W Delta Z (The Killing Gene) (2007) Movie Script

Detective Westcott, Eddie Argo.
Eddie, be nice.
How's it going?
Have you eaten yet?
No. Couldn't eat.
Ed, how ya doin'?
What ya got?
Coupla kids found 'em.
looks like maybe she was electrocuted.
She's Sharon Williams
Wesley Smith's girlfriend.
Well, maybe she's better off dead.
Who's Wesley Smith?
Pimp. Gangster.
All around piece of shit.
Wanna take a shot?
Go ahead.
lt was maybe sexual.
Dumping her could just be panic.
Though why here?
Why not in the river?
Why not just chop her up in pieces
and stuff her in the dumpster?
Looks like 'WAZ".
Or 'Wes".
Either way,
somebody don't like Wesley.
Maybe they just don't like her.
Y'know, if you carve something
into the belly of a dead woman...
it ain't her you want to read it.
Fuckin' gangbangers.
What if the child wasn't Wesley's?
Maybe he got jealous.
Let's see if he's grieving.
Well, there's Pierre Jackson's crew.
The driver's Danny Leone.
That's Pierre -
local Asshole Number One.
Yo, yo, yo, Pierre, what up, man?
That's Assan's gang.
The only competition
he's got left here.
That's Jamal Osman,
another of Pierre's assholes.
Can't see Wesley, though.
So, a rival gang is high
on your list of suspects?
These bastards
ain't the electrocuting kind.
They're more like:
"Fuckin' hate you!'' Bang!
Bad guys...
Go question.
We're looking for Wesley Smith.
Well, he sure as hell
ain't looking for you.
You new, baby?
You look kinda fuckable for a cop.
You want some thug dick, mommy?
- Yeah, she wants it bad!
Snow White! She's not bad...
You seen Wesley?
- What you down on Wes for?
Yeah, what the fuck you want, bitch?
His girlfriend
was murdered last night.
- Fuck that!
What the fuck you talkin' about?
- So, have you seen him?
What you think? Wes did it?
Why the fuck is he gonna off his girl
when she havin' his baby and shit?
lf you're lookin' for a suspect,
maybe you need to take a look
at fuckin' Assan over here.
Why the fuck would l waste my time
fizzin' a chicken head skank
like that ho, huh?
Put it away.
Yo, Argo!
Snuffing a pregnant girl would
be right up your alley, Pierre.
Two helpless victims in one.
Night full of kicks.
Throw her in the bath.
Maybe toss a heater in after her.
Come on, man! We were rolling
with her just last night.
Selling shit to kids down
at your place in Denver Street?
What you talkin' 'bout, man?
- Shut up! Fuck off, Jamal!
Oh, so it's Stenman Street, huh?
Pierre, come on, man!
- Hey yo, Pierre!
Shut the fuck up! You in that?
Fucking come on, man!
l'll bet you are.
You like a new lag, huh?
Hey, don't you want to
chomp down on this for me?
Hey yo, bitch!
You should go for it.
No pillow talk.
Could be useful.
l was warned you were an asshole.
l think you did great!
Apart from nearly getting us killed.
You want a blow job?
l suck dick good for ten bucks.
Elly, it's me.
Wesley around?
He went up there.
lt might have been yesterday.
Hi, Dominic.
- It's okay, baby.
Oh fuck!
To Wesley Smith!
To Wesley Smith!
A fuckin' asshole
who will not be missed!
Okay. Cute.
Back to work.
l hope all that blood
don't give ya nightmares.
l'm thinkin' someone ought to,
y'know, take care of you tonight.
l'd rather be electrocuted.
No offence.
Oh shit!
Yeah, we'll send someone 'round.
So you really think
he deserved to die?
l wish l'd done it myself.
Nice party.
Post-mortem incision.
Electrocution around the head.
Like an execution.
lnternal organs, brain, et cetera,
all cooked, of course,
at about eight p.m. Iast night.
Now, they both have traces
of an extremely strong,
fast-acting sedative.
One that's normally used
to tranquilize animals.
Out in less than half a minute,
awake again in an hour.
So that links them to the same guy.
She was electrocuted.
