Wajood (1998) Movie Script

Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
So, have all the arrangements
for the meeting done?
- Yes sir.
- Where's the program?
This is the program sir.
- D'Souza
- Yes sir.
The arrangements of
the plane tickets and cars.
- It has been done sir.
- That's good.
If there is any problem
then tell Apoorva.
Right sir.
Swami, you will look
after the hotel bookings..
- ..and the rooms.
-Yes sir.
If there is any problem
then tell Apoorva.
Yes sir.
Our chief account officer Mr.
Nair is also going to come.
- He is unwell but wants to come.
- Okay.
If there is any problem then..
I will tell Apoorva..
Remember that.
Okay. Please call Apoorva madam.
Good morning, madam.
The meeting is over. Okay.
All the best for the meeting.
- Thank you, sir.
- Okay.
Apporva, you have to
go to Dalhousie yesterday.
For which work were you calling me?
You have to go to
Dalhousie tomorrow.
Why are you screaming?
Child, we have the yearly meeting
of board of directors of Gopal group.
You have to chair that meeting so
that is why you have to go there.
No, no father.
I have my rehearsals.
I have to give
performance on the stage.
- I have to dance and I know nothing.
- Okay.
- I don't know anything.
I have to rehearse. - Okay.
Child, taking parts in dramas
and attending journalism classes.
Why are you wasting
your precious time?
Look child, it is a waste
of life to run after talent..
..art and degree which
cannot be used to earn money.
Next year you have to
go to America for two years.
And do course of
business administration.
And then take care of
these companies after me.
So that even I should eat more
medicines than breakfast like you.
Oh, come on. Be serious, Apoorva.
Your grandfather rose from footpath
to establish such a big emoire.
I have been taking care
of it for last 25 years..
..and now you have
to take care of it, child.
Come on father;
let me enjoy 2- 3 years of college.
After that I have to get involved
with these useless numbers.
Okay, I will not ask you
to go to any meeting for one year.
But child you will
have to go to this meeting.
- Father.
- Please.
Go and stay in your bungalow there.
I will ask Bhaag
Singh to get it cleaned.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Good luck.
Hail to Lord Hanumaan.
God has created a
great vegetable onion.
If onion is added to
any dish then it is a blast.
And today this onion
is going to create a blast.
- Onion, onion.
- What are you doing?
I have heard for a person that..
..by keeping onion on the head the
entire day the body remains warm.
Then we both will be in the jail.
And if madam is kind hearted
then we both will be on the road.
How will we be on the road?
I will go and ask
those boys to leave.
Great they are all young boys.
They will be beat you up badly.
You have spent the
entire money on alcohol.
Not only on alcohol
but I gambled also.
And didn't I get
this dress for you.
Take this veil, and this dress.
What are you doing during day time?
Get away you stupid fellow.
I just have these earrings
of my parents' side left with me.
So take these also.
Brother Nihaal.
Why am I saying brother?
Look, you will have to
vacate the room today itself.
And if you do not vacate it
then I will throw the things out.
And look, don't mess up with
local people. Understood or not.
Did you hear?
- Thank you.
- Very, good, Nihal.
So uncle, how come you here today?
- But I am in trouble.
- What?
- My death!
- Death?
Come on, madam.
- Bhaag Singh.
- Yes.
Take this envelope and
go to Holiday Inn at 8o'clock.
You will meet Mr. D'Souza there.
Tell him that this contains the list
of people coming for tomorrow's meeting.
You should sleep..
- Don't disturb me.
- Okay.
- Don't wake me up at all.
- Okay.
Don't even bring tea.
I will not come for tea but I will
have to go and give this envelope.
It was really fun.
Hey, dance...
Hey Pehalwaan, get up.
You always occupy the
entire space and sleep.
Hurry up and get up
otherwise I will hit you.
Oh God, it is so cold in Dalhousie.
Get in, get in.
Hey Pehalwaan,
how did you become so soft?
Turn that side and sleep.
What are you doing?
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
- There is someone else.
- Who are you?
Uncle. Light,
light.where is the light?
- Who are you?
- Nihaal.
Thief, thief. Bhaag Singh.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Bhaag Singh, Bhaag Singh.
Coming, madam.
- What is the matter, madam?
- What is happening?
Who are they all?
How did they come inside?
The thing is that.
From the time your father bought
this bungalow he never came here.
It had been 8 years
and it need maintenance.
Who asked you to
save father's money?
- I..
- I don't want to hear anything.
Throw all of them out immediately.
Otherwise I will throw you out,
Bhaag singh.
Now at 11o'clock at night
where will the boys go in jungle.
Yesterday a lion ate a man, madam.
- Have pity on them.
- Okay.
