccer and hanging with friends
how do you spend your day?
- I like listening to the radio
- Nice
- and music
- Nice
and, of course, the Qur'an
How great, so I gather that you pray?
Yes, thank God
I perform all the prayers
My hope in God is enormous
He alone can heal everything
- He's funny
- Hello, did I miss much?
Where were you?
You missed a lot
My God, what is he doing here?
What's wrong, dude?
I'm blind
What's with you, you idiot?
- Lower your voice, you'll expose me
- Isn't that Hassan?
- I don't understand anything
- I'll explain when we leave
- Every time I remember that...
- Careful, there is a step
- Yes, it was great
- Hello
- Hello
- Hello
I recognize this voice, guys
- Is it Captain Adel?
- Yes, my dear, you're right
Hello, Coach
What a happy coincidence
- How are you, Abu Ali?
- Fine, thank God
How are you, Hassan?
- That's Tamer, right?
- That's right
- How are you, Tamer?
- How are you, man?
- Did you like the movie?
- Absolutely, Coach
There is no one funnier than Ahmed Helmy
If you told us that you loved movies
we would've brought you with us
No, it's not that
Amr has a friend who works here
so he lets us enter for free
We used to go to the cinema together before
We describe the events for him
because he can't see
- May God bless you all
- Thank you, Coach
Do you want me to give you a ride?
No, thank you
we'll go for a walk together
Okay, don't be late
for tomorrow's flight, Hassan
- I won't be, Coach
- Goodbye
- This way
- Good night
- May God be with you
- Goodbye
- Goodbye, Coach
- Goodbye
- Watch the stairs, Hassan
- Let's go
What flight?
- Tell me what's going on
- Later
How will you play with that blindfold?
I'll figure it out, Edra
- You're very deceitful
- Right?
Let's hope it'll end well, Saeed
Won't you ever be back from Kenya?
- You'll have a good time with Africans
- What Kenya, man?
I'm planning to go to Europe
Take us with you, dude
What are you saying, Edra?
Do you think I'm going to Ras El-Bar?
Please, guys, don't start with this
just pray for me
May God keep you away
from every person who's like you
Yes, Mom
Listen, I'm going to Sharm El Sheikh
I have some work there
I'll be back in a few days
Take good care of yourself
- I'm confident that you'll win
- Thank you
- I wish you safe travels
- Thank you
Attention please
- Please...
- Where are they, sir?
- They're right there, they're blind
- Okay, give me a moment
- Good evening, sir
- Good evening
They're blind, sir
they're right there
- Where is Hassan?
- He's here, sir
Bring him here
- Who do you want? I'll get him
- Hassan, and bring his bag
Listen, Abu Ali
the passport officer wants to see you
- Why?
- I don't know
Maybe he wants to ask
about something we don't know
Don't worry, I'll come with you
Bring your bag with you, let's go
Please take off your glasses
Is this your first time traveling, Hassan?
- Yes, sir
- Do you have a military exemption?
- It's in the bag
- Bring his bag
- This one?
- Yes
Where is it, Hassan?
I'll help you
This military exemption
doesn't say that you're blind
I'm an only child, sir
I lost my sight two years ago, sir
May you stay healthy
Yes, sir
not all blind people are born blind
some of them lose their sight later in life
Thank you
- I'll get the rest
- Go ahead
Go ahead, sir
Just a second
"Peace be upon..."
- Welcome, Captain Adel
- Thank you
- He's blind
- I'm sorry
Thank you
I have never upset any of you
but I'll be upset
if we don't qualify to play in Poland
It doesn't matter
if it's the first or second match
I want to win today
Winning one to zero isn't hard to achieve
If we focused and played like men
with no fear, we'll definitely qualify
"If Allah helps you, none can defeat you"
- We'll win, Coach
- God willing, Coach
- We'll go to Poland, God willing
- God willing
God willing
- Help us, God
- By God's will
By God's will
Don't let him pass, Amir
Don't let him score
A goal by our striker, Mike Mckenoir!
