Waffenstillstand (2009) Movie Script

Three weeks after the fall
of Baghdad in April 2003,..
...there is a gunfight in the city
of Fallujah between US soldiers...
...and local demonstrators.
15 civilians are killed,
including women and children.
ln the following months,
Fallujah becomes the stronghold...
...of Sunni resisance.
While driving through town
on 31 March 2004, four US...
...mercenaries are shot and hanged
from a bridge over the Euphrates.
Pictures of the charred bodies
are published around the world.
On 4 April, the Americans launch
operation "Vigilant Resolve"...
...whose goal is to arrest the killers
and bring peace to the city.
Come on! Quick!
This way!
Quick, quick!
BAGHDAD, 9 APRlL 2004,
- My son, nmy son!
- Quick, quick!
Quick, quick!
My son!
Volume deficiency shock... blood!
- Leave!
- Type 0 negative.
Please, leave.
Medi, type 0 negative!
- Mombasa.
- lstanbul.
Probably the spleen, the kidney...
...or the colon.
Tachycardia... damn it!
Come on!
lt's useless!
lt's been going on like this for days.
What are you doing here?
ln Fallujah, we have no more
blood units, no medication, nothing.
People die, and we watch.
l thought they weren't letting
anyone in or out.
There's a ceasefire
until 5 a.m. tomorrow.
Until sunrise.
We need supplies.
- By this afternoon?
There was gunfire all night.
We have heavy casualties...
...and not even bandages.
You have to help me, Kim.
How? We'll never get
the papers that fast.
l'll try.
- Will you tell them?
No, my son! My son! No!
Sorry. l'm at a press conference.
What? When?
Right away?
Sure, l'm spontaneous, but...
Where did you get the information?
At the press conference...
A ceasefire? Are you sure?
How'd you find out?
The big road in Al Mansour, right?
Okay, we'll be there.
Damn it!
l'll try to send it tonight.
Yes, it'll be great. Bye!
lt's good you've eaten. We gotta go.
Did it taste good?
Sit down.
lt's Paolo's farewell party.
- Pull up a chair.
- Thanks. We're driving to Fallujah.
- Fallujah?
- We gotta go.
- You're kidding?
- No. l have everything with me.
Tanzim's driving.
l'll explain later.
Hold on.
He's a Shiite, he drives
to the meeting place.
Fallujah is a war zone.
We're traveling with an aid convoy.
There's a ceasefire.
Nobody knows but us.
Are you coming?
- Where are you going?
- To my room.
For weeks you've been saying,
"No way,..
...too dangerous."
l'm not here to read off a teleprompter...
...what l saw on CNN.
lf you don't want to go,
find another job.
Finished? Then l'll get some
batteries. lt'd be a shame...
...if the camera suddenly stopped.
A/ain, we have to go!
Everything okay?
Yeah, sure.
Everything's just fine.
Sorry, Ralf.
l didn't mean what l said.
The 4 Americans they burned
in Fallujah probably left Baghdad...
...just like us
and got barbecued in Fallujah.
We're in an aid convoy.
They were from Blackwater.
Who cares!
They'd blow up anything.
lf you aren't for them,
you're against them.
l tell you, l got a bad feeling about
this. lt'd be smarter not to go.
What's the smart thing to do?
Film our daily car bomb?
We'll be the first to enter Fallujah.
lt's our chance!
Our chance for what?
To end this fucking war?
Listen, l've been doing this
for 20 years now.
You know what we'll get?
A 30- second report.
You know why, 'cause
not a single bastard cares.
All they care about is if we get
our heads shot off.
Then we'd be big news.
The van is loaded.
What's wrong?
l almost beat down your door.
Sorry. l was showering.
We're low on blood bottles.
Just one cooler left.
- And this?
- Expired 1 or 2 years ago,..
...but it's okay.
That's why it's cheaper.
And this is for you.
- You're an angel. Do you...
...realize that?
- Can we go now?
- Yes, let's go.
Husam, take Al Urdun Street
and then to Checkpoint Al Mansour.
What? Why Al Mansour?
We're picking up two journalists.
Do we have to?
They're our way in.
A little publicity won't hurt.
My God!
One is quite nice.
Then he's not a good journalist.
Sir, sir?
- Hi.
- Hello!
Sir, sir!
A kilo, please.
Don't you have school?
ls business okay?
Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Oliver. They know nothing
about a convoy. Let's go back...
...and film some car bomb.
Then we'd have something.
- They're coming.
Maybe something went wrong.
lt always does.
At least we have fresh dates.
Not bad for a start.
Shall we?
- Yes. Let's go.
Oh, fuck!
- Hi, Kim!
- Hi.
My cameraman Ralf Siebert.
Kim Ruyter.
My pleasure.
You aren't serious about the van?
lt's all we could get.
Better than nothing.
Come on. l'm glad it worked out.
Everything okay?
Let's go.
Hold on!
To Fallujah in an unarmored van?
Come on, let's get in.
There's a ceasefire until sunrise
tomorrow. Until sunrise.
By then we'll be
out of there for sure.
lt's only 80 kilometers.
- By tomorrow morning?
Our driver knows the road.
We'll be met by our contact...
...who'll take us to the hospital.
lt's all organized.
We aren't doing this so you can get
into that nurse's pants,..
...are we?
- Come on, get in.
Peace be with you.
You got papers? The Gls knew
nothing about your "convoy."
We have all we need.
Dr. Alain Laroche
and Husam al Zawiri, our driver.
Can l sit in front?
Then l can do some filming at least.
Alain runs an emergency unit
in Fallujah. The actual hospital...
...is out- of- town.
- The Al- Fallujah Hospital.
lt is the only hospital, that is still
working in town.
How's it going?
We have enough to do.
100 new patients since Monday.
Many died.
- 28, to be precise.
Some are militants,
but a lot of them are civilians.
How do you differentiate between
militants and innocent civilians?
Nobody is innocent.
Says Camus.
Why not pass the checkpoint
and stay on the highway?
This way is safer. This week there
were 3 assaults on the highway.
And we avoid the checkpoints.
l feel a lot safer
when the Gls are nearby.
- The lraqis don't think so.
- But this takes longer.
When will we be in Fallujah?
Around four.
Nice watch.
Thanks. 70 years old, from my
grandfather. A pilot watch.
Your grandfather
served in the Wehrmacht?
He was a pilot. He says he dropped
his bombs into the English Channel.
He probably would've been shot
for that.
Yes, the Germans were
hardly involved in World War 2.
Why do you speak such good German?
l lived there for a long time.
Alain is from Alsace.
He studied medicine in Heidelberg.
You've known each other long?
Somalia. When l started working
for Medicamundi.
Five years ago?
And how long
have you been a war reporter?
l was lucky. l was in Lebanon in
January to report about a bomb attack.
When Joschka Fischer arrived to
arrange an exchange of prisoners,..
...and l was the only German around.
Then l went to Mitrovica,..
...and all hell broke loose
after it had been quiet for years.
And now you're in lraq.
What a lucky bum!
Three weeks ago they asked
if l wanted to go to lraq.
3 1/2.
l accepted at once.
l didn't want to miss the chance.
My God! An idealist!
Laugh if you like,
but l believe in my work.
l believe,
it's important for people...
...to know what's happening.
l've been doing that for 20 years.
l thought you were in Baghdad 'cause
your girlfriend kicked you out.
Yeah, sure. But now l have you.
Can he slow down?
Husam, can you slow down?
Poor bastards.
They're the lucky ones.
Wait till we get to Fallujah.
What was that?
Those were kids.
They were throwing rocks.
- Can l have one?
- Sure.
Like one, too?
- Thanks.
You, too?
...in the late 70s, early 80s.
Before the war and the embargo.
On professional or private business?
The minister of health invited
a group of French doctors.
Back then the lraqis were our
friends. They showed us...
...some amazing things.
This country is a treasure chamber.
This was the cradle of civilization.
Shortly afterwards,
Saddam had the minister dismembered.
l was never invited back.
- ls this the right way?
- l think it is.
- Are you sure?
- l think so.
What's up?
Did we take the wrong turn?
Maybe l'm mistaken.
Ralf, give me the map
in the glove compartment.
- l thought he knew his way around.
- lt doesn't hurt to check.
- ls this the right way or not?
- Yes, it is.
- lt's just a few goats and an old man.
- What's wrong, Ralf?
He should keep driving!
- But the goats!
- What's going on?
- Up there!
You killed his goat!
Have you lost your mind?
You almost killed us!
Are you crazy?
Have you lost it?
Didn't you see the sniper?
You can't run over everything!
- Just a fucking goat!
- And the "fucking" shepherd?
Want 'em to shoot us?
- Who?
- No idea!
200,000 sq km of desert,
and he shows up here...
...with his fucking goats!
That guy lives here!
lt was an ambush! Understand?
Last month, two Jap journalists
stopped for some goats!
Know what happened?
You ran over his goat.
Why aren't we on the highway?
Why are we driving...
...through the desert?
- Hey, let's calm down, okay?
l saw something up there, too.
Nothing happened.
Something's rubbing.
Maybe we should stop.
We don't want the tire
to pop in the desert.
lt's more important
to get out of town before dark.
Maybe Husam should take a look.
Pull over if possible.
- There's a gas station up ahead.
- There's a gas station.
- Can you check it, Husam?
- Yes.
God help me.
Come on. We can film some refugees.
- lf you say so.
- We'll be leaving in 5 minutes.
- Oh shit!
- Go ahead. l'll be right with you.
- Can l help you?
- Yes, please.
Could you do some interpreting now?
- l have to help Husam.
- Okay.
lt's a good story, isn't it?
What do we do?
The two kids or what?
- Hello.
May we film?
Yes, yes.
- Rolling?
- Yes.
How bad was the attack?
Our house is gone. Bombs fell
on our house. Everything is in ruins.
They killed our children. They
massacred our children,..
...our families.
- What are you doing?
He asked me.
He asked you? Will he pay us for it?
We are stranded here!
What will come of us, our families?
Give us money! Get lost! Go away!
Give them money.
Don't give them anything!
My name is Oliver Cramme. And you?
- Rashid el Mahmud.
- Rashid?
- Rashid el Mahmud.
- Thank you!
- Let's get out of here!
- Let me do the intro.
- Be quick! The 5 minutes are up!
- Ready?
- Rolling.
About 1/3 of Fallujah's population
fled after the marines began...
...their assault this week,..
...many under terrible conditions.
Anger and despair prevail.
This father, Rashid al Mahmoud,
tells how he lost his house.
- Terrific.
Now a long shot and then let's go.
They're pretty upset,
but it's probably nothing...
- No need to provoke them.
- We're almost finished.
Where's the big doc?
You're no doctor- hater, are you?
l come from a family of doctors.
Father, brother.
l'm the black sheep.
- Why aren't you a doctor?
- l can't stand the sight of blood.
- Where is he?
l'll see where he is.
Oh fuck!
Maybe it's no coincidence
that we stopped at a gas station.
lt isn't, we ran over a goat.
Calm down! Calm down!
We're finished.
l take analgeics.
My bacck is kkilling nme.
They don't have to know.
- Morphine?
- Just a small dose. Kim, l'm...
- Yes?
lt's under control.
Come on, they're waiting.
- Calm down! l'll help you!
- We want money for the interview!
lf they don't show, we're leaving!
- Very funny!
- We'll come back for them!
Husam, what's up?
They filmed them.
Now they want money.
- They want money.
- You will get something.
He says you used his gas station,..
...and they say you filmed them.
Our network doesn't pay
for interviews.
You filmed them.
They want money.
Quite reasonable, l'd say.
How much?
How much, Husam?
3,000 for everyone.
Stand back!
Here is your money. Get lost!
Goodbye. Thank you.
How long have you had trouble
with your back?
For about 6 months.
We almost got lynched,
and he puts on that singsong.
What do you want to listen to?
For Ralf, music history
ends with John Coltrane.
l don't believe it.
Our Arab listens to jazz.
You never know
what these guys think.
Even after 30 years of terror,
they'd rather bite off their...
...tongue than talk.
Who says the days of terror are over?
l got the tape from a Czech
l worked for, a guy named Tomasz.
He listened to it every day.
l was so tired of it.
Husam got the music from a Czech
he often drove around.
He wanted to listen to it every day.
Husam was fed up with it,..
...but he gave it to Husam
as a farewell present.
- You call that jazz?
- Jazz.
Arab jazz.
Would you answer some questions?
No, l don't want to.
lt's too much.
Why? You're one of the few
who can report on Fallujah.
Dr. Alain Laroche, you're one of
the few who held out in Fallujah,..
...the city west of Baghdad
hotly contestedfor 11/2 weeks.
l just remembered:
l don't talk to journalists.
Talk to him. He's just pretending.
At least he isn't like those guys
who stay in the hotel all day...
...with a cocktail,
explaining the world.
That's right.
Oliver wants explosive action.
Right! Explosions! That's what
makes the news worthwhile.
Bombs sell. Doctors are boring.
Bad experiences?
Or why do you dislike reporters?
War reporters earn their money
with the suffering of others.
That way we have a lot in common
with doctors, don't we?
What's Fallujah like?
What can we expect?
How does a city look, that's
been bombed ceaselessly for a week?
Fallujah had 300,000 people.
Only 500...
...or 1,000 were lslamists.
Now there are 150,000 people...
...and 150,000 lslamists.
What should be done?
Jesus Christ! There should be
no war of aggression. Period!
Soldiers shouldn't be policemen.
lnnocent people shouldn't be...
...dragged from bed and arbitrarily
arrested! Human dignity should be...
...respected and the Geneva
Convention upheld.
lt shouldn't have to be talked about.
Thank you.
That was great.
l may be paranoid,
but l think somebody's tailing us.
ls it a BMW? Time reported
that kidnappers only drive BMWs.
lf not, there's nothing to fear.
l can't tell. There are several
people. lt's a Nissan...
...or a Toyota.
How much further is it?
10 kilometers. Maybe 8.
- Are you driving as fast as you can?
- l am.
We're almost there, aren't we?
l'm not familiar with this road.
l normally take the highway.
- What did he say?
- He's unfamiliar with the south.
Raise 'em slowly.
Show him your permit.
Let's go!
Hold on!
We're turning around.
What for? They let us go.
But there's no ceasefire
and no permit either.
They almost shot us,
if you didn't happen to notice!
l was at headquarters
when we talked.
They said it would be okay.
We gotta get the drugs...
...to the hospital.
- This is all fucked up!
We have no permit, convoy or
ceasefire. We're going back at once!
We're almost there!
Didn't you hear the guy?
Nobody'll help us...
...if we're up shit creek!
- We have local contacts.
- lf he's still there!
- lf he was ever there!
He'll be there.
Sorry, l had no idea.
Don't believe her!
She's been fucking us...
...over the whole time!
- Stay here.
We'll pick you up in an hour.
- Great suggestion.
She's right. We're almost there.
- We'll be outta there by dark?
- Yes.
- Enough time to shoot?
- l promise.
l'm going with her. You want
to give me the camera and stay here?
No problem. l understand.
We'll pick you up later.
l gotta be crazy.
Put it in the glove compartment,
that's a better place.
Why do you have a gun?
You know how many hospitals
were looted?
l have no desire to watch them
wheel away my operating table.
Salam aleikum.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Everything okay?
- Yes, thank goodness.
- Who's that?
- Said, our contact.
He'll get us through enemy lines.
They're changing constantly.
Urban warfare.
Getting any reasonable shots?
Have him slow down.
Could you ask him?
Husam, please slow down.
l can't. l'd lose Said.
Just a bit.
- How much further?
- Maybe 4 kilometers.
The ceasefire's over tomorrow.
What then?
Time to work again.
Stop! Pull over!
No! We'll lose Said!
ls he crazy? lt's dangerous here!
Come on! Get in the car.
She's dead.
- This is the front.
- Come back here!
Get in, Oliver!
Come on! Come on!
lt isn't safe. Hurry up!
This must be the front.
Otherwise they'd remove the dead.
There he is!
Get down! Move!
- What happened?
- My leg!
- My leg!
- Shit!
First show me your head. We'll fix up
your leg later. Does it hurt badly?
- A strip.
- Yes.
- You were lucky.
- We have to get to the hospital.
- Without Said?
- We've lost him now.
Damn it!
The electrical system is fucked.
We aren't going anywhere.
The drugs have to get to the hospital.
The car is dead. You wanna walk?
Can you walk?
- l'll try.
- Come on. Let me out.
Come here. Okay?
ls it okay?
Come on.
This way. We'll bandage you
first of all.
Lie down here.
Come here.
Sorry about your pants.
lt's getting dark.
lt'll be curfew soon.
And no more ceasefire tomorrow.
What did you say?
We'll be out by dark.
Sometimes things go wrong.
lt isn't my fault.
Who got us into this mess?
You didn't care if we got out alive!
What about the car?
The electrical system blew
every fuse. We're stuck.
How dangerous is it for us here?
lt depends if they start shooting
tonight or not.
lf the rebels find us here,
who knows?
Anything can happen.
Anybody got reception?
There's been no electricity
or phone service for a week.
Then we have to get help on foot.
Great idea! You heard
what the guy at the checkpoint...
- Really not a good idea.
We shouldn't hang around outside.
So what's the plan?
Wait for the war to end?
Knock it off!
We're up to our necks in shit.
- lt should work now.
- Thanks.
Maybe Husam can repair the car.
Seen the engine yet?
l'll cut it off.
lt's one way of getting acquainted.
l'll get something.
You see a chance?
No idea.
We're taking everything apart first.
Can you put it back together?
Probably not,
but you got a better idea?
lt's your fault if we don't get out.
What are you thinking?
What can we do?
What's wrong with you?
l can see something's wrong.
ls it the morphine?
l'm quitting.
That's good. l'll help you.
l'm quitting. l can't go on.
l wanted to tell you, but...
- What do you mean?
What are we doing all this for?
l'm too old.
l've been doing this way too long.
You aren't being serious.
What are you going to do?
Go back home to your wife?
Greetings, l'm back.
The hospital?
Erik will take over. lt's okay.
l've managed everything in Baghdad.
You'll just abandon your patients?
And me, too?
Start the engine!
Stop, for God's sake!
- Fuck!
God help us.
Your family?
My daughter.
Come on, pal.
lt's all so fucked up!
Everything's falling apart.
Like what?
You establish something. People
trust you and suddenly you have...
...to say, "That was it.
Nobody's gonna help you now."
l never wanted to experience it
again, and now it's happening again.
And this time l'm responsible.
lt isn't your fault.
Oh yes. Your friend's right.
l messed up everything.
We'll make it to the hospital.
You could have died.
l lied to you.
What do you mean?
l wanted you to come along.
We never had a permit.
The situation wasn't safe enough. That's
why we took the side road.
l don't believe it.
l'm not alone here.
l'm responsible for Ralf, too.
What should l do? We needed the
supplies. Without them hundreds of...
...people would die. l don't know.
l just hoped it would...
...turn out all right.
l'm sorry.
l'm really sorry.
l decided to take the risk. Not you.
- Can l help you?
- Sure.
By keeping your mouth shut.
l have to apologize to you.
l'm sorry. You were...
- lt's okay.
Try to find a piece of inner tube.
A goat's gut would do, too.
- Okay.
Hands up! Who are you? What are you
doing here? What do you want?
l'm aiming at you!
l'll shoot your head off!
- l'm a journalist, l'm no soldier.
- l'll shoot your head off!
- Calm down, Sir!
- Get out!
No evil intended. He's a journalist.
The car needs fixing.
We want to repair it.
- What car?
We got shot at. Now the electrical
system is out of order.
Don't move!
What's he doing?
- What's going on?
- l don't know.
What's going on?
Come in.
Come in.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How do you do. Sit down.
- Peace be with you.
- Hi.
With you, too!
Here... a pillow.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Sir, we've come to Fallujah
from Baghdad to help the wounded.
We want to go to the hospital.
- May God help you.
l have two sons.
They're at the front.
He has two sons who are fighting.
We took in their kids
to protect them from that insanity.
That's why they took in the children.
They support the rebellion?
Yes, Mujahedin. l want my children
to live in freedom.
We will triumph!
Mujaledin, we will trriunmpl!
Mujaledin! Mujaledin!
May we film you?
No! They'll call us traitors
and bomb our house with grenades.
He says they'll throw
a hand grenade through the window.
Can you help us repair the car?
We can try.
- lt's outside.
- Then let's go!
God bless you.
They're really nice, but the
Kalashnikov makes me feel...
...like a hostage.
That's what l keep saying.
You never know what they'll do.
Welcome to lraq.
l'll see if l can help outside.
Turn on the engine.
Oh God!
- Thank you, Hadji!
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
- Wow! Great!
God bless you.
The van's running. Let's go.
- How'd you do that?
- No idea.
lt was Husam and the old guy.
- Thanks.
- Thanks for the tea!
What's going on now?
They're leaving!
l don't believe it!
They stole our car!
They'll be back. For sure.
How stupid are you?
They won't be alone...
...when they come back!
We have to leave right away.
Can you walk?
He's right. We should give it a try.
The ceasefire is over in an hour.
Maybe we can reach the hospital.
- Hey, guys, it's curfew.
Stay here. We'll pick you up later.
How far to the hospital?
3 kilometers?
At least.
Who's in favor?
l'll give you something
for your leg.
Okay, let's do it.
Hold this.
Your blood pressure will go down now.
Over there.
Hurry up!
This way.
Come on.
What are you doing here?
Why didn't you wait?
- lt's Husam.
- ls he alone?
- Hurry!
- Where were you?
l got my sister- in- law Fatma
to take her to Baghdad.
Come on!
- Peace be with you.
- Get in!
Who's that?
His sister- in- law.
She's going with us to Baghdad.
Why did you leave? You can't just
drive away without telling us!
- Why?
- Would you have let me go?
Would we have let him go?
Turn right.
We're almost there. Left!
Carry the stuff inside.
l'll look for Erik.
lt'll be light in 30 minutes.
Film them carrying the stuff.
We have 10 minutes!
Oh God.
Can you help me?
Where is Dr. Johannson?
- He got hit.
- Thank you.
Come on, Ralf.
What happened?
What happened?
What happened?
What happened? Upstairs? This way?
Thank you!
Help me, my head.
Come here.
Go on! Go ahead!
This way.
- They really bombed the hospital.
Now you got your story.
Now we need somebody who saw it all.
Let's go.
Erik is injured.
You have to help him.
lbrahim and Razul are dead.
Two nurses and the student
from Basra.
lf l'd been here, they wouldn't
have taken a break together.
You weren't here.
But now you are.
l'll stay and help you.
You go back to Baghdad.
Husam takes wounded patients...
lt'll take too long! You have to go!
Ralf and Oliver can help us.
l have to operate. Take as many
wounded as you can, but hurry!
l'm staying.
You're going back to Baghdad.
For everything.
We have to go. We're taking
wounded patients with us.
How? There are hundreds.
And we take ten. Maybe more.
- We did our shots...
- My husband...
- We'll take care of him.
- Please, help my husband!
We got the shots,
but we need an eyewitness.
A doctor if possible.
Two doctors are dead.
The others are operating.
We'll interview Alain.
Where's Alain?
Forget your stupid story!
There's already gunfire!
- Do your job,..
- When the van's full,..
...we're leaving!
- ...and we'll do our job!
Ralf, Ralf!
We only need someone
to answer a few questions.
You have to come! There are...
Okay, Erik witnessed the explosion.
2nd door on the right.
l can't do this alone!
We can't leave the people here.
We aren't here to carry away
the wounded. You're a journalist,..
...not a nurse.
l'll help Kim. You do the interview.
You're probably better than me.
Go on!
Did Alain tell you who to take?
- No.
- Where is he?
- Operating.
Go to the van. l'll be right back.
- Are you Erik?
- Yes.
Can l interview you?
Do you speak German?
Why aren't you gone?
l help Kim.
The wounded...
- Yeah?
- Who should we take?
The ones who will survive
the trip to Baghdad.
Okay, you two boys. You start.
The pregnant woman! Where is she?
Come on!
- That's it, l think.
- We have to leave!
Please, please.
l'll be right back!
Please, please.
- Okay?
- Got it.
We gotta hurry!
- Goodbye.
- We gotta go. Goodbye.
Good luck!
- Left again.
- Okay.
- Did you get your interview?
- Yeah.
Did it turn out good?
ls it good?
- No idea.
What? Was it good, or wasn't it?
Sure, it was good.
Get out of the car! Get out!
Oh God! We're stuck!
Look at these people.
They are wounded.
- Get out!
- What does he want?
- Get out!
- What did he say?
They don't want us to help.
- Get out!
- They want us to get out.
We just want to help the wounded.
Get out!
Have mercy. We just want to help the
We want to take them to Baghdad!
We just want to help the wounded!
Get out!
Are you okay?
He got hit!
Hey, we made it.
We're outta there!
He's dead.
We have to go on.
l can organize a plane
to take him back to Germany.
And you?
Can l help you somehow?
No. l'll drive to my office and call
headquarters and Ralf's wife.
How can l make a report out of this?
l can't even look at the tapes.
l have to go in.
l'll call you later.