Vs (2011) Movie Script

Untie me.
Get me out of here!
Untie me!
What the hell
is going on here?
How the fuck should I know?
You... You people
did this.
This has all happened
because of you.
He's going to kill us.
He's going to kill us
because... Because of you.
Who... Who's he?
Hey. Where you going?
Where you going?
Come back.
Just hold
the fuck on, okay?
Get me out of here!
Untie me!
Good evening, everyone.
So glad to see
you could all make it
out tonight.
It's me.
your very best friend.
Oh, now, don't look
so surprised to see me.
I thought, after last time,
that we would never see
each other again.
But, um, I guess
I'm surprised too.
Here we are all again.
Doing what we do best.
And The Wall.
My very, very best friend.
I can't wait to introduce you
to some of my other fries
you haven't met yet.
But let's cut to business.
All my life, as you know,
I've been a loser.
At every turn I lose.
I think I have
an amazing plan.
And then...
Asshole goody-two-shoes
like you get in the way,
and fuck it up.
So I made a game
for you to play,
where you get to feel
what it feels like
to lose all the time.
I'm calling it role reversal,
where you get to lose,
and I get to win.
to have the rug pulled out
from under your feet
at every fucking turn.
the rules
are incredibly simple.
There are over 100
innocent civilians
spread all across town,
and they are rigged
to various life
threatening devices.
You play my game,
you save their lives.
You don't play,
I kill them.
You try to escape
or forfeit,
and the entire little shit
town is rigged to blow.
And, oh, I just can't...
I just want to press
this fucking thing so bad.
Unless of course you win.
But in the meantime,
I'd like you to reconnect,
at the Laundromat.
And when you're all reunited,
you'll get your first
Just to let you
and your friends
understand the true
severity of the rules...
Oh, oh, I almost forgot.
If you've noticed
the little injection scars
on your wrists...
It's just my little way
of making the game more..
May the best man win.
It's been a long time.
Yes, it has.
How you doing?
You... You still
have yours?
What are you...
What are you talking about?
You're still strong.
So that injection
did do something
to everybody.
Everybody except you,
it seems.
How's it going?
Kiss my ass.
That's how it's going.
All right.
Glad to see things
haven't changed.
This is great.
Everybody remembers
each other.
Rickshaw's not bluffing.
He just killed someone.
Yeah. Splattered his brains
all over the bathroom wall.
Oh, Jesus.
Yeah, when I woke up,
there were bunch of bodies
everywhere too.
All right then.
Let's address
the matter at hand.
You know, the one
where we're up shit creek.
Hey, we are not
all the way
up shit creak.
Oh, let me guess.
You have a plan.
Guys, what about the real
obvious question here?
I mean, how did we
even get here?
Hello again. Since we don't
have a lot of time...
I guess we should
start the games.
Now, this round will see you
separating into two groups,
You have five minutes
to proceed to
the hardware store and...
Choose your weapons.
Then the round will begin.
Show up late,
and one of you will have
a real mess to clean up.
All right. Come on.
What? So you got a map,
that makes you the leader?
What are these for?
Nothing good.
Looks like we have about
80 seconds to find out.
Stop, stop, stop.
John, they're
in trouble.
Look, we're in trouble, okay?
Now, we don't know
if those are innocent
people, Jill.
Those could just be
his goons or something.
We don't know.
What if they're not?
What if they're moms?
Or dads or kids?
We don't know
all the boundaries
of this game yet, okay?
Look, he's watching us.
As long as we're still
playing, then he'll
keep us alive, okay?
So then we
just do nothing?
Play the game
and win.
Hey, don't worry.
Don't worry.
I have a plan.
As long as he thinks
I'm still playing,
he won't know
what I'm doing. Okay?
Come on.
Hey, wait.
You look good.
You look the same.
Where'd you go?
There's two innocent people
ready to blow in the back.
So let's pay attention.
Fuck, man.
I'm sure by now
you've had a chance
to look over your weapons.
Choose wisely.