- Put your heads in the game, guys
- The score is now four
and El Ihsan one
Put Hassan in, Coach
Referee, I want to change
Substitution for El Ihsan
number 12, Hassan Al Sayid
with number 8, Ihab
Come on, Hassan
Go with him, Faraj
- Come on, Faraj
- Stay with him
Voy, Voy, Voy
Well done, we're almost there
A goal for El Ihsan
Pass it
by Hassan Al Sayid
- The score is now four to two
- Come on, guys
- Voy, Voy, Voy
- That's it
- Voy
- Pass it
Come on
- Voy, Voy, Voy
- Come on, Hassan
Voy, Voy, Voy
Pass it to Faraj
- Goal
- Another goal for El Ihsan
The score is now four to three
We're almost there, guys
We need one goal to qualify, guys
we're almost there
Voy, Voy, Voy
- Stop him
- Voy
Thank God
Pass it, Hassan
Yes, go
Pass it, Hassan
- Penalty!
- What's that?
- God willing
- Guys
Me, me, me
Let me do it
please, Faraj
May God be with you, go
Listen to Sameh, Hassan
You won't score
You won't score
- Goal
- Yes
The score is now four to four
- Abu Ali
- Abu Ali
- Abu Ali
- Abu Ali
- Cheer for Captain Adel, guys
- Captain Adel
Captain Adel
Captain Adel
- Who is it?
- It's Adel, Hassan, open up
My God
I'll be right there, Coach
give me a minute
Welcome, Captain Adel
- How are you, Hassan?
- Fine, thank God
Come in
What is this?
Were you making tea or what?
I came to tell you that I was very pleased
with your performance today, Hassan
Thank you so much, Coach
- It was by God's grace
- Blessed be the Almighty
I'm very proud of you
but don't think that
I don't see what's happening
- What do you mean?
- I mean, you're a cheater
and you can see as good as I do
What are you saying, Coach?
Listen, son
I've been watching you
ever since I laid eyes on you
I had some doubts about your performance
but I thought you were just a good player
until I saw you at the movies
and I saw your behavior at the airport
which made me certain
that you are a cheater
I can't have a cheater on the team
And that's why...
I'll kick you out of the team
once we get back to Egypt
but I won't expose you
A mute bird...
makes no omen, Hassan
Excuse me, hotshot
So, after I won the game for you
you want to kick me out of the team
You got what you wanted from me
and now you'll just get rid of me
I put you in like any other player
No, you put me in
when you were losing four to one
and you were going
to be eliminated from the tournament
Isn't this hypocrisy, Coach?
Okay, what are you getting at?
I want to get to Europe
and then you'll never see my face again
We all want something, Coach
You want to win to ensure your future
I want to win to ensure my future as well
- On one condition
- What is it?
You'll play until the last match
and you'll win me the tournament
You won't run away once we get to Poland
- And you won't say anything?
- Shame on you, boy
- I agree
- Me too
So, would you like
to have a cup of tea with me?
Or would you like a cold beer?
No, no tea
If I drink tea now
I won't sleep until morning
I'll have that cold beer
That dessert looks delicious
Congratulations and welcome to all of you
- Of course, coach
- Thanks
What a wonderful hospitality
why did you go to all this trouble?
What are you saying, Coach?
We must celebrate your victory
Do you think we always
qualify for the World Cup?
The credit goes to your husband
and the guys who worked hard for years
- Thank you, Coach
- And to Hassan as well
- Have you forgotten him?
- Of course not, how can I forget him?
He's our new hero
- Yes, of course
- May God bless him
Thank you for your kind words, Coach
I didn't do anything
it was teamwork and by God's grace
It's just that I got lucky
May you get lucky again, Abu Ali
and we win the World Cup
- I hope so
- I hope so
I would very much like
to go to Poland with you
We'd be very happy to have you, Miss Angie
- I really want to go
- Do you know if Poland is cold or not?
Yes, did you know
that it's snowing there right now?
Yes, have you ever seen snow?
We can make snowballs
Hold on, I'm coming
- Good morning, ma'am
- Good morning, my dear
My name is Angie
and I'm a journalist at El-Sa'a Journal
and I'd like to cover Hassan's story
and the qualifying for the World Cup
- World Cup?
- Yes
I would really like
to take a picture of you together
Welcome, Miss Angie
- How are you, Hassan?
- I'm great, welcome
- Please come in
- Thank you
Listen to me, Mom
I'm pretending to be blind, okay?
Play along
and I'll tell you everything later
we're glad to have you
I'm sorry I came unannounced, Hassan
What are you saying, Miss Angie?
You are welcome here at any time
- Welcome, there is no need to apologize
- Thank you
- How are you?
- I'm fine, thank God
- Thank God
- I missed you
I missed you, too
If you had let us know you were coming
we'd have gotten the flowers out
- I wanted to let you know, but...
