Waiting (2016) Movie Script

Morning Doctor - Morning
Daughter is better, Panicker?
No Sir
No, not at all...
Now they are saying she
needs to wear a brace on her back
They are right, you know...
Better than having an operation...
Surgery carries a risk of
vertebral canal stenosis
All in God's hands, Sir
She will be alright... don't worry
Sir hasn't come yet...
Sorry Ma'am...
Yes Ma'am...
Coffee Ma'am!
So sweet of you, Sir
You work too hard...
Good Morning Sir - Sorry Ma'am
Good morning Ann.
Good morning.
Hovv are the Vitals?
BP is back to 120/80...
Temperature 98.2...
Can I have a look?
That means the fever
last night
was an anomaly...
...we should do the
blood test anyway...
Yes, I have informed the lab...
I will have to check
on another patient...
will you take over?
Yes, yes sure...
Thank you, Uncle... I will see you.
Hovv is my favourite wife?
There's a cramp in your gut
Yet you mouth off a lame excuse
You hide the sanitary napkin
From the male gaze
Oh, why should we hide?
Will you shed the old ways please!
Be free!
Be free!
Those four days of the month
When you feel that little stir
Drop the damn secret
All that blood is Mother Nature
Drop the black bag around your
Pack of Sanitary
Be Free!
Be Free!
It's Good.
You like it?
Thank You!
Hadn't taken a shower anyway!
You pricks!
Can't you think beyond
your stupid spoofs...
You know,
I have achieved something in my life
At least I am using
the power of social media...
...to create something meaningful
The brand wins, we win.
We create a revolution...
We are the fucking new wave man!
The new wave of
sanitary napkins!
Hi, I am Lokesh
and I am a feminist!
And I thought you had
bunked work again today...
Mrs. Deshpande?
Ma'am, I am Bharat Saxena...
I am from SciTech
Guys, will you shut up please...
From your husband's office...?
Ma'am, this is your
Ivlumbai to Cochin ticket...
We have kept the return
tickets open for now...
I'm sure he's going
to be okay Ma'am...
Listen, help me atleast a bit?!
I'm doing all the packing!
Fucking sucks, man.
They like just got married!
Do you think we should go with her?
I fucking hate hospitals!
I think we should inform
Tara's parents, no?
They don't talk to each other
Both their parents
were against their wedding
What a 70's show man!
They look so posh.
Just shut the fuck up!
Just saying...
I can't stop yapping
until I get some food into me...
You know in these flights...
...you have to choose your food
options at the time of booking itself...
Vegetarian or Non
Vegetarian etc etc...
Now what will you do?
Ask the Air Hostess...
...if she has any spare packets
of banana chips or something...
Excuse me...
My husband, Rajat Deshpande?
One minute...
Ma'am your husband is
in the ICU right now...
I don't have any
more details here...
Go straight.
Take the lift to the fourth floor
Take the right and
then go straight again
Oh sorry, sorry... sit down.
Let's go to another room...
Mrs. Deshpande?
Yes, yes Doctor?
Myself Girish from SciTech.
From the local branch...
Company people told
me to see that you are okay...
I'm sorry I didn't see you
so I went to take dinner...
Doctor will be here
any minute Ma'am...
Don't worry... this
is a top class hospital...
All foreigners are
coming here for treatment...
...and we have also
booked your hotel,
just opposite the hospital...
Mrs. Sampath?
No! Mrs. Deshpande!
Oh Sorry...
No wait... are you the Doctor?
Yeah... I need to see my husband
The nurse will be here...
No, I need to see
my husband now!
Your husband... what's his name?
Rajat Deshpande...
And which one is he? Bed number...?
I don't know...
Bed number 8!
Bed Number 8...
Ma'am... just have a seat...
I am Dr. Vishvvanath...
Your husband is not my patient...
I'm just on call here for tonight...
Hovv much do you know
about his situation?
I have been
sitting here like an idiot!
Actually Rajat sir
was in an accident...
Truck hit his car...
and his head was smashed...
Okay... okay...
Mrs. Deshpande...
according to the note here...
...he was in some kind of
RTA... the front seat passenger
I think they had to
cut him out of the car...
Oh God!
When he reached here...
he had a severe head injury
Frontal and temporal
skull fractures,
significant bleeding...
He's on a breathing machine...
We'll know more about
his prognosis
in 48 hours...
Will he be okay?
Ma'am your own doctor will
talk to you in the morning...
I want to see him
That I will have to check
Check with bloody whom ya?!
I have every right to see my
husband. He is my husband okay!
Ma'am calm down...
No, I won't calm down!
Who is the fucking boss of
this place and who can I speak to?
Hovv can I see my own husband?!
I'm Rajat Deshpande
and I offer deep apologies...
...for not answering your
phone just now because I am...
Please leave a message after the sound
of this ceremonial Buddhist gong...
Can I sit here?
First 48 hours are hard
Very hard
I saw you outside the ICU
Shouting at Dr. Vishvvanath...
Your husband? Car accident?
Brain injury?
Brain injury is tough...
But survival chances are
better with young, healthy patients
So, my husband is going to be okay,
right Doctor?