Wes here was tortured.
You think they were together
when she was electrocuted?
Did he hang himself
or was it made to look that way?
Looks like suicide.
What's this?
This burn on his fingers?
Only thing that doesn't fit.
lt's the only burn on him.
Could it be electrical?
Like from a switch?
Could be.
What, you think he electrocuted
his pregnant girlfriend?
l dunno.
Maybe he didn't.
But he sure as hell
didn't slice the shit outta himself.
ls your apartment this much of a mess?
Much worse.
lt needs a woman's touch.
Yeah, in your dreams.
How about you?
Live alone?
Or you got a boyfriend
to keep you warm?
And you'll never forgive him, right?
Just here.
You must be on some racket
to be able to afford this!
Turning tricks?
See you tomorrow.
See ya.
You got five bucks?
What do l look like? A millionaire?
Did Wes have any new enemies
you haven't told me about?
Pierre and Jamal
still think it was Assan's crew.
This was no stupid ghetto drive-by.
This was psychological, sadistic.
That's your problem, Eddie.
You underestimate people, man.
And shit, if Pierre knew
l was rolling with you,
you'd see some fuckin' sadism!
Did l tell you
even his dick got sliced?
ls this real grief?
Or are you just scared
the guy who sliced Wes
won't like you too much, either?
He got what was coming to him, Danny.
That crazy-ass bitch from next door.
Always wantin' back
for somethin', man.
Who's there?
What the fuck?!
Hey yo, Jamal! Come on, man!
Hey yo, shit! Come on, Jamal!
Jamal, come on, man!
Stay with me, bro'!
Come on, man!
Jamal, come on, man!
Come on!
Come on, wake up, man!
Yo, Jamal! Come on, please!
Please! Shit!
Yo, get a fuckin' ambulance, man!
Why you just standing there?
Do something!
So you called the ambulance?
Danny, got something for me?
This is all l've got.
lt's good, see?
It wasn't so hard.
Next time l ask you for something,
you fuckin' give it to me...
lt's over here, sir.
ls that the fuckin' brother?
Two vics in each case.
Wesley Smith, Jamal Osman,
both tortured half to death.
Wes hangs himself.
Jamal dies later.
Then Wes's girl
and Jamal's twin brother.
Both of them electrocuted
and the twin brother tagged
with more of this gang shit.
Both Wes and Jamal
had a burned index finger.
What if they were forced?
What if they were tortured
till they had to flick the switch,
and the switch burned them.
Some kind of punishment.
lt's working itself up into
a nice little fucking gang war.
God damned scum!
- This is algebra!
Look, an equals sign.
'W Delta Z equals"...
Well, thank you very much,
Professor Westcott!
Now, maybe you could tell me
what it fuckin' means.
lt means it's not the gangs!
Unless they're attending
fuckin' night school!
Great, thank you!
Hey, Eddie!
The animal tranq
is marketed as Austixamine.
And only one place buys it
in the whole state.
l got the address.
Dr. Gelb?
Dr. Gelb?
The animals are licensed.
All the certificates are up to date.
This lab is the only place
within a hundred miles
to keep stocks of Austixamine.
Could you tell us
what you use it for?
lt's all legal,
just the way you guys like it.
Listen, if you want me to take you in
for being an asshole,
well, l got a license to do that.
What animals would you use it on?
l used to keep a couple of crocs.
that's all.
Are you aware of any Austixamine going
missing in the last three months?
Who else has access
to your stocks of tranquilizer?
Any lab assistants?
Money's tight.
What kind of science do you do?
Ethology. Animal behavior.
l'm gonna need this opened, please.
Yeah, sure.
Here you go.
This is quite a collection
of drugs you got here.
l'm gonna need to see your records.
What do you do exactly?
Graft elephant ears on a monkey?
My work concerns
how species respond to predators,
how they warn each other,
if they warn each other.
How far they go to protect each other,
if they protect each other.
Like, you throw a croc into a cage of
monkeys and see how they deal with it?
Not always with a real crocodile.
You see, monkeys are expensive.
Oh fuck!
Fuck! Eddie!
Don't move!
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Shut your fucking mouth!