- Welcome
- Welcome
- Thank you, ma'am
How do you feel about Hassan
qualifying for the World Cup?
I mean, what's going
through your mind right now?
- World Cup?
- Yes
Yes, I'm very happy about that
Is he so modest that he didn't he tell you
that we qualified because of him?
He was the one who scored the goal that got
us qualified for the World Cup in Poland
- Did you score the goal?
- Yes, Mom, that's true
- Did you score a goal, Hassan?
- Thank God
May God bless you, son, I wish you had
told me, I'd have been so happy
Thank God, Miss Angie
I did it thanks to my mother's prayers
It's because of your determination
ambition and belief
Can I take a picture of you both?
- Yes, of course
- Will you get closer to your mother?
Is this good?
Hug your mother tighter
- Come here, Mom
- Yes, like this
That's it
That's it
I disown you, you deceitful cheater
Enough with these dirty tricks of yours
Mom, I'm telling you I'm going away
I'll leave this place
you'll get rid of me and my problems
But with a scandal, Hassan
Try to apply for that job in Kuwait
making an honorable living is better
They wouldn't get back to me, Mom
Besides, there are a million people
who applied for the same job
Let alone those who keep
one's passport with them
and then they tell you that
to wash, mop, and empty the trash
and endless demands
Plus, will it be the end of the world
if someone runs away from a team?
Listen to me, Mom
nobody cares about that, believe me
Just pray for me that it ends well
and everything will go well
Okay, see you later, my dear
We're proud of you and your achievement
Your qualification for the World Cup
is the best evidence that persistence
- is what makes the impossible possible
- I've had enough
- Stay or go
- Guys
- That's your problem
- I have great confidence in you
- I don't want to see or hear you again
- and in Captain Adel
Thank you so much
- Come here
- Go ahead, welcome
Over here, Captain Adel
Can I stand with you
for a moment, Miss Angie?
How did you know I was standing here?
Actually, your perfume is very distinctive
Thank you
You don't seem to be in a good mood today
To be honest, I've had better days
- That's obvious
- How did you notice that?
It's true that I lost my sight
but I can feel...
- We are delighted that you came
- Thank you, Captain Adel
Thank you
could you excuse us?
Yes, of course
take your time
Be careful of Tamer
he's watching you closely
- Why are you saying this?
- I don't know
but he's looking at you in a weird way
I think he's suspicious of you
Excuse us, the company's president insists
on shaking hands with all team members
Yes, of course, please
- Excuse me
- Of course
Come on
- Let's drown him
- Are you crazy?
- I certainly won't kill the man
- Tie him up and leave him somewhere
If he finds out
you'll be charged with a felony
You must do anything to stop him
from guarding that goal again
Poison him, kidnap him, or drown him
or run him over by a car
or anything
What's wrong with you?
You're a genius, Abu Ali
We'll run him over with the motorcycle
Stop, man
what are you saying?
- Do you want me to go to prison?
- You won't go to prison
You'll just bump him with the motorcycle
Please, Hassan, keep me out of it
I try to stay out of troubles
This happens all the time, man
How many people have you run over before?
- Three
- Did you go to prison?
No, dude
because it was just a scratched door
or a smashed mirror
I mean, it was material damages
- no one was hurt
- This guy won't get hurt either
You'll just bump into him softly
you'll break his foot or hand
and no one will know anything, Saeed
No, keep me out of it, dude
I'll do it
but I'll be a goalkeeper instead of him
What are you talking about?
Didn't you say you have the coach wrapped
around your finger? Make it happen
How will you do it?
That moron can go to hell
He's already gone, Um Hassan
Who would leave a beautiful woman like you?
You're the beautiful one
Hello, Mom
Hello, Hassan
Angie is here
Hello, what a lovely surprise
Hello, Miss Angie
- Hello
- Hello to you
Where were you?
Looks like you were at the club, right?
No, he was in the mosque
with brothers Saeed and Amr
What can I say?
Good for you
Actually, I was in the club, Miss Angie
We had practice
I swear to God
your effort won't be in vain, you'll see
I hope so, Miss Angie
I hope so
- Okay, I should go now
- No, I won't let you leave
- Next time
- Let's have dinner together
It's okay
This way
- Be careful
- Yes, don't worry
- We were very glad you came
- Thank you, Um Hassan
- Sorry if I bothered you with my questions
- Not at all
- Our neighbor is getting married
- See you later
Goodbye, Miss Angie
What a fool, you lost the girl
she got married to another man
Enough, Mom
she got the man she was destined to have
Screw her and her mother
and this poor girl is asking me
about your dreams and ambitions
Get out of my face
with these glasses of yours
- What is wrong with you?