Or else the game will
end very quickly.
And we wouldn't
want that, would we?
You'll now be split up
into two teams.
The Wall and Shadow
are Team Romance.
And Team Irony will be
Cutthroat and Charge.
Each team will be matched up
against an as yet
unannounced opponent.
The rules of round one
are quite simple.
I mean, I keep
my shit simple. Okay?
Fight your opponent
to the death
with your choice
of the weapons
laid in front of you.
Fail to fight
and 10 innocent
civilians will die.
I'm not fucking around.
Team Romance will go
to the junkyard.
And Team Irony will go
to the lumber yard.
Each team has five minutes
to get to its destination.
Once you arrive,
you will receive
your final set of instructions
for the first round.
Happy hunting.
What should I pick?
The sledge is safe.
Hard to miss.
Usually if you hit
somebody with it,
they don't get back up.
Just got to hit
something, huh?
All right.
Take care of her.
Why didn't Rickshaw
take your powers?
We don't really have
that much time
to figure it out, do we?
No, we don't.
Listen up, everybody.
We need to stay on time.
He said, "this round,"
which would
make one believe
there's gonna be
more than one round
of this shit, okay?
And we stay in touch.
I know this is hard
for everybody, okay?
I know.
If we don't
do this together,
we don't have
a shot at beating
this game, okay?
All right. Let's move.
Be careful.
You too.
Ready for this
shit or what?
Yeah, let's hope so.
Let's... Let's hope so?
Can't have our leader
eating shit this early
in the game, now, can we?
Hey, keep it down.
Make me.
Hey, man, hey.
This isn't about us,
all right?
This isn't about our past.
This isn't about how
I hurt your feelings.
Or any other bullshit
complaints you've had about
me over the years, all right?
This actually is
life or death.
Do you get that?
We lose, we die.
Okay, once we get
out of here,
we can sit down
and point fingers
at each other.
But right now,
if we slip up just once,
he will find
a way to kill us.
All right?
Look, I'm not gonna
get in your way,
but this doesn't
change shit between us.
Well, shit happens,
I guess.
After you.
So, where do you
think this place is?
Who knows?
Northwest maybe.
I've never seen it before.
Yeah, me neither.
So how long
do you think
we were all out?
I don't know.
You went down
hard though.
Do you remember
how it happened at all?
No. Nothing.
I just don't understand.
Rickshaw was gone.
John got him.
Yeah, I know.
We were kids.
Did you ever tell, uh,
John about...
But he knows.
Hey, there it is.
Round one.
What the fuck
is that?
So good to see
you both again.
Welcome to round one.
The rules are quite...
You got it. Simple.
If you look to your left,
you'll notice that there are
five innocent civilians.
Innocent civilians.
And now, if you'll move
your attention to the fuse,
which has already been left.
The fuse will burn out
in 95 seconds.
Enter the cage,
defeat Sledgesaw
in under 90 seconds,
deactivate the bomb,
free the civilians.
Or option two, do nothing
and Sledgesaw will
kill the civilians and you
Also, any attempt to untie
the innocent civilians
will be considered
cheating, and we know
heroes don't cheat.
Fuck, you have 80 seconds.
Good luck.
Son of a bitch.
Stop the fuse.
Where you going?
You kill Manpower,
or the five innocents
in the truck will ignite.
And you know what?
I've got the only fire extinguisher
You know, I'm starting
to feel what it
feels like to win.
Good luck.
What the hell is
a Manpower?
Where is it?
I want you.
Let us see you
fly again, little birdie.
All right. Let's do it.
You are nothing.
Now it's my turn.
God damn it.
Come on.
Have you guys got
any bright ideas?
It won't stop.
Fine, I'll be right there.
All right, big guy.
Put one right here.
Oh, shit. Okay,
we probably got
about 20 seconds till
this thing blows, right?
Find anything you can
that's sharp
and cut it now.
Jesus Christ.
Right. Let's get
you guys out
of there, huh?
I'm sorry.
We still save them.