But I should not see anyone
tomorrow morning. Understood.
Not at all.
All will be out. Everyone will go.
I am saved.
Amazing, she threw our bags.
Uncle. Hey,
she threw my belongings out.
Sleeping on my bed in my
room she is throwing my things out.
I will not spare her.
- Hey, Nihaal. Nihaal.
- I will not spare her.
Nihaal, listen to me.
Listen to what I want to say.
Calm down.
The thing is that this
girl is a little crazy.
- What do you mean?
- She is mad.
Her story is very painful. If you
hear it then even you will feel sad.
This entire property
belonged to her father.
He lost everything in gambling.
The girl got such a big
shock that she became mad.
Even today she thinks that
this bungalow belongs to her.
She curses me and I listen.
- Oh no.
I think what will
happen of this girl.
No uncle, you are really
very kind hearted man.
Who keeps a mad girl like this?
- There is something called humanity.
- No problem.
- You are 20 people. You must be
tired so go and sleep. - Yes.
Whatever had to
happen has happened.
- Now there is peace.
- Okay.
- Go and sleep now.
- Okay, good night.
Okay, I will come in your room.
Oh god, she looks so beautiful.
We will go.
We will go after having tea.
- Yes, we will go.
- Bhaag Singh.
I am getting late.
Where has father trapped me?
What is it?
What are you looking at?
- Am I looking mad?
- No, no.
You are not at all mad.
Oh God.
Hey, listen where are
you taking our things?
Uncle, where has
he taken our things?
- Calm down, calm down.
- One minute.
- Where has she gone?
- Nothing has happened.
He has got fit of
being a washer woman.
She will go to the shore and
wash your things and bring it back.
You will get your
things cleaned for free.
Idiot, you survive on her
money and say lies about her.
why have you come her between men?
- Go inside.
- Keep quiet, otherwise I will hit you.
- Boy.
- Yes.
The thing is that she is
the owner of this entire property.
He lied to you so
that you do not beat him.
Why shouldn't we? Uncle, you..
But where has she taken our things?
Hey, what are you doing?
Why? Mad people behave this way.
They pick up the things
and throw it like this.
One more is left.
I don't have underwear left.
We request you...
Anyway, we have come to apologize.
Okay, we will catch our
ears and even ready to do pushups.
Come on do it. What are you doing?
We made a mistake. For give us.
If you come further then
I will hit you. Understood.
Get away.
Why do you want to
prove Bhaag Singh right?
Look, please calm down.
We will vacate your
bungalow and leave.
But please give this.
- Immediately.
- Yes immediately.
- At this moment.
- Yes, but let me first take my bag.
- Hey, leave it.
- My bag.
Give me the bag.
Leave the bag.
Being a girl aren't
you ashamed of doing this.
- this is too much.
- Give me the bag.
I will make sure I take the bag.
There is nothing that belongs
to your father. Give me the bag.
You never know it might contain
things that belong to my father.
- I made a mistake.
- Give it to me.
Give it to me.
What are you doing?
- Let me see how you don't give this.
What are you doing?
- Give me the bag.
- What kind of a girl are you?
- What are you doing?
- Give me the bag.
- Give me the bag.
- Give me the bag.
- Don't touch the bag.
- What are you doing? Leave me.
Oh God.
Hey, you are too much.
- Give me the bag.
- No, I will not leave it.
"The shy eyes and sharp
eyesight secretly said this."
"Dear, you are crazy
about me and love me."
"But you are shy."
"But you are shy."
"Dear, you are crazy
about me and love me."
"This love is eternity
and look what has happened."
"That my eyes just keep dreaming."
"Very dreamy."
"Very dreamy."
"I have heard that you are crazy."
"Listen to the music of my heart."
"You have many good ideas."
"I know what story
I have to tell you."
"These things stole my heart."
"Your eyes are enchanting."
"That my eyes just keep dreaming."
"Very dreamy."
"Very dreamy."
"You too never
come so close to me."
"Never ever break my heart."
"You too explain
your heart sometimes."
"You believe it or not
I will always be yours."
"Come on, don't be annoyed now."
"I was just joking with you."
"Don't be serious."
"Don't be serious."
"Dear, you are crazy
about me and love me."
"But shy."
"But shy."
"That my eyes just keep dreaming."
"Very dreamy."
There is still two
hours left for your flight.
You will easily reach the airport.
This small visit to Dalhousie has
brought such a big turn in my life.
I had never thought that the person
whom I did not know two days ago
And now promised to spend
my entire life with him.
I am scared thinking that..
..if Bhaag Singh was not a drunkard
or gambler then I would be in loss.
Wait for two more days.
We will go together, Apoorva.
No, no.
- I had told you about
ballet competition. - Yes.