- Nothing
Get me a beer
So, Abu Ali
did you come up with a plan?
Listen to me
after practice, the team goes to shower
and since the goalkeeper is the only one
who can see, he doesn't take a lot of time
and he always leaves
from the club's back door
so you'll run him over
as soon as you see him leaving
What about people in the street?
Don't give me a headache
it's a quiet street
and hopefully
there won't be anyone on that day
- Edra
- What?
You'll be waiting and ready to go
I'll call you when he gets ready to leave
so you can get ready
when you see him leave the club
you'll hit him with the motorcycle
What are we going to do?
- Don't stay too long
- Goodbye, man
You must choose the right time to kick
and always pay attention to Sameh
- Okay, Coach
- Did you get me?
Best wishes for you, guys
Eid Mubarak
- Thank you
- Thank you, Tamer
"Calling Amr Edra"
"El Ihsan Club
For People With Special Needs"
What happened?
What is it, my dear?
What happened?
Call an ambulance, guys
Someone call an ambulance
- What happened?
- Tamer
- Don't touch him
- Stay away
Calm down
What are you made of, man?
Don't you have any mercy?
You said you'd bump into him
not put him in the hospital
Was I the one driving the motorcycle?
Amr was driving it
and he hit him with the rod
He's the fool
what do I have to do with it?
Tell me, doctor
did he get out of surgery?
No, he's still there
They'll insert two nails
I can't believe this happened!
Tell me, Hassan
Who do you think has an interest
in breaking the leg of the only man
who can see on the team?
I don't know, doctor
it was an accident
Or someone who doesn't
want him to see something?
Something like what?
Have you ever seen
what a blind person's eye looks like?
It looks dead or cloudy
it doesn't look as alive as yours
May God keep your sight for you, doctor
You too, Hassan
How much will you pay?
- Pay for what?
- To travel to Poland
I'll show you something cool, Hassan
Who do I look like the most?
or Hani?
What is this?
Can they all see?
I've been waiting for this moment
to expose you, Hassan
You'll give me 50 thousand pounds
before the end of next week
50 thousand pounds?
- How will I get it?
- I don't care
You're not better than the rest
Isn't it enough that
you broke that man's leg?
Did Tamer know about Hisham and Hani?
That's why I turned a blind eye
You got rid of him for us
What if Tamer died?
Don't worry, I'll handle it
What are you two made of?
Of the same thing you're made of, Coach
We're all seeking to earn a living somehow
Well, I know two people
who want to travel too
They're welcome to come
Get me 150 thousand pounds
and you can board the plane
I asked you a question
and you didn't answer, doctor
Can they all see?
Don't make a big deal out of it
it's just the two of them
- Okay, doctor
- I want the full amount
See you!
"And on the companions
of our Prophet Muhammad"
"And on the wives
of our Prophet Muhammad"
"And on the progeny of our Prophet Muhammad
and bestow upon them much peace"
"Allah is the greatest"
"Allah is the greatest"
"Allah is the greatest"
- Hello
- Hello
Did you come up with a way?
We can't get rid of him
Are we going to hurt someone again?
We didn't say that, man
I'm just saying...
How much do you have?
5600 pounds
it's what's left of the qualification bonus
- What about you?
- We don't have a single penny
Who doesn't have money
can't travel with us
There is a way
- Haj Tarek
- What about him?
Thursday is our busiest day
Everyone orders kebabs
The lounge gets filled
and the phone doesn't stop ringing
Customers come from all kinds
newlyweds, drug users, married couples
Even if they're divorced
they come back together
Everyone orders kebabs
On this day, the restaurant makes
no less than 100 thousand pounds
Haj Tarek comes at night
to take the day's profit
and a kilo of ribs, then he goes
to his new wife at Saqr Quraish
If we rob him on that day
we'll have the money we need
and maybe more
Isn't this the man
who helps you make a living?
Yes, but he steals half of it
- What kind of car does Haj Tarek drive?
- Mercedes-Benz
What's wrong, Dad?
Why aren't you eating?