No, we run!
We could've saved them.
If we'd stayed
any longer, that'd be us
burning over there too.
John! John!
John, we need your help!
Jill, where are you?
The junkyard,
we need you now!
Okay, don't worry,
we're on our way.
Come on, let's move.
What's wrong?
I couldn't save them.
It's not your fault,
neither could I.
I could have if
I was still fast.
Our friends
need our help.
I'm gonna charge
in there, I'm gonna
grab him.
Should I sneak
up behind him?
Damn motherfucking
No, no, just
clean up the mess.
Dinner time.
I'm gonna want to cut
your heart out, boy.
I'm going to
want to eat it.
I want to get big
and strong again.
Two for the price of one.
You both look so tasty.
You first!
Yummy, yummy, yum, yum.
Quiet, quiet.
Okay. Let's party.
What the hell?
What the hell is this?
It's blood, man.
No, no. This...
This thing in my stomach.
This... This tight thing.
It's pain.
You're hurt.
Is this what happens
when you die?
Yeah, I mean,
you feel pain.
You're not going to die.
You... You sure?
Yeah. Let me...
Let me look.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You'll be fine.
Just... Just hold
that there, okay?
Just go in the garage
and get me a T-shirt
or bandage or something.
Yeah, yeah.
It's all right.
Just keep pressure
on it, all right?
Just right there, hold it.
You okay?
Yeah, I just got the wind
knocked out of me.
Well, you're lucky.
Just forgot
he could see me.
Yeah, I know.
Hold on, hold on,
hold on!
Okay, here. Easy.
Easy, I'm going
to put this on.
Easy, easy.
That feels funny.
Yeah, I know,
but it's good. It'll...
It'll stop the bleeding.
Just hold it there, okay?
Yeah, okay.
Okay, you're going to
be okay, all right? Just...
I'm going to go
over here for a second.
Just... Just stay
right here, all right?
Okay, cool.
All right, cool.
What's going on?
Charlie's screwed,
all right?
He's gonna die soon.
How long does he have?
Hours or...
Minutes, maybe.
He got stabbed
right in the stomach,
and pretty deep.
At least he doesn't
understand what pain is,
so he'll go easy.
There's nothing
we can do.
What about the garage?
Isn't there something inside
there, medicine or something?
a 12-inch stab wound
from his lower intestines,
I'm sorry.
I know you
and him are close.
Just go.
Stay with him until
it happens, all right?
It'll be pretty soon.
Just go sit with him,
all right?
How are you doing?
Good. Fine, I think.
We're just gonna wait
here a minute and see
what we're doing.
You're gonna
be okay, Charlie.
It's going to be fine.
Let's go check
the innocents.
Did we win
this time?
I don't know.
At least we're not
detonating them.
What are you
talking about?
When they blow up,
it isn't coinciding with the
times he's been giving us.
He's watching us.
When we get close to them,
he just blows them up.
Just to fuck with us.
He wants to make us
think we can win
so he can just pull
the rug out from under us.
So what the hell
do we do?
You see any transmitters
on the innocents?
That's because
they're tiny.
And if they're that small,
in order to remote detonate,
he has to be
somewhere in this town.
You sure?
Yeah, I think so.
You got a plan?
Just keep
playing along.
Charlie, Charlie!
Jill, I'm sorry.
He just said
he was feeling better.
And then he just died.
I couldn't do anything.
It's okay. I'm sorry.
What are we gonna
do with him?
We could just...
We could just
leave him here,
until we figure all this out
and we could just
come back for him.
Jesus, John!
I don't know
what else to do.
What are you doing?
Round one sure was
exciting, wasn't it?
I mean, I do feel bad for
The Wall, though, you know.
He was kind of stupid,
though, wasn't he?
I thought for sure he
was going to make it
at least to round two.
Oh, well.
Forever young and all that,
beautiful corpse.
Anyway, I'd like to
take a moment
to applaud all of you,
for your hard work in round one.
You saved zero civilians,
and barely saved yourselves.