Explain it to me.
'W Delta Z"- what does it mean?
The Price equation?
W is fitness, the ability
to reproduce across generations.
Z is a particular trait.
- That's technical.
l don't understand.
Humor us!
The selfish gene.
Go on.
You think a bird will
sacrifice itself for the flock
or a bee will sting a predator
and die for the hive?
How noble. How heroic.
And it isn't true?
- No, it isn't true.
Suppose you put a snake in the cage
and one of the monkeys is a hero,
yeah, lures it away...
that it should eat him?
But it's not heroism.
It's not selflessness.
Forget the bees.
Forget the monkeys.
Fuck the monkey!
The monkey's nothing.
Just think what the monkey's made of.
What's that?
The monkey is just the gene's way
of making copies of itself.
All these monkeys,
they're all related.
They all share their genes.
So the monkey dies -
what do the genes care?
That's what Price proved.
There's no altruism in nature.
lt's just genes
Iooking after themselves.
How many dead monkeys so far?
Would you mind
not smoking in here, please?
Just imagine a hero
without a genetic motive.
Not a relative,
not a potential mate.
Now, that would be interesting,
wouldn't it?
When did you graduate to people?
What do you mean?
Why did you run?
l though that's why...
l've been dealing ketamine.
lt's a bunch of college kids.
lf you want,
l can give you their names.
l've been so low on funding
l've just had to improvise.
We have four dead bodies, Dr. Gelb,
knocked out with your animal tranq.
Two of them with your equation
carved into their flesh.
l didn't kill anyone!
Somebody's carving the Price equation
into people's bodies?
l'm sure l didn't kill anyone.
He's got the animal tranqs.
He's got the theory,
which is a pretty freaky coincidence.
And he's nuts.
Well, the killer wants us
to work it out, right?
Why scratch your message
into the corpses?
lt's a tough code to crack.
We need help,
so he sends us to Dr. Gelb.
Gelb's had a message from God.
Tell the world!
Repent its selfishness or burn!
lt's not Dr. Gelb!
Until last night he was at
a conference at State University.
Whoever it is, is running
an experiment like Dr. Gelb.
And this whack-job actually thinks
we're gonna learn fuckin' algebra!
lt says love is bullshit.
Deep down, it's just genes and
genes don't give a damn about love.
But human beings,
what's our love worth?
Our guardian genome?
The mother of your children,
your twin brother.
How much pain will it take
before you kill someone you love?
So, l'm all wired
up to Eddie, right...
l flip the switch, he's toast.
Before that he tortures you,
cuts you open,
cuts off your dick if he has to.
Love you, Eddie, but l am gonna
flip the fuckin' switch, man!
l don't think our guy is gonna stop
till he gets to the end
of the equation.
l need a sandwich.
Like that thing, man.
One day...
you gots nobody.
l think it's her.
l think it's Jean Lerner.
Fuckin' Pierre, man.
Yo, what's up?
Gotta show you something.
Gelb's only had three assistants
in four years
and one of them's on our database.
What for?
- Victim. In a rape and murder case.
Jean Lerner.
Yeah. It was my case.
Wesley Smith and Jamal Osman
were part of that gang, right?
Raped her and murdered her mother.
Those two plus Pierre Jackson,
Daniel Leone and a woman,
Elly Carpenter.
Elly Carpenter, the girl
with the kid in the crack house.
Taking on guys like that,
she'd have to be fucking Wonder Woman.
So, what happened, Eddie?
All of them walking free...
What the fuck happened with forensics?
All of it?
All of it!
But you did get a confession
from Jamal Osman.
Corelli beat the crap out of him
to get it, so it was useless.
Those assholes!
What they did to those women
you can't believe.
Eddie, we should get a warrant!
She's still living here.
She drew illustrations
for children's books.
She was living here
to take care of her mother.
Those bastards!
They didn't even steal a thing.
No point, just for kicks.
Cut her.
Snapped some fingers.
Raped her with a bottle.
A broken bottle.
Tortured her for four hours.
Then they did her a deal.
They'd stop and leave her in peace
if she'd just tell 'em
to shoot her mother.