There's nothing wrong, dear
I'm thinking about the future
How are the preparations
for the World Cup going?
Good, the players are doing their best
Is there a plan
and method of playing and all of that?
Of course, there is a plan
Don't worry about your father
The players and I
are thinking about a new technique
that will make our country proud
- God willing
- God willing, dear
"Incoming call from Hassan"
- What?
- Call now
Do you believe everything they say?
- That's what they're saying
- What are they saying?
They're crazy, don't believe them
- Hello
- Good evening!
Good evening!
How may I be of service?
Do you have ribs?
Yes, we serve ribs
How much does a kilogram cost?
150 pounds
- Well, do you have grilled meat with fat?
- Yes, we do
- How much does a kilogram cost?
- 120 pounds, sir
- How may I be of service?
- They're so expensive
Yes, there is Kofta
do you want some, sir?
"Text from Amr Edra
All clear, it's done"
Well, I'll think about it
and then I'll call you back
Thank you very much
What a chatterbox!
Dear God! Does he think
he's talking to Osama Mounir?
He's one of the players
who suffered a disc...
A herniated disc
God bless
Here you go, Haj
I have to perform Haj
so that you can call me a Haj
"Kababji, Tarek's Restaurant"
What is this? Damn you
It's fake, don't worry
What is fake?
- Dear God!
- Be careful, you'll make us crash
Dear God! What's going on?
Dear God! What's happening?
Dear Lord!
What's going on here?
Good evening, big fella
Empty out your pockets
or I'll take your soul
out of your body
Who are these two?
Get out of my face
No, you and your friend
get the hell away from here
or I'll shoot you dead
Let's go
Get on
You scum
Well done, boys
What a great mission!
That's great, the amount is 6750
And this is 450
So, the total is 117555
Well done, boys
Call the doctor
- Let him wait until tomorrow
- Okay
- What do you think of the Kebab?
- It's delicious
- Don't say a word
- Who is it?
Don't make a sound
- Who is it?
- It's Angie
- The journalist?
- Who else?
Be quiet
Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you, Sheikh Hassan
How are you?
I'm fine, Miss Angie
I'm all good, hello
I'm sorry I'm calling you this late
but I was thinking of you
No need to apologize
You can call me at any time
What are you doing?
Nothing, I was...
I was listening to the Qur'an
before going to sleep
You told me you like music, right?
That's great, I'd like
to invite you to a party
Whose party is it?
Are you going to ask a lot of questions?
Not at all
I would be honored to go with you
Okay, I'll come to pick you up
- Okay
- Take care of yourself
You, too
How lucky you are!
Lucky on all levels
God bless you both
Are you a real doctor? Or did you forge
your degree? Or what's your deal?
Hand me the money or I'll expose you
How much is this?
70 thousand
We agreed on 150 thousand
for the three of you to travel
Listen, doctor
You'll have Saeed, Hassan, and I
travel to Poland without making a fuss
do you know why?
Because a good fellow is filming
the whole thing up there
If you want us to publish the video
we'll publish it
With one click, this video
will be published on
the Ministry of Youth and Sports page
where everyone can see it
I think it's better for you
to take the 70 thousand
What a bunch of filthy
and trashy boys you are!
Their papers will be ready
on your desk tomorrow
Feed Youssriya, please
"Helmy Studio"
Lift up your chin slightly
What are you doing?
Hoping to advance to the final rounds
Who knows?
Maybe win the championship
Thank you very much, Miss Angie
I can't thank you enough
for these wonderful words
I had a very good time today
I had more fun than you
Well, excuse me
What? I'll walk you home
No, there's no need
I don't want to bother you
- I know the way well
- Why? I'll walk you to the door
I'll say hello to your mother
on the way because I miss her
Is there a problem?
Is it a bad time?
No, on the contrary
you're most welcome
but she's at the wedding next to us now
and will be back shortly
Let's go
Slow down
You always go the extra
mile for me, Miss Angie
- Don't worry about it
- Thank you very much
She'll be back shortly
- Where is the light switch?
- I can see, no need
Come in
Have a seat, Hassan
- Take off your glasses
- No
Take it off, we're home
Wait a little bit
I brought you a little gift
I hope you like it
What gift?
Give me your hand
It's seven forty-seven P.M
So you won't be late for our dates
Thank you, Miss Angie
I can't thank you enough...
Can you see, Hassan?
I'm sorry
Why did you do that?
