Vuelve (2013) Movie Script

Cotard syndrome:
psychiatric disorder in which a person holds
a delusional belief that he or she is dead, is
putrefying or has lost their blood or internal
organs. It can include delusions of immortality.
Have you much left?
- No, I'm nearly done
But, can you tell me why the monks
painted boats there?
- Because they travelled by boat, Sofia.
- And the nuns came with them?
- What a thought!
The norms were very clear then:
it was forbidden
for any woman to set foot on the
sacred grounds of the monastery
'Santa Catalina Monastery
Opening times: 9am to 5pm'
Title: 'The National Hymn'
Let's see.
With a 'T', not an 'S'...
That's it.
Below, capital letter:
'Near the...'
...end of the 19th Century,
What beautiful eyes you have Gabriel.
You know, those with light eyes...
...a cleaner soul.
A purer soul, deeper than others.
Your Dad likes light-coloured eyes.
'Nineteenth', coma...
'...the times that...'
'...went past...'
Luckily you were born a boy.
- Why?
You'll learn with time.
sins of the flesh.
With you...
...I'll be safe.
Gabriel, help me please.
I need your help.
You want to kill me?
- Why?
The water!
- Gregorio, I can't fend them off any longer.
The Secretary-General of
the Order got involved.
They're questionning how
you got the ownership titles.
- They have no support from anyone.
- You know the Government changed.
- And?...
The Governor came to see me.
- What?!
- Yes, and flanked by a lawyer.
Julio, what's this can got in it?
- Poison.
- It kills off trees?
- Luis you have to help me.
I can't cope, not with everything
else I deal with here...
But how dare they throw me out
after all I did for this place?!
Gotto leave you...
- Wait, wait. There's something else.
Eva just left my office.
- Who?
- Eva just left my office.
And pregnant again.
- I'll call you later.
You know, in this monastery,
lived a Viceroy
Who married a woman who
couldn't have children.
So he decided to convert the
monastery into a palace
where could raise an heir with
another woman, away from sight.
Of course, the monks resisted.
So he decided to destroy their orchard,
and poison all their plants.
He left them without any ressources.
Time passed and still the monks remained.
And his lover was about to give birth.
So he cut off their water supply as well.
The monks waited for God
to send them rain, that never came.
They desperately tried to
dig tunnels, to pass the walls.
Walls they'd built to reach God!
The walls crumbled down.
And they all died, burried alive.
The Viceroy had his palace and his heir.
But over time, his conscience
started troubling him.
And he decided to convert to monk.
God granted him life eternal, on condition
he restored the monastery
to its legitimate owners.
In fact, this monk...
is still here, Gabriel.
You're a good boy.
I will always be here for you.
Gabriel, you see this?
What is it?
They're little eggs.
The snails put them there,
to have their little babies.
Mummy also had a little baby.
In her tummy.
But it couldn't live.
It was rotting inside of me.
You know what?
Maybe one day he'll come back to us.
Swimming inside of me.
In my belly.
Gaby. You'll come to visit me?
Here. I'll always be here.
Mummy, my tummy hurts.
Mine too.
You've got to pick them soon.
Before they rot, like everything here.
The roots of these trees
reach the coffins
of the dead monks.
And they tangle... their hairs.
Because roots feed off corpses.
They reach my mother?
Your mum is here.
Could someone clarify this?
Because of a complaint to
the museum authorities,
they have sued us?
But, what did you lot do?
I pay you to sort problems out,
not to bring new ones.
Someone here spoke.
Who did?
You spoke to the Museum Authorities?
Gabriel, go take your bath.
Ok, you can leave.
If I need you I'll call you.
You can go now I said!
And see if you can bring solutions
next time. Go now.
You've got to be clean.
Everything needs to be clean.
It always has to be clean.
Bleach is very strong.
It gets rid of all your stains.
Takes all bad things out.
You understand, sweetheart?
Gabriel, listen.
Some places are sacred.
Get out!
You're pressuring me, Sofia.
I won't go on like that.
Some close to me, rather than help,
sink me even further.
And you're confusing everything.
You're confused, and you confuse Gabriel.
At his age these things can
be taken another way.
- If you want to speak to me about sex,
no need to take so many detours.
I'm not speaking of me, but your child.
I have no children, they rot in me!
That's why you take them out.
Because they rot!
Son. Make the dog shut up.
And how did they close Sofia's case?
And Gabriel?