No... No!
I mean, I am not a Doctor
My wife is here...
She has been in a coma
for last eight months
So... have you met your doctor yet?
No... they said...
only after the
morning ward rounds...
Famous morning ward rounds!
First they will tell
you to see them at sharp 9 am
But you won't see
their faces till 11 am
And then of course,
comes their great dialogue...
'The net 48 hours will be crucial'
Yeah... that Vishwanath
guy... he already said that...
They say it to each other I think...
They all just ape each other
So what am I supposed to do now?
You do what we all do
Your husband has had
a serious head injury...
He has a fractured shoulder...
and three broken ribs...
...but, it's the brain
injury that is most dangerous...
We shouldn't raise
our expectations too much
Because in most cases like this
chances of a complete revival are...
...slim at the best
We are getting a new scan today
to see hovv things are progressing...
But we need to wait
for the full result of that
In the meanwhile,
the first 48 hours
are going to be crucial
ls Rajat going to die?
We will do our best to
make sure that he doesn't
Mrs. Deshpande, I think you should
call your friends or family over...
You need all the support you can get
And if you want to talk to me,
you are most welcome at any time
Yeah Sonal...
"You are okay with
lentils tonight right?"
No man, not that lentil
curry again please.
Everything alright?
Come on. Eat something.
and bathing
These three things should never stop
If you stop these then...
everything will come to a stop...
Come on
This ldli is not as bad as it looks!
What's your name?
Shiv Natraj...
But after living in the South
for over three decades now...
...it has become 'Shiva Natraja'!
I don't mind though...
I'm Tara.
Tara... Kapoor
Well, Deshapande, recently
Tara Deshpande.
Here, keep that!
Sleeping pills!
They are perfectly harmless.
Just take one in the night
So I should just pop a pill
and doze off happily
while Rajat is in the ICU?!
I can't
While Rajat is in the ICU
the nurses are looking
after him, not you
When he comes out of it, is when he
will be needing your maimum support...
You must look after yourself...
Looking after yourself
is looking after Rajat.
You make it sound like
it's an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
Not so different actually...
Here come...
Come on. You must eat.
Good Evening Ma'am
So sorry to disturb you...
Company people told me
to give your husband's luggage...
Police sent to the office
Anything you need Ma'am?
You do know you can
order room service here, right?
Ma'am, if you need anything...
please call me...
Mollakutty, Good morning. Coffee...
Thank You
I need your help
Omon say something!
I don't know about all these things...
What do you mean, 'all these things'?
It's obvious. They are doing it!
Doing what?
'Can't wait to see you!'
'We are so good together'
'Keep the champagne chilled baby'
Champagne... yeah I read that...
Hovv many messages in two days?!
I know it.
He came to Cochin just to meet her
This pitch business
was just an ecuse!
Look, maybe you are over-reacting.
Perhaps they are just good friends...
'Good friends'?
Yeah right! If she were
really such a good friend...
...then hovv come she did
not attend our wedding...
this bitch!
So why don't you call her?
Just call her!
Who, this Sheetal bitch?
And what would I say?
Hey hi, lam the wife of
the guy you are trying to screw!
But you know what,
he is in the coma at the moment...
...so now, forget about it!
Look, you just delete
these messages...
I know who to ask...
give me this!
Is that a yes or a no?
Oh yes, yes Ma'am, I know Sheetal...
And were Sheetal
and my husband close?
Oh yes!
Very close
They were working on
this pitch together right?
So talking,
Sleeping. ...?
Was Sheetal fucking my husband?
Yes or No?
I will just...
What are you doing...
...give me this!
Sheetal Sir!
He was Rajat sir's tech partner
Ma'am we are all
praying in the office...
We are holding a prayer
meeting tomorrow...
I'm an atheist
No Problem...
we will pray for you Ma'am
Sheetal is a man!
Yeah, I heard...
And he has a big beard too.
I am such an asshole.
Iam a dick! I am a dick!
You know Pankaja... if
we ever had children...
...perhaps it would be as difficult
to understand them as this girl...
Today's generation...
they are just incredible...
They just blurt out anything
that crosses their mind...
Yes, I did say once,
that they are more evolved than us...
They understand the world better than
us, they are better informed etc etc
But they lack any grace or dignity
You can't just vomit out
anything that comes into your head
It's quite embarrassing!
Yes, okay
I will stay away from her
Too much drama anyway.
You can't just walk
in here like this Ma'am!
I have to change his IV
Please go and wait
in the waiting room
Where the hell have you reached?
You are not answering your phone
and Rajafs is switched off too!
Everyone's here.
I have served the starters already...
Where are you Tara?
Ish. Rajat has been in an accident...
It's really nice. Just have a sip
What are you saying?
He is okay right?
He is in a hospital here in Cochin
In Cochin?
He has had a severe head injury.
He is in a coma.
Listen I'm coming there right away...
I'll take the first flight in the
morning and I'll be there okay...
I have to leave for San
Francisco in the morning...
Shit. Tara, Dileep has a flight to San
Francisco, in the morning tomorrow...