I have rehearsals for that..
..and if I don't reach on time
then its director won't spare me.
But he is in your college
so woo him or make any excuse.
No, he is not my class mate.
He passed college ten years ago.
Just out of his interest
he does direction and writes plays.
Because of him our college
has won three trophies, understood.
Really. Then I will
have to meet that man.
Where are your classes going on?
'How shall I tell you
that what you are for me?'
'How shall I tell you?'
'How shall I tell you?'
'How shall I tell you
that you are a sweet song?'
'You are music of life.'
'You are happiness,
love and I am your beloved.'
'You are in my eyes,
memories, breathing and my arms.'
'You are in my sleep and dreams.'
'You are a part of my every talk
and also in my days and nights.'
'You are in the
morning and evenings.'
'You are in my thoughts and work.'
'You are my achievement and loss.'
'You are my laughter and crying.'
'And even sleeping
and awakening is you.'
'Wherever I go and wherever
I see you are there.'
'How shall I tell you
that I am nothing without you?'
'How shall I tell you
that what are you for me?'
'You appearance
is the light of life.'
'Your body is as soft as
sandalwood and beauty flows in it.'
'And beautiful hair
you got from clouds.'
'Flowers bloom on lips
and eyes are like streams.'
'There is moonlight hidden in
your face and music in your voice.'
'Your body is like glass
and complexion is like flowers.'
'You walk like rivers flow.'
'What beauty, what condition.'
'The colorfulness of your body
is just like thousand butterflies.'
'The roundness of your arms
and the shadows of your veil.'
'These rivers are of dreams.'
'How can I tell you
the condition of my heart?'
'How shall I tell
you what are you for me?'
'How shall I tell you
that you are religion for me?'
'You are faith for me,
you are my worship.'
'You are my love,
you are my dream.'
'You are the picture
I want to see every time.'
'You are my destiny.
You are my star.'
'You are my view.'
'You are in my thoughts
and have surrounded me.'
'You are in every direction.
North, south, east and west.'
'You are in my entire life.'
'You are in every moment
and in everything.'
'You are path for
me as well as my goal.'
'You are sea for
me a well as shore.'
'I just see you
and think about you.'
'I just know you and believe you.'
'You are my identity.'
'How shall I tell you?
You are goddess for me.'
'You are god to me.'
'How shall I tell
you what are you for me?'
'How shall I tell you?'
'How shall I tell
you what are you for me?'
When did you all come?
Since long we were
watching you secretly.
And you did not come to know.
Unbelievable. It was magic.
Till today I have never
seen anyone lost in his character.
Just with your face and words you
made that girl alive in front of us.
Who was not present here.
Malhaar, I will act
in that drama as that girl.
- Alright.
- Shall I also play a role in it?
Prakash, go at the light.
Anna, I have brought that builder.
With great difficulty I have
been able to get Mr. Mansukhani.
Come on. He is standing outside.
Today, Apoorva will
conduct everything.
Water. It is time for
water so I will have to go.
- I will go and change my clothes.
- Malhaar, Malhaar.
You are truly unbelievable.
I just adore you. Really.
Boys, boys today
I am Malhaar. Okay.
'How shall I tell
you what are you for me?'
What a foolish person
he was whom you made me meet?
Even my commission
of 2% has gone, sir.
Anna, who were these people?
These foolish people..
..want to make shopping
center of this theatre.
They have bought seas..
..rivers, mountains, farms and they
want to make shopping centers of it.
Their hunger is never satisfied.
Son, I see my
memories in your face.
Never do cheating with theatre.
Hey, where did you
go so early in the morning?
I had gone out.
I very well know why you
go so early in the morning.
So that you don't have
to listen to what I say.
And you come back
after I go to the office.
You have food and then
again you go in the evening.
What can I do if tap
water comes after you leave?
Till I am alive
you are getting water.
If I die then you
will not get even that.
You don't worry about that.
What should I do then?
What should I do?
Nowadays it is better to be uneducated
rather than being 3rd class BA pass.
At least he can lift up the burden.
Who will give job
to the 3rd class BA pass?
Sarla died while
giving birth to you.
I have not touched any
woman for last 30 years.
People who have sons of your age
lead a retired and peaceful life.
Will you drink tea?
And I am trying to get an extension
for one year after retirement.
For last three months I am
running after my boss like a dog.
- What is it?
- Match box.
What not have I done for you?
Yes, you have done a lot.
When did I say that you haven't?
You locked me for 8 hours and went
for work so that I could study more.
I started hating books.
Even then because of
your fear I kept on trying.
And kept on standing first.
Once I did not stand first
and you hit me with the broom.
What was my age at that time?
10 or 11.
But what have you thought now?
What are you going
to do with your life?
