Wag the Dog (1997) Movie Script

What are you doing here?
You should have stayed home
with your wife.
Why did you come here?
We can handle this.
You know me
when duty calls count me in.
Nobody moves!
This is the police.
Stay here!
Put your hands up.
Turn around.
You have the right
to remain silence.
Anything you say...
Sir, you have a call.
Sir, you're hit.
Don't mind me
Go after him.
It's dark and besides
he's already gone.
your wife's in the hospital.
It was transmitted
through our radio.
I'm sorry sir
but you can't go in there.
Your wife and your baby's
condition is critical.
The condition has speed up.
But don't worry,
we'll do our best to help them.
Thank you!
Good news they're all right.
Congratulations. It's a boy.
Thank you.
But we still need
to put him in an incubator.
It's ok! It's ok!
We can't put Perfecto Rialino
with other kids.
Mrs. Compiones, this is only
a public elementary school!
And our teacher are not trained
to teach
disabled kids like your son.
Ma'am my son is not disabled.
You have to face it.
Autism is a form of disability.
I'm sorry for the term.
But you have to admit
that your son is not normal.
Autism is only
a state of the mind.
He has talents and you just have
to be patient with him.
There is a special school
in Manila
that teaches special kids
like your son.
It is very expensive
to send him there.
We don't have
the money for that.
I'm begging you.
Let him finish this school year.
His advisers can't give him
instructions anymore.
When he gets mad,
he hurt his classmates.
We can't handle him anymore.
I'll watch him everyday
in school.
If you just allow me.
But Flor...
Ma'am Bullet needs your help.
How can he learn things
about life?
If we don't include him
with other normal kids.
I'm sorry.
I really can't help you.
Good day.
Bullet let's go.
You're the best
No one can beat me.
You better practice some more.
Hey, look it's Bullet.
You should beat him.
Who? That one? He's nothing.
He can't beat me.
You can call anyone if you like.
You're such a braggart!
Bullet, come, let's go play.
Mom, can I go play?
I don't have school tomorrow.
You can play
but go home early.
Yes, mom.
Let's go.
Let him use the broken one.
Beat him Bullet.
He's such an airhead.
Here, use this.
Bullet is so good.
Bullet, you won!
You're the best!
This is two
Two plus three... equals five...
Bullet, I'll cook you
fired chicken.
If you can count this.
You'll cook fried chicken
if I counted the drawings?
Yes, but first count
the drawings.
Ok, mom.
This is two... one... two.
This is three.
Once upon a time
there was a great
and brave warrior.
He was a giant.
When he saw young David
he insulted and asked him.
Do you think
you can beat me
with just a spear?
Come here and I'll feed you
to the birds and animals.
David answered
I may only have my spear.
But I'll beat you in the name
of the Lord Yahweh
the God of Israel.
With his powers
I'll beat you.
He brought the giant's head
to Jerusalem.
Bullet wake up.
Bullet wake up. It's late.
Bullet. My son, come with me.
I have something to show you.
I told you... I told you.
Stop talking to yourself.
No one is talking with you.
Bullet. Stop it.
Yes, dad.
I still have the touch.
Check how many bulls eye
I've made.
Mayor, you've hit nothing.
Damn you!
Do you want me to shoot you?
Mayor, you really
didn't hit anything.
You go take a look.
I think he's blind.
How's the practice?
Well, I told them to check how
many bulls eye that I've hit.
He really didn't hit anything.
There's really nothing.
I think there's something wrong
with this gun.
He should just use a blowgun.
He should just use a slingshot.
I've used that last night Mayor.
It's a good gun.
Damn you!
Just remember this!
Don't talk unless I ask you to.
Pal, Mayor, about the thing
that we've talked...
Let's try my godson.
Bullet, show him
what you've got.
Of course.
Show me what you've got.
Show me.
Whoa! Watch it!
Bullet. Bullet.
What have I told you?
You know
I always remind him about
how to use a gun.
I noticed that.
I always remind him.
Bullet, go on.
What? What will I shoot?
That... that one.
Hit is in between the eyes.
Right in between.
Ouch! Ouch!
It's too loud!
You almost hit my shoes.
I'm sorry.
You know that he's...