It's a long story, Angie
Why did you do this?
- Your mother knows, of course
- No
Don't falsely accuse her
I made my mother get in on this
Why did you do this?
I'm sorry, I'm terribly sorry
I did this because I want to travel abroad
- Life is hard, Angie, and I can't...
- Shut your mouth
Shut up
If it weren't for your poor mother
that you say she doesn't know anything
about what's going on
I would've exposed you everywhere
- I'm sorry...
- Don't come near me
And don't you ever call me again
Do you understand?
- Excuse me
- What's wrong?
What's wrong, Dad?
You're here, dear!
You've been absent-minded
a lot lately, be careful
I'm thinking of you, hero
I'm going to miss you so much, Dad
I going to miss you so much too, dear
Don't come back, Dad
What are you saying?
I'll return, Son
I'll return, God willing
I heard you once talking to Hassan
What exactly did you hear?
Calm down, Dad
what's wrong?
I heard what I heard, it's okay
I'm not upset with you
You should run away like them
stay away from this tiring life
If everyone knows what
you're up to, you'll be in trouble
No one will believe that
you didn't know what was going on
Well, I won't travel then
You'd be crazy if you didn't go
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
what will you do if you stay here?
Who will support you and your mother?
My mother doesn't care
And if it was up to me
I'd go with you
Take care of yourself, Dad
Will you be able to live without me, Amr?
Don't worry about me
You've done your duty
towards me as a father and more
Travel, and I'll join you
Go, Dad
God bless you in your new life
Take a good look
Is this Italy?
He opened a restaurant right on the sea
This means we'll be staying up late
and partying in the summer
- We're going to have a good time
- You're going to bring us bad luck
Look silently
What's wrong, Hassan?
There's nothing wrong
Why are you feeling blue?
What problem did you cause now?
Angie found out that I could see
- Damn it!
- Dear God!
Will she report us?
Is that what you care about, you idiot?
What are you thinking about, Hassan?
I don't know
Are you thinking of withdrawing?
No, Hassan, please wake up
You made this opportunity
out of thin air for us to escape
And for Angie, let her come with us
What if the conditions changed?
No, dude
I have my passport ready and my visa on it
I can learn if the conditions are improving
or worsening through the internet
Didn't I tell you not to call me?
Listen to me, please
I would like to meet you
I would like to meet you
because I want to talk to you
even if it was for the last time
- Where will I meet you?
- I'll come to you wherever you want
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow after work
What is this, Mom?
I'm not used to you wearing glasses
What's wrong?
There is nothing wrong
What's wrong, Mom?
There is nothing wrong
What is this?
Who did this to you, Mom?
Nobody, son, nothing happened
Who did this? Come on, tell me
- Nothing happened
- What are you saying?
What's the reason for
the bruises on your face?
Tell me
Where were you? Were you at work?
Did the doctor
you work for do this to you?
It is, isn't it?
I swear I'll kill him
Please no, Hassan
Come back, Hassan
No, it wasn't his fault
It wasn't his fault?
I took something from them
What did you take?
A ring, a diamond ring
Why did you take a diamond ring?
I wanted to sell it and give you the money
so you can stay here and not travel
Why did you do this, Mom?
Why did you do this, Mom?
Why did you do this, Mom? Why?
Why did you do that to me, Mom?
How could you do this to me?
That is enough
I didn't want you to go and leave me
Go, Hassan
Travel, Son
Run away, Hassan
Run away and live the life
that your mother failed to live
Live a comfortable life instead of
the swamp life that your mother is living
Leave, Hassan
Leave, Son
And when you can visit me
come and visit me
Stop it, Mom
It's okay
I'm not used to seeing you without glasses
What did you want to say?
Come with me
To where? Are you crazy?
I'm not crazy, you were going
to come with me in the first place
That's right, I wanted to come with you
I wanted to come with you
to support and cheer you on
But you tricked me
I only lied to you once
You and the likes of you have never
known what our miserable lives are like
I lived it, saw it, and know it well
But you've never experienced it
nor tasted its bitterness
nor can you bear the weight of it
You can stay here
That's difficult
It's hard to stay here
I lived my whole life
thinking about leaving here
However, things have changed
and we can do a lot of things
And you have never tried
to work a respectable job
I've never done anything respectable at all
What have I taken?
What have I taken to give in return?
What have I taken?
You still don't want to come with me?
