Waiting for the Light to Change (2022) Movie Script

[soft music]
[waves lapping]
[birds calling]
Come on.
I have to pee.
[speaks Chinese]
I'll be back.
Amy, come on.
How much do you weigh now?
Last time I checked, 130.
-I weigh more than you now.
-Shut up.
Look at my belly,
it looks like a bagel.
All me and Jay do now is eat.
I'm peeing so much.
This is all like Jay's fault.
I told him to call
his grandma before we came
but he didn't like
a fucking dumbass.
Boys are dumb.
Yeah, boys are primitive.
You look good.
-Yeah, yeah.
You should see it
in the summer.
It's gorgeous.
Come here in summer?
You wanna come here
in the summer?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay we have to come back
in the summer then.
We'll have to plan that.
Once we find
these fucking keys.
So sorry about this.
No. No, it's fine.
Call me back.
You like the outside,
wait until you get inside.
It's so much warmer.
Ooh. We can see the lake!
Come. Come!
-It's so beautiful.
Which bed do you want?
This one.
Are you a student?
Yeah, I'm art student.
Do you like it?
No. Not anymore.
Art is work now.
I don't like work.
[chuckles] Same.
Do you snore?
I don't think so,
but wake me up if I do.
Let's have a sleep party.
Are you cold?
A little.
Are you hungry?
-I want to eat hot pot.
What's your favorite food?
Korean food.
Ping, ping, pang.
-Yeah. Bibimbap.
You and Kim
are best of friends, huh?
When did you meet her?
In high school.
Fantasy book club.
Are you and Kim close?
I'm her cousin,
and not too close...
because she's in America,
I'm in China.
So last time I meet her...
ten years ago?
She changed a lot.
[waves lapping]
-[man] Whoa!
Where did you get that?
-Right over there.
-That is...
-So cool.
How are you doing, buddy?
It's good to see you.
I'm good. How are you?
You know.
I shouldn't.
Come on.
Yo, look at that.
Who are they?
That is Barb and Ken.
No, I swear to God,
those are their actual names.
If you believe it.
-What are they watching?
How's Cali?
You're with your mom, right?
How's that going?
-It's going.
-You know, family.
Miss Chicago?
It misses you.
It does.
Everyone is always
asking about you.
No one's asking about me.
Yes they are, Amy.
Yes they are.
Would not joke about that.
-You like that?
-Come here, let me look at you.
-You're looking at me.
No, I feel like I haven't
like actually fully seen you.
Turn to me.
there we go.
How do I look?
You look good.
Look damn good.
but also the same.
I don't know.
You look good.
I don't look like my dad
just died?
Just a little.
Just a little.
Okay. I'll take it.
Come on, you gotta help me
finish this.
-You do. Come on.
-Come on.
-[water bubbling]
-[dishes clinking]
-[man] Stop!
-Please stop! Stop!
-Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Amy, that's a milkshake.
You cannot be drinking that
in the morning.
-It's gross.
-Hey! There he is.
-Good morning.
-How are you doing?
Not bad. Lin, right?
Kim. Amy, what's good.
-How did you sleep?
-Not bad, pretty decent.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You want coffee, tea?
Um, yeah, why not?
-You hungry?
-Yeah, a little.
But I'm just gonna smoke
this bad boy first
if anybody wants a spliff.
[Jay] Yes.
Yeah, ladies? No?
-I'm good.
For sure, for sure?
-[Jay] Come on! Come on.
-All right.
-Let's go. Come on. Come on.
No. No. Have fun.
Okay, nerds. Bye.
[door closes]
Alex is so zen.
What is zen?
-Yeah, he's zen.
You're not gonna eat anything?
Just coffee.
Here, eat half of this.
-I don't eat before I run.
Okay, here.
Okay. I eat bread.
Oh, you know,
yesterday I had a bad dream.
Jay died.
Burned alive.
-Fuck, that's crazy.
What are you drawing?
A house.
Your house?
My lake house in the future.
Who are you
gonna live with there?
Two cats and a dog.
No husband?
What about a boyfriend?
Or a lover?
I mean it'd be nice, but...
realistically speaking...
Yeah. Living with someone
forever is kinda crazy.
Please don't do that here.
We are outside.
Yeah, but it smells.
When we were teenagers,
I thought I'd be married
with two kids by 22.
[Kim] Twenty-two?
Twenty-two is still a baby.
[Amy] I know, but...
it felt really old back then.
I feel old now.
I still feel like a kid.
I'm 25 and I haven't done shit.
It feels like
I've wasted my entire life.
I don't think
we're wasting our lives.
You're not.
You've got a boyfriend,
a career.
You go to therapy.
Oh, blah blah blah.
That doesn't mean anything.
Thanks for buying my ticket.
It was my therapist's idea.
I don't know how I feel
about therapy anymore.
Like I thought I'd stop wanting
to die all the time.
I feel like I'm saying
a lot of things, but I'm not.
Maybe that's my problem though.
Are you having sex?
You should have sex with Alex.
No, he's like 20.
And I do have sex.
I just don't have it
as much as other people.
When Jay and I started dating,
he would talk about
his dad like all the time.
And he'd cry
so much during sex.
What was that like?
I don't know,
it was kinda nice...
to see someone
so raw like that.
I don't know how I feel
about me and Jay anymore.
Like I love him,
but I don't know.
Like before
I used to think that
love was supposed to be chaotic
and like a hurricane...
but then I realized
that's just how my parents are.
And that's not
what love really is.
But I wanna, I don't know.
I just wanna feel everything.
Experience love
in its truest form.
Like, loving that person
so much
you just wanna be
in their body because
hugging them and having sex
isn't enough.
When I am laying there with Jay,
I'll look at him and...
I wish his hair
was longer so I could braid
our hairs together...
and we could be this one--
this one thing.
Do you think Amy feels weird?
About what?
Us being together.
Do you feel weird?
Hey do you wanna get
in the water?
-Do you wanna get in the water?
-No! It's too cold.
-Get in the water!
-Come on!
Jay, stop!
No! I don't want to.
Okay, jeez.
Do you get sick a lot?
I have a weak stomach.
Yeah, so soft hands
can say like--
they mean like someone
who gets sick a lot or
someone who gets
offended easily.
This line is the love line
and as you can see,
you've got like a lot
of crosses here.
You know it means there's
a lot of possibilities.
There's also
some difficulties.
Are you like a lonely person?
I guess.
What about career?
Yes, so...
that would be this one
right here.
And, um...
I mean there's some more
crosses here so
in the beginning,
you know, it's gonna
be kind of tough.
But, I mean, look,
you can see it gets--
it definitely
gets clearer right here.
So I mean-- I mean, it looks
like you'll have a pretty
great career.
I don't think I believe that.
Why not?
Because everyone
is doing better than me.
You shouldn't compare
yourself to others though.
I'm only back in school
because I couldn't get a job.
Do you think
you're like a jealous person?
I don't think so.
Can you read me?
yeah, so this-- this line
is pretty clear and bold.
It's interesting
cause it kinda looks
like there's two lines here,
but it's actually
the same line.
But it looks like that
because there's this break
in the middle.
I'm gonna take a walk.
Yeah, so you can see that
there's a break here in
the middle, right?
Did you have
a rough childhood?
Oh. How do you know that?
I think so.
It is difficult.
My mom and dad divorced
when I was two years old.
And then she became so busy.
But we were so poor.
We don't have so much money.
She always lied to me.
She asked me to wait
for her after school...
to go to the stationery store.
And she promised
I could choose three items
I loved.
She asked me to wait for her.
I wait for her.
From six p.m., seven p.m.,
eight, nine...
until the store closed.
I choose three things
She never bought them for me.
Every time,
she just picked me up.
[soft music playing]
[insects chirping]
[mattress squeaking]
-[Kim moans]
[birds chirping]
[door squeaks]
-[can rattles]
-Oh, come on.
[dog barking in distance]
[birds chirping]
Dude, I can barely breathe.
Dude, it's the best time
to smoke.
Don't swallow though.
Just do it like this.
I know how to smoke.
Wait, what?
Sorry, my left ear
is kinda fucked.
How old are you?
Almost 23.
What happened to your ear?
Oh, man.
I used to have
these huge freak-outs
all the time when I was a kid.
And I'd just straight up
like bite shit
and like bite people
and like break shit
and I'd just like go
freaking nuts and just scream.
And one time I like screamed
so loud for so long
I just like completely
just blew this shit out.
But just the left one though.
Yeah. I don't know.
I'm talking too much.
No, I like it.
You know,
I would think about you
after we met at the restaurant.
And I'd ask Jay how you
were doing and shit.
What'd he say?
He said you were doing well.
And I'd think about you
doing well.
You'd think about me
doing well?
Well, I'd think about
like how cute you were.
You thought about
having sex with me?
-You okay?
Say it again.
Tell me you thought about me.
I thought about you.
I thought about fucking you.
[swing squeaking]
Good morning.
[door slams]
[door slams]
Ugh, the smell
makes my head hurt.
Your feet are so tiny.
They're so ugly.
I wish I was in this room
with you guys.
Then just move in here.
What about Jay?
How's Alex?
How am I supposed to know?
Lin told me you guys...
No, I didn't.
She didn't.
We just went on a run.
A sexy run?
You're so gross.
If I buy you a blouse,
will you wear it?
'Cause all you wear
are these baggy clothes.
Oh, my God.
-You have a gray hair.
-Let me get it.
-Oh, my God, let me get it.
You're gonna have a head
full of gray hair by the time
you're 30.
That's a shitty thing to say.
You know I'm sensitive
about my appearance.
[phone rings]
Hey, Dan.
Yeah, hold on.
Hold on, I can't hear you.
[door closes]
I like your gray hair.
Do you watch the X-Men?
There is a girl
with so many gray hairs.
Thank you.
Why did you tell Kim
about seeing me and Alex?
I shouldn't tell her?
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Kim's just nosy sometimes.
What's a nosy?
Like, she has to know
everything about everyone.
I can keep a secret.
It's good if I have secrets.
[phone vibrates]
[phone vibrates]
You're not gonna answer?
Who is it?
My boy--
my ex-boyfriend.
I love him...
but I broke up with him.
Because I think
he didn't treat me well.
But after that,
I realized he did.
How did you meet?
We sit by each other
at airplane.
That's so romantic.
And we keep texting.
And he drove nine hours
from Germany to Hungary...
just to see me.
He must have really
wanted to see you.
Why don't you
get back together?
I don't know how to--
how to have
a long distance relationship.
He's in China, I'm here.
How about you?
Have you loved someone?
[chuckles] Maybe.
I think so.
Who is he?
Just some guy.
He was the only guy
who ever wanted to be my friend.
And we got really close.
it kinda felt like there was
something there, but...
I don't know.
it's better to just long
for something than to
actually have it.
Love is not easy.
I always say so many harsh
things to my boyfriend.
Because I thought...
if I treat him bad...
hurt him,
but he still stays...
it means he definitely loved me.
We used to talk
on the phone all the time.
And he has a really good laugh.
So what--
did you tell him your feeling?
I was really fat then.
How about now?
Did he die?
No, he's, um...
with someone.
Maybe you need tell him.
You know?
Honestly, secret is no good.
If you don't say,
he will never know.
That's okay.
No. It is so sad.
Very sad, Amy.
[Kim] Amy, look.
[birds chirping]
Which way do you wanna go?
Let's go together.
[wind blowing]
[gulls calling]
[Kim] So weird.
[Amy] What?
[Kim] That tree.
You never asked me
how I was doing.
Yeah I did.
I mean,
that was like small talk.
Don't you ever wonder
what I'm up to?
With my job?
If I'm happy?
Didn't you already
tell me everything?
How are you?
Do you think if we met now,
we'd still be friends?
I don't know.
Let's go.
I wanna go to the beach.
[soft music]
[gulls calling]
-[water running]
-[dishes clinking]
Are you really sure
you don't need any help?
No. I don't think so.
Why? You wanna help me?
No. I'm just asking
to be polite.
I don't know.
It kinda sounds like you
wanna help me right now.
Come here, be my--
be my sous chef.
No, I'm really bad
at this kind of stuff.
Dude, it's so easy.
It's be the easiest
thing you'll ever do.
I don't know
when to flip them.
Dude, you just gotta
listen to them.
They'll tell you
when they're ready.
What are they saying?
Not ready yet.
Do you miss cooking?
I mean I'm cooking right now.
I mean at the restaurant.
like I miss the people,
but, you know, not really
the hours, so...
-They really overworked you.
-You were just that great
of a cook.
Too good.
That's why they fired me.
How's the job search going?
I mean, it's not.
I don't know,
I don't really wanna
talk about it.
If that's cool.
I just feel like really
stuck right now.
It's like...
empty and...
embarrassed and--
it's like quicksand.
Okay, I think they're--
I think they're telling me
they're ready.
Nice form.
-It's okay.
Nice. Nice!
Ooh, I like that one.
It kinda looks like--
it's like an A.
Do you see that?
That'll be your pancake.
You know, my dad,
he used to--
used to spell out
letters with the batter.
So he'd like--
he'd make like a J...
and that'd be my pancake.
Pretend I'm your dad
and I'll make you a J.
Uh, okay.
It's a fat J.
-That's really sweet, Amy.
Do you remember
at my going-away party,
you were saying goodbye and...
you smelled my hair
and kissed my forehead?
I don't.
-Wait, I did that?
I'm so sorry,
that's really weird of me.
Nice work.
-You know, when I first time
eat the Hungarian pancake...
-...it shocked me.
-Yeah? Not too sweet?
-You went to Hungary?
Yeah, I went to Hungary.
It's a long time ago.
-Not too buttery?
-Wow, that's cool.
-It's so different.
[gulls calling]
[waves lapping]
[car rumbling]
[Lin] Whoa!
So neat!
It's pretty cool, huh?
Oh, your shoe's untied.
-[Amy] What's wrong?
-She's just tying her shoe.
Come on.
[quietly chatting]
Pretty cool, huh?
[soft music]
[quietly chatting]
Hey everyone, come, come.
Let's take a picture.
-Yes, family picture.
-Where? Here?
-Go to the right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop here.
It's perfect.
I'm ready.
Closer, get closer, Alex.
Get closer.
One, two, three...
Change positions.
One, two, three...
I wanna take one with Amy.
Get out!
Get out, boys.
Hey, Lin.
You get in there. I got it.
Alex, come on.
Come take it with us.
-You sure?
Ah, okay.
Come on, dude, I'm trying
to not get my shadow in there.
[strumming guitar]
Good idea.
Baby, don't do that.
-What? This?
Why? I'm a spider.
Stop, you're gonna get
all sticky later.
So what?
Go wash your hands.
-You want me
to wash my fucking--
-Yeah, go right now.
-You want me to go right now?
-Yeah, go right now.
-Because of this?
Get me water.
-Oh, you want me
to get you water.
-Yeah, go.
-That's what you want. Okay.
-Come on, get out of here,
Okay. Okay, Mary Jane.
Hey, do you want
anything else? Anybody?
No? Okay.
[strumming continues]
I think he's really drunk.
I miss Julia, Kim.
Seeing you and Amy together
makes me think of her.
We were so close.
Who's Julia?
She's our cousin.
-Julia is a bitch.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna pee.
Why do you say
she is a bitch?
I don't like
how she talks to me.
Yeah, voices
are everything, man.
Like I'd rather be with someone
who has got like a sexy voice
and is kinda ugly...
What are you doing?
I'm just relaxing.
Are you okay?
Why are all the lights off?
No reason.
I just needed some quiet.
I'm pretty fucked-up.
Me too.
Want water?
Oh, my God, I would love
some water right now.
Thank you so much.
I have to turn the light on.
That's okay.
-Why are you so nice to me?
-[water running]
It's easy to be nice to you.
No, it's not.
-Amy, it's hurting my eyes.
You have to turn it off.
-Okay, okay.
-Okay, baby.
-Thank you.
-Oh, shit!
-I spilled water.
-Oh, it's--
-It's okay,
I'll just clean that.
-No, no. No.
It's fucking water, dude.
Who cares?
Okay, it's your lighthouse.
I mean, lake house.
Hey, mi casa, su casa.
Oh, my God,
you're spilling everywhere.
Oh, my God.
That's the best water
I've ever had my whole life.
Okay, let me try it.
Yes, dude, get in on that.
You may have made
the best cup of water...
to have ever been cupped.
Fuck. Where's my lighter?
Do you need it?
Yeah, dude.
I gotta smoke some weed.
Yeah, dude. Why not?
Is that okay?
Oh, I don't know.
Yeah, I think it's fine.
Fuck, dude.
I won't tell if you don't tell.
I won't. Fuck.
Pinky promise.
Now I just gotta find
my lighter.
Where did you have it last?
Fuck, dude, I don't know.
-I know where it is.
Guess where it is.
-It's in my butt.
Hand it back.
Do you see that?
Get over here, get down here.
What am I looking at?
See that star right there?
-The bright one?
Yes, you do.
It's right there.
You better fucking know,
that's your star.
How is it my star?
Dude, because I fucking
bought it-- I just bought it
for you.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
I fucking called the Internet
and I said, "Hey, bro,
that star,
that bright-ass one right there,
that is Amy's star."
And they were like,
"No, it's not."
And I was like, I had to
fucking fight for hours.
And I was like,
"Hell yes, it is."
And they were like,
"Hell yes, you're right.
That's so Amy's star."
And they sent me all these
documents and shit.
-You're a fucking liar.
-And I signed them.
No, but I fucking--
no, but here's the thing, dude.
I lost them.
I'm so pissed
I fucking lost them.
But anyway, you're gonna have
to take my word for it.
That's your fucking star.
We're so fucking old, dude.
Dude, don't do that.
I don't wanna think
about that right now.
What do you wanna think about?
I don't know.
You're so pretty.
What are you doing?
What? Dude, I'm fucking--
I'm just looking at you.
No. Don't look at me.
Why not?
-Amy, look at me.
-Look at me.
-I don't wanna look at you.
Why not?
I feel like I'm gonna cry
and I don't know why.
Don't you dare cry.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm really fucked-up
right now. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
[strumming guitar]
This is mine.
What were you doing?
Writing my thesis.
Were you drinking alone?
I wanna dance.
I think you wanna dance too.
Yeah, sure. Let's dance.
Dance with me.
Want me to play some music?
Yeah, play some music.
Kim, you don't wanna dance?
-[Jay] Kim doesn't dance.
Come on. Music!
[Kim] Leave me alone.
Kim Kardashian doesn't dance.
Dance, dance, dance.
[guitar strumming]
[Lin] Spin me.
You spin.
I spin. We spin.
I like to dance with you.
I always dance alone.
You're so fucking sloppy.
[Lin] I like sloppy.
Do you wanna go to bed?
Okay, I'm tired
and my head hurts.
I'm going to bed. Bye!
Don't go, it's so early.
Jay, come on!
We don't need them
to have fun.
Goodnight, brother!
Let it out.
[door opens]
[waves lapping]
[soft music]
[thunder rumbling]
[wind whistling]
[Amy screams]
[Alex screams]
[Kim screams]
[soft music]
[waves lapping]
[Lin coughs]
I wanna go outside.
Yo, we should take
the boat out.
How are you?
I'm okay.
What do you think
is behind the sky?
Isn't it just space?
Yeah, but where
does space end?
It doesn't.
Will you hold my hand?
Do you think
I am a bad person?
I am a bad person.
Then I'm a bad person, too.
No, you're not.
You're a good person.
And a good friend.
I don't deserve you.
Yo, we're taking the boat out!
Get up. Alex!
-[Jay] Hey! Hey, yo!
-Dude, get out!
[indistinct shouting]
[fire crackling]
Are we still on our trip?
Nah, not so much anymore.
Where you going?
Spiked coffee.
Wait up.
-That one, yeah.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's the last night.
I mean, we'll be back.
Yeah, but it's the last night
Amy's here.
Yeah, dude.
She's pretty cute.
Yeah, man.
I-- I don't know about that.
I mean she's cute
and she's single and...
I thought she was cute before
like when I met her.
Yeah, I just mean like,
I don't know if she's like,
into you though.
Um, I don't know.
I can tell when someone's
into me.
And I'm pretty sure
she's into me.
I really don't think
she is though.
[Alex] Dude, fuck it,
I'm gonna be honest.
She was like humping
my legs two days ago.
I went with her on a run
and she just like hopped on me.
[indistinct conversation]
Why didn't you
tell me about Alex?
You don't tell me everything
you do, why should I?
Can't you ever just have fun?
We're on a fucking lake.
I am having fun.
So much fun.
Why don't you just say
what you mean?
Being you
must be so exhausting.
I'm going inside.
I should pack.
You want me to stand outside?
I only came out to talk to you.
Why are you mad at me?
I'm not.
You lied to me and it's weird.
I should be mad at you.
Then be mad.
You're so insecure.
Why? You're not fat anymore.
Why do you think
you know me so well?
I know you
probably better
than you know yourself.
You're a bully.
You're always nitpicking
everything about me.
-I'm not.
-Yes, you do.
I wanted you to come
'cause I missed you.
And I wanted to see you,
but you've just been so fucking
difficult this whole week.
What did you expect?
Can't you just be nice,
or happy to see me?
I'm sorry
I'm not singing or dancing.
Why does everyone
have to perform for you?
-You're so boring.
-I'm boring?
Why are you like this?
Say something.
Why are you with Jay?
So I can't date Jay
'cause you had feelings for him
that you wouldn't admit to?
You literally said you were
happy you introduced us
and that you guys would never
be anything more than friends.
What was I supposed to say?
-The truth?
-Stop being stupid.
Don't call me stupid.
You think you're so much
smarter than me.
Aren't I?
Why are you here?
Why did you come?
You didn't have to come
if you hate me so much.
I don't hate you.
I love you.
Prove it then.
Tell me everything.
Tell me the truth.
There's nothing to tell.
[door shuts]
[waves lapping]
[gulls calling]
-[Amy] Hey.
[water running]
What time is your flight?
Eight p.m.
I didn't see
Alex' car this morning.
Yeah, he left early.
Said he needed
to be somewhere.
[soft music]
[soft music continues]