My ears hurt.
Give me that.
My ears hurt.
Do it again.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
Go on.
You hear him? Don't be afraid.
you know him
his ears are sensitive.
He freaks out
when he hears loud noise.
Bullet, hit it here.
Hit it in between the eyes.
Here, here.
Hit it right here.
Wait... here, wear this.
You should hit it in the middle.
Where? Here?
Yes, godfather.
You can do it. You can do it.
Yeh!! You're the best, Bullet.
He's good.
We can use his talent.
Go on, do it again.
Hit it again in the middle.
I will.
Always hit it there.
It looks like he just got lucky.
I thought he was really good.
He just got lucky.
Wait, I have a feeling.
Come here.
Hey, Wait!
I'd better take this.
I don't trust you.
My guess is right.
All his shot
hit the same target.
His talent is extra ordinary.
We can make use of him
with his talent.
Sure, but I must teach him first
how to use a gun properly.
Look at you.
Up to now I still can't believe
that you're the town's Mayor.
Just wait
when I become
the president of our country.
That's what I'm telling you.
You're full of foolishness.
What foolishness?
Remember when we're still
in the force?
I don't remember
you do anything good.
All you do is fooling around.
Look who's talking.
It is as if
you are telling the truth.
If someone hears you. They'll
think what you're saying is true.
Do you want me to name it
one by one?
Name what?
Remember when you eloped
with Maring?
That's not Maring.
It's Clara.
That's enough!
I came here because of this.
This is a huge competition
in Manila.
The prize is big money.
Flor will not agree with this.
I don't agree
in what you're saying.
Your son's talent
is extra ordinary.
Extra ordinary?
What are you thinking about?
You should think
about our son's safety.
Teaching your son
how to use a gun?
You know that he's a...
He's a what?
Flor, his talent is not ordinary.
I don't agree
in what you are saying.
He's our son
a son of a policeman.
It's just right for him to know
how to protect himself
and others as well.
What if something goes wrong?
If guns are used
in the wrong way
that's the time
when people are in danger.
You're just using your son
to fulfill your own dreams.
Flor, don't forget he's a Campiones.
I'll prove to them
that I'm not a failure.
Our son will give honor
to our name.
If he wins the crown.
Bullet don't!
I allowed you
to join the contest.
Only because I know that sports
is good for you.
And also
that's what your father dreams.
For you to win the crown
and give honor to our town.
But remember this.
Never use the gun
to kill people.
Do you understand?
Yes, mom.
I love you so much!
I love you so much!
I love you too, mom.
I'm hungry now.
We'll eat then.
Always be a good boy.
Flor that's enough,
we'll miss the bus.
I just want to see Bullet
before he leaves.
To wish you good luck
I'll drive you
to the bus station.
Thank you.
Don't worry
we will not fail our town.
Flor we have to go.
We're coming.
I'm just making sure that Bullet
has everything he needs.
Bullet! Remember
what I've told you.
Peping watch your son.
Bullet! Always remember
to say your prayers.
Don't forget to pray.
Bullet, good luck!
Peping give my regards to Elly.
Don't forget to pray.
Dad, why is there
a TV inside the bus?
Only houses should have TV.
Why is there
a TV inside the bus?
Bullet, you know...
It's for the passengers
not to get bored
during the trip.
That's is why.
Bullet, my son.
Always remember everything what
I've taught you
about holding a gun
when you are in the competition.
I will.
So you won't get disqualified.
Do you understand me?
Yes, daddy.
Dad what does it mean,
"you have the right
to remain silent"?
It's in the law.
That an arrested person
should know his rights.
Cops like me
should not just shoot
the criminals.
Dad, you know what?
You're like me.
You get astonished
when someone's talking to you.
You go to sleep now.
Mom! They're here.
We're here already.
Go greet your aunt Elly.
Yes, dad.
Greet her a good afternoon.
Peping! Bullet! How are you?
She's asking how are you.
Hey, Mon's asking how are you.
Still handsome.
Hurry. I'll show you something.
Come in.
How's Flor doing?
She stayed at home. Besides,
we'll just be gone for two days.
Come here Bullet.
You two, be careful.
And don't teach Bullet
anything nasty.
