Wa pei (Painted Skin) (2008) Movie Script

Hey... come on!
are you hungry?
What would you like to eat?
Congratulations, boss...
Say it and I'll get you whatever you want!
Really. My heart is now yours.
Hey, caught it.
It's on fire...
Sneak attack! Chase them...
It is bad, boss!
Come on! I'll take you away!
Come on!
Hold me tight!
Sacrifice our lives!
For the sake of our parents!
Spill our blood!
For the sake of our home!
Walk a million miles!
And kill the bandits of the desert!
To save the beauty!
They're back! They're back!
General is back!
We saved her halfway.
Her parents are dead.
Why disappeared?
Someone's knocking the door?
Open the door.
Can't we just send him to an inn?
We're brothers.
And it's New Year.
He's back.
You're all here.
Miss Xiaowei.
It's so cold outside.
- Drink some hot water.
- Give it to me!
Have some osmanthus flower cakes!
Okay, thank you.
Thanks, Miss Xiaowei.
Brother Gao Xiang, drink while it's hot.
So attentive.
Who is this man?
Right there!
General, are you okay?
Why didn't you wait for us?
Have you gone mad?
Hundreds of gangsters here!
You said
we're all brothers who'd die together.
We must go home all alive!
I'll never lead you.
Brother Yong.
- General...
- Brother Yong.
You won't!
A soldier like you can't go as you wish!
This is desertion...
and the penalty is death!
Get away!
Leave me!
Everybody, take care.
- General...
- Brother Yong.
Have you contacted him?
Don't you want him to come back?
Of course I do!
Perhaps he can catch the guy...
who tore the man's heart out.
I just never thought...
he'd been dejected like this.
We're married already.
How about letting him stay?
Do you know?
I've been worried about you every day.
Be careful.
Not woken up yet?
Let me get you some tea.
Peirong. I haven't slept a wink for days.
Peirong... I've drunk too much!
Brother Yong.
You've woken up.
I'm going!
Brother Yong.
Hey brother,
It's New Year's Eve. At least stay...
with us for the...
No, thanks!
Brother Yong, just wait a moment.
I've got something to return to you.
Brother Yong, your sword.
Wish you good luck.
Waiter, any spare room?
Yes, sure...
Please pay a deposit
at the counter first, sir.
I'm leaving my horse here,
and you think I'll run away?
Okay, fine...
Waiter, don't forget to look
after my horse!
I will, I guarantee. Rest assured!
Please pay a deposit first, sir.
I'm leaving my horse here...
and you think I'll run away?
Take care of my horse!
I will!
Take care, sir. Happy new year!
Let's go.
Waiter, it's a big inn;
nothing more than that.
Not even a slice of meat?
They've all gone home for new year,
so has the chef.
Let it be...any wine?
Sure...Ill take it now!
A bottle of best spring liquor!
Sir, it's just sold out!
She's taken all the rest.
Sir, please choose others.
Come here. Be my guest!
Waiter, one more bottle!
No need. Here.
I'll give this pair of jade pendants
to who you love!
How're you doing?
Where have you been the last two years?
You're here just to ask...
such dull questions?
I suspect if there's a demon in our house.
Three months ago,
When Brother Sheng was back
after encountering bandits in the desert,
he rescued a young woman
with nowhere to stay.
Elder sister.
Her names is Xiaowei.
She claimed to be daughter of Gao Kun,
a wealthy silk businessman.
Her parents were framed
and killed by corrupt officials
and she was sold to the bandits...
Tell me.
So many people love Xiaowei.
Who will she go for?
How do I guess what's in a woman's heart?
there appeared an assassin in the city...
who tore out the hearts of so many.
The new magistrate has not yet come.
But there can't be without law in the city.
we will now take charge of the city
till the new magistrate takes up his post.
Are you ready?
- The assassin keeps killing.
- Ready!
- Nobody can deal with it.
- Go!
The only thing he can do is step up
the patrols every night.
Then some times later, people start to
doubt if they're all the work
of evil demons.
These are the pearl powder...
New arrival.