From last 8 years
when I finished studies..
..you have been asking
me this bitter question.
Yes, you will do
make- up and do drama.
Are you watching?
I had thought that he
would do what I could not.
He will become a doctor,
army officer or collector.
It is not necessary that everyone..
..should get degree or
diploma or become an engineer.
Nobody asks Zakir Hussain
or Tendulkar what their degree is.
- Really?
- Yes.
Which foolish person told
you that you will become like them?
Not someone.
But life told someone
in his ears that..
..you will play cricket
so he became cricketer.
Someone said that go you will play
the Tabla so he became Zakir Hussain.
You will not be able
to do anything except drama.
Not only has yours, but the thinking
of entire society has become rotten.
As if academic success
is the only success in life.
I have requested Mr.
Chavlani of Raj transport.
So with your 3rd class
certificates reach their office..
..at 10:30 in the morning.
It will be good for rejection.
- Sawant.
- Sir.
Tell Raj Singhania that if he does
not shut down his shops on time..
..then I will get the license
of all his shops cancelled.
Sir, but he is local
MLA of this area.
So what if he is the local MLA.
I am the collector of this area.
And tell him that
law is equal for all.
You go and I am also coming.
- Where is my coat?
- I am bringing.
Where are my spectacles?
- Greetings, father.
- How was the trip?
- Superb, like always.
- Great. Congratulations.
Madam, for how many
people should I cook food?
- Listen.. - Classical singer Bahmani
is coming at night.
She is performing in the lawn.
Listen, prepare food for
about 25- 30 people at night.
- First shot, bull's eye.
- Very good.
- Driver, after dropping sir to the
office bring the car back. - Yes.
- I want to go shopping.
- Yes.
- Find it that side.
- Yes, but..
What are you finding mother?
- I cannot find my spectacles.
- Hey, father has worn it.
You always do this.
- This is matter of a second.
- I am leaving, mother.
- 2 seconds.
- Nihaal.
- Whose call was it?
- Some Apporva Chaudhary.
She was asking
when will you return.
Here goes the thread.
Okay, tell me which
my middle finger is.
Hey, not fair.
Okay, tell me once more. Try it.
- This one.
- Again you touched the same finger.
- What are you doing?
- That's cheating.
- What cheating?
- You are cheating, okay. Okay fine.
Hey, don't look. Now tell me.
I will not hold your
finger but your hand.
I have talked with my father.
- Once my competition is over.
- When is your competition?
How shall I tell
you what are you for me?
How shall I tell
you what are you for me?
Aashish, Vincent.
Goddess, you are free from curse.
God has come to take you.
Turn and look at your lover.
He is broken because
of fear of losing you.
If you leave him
and go then he will die.
He cannot see your condition.
Look.. shit.
Stage lights.
Your eyes should be wet.
I want tears.
Don't you understand?
How many times have I explained?
How many times have I explained
that you are not Apoorva.
You are a cunning woman.
One is roaming on
earth to get liberation.
When he expresses his love.
That poet has expressed.
He has expressed.
He said that how shall I
tell you that who are you for me.
You got liberation
and your beauty back.
You have to go back
to heaven from earth.
God has come to take you.
But you do not want to go.
Because you have started
loving this person.
The person who does not love
your body but your inner beauty.
He loves your soul
and not your body.
They cannot pass time at
home and come here to do drama.
I want to take the obsession
of love to that level..
..where it appeases
where this drama ends.
At the end of this play all the
viewers should be bound to their seats.
An end that no one has seen.
People will throw shoes
at you the way you are doing.
Do practice. Can't you cry?
I will not be able to do it.
- Why can't you cry?
- I don't know how to cry?
- What can I do?
- What is so difficult in it?
What can I do? I cannot cry.
Why? What is so difficult in it?
Do you know how to laugh?
What is crying? Look.
I do not want any dialogue.
Count from 1 to 10 but from heart.
1, 2, 3..
4, 5, 6..
7, 8..
9, 10.
Look, there are tears in my eyes.
Because of fear.
You can do it.
Good girl. Come on.
2, 3.
"What should I do?"
"What should I do?"
"What should I do?"
"What should I do?"
"How can I solve the matters
that are so complicated?"
"What should I do?"
"What should I do?"
"Forget that you are an angel."
"And you have come to know
that you are someone else."
"Even if you live for many years."
"But the time spend with your
beloved is much more than many ages."
"By breaking all relations
and leaving all compounds.."
"..my heart wants to
spend every moment with you.
"What should I do?"
"What should I do?"
Come on Mohini,
let's go in our dream boat.
Let's go to our glittering village.
The view of the rainbow and
the stream that flows behind it.
There is no one
else in this journey.
This journey is
only yours and mine.