Bullet, you behave.
Mom, don't worry.
I'll take care of him.
Put your bag down.
Take a sit.
It amazes me
how Ray can talk to Bullet.
I don't know either.
I have been with Bullet
for thirty years
And up to now
I still find it hard
to talk to him.
I heard that the prize
is big money.
It is.
That's why Flor
allowed Bullet to join.
We can save that money
for his schooling.
Just wait here!
I'll show you something.
So many beautiful women.
What's with you? What's wrong?
Wait! Don't fight it.
Don't fight it. Bullet, wait!
What's happening here?
He slammed the door on his hand.
Bullet, let me see your hand.
Oh yes! Just like your father.
I'm so worried about your case,
you know.
But in a way...
have your mother
received the package?
Don't worry.
Now, Richie.
From here,
you stay over the night.
Is that a problem?
No, we're looking
for a container van.
What's in it?
It contains sports cars.
Maybe I can help you here,
but... Can you give me any proof?
So I could start looking for it.
Yeah. I know someone here.
His wife is a Filipina.
I have the address.
I'm willing to give
thirty million pesos.
Thank you so much
in the name of God. Amen.
Did you see that Ray?
Bullet prays before eating.
I do pray, too.
Eat well.
Elly, may I ask...
when is Bob coming home?
He'll be coming home next week.
I told him not to extend
his contract in Taiwan.
Bullet, why not stay here
until next week?
So that you can see my father.
Why not. These two
barely see each other
and you're only staying
for 2 days.
That's impossible.
We told Flor that we'd only
be gone for 2 days.
Are you ready for tomorrow,
You'd better sleep early.
Centerfold Playboy magazine,
April and Susie wet
and delicious,
Playboy magazine.
Good evening, sir.
Where are Joe and Ferdie?
I wanna talk to them.
Are you a guest here? Sir
Sir, someone wants to
talk to you and Ferdie.
They just came in and hit me.
He is looking for you and Ferdie.
He wants to talk with you.
Do you want me
to take care of it?
Just say so.
Take care of it?
Use your head stupid.
Ferdie. Ferdie.
I'm just getting started.
Don't bother me.
General is here.
I'll be there.
Sir, excuse me.
Wait, it's locked.
Someone's still banging inside.
You'd better
use the male restroom.
Hurry up.
Just give him a minute.
Sheryl, is that you?
I forgot to tell you
that Ferdie's sick.
Be careful
you might get infected.
Is that true?
Don't believe him.
He's the sick one.
Sorry sir.
Moron! Fix that!
Yes, sir.
Did you fix the leak
in the restroom?
I'm sorry, general.
I was washing my face.
Well, gentlemen. I cut a deal
with certain Japanese.
You have to look
for a container van.
I'll give you
five hundred thousand
as down payment.
If you can deliver
the container van to me.
I'll give you two million.
Sounds like a good deal to me.
Not bad. Shoot.
Do you understand
how to hold the fire?
Load and make ready.
Shot to ready, on set.
Shot to ready. Stand by. Up.
Load, make ready.
On set, stand by. Up.
Uncle, how long until Bullet
become the champion?
Not that long.
He just need to beat
some more of the contestants.
But he has a stiff competition
with that shooter.
That's Jethro Dionisio.
He's really good
and famous as well.
He has a good pulse.
Yes, he does.
But, Bullet can beat him.
You really idolize Bullet.
Bullet! Bullet.
Load and make ready.
Shooters, ready.
Stand by. Up.
What can you say?
Your son beat the reigning
champion Jethro Dionisio.
Didn't you have any problem
because our son's autism?
Autistic people have extra gifts.
With Bullet, his gift
is target shooting.
Your son is very good.
Thank you very much.
Bullet here's our car.
Thank you.
Don't move!
Go to hell!
That's enough. Eat first.
I'm champion, I'm champion.
Can I borrow it?
I'm the champion.
Eat first before you go play.
Bullet, finish your food first.
Where? Let's go there.
Dad, can we go outside?
Just don't go too far.
It's getting dark.
Mom, can I come with Bullet?
Ok. Don't leave him alone.
Let's go. Hurry up.
Let's go.
They didn't finish the food.