Tell her, I'm calling
my Cochin office right now...
Dileep is calling
his Cochin office Tara...
Ish! - I will call
Pushkar and ask for...
I think
Rajat is going to die
No, my Tara. My love
Only positive thoughts, okay
Listen. You just...
you just start chanting okay?
You saw it right
you know hovv much it
helped me when I was pregnant
And I'm going to start chanting
for Rajat right away... okay...
Everything is...
Good evening Uncle
Oh... Good evening...
Madam has sent tiffin...
Thank you! Thank you!
Your Madam
is very kind
I'm getting fat
Uncle. Old tiffin boxes?
Oh yes! I will just get it...
And also, hovv is Aunty?
Aunty is fine.
She will be home soon.
Doctors are very happy...
Doctor Nirupam wants
to talk to you...
I can't deal with his negativity
What Uncle...
Good afternoon Sir
Tara Deshpande?
One second sir..
Is everything okay?
Just shut the door and come in.
You are feeling alright?
What happened?
Nothing happened
Why are you still in bed?
Come on get up.
Your phone is ringing...
You are in a really bad mood today
31 calls.
Seems really determined
to speak to you.
Fuck that Lokesh!
Fuck all of them!
You know when that CHOIVIU
was down with jaundice...
It was me who was up all night,
taking him to the hospital.
...cleaning his puke...
hovv he used to call me his soulmate,
that ass!
And Ish! My best bloody friend!
At the time of her wedding,
you know I was the
only one supporting her...
...helping her tide through...
her relationship problems, her OCD...
...and now she is fobbing me off
with some 'Stay Positive' shit!
The net time someone
tells me to stay...
fucking positive, I will...
Do you know Shiv
hovv many friends
I have on my Facebook?
And I get 250 'Likes'
on some random jackass selfie!
And do you know hovv many
followers I have on Twitter!
And hovv many of them
are here right now?
What is Twitter?
Twitter. ...?
It's like this... thing...
It's like this... notice board...
Ecept that it is online
and open to the public...
So you can just write
any shit on it...
And then other people
write back some comments...
...and sometime shitty things too!
Well, the basic idea is to get
more and more people
to follow you
What is the point?
I don't know what is the point...
I want to tell you something
I haven't told about
Rajat to my parents yet...
And neither to Rajafs mom...
The thing is that she is so much
into Astrology and all that shit...
I know she hates me already
She will blame me
only for his accident.
According to me, you are
better off not sharing it with them
Yeah... after all what
will she do really?
Ecept for crying and creating
some drama, poor thing...
She won't be able to help anyway
This is your grief Tara.
Yours alone.
I guess so
Nobody else gives a shit...
I give a
Shiv, you said 'Shif!
It sounds funny
coming from your mouth.
- Does it sound funny?
- Yeah
should I say stool?
Dude, hovv are you
so Zen about all this?
I'm at a different stage
of grief from you, that's all...
There are stages to this shit?
First stage is Denial...
It can't be happening to me.
These things happen to other people...
Second stage is Anger...
Why did this happen to me.
Why me? Why him?
You hate everyone because
they are not where you are...
Then comes bargaining.
Give and take...
If you happen to believe in God...
...then you will try everything
to please him...
you'll bribe him...
And if you are an atheist...
Then suddenly you will
become very spiritual...
All your life,
you were this completely
pragmatic person...
...who may not have
spared even a rupee...
...to the homeless guy
at the traffic signal...
But now suddenly you transform
into a philanthropist...
...and feed a whole file of beggars
thronging outside a religious place...
Then comes depression...
A dark abyss...
An endless night...
That is your stage.
It's a very dangerous place...
But then finally, comes acceptance!
You are finally able to
cope up with your situation...
And at this stage you
find yourself with two choices...
One choice is to persuade yourself...
That everything is
going to be alright...
Or give up hope, like a coward...
That choice is yours!
But you must be
purposeful while you wait
Then you become 'Zen',
like me!
So tell me please hovv
do I get to this...
net stage?
First of all, call housekeeping!
This is Mrs. Deshpande...
A cup of Panickefis coffee everyday,
keeps the doctor away...
Hi Baby!
Did you see Sudhakafis case?
- Yes sir.
And what do you think?
Why do you think it's a subarachnoid?
It's blood, with surrounding oedema...
Very good,
but why so apologetic Doctor?
Because, it is very bad news sir...
It is very bad news.
But it's not your fault...
Okay let me teach
you hovv to give bad news...
Watch me and try and copy?
First, you must look
serious but hopeful...
...then raise your
eyebrows a little...
and chin down...
More down...
Not so much...
it looks like you are
set for a boing match...
Look at me...
We are still waiting
for the final reports...
And we'll know more
in forty eight hours...
...the latest
research confirms that...
...the moon is made of
some kind of dairy product...
Possibly cheese!
Very nice sir...
And then you take them with you...
just hold their elbow like this...
Just for a count of two.
That's it.
And they are with you...
Dr. Ravi there's no
room for doubt here
what are we trying to do here?
We are trying to save lives.
And if a little bit of faking
will make you do yourjob better...
Just do it!
The latest report confirms that...