When love is calling you
and the dream world is in front.
Come on Mohini,
let's go in our dream boat.
Let's go to our glittering village.
Today, the great lyricist
and film director..
..Mr. Gulzaar is present amongst us.
I request him to come on stage and
give away the award for best actress.
And the best actress award
goes to Miss Apoorva Chaudhary.
I am sorry sir but
I cannot accept this award.
Someone else has
the real right on this.
Its rightly belongs to that person
who can see God in a common girl.
The one who characterizes
all the great men..
..and personifies
them on this stage.
Malhaar, come on.
Come on, come on.
Have a long life.
- What is your name?
- Malhaar Agnihotri.
Take this.
Take it. It is yours.
Malhaar.. sir.
Malhaar, today I want
to give a party to you.
Today evening come
to benzer at 8:30
Do come for sure.
Okay. Do come. I will wait for you.
Hey, Malhaar.
Idiot, today you had to
go to Chavlani for clerk's job.
Didn't you know it or not?
And you had gone
to get this trophy.
What will you do of this trophy?
What will you do of this?
Tell me, what will you do of this?
Why don't you speak?
Tell me, what will you do of this?
I will tell you.
You will do begging.
You will be begging on the road.
Slippers.where are my slippers?
I don't even eat betel
leaf so that I can spit on him.
Stop, stop.where are you running?
I know what you will
do of this trophy.
By putting my bones in
this you will put them in Ganga.
Stupid fellow.
I had asked you to go for job
ad you had gone to get this trophy.
Why are you looking up?
I have not done anything wrong.
I won a cup.
Why are you looking up?
You all are lucky that
you haven't got such a child.
Looking up,
what are you looking up?
Where are you running?
Your director hasn't come.
Where has he gone?
He is very shy in nature.
He is just like
a king on the stage.
Out of the stage just
like a stale flower.
You seem to be quite
impressed by him.
Of course. I am sure you will
good friends when you meet him.
Why, why?
Because you both are
very good human beings.
You know something.
I am getting jealous of this guy.
But why hasn't he come yet?
Did you find my area
to commit suicide?
Rascal, he wants to commit suicide.
Sit up. Hey, come on sit up.
Come on. Okay now tell me
why were you committing suicide?
I wasn't committing suicide.
Then who was doing it? Your father?
The sun at the horizon
was committing suicide.
I had thought that what
will happen of my future.
To save that I ran inside.
People at the shore
started shouting.
Save, save.
Who all are there in your house?
- We are six of us.
- Who all?
Four walls, ceiling and I..
Rascal, he seems to be mad.
- Hey, 342.
- Yes sir.
- Make him drink tea and let him go.
- Okay sir.
For you I left my name
and my every relation.
And you did not think of me.
That what will I do or
where will I go without you.
Malhaar, when life whispered
in your ears that..
..you will become an
artist then you became happy.
You had fought with the world.
And today life is screaming
in your ears that..
Malhaar that these tears, insult..
..disrespect and bad
words are not a curse.
This is not weakness.
With this curse your characters
will get an identity.
And when these characters will
shine in the darkness of the stage
Then the entire theatre will speak
in one voice and one time that..
..Malhaar, you are great.
You have done a great job,
Malhaar. Great..
My voice will be one of them.
Malhaar, because of your love..
..I can be your any weakness.
But I cannot tolerate
your weakness, Malhaar.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Brother, where are classes
of journalism heald?
That girl Apoorva Chaudhary.
Yes, Apoorva Chaudhary.
Hey, she is my fiance.
I am going to get married
to her and you are asking why?
What happened, brother?
Why are you hitting me?
Are you feeling okay?
Hey, you are a strange man.
I am being good with you
and you are misbehaving with me..
What is it? Will you hit me?
Hey, who is he?
Hey, what are they doing? He is
collector's son and Apoorva's fianc.
Mr. Chaudhary,
we just know this much that..
..other than your daughter
we do not need anything.
I would like to say that..
..marriage should take place
once they finish their studies.
That is right.
- Don't go inside.
- Mr. Chaudhary, leave me.
- Hey, wait.
- Mr. Chaudhary.
There are guests inside. Wait.
- Are you deaf?
- Mr. Chaudhary.
I am Malhaar in
Apoorva's college I am..
Mr. Malhaar please have a seat.
- He directs plays in Apoorva's college.
- Okay, okay.
- Apoorva got prize in his play.
- Greetings.
Hello son, nice to meet you.
Apoorva's marriage has
been fixed with his son.
- Will you have tea?
- No.
- What is the matter?
- No.
I want to talk to you.
Excuse me.
What is the matter?
I am not fixing but
have already fixed.
Don't do like this.
She loves me a lot.
Even I love her a lot.