Hey, you two,
come finish your food.
I'll give this to
Bullet's godfather our Mayor.
Our town will be so happy.
We'll not allow you
to go to the restroom anymore.
So, just pee in your pants.
Stay there.
You still didn't tell us
where's the container van.
I don't know.
You're just making it hard.
Look, your wife's in trouble
because of you.
I don't know.
Wait a minute.
Let's go home. I'm tired.
Let's go look for it.
I'd been going there.
But I can't seem to catch it.
It's been so long...
Come on, let's go.
Give me that.
Wanna bet?
Look well!
I won!!
It's all your fault bitch!
The house is ruined already.
Wait! It's the monster's house.
It's the monster's house.
Come on, let's go.
Hurry up, Bullet.
Okay, let's go closer.
This is how you do it.
Watch and learn.
Stop it! I'm begging you.
There's a man tied up.
Who's that monster?
The other guys.
It should be the one tied up.
Because he's the monster.
No! It's the bad ones.
Have mercy!
I don't know anything
about any container.
Damn it! Come here!
You don't know anything?
I bet you'll start talking now.
Bullet let's go home.
Let's go home Bullet.
Don't come near us.
Bullet, Bullet!
Here, hurry!
Help me!
You're a monster.
Help me!
Go... run!
You're a monster.
Bullet, let's go.
He's dead.
Bullet, we'd better split up.
So they can't catch us.
No! I don't want to.
Let's stay together.
I don't want to.
Stay here.
Let's go.
They're gone.
You two!
Look for them over there.
The one who ran here
got a camera.
Boss they video
everything we did.
When we find them...
I'm sure
they'll forget their names.
It's me.
I'm on the hi-way in Bulacan.
What? The party's tonight.
I thought that was next week.
Wait... Wait!
What's the name
of the restaurant?
Damn! For a while,
I drop my pen.
What are you up to?
Come down.
What's with you?
Hey, man!
What's happened to you?
You're a thief aren't you?
You stole that camera.
That's why you're hiding
under the bridge.
Are you an addict?
Come down.
I don't like it here.
Why? What's wrong with you?
Fine. We're leaving.
Let me do the talking.
Ok hurry.
Good day officer.
Good day sir.
Good day to you too.
We would like to report
two missing children.
My son is about this tall
and black straight hair.
His eyes are round.
Did you bring any pictures?
This is my son.
This is my son.
Your son's too old
to be getting lost.
Are you from the Province?
My son is a autistic child.
Is that the same
with fan-tas-tic?
I'm Colonel Campiones
of region three.
Sir! I'm sorry. Ma'am.
So, if he's not a cop
you'll treat him that way?
I was only joking ma'am.
Well, we're not!
I'm sorry man, sir.
Forget it.
Wait a minute, It was him
on the paper this morning.
Beltran, can you hand me
the newspaper.
Low batt! Great!
This is just great!
I need to make a call.
I'll be just looking
for a telephone booth.
Don't go anywhere
I'll be right back.
Do you understand?
I'll be right back.
Stay here!
Miss, we're waiting for a call.
It won't take long.
She looks familiar.
I think I've seen her somewhere.
I remember she's a pick-up girl
in West Avenue.
Are you going
to our reunion tonight?
Where's that?
Is DeJesus coming?
You know Liverato.
I'll see you there. Bye.
I have to call Melba, Bye.
Hey! That's enough.
You bastard!
Go on, I'll make sure
that'll be your last move.
Will we do it?
Are you nuts? She told us
that'll be our last move.
Besides we shouldn't hurt women.
Right? Let's go.
Are you going to buy that?
This guy is so impossible.
What a day!
Come on it!
I didn't have breakfast
and went to the office earlier
but didn't make it.
I even changed route to avoid
getting stuck in the traffic.
But what then?
Come here.
I changed route to avoid
getting stuck in the traffic.
I ran into you instead.
I asked for a leave
so I can rest for few days
and now they want me
to report in.
And I tried to make
a phone call just now
I got a fight with those
good for nothing cops.
What are you doing? Take a sit.
Why the hell did you make me
this kind of day?
Who are you really?
Right, Bullet.
Don't go anywhere.
I'll get you some clothes
but you need to bath first.
