Wait Till Helen Comes (2016) Movie Script

We came
back to Baltimore
to pick up the last few things.
I haven't slept in days.
Weird dreams are back.
I can't tell mom.
If I have to see one
more useless doctor
or take another stupid pill,
I'm really gonna go insane.
Come on, Molly!
I hate
leaving this place.
Well you hated living here.
At least in Hallowell you'll
have less people to fight with
and you won't have to
move schools every year
because there's only one.
These are the last bits.
Get the rest of
this stuff, please.
Okay, people, we have to get
Dave's daughter before 10:00
so let's go.
We're picking her up today?
You promised you would
welcome her, remember?
It's so good to see you.
You remember Michael and Molly?
I'm not
sure what's worse,
living in the middle of nowhere,
or starting a new life
with Dave and Heather.
I feel like I'm abandoning
dad, his spirit, in a way.
Michael, will he even
remember him at all?
Maybe mom's right.
Maybe leaving the past behind
is what everyone needs.
Here we are.
Everybody grab something.
Isn't it beautiful?
Careful, my
specimens are in that box.
Never moving again.
That's the idea.
Molly, you make
room for other stuff?
Yes, I did when you
asked me yesterday.
Heather, come on.
Do you want this bed?
I really don't care.
TV's not working.
Take Heather outside.
Do you wanna go outside?
We can tour a bit.
I'm going, so if you wanna
come, you can just...
Can you please fix it?
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Come on, let's go!
You're so weird.
I thought you'd
get an advance.
It doesn't work that way.
I've gotta turn in
a couple chapters.
What are we gonna do
if they decide it's not...
Mom, there's something
strange about this place.
Not what?
I don't know, not what
they're looking for.
Where's Heather?
I don't know, in the woods.
You don't leave a
child alone in the woods.
You were supposed
to look after her.
I told you.
I know.
Ramble on
When your ramblin'
Okay, you've
been in there long enough.
Time to come out.
Though I love you
With a love true
When your ramblin'
Days are gone
This way!
Ramblin' Rose
Come on, Molly!
Molly, come.
Ramblin' rose
Why I want you
Heaven knows
Though I love you
Come out and play.
We can play hide and seek.
There's a
ghost outside the house.
There's no one out there.
Okay, bedtime.
It's probably just the wind.
Here you go.
I'm gonna finally
start painting tomorrow.
Dave's gonna write his book.
We're gonna make some money
and renovate this place.
Maybe you'll even
have your own room.
I want you to
remember this, okay?
Heather's been through a lot
for a little girl her age.
You know what it's
like to lose a parent.
You know how much
you've struggled.
It hasn't been easy
for her either.
I just need you to be
the big sister, okay?
Where are you guys?
Birkin, my 1st grade teacher.
In memory of RM and MM, 1886.
Hey Molly, Mr. Simmonds
says the church
was built in the 1800s.
Some of these graves
are almost 200 years old.
We have a neighbor.
Susanna Berry, June 10th, 1832.
Why is there a lamb there?
For a child.
They didn't have
medicine back then.
Measles, chickenpox,
scarlet fever,
that's what killed the children.
Fires too.
Her mother died in a fire.
What are you doing?
you guys shouldn't be
messing with graves.
Molly, you gotta see this.
That's strange.
What's strange?
Impossible to
bury someone here.
Why is that?
Too many roots.
Just initials.
Those are my initials.
Your initials are H.E.H.?
Come on,
guys, let's go.
Come on,
you kids shouldn't be
playing around here anyway.
You're not alone.
You never told me there'd
be a bunch of dead people
buried in our backyard.
We found a graveyard
by the woods.
I'm writing.
Did you guys know?
Well did you?
A lot of old churches had
graveyards on the property.
dead people?
Imagine what quack
neighbors there'll be.
happens when people die?
Does a part of you live forever
or is it just like going to
sleep and never waking up?
Since dad, I think
a lot about death,
but it's strange when it's
the death of a little girl.
Where do you
think her body is?
Whose body?
The dead girl.
The one in the graveyard.
She has the same
initials as me, H.E.H.
Don't you think that's strange?
No, it's probably
just a coincidence.
I don't think you
should worry about it.
My heart was
pounding just at the thought.
What if they'd been my initials?
Hey, Molly.
Wanna go to the store with me?
Paper and pens are a
writer's best friend.