All right, all right,
I won't fault you
for the warm-up round.
But now we're
on to round two.
And I'd like to call this
the bonus round.
Charge, since you seem to
like maps, I'll let you find
the way for the others.
You have five minutes.
Five minutes to make
your way to the old shack.
It's down off the dirt road,
on Parker Avenue.
Once there,
I'll give you the final rules
for everyone's favorite
bonus round.
Bonne chance!
I'm glad you came.
I'm kind of drunk
right now.
Are you sure
you want to do this?
Of course. I mean,
just means I'm doing
what I want, right?
Yeah, I don't want it
to be a mistake though.
That's impossible.
Guess what.
I like you.
Shit. I'm so...
It's our night off.
Yeah, I know.
Okay, so I guess
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Here we go.
These coffins have our
name written on them.
Bonus round, huh?
Don't look at them,
he's just trying
to scare us.
Well, it's fucking
working, John!
Why isn't Charlie's
name here?
Because this is all
part of Rickshaw's game.
He was always
planning on Charlie
dying at the junkyard.
So what then?
We keep playing by
his rules, we keep
listening to what he says,
expecting him to play fair.
I'm done playing fair!
Yeah, that's just
what he wants.
So I guess he wins then.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen,
and welcome to round two,
the illustrious bonus round.
This round will be
the most fun yet.
And even though our
favorite contender, Charlie,
seems to have
developed some
resistance to the injection,
I've created a game even that
tool box can fully enjoy.
Now, you've seen
your coffins?
If not, take a moment,
Now, on the opposite wall,
you can see our party guests.
An honors high
school student,
a mother and a gentleman
who works at the hospital.
Now for the fun part.
Now, this game
is the simplest yet.
And you know
how I love simple.
The gun on the table
has three rounds.
For each one of you that
shoots themselves in ther
respective coffins,
You have 60 seconds
to decide, then the
bonus round will expire.
And above all,
have fun!
John, don't! John!
Don't, John!
Just don't look, Jill.
No, Charge,
come on, man.
Jesus Christ, Charge.
Shut up, Ben.
Don't let...
Don't let him win.
Listen, you can't
let him win.
I'm not.
You never
disappoint for an
entertaining evening!
Excellent job, man!
Go fuck yourself!
Oh, well. Anyway,
you all look like you
could use a drink.
Make your way over to the bar
for round three.
You okay?
I shot three innocent people
in the head.
Not doing so good.
We could have done
something else, John.
We could have...
We could have what?
Couldn't risk either
of you falling for
his game in there.
Jill, he was going to
kill those people
no matter what, okay?
At least I could make it
quick for them
and save the both of you.
You're just doing
what he wants.
All he wants is for us
to suffer and die.
He doesn't give a shit how.
We got four minutes
and 15 seconds left,
let's go.
What do we do?
John's got a plan
whether I like it or not.
There's one thing
Rickshaw will never be
able to manipulate.
What's that?
He never loses.
It's not an ego thing.
He just...
Failure just isn't
an option to him.
What now?
There's no innocents in here.
I think the more
pressing question
will be,
why the three of us
and only two guns?
And now, for round three.
I call this one
the elimination round.
I'm sure by now
you've noticed
the two guns on the table.
And... This one is
my favorite round yet.
It is Cutthroat's
time to shine.
Cutthroat's never been
able to overcome
being a fucking sidekick.
And now is his
chance for payback.
Behind curtain number on,
we have his sweet sister Emily
Emily, such a sweet girl.
Please help me.
No! No!
Ah, ah, ah, ah!
You cheat,
and she goes boom
all over you.
"Emily! Ah!"
You son of a bitch!
I can only imagine what sweet
nothings are coming out of
your mouth right now.
But, but, but!
Let's keep our composure,
shall we?
Cutthroat, you have 90
seconds to kill either
Charge or Shadow,
it makes no difference to me.
You kill one of them,
your sister lives.
The guns on the table
are merely a suggestion.