Who the hell ordered you
to kill him
and his wife?
All I've told you is to
kidnap him and force him to talk.
So he would tell us
where the container van is.
It was an accident.
We have no plans of killing them.
We have no choice.
They tried to fight.
Now how am I supposed to know
where the van is.
The problem with you two is
keep on making decisions without asking me f
This time make sure
you do it right.
If you two fail,
I'll bury you both.
How are you?
Hello there. How are you?
I'm ok, I'm fine.
How are you?
Hey, Maybelle, looking good huh.
Val is that you?
Of course, who else?
Your boy friend?
No. He's just a friend.
You two don't look good together
because you don't
have any jewelry.
Here, Maybelle this is for you.
I know
you can't buy these things
because you don't have money.
You know what, Liverato
you haven't changed a bit.
Take it. I can't even sell that.
You know what,
you're still an airhead.
How are you? You look so sexy.
I already have three kids.
You have three kids?
But you still look great.
You haven't changed a bit.
Yes, here's Jean
Jean, you're still
a problematic up to now.
What's up? Marissa
Is he your boyfriend?
No. I found him
in the middle of the road.
I didn't know where to bring him
so I decided to bring him here.
There's something wrong with him
I just can't figure out
what is that.
He doesn't look like a retard.
He's autistic.
Oh he's original.
That's an authentic man there.
Anyway, autistic people
live in their own world.
Another word for this
is idiot savant.
What's idiot savant?
Idiot savant is a saying
for people who's useless.
They don't know
anything in general life.
But in one particular talent,
they are extra ordinary.
We just don't know
the talent of...
Of Bullet.
Eat! Eat!
You wanna eat?
I'm hungry.
We have a special request.
It's Bullet.
I can't believe
you're still not married.
I have no plans
in getting married just yet.
I'll work first
and save money.
You know,
I still wanna to help people.
Country that's in chaos...
Kulapo is enraged...
Laddle, pee can,
used in the battle
Chinese spattered,
Japanese were thrown
American ran... Filipino won...
Thank you.
Bullet that's enough. Let's go.
Very good. Very good.
Good, good, good. One more.
Wait, he's still
going to sing for us.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you so much...
thank you so much...
Ray, Ray, Ray...
Bullet, what's wrong?
Who's that?
Ok, ok.
Ray! Stop! Ray.
Bullet. Where did you put it?
I want to go home.
Dad's looking for me.
We can't go home
until we get it back.
I have to show it
to uncle Peping.
Let's go home.
Dad's looking for me.
Will you listen for a while?
Dad's looking for me.
Hey, Bullet, listen to me.
Let's go home. Will you stop it!
How can we go home?
Are you not going
to stop from bickering?
Let's go home.
What are you looking for?
He has a video camera the night
we got separated.
Is that it?
It's behind the TV.
Get it and please stop arguing.
Go home.
Let's go home, let's go home.
Dad's already looking for me.
Hello. Who's on the line?
It's me Ferdie. I called
because I already miss you.
Isn't it too early for jokes?
By the way,
I'll be a little late.
Don't tell me
you're not going to work?
You just took a leave yesterday.
No, it's just that I saw
these two kids yesterday.
I made them
spend the night here.
My dad's looking for me.
I'll just drive them home.
Two kids?
It's not here.
Just keep on looking.
Oh, correction,
the other one is older
but he thinks like a kid.
What do they look like?
You mean you let them
sleep in your house?
They might be thieves.
I don't think so,
they look fine to me.
I picked up the guy
under the bridge.
While the kid, his friend,
Let's go home.
Was already in Makati.
They said
that someone's after them.
So, I let them spend
the night here.
Do they have a video camera?
Yes, how do you know?
Maybelle, don't go anywhere.
Hello, Ferdie...
Finish watching it
and I'll take you home.
I'll be just getting dressed.
Who took that?
You're a cop, right?
Aunt Maybelle.
Maybe you can help us.
Bullet... Ray... hurry, let's go.
Bullet, come on, let's go.
Come here! Shoot them!
Get down!
Let's go. Hurry.
Go at the front.
We'll go here.
Get out of the way!
What happened here boss?
Sir, what happened?