- I cannot live without her..
- Come here.
- Come here, you fool.
- Listen..
- Look, even I cannot live without her.
- Come here.
There is no one except her in my life.
No one can understand me.
- We love each other like anything.
- What nonsense are you talking?
- This is disgusting.
- Please, please.
Try to understand.
Our dreams will be shattered.
Don't do like this.
How come she did not tell you?
Apoorva, Apoorva.
- when did this happen?
- Have you gone mad?
Have you gone mad?
Hit me if you wish to.
- Apoorva, Apoorva.
- Get out. Watchman.
Watchman, throw him out.
Hit me, hit me.
- Take him out.
- Please.
By throwing me out you
cannot prove anything. Please
- What is happening, brother?
- He seems to be mad.
- Take him out.
- Please.
You do not come in between.
Oh My God.
Oh My God.
Call the police.
Is he your son?
Sir, he is a murderer from birth.
When he was born he killed his mother.
And from last 30 years he
is killing my dreams every day.
Hang him to death.
Not once, twice but many times.
Hang him. Hang him to death, sir.
Hang him. Hang him to death, sir.
Hang him to death, sir.
Look at this statue.
Someone's love has trapped
him in four breaths.
I am repaying the value
of those four breaths till today.
No, Brahma, no I am not
right for this love and faith.
I am worth insult,
expectation, and disrespect.
Hey Vishnu, you are not responsible
to take care of me now.
Hey, Shiv Shankar,
now I am the God of death.
Now I will bring on destruction.
And will become the reason
for great destruction.
I am the master of darkness.
I am a clean soul. I am, Ashwathama.
This court announces
a punishment of 7 years..
..for Malhaar Gopal Agnihotri
for killing collector Abhijit Joshi.
Sawant, what happened to the car?
Sir, it has gone to the
airport to get new collector sir.
- Not even for a day..
- Yes..
Go and get auto for mother.
- And I will come in the truck.
- Okay.
Nihaal, I am very sorry
about your father's death.
- How did it happen? - But why are
you vacating the house so soon.
Look, father honestly served
the government for 25 years.
Today, when he is no more.
The government cannot
give his family..
..six months time to
stay in government office.
Sir, according to rule the
government gives one day's time.
We still gave them 15 days grace..
- He thinks himself to be a collector.
You eill have to make your
own Nihaal Joshi's identity.
And I am sure that
you will really make it.
Thank you daddy.
..you got because
of collectors position.
Daddy, Apoorva is with me.
I can tolerate any situation
when she is with me.
I can bear any kind of
problem when she is with me.
Son, I think you did not
understand what I am saying.
Apoorva is one of them.
Whom you were going to get
because of collectors position.
If all the things are not there in
your life then how can Apoorva stay?
Daddy, I cannot stay without Apoorva.
What will I do without
his support, daddy?
Look son.
If you really like Apoorva.
Then do you want to see her working
in one room kitchen cooking food.
Or you want to see her happy
getting married to any successful man.
Yes, what?
The rate of Surya
Electronics has fallen.
Then sell off the shares.
Okay, son.
He does not want it but
did he ask me that what I want.
More than all these
things I want your support.
- Nihaal, I want to be with you.
- Apoorva, listen..
- I want to be with you.
- Apoorva, listen to me.
- Listen to what I am saying Apoorva.
- I want to be with you.
Even I want to spend my
entire life with you. Sit down.
But not now.
Apoorva, your father is a great man.
Do you know that he
is a great philosopher?
He told me what is going
to happen after marriage.
Till yesterday I was
collector Abhijit Joshi's son.
After marriage I will be known
as Apoorva Chaudhary's husband.
When will I become Nihaal Joshi?
You can become that
even after marriage.
No Apoorva.
The entire desire, passion, hard
work we need to fulfill our dreams..
..is finished working for food.
I cannot marry right now.
Then tell me what I should do.
At present I cannot think
about anyone else except for me.
Even you do not think
about anyone else.
No, I won't cry.
Don't worry. I will not cry at all.
What else can life do worst with me?
See, I am laughing.
I am laughing.
I think it is time for you to leave.
You should go otherwise
you will get late.
Will we not meet again?
We will greet each other and leave.
It is very late so go now.
Go away from here.
- What is this? Has Apoorva gone?
- Yes.
Just put thread in this needle, son.
- What happened?
- I can't do it mother.
I am your mother.
Nihaal hadn't come out from
the shock of his father's death.
And you went and talked
bitterly with him.
Will the truth change
by changing time and place?
The bitterness could have been less.
You very well know
that I love him a lot.
Listen Apoorva,
don't mind my harshness.
Even if you keep a dog
in the house you get attached.
But because of some attachment..