Good day.
Would you have
any carbon paper?
Sure thing, sir.
How many boxes would you like?
Three boxes, 100 sheets.
Thank you.
So far, living
here is worse than I imagined.
Mom and Dave aren't exactly
your typical parents.
As long as we turn up
for meals and bedtime,
they don't worry
too much about us.
Into the trees
You awake?
Do you not see me
sitting at my desk?
We need to talk.
It's possible, isn't it?
Maybe a crossed signal?
It could've been a
voice from the radio.
I'm not making this up.
Do you want a sip?
I'm not drinking that.
Is that Dave's?
What's wrong with you?
There was a newspaper article
about a missing
girl at the store.
I asked the guy and he
said they never found her.
Mom's right.
You should give
this place a chance.
I'm going to bed.
Stop worrying about dead people.
Over here!
Over here.
Come this way.
This way!
Where are you, my
little butterfly?
You kids come
straight home after school,
- all right?
- Thanks.
You moved
here from Baltimore?
Here to
your old church.
And you're gonna renovate it.
If I understand correctly,
you are a writer?
What do you write?
Fiction, novels.
How's that going?
Kind of hard to
talk to anyone about anything
when no one believes you.
Am I hearing voices
now like dad?
I saw a little girl in my dream.
It's more than just visions now.
I feel it, and it scares me.
I feel like something
is watching us out here.
Seems to be everywhere,
around the house,
the woods, the wind.
I think Heather feels it too.
You can come out.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Don't be afraid.
I brought you some flowers.
Kitty was right in the
middle of the action.
Do you want to
come to my house and play?
You won't have to
be alone anymore.
Don't worry.
I'll be your friend.
I'll be your best
friend forever.
Don't make a big
deal out of it.
She probably just has
an imaginary friend.
No, I saw something.
I'm not crazy.
She was staring at it and then
she turned and looked at me,
as if whatever it was
told her I was there.
Molly, please.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm thinking I should've
taken a bigger piece of pie.
Look, I'm not making this up.
I'm not like dad.
I didn't say that.
You're thinking it.
Maybe this...
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
Dave should get you
one of those collars
with a bell on it.
Come with me.
Where are we going?
Heather, what's going on?
Come on,
don't let her stop you.
Heather, stop screaming.
Heather, stop!
Stop screaming!
Heather, stop!
What's going on?
What happened?
I don't know!
It sounds like she
was just sleepwalking.
Kids do that sometimes
and they wake up,
they have no idea
where they are.
What's going on?
I've never seen her like this.
She was obviously
I tried to wake her up.
What happened?
Came in, she was
talking to someone.
I turned and there
was something outside.
Jesus, did you put this
idea in Heather's head?
What is wrong with you, Molly?
What does this
have to do with me?
I don't know, you tell me.
You think it's normal to be up
in the middle of
the night with her?
What were you doing, Molly?
Just leave Heather alone.
Back off!
Leave her alone.
She's a fragile kid.
How would you know?
You left her rotting in that
stupid center for three years!
No one believes me!
It's always my fault!
Hey, baby.
Take your pills, okay?
I don't want them.
I'll leave them here
in case you can't sleep.
I'm sorry.
When we found this place, I
thought it was gonna be perfect.
Maybe it would help us move on,
help you to move on.
Mom, I really wanna
be alone right now.
I love you.
Heather, please don't
play with the brush.
Hey there, Mark.
Yeah, it's going well.
Finally just got started.
Okay, yeah, sure, I'll get him.
Hey Dave!
It's your editor.
Heather, please don't touch!
I've told you not to touch!
You can look, but don't touch!
Molly, can you make
sure she's okay?
That's your job.
Well screw them, find
another publisher then.
Wait for me!
Helen, wait!
Am I getting warmer?
What about now?
And now?
I found it!
I love it.
It's beautiful!
Can I keep it?
Did your mom give it to you?
What is this?
It's a walkie.
I'm talking to you, Molly.
Do you know how much I paid
for this thing you
just had to have?
You can have it, because
I don't want it anymore.
Hey, I'm not finished!
What is wrong with you?
I hate this place!
I don't wanna live here!
I hate her, I hate him,
and I hate you for forcing
us to live with them!
I wanna go back to Baltimore!
How was
everybody's day?
There's ruins of a
house deep in the woods.