Get the car.
Sir, how about my house?
I'd stay here.
Let's give Bullet a gun.
What? Ray, are you sure
he can use that gun?
Of course, he's the champion.
He's the champion.
Are you sure?
Here, Bullet,
shoot them.
No! I promise mother
not to kill anybody.
I won't do it.
You don't have to kill them.
All you have to do
is to shoot their car.
So they can't follow us.
You have to shoot at them.
You have to shoot at them
or else they will kill us.
Come on, Bullet, shoot them.
Come on, shoot them.
Don't embarrass me.
Go on!
Are you sure he can shoot?
Yes, he's good.
He's the champion.
Come on,
don't you embarrass me.
Slow down the car.
You told us that his father
went to the station
reported two missing children?
Yes, boss.
I'm sure the address
is still thee.
I'm sure boss.
Get close to Joel.
Joel, take care of them.
I'll do something
that will make them surrender.
Go! Follow them.
Bullet, hurry!
Bullet... Maybelle stop the car!
Bullet has fallen.
Let's go.
Hop in! Let's go!
Maybelle, did you know
that Bullet
won the National Shooting?
Last week.
He bested Jethro Dionisio.
My mother told me
that people like Bullet
is a blessing from heaven.
God gave him his talent
to protect himself.
He's better
than a normal shooter.
How good is he?
He hits everything he aims at.
He does not make mistakes.
Before I forget...
Ray, in that video.
I saw that Japanese
was going toward your direction
before he's killed.
Did he say anything?
No, but he give me something.
What is it? You still have it?
It's still here... wait.
Here it is.
This key is so important.
They had
to kill the Japanese for it.
Sir, I think this is the time.
You just had an accident and now
you're already speak English.
Come on.
Look for them.
We won't hurt you
if you come out.
Stay here. Whatever happens.
That goes with you too, Bullet.
Where's Bullet?
What did I tell you?
I'm not going anywhere.
You told me to stay here
so I stay.
I'm trying to fix this.
Right, stay there.
Boss, hide yourself.
He's a sharp shooter.
What are doing?
I told you to stay there.
Why did you insist to go?
You're a sharp shooter?
He's really good.
That's what he did to us.
You're on his side??
Well... he's really good.
Okay, call your son.
Don't come out.
Whatever happens.
Do you hear me?
Dad. Dad.
Bullet, Bullet...
Bullet stop!
Don't go there.
They'll kill you.
Go after them.
Are you the one coughing?
It's not me.
Oh! No... it's him again.
I don't know about you...
But I'm leaving now.
That's a good idea.
Let me finish them.
There are only two of them.
And the other one is a woman.
Hide your body.
The other guy
is a sharp shooter.
Can he hit this one boss?
He's indeed a sharp shooter.
Fool! That's what I've told you.
Bullet. Come and shoot me now.
If you don't come out...
I'll blow his head.
I'll count till three.
Dad... Dad.
One two
We wish you a merry christmas.
They made it too hard for us.
This tape gave us
a lot of problems.
Dad, Dad
Get rid of this evidence.
Dad, Dad
Get rid of me also.
I'll let you take care of this.
Dad, Dad.
Make sure they're dead
before you leave them.
Dad. Dad.
Don't leave me. Dad.
Bullet. Kill me instead.
Leave him alone
Kill me instead.
Let him go.
Stop it!
You bastards!
Let him go.
He doesn't know anything.
Kill me instead.
There! Use your hand.
Let's see if you're really
a sharp shooter.
Can I join?
I should join in also.
I want to join this too.
Go ahead, take it.
How can he shoot us?
He can't even use his hand.
Bullet, don't pick it up.
They'll shoot you.
Shut up!
I'll marry you later.
Bullet can use
his left and right hand.
Bullet, hurry!
Take this off.
We won't make it
if we use the stairs.
Bullet, let's go.
Is there no other way out?
this is the fastest way out.
Hold on! Bullet jump!
Where's Ray?
Ray. Ray.
It's nice of you to remember me.
Are you alright?
Go home and tell your mother
about what had happened here.
And report in to the cops.
But you're a cop.
I know that.
I mean to the other cops.
What about Bullet?
I'll take care of him.