...the moon is made of some kind
of diary product.
...possibly cheese...
Why are you dragging me here Dude?
I'm a proud Atheist...
Faith is a great coping
device Tara.
Try it!
Don't vvorry.
You are not swapping sides!
Happy? - Yes, very good...
Hovv could it just disappear?
That shop used to be right here...
some... ten - fifteen years back...
Can't we just go to a shopping mall?
No, I hate those bloody things...
They represent everything
that's wrong with us!
Everything? - Everything!
It's okay Shiv.
You are not swapping sides either!
Shopping is also
a great coping device...
Is it?
Yeah! Try it!
Prema, I'd like
to see Rajafs charts...
I'd like to see his vitals...
Shiv, hovv come you never had kids...
Just never happened.
First, there was a bit of a medical
But we were so content...
Never really felt the need.
Forty years just passed...
- For'ry years?
-For'ry years!
You mean, hovv wonderful! - Yeah...
You know people keep telling me,
'It's okay, she had a good life'...
...as if it's okay to die
if one had a good life...
So if she had a rotten life,
she should have had
a longer life or what?
People are shit!
I hate peopleg
I hate people too...
Good Morning Ann.
Happy Birthday...
Thank You Uncle...
Good Morning Professor!
Good morning...
Even I'd like flowers sometime,
you know...
Professor we need to talk...
I... I can't talk right now.
I have to get back home.
There is a problem with
my bathroom...
the drain has...
It's high time...
You are not being realistic
- I am being realistic
Everyday I hear of a new case
Where the patient has
suddenly recovered from coma...
...after the doctors
had given up all hope
It's fiction, Professor.
Stuff they write in magazines!
No. It's in medical journals!
I was just reading about
this woman in New Hampshire...
She was in coma for two years and
then one fine day she just woke up...
...like she got up
after a night's sleep
In Australia,
there was this Scuba diver...
Your wife has been on a steady decline
for eight months now...
She has no quality of life...
You have to ask yourself
what would she want?
She would want to get better
But she is not - She will!
She will.
You know that's not true...
Every month you are
spending millions of rupees...
At this rate you will go bankrupt!
Is that what she would have wanted?
I don't know actually... we had never
discussed it you know... she and I...
Do you discuss this with
your wife every evening...
Darling, hovv long would
you like to be on life support
in case you slip into a coma?
Please give it to me in
so I would know what to do...
She is just another
patient for you Nirupam...
I know that,
she is just another hospital bed...
But I don't think you
realise what she is for me...
So I will decide what she wants!
She wants to get better
and if you don't want to help me...
I will go to the hospital board,
and I will find somebody who can!
You know you are not
doing this for her
You think you are, but you are not...
You are not afraid of her death...
Actually what you are afraid
of is that after her death...
Your life will have to change
You have to think of her Professor.
So, we have some good news...
We repeated your husband's
scans this morning...
And, the swelling
has started to reduce
Oh wow!
So does that mean,
he is going to like open his eyes...
...gain consciousness and stuff?
No, it's not that simple...
As you can see here,
the brain is less tight now
See... and the midline
shift is also reduced...
But still there is a sizeable
haematoma here in the temporal lobe...
It's a blood clot,
the size of a golf ball...
We need to evacuate this clot
so that the brain can continue to heal
We need to operate.
To remove this blood clot?
Yes, that and a little
part of the brain, in this area...
Of the brain?
Yeah, it's a small area...
What does this small
area of the brain do?
Well it takes care of the muscle
control on the right hand side...
And possibly higher language
and speech function...
if we need to resect here...
Doctor, Rajat won't
become a vegetable right?
I think it's pointless
to think like that, really...
Yeah, because he just wouldn't
want to depend on anyone!
He is like the most
self sufficient man ever...
I'm sure, I'm sure
Mrs. Deshpande, are
you happy to press on?
Press on? - To operate?
Good then, I will ask DrRavi
to book the OT for Friday?
Shiv... hey Shiv!
Where have you been. I've
been looking for you since morning!
I was a bit... busy
Rajafs having an
on Friday
This Nirupam... right,
he is a two faced FRAUD! That's all!
I'm sorry Tara... this
is very good news about Rajat
But my wife also
needs an operation...
...but this bloody fellow
just refuses to do it!
It's a blockage of
cerebro-spinal fluid flow...
It's easily operable
But you did tell all this
to Nirupam right? - Of Course I did!
But do you think that bloody
know-it-all gives a damn?
I have probably read
more medical journals...
...than he has in
his entire bloody life!
Just the other day I was
reading about it, in an old issue...
There was a patient in
Birmingham who stayed in a coma...
...despite his scan being normal
Then they discovered it
was mechanical arachnoiditis...
Cured with a straightforward
spinal decompression
This was published twelve years ago!
But I don't think this
fellow has read anything...
...since he passed out of college!
Yeah... but I guess he
is just doing his job...
You know all these doctors...
...they are all puppets
of the Insurance companies...
Once they figure that the
patient is some sity year old hag...
...they would rather let her die
What did he say about Rajat?
They said they need to remove a
bloodclot... the size of a... football...