A house?
Yeah, next to a river.
The place looks like
it's about to collapse.
I really don't think Heather
should be playing down there.
Why would Heather
be playing there?
She found it.
How about you girls
stick around the church?
Yeah, I agree with that.
I could go check it
out, make sure it's safe.
Mm-mm, that's
not gonna happen.
It's not dangerous.
It's pretty.
I don't want you
playing by the river.
Why don't you show
them that nice locket
you found there?
Let's see it.
Let's have a look.
Do you know they use to
keep old photos inside,
locks of hair?
I hate you.
What are you doing here?
Get out!
Because of you, she
might never come back.
She's very mad you followed us.
Who are you talking about?
Who's Helen?
Heather, who's Helen?
You know who Helen is.
Tell me
what she says to you.
What does she want?
Leave us alone.
Well, look what
the wind blew in.
Does Helen have something
to do with the missing girl?
It was only a matter of time.
You would sense something.
I knew the second I saw you.
Knew what?
That you were special.
You have the gift, like
my late wife, Rose.
She claimed that there were
two kinds of people
in this world,
one kind who would
walk into a place
and see it for what it is,
that used to be me,
and the other who
would sense something
that the first group
was unaware of.
Sometimes they would
sense something joyful.
Most times, they would
sense something painful,
like a deep sadness,
like Helen's spirit.
Rose used to call
it the unresolved.
It was if an old
energy from the place
would connect with
something within her
and would draw her in.
I used to think she was
crazy, talking to ghosts,
helping people with
that gift of hers.
She sure meant well.
What happened to her?
Sometimes it can turn
into such silly games,
forbidden games.
I think there's a
reason why I see her,
like I'm supposed
to do something.
Then be very careful.
I don't want you
to end up missing.
This miniature orchestra
consists of two symbols...
Michael, come on,
come on, hurry up!
It says, "Leave us alone," look.
It's not there.
There was something
written in the mirror!
There's nothing there.
No, I'm not making this up!
It said, "Leave us alone,"
right in the mirror!
This is
getting ridiculous, Molly.
Where do you think you're going?
Let's go back to bed.
might have a point.
Even if there is some
invisible terror...
Helen, are you out here?
Right here.
Have you considered that
this might all be in your head?
What's that supposed to mean?
Illusions, nightmares, they
wouldn't be what they were
if they didn't seem real.
Sometimes our mind
plays tricks on us.
We see what we want to see.
Maybe you're obsessed with death
because dad killed himself.
He was sick.
You're not.
You were too young.
That's why you don't care.
I never said I didn't care.
I just won't allow him to
poison the rest of my life.
where I saw the ghost.
I'll be right back.
Hey wait!
Don't go in there!
I just wanted you to see it!
I'm staying right here.
You should come back.
Michael Summers, Fall, 1982.
Exploring some mysterious ruins,
and crossing the threshold.
Looks like some teenagers
from Hallowell came down here.
Maybe bums.
But alas, no ghost.
What are you doing?
I thought
I heard something.
What do you
mean you heard something?
Heard what?
Be careful!
What is this?
get out of there!
What is it?
Look at the initials,
the same as on the
stone in the graveyard.
This is where she lived.
Heather said her name was Helen.
Here, H.E.H.
H doesn't mean
her name was Helen.
They're all underwater?
Oh really?
No sound, just music.
I like your dress.
I don't have any nice dresses.
Can I go with you?
Sometimes she
sleeps on the couch.
She won't see us.
We could go tonight.
Molly, I know it's you!
You better let me out.
How did this happen?
She locked me in.
Can I help you?
We're looking for
Hallowell ancestries.
I did find something
else that might be helpful.
Let me just see now.
According to this,
the house burned down
about 100 years ago.
This is a picture of the
house before it burned.
Does it look familiar to the
other house, do you think?
It kind of looks like it.
Oh, and here's a
picture of the owners.
This would be Mr.
and Mrs. Miller.
You see,
the last name's Miller.
This one, Mabel, Robert
and Mabel's girl, Helen,
taken in June 1886
at Harper House.
The estate belong to
Mr. and Mrs. Harper.
Mr. Harper passed away,
and shortly afterward,
Mrs. Harper married
Mr. Robert Miller.
Then the girl's
name was Helen Harper.
Yes, Helen Elizabeth Harper.
Fire at the Harper House.