Eddie, look at this.
Hi. Eddie?
lt's weird isn't it?
To talk again?
l've been thinking a Iot
about what l'd say.
Well, l guess Gelb
explained some of it.
There is a species of wasp
who lays her eggs
in a living caterpillar.
The Iarvae eat the caterpiIIar
from the inside out.
Organ by organ.
Who's next, Jean?
Who're you gonna test next?
Can you imagine the agony
the caterpillar is in?
But the wasp doesn't care.
Maybe that's almost beautiful.
lt's motherhood.
Call Corelli.
Tell him to send patrol cars
to Elly Carpenter's.
And l want 24-hour uniforms
on Jackson and Leone
and the tapes from these cameras!
Yeah, l need Forensics
at 4970 Richmond...
Danny, it's me. Where are you?
l'm still on the block.
Go straight home. Lock your door.
Don't open it to anybody but me.
l was right.
It's about the Lerner woman.
Who'd you call?
- What?
You called someone.
l warned Daniel Leone.
They don't all deserve to die.
Where's the fucking backup?
l should call.
Can't a person sleep?
ls your little boy here?
He's in bed.
What the fuck is it to you?
You wanna fuck me? Is that it?
Tight ass bitch!
Dominic is not in his bed.
Elly. Where's Dominic?
Where is he?
- He's sleepin'.
- What?
He's not in there! Where is he?
Where is he?
Fuck, no...
he's still playing out in the hall.
You got a problem? Huh?
Come on, baby! Time to come up!
Shut up, Elly!
The elevator!
- Yeah!
Where you going?
Come on, baby!
Dominic, l'm coming!
Elly, come back!
Mommy's coming!
l'm comin', baby!
What the fuck took you so long?
Where have you been?
lt's Elly fucking Carpenter, right?
l ain't breakin' my balls for her!
She's got a kid, you moron!
You know who just
walked away with him?
Jean Lerner, Jack.
That's who the killer is.
Jean fuckin' Lerner!
Who did you put watchin'
Pierre Jackson and Danny Leone?
What are you telling me?
That they got kids, too?
'Cause l don't think so!
lf Jean wants to bleed
those fuckin' scum to death,
maybe l ain't gonna stop her!
Maybe me and you
owe it to her not to stop her.
Just do your fucking job, Jack.
You got somethin' to say to me?
Fucking say it!
l'm just confused, Eddie.
You don't seem to treat Danny Leone
like a murderer and rapist.
So how do you want me
to treat him, huh?
He's the best informer l've got.
And no, he's not a murderer,
he's not a rapist.
He wasn't even in that fuckin' house.
He was outside in the car.
And he was just a kid.
He ain't my friend, Helen,
but there are shades of fucking gray.
How many?
Catch you later!
- Later, Assan! Yo!
What crazy-ass fucked-up shit
you gonna da now, man?
That motherfucker killed Wes.
Hey, Assan.
- Yo, what's up?
l told you, it ain't Assan!
It's fuckin' Jean Lerner!
Straight up, man!
Think about it, man!
Think about it!
Hey yo, Assan!
What the fuck is wrong with you, man?
What the fuck is wrong with me?
- Are you fucking crazy?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
He killed Wes and Jamal!
Where's your fuckin' loyalty?
lt was Jean Lerner!
lt's fuckin' payback!
Payback for what you done, Pierre!
For what you done!
For what you done!
- You're a fucking pussy!
Hey, grandma. How you doin'?
Well, you know
how to use the TV, right?
Yeah, use the remote.
lt's the box with the numbers on it.
No, no, no, the other box.
l've been running. That's right.
l gotta go now.
l love you. Okay, bye.
Hey, Assan, you piece of shit.
Danny, come on!
Danny, don't be like that!
Yo, Danny!
- Fuck you!
You piece of shit!
- Fucking amateur!
Any news on the truck?
lt's impossible
to read the license number,
but we're checking every white, Ford
Econoline Van 150 from '91 to '94.
Do an APB. You run traces on
everything, credit cards, IRS...
We're gonna find this kid!
Smith and Osman
failed some kind of test.