Oh come on...
- A golf ball
- A golf ball
Yeah they are right.
The surrounding
tissues need space to heal...
Correct. Your favourite
Nirupam had the same thing to say...
Great then, at least one of
us is getting the right treatment
That's the thing Shiv...
I can't be sure if this operation is
really the right decision for Rajat...
No, no! It is the correct decision
They have to remove the clot
in order to deal with the haematoma
I know! But there is
just no way to ascertain...
...what kind of life he
will come to after the surgery
And if there is no quality of life...
...l'm not sure if Rajat
would have wanted this...
Hovv do you know?
Did he ever tell you?
That in case I slip into coma, get
me operated only on the condition...
...that my quality
of life would be great!
What the hell you are talking about
Quality of life? Life is life...
I know Rajat okay...
I know that he would have preferred...
...a quick dignified death
rather than a long suffering life...
Hovv do you know?
Because you know what
he wanted for our honeymoon?
Trek to Ivlachu Pichu!
A Sunday afternoon meant
tennis for two hours straight!
And he would go running ten kilometres
not less than thrice a week!
These days Medical Science has
the power to cure everything Tara...
Oh is it now?
Coming straight from the fountain
of... profound medical knowledge!
By the way, which year did you
eactly get your medical degree in?
Yeah I didn't attend any
Medical college and ain't I glad!
I have never met a single doctor
in my life with any bloody morality!
Look at you.
Sounding like a completely...
What. ..'?
Say it now!
Delusional old... fool.
Say it!
But I know what Pankaja wants...
...because I have lived
with her for forty years
You and your bloody
'forty years' shit
You think your marriage
is so much more precious
...than mine because
it dragged on for so long?
It didn't drag on. Alright.
It did not drag on!
It lasted.
Because we cared for each
other. Not like you...
Young people...
'Not like you young people'
Okay you tell me what is there to
be afraid of a bloody operation...
What exactly is scaring you?
That the Rajat you got married to,
that Rajat will not come back?
Right, he may not be the same Rajat,
so what, he will bloody live!
Courage, patience,
nothing you young people have...
All you want is the easy way out!
Become a bloody widow!
Mourn for si months and
get on with your bloody life...
Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!
You know nothing about me
or my husband or our relationship...
Then why are you trying to kill him?
I'm so fucking done with you!
So am I!
We are behaving just like newly weds
I know! We should be bored
of each other by now, right?
It's been like si weeks...
And one day.
Doctor Ravi, will it be painful?
The operation?
We will give him Anaesthesia...
But will the operation work?
I mean will he still be able
to do the things that he loves...
like, play tennis
or run marathons
or even walk?
Mrs Deshpande it's
too early to say...
we need to...
...'We need to repeat the scans
and the net 48 hours will be crucial'
Will you tell me the truth?
Doctor please...
The truth is, Mrs. Deshpande...
I don't really know
if he'll be able to play
tennis or walk or... whatever...
But, I think...
...probably not.
It is not going to be easy.
Thank you.
Thank you for being honest.
I am sorry
She was alone at home
when she had the stroke...
If we had gotten her to hospital, her
condition would have been better...
...but I had gone out to see
a bloody cricket match.
By the time...
Yeah. I know Sir.
I am very sorry for Ma'am.
If you are sorry then
please help me - Sir...
She needs the operation.
And the hospital won't do it because
they think I don't have the money.
Sir, your house is already mortgaged.
And your overdraft is very high.
If you don't mind me saying sir, you
should ask your family member to help.
Vishnu Ivlurali Nair.
My wife is my only family.
Please help me.
Are you hungry? Okay we are
taking you to the canteen.
Calm Down.
We are going to the canteen.
Don't worry...
...the Doctor will come and give
you injection the pain will come down
Don't cry. It will be all okay soon...
Calm down...
It will be all okay soon...
I told you the Doctor will make okay
Listen, my hottie!
I love you!
Tara Ma'am.
You came?
So good.
I have been praying here
everyday for Rajat Sir.
Take some offering.
No, Thank You.
Oh my God! Baboon!
What a rude girl you are!
You have not answered
a single call of mine.
I just couldn't take it anymore.
I just handed the kids
to Dileep and came here.
I'm so glad you are here.
Yeah, I'm here.
I can't wait to meet Rajat.
I'm going to pass all
my positive energy to him.
By the way I have started
chanting like you said...
You did?... Good girl!
Yeah... so...
they will take Rajat for a...
Let me take you to a spa...
oh sorry...
There is a blood
clot in Rajafs brain...
...and they are going to remove it...
they want to operate on him.
Why can't they use
these clot busting drugs?
I don't know...
I have read about it somewhere.
Let me just google it.
Clot busting drugs... you know...
it's like they give
you an injection...
...and it dissolves your
blood clots
like magic... in seconds.
It's for people with like
strokes and heart attacks...
Probably they can't use it on Rajat
or they would have suggested it right?
I bet it's because
it's too expensive...
Have you spoken to your insurer?
Tara. You don't know your insurer?
Look I'm sure the
doctors know their shit.
The doctors now a days
are only interested...