The bodies of Helen,
Mabel, and Robert Miller
were never found.
They must have burned to ashes.
Poor things.
Thank you.
are you going?
What's wrong?
Wow, H.E.H.
The girl in
the picture, that's her,
that's the girl I
saw in my dream.
I told you Heather knew
her name was Helen.
must be an explanation
other than she's
talking to ghosts.
I told mom I'd
meet them in town.
I'll see you later.
Hey guys?
happened to Helen?
Why is she still here?
What if she lured these girls
because she didn't
wanna be alone?
Where did she take them?
Ramblin' Rose
Ramblin' Rose
Why you ramble
No one knows
Wild and wind-blown
That's how you've grown
Who can cling to
A ramblin' Rose
Ramble on
Ramble on
When your ramblin'
Days are gone
Right there.
Go back to the car
and lock the doors.
She's not here,
I can't find her.
I'd better not
see her right now.
What are you saying?
She didn't do this!
Then who did?
She's not well, Jean.
You just don't see it, do you?
You Molly Summers' parents?
I took her back to the station
and she didn't say much,
except she didn't
wanna come back here.
She seemed upset.
Is everything all right?
Yes, it's fine.
Obviously we got broken into.
We don't get break-ins here.
Okay, officer, what's
that supposed to mean?
I don't get it.
Get out.
Summers, Fall, 1982.
Exploring some...
Maybe bums.
But alas, no ghosts.
open the door!
ruined, all of it.
Your mother said
your sister had
some pretty intense
panic attacks,
even hallucinations
after your father died.
She ever do anything like this?
She would never
touch my stuff.
I think there's something
going on in this house.
None of us are
willing to say it.
Get this place cleaned up.
I am so tired, Molly!
I'm so tired of all of this!
I didn't do it!
Then who did?
You think I'm like dad.
you're not like your father.
You are nothing
like your father.
Do you understand that?
Why don't you
ever talk about him?
About what happened?
Because I don't
want Michael to know.
He knows, mom.
I never stopped loving him
through all his delusions.
Michael was so young.
I didn't want him to
have to carry it around.
I wish you didn't
have to either.
Get some rest.
what's the holdup?
I've gotta report
to headquarters!
Easy, easy!
It's not
as simple as we thought.
The shock-proof container
was damaged on contact.
We've got a leak inspector.
That's enough games.
Let's go, time for bed.
You can still save her.
Come to me.
Oh no!
Heather, where are you?
Answer me!
No no no no no!
Where is she?
What did you do to my sister?
Let her go!
Where are you, my
little butterfly?
Helen, are you still up here?
Helen, bedtime.
No more hide and seek.
I bet I know where you are.
I win!
Helen, open the door!
If you can,
please open the door!
there's a latch!
Unlatch the door!
There's a latch.
Helen, come on!
I'm trying!
Helen, please
unlock this door!
Come here
and open the door.
I'm trying.
Open the door, Helen!
Helen, open the door!
Heather, stop!
Heather, stop!
Heather, please breathe!
Heather, no!
Heather, no!
Heather, don't do this to me!
Heather, please breathe!
Wake up, Heather!
Come on, get up!
Please get up!
Come on!
Wake up.
Oh my god!
Oh my god, Heather!
Are you okay?
My ocean!
No, Heather, stop!
No, let me go!
Let me go!
I don't understand.
I wanna go with her!
What are you talking about?
I don't wanna
be alone anymore!
I don't wanna be here.
She's the only one who cares.
When my dad finds out what I
did, he's gonna send me back.
Heather, what happened?
It was an accident.
I was trying to cook for her.
I thought the fire would stop,
but it didn't.
I was so scared.
I just ran.
The house burned down.
She never came out.
Her parents are dead.
She's alone.
That's why she understands me.
She never meant to hurt
her parents either.
We need to help
her if we want her to stop!
It's somewhere here.
We gotta find it!
I think Helen's parents
are trapped in here.
We have to set them free!
Come on!
Come on, push harder!
Over there!
Here, underneath!
It was locked!
Help me!
Wait here until I see
what's down there.
Do you see anything?
Are you okay?
You have to see this!
It's them.
Helen's parents.
Their spirits must've been trapped
down here since the fire.
What's happening?
Come on, Molly, we
need to get out.
You gotta be kidding me!
Goodbye, Helen.