But feel free to use
whatever means you
want to make your kill.
You have 90 seconds
on the clock.
And, go!
Ben, please!
Ben, don't, okay?
Rickshaw's gonna kill
your sister anyway,
unless we both
figure something out.
What? Like when
you figured out
the bonus round?
No, that was different.
She's my sister.
Ben! Please don't.
I'm sorry.
Stop! I know where
Rickshaw is.
He's here in this town.
We can beat him!
Ben, please help me!
Please, Ben, help!
Ben! Just stop, okay?
Just think!
This is exactly
what Rickshaw wants!
I'm not going to let
you kill my sister.
All you ever did
was put me down
and tell me what to do!
What was I
supposed to do?
You're like a little
brother to me.
I was trying
to protect you.
Maybe I didn't want
a big brother, huh?
You needed one.
Stop! Stop!
This isn't saving
your sister.
Okay? When has
Rickshaw held up
his end of the
bargain tonight?
We can beat him!
But I need your help.
Okay? I need your help!
Your sister
needs your help.
Ben, help me!
You can't fucking
fix this, God damn it!
There's no way.
We're all going
to die anyway, right?
but no thanks, man.
Drop the knives, Ben.
You got it.
Fuck it.
Ben? Ben? Ben, man, I...
Shut up!
Just kill that
son of a bitch!
Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry for being a dick,
I was just...
I was just trying to...
I was trying to...
Not your fault.
Not your fault,
I was just jealous.
I just wanted
to be like you.
What are you
talking about?
I wanted to be Charge.
Tell Shadow
I'm sorry about
stabbing her.
Are you okay?
Bro, thanks for, um,
last night.
It got bad quick.
Hell, they all knew
how to fight.
But you got
the girl out, right?
Yeah. Yeah, she's cool.
You just...
You just got to be
a little more careful,
man, I mean...
What would've happened
tonight if I wasn't there?
Yeah, because you
could've taken them
all by yourself.
No. It's not what
I'm saying, man.
What are you saying?
Just take the extra
second and think
before you just
jump in there.
Yeah, and if I had taken
that extra second,
that girl would be dead!
Shit, man!
I'd rather it be
her than you!
What happened to
using what we have
to save people?
You can't save
everybody, man.
Yeah, especially if
you're not trying.
See you tomorrow.
Does it hurt?
Pain is just
a suggestion.
So how do we beat him?
You told Ben that
we can beat Rickshaw.
Yeah, in theory.
Well, what's
the theory?
He can see us,
but he can't hear us,
which means
he's probably just
tapped into
the town security cameras
or something.
Remote detonates
the innocents.
The charges are tiny,
almost invisible.
Which suggests that
he's probably not
more than a couple
of miles out.
The repeating static
every four to five
seconds on the TV
is a quirk of a
black market briefcase
broadcast system.
They're small,
they're easy to set up,
but short range.
And all of his
broadcasts are always
clear and sharp.
Which means he's
probably not more
than half a mile out.
I've been marking
down on the map
every time we've ever
seen one of his TVs.
And if I get just
one more of his
broadcast locations,
I can probably
sit down and
triangulate his position
or something.
I don't know.
Than what are
we waiting for?
I don't want to get
anyone else killed.
It's just me.
Why did you always
distance yourself
from me, John?
Distance myself?
I was in love with you.
Why do you think
all I ever did
was train all the time
so I could
fit in with you guys?
So I could just have
an excuse to be around you.
What are you
talking about?
Jill, why do you think
I keep getting older,
but you guys
just stay the same age?
You're not
getting older, John.
Yes, I am.
Every day I look
in the mirror,
all this changes.
You still look
exactly the same
as when that thing
fell out of the sky.
It gave you and
everyone else powers,
but nothing happened to me.
I always wanted it to,
it just...
It didn't.
And that's what Rickshaw
doesn't understand.
The injection didn't
work on me because
I don't have anything
to take away.
Why didn't you ever
tell me any of this?
It doesn't matter.
Look at me!