...in mooching maimum money off you,
not to cure you!
In trauma cases they avoid using
clot busting drugs.
It's too risky.
Mrs. Deshpande, you can come now.
Full Cochin girl you have become.
Baby. lsh is here.
He can hear you?
I don't know
Hey Rajat.
We are all praying for you, okay...
Dileep and kids miss you a lot.
In fact, Dileep has stopped playing
tennis without you.
Enough now Rajat...
Just get the hell back and get up now!
And quickly tell us what
is the net best TV show to watch!
Homeland Season 4
has also started now.
Come on!
...and repeat this guy one
more time okay, and all of them...
Doctor can I just have
five minutes with you...
I'll just. -l'll call you.
Whatever time, I'll be there.
Doctor, I have come across
at least fifteen more cases...
Please come in.
...where spinal decompression
was administered...
...and more than half the cases there
was at least a marginal improvement...
Professor... - This is..
You have to stop this. Please.
Doctor my wife needs
a spinal decompression surgery
Why don't you understand?
Surely it's not the most
complicated procedure in the world...
Why don't you read about this case...
You don't think I know this case?
I have written for some
of these journals, Professor.
I have been doing this for
twenty years. You have to trust me.
But you must
empathise with me too.
This procedure can't make
her any worse than she is.
But I know why you are not doing it.
It's the hospital board
which is possibly pressurising you...
...to shut my case since they think
it's a hopless case...
Don't waste time on it.
Is there no end to greed?
Okay, can I just say something.
Your wife is my responsibility.
I decide what is best for
my patients not the board - Then...
I decide... please!
Hovv many times will I repeat myself.
There is no surgery in the
world which will revive your wife.
It will only cause her more pain.
Is that what you want to do?
Alright then whatever you may say,
but one way or another...
I will save her.
I promise you that.
Professor, this is not the way.
I am not moving from here.
Poor gUY!
Yeah... his wife has been
in coma for over ten months now.
He thinks she needs an operation...
...but the hospital wants
to disconnect her ventilator.
What nonsense!
Hovv can the hospital decide!
He should decide!
His wife has every right to live.
Live and do what! I mean,
she probably will never wake up.
If he desires so,
then the hospital must operate.
He must have paid shit
loads of money already.
You can't do this! I'm not moving!
Let go!
You want my wife to die and
give the room to somebody else.
To some rich people!
See! I told you it is about the money.
My heart goes out to him.
I want to ask you something.
What happened baboon!
You be strong about this.
And the thing is I'm with
you on this.
And I'm here, okay.
Yes get the car keys, I will
be down in three and a half minutes.
Sir, Mrs. Deshpande wants
to see you
Saumya, not today... please
tell her tomorrow.
Sir, she is insisting...
Doctor I'm really
sorry to force my way...
...in so late but I really
have to speak to you.
It's okay. Come in please.
This is my friend lshita...
Have a seat.
What can I do for you?
Well, I have changed my mind.
I don't want Rajat
to have this operation.
Sorry? What?
I just... I don't want to
subject my husband to any more pain.
Your husband is a
young and healthy man...
It will be stupid to not
give him this chance, really.
I discussed it at length with
my friend,
and I have made up my mind.
I don't want this operation.
And who do you think
you are to decide that.
And what do you think this is...
...some 'Who wants to
be a Millionaire' quiz show?
Where phoning a friend
will get you the right answer?
You know I am the doctor here,
not her!
Your husband has a very
good chance to get better.
And I will ensure
that he gets that chance.
He is her husband.
And you can't force her to, okay?
You know that's the problem
with you rich people.
You take medical
treatment for granted.
Go and see sometime,
the state of poor people...
...outside a government hospital...
...who sell their lands and homes
and everything they ovvn...
...and sleep on road side...
...only to ensure that their
loved ones get a chance to live.
You guys are sitting in
a state-of-the-art hospital...
...vvith five star amenities,
and you think you know about pain?
You have no idea, I'm sorry!
Yeah maybe I have no idea
but I know my rights, doctor.
Mrs. Deshpande,
you can take your rights
and do what you want with them.
I know my job.
And I will make sure
I do what I have to do.
What an asshole.
Oh my God.
What's this?
And hovv I thought
that after retirement...
...we will always
spend time together...
...and look at you, deserting
your pretty wife on a Saturday night
...for that silly cricket match...
Hovv dare you!
Is it a girl? ls she pretty?
Hey, come on... you know I
don't have any secrets from you...
Ah... tell it to the Pope!
Put that book down now. Get ready.
Hey, remember this...
Oh... the blue glitter
you wore at my wedding!
Feels like another lifetime...
You remember hovv Rajat
made us down all those shots?
And then that... disaster... Lokesh!
Dropped the entire
bag of mushies in the sea...
Went into the sea looking
for it for five hours...
And missed your
wedding in the process.
Fucker he didn't even come once...
Cochin is kind of out of the way...
Oh please!
It's not Brazil exactly.
It's only a two hour flight
Even if they don't come,
they still care.
They do!
Yes Mummy!
Your phone is always ringing,
you know that?
Oh shit!
You didn't have to drop me.