The three nickel a blow job
chicken head
sure as fuck
ain't gonna come through.
Can l talk with him, please?
Go on.
You know, she was
the only one of my assistants
who seemed to care about the work.
She made drawings for me.
You saw them.
She said the Price equation
changed her life.
Made sense of everything.
Then one day she didn't come in.
You know,
l can see the monkey in you.
- Hey.
Daniel Leone's an informer.
l mean, he is an informer, right?
What's your point?
Cops use him as a dealer.
And for sure
he's not the only one.
Cops do coke. l get that.
l wasn't born yesterday.
And l know shit happens,
but the Lerner case, sir,
it's hard to believe.
l mean, it was a fiasco.
Getting a confession
by covering the guy in bruises!
Of course it wasn't gonna fly.
And you think they
fucked it up for drugs.
ls that what you're saying?
No, l...
But maybe they're in too deep
and it's clouding their judgment.
My priority, Detective,
is a missing kid.
lf you want to make it your crusade
to clean up this precinct,
be my guest.
No one's gonna thank you, though.
What are you doing here?
Didn't l tell you to stay at home?
l just figured l'd be safer here.
What happened?
lt was fuckin' Pierre.
He killed Assan, man.
She's got Elly.
Elly and her kid.
- Fuck!
From right under my fucking nose.
What if you don't find her?
l'll book you.
Sir, no parking here!
Police business!
Take it outta here!
Should've been you who got fried.
Did you see who did this?
Was it a woman?
Was it Jean Lerner?
lt was me.
l killed him.
l killed my baby!
l killed my baby!
l killed him!
How did the case
get fucked up so bad?
A crime like that.
There must have been
a lot of DNA evidence.
None of it would stick?
- Yeah, that's right.
The bathroom on the next floor
flooded the lab.
Everything got wet. Okay?
Kids busted up the crime scene
before we could re-collect.
And the gun?
- Never found.
And what?
You figured if you beat a confession
from Jamal the DA would let it go?
Listen, you cunt.
lf you'd seen what they did,
that fuckin' scum,
you might have lost it a bit, too.
What the fuck?
Gotta talk to Danny Leone.
Right. We'll come with you.
No you don't.
That's not acceptable, Eddie!
- What?
Just because you've got a history
doesn't make this
your personal mission.
What do you mean "history"?
What are you talkin' about?
l'm gonna persuade him to be bait.
He's trying to protect you, okay?
- Fuck you!
Hey, Eddie!
Man, did you find him?
- Shut up!
Just shut up.
You were just drivin' the car, right?
You were just outside in the car.
What happened?
You tortured that woman.
Man, l didn't...
- You fuckin' raped her.
l didn't rape her!
You were in that fuckin' house!
- l didn't kill nobody, man!
What did you do to those women?
You were in there!
Man, l didn't lay a finger, alright?
l was just in the hall.
You were in the hall.
- l was just in the hall, man.
You were in there.
Oh Jesus!
And you weren't just
in the fucking hall, were you?
Were you?
l wasn't.
Eddie, l didn't do nothin', man!
l swear!
l thougt we were just gonna gang
some jewelry and bust the fuck out.
Pierre was fuckin' outta control, man.
l couldn't stop him.
l couldn't do anything.
l didn't want no part of it, man.
l remember seein' Elly.
Standin' over her...
The bottle...
Covered in blood, man.
l couldn't fuckin' handle it!
l went and sat on the stairs
like a fuckin' pussy, alright?
You could've done something.
You could've called the fuckin' cops.
You had the gun, Danny!
You could've blown
Pierre's fuckin' brains out!
l was a kid.
l don't know nobody else!
Who's gonna have my back?
l didn't lay a finger.
You know me, Eddie.
No, Danny isn't such a bad guy.
Pierre's the fucking devil.
Danny just gets
caught up in things, right?
l should've done something.
You're just a Iow-life
fucking dope whore.
What does that make me?
She'll be coming for you.
You know that.
She'll come for you
and someone you care about.
Who do you love?
ls there anyone you love?
l'm gonna fuckin' kill you, bitch!
You called me that before,
when you were cutting me.
Do you remember cutting me?