I can't, Hassan
I can't
Don't beat yourself up, Hassan
None of us chose this path
What matters now is that we focus
on arriving safely and without being caught
Open your eyes, and smile
- "God, take us to their country safely"
- Amen
- "God, grant us victory You are the truth"
- Amen
- "God, don't punish us if we forget"
- Amen
- "Help us"
- Amen
"And make our way..."
"El Ihsan Club"
Are they with you?
Yes, they are with me
The glasses, down
Okay, take your glasses off, guys
Is he the leader?
I'm asking if he is the leader
I'm sorry, what leader?
Leader, leader of the team
- Captain
- Captain
He thinks you're the captain
No, he's not the team leader
He's a thief
Will you win the cup?
He's asking if you will win the cup
Tell him an answer
and let's get this over with
He's saying that Poland will win it
What a clever guy!
Enjoy your stay, you can go through
Thank you
Thank God
Very happy team!
Very happy people
Yes, wonderful
Yes, Abu Ali
Be careful, dude
What are you doing?
What's this nonsense that I see?
Are you on a trip?
You have five minutes
to be at the dinner tables
Distribute these to each other
At 12 o'clock is the salad
At 3 o'clock is a steak
which I'll cut for you
At 6 o'clock there is pasta
and at 9 o'clock there are potatoes
Forget about this
Is Hassan eating enough?
Yes, he's eating very well
don't worry about him
I want him to be ready tomorrow
Did you hear this, buddy?
As we agreed, we will play all the matches
Do we have to, Coach?
Yes, we have to
If not for me, for this poor guy
who has lived his whole life
dreaming of this day happening
It's such a shame
It's such a shame for him to wake up to
find that everyone around him is a cheater
and his dream is taken away
Don't worry, Coach
Abu Ali
When will we run away?
Tomorrow, immediately after the match ends
After we return to the hotel
and everyone goes to sleep
we'll make a run for it
Have you figured out where you're going?
I'm going to my friend in Germany
I'll take the first train and head up there
He works at a restaurant
and got me a job there
Have you decided where you're going?
To Italy
Many people from my village
are working in Rome
I'll go to them hoping that
God will bless me with any job
God is generous
I'm going to miss you, buddy
Me, too
At 12 o'clock there is poison
At 3 o'clock is tar
At 6 o'clock I wish you death
At 9 o'clock, I wish you bad luck
My dear Adel
Where is Faraj? I don't see him
I don't know
The bus will leave in 10 minutes, find him
Go to his room and get him
we don't want to be late
We're doing this for his sake
What's this?
Hold the stick properly
or you'll expose us, idiot
I'm sorry, Coach, good morning
Move it
Mrs. Hanan
Excuse me, help me
My friend isn't opening the door
Please, help me
Dear God!
Excuse me
Nobody is there
Wait, how come there's no one?
Dear God!
What are you doing?
Damn it
Where is Faraj?
"I'll miss you"
What? What does this mean?
He ran away
He ran away?
If they catch him
they'll catch all of us
What's wrong?
There is a police car accompanying the bus
Get up
Get up, let's go
Run away
What happened?
He turned out to be sighted
He turned out to be sighted
that sneaky man
He turned out to be
the biggest fraud among us
He fooled us all, including the doctor
Everyone went out running
as fast as they could
because the scandal will affect everyone
I went out running, too
running away from my wife
and the bit she's going to do for me
and the scandal that
will occur at the school
We all ran in a different direction
from each other
because if someone gets arrested
whoever is next to him will be arrested
Polish policemen searched for us
but as far as I know
no one has been arrested yet
All of Egypt heard the news
- The newspapers wrote about us
- They pretended to be blind and ran away
No way! Didn't the cops catch them?
They vanished into thin air
"A bunch of impostors pretending
to be blind fled to Poland then ran away"
The rest of the team played the match
Sameh played as a goalkeeper
They won one match and lost another
but they didn't get to the next round
What is wonderful is that an Egyptian
team won the championship
I don't know where each of them is working
I think they have managed
to find 9 to 5 jobs
The only one I'm still
in touch with is Hassan
not because we're talking
but because I found him online
He calls himself the Egyptian Cobra
How playful!
- Oh my! That looks really good
- "Room Service"
"Egyptian cobra"
The best quality for you
Hey, Rajeev
Come here, quickly
Okay, I'm coming
What I'm dying to know
is that sneaky Faraj...
I'm dying to know
where he ended up going