Do you want to try it?
Miss, what you want is this, right?
Why should I buy this?
You have to!
I'll take them all.
You gotta put on makeup!
Sure! I gotta put on makeup!
This way, please.
Is she really an evil demon?
I can't help you.
Let me find you a man of power!
Stay back. Back off...
The Taoist priest is dead,
with his heart digged out...
The killer is a big, tall guy.
Xiaorou, hand me the medical kit!
Xiaowei is hurt!
You didn't hurt me. See, I'm fine!
Impossible! I clearly saw her wound!
What're you talking about?
She's not an evil demon, is she?
She's surely fun, and charming.
But how could she possibly be?
Only you can tempt me.
I've sent you so many letters.
Don't know if you got them.
What's up now?
Now, she's become...
more friendly with everyone,
and she's getting very close
to Brother Sheng.
Anyone knows you suspect she's a demon?
How dare I tell anyone else?
No one would believe me.
You don't believe me, either?
I do, of course!
When did I ever disbelieve you?
What do you want me to do?
Find out the truth!
What if she's really not a demon?
Then I'll admit I'm wrong.
Please, Brother Yong!
Any money?
Find me if you don't have enough.
Lend me some money.
No money? But you invited me for a drink!
You enjoyed it too, didn't you?
I've sliced them for you from six humans.
Why killed so many?
How to eat them all at once?
For you to choose. It's just a few.
I don't mean to feel bad for them.
But you've made a lot of work
for Wang Sheng.
I hardly see him these days.
You're so disgusting.
You're wasting your time.
He will love me.
Why don't you just be his concubine?
What I want to be is his wife.
Listen. I shall be Mrs. Wang.
So you want to give up your training?
I have plenty of time.
But your skin won't wait.
You need more hearts...
to keep your human skin from rotting.
Sure! Therefore, I've got to find a way out
so I can stop myself eating such gross!
Hurry up!
Be careful.
Didn't I say you should wait for me?
Miss Xiaowei said...
Master's irritated...
so we hurried to give the dishes.
Let me do it.
Start the meal.
Start the meal.
Let me do it.
Where have you just been?
Everybody's waiting for you.
I've just...
Brother Wang, don't be upset with her.
Sister Peirong went to the beauty shop
for some lavender
to put under your pillow in a bag,
so you can sleep well.
It's New Year now.
Don't worry too much.
I know.
Are you looking for this?
I must thank you today.
I'll give it to Brother Sheng.
I know who you've been to see.
I won't tell Brother Wang.
Something is actually not what you think.
I'll tell you more about us later.
It's good as long as you're happy.
Have a rest.
The dead bodies whose hearts...
are removed are all here.
Brother Sheng has run out of ideas,
so our Wang's Squadron...
can only patrol every night.
Wang's Squadron?
You've left for so long.
Should we still call it "Pang's Squadron"?
This man is a real pro!
So accurate that...
he dug out the heart in a single cut!
So I told Brother Sheng
this couldn't be done by a human.
You really believe in demons?
If I were a yin yang master,
I surely did...
A demon! A demon here!
Look at yourself. You believe in any crap!
What do you not believe? Yin yang master!
Also, I suspect one person.
The woman Brother Sheng brought here -
Don't you love her?
Not for sure!
You suspect her?
The killing spree began once she arrived.
I really feel the evil "qi" from her!
- With suspicious background...
- Alright...
Enough! You can set up a booth out there
and fool the guys!
Get off! You feel good staying in a coffin?
Get off!
What he say is correct!
All done by evil demons!
I too think evil demons did these.
Don't listen to her foolish talk!
It's all nonsense!
What foolish talk? I've seen before!
There're many demons in this world.
Some are transformed from flowers,
grasses and trees...
some from tigers, wolves, snakes, foxes...
and some from love and hatred...
- Some are good, some are bad...
- Don't kid me!
Demons kill with a sword?
Why do humans kill humans for their hearts?
What's your name? You seem very sure.
My name is Xia Bing.
I'm a "Demon Buster".
My name is Pang Yong.