It doesn't matter.
It does matter.
It matters because...
What happens
five years from now?
When my body can't take
this beating anymore,
and I can't protect you.
What happens when I'm 70
and you still look 17?
What a round, huh?
Well, the good news is that
the finals are coming up.
Same story,
five minutes.
Report to the thrift store.
Thrills. Chills.
The fucking works!
And don't forget
to bring your guns.
You okay?
Let's finish this, huh?
Let's do it.
So exciting!
The finals begin.
the entire store is loaded
to hell with explosives.
Fail this round, and...
Fuck, kaboom!
It's all over.
Now, since you are both armed,
it will make this round
quick and painless.
If one of you isn't dead,
and I don't care which,
then the whole
fucking store explodes.
Try to leave the store, and...
Fucking kaboom!
Now, look, I know
this is a poignant,
touching moment for you both,
And as always, you know,
I don't really mean it,
good luck!
I can't.
Yes, you can.
John, if we try to escape,
he'll blow the whole store.
We're not gonna escape.
You are.
If you shoot me
somewhere convincing...
I'm gonna pretend to die.
And then you're going
to run out of here.
No. No, no, no.
And when his eye
is transfixed on you,
I'm gonna triangulate
his position,
and then
I'm gonna kill him.
Is this it?
Is this your plan?
I mean, what's your
backup plan, John?
Back up plans
are for people
who expect to fail.
Hey, this is gonna work.
Are you
out of your mind?
I mean,
I'm not killing you.
You won't if you
do it right.
If we don't
at least try,
he wins.
Without us, who knows
what Rickshaw will do?
This isn't just about
you and me anymore,
this is about
everything and everyone
we've ever cared about.
I have to fix this.
I can't.
Just aim a little right.
No, my right.
Don't shoot me
in the heart.
What if this
doesn't work?
It will, okay?
It will, okay?
Trust me, babe.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
All right?
It's gonna be okay.
No! No!
No, no, no, no.
It's gonna be okay,
all right?
Just run.
Get out of here.
You're not okay.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Just run.
Just run.
Just run.
Please, you can
do this, okay? Listen.
You can do this.
You can do this!
You're sure
we should do this?
Can't just ignore
what we all have.
Well, yeah, I mean,
people are good at shit
all the time.
It doesn't mean
they go get in
everybody's business
If someone's getting hurt
right in front of you,
do you just walk away?
That's all I'm saying
we do here.
Cool. Sounds fun.
Yeah, I mean,
why not?
Guys, this isn't just
stopping people
from getting hurt.
This is going to be
dangerous as shit,
and if we make a dent,
someone's gonna get
fucking pissed about it.
That's why we all
should just be careful.
I'd never let anything
happen to any of you guys.
If it gets too crazy,
we just walk away,
you know?
That's it.
All right. Let's do it.
I've tried, Charge.
But your little town
just expired.
What did you just do?
What did you do?
How do I deactivate it?
How do I deactivate it?
God damn it!
Hey, Jill, it's me.
Okay, listen, babe.
You've got...
Five and a half minutes
to get the hell
out of here, okay?
This whole town's
gonna blow.
But don't worry.
I got Rickshaw.
You just gotta get
your ass moving, okay?
Where are you, John?
Honey, I can't hear you,
but you gotta
get moving, okay?
You're wasting time.
I don't know how large
the bomb radius is.
No. No, Jill.
What are you doing?
No. No, no, .
No, Jill, do.
Jill, stop!
Don't come after me.
You have to
get out of here now,
you hear me?
Don't come after me!
You hear me?
Get out of here!
See you soon, asshole.
Hey. You okay?
Jill, I told you
not to come.
Look at me, I'm...
I'm done.
You know,
if you see someone
getting hurt
in front of you,
do you just walk away?
Carrying me out of here
is going to be like trying
to escape in a wheelchair.
You only got, like,
two minutes left.
Please just...
Well, then
we better hurry up.
You're not the only one
who gets to save
people around here.
Come on.