Bullet, run!
This place is gonna blow up.
Come with me.
Get me a rope.
You have a place to go now.
Joel. I have a strong feeling.
That the van
does not contain sports cars.
I have an idea
how we can find out
what's really inside the van.
Let's go.
Let's go.
You're sick.
Here! Take some medicine.
Please Bullet.
Maybelle. Maybelle.
Bullet? You're not sick anymore?
Just taking a rest.
Bullet. What!?
What's happening with you? What?
Are your hands still aching?
What? Let me see.
Oh... that's why...
Come here. Quick!
Stay here okay?
Come here.
Feeling better?
Feeling better?
Come on.
We should follow our lead
General Sotto.
I'm sure he's the brain
behind this.
Ferdie and Joel are his men.
We'll know everything from him.
Here! It's antibiotic.
You need it.
I don't have
any more time to wait.
I'll give you three days only.
In due time
if you still haven't found it
the deal is off.
Don't you trust me any more?
It's not like that.
It's just that
I don't want to stay
in Philippines any longer.
I'll take care of you
here in Philippines.
I'll just give you three days.
After that... the deal is off!
What happened?
No... No
What's inside the container van?
I don't know.
What's inside the container van?
I don't know.
You're fooling us.
Open your mouth! Open up!
What did you say?
So now, you'll confess.
What's inside the container van?
I have no one
to trust for this job.
You know what I'm thinking.
You are the best person
for this kind of job.
You're smart.
You know you won't regret
choosing me.
He had a business.
Before Ferdie and Joel
killed the Japanese.
He had always been there.
His wife has a locker in there.
Don't worry.
If I have to search
the whole place...
I will search for it.
The General's van is here.
So... what?
Maybe his men are here.
Now we'll know
what the key is for.
Ah? So??
don't go anywhere.
If you leave.
I'll squeeze your hand.
Don't destroy that!
I have the key.
Get down!
Chris, cover me.
Go! Go!
Wow... there's plenty of sugar.
Bullet. That's not sugar.
It's plenty of starch.
Bullet, those are drugs.
And it's just too much
So, just as I had expected.
I've never thought of you
as the one I need.
Well done, officer.
You have really learned
without me.
Bravo! Bravo!
Holly Moses!
It's the payday!
All right! Boss.
General. Is it a sport car?
That's just too much.
What about us?
You tricked us
to think it's a sports car, huh.
What do you think of us?
Like rats in the cage
with a piece of cheese?
That's not it, for you.
The gun?
Bullet, now!
Bullet, just stay with me.
Don't go anywhere.
Be careful.
They might follow us.
You again?
Dad is that you?
You have the right
to remain silent.
Your son s really stubborn.
That was close.
Joel, are you all right?
Make sure you don't expose
any part of your body.
I know that.
But before he shoot me.
I'll blow his head first.
Bullet! Drop your gun.
Don't shoot.
We're coming out.
Just don't hurt him.
Don't kill him.
Bullet. Watch this!
Dad, wake up Dad
Is my dad alive?
He's still alive
Go on. Walk... walk.
Wait... slowly...
you're holding me like gays.
Get in!
I'm glad nothing bad
had happened to you.
did you fulfill your promise?
Yes, I didn't kill anybody.
It was that lady cop
who did all the fighting.
I've only done
what you've told me to do.
Bullet, you're the hero.
Those bad guys can't beat you.
Of course. Bullet's the champion.
Wait, wait,
you've forgotten the father.
I'm the one
who taught him all these
that's why I'm the best.
Peping, you're wounded and all
but you're still boastful.
Give him a break.
But he needs to know
that I taught him
And that's why I'm the best one.
Mayor, I knew all your shots
were on the floor.
That I wouldn't know.
Who's Bullet?
Who's Bullet?
Why? My son's innocent.
We just want to invite him
at the station
for a few questions.
I'll take care of him, Sarge.
Ok, Lieutenant. Let's go Sarge.
I thank the Lord that I met you.
I've learned so much from you.
If it wasn't for you
I might not have make it.
Those bastards
might have killed me.
Why is that
we don't think the same?
Why? Are you an abnormal?
You know what, Bullet...
I will never forget you.
Thank you very much.