I don't believe in demons.
This sealed part of fox tail...
will direct us to the
"Beautiful Fox from the Sky".
Once it senses a fox
spirit in the vicinity,
it glares.
This is what brought me here.
I'm sure the demon is still in this city.
Can you sense where the demon is?
Within a ten-mile radius of here.
The entire city
is only some ten miles long.
I've made a box for you.
Put the hearts inside
and they'll be kept fresh.
Just put it there.
Brother Sheng asked me to draw
the "heart-digger".
I must do it well.
Remember that old fella surnamed Xia
who chopped you?
Isn't he dead?
His granddaughter is here in town.
Damn it! Their family never let me go.
Shall I kill her for you?
Such a big range!
This is the last place!
I've spent all my money on the case.
The Taoist priest died right here!
all the murders occurred
on the east side of the city.
Not only that.
They all surrounded commander's house!
So what do we do next?
Nothing to do with you.
Miss, this is the official matter.
I think you needn't ask.
He doesn't work for the government, either!
Nothing to do with you as well.
Hey, where're you going?
Nothing to do with you!
I've used up my money!
Are you okay?
You're that demon?
Don't fool around!
You wanna run?
You go over there.
Leave me alone! Get him!
Waiter! Waiter!
Stop shouting. It's new year's day.
Everybody's gone.
Do you come to drink or heal me?
Don't panic. Just a small wound.
What're you doing?
Why didn't you tell me you'd blow?
I had wine in my mouth.
I couldn't tell you.
Have you seen enough?
Don't move.
What... you...
Softly... softly...
Be quiet.
It's done by a sword!
Can a demon use a sword?
Who say they can't?
Softly, softy...
How do you deal with them?
Ordinary demons can be finished by
a single slash.
What if they're not ordinary?
This is this "Demon Rod".
My grandpa told me that...
its power is beyond limit...
when it meets a capable person.
That person is surely not you!
I can't take it out.
Not me, either.
I think your grandpa also couldn't.
Sure! How do you know?
You don't believe my words?
Yes, yes. I dare not disbelieve!
Don't get caught.
I must've killed the gal...
if it weren't for that drunk.
So she was really
helped from her old lover.
Where did you go?
I... I just helped in the study...
You go to the kitchen, then.
Brother Yong, I've checked it.
There's a rich man called Gao Kun
in another city.
The whole family died of a plague
three years ago.
He doesn't have a daughter.
This woman's lying.
Peirong, where's Xiaowei?
In the beauty shop.
Brother Yong, what do you find her for?
She's not what she claims to be!
You've brought a demon home!
Brother Yong,
you do believe a rumor like this?
I just want to find out the truth.
Truth. Fine.
I'll get you there and see the truth.
The Gao family has no daughter!
Who are you?
Xiahou Xiang is known to be wrong
all the time!
Has he misunderstood you?
That's right! Miss Xiaowei, just go ahead
tell us your difficulties!
Xiaowei, don't be scared.
Tell us everything!
I'm actually not the Gao family's daughter.
I'm only...
their maid.
But I love being with you...
and don't want you to look down upon me.
That's why I made up such that
stupid story.
Who else can verify what you said?
We can!
We rescued her...
from the lair of the desert's bandits.
She'd have died if we it weren't for us!
- Yes! Yes...
- Sure! We rescued her...
Brother Wang,
I did tell lies.
But please don't banish me! Will you?
I don't want to be alone.
Get up.
With me here, nobody dare bully you.
I'll chop your hands off
and see if you're a demon!
Brother Yong!
What're you doing? Are you crazy?
I just tested her.
It's the back of the blade!
I don't care what tricks you played.
Xiaowei is my family!
Your family... so what about Peirong?
Peirong is your wife!
She's been worried about you every day!
Brother Yong.
You still care that Peirong had chosen me!
I'm not happy!
Coz Peirong has chosen the wrong one!
You cold-hearted thing!
They're already married.
I think you'd better give up.
Shut up!
Obsessed by that woman!
You've never seen a woman?
Pang Yong!
It's my private matter. It's none of yours!
I must care about the demon's case!
This is a section of tail
from a fox spirit.
Whenever a demon shows up, it glares.
It's always glaring. So we're all demons?
I'm a "Demon Buster".
Everything I said is real!
I don't believe it. Who does?
The ghosts do!
I do!
I saw it with my own eyes!
She knows black magic.
I hurt her hand by accident
and it healed up at once.
Later I told this to the Taoist priest.
He said you're a demon with high power.
On the very next day, he died...
I've been staying with you.
I know more than anyone else.
I have an idea!
There's a "mark" on each demon,
like human's birthmark.
Dare you let us examine you?
Miss Demon, are you scared?
Dare you?
I dare!
I do as long as you won't suspect me.
Nothing to do with her.
They're all my ideas.
I still have one more idea.
Are you finished?
For a fox spirit to sustain
their human form,
they must swallow human hearts,
which is why there're so many deaths
with their hearts removed.
Are you finished?
- Sure...
- Are you wasting our time?
What you mean is...
If she has no heart to eat,
she'll reveal her true form?
Let's watch Miss Xiaowei for a while!
See if she'll become a demon
with no hearts to eat.
I must let you know that you're wrong!
Get in.
I understand that
you're just concerned about me.
I'm sorry.
You should apologize so Xiaowei.
I'm so sorry...
I'm sorry for you, sister.
I know why you suspect that I'm a demon.
You worry if I'll steal Brother Wang.
Yes, I really love him.
But don't get me wrong.
I'll never oppose you.
Please accept me as his concubine...
Xiaowei, just get up.
Sister Peirong, I beg you...
There is only one Mrs. Wang.
You should be so tired today.
Take Xiaowei back to her room.
Miss Xiaowei...
Stick with her!
Even when she's in the toilet!
Please get some rest, Miss Xiaowei.
I have some good dim sum. You like it?
No, thanks!
You might try to poison me!
Do you still suspect me?
I never suspected you.
I am sure you are!
General! General!
The heart digger has done it again!
Brother Yong.
The guy killed some more people
in a couple of days.
Our soldiers are placed everywhere, but...
we still can't catch him.
You can't catch him. He's a demon!
Don't you mean Xiaowei's a demon?
You've been watching her all day.
Why still deaths outside?
Who says there's only one demon?
Another one?
Wang Sheng, what do you think?
I think he should be a kung fu expert.
Only you can seize him.
I sincerely hope you to stay.
I, Peirong,
and all the citizens here will thank you.
You persuade Brother Yong.
I'm sorry.
Don't say sorry.
I don't want you to say sorry.
You've done nothing wrong.
I'm back...
only to see that you're happy.
You look good, aren't you?
Brother Yong.
You're the best man ever.
Hope you'll find a woman better than me.
Don't worry.
I've been traveling around alone very well.
So free. And nothing to be anxious.
Let's talk later.
I'll go help Wang Sheng now.
Stupid man!
Miss Xia Bing, he's a good man.
Do treat him better.
Don't lump me with him!
It's not what you think.
I'm not interested in such a stupid shit.
Put on our golden armors
and we're forever the strongest.
Sacrifice our lives for the sake
of our parents.
Spill our blood...
Xiahou Xiang
This time, I get plotted...
My God! It's heard that Pang Yong
killed Xiahou Xiang!
The Mo Zhui guys personally saw it.
Xiahou Xiang is dead.
I know.
They suspect that I killed him.
I know it as well.
I don't believe, though.
Under such circumstances,
you'll suffer if you follow me.
Who follows you?
Now you're following me to catch the demon!
Catch it? Are you confident?
No, for sure!
When had I ever been confident?
But why are you still after him?
You're not scared of death?
I'm a Demon Buster.
It's my duty.
His horse is still here.
He must still be in the city.
You bring a team there.
- Yes!
- Let's go!
- Go!
- Take care, general!
Get some sleep.
I'll go nowhere tonight.
I'll stay with you.
Don't worry.
I don't believe Brother Yong'd
kill Xiahou Xiang, either.
I'll find him and ask him thoroughly.
I want to ask you,
will you love her...
if Xiaowei is not a demon?
How can Xiaowei be a demon?
Okay... I promise.
I'll get more Taoist priests
to check her out,
You haven't answered me yet.
Will you love her?
Whether she's a demon or woman,
I won't.
Rest assured.
What's up?
Brother Wang.
I think I need to go.
I've said too many that I shouldn't have.
You forgot it?
I said I'll look after you,
like my sister.
Peirong will understand!
Am I really that... useless?
How could you be?
Everyone can see that Gao Xiang,
Jing Ping and Jing An are attracted to you.
I think that nobody'll ever dislike you
in this whole world.
But I only want you to love me.
Can I not even become your concubine?
It's me who's not qualified.
Don't sell yourself short.
You shouldn't be my concubine.
You should find a good man...
who takes care of you and loves you.
Have you ever loved me?
I don't need anyone else.
I don't need any status.
I just want to be your woman,
even if just once...
Are you okay?
You needn't worry if Xiaowei's a demon.
What's wrong?
Why were you staying in her room?
- I just...
- Don't need to say it.
I know she really loves you.
And I understand...
It's not what you think...
It's all my fault.
As a wife, I was jealous, maybe.
If you love her too,
then make her your concubine.
I don't!
Let me finish my words.
As her elder sister,
I'll decide it for her.
It's you...
who still don't believe I can do it.
Who let you come out?
Don't forget you're a demon.
Don't shed a tear for a man.
Now you're more stupid
than that stupid woman!
You know I love him?
Do you know what's love,
you fly eater?
I know!
And I've told you, I love you.
But I don't love you!
I told you long ago.
You've been shameless enough to stay!
Who gets you all those hearts without me?
I'll live well without you!
Now act like a man and leave.
Get away!
I'm sorry for what I've done.
I'll never disturb you!
Sister Peirong, still staying up?
Sister Xiaowei.
I think there's one thing...
I must talk with you.
You find me... for something?
Now you know it all.
Go tell everyone.
Those who know must die, after all.
Brother Gao, let's take a look outside.
Be careful.
- Okay.
- Go!
Mistress! Are you all right?
I'm fine.
What do you want?
Not made up my mind yet.
Brother Gao.
Miss Xiaowei...
Don't come in!
Brother Gao,
Sister Peirong said she saw a demon.
Demon? Where is it?
Right here!
Didn't you say you like me?
Can you give me your heart?
Seen any demons eating a human heart?
Brother Sheng loves you. Don't hurt him!
It's useless as long as you,
Mrs. Wang, is here.
That's nothing!
I can let you be Mrs. Wang.
Can you guarantee that
you'll never come back?
I've seen you eat a human heart.
Can I still stay alive?
Go ahead kill me!
You think I'm that stupid?
If I kill you,
Brother Wang'd miss you forever.
Drink this up.
Go admit to be a demon
killing all those guys.
I'll be Mrs. Wang and you the demon.
I can.
But will you promise not to kill again?
I'm a demon. I'll grow old if I don't.
Okay, I promise you.
When I become Mrs. Wang,
I'll stay with him,
grow old and die with him.
You really love him?
Yes, I do.
Do keep your words.
If you regret, I'll kill everyone.
You don't even know what is love.
A demon...
Xiaorou! Xiaorou...
Help! Help...
What's happening?
Hey! Stop!
Mistress, why is it you?
I'm the demon. Go ahead kill me.
You all stop moving!
Back off!
Or I'll kill you!
Peirong, stand it! You'll be fine!
Master! Mistress is really the demon!
Xiaorou, don't talk anything nonsense.
Has Sister Peirong...
suffered from any strange disease?
Not her? So who killed Brother Gao?
We must revenge Brother Gao!
She seems to have suffered
from evil poison.
It's graded by color.
The lighter the color,
the more deadly it is.
White is therefore
the most poisonous of all.
When the whole body turns white,
one must die.
Do you have so many ways?
How to save her?
You've woken up, Peirong. Feeling better?
You all leave me.
Did Xiaowei do this?
I myself...
is the demon.
Don't speak nonsense!
Don't worry. You'll be fine.
She's a Demon Buster.
She must be able to help.
Don't you have your family's treasure?
Sure. My grandpa left me a lot.
Not these.
Your grandpa...
he gave me that one treasure.
Look! She really has the treasure!
It can destroy the demons!
Come to think of it.
My grandpa told me,
once the demon is killed...
the dark magic cast on human body
should vanish...
Can you hear it?
You'd have used it if it was really useful.
You cannot beat her.
Don't worry.
The killings should end with me.
Stop speaking nonsense.
I will have the way.
Peirong, I've taken back my sword!
You know how powerful it is?
With it, I never lost!
You'll be saved once I kill the demon!
I'll chop her into pieces! Okay?
I'll ask you one more time.
You're sure it's Xiaowei?
I don't want any innocent deaths!
You still don't believe me now?
Okay, I'm going.
You take care of Peirong!
You're really going?
I must go for sure.
You can't! You cannot kill her!
Don't kid me!
Your grandpa cut off the fox spirit's tail.
This sword's great.
How could I not kill her?
My grandpa cut her using his own blood!
We, the "Demon Busters",
have bloods
which can specially kill demons.
If you do want to kill Xiaowei,
bring me there.
Wang Sheng,
do you know what's happening?
Miss, don't get there!
Are you really a demon?
You killed Gao Xiang?
I killed everyone.
We must revenge Brother Gao!
You want to kill her, kill me first.
Revenge Brother Gao!
An eye for an eye!
Revenge Brother Gao!
Shut up!
She's a demon. I must kill her!
But how can I give her up as a husband?
Put down the knife!
Wang Sheng!
Put down the knife first!
I must take
all the responsibility with you!
I'm a demon.
I killed so many and I deserve it.
You're my wife.
Whether you're demon or woman, I love you.
I love you forever!
Promise me.
Live well.
Live on for me...
Evil woman!
You all see it? She is the real demon!
You all see it? She is the real demon!
What? Leave me!
You can't kill her!
What're you doing?
Give her back to me.
If you love me,
give Peirong back to me.
If you love her so much,
why don't you die with her?
I'll die.
Get her here!
Will you believe her?
If Peirong dies,
I'll die with her.
If she comes back to life,
Tell her that...
I haven't been a good husband.
I've failed to protect her.
I love you,
but I'm married with Peirong.
Brother Sheng!
What's this?
You saved them
with the thousand-year spirit!
You're a demon.
They won't let you go...
even if you saved them!
How can a demon gets true love
in the world?
I'll get you out of here...
once I kill them all!
Look! He has a shadow!
Take it!
Hurry up! Kill him!
Do it! Just do it...
It doesn't matter if I die.
You must kill him!
Take Peirong's spirit back and save her.
Kill me. Do it quickly!
Do it..!
Many hatreds in the world...
can be finished without killing.
I now realize why...
I couldn't exert all my energy...
of a Demon Buster.
It's because I've been bearing hatred.
Go ahead save them.
General, general...
Are you okay, general?
Master, are you okay?
- Brother Dabao, are you okay?
- Mistress...
- General, are you fine?
- Brother Dabao...
Mistress, it's fine now.
Brother Yong!
Brother Yong!
Brother Yong!
What's wrong with you?
Brother Yong!
Wake up... Brother Yong!
- Brother Yong!
- Wake up...
Brother Yong! Wake up...
Brother Yong...
Don't shake me anymore or I'm surely dying!
I'm so tired after the long fight.
You're sure you don't want to stay?
There're still many places I want to go.
Me too.
I'm leaving.
Take care!
Where're you going?
The world's so big.
I can go wherever I want.
You seem to have a gift
for catching demons.
Wanna catch demons with me?
Why don't you call me master?
You're not qualified...
with all those mediocre skills.
I'm more experienced than you.
What're you looking at?
Take off your cap
and you look very much like a woman.
Not bad, not bad!