And l remember how you
fuckin' screamed like a bitch.
ln fact, my cock is getting hard
thinking about you right fuckin' now!
My Mom used to say,
before we killed her...
And if they act like wild beasts,
it's not their fault.
So deep down,
you're still the little boy
your grandmother loved.
Where is the little boy you loved?
lt's okay, Grandma,
it's okay. Alright.
You take care of your grandmother,
right, Pierre?
l mean, you love her.
l wonder how much.
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
lf you want the pain to stop...
there's the switch.
Or you can lay down your life.
lf you love her enough.
But there will be pain.
l don't want...
Hey, l can be too quick to judge.
lt's a flaw in my character l'm told.
Look, if you think Danny Leone's
not such a bad guy, what do l know?
He's the scum of the fuckin' earth.
Hey, Eddie.
Where's your grandma?
You killed her, right?
Oh man...
l did her a fuckin' favor, man.
Where did Jean Lerner take you?
What the fuck do you care?
l was fu... l was unconscious.
l don't know where we went.
Ain't no fuckin' cowboy
gonna just ride in for me, Eddie.
The only person
that's lookin' after me is me.
We're about the same.
Hey, Babe,
what you got to say?
She didn't cut you up
like Wesley and Jamal.
Come on.
Let's get this fuck!
Elly's the only one that got to me.
The others... it'd be a miracle
if they passed her test.
But l did think a mother
would do anything for her child.
Well, you never met mine, then.
You want kids?
Talked about it.
With that guy who walked out on you?
The one who thinks
you're a self-righteous bitch.
He didn't walk out on me.
l threw him out.
l figured that out.
God, no one would pass
Jean Lerner's test.
How'd you get so bitter?
You spend seven years with someone,
you think it counts for something.
lt doesn't matter how many times
a guy says he loves you.
ln the end it doesn't mean a thing.
So this guy hurt you. l get it.
But maybe he loved you
and that's somethin'.
You gotta bleed to know there's blood,
to know your heart is beating.
Someone will love you
if you're lucky
and when they do,
just fucking grab it...
with both hands.
Let's go.
She won't try to take him
until it's dark.
Take an officer with you.
Just two guys?
We don't wanna scare her off, do we?
How's it hangin', Danny?
lt's not my idea of a night out
either, fuckface, watchin' your ass.
Come on.
Fuck him.
Hey. Apparently Leone
doesn't trust us to look after him.
He just took off.
ls that Corelli?
What's going on?
Come on, boy.
Holy shit!
Yo, it's Danny, leave a message.
Danny, what the fuck
are you playing at? Call me!
Hey, man!
Could you gimme some help?
You okay?
- You okay?
You alright, man? What happened?
Dunno. He just dropped.
He hit his head pretty hard.
lt seemed kinda serious.
l think we should
get him to the hospital.
l should call an ambulance.
- No.
lt could take an hour or more.
You know what?
l work at Mercy Hospital.
Why don't l just get him
in my van and drop him off?
lt's okay.
Let's get him.
Let's get him in there.
You're gonna be okay.
Here, l'll get the doors.
Okay. Got you.
Look out, your head!
lt's okay. You're gonna
be at the hospital real soon.
Thank you so much.
Most people nowadays
won't even stop to help.
No. Hey, it's me.
Leave Daniel alone.
He didn't do anything.
Have they told you?
Danny ran off
from his police escort.
Stupid of him.
Don't you wanna know
where to find Daniel?
Let's go.
Where is he?
ls it her?
lt's Jean!
Eddie, gimme that!
...what you did for those fuckers.
For one of them, anyway.
lt's incredible...
that nobody's
figured it all out yet.
Or maybe they have, but...
did they... figure out why?
l mean, the truth about Daniel Leone?
l mean, what you've been hiding.
l've got him.
Hey, what's going on?
Don't play any fucking games with me.
Tell me where he is
or l blow your head off.
lf you shoot me, Eddie,
you'll never find him.
He'll starve to death.
Have you hurt him?
You don't have to find a vein,
anywhere will do.
lt was Eddie's idea
to beat up Jamal Osman, wasn't it?
Yeah, well, it didn't take
too much fuckin' persuasion.