..no one forgets the
identity earned in 30 years.
I am talking to someone
for your marriage.
The boy is ambitious. He
has bought a company worth 50crores.
He will help you take
your companies further.
And if that boy asks me that..
..all this has been made by
your grandfather but what is yours.
Then what shall I answer him?
Look Apoorva, if you don't want to
marry the boy I have found for you..
You will forget everything
after you go there.
Not at all.
I have never thought about my dreams.
But today because of
you I have realized that..
..this bungalow,
assets and everything can be snatched.
Only your identity stays with you.
I will become what I want to become..
You keep on explaining
me in your way..
If instead of doing your business
of utensils or nut and bolt..
..I want to become a director
or journalist then can't I become.
What about the things
your grandfather had thought?
Daddy, my grandfather
saw a dream of 100crores..
..worth company sitting
on the footpath.
And he fulfilled it.
I am proud of him.
But would his soul rest in peace..
..seeing that his granddaughter..
..is living a life of
a loser forgetting her dreams.
98, 99, 100.
101, 102.
103, 104.
105, 106.
107, 100..
109, 110.
Promise. Come on do it.
You still have to do many things
after getting released from jail.
So your health should be fine.
Come up, slowly.
What happened?
The weight has increased too much.
I had dreamt of lifting this burden.
It is not a burden.
I felt as if colorful butterfly
was sitting on my back.
Is this sleeping time?
Get up. The van is standing outside.
Get to work straight away.
Come on, come on, everyone
Everyone sit in the van.
Even you move.
- Come on, come on.
- Hurry up.
- Hey, come on.
- Everyone move towards the van.
- Hey, come on hurry up.
- Hey, come on move ahead.
With great grief we
are informing you that..
..your son Malhaar is missing
because of a bus accident.
Assuming he is dead
we are closing his file.
Jail superintendent Sharad Imre.
Now neither Prithvi Raaj
Kapoor nor Balraaj Sahni is alive.
No one is bothered about theatre.
Mr. Anna if you would
have sold it to Mansukhani..
..then you would have spent
rest of your life comfortably.
The theatre will come to us even now.
Buying it in auction I will
make Mansukhani shopping center here.
But you are in loss
for no reason, Anna.
He has lost theatre and
so many loans is now on his head.
Which all doors will
you close after sky?
Now keep watching the drama that I
will play on the stage of this world.
She is lost even in so many crowds.
Nice quality.
- Colonel Rathi.
- Hi, Mrs. Chawla.
Mrs. Sofia,
my assistant and companion.
Hello Sofia, how are you?
I will not ask permission to sit.
Formality has made
man a stranger that..
We army men live in the moment
and do not have time for formality.
- The advertisement for marriage..
- I had given.
And I am fortunate
that you replied to it.
Look, we have to find the
happiness of life in advertisements.
Actually I had become really
alone after Mr. Chawla's death.
- That is why I replied to your..
- Even I was married.
Oh really. Then what happened?
..was one of the houses
that were burnt in Delhi.
Oh no.
This usually happens in our country.
After the assassination of Mahatma
Gandhi the houses Brahmans were burnt.
After the assassination of Mrs.
Indira the Sikhs were burnt.
Our nation becomes blind
by getting trapped in emotions.
What will you have?
Even Mrs.
Indira had asked the same question.
What will you have?
I had answered bullets,
gunpowder and weapons.
Were you present in the 71 war?
20kms away from Lahore.
If Mrs Indira had given one signal
then Lahore would have been at her feet.
But an agreement took place.
We were called back.
Yes mam.
- Large rum with ice.
- Okay sir.
Colonel, which other
fights have you fought?
For a soldier every moment is a fight.
Then whether there is enemy
in front or someone's beautiful eyes.
Whether it is battlefield
or someone's beautiful body.
Our hands have so much talent that..
..they can carve any
body and make it Taj Mahal.
And so much gun powder
is also filled in their hands..
..that they can break a strong fort.
How do you break a fort,
colonel Rathi?
If knocks are not
answered then we attack.
And what do you do of those forts..
..which are waiting for
years for some knocks or attacks.
We accept their invitation.
Chandra Manek Shah had once
told me not to believe women ever.
They are death for men.
If we accept them then they
kill us by making us husbands.
And if we reject them
then by making us crazy.
You are a great killer.
You correctly recognized me.
I feel your intentions
are very dangerous.
They don't seem to be dangerous
but they are dangerous.
Really. What do you want to do?
Your murder.
It is acceptable to me.
Madam, food.
Police control room.
Police control room.
Madam, will you please
tell what is going on there.
Hello, tell me. Hello, police control.
Hey, get away.
Get a side.
A lot of lightning is taking place.
I think it is going to rain.
No sir, the flash of
the cameras is shining.
What are you saying?
Why don't you wear your spectacles?
What are you talking about spectacles?
Don't I know the flash
of the cameras is shining?
Can't you understand
such a small joke?
Policemen become very serious.
If policemen were serious..
..then people who are dying
one after the other would never die.
- Go and do your work. Make a search.
- Yes sir.
It would have been
better if he was a singer.
You are a stranger,
so how can you be with me.
These rich people do
not have value of money.
What is happening, sir?
This is a very expensive perfume.
If you smell it you
will become unconscious.
So, you have become unconscious.
- The position of the right hand.
- Yes.
Sir, commissioner sir.
- Good morning sir.
- Good morning.
Carry on.
The servant got an opportunity
and made the owner unconscious.
And then killed her.
And then ran away with the jewellery.
Sir, he is absolutely right.
Sir, but I can see the presence of
the third man in this case. - Really?
A military officer. Look here, sir.
These are footprints of shoes.
These are military shoes but this
man did not belong to military. - Why?
Because this sole design stopped
manufacturing after 1971 war.
It is quite clear from this that..
Look here, sir.
There are two glasses of alcohol.
This shows that Mrs.
Chawla was so close to that man..
..she could drink with him openly.
There is food there so
it means it was dinner party.
One minute sir. Listen to this.
Listening to this cassette it seems..
..Mrs. Chawla was in a
very romantic mood that night.
It could be possible
that the servant..
..might have killed Mrs.
Chawla after that man left.
Sir, if he was a guest then
he would had food and then gone.
Plates have been laid on dining
table but the food has not been eaten.
It could be possible that
the man first killed Mrs. Chawla.
And then kidnapped the servant.
No sir. the fingerprints on
those plates belong to the servant.
The same fingerprints
are also on this stool with..
..which Mrs. Chawla has been killed.
Sir, this bottle contains
medicine to make someone unconscious.
- Medicine to make unconscious?
- It is very powerful sir.
Sir, I think this is the medicine..
..that was used to make
those women unconscious.
- Send it to the lab.
- Okay.
Nihaal, as you have
done so much analysis..
..then you must be
aware of who the killer is?
- I know sir.
- Who?
Sir, he is the same cheater
who has looted three women..
..in the last one month
by changing his appearance.
He is the same man.
I have prepared a report on him.
Good. Very good.
Sir, these are the old newspapers.
There is marking on advertisement.
- Shall I read?
- Yes, read.
A Sikh military officer wants a wife.
- Retired Sikh military officer..
- That confirms it, sir.
Good, good very good Nihaal.
- I am proud of you.
- Thank you, sir.
I hand over this case
of catching this actor.
Thank you, sir.
Look Nihaal. Don't get worried.
Listen to me as of now.
This often happens.
Commissioner sir..
He will write whatever you have said
there and will take the entire credit.
Really he is a mean fellow.
He is a rascal.
Sir, where shall I
give these photographs?
Go and give it in the police station.
Why are you after me?
Listen, friend. Listen.
This commissioner is a rascal.
He is useless fellow.
I cannot explain it to you.
No one can stand in front of him.
He is a hen pecked husband.
And is scared of his wife.
And he remains angry in front of us.
He always gets on
to us with full force.
I swear my friend if..
..then my father would
have never let me join police.
I swear I sing qawali so well.
Altaaf Raja who is so famous today.
If I was there on his place
then I swear I would be popular.
You are a foreigner.
How will you be mine?
- Inspector Rahim Khan.
- Yes, brother.
What happened?
My wife scolds me in my house.
I am a hen pecked husband at home.
I get onto you with full force.
Get a side.
Get ready. Okay.
- Apoorva!
- Oh My God.
Come on Gajan hurry up.
Don't be scared. Come with me.
- Apoorva, don't go.
- Press, press.
- Excuse me.
- Get a side.
Is commissioner inside?
Gajan, take this.
Fast. We can't lose this. Okay.
- He is coming, coming.
- Yes.
- From back.
- Yes.
Sir, we have come to know that..
Yes, she was murdered last night.
What do you think who
is responsible for this murder?
Is there any connection with the illegal
business of her husband Mr. Chawla.
No, no it is a case of plain robbery.
A person by wearing a military
dress came to this house as a guest.
He killed Mrs.
Chawla and looted her belongings..
..and ran away with her maid servant.
..who has looted four
other women in the city.
In different appearances.
But in the same way
by making them unconscious.
And not by murdering.
Great sir.
So much progress in so less time.
Mumbai police has really become smart.
- Excellent work.
- That is there.
- Come on. Move on.
- Hey, don't touch the camera..
We will meet again.
Greet each other and smile.
We will greet each other and go away.
- Nