Wajib (2017) Movie Script

God rest the soul of,
Hajja Ghazaleh Abu Abra, age 78.
The funeral procession
will begin at noon prayers
from her home in Nazareth
to Abu Baqr Siddiq mosque.
The burial of the beloved deceased
will be at the upper cemetery.
God rest the soul
of Baya Salim, age 63.
The funeral procession
begins today at 5pm
at the Orthodox church in Lydd
to his final resting place.
Rest the soul of educator
Ghalia Mursee, Age 55.
The burial 'rs at St. Peter's church
in Acre at 4:30pm today.
From God we come
And to Him we return.
You still fish?
Put it in the trunk.
Good morning to our listeners.
A beautiful, winter morning.
Sunny skies today in Nazareth
Temperature around 18C.
Possible clouds
expected this afternoon.
Were you smoking?
Following complaints,
the Israeli Ministry of Transport
has agreed to remove Arabic
announcements on public buses...
See what smoking does?
Abu Shadi!
Abu Murad!
What a beautiful morning!
Shadi, you're in town?
Come in. Welcome.
Shadi and Abu Shadi are here!
Not to disturb but we want
to invite you to Amal's wedding.
Have a seat.
You look good!
You lost weight.
Um Murad.
Welcome back!
How's America?
Not America?
Never mind.
A Christmas wedding
is nice. Why not?
Thank you.
The groom's from here?
Kafr Kana. The Nasser family.
His father sells tires?
Good people.
Remember Maria, our youngest?
One of my best students!
My best teacher!
Where's the honeymoon?
They say it's beautiful.
How are you after the operation?
My heart's as good as new.
Doctor has forbidden
him from smoking.
I quit too.
After three stints.
And Um Murad...
has forbidden smoking
inside the house now!
OK, we look forward
to welcoming you.
Hopefully Shadi is next.
And Maria too.
Let us know if you need help.
We have the pick-up truck.
Anything. We're like family.
Beautiful, isn't she?
She's not pretty?
If you want.
Italian women are prettier?
Depends on the woman.
Still living with Salma?
Her name's Nada.
Does her family visit you?
Her father's an intellectual.
Lived all over the world.
Those poor P.L.O. guys.
They have a difficult life.
Yes, they really did.
Her parents have no problem
you live together?
Why should they?
Imagine your sister lived
with Firas before marriage.
It's not how we are.
Times have changed.
Doesn't anyone pick up
the trash here?
Our municipality.
How long has it
been sitting there?
At least we have a municipality.
Firas comes from a good family.
I knew his grandfather.
A very respectable man.
God rest his soul.
God help the woman
with these stairs.
How does she climb
them every day?
Exercise is good for your heart.
It's our duty to invite
you to the wedding.
We know you can't
attend. But duty is duty.
That's wajib...
Thank you.
God keep them for each other.
Thank you.
If only Abu Jaber
was still alive.
May he rest in peace.
Thank you.
He was so kind.
He loved everybody.
How did he pass?
Heart attack, poor man.
He came back from work
and collapsed on
those damn stairs.
He took good care of himself.
He didn't smoke.
Didn't drink.
He walked every day.
God rest his soul.
God rest his soul.
Thank you.
Take care.
Welcome Abu Shadi, enjoy.
You won't find this in Italy.
True. It's worth coming back for.
Hey teacher!
How are you?
Hello Karam!
Bon appetite.
He was the dumbest kid in class.
How is it?
To your health.
What're they doing here?
They always come here.
Especially on Saturdays.
They like our falafel.
Dressed like that?
Dressed like that, dressed in
velvet, naked. Who cares?
How's work going?
OK. It's an office job.
Not as creative as I'd like.
Pays well?
You're managing then?
Don't worry about me.
And your work?
I'm up for a promotion this year.
Really! Headmaster?
They still surveil your classes?
Hello Abu Shadi!
Welcome Shadi!
How are you?
Come in.
How are you?
How are things?
Rami's wife had triplets!
All of them boys!
But for fun, we had another.
A girl, thank god!
Come in.
Open the road.
Hi kids.
Hi Salim, how are you?
Rami, how are you?
Hello Shadi!
Came to help your father
with the wedding? Bravo.
Shadi grew his hair!
How's it going for you?
Good. And you?
Very good. Got promoted.
Congratulations to you!
Amal is a lovely girl.
Ever since she was
a child, always sweet.
Your daughter's getting married?
Please get Marwan's invitation.
Excuse me.
Didn't know we'd see you here.
A coincidence.
Grandchildren are the best.
Even better than having kids.
Hopefully Shadi's met someone.
Maybe he'll meet
someone at the wedding
who can convince him to stay.
He's thinking of returning?
Of course.
Nothing like having
one's family close.
Um Shadi arrives next Monday.
Not before?
In America they just
get Christmas off.
I can't find it.
Of course it's there.
I didn't find it.
I'll get it.
Seems you forgot Arabic
you've been abroad so long.
Your father tells us you're
thinking of moving back?
No. I just came
for the wedding.
But you stay for Christmas?
No, I have to get back.
There's some good hospitals here.
Or you could open
a private clinic.
I'm sorry?
For your work.
I'm an architect.
A building planner?
Building designer.
I thought...
Found it!
Hope you can join us.
Thanks. Congrats.
Didn't you say
Shadi studied medicine?
Yes, yes!
That was his main studies.
But you know him, he
likes other things too
but he'll return to
medicine in the end.
And you Salim?
Medicine like your dad?
You know Abu Rami.
You lied to him?
It's not like that.
Then what's it like?
A long time ago he asked.
I told him medicine.
He was so happy.
He felt he influenced you.
I didn't have the heart
to tell him otherwise.
So he thinks I'm a doctor?
Sometimes it's easier to
let people think what they want.
What's wrong with what I do?
Don't be so sensitive.
You could have told
him I'm a pilot.
We Arabs aren't allowed
to become pilots here.
What's the gas situation?
How much? A quarter? Half?
Three quarters.
Did you notice Abu Rami's son?
The other one. Salim.
The industrial engineer?
A little funny, no?
In what way?
You didn't notice?
They say he's a homo.
And so?
I don't know.
You know how people talk.
Is everyone here that bored
with their own lives?
When did you speak to mom?
I didn't. Why?
You said her flight
arrives next Monday.
She sent an email to Amal.
We still have time
for the preparations.
But everything's ready, no?
Sort of.
And you?
Speak to her often?
She's my mother.
I know she's your mother.
How often?
Whenever we can
catch each other.
She has a lot going on.
I'll wait here.
It's your aunt.
I need to make a call.
She always asks about you.
There's probably
a spot up there.
You see?
I did it all myself.
I see.
I got Best Decorated House.
Three years in a row.
You keep it up all year?
Of course!
This is Nazareth!
What would you like to drink?
Don't trouble yourself!
It's nothing.
The uncle says
it was self defense.
Brother defending brother.
It's disgusting.
People can't stand each other.
I'm preparing sweets.
You have to taste.
The Assi family...
sent people to pay blood
money to the Yusuf family...
whose son was shot.
They refused.
They want revenge.
Man, this place is
becoming unbearable.
Welcome my darlings.
Congratulations for Amal!
It's too early for that.
Come on!
Take one honey.
Let's toast together.
Thank you.
Last week...
the brother-in-law hit the
brother's car in the parking lot...
I heard. They smashed his
car to pieces that night.
Smashed? They burned
it to the ground.
That was his cousin
that lives with the drug dealer.
Oh! Honey!
He bites people he doesn't like.
One second.
Shadi can hear too.
Hi, sister.
Hi! How's it going so far?
It's like you never
left, ah Shadi?
People love the card.
How's work?
I need advice. Can you stop
by the dress shop this afternoon?
Of course.
After lunch.
Bye sweetie.
Bye sister.
Have fun.
His voice is horrible.
It's Fawzi Baloot.
Sounds like shit.
He's singing at the wedding?
Of course. He's sung at all our family
weddings for the past 40 years.
And Amal agrees?
What do you mean?
Of course.
We've known him forever.
What are you wearing?
What's that shirt?
A shirt.
They dress like that in Italy?
I dress like that.
What's wrong with it?
Goes with the hairdo.
Why does he even have a CD?
That's the business.
He's sung the same songs
for the past 40 years.
People want something different, no?
There's no discussion!
Fawzi Baloot is our singer. Ok?
That's not going to help.
What's going on?
That's a pretty girl.
Go for it.
- You!
- Not me! Open your eyes!
We haven't moved, what's up?
It's that intersection
they built by the mail.
It's not constructed properly.
Wouldn't happen with
proper city planning.
You could find work here.
I can't work with
such closed minds.
And look at that.
The garbages are full!
The rats love your municipality.
God bless you.
And bless you.
Who died?
Jamil Jalal.
Jamil the carpenter?
That's Jalal Jalal, his brother.
Jamil Jalal, the electrician?
No. He was unemployed.
May he rest in peace.
He was young.
Younger than me.
That's why you should quit.
Go straight.
We'll be there, uncle.
It'll be a pleasure.
For the rest of the cousins.
No problem.
What'll you drink?
Fresh orange juice?
Are those good?
Fresh juice is better.
Give me two of those.
Hi Amal.
Everything's fine.
make sure your cousin
will be at lunch today.
Your brother hasn't
seen her in so long.
Abu Shadi!
I wish you could be here...
It's just the first day.
Only 340 invitations left!
We have to. House to house.
Nazareth style!
No, they don't know yet.
I know.
Call you later. Miss you.
More coffee?
I said no but Yusuf insisted you
try cappuccino better than Italy.
This is a cappuccino?
We're invited to
Uncle Asad's house.
Fadya's coming?
Of course!
Wait til you see what
a success she's become.
She's doing great at work.
And guess what
your uncle's prepared.
Exactly the way you like!
Why did we eat hummus?
Take that right.
Who lives in this settlement?
What's wrong with you?
Half of Nazareth lives here.
Someone you know?
Who's Ronnie?
Ronnie Avi.
That guy's still alive?
Don't tell me you're
inviting him to the wedding.
Why not?
I'm not going there.
Shadi, don't be silly.
He's secret service.
He is not.
His job is reporting to the
Ministry what the Arab schools do.
You've always been paranoid.
Remember he came to our home?
And the next day I was
called in for interrogation?
He came as a friend
wanting to help!
You and your pals put me in trouble
with your political organization.
Political organization?
It was a cinema club.
A cinema club?
All the films were political.
And inciting.
It will be fast.
You can wait in the car.
No way.
Come on.
He's the reason I was interrogated.
He's the reason you sent me away.
I won't invite him
to my sister's wedding.
I told you he was
trying to help us.
By advising you to send you
son abroad? To protect me?
He wasn't the only one.
He put the idea in your head.
That man's goal is to rid
this country of Palestinians.
Of course he wanted me gone.
They want all of us gone!
Save me from these conspiracy theories.
I'm the one who decided
to send you abroad.
Not Ronnie.
I did it for you.
And look what you did.
You found a girlfriend
whose father's in the P.L.O.
What's that got
to do with anything?
Your hero. An intellectual
who lived all over the world...
On whose expense since
he's a revolutionary?
The palace he lives in
is whose expense?
The price of his car
can feed a refugee camp.
And you wanna talk
to me about Ronnie?
Drive yourself.
Come back here!
Get in the car.
You'll never change!
Get in.
What does Nader's dad have to do
with a shitty Zionist colonizer?
Get in the car.
You're more stubborn
than your mother!
Get in!
What are you doing?
You know what happens in this
country if you hurt an animal?
Especially an Israeli one!
Ronnie has to approve my
promotion. You know how it works.
They keep you like a
hamster on a wheel.
I didn't know you were here.
You don't change.
So handsome you are!
Welcome. Sit down.
Your uncle's here.
Come sit with us.
Young men today.
You know how it is.
Is he still working at Fadi's?
No. It didn't work out.
Sometimes he works with
Sami painting houses.
Off record.
I'll make coffee.
We've had too much.
I'm making it!
there's something
you could help with.
Nabil got a ticket, the radar
caught him on highway 6.
He was running late.
With Shadi living
abroad, I was thinking...
we could put the
ticket in his name?
In my name?
Nothing would happen to you.
We'd pay of course.
He's had so many tickets,
it could be a problem for us.
He's a good kid.
He tries but things are difficult.
He just needs a break in life.
I'm not sure.
It might be a problem for
Shadi when he returns.
You're not staying abroad?
You might change your mind.
I doubt it.
Who knows...
You don't want any problems.
Sure aunty, no problem.
God bless you.
How are you, Noura?
I'm fine. Good.
Are you back?
Just for my sister Amal's wedding.
I heard.
That's great. Congratulations.
Do you want to come in?
We have a lot of houses left.
I haven't seen you in forever.
Come on.
Just for a bit.
OK. Just to say
hi to everyone.
How long have you been back?
Since yesterday.
Actually no one's home.
I didn't understand.
Do you like living abroad?
Yeah. I do.
You're lucky.
Nazareth is so boring.
Are you working?
That's good.
What do you do?
Who cares...
it's boring.
Can't be that boring.
Everything is boring.
My father...
What's the gas situation?
It's fine.
How much?
- What's that on your face?
- What?
Like a rash.
Were you smoking?
No. Why?
The doctor said to stop.
I have.
Seriously. You have to
take care of your heart.
Ah, my heart...
Hello, my heart!
It's Fawzi Baloot, the singer!
Yes. Of course.
No problem at all.
Hopefully he canceled.
Why would he cancel?
He needs a down payment.
Down payment? When?
He can't wait?
He's known you 40 years,
sings at all your weddings.
He's a professional.
He's really not good.
I know a band in Ramallah...
Fawzi Baloot...
is our wedding singer.
No discussion!
When you get married,
bring your Ramallah friends
and you arrange their permits!
Definitely not Fawzi Baloot.
First find a girlfriend.
I have a girlfriend.
Ah. Right.
Turn the wheel all the way.
All the way!
Is it OK to park here?
Yes it is.
This beautiful architecture
ruined with plastic tarp.
Look at that.
Why do people do that?
It's practical.
It's shit.
Hello teacher!
No, thanks.
You quit?
You know, after
the heart attack.
Heart attack too?
I quit long ago.
You're right.
It'll kill you.
Nice shirt.
You're a building planner?
Everything ok?
Yes. Why?
How you doing neighbor?
For God's sake, stop throwing
your trash into my garden!
Neighbor, that's not us.
Then where the fuck
is it coming from?
From heaven? God throwing
his fucking trash on us?
Hey, take it easy!
Respect God.
Fuck your God and
fuck your garbage!
It's not worth it, Johnny.
This country's gone to shit.
Some uneducated people, that's all.
You need university to learn
not to throw trash on people?
Stupid cows.
Sometimes you just
need to be gentle.
Sons of bitches.
Did you see the
bastard who did this?
Mothers fuckers!
The groom's shower is Saturday.
We'll be honored to have you.
We'll be honored.
Um Shadi be here then?
Yes, inshallah.
Firas found an apartment
for sale in Shafa Amr.
Amal told me.
Shafa Amr is nice.
They'll be happy there.
They prefer Nazareth, you know.
But there's no land left.
What can we do?
That's our life.
Did you hear Jamil Jalal died?
Jamil the carpenter?
That's Jalal, his brother.
Jamil was unemployed.
God rest his soul.
What can we do?
You go. I'll wait here.
Abu Issa?
Come in!
Hi Um Issa.
Shadi! Welcome!
I didn't recognise you!
Give a kiss!
What's this hair!
How's America?
I'm in Italy.
Italy! You speak languages.
How's Abu Issa?
Same as always.
How's your mother?
She's good.
In America, right?
It's been ages.
Can't wait to see her.
A winter wedding? Why not.
They can't wait.
Ah young love!
Tell Amal congratulations...
And Um Issa does her hair.
Something very special.
Don't forget.
Say hi to Abu Issa.
I will.
Imagine. She abandoned them
and ran away with another man...
Scandal. She behaved
like a 20 year old.
How does a mother leave
her own children?
Remember her? Dalia Silsal?
If we count 25 tables, each
table with two bottles...
It will cost us around
10,000 shekels.
And if we just serve Arak?
Arak and no whiskey?
Or Arak and cognac?
Arak and cognac.
About 8000 shekels.
Not a huge difference.
2000 shekels difference.
Maybe you can ask your
mother when she comes...
to buy from duty free.
At least to have in the house
when people come over.
Pull over.
There. Near the red one.
What do you need?
Tarp. I need tarp.
Tarp? What for?
For the balcony.
Why is everyone in this town
obsessed with tarp?
Can I help you?
I need 6 meters of tarp.
Seriously? Why?
Amal wants to block the view of
the water tanks on the roofs.
So the house looks nicer
when they come for the bride.
The house will look like shit.
Not to our guests.
It's cheap and ugly.
Your sister wants it.
Hi teacher!
Hello Nasser!
We live in one of the
most ancient cities...
and everyone puts tarp
and plastic chairs everywhere.
There's no taste?
People have no
sense of aesthetics?
You've become a snob.
He married abroad.
She was Jamaican.
Or Belgian?
Something like that, Jamaican
or Belgian, I'm not sure exactly.
What happened with
the family business?
It's done.
There's not much demand
for book publishers anymore.
Where did you get those?
From Um Jabaly.
Man, I told you not to buy from them!
I can bring you the best fish.
Those tiny things you call fish.
Don't feed a cat!
Smells good!
I missed you!
Me too.
Hi uncle!
My dear...
Hi Dad. Where's mom?
In Jerusalem with her club.
Our big lawyer.
How's work?
Families fighting over
inheritance, divorces,
parents kidnapping
their own kids...
The usual!
How's Italy? Amazing, right?
You should visit.
It's an open museum.
I want to see the Sistine Chapel
and the Collosseum.
And the Pantheon, Piazza Navona.
We'll go to the Spanish Steps
and watch the world go by.
And make a wish
at Trevi Fountain!
Then dinner in Trastevere.
Cacio e pepe...
Red wine!
- Incredible wines! Cheaper than water.
- Oh my God...
Tell Shadi about your friends
in the North who make wine.
They got an award.
Yeah? A local winery?
From Iqrit.
The family made wine before '48.
The grandchildren have
started it up again.
Now that's some good news!
No thanks.
You quit?
You're staying a
bit after the wedding?
No, I've got to get back.
What about Christmas?
I prefer Christmas Italian style.
God forgive you!
What about you? How's life?
I'm ok.
Work mostly. I moved back home.
No one's left to take care
of my parents except me.
And Dana?
Right. She's never
moving back here.
She has a good job,
a good life, her family.
And love?
Long story. Forget it.
Our beautiful bride.
Beautiful like April.
What a trip, from house to house.
Shake it!
Wait till you see
my fiance shake it!
No doubt your kids
will be excellent dancers!
Just like their uncle.
Shadi, so close and yet so far.
Glass of wine from Iqrit?
I have to go back to work.
What about the dress shop?
At 3...
I'll meet you there,
it's near my office. - Ok!
You'll send Mom photos.
Can I have a word with you?
What about Fawzi Baloot?
The singer?
- Are you OK with him?
- What about him?
Sure, why not?
Dad likes him.
And you?
This isn't about me.
Of course it is.
It's your wedding.
You still don't get it, do you?
Make your choice Shadi
this is special for you.
Thank you.
That one.
Lake Tiberias fish!
Take the tail.
Maher called yesterday
about the wedding hall.
The upstairs hall has a booking.
Downstairs is good too.
It's bigger. Tell him yes.
But upstairs is nicer.
You know him well, no?
Can you talk to him?
I'll talk to him.
Isn't the wedding on the 18th?
You're kidding.
I checked everything.
Who printed them?
I'll fix this.
It's OK.
The date is correct.
But people won't know
to follow the day or the date.
Is Zaher there?
Yes, Abu Arab?
Tell me...
What day is the
18th of December?
Saturday, not Friday.
The cards are wrong.
Saturday not Friday!
They have to fix it.
What do you mean?
I didn't approve the wrong day!
I gave you all the correct info.
It's your job to check.
We already started delivering.
I know that.
But you should check.
Of course we have to reprint.
How much?
Abu Arab, it's your responsibility.
They want us to pay?
They say it's our fault.
That's ridiculous!
They have to pay.
They can reprint
with 10% discount.
Let me talk.
It's Shadi. It's your responsibility,
you have to pay for it.
No, absolutely not...
Stop. We'll pay for the reprint.
Abu Arab...
Abu Arab, listen!
No, you listen! What?
It's not right.
Hang up.
Hang up!
Not bad.
When will we meet Nada?
When you come visit.
She's not coming here?
Coming to Palestine
is her dream.
But it's forbidden.
She didn't get
a European passport?
Not yet.
Nice. We have to
become European
to be able to visit
our homeland.
Even so. She'd
still be a Palestinian.
Too bad.
She sounds like
an interesting girl.
That's life. What can we do?
Her father is a big deal, no?
In the 70's.
The golden days.
When does Um Shadi arrive?
In two weeks.
Shadi, can you pick her
up from the airport?
What hopefully?
Yes or no?
Let me know if you can't.
I've taken the whole wedding
week off, so tell me what you need.
Guess what?
You know those
red flowers you like?
The florist is getting
them especially for you.
Fadya is doing great.
Very happy...
a good job.
She's amazing.
Too bad cousins
don't marry anymore.
What happened to that guy
she used to date?
They broke up a long time ago.
Why? They were
perfect together.
I don't know.
There's no one in her life?
She's beautiful, smart and funny.
I don't know.
They moved to Haifa together.
They didn't marry.
Everybody knew about it.
So... She lived with him.
Then they broke up.
That was it for her.
That's how people think here.
Take the next right...
And the guy?
He got married.
I see him sometimes.
Probably has kids too.
Two daughters and a boy.
Hi Amal.
No, not yet.
We'll call you
when we get there.
No, don't worry,
we can wait there.
She's so excited.
You know something?
I'm excited too.
I even feel happy
to see your mother.
I've forgiven her.
It's good now.
I feel good.
Mom might not come.
She might not come.
But Why?
Her husband's really sick.
It's her daughter's wedding.
This is unbelievable.
When was she planning
on telling us?
She's calling Amal tonight.
After she knows more.
More about what?
Dad, the man is dying.
Today they'll know
how long he has to live.
I hope he dies!
The bastard deserves it.
She had no problem
leaving all of us.
Now she wants to stick
by someone's side?
Friend, take it easy.
Are you ok?
Yes. I'm okay.
It's nice.
It's comfortable.
Very comfortable.
The fabric is very good.
Raise your arms, let me see.
It suits you well.
Goes well with your curves.
Here, we can add
sparkles, pearls...
Everything is ready.
You need help?
We have to tell her.
Let's wait until
we hear from mom.
She's going to be heartbroken.
Want me to tell her?
I'll tell her. I know
how to handle her.
You know what...
you're right.
Let's wait until she calls.
Look, if they tell him
he has 6 months or a year...
She'll come.
And if he only has a few weeks?
I don't know.
Look at you!
It fits you perfectly!
Which is nicer?
I don't know.
They all are.
But which is nicer?
Be honest.
The first one. The burgundy.
Take all of them!
Try it with shoes.
I'm not sure.
What do you think, dad?
Or should I wait
for mom to ask her?
What's wrong?
Mom might not
be able to make it.
Her husband is dying.
Could you please
give us a minute?
Take your time.
We're waiting for her call.
He's doing a CT-scan. If his
situation is stable, she'll be here.
What do we do?
I don't know.
Do you want to postpone?
We planned it now just for her.
And she might not come?
Firas has already
paid for the honeymoon.
Everything is set.
Don't worry.
We'll stick to the plan.
She'll be here. Right dad?
Everything will work out.
How do you know?
Don't worry.
How do you know he's dying
in the hospital?
She called me.
Why didn't she call me?
As usual. Coward.
I should have known.
I'm so stupid.
Her husband is dying!
We're never important.
The man is dying.
Stand up.
Step up.
Turn around.
Fantastic! Perfect!
I think it's a bit
tight in the back.
What's wrong, sir.
This is the latest style.
It shows her curves.
Not sure about
the length either.
Fantastic. A real princess.
Which do you feel
more comfortable in?
Honestly, the pink.
The most beautiful bride.
Thanks dad.
When will she call?
After the examination.
What time?
It's still morning for them.
In few hours.
I'm not having the wedding
if she's not coming.
But Amal?
I know what Amal wants.
They can postpone and have
a summer wedding like normal people.
I won't let your mother humiliate us
again in front of all Nazareth.
Imagine how Amal's going to feel
without her mother at her wedding.
So we call it a day?
We stay on schedule.
And pray that bastard
lasts another year.
You won't come in?
I'll see her at the wedding,
if her daughter shows up.
You sure?
I'll go next door to
Abu Suleiman to save time.
Here it is.
It's your health insurance.
Do you go for check ups?
Of course.
And this one?
An ad from the phone company.
Faster internet.
My internet is slow.
Let's call them.
What is the number?
Why don't you have Face?
They use it to spy on us.
You have Facebook?
Of course!
I need to keep track
of your mother.
My grandson will speak.
See what he's blabbing about.
I don't understand them.
I'm calling about
the internet offer.
Ok I think so.
One second...
Did you change your
number last year?
They did, not me!
Yes. OK... Thank you.
They'll send someone
early next week.
Good. It will be faster?
The videos always stop.
Your mother keeps telling me
not to post about politics.
She thinks the Israelis
will arrest me.
Wouldn't be surprised.
Have you spoken to her recently?
No, I have to go.
It's ready.
Don't trouble yourself.
How's your girlfriend?
She's good.
Is her father still in jail?
He's never been in jail.
Who's the one in jail?
Marwan Barghouti.
God, I like him!
Saint Gabriel.
Gabriel wasn't a saint.
He was.
He was an angel.
That's even better.
Don't be afraid.
Have you thought about
buying a new car?
This is my car. What's wrong?
I hope your brakes are good.
Never gave up on me.
What are you doing, boy!
No one's home.
Say something then!
I thought you were Daesh!
I'll give it to them.
Thank you.
Are you a relative?
They're friends of the family.
You're from which family?
Your father's the teacher?
Do you have a minute?
Eight people from Nazareth
have joined Daesh.
Eight! It's scary.
Not to mention those who
came here from Syria.
The hospitals here
are full of them.
How did they come?
From where?
Who allowed them
to enter here, hmmm?
It's fixed.
Thanks so much!
I'm making coffee.
No, thank you.
My father's waiting.
Your father's outside
and you don't tell me?
"Israel has cut back lumber shipments
to the Gaza Strip
adding to restrictions
that could hamper
housing reconstruction
after the last siege.
According to Gaza importers,
200 cubic meters of lumber used
in the construction industry
had been brought into
the territory daily
and those shipments
would now be banned.
Israel continues its
control of all imports...
It's nice to see you.
Been a long time.
You remember me?
Georgette Tanas.
We were in school together!
Yes! Georgette!
Please, I made
them this morning.
Thank you.
Take the whole tray!
You'll return it.
My god, Shadi looks
so much like you...
but you're more handsome!
Thanks but it's too much.
Return the tray later.
I'll take one.
No. All or nothing!
And now you know where I live.
for your daughter.
Thanks. Hopefully
your children too.
I never married.
Delicious, no?
They're ok.
I think she likes you.
Stop that, dummy!
Why not?
Is that Father whatshisname?
I think so.
Yes, it is.
Priest my ass. What kind
of priest promotes war?
He wants our kids in the army?
If you hit that fucker
you can invite...
your Ramallah friends
to play at the wedding.
And fire Baloot!
Your mother?
Hi sweetie. How are you?
We're driving
to the next delivery.
Nada says hi.
He says hi back.
Your father's there?
Hi Nizar. How are you?
I'm in Nazareth with my father.
Yes, in the homeland!
Yeah, he's next to me...
Nader's father want';
to say hi to you.
Here he is.
The pleasure is mine.
Our homeland?
It's good. Beautiful.
You know, surviving.
We hope to welcome you here.
I hope so too.
Yes, nothing more
beautiful than Palestine.
What do I see now?
Orange trees...
and vineyards...
Mount Precipice.
It's beautiful, very green
this time of year...
Nothing more beautiful
than the sea...
and fishing!
Two minutes for a delivery.
No. Clients only.
Two minutes...
It's for my clients.
But there are places.
Hope to meet you soon.
Just two minutes.
No. Clients only.
Come on, two minutes, man.
This bear is for sale?
Yes. Help yourself.
How much?
Twenty my friend.
It is with wisdom
that a home is built
and with understanding
that it becomes steadfast.
Mr. and Mrs. Iskander Nasser
and their family.
And Mr. Tarek Silsal
and his family.
Request the honor of your presence
to celebrate the marriage
of their children.
Firas and Amal.
On Friday.
The 18th of December
at five o'clock in the afternoon.
At the Sahel Ayoon reception
hall in Nazareth.
We wish you the best.
Congratulations son.
I wish you a wonderful life.
This is my son Shadi.
My daughter Amal is marrying.
You remember her?
Are you married?
Don't have your eye on anyone?
Yes, I have...
I hope, he'll find someone.
Sometimes it takes time
to find that special person.
Don't give up.
Find yourself a nice girl.
We'll see you soon.
With pleasure.
Why did you say that?
It's better not
to upset the man.
Why would mentioning
my girlfriend upset him?
All young people
are leaving Nazareth.
It upsets him.
If you opened the subject...
he would ask about her,
her family...
You're not with a local girl.
And you live abroad...
it would upset him.
I really doubt he'd care.
The man's very old.
Anything could upset him.
We talking about you or him?
Why don't you like my girlfriend?
Who said I don't like her?
I don't know her.
Exactly. You don't.
I have nothing against her, son.
But there are girls
you have fun with
and girls you marry.
Really? What's that mean?
Nothing. Forget it.
You've become too sensitive.
And what bride wants
a man with red pants
and a pink shirt?
Who says I want to marry?
And what does Salma say?
Interrogated by police
for misuse of public funds...
Netanyahu's ex-chief
of staff, Gil Shaffer
was also recently
questioned in the case.
Sara Netanyahu said in response,
I reiterate there will be nothing...
You really don't want
to get married?
You're not in love
with that girl?
I'm very much in love.
I don't want to ruin
our relationship with marriage.
It's an international call.
What's this?
God asks to pray
for the sons of Israel.
God bless you and save you.
No, dear.
Since when do we have
that going on here?
West Bankers.
Probably from Jenin.
Where are you going?
Hey teacher!
Hi Nasser!
They still build like that?
Are they expecting
another wave from Russia?
You like this song, no?
You used to listen to it
in the car when we were kids.
You remember that?
Of course.
Remember that I taught
you to drive in this car?
It's a good car.
Never let me down.
Do you remember
the first time I crashed it?
And the second and the third!
That wasn't me, it was mom!
You two were always
conspiring together.
Swear to god it wasn't me!
She defended you.
I know you hoped mom
would be here earlier
to help with everything.
But it's hard for her.
You understand?
I think she's afraid.
Come on.
People judged her
for what she did.
It's not easy.
I thought you should know.
You think I couldn't have
found someone else too?
I think you could
still find someone.
You still have a life
ahead of you.
You have a lot to give someone.
And now we know where
Rosette Tanas lives...
I know things didn't
work out with Mom.
But you have to respect her.
She lived here all her life
and understood she needed more.
That's not easy.
She took a risk.
Final delivery.
You sure?
I'm tired.
It's enough for today.
Take a right.
Where are we going?
I'll go in by myself.
Don't worry.
You're kidding.
Just drive.
Don't give me a headache.
What's the problem?
I have to invite him.
I work with him. He's
my friend, not a spy.
He helps at our school.
He's not your friend. His job
is to surveil our schools.
To approve our books, our curriculum,
to decide the teachers...
even the janitors!
You've become terribly annoying.
You don't have to invite him.
What do you know about it?
You live in Italy. I live here.
I have to deal with them.
And I want to become headmaster.
You never wanted to
be anything in your life
and now suddenly you
want to be promoted?
You know nothing!
Absolutely nothing!
You respect your mother?
Because she's afraid to come back
after running away with her lover?
Or because she left me alone
to raise you and your sister?
At least she did what she wanted
not what society wants.
Really? A hero!
For taking the easy way
out again and again.
You think I couldn't take the
easy way out a million times!
Your mother didn't just leave me,
she left you and your sister.
She totally humiliated us!
She humiliated our whole life!
You don't think
this is humiliation?
You ashamed to tell your
girlfriend from the P.L.O.
that one of our wedding
guests is Jewish?
Not because he's Jewish but
because he's a spy, shabbak.
He's not a spy, not shabbak.
He's my friend.
And he's my guest.
Does that mean I'm
not patriotic enough?
We're forced to live with them.
This isn't living!
Living is choosing
how you want to live.
Everywhere else is worse!
Have you ever left
this place in your life?
Ever lived anywhere else?
I don't want to live
anywhere else!
I don't want to go to Europe...
and wear fancy shirts.
And sit in the parlour
with Ms. Nada and her daddy
talking about the
liberation of Palestine.
What's this Palestine you keep
talking about? Where is it?
I'm living it here.
You call this living?
To become headmaster you need
a loser like Ronnie to approve you.
What a school! It's forbidden
to even mention our own history.
Forbidden to think!
I grew up watching you
beg them to recognise you
asking permission to exist,
permission to breathe!
You learned their language better
than them but you're invisible to them!
Fuck this life!
Who are you to lecture me?
You think you know
the world now?
Maybe I'm not a hero.
But I had a family to raise,
to educate and feed.
You've no idea what I had to do
so you could live a nice life.
You have no idea
what they're capable of.
God damn you, boy.
Stupid cows.
What are you up to?
Come here.
Welcome home.
Happy to see you home.
Sit down.
Been a long time.
How you finding things here?
Same as always. Shit.
Man, fuck the best of them.
How are you, Abu Sarah?
Your breads are good today?
Delicious. Taste that.
Put that away.
No, no...
Thank you!
Man, there's nothing like home.
Where's your father?
I don't know.
It's good you're spending
Christmas with him.
He does so much alone.
And now he's losing Amal,
he needs you more.
He loves you so much...
He never stops
talking about you.
I wish my father had
talked about me like that.
He's so proud of you.
I never met anyone like him.
He has a heart of gold.
Mom called.
He died.
He died?
So she's coming to the wedding?
I think so.
You know
you're right.
It's nicer without the tarp.
But it's what Amal wants.