I haven't noticed a significant change.
Despite the bond he had with his mother.
He's more introverted.
But he never was very
communicative with me.
It's likely he's hiding some symptoms.
I could monitor the situation. Observe him.
Give you my advice.
He's grown since I last saw him.
He's at an important stage of his mental
and sexual development.
He needs taking care.
I don't think it's usual for a
family member to do this.
No you're right, but
it's important that I know
his background, no?
Yes, and it's a good excuse to stay here.
Gregorio, I came to look after you,
to be with you.
Help you with Gabriel.
Do what I've always done.
Debora, you only ever came once.
And that was to intern Sofia.
And just as well!
It would have been worse
had we not diagnosed her then.
Your famous 'Cotard Syndrome'...
It isn't 'mine'.
It won't do Gabriel any good staying here.
It's inhospitable for a child here.
He needs the warmth of a home.
He needs to be framed.
This is secluded from everything.
How will you deal alone with him here?
This place is dismall, sinister.
Why on earth did you expell the monks?
Why take them out of here?
This place is coming to nothing, Gregorio.
The place is much better in my hands
than in that of a few pointless priests.
At least I'm maintaining the cultural
heritage of this place,
not the belief of a crucified God, as they did.
You were with your friends?
You're not going to tell me?
What are you doing girl?!
Where do you come from?!
Are you mental?
What's your problem?!
The monastery's owner should benefit
from extenuating circumstances.
The auto-proclaimed owner!
I remind you there is an investigation
still running as to the
probable cause of the orchard's poisoning
But he remains an influencial member
of our community
and author of numerous books
on our cultural heritage.
The museum is all but closed.
It is more like a narcissistic excercise
than a genuine dedication to our heritage.
So what is the future of the
monastery according to you?
The place does not belong to him.
We will do what it takes for it to
return into the hands of the brotherhood
Thank you Father for your participation.
Don't cry Gabriel.
I'm not crying.
And what is this?
It's water.
I'm also suffering Gabriel.
And believe me I know
what you are going through
But... you have to trust that
somehow you will be rewarded.
You are good Gabriel,
and your mother...
...for sure...
You have to trust Gabriel.
(mumbled) Sorry.
And, sorry, but...
I don't feel good.
I feel bad.
I miss you so much.
God is good.
You are a good boy.
We can be together again.
God will give me a second chance to live.
If you stay good.
There is much suffering in this life.
And it fills me with sadness.
As it saddens God.
You need to help me.
So we can be together again.
And hug each other.
By doing Good deeds.
All the fruit here are wasted, and rotting.
You need to help the monk collect them.
The orchard is suffering.
And everything is God's.
Not so long ago,
the monks lived here, Gabriel.
They lived happily.
They cultivated the orchard.
And gave thanks for God's goodness.
It was so beautiful.
So beautiful...
But the orchard ceased to exist.
And died.
What were you up to?
Collecting fruit.
Fruit? What for?
So they don't poison the others.
Who told you that?
Who told you that?!
No Gabriel, none of that with me.
Guilt in children
expresses itself in many different ways.
But how did he know?
- What are you doing with this?
- Give it to me!
What to you think you're doing?!
You've gone insane, Sofia!
Don't you think you should
move on now, Gabriel?
Who told you the fruit were bad?
Why not come with me?
We could have another session.
You'll feel better.
Darling. You need to help Daddy.
He lost something.
Find it.
What are you doing?
Look Dad, I found it.
What you were looking for.
Where did you find this?
- I was helping you...
- Where did you get it from?!
This is no longer a game,
or a state of mind.
This is something else.
- What's wrong this time?
What's this?
- The adoption papers.
Where did you keep this?!
In my office, I don't know where...
He started meddling with my things...
- You put it anywhere!
- Playing with my things, and
laughing in my face.
- He can't have just found it...
- He did.
Not just that, but also the case is there.
Without Luis we wouldn't be here now.
Who's Luis?
The inspector, from last week.
You're my angel, Gabriel.
You're my angel, Gabriel.
You are my angel.
Like that my darling, yes.
Trust me, nothing will happen.
Breath deeply.
Look at my finger.
Look straight here, and breath.
Feel your arms getting heavy.
Feel your eyes getting heavy.
Breath deeply.
And you will fall asleep.
You're closing your eyes...
Your head is falling.
Your body...
Gabriel come back here please.
Will you come back please.
Gabriel, you promised.
Sit down.
We made a deal, remember?
This will do you good.
Give me your hand.
Look here.
In the middle of your finger.
Concentrate here.
Breath deeply.
And let your hand get closer to your face.
Your hand will get closer
And when it touches your skin
Your eyes will close.
And you will fall in a deep sleep.
Move your hand closer, slowly.
To your eyes.
Feel yourself getting more relaxed.
Like that.
What are you hearing?
What can you hear?
What can you see now?
Any colour?
Is it cold?
Is it warm?
Where are you?
Where are you?
What are you playing at?
You've gone mad!
Can you see someone?
Is your mummy there?
You can see your mummy?
Where is she?
Make the dog shut up.
What did you see?
Dad was with mummy.
That the boy is grieving is perfectly normal.
But it's NOT normal he is harming himself.
It's for the guilt he feels inside.
I know this well.
Next he will be seeking out
those responsible around him.
You have to take a decision.
If the boy stays with you here, you will
become responsible for everything.
His mother...
His mother is here.
Gabriel, that barking dog...
the dog barks...
it barks because it's suffering.
Because they treat him badly.
And it can't go on like that.
It doesn't want to go on.
He needs to stop suffering.
And you need to help him.
They took me to hospital, against my will.
But I was never sick.
What's up Julio?
- Sir, ...I'm leaving.
What do you mean?
They took me because I was losing blood.
But I was not sick.
And they had no blood for me.
They cheated me, Gabriel.
Me, no...
No Julio, you can't leave me with all this.
- No, no...
- Julio, wait...
Gregorio, I have the expropriation order.
You have to leave.
I need to hand it to you personally.
I'm coming over, and we'll talk.
Gabriel, come to the table.
The napkin.
Don't drink, Debora.
What's this got?
This is blood?
That's what you should
have given mummy.
In the hospital.
- Let me go!
- Sit down there!
Can't you see what's happening here?!
You see nothing!
The boy is showing the same
symptoms Sofia had.
He killed the dog.
- What are you saying?!
- What more do you want?!
We have to intern him, Gregorio.
Don't talk crap. Shut up!
Calm down.
I know...
That you've done things with your mother...
...for which you don't feel proud.
I know.
She speaks with you?
She needs your help...
But now...
But now, she has no strength left
to speak with you.
She needs your help...
She's losing her blood...
In the water!
What are you doing here?
I'm coming to get my son.
Your son? He's not your son.
Moreover, he doesn't need you.
- Open the gate.
- I won't open anything.
- Open it!
- I won't open anything.
- He doesn't need you!
What are you doing, you're insane.
You're a whore. You've always been a whore.
Since you were a little girl
you've been a whore.
You're going to hit me?
They're coming to pick you up.
Shut up! We paid you all we had to.
Stop this now!
Enough! Enough!
The kid nearly drowns now...
- Because you lost control!
You can't deal with things alone,
everytime it's a disaster!
You came here with your own agenda!
Respect our ways!
You go now, go now.
Things are not going well.
Everything is going badly.
I'm very weak now.
Come and help me.
That woman with light eyes...
She wants to replace me.
You have to help me!
You have to help me!
You have children?!
It's that woman's clear eyes...
that have the power to cheat your father.
She wants to stay at home.
And start doing bad things with him.
You know which bad things I'm talking about?
It's good, son. You are behaving well.
This tomb needs to be very clean.
Because I'm going to die again.
Help me clean it.
Come on.
Come on.
You're bleeding.
Yes, I know.
Why don't you wipe it off?
I always leave it run a little.
It makes me feel cleaner.
Wait for me here Gabriel.
I'll be here soon.
You're going back where you came from.
Oh God!
He's going to bring her home.
What should I do?
What should I do?
What should I do?
Because I'm going to die again.
You'll need to be patient Eva.
Gabriel's still dealing with his mother's death.
She confused him a lot.
this is Eva.
That woman's power are in
her light-coloured eyes.
With them she cheats your father.
She wanta to move in our house.
He got you water.
Ok, put water...
Ok, it's over, it's over now.
Wait for me.
What you did was very bad.
Sofia was not your mother, Gabriel.
Eva is your real mother.
Sofia was not your mother.
Gabriel, what have you done?!
What are you doing?!
Sofia was sick!
Sofia was very unhappy!
I did nothing bad with mummy!
Because they rot!
I'm dying!
Help me Gabriel!
I'm dying!
I love you.
Mummy, now please.