The confession had to be unusable.
Eddie made sure it was
and got you to do it.
What are you talkin' about?
Fuck, he must have paid those kids
to smash up the crime scene.
Flooded the lab himself.
All these deaths are Eddie's fault.
You don't know
what the fuck you're talkin' about.
Your face always
made me feel safer, Eddie.
You look older.
Well, it's taken its toll, l guess.
it's taken its toll.
What the fuck are we gonna do, Eddie?
l'm sorry, Danny.
Eddie, what are we gonna do, man?
Help! Fuck!
Oh, so you think
someone's gonna save you.
Let me outta this chair!
But no one can hear you.
No one knows you're here.
And if they did,
they'd probably just turn up the TV.
Don't let those bastards win.
Don't let them
make you into this pers...
See, l don't enjoy any of this!
You understand that, right?
l know.
l know.
You killed a three-year-old boy, Jean.
He was just a little boy.
No, l didn't kill him.
His mother did.
What's any of this prove, Jean?
Fuck! Stop!
l was a coward,
you were a coward, l am a coward...
What the fuck are you doing?
Same as every fucking animal
in the jungle, Jean!
That's right, Eddie.
That's what it proves.
What're you doing?
Shit! Help!
Help us, come on!
You better start talkin' to me.
What the fuck is goin' on here?
- Just get in the car, Corelli.
After l killed my mother,
all l thought about was dying.
l mean, even waking up was pain.
But then... the equation...
it was all so clear.
lt wasn't about
what you did, Eddie.
lt's alright.
Or what l did.
l mean, we were part of
something so much bigger!
lt's fucking ugly!
Well, Gelb thinks it's beautiful.
One night you came
to see me in the hospital
and l was sobbing in your arms.
And l believed you.
l believed...
that you were sincere
and that you were angry
and that you cared about me.
l did care.
l did care.
l took this
the day the case collapsed.
l went to your house to just
tell you that l didn't blame you.
l guess, l just really
wanted to see you, l think.
Because you were...
the only one who really understood...
what l'd been through.
And then l saw you both there.
Whatever happened to Daniel's gun?
l threw it in the river.
What the fuck?
What? You didn't know?
God! If you weren't so pretty,
you'd be safely in jail!
l wasn't worth it, man.
l wasn't worth it, Eddie.
l never wanted to hurt you.
Oh, l know l was never a factor.
Because what you did, Eddie... God!
l couldn't understand,
for two years,
the sheer pain
of what you put me through!
Of what you did to me!
- But then with the equation,
then it all made sense!
Please, Jean.
You were no different.
You were no different than Pierre!
Or Jamal!
Or Wesley!
l hate you!
You do fuckin' enjoy this!
You do!
- Bitch!
Say: "You do fucking
enjoy this, Bitch!''
l didn't say that!
l didn't say that, man!
Oh God.
This should be so easy for you.
l mean, you're not related.
You're not gonna have kids.
l'm sorry, Danny.
l'm sorry.
lt's not your fault.
Please, Jean.
And then what, Eddie?
You're just gonna let me
walk out of here in peace?
maybe you would.
Hi, it's me.
Are you out tonight?
Call me when you get this.
l had...
l had a rough day.
l really need you.
Better tonight.
l don't wanna hear this!
Fuckin' help him, man!
Don't make me kill him.
Eddie, l know what it's like
to have to make the choice
you're gonna have to make.
Just flick the switch.
You still believe he loves you.
How did it start?
He arrested me.
About a year before...
And he let you off for a price.
Is that how it worked?
you used him to stay out of jail.
He doesn't love you, Eddie!
lf this was his choice,
you'd be long dead by now.
Flick the switch,
it's what we all do.
There is no love.
Sorry, man.
So fuckin' sorry.
Kill me.
You want me to kill you?
l don't care if he loves me.
Let him go.
ln my life,
you're the only thing
l don't regret.
Oh shit.
Oh shit!
l'm scared!
Thank you.
Eddie! Shit!
Get me out!
Get me outta here!
Let's move out.
Let's move! Move!
Fuck off!
What the fuck are you lookin' at?