I could have walked.
Don't be sorry.
Dileep is so worried.
Aryan has never had
such high fever ever before.
And I have also not
been away like this.
Aryan should be your priority.
In fact I am feeling a bit guilty.
I will be back soon okay, I promise.
Thank you for coming. Bye.
Wait. - What?
I have got to tell you something.
Because I am a mother
I know hovv it feels..
...l think you should inform
Rajafs mother now..
Oh no, I can't believe
you of all people.
...you know what
Rajafs mother is like.
But she is his mother.
And she has every right to know.
In fact you should be sharing
this with your parents too.
You need their support.
You know what, lsh,
I know you have Aryan and Ayesha.
...and you are this great mother
with a super hectic life..
...and I have understood
that I'm not your priority.
Okay don't exaggerate now.
And I'm sorry I
couldn't come earlier.
But you should just forget
all this and just focus
on being positive..
...and having the faith.
Stop this patronising shit.
I'd like to see your positivity.
...if Dileep or Aryan were
on ventilator instead.
All this positive energy will
disappear in a minute
Have faith! Have faith!
To hell with your
'Have faith' bullshit!
You always had so
much advice to offer.
Now would be a really good time.
I don't know what I am supposed to do.
I really don't know.
Pankaja, all of those times I told you
that I have had no secrets from you..
I was not telling the truth.
1984 December. We had this
major college reunion celebration.
...you had refused to come and..
...vvish I hadn't gone either.
Rohini was there.
You remember her? History Honors.
Long hair.
Nose ring.
Big bindi.
Handloom sarees. Later she
married that rich idiot from Delhi.
Well, Rich idiot
wasn't around either so
Rohini and I sort of
gravitated towards each other and..
We danced together
and talked about
old times and all that.
She knocked down three
or four drinks very quickly.
Then we started getting
a little sentimental
and she began to cry..
...so I tried to comfort her..
...before I knew it
I was holding her..
...and one thing followed another.
if you can hear me
I'm asking for your forgiveness.
I know you are going to recover.
I know you are going to recover. And
when you do,
I need you to forgive me.
And if you are not going to recover..
...l can't let you go
without telling you this.
It's been a weight on my heart
for thirty years.
I fucked up.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Come sit here.
I'll be back. give me two minutes.
Oye stop with the drama. please.
Come and sit here..
I'm sorry.
Don't be stupid.
I'm sorry actually.
Forget it.
It's all so bloody..
...fucked up.
Bravo! You said the 'F' word!
I have missed you Shiv.
Just a few minutes back I realised,
that you are the only person..
...who gets me..
In a country of one billion!
And you don't even
know what Twitter is!
I know.
It's a..
...notice board.
Do you think we can get
some booze somewhere right now?
You know when Pankaja
comes out of the coma.
...first thing she is going to say is,
'why is the bathroom so dirty?'
Well Rajat would just
switch on the snooze button..
...and go right back to sleep.
Lucky fellow.
You think people dream
when they are in a coma?
I don't knovv..
Rajat you ass!
You better be dreaming about me.
You will never know, will you?
I'm sure he is dreaming
about Deepika Padukone.
No.. he will be dreaming about you..
He is always ogling at girls..
Yeah? - Yeah.
If we are in a restaurant.
...he will flirt with the waitress,
like every time.
It's not like she is
going to sleep with you..
...she gets paid to tolerate you.
Men are just programmed differently.
Okay please enlighten me,
if you men ever pick
up the wet towel after you..
...will you be considered
less manly or what?
Well by the time you hit my age..
...you wouldn't bend down for a thousand
rupee note forget about the towel!
Once it occurred to
me that I should compare.
...the number of cosmetics between
Pankaja and I in the bathroom.
And I discovered that I only
possess one tooth brush and one razor.
While she has sity
seven bottles and tubes.
...and little round things
with mirrors and what not..
I don't get even an inch
of space to place my razor..
...between her numerous cream
bottles. night cream, day cream.
...morning cream.
all over the place.
...why doesn't anyone
make a 48 hour cream man.
...it will be a great invention.
So bad they are right.
Very bad.
Hey, this bar doesn't have any music?
You like..
Oh my God, you really are old!
Uncle, ls everything okay?
We heard noise.
Madam is worried.
Tell her
old man is drinking and dancing.
Oye Shiv,
ask the neighbours to join us.
Okay Uncle.
You want to join us?
No Uncle. Okay Uncle.
Finally understood.
Shh. neighbours..
So this is the secret
of your forty year long marriage?
Your sey vvife!
Isn't she lovely?
Hot is the word!
You know I read in a science
fiction novel, that the future has.
...already happened in some
other dimension, or whatever.
So, whatever has to happen,
has already happened!
In our ancient scriptures,
they call it Karma.
Which means the operation
is already. done.
Ventilator is already disconnected.
Think I
just heard
Pankaja's voice..
Shut up! So stupid.
Don't say shit like that.
True love?
What does that even mean?
Like I would know.
You know I used to
think that it's like.
...having the courage
to let your loved one go..
...or to be able to accept
your partner unconditionally?
In running shoes or on a wheel
chain. it shouldn't matter, right.
But maybe it's neither,
you know.
It's not our decision to make.
I'm scared Shiv..
I'm scared too..
Don't worry Tara.
I will take care of you.
I'm here for you.
See I repaired the
light bulb too for you.
Hi Aunty..
...yeah this is Rajafs phone,
this is Tara.
Oh.. OK.
...l wanted to talk
to you about Rajat.
Hello Indira
Madam, look who is here..
Who is it, Indira?
Good morning, uncle.
- Good morning Nalini..
I'm sorry about the
noise last night.
That's okay Uncle,
I can sleep through anything.
Thank You so much
for sending the food.
It was really very kind of you
but I wouldn't be
needing it any more.
Is Aunty coming back?
No.. I mean,
maybe, maybe not..
...but I am going to
learn hovv to cook myself..
You will be fine Uncle..
Ma'am.. Good Morning..
Sorry to bother you..
Just one minute, please.
I have some paperwork for you,
just to transfer all the sickness
...payments to your name,
for the insurance and all..
...can you please sign..
Can I use your pen?
Just initials right?
Rajat sir's mother is coming..
So nice!
I have told the company
people to leave you alone.
Girish, I just want to say
thank you.
You have been so helpful
to me and my husband.
...and I haven't exactly
acknowledged it.
You are the kindest person there is,
So..Thank You.
Please Ma'am, it's my pleasure.
Not pleasure. . like that.
I hope I have signed
everything okay.
Yes, it's okay
I am sure.
Okay. . bye
Hovv long have you been here?
6 months.
6 months.
When you spend 3 years here,
you will learn, my young friend
that you are not here to
participate in your patients sorrow
You are here to put an end,
to pain and misery..
One way or the other
To give life, yes.
But also to know,
when to let it go.
Are you meaning to play God, sir?
God is what our patients
need very often, Dr Ravi.
But you see, God doesn't
come on the 9 am ward rounds
So, you and I are the closest
they are ever going to get.
What, Understood?
Sir, do you want to
witness the procedure?
Sister, please shut
down the ventilator.
Now deflate.
She is breathing.
Monitor the vitals please.
Sir I will be with you shortly.
Aunty is trying to
breathe on her own..
Can I be with her..
I'm here..
I will give you a minute.
I'm not letting you go..
Okay Mrs. Deshpande,
we will be with you shortly.
Thank you Doctor Vishwanath
Okay Mrs. Deshpande.
I'll be fine..
Will you please chill.
My shirt will get crumpled..
Hovv dare you complain, you ass!
I'm still hungover ya..
Then bunk work today.
Don't go.. please
Hovv many times did I
tell you
to replace this bulb?
You rich spoilt brat,
why can't you do it yourself?
You cheap local riff raff..
...l would have if it didn't
require an engineering degree.
I will come back tomorrow
and do it my darling.
And I will be pining
for the net 24 hours
Sandeep's been waiting for
a while now,
please let me go, please.
Go then.
You just watch, I will come
back and get my revenge..
He left me alone, he left me
alone, he breaked my heart.
Teared it apart.
He left me alone.
I knew it,
you can't resist me, can you?
Move now.. move..
What did you forget now..
Oh God! Running shoes, really..
Aren't you going forjust one day..
God! It's like an addiction for you,
you know.
I want to look good
for you only baby..
Oh is it now?
Aren't we behaving
like full on 'newly weds'?
I know
By now we should be bored
of each other right.
...it's been si weeks already.
...and one day..
Please remember to
pay the electricity bill..
Forget it! Who are you
ordering like your wife..
Listen my hottie!
I love you!
I know.
Has it come on?
Don't disturb me..
Hey, what are you doing?
Think we should sell off
this TV and buy a radio insteacl.
Didn't we just buy it?
Just bought it?
Yeah. only nine years ago..
It should last for
minimum fifteen years.
Then hovv will they
come up with new models.
These things come with
inbuilt obsoletion dates
You are the one who's old and
obsolete. Told you to do yoga, didn't I?
You are there right,
my support in my old age..
...come on novv, enough yoga, we are
going to the club to watch the match.
I'm not coming..
Yes you are, every time
you watch with me, India wins!
I'm busy,
I don't have eight hours to waste.
Okay, whatever you like,
but this is a match I can't miss.
What is this?
And hovv I thought
that after retirement.
...we will always
spend time together.
...and look at you, deserting your
pretty wife on a Saturday night
...for that silly cricket match.
Hovv dare you!
Is it a girl? ls she pretty?
Hey, come on.. you know I
don't have any secrets from you..
Ah.. tell it to the Pope!
What does that mean. yes or no?
I knew you were joking.
Okay go.. have fun..
Get me my favourite
biryani from there..
Yes Madam. can't recall the name..
- Thallassery BiryanL.
- Thallassery BiryanL.
We have been together
for forty years.
...and I speak your Hindi so vvell,
but look at you..
...can't speak a word of Malayalam.
I married you for your brains.
You married me for my looks.
Get lost!
You get lost, naughty!
My biryani should be piping hot
Otherwise I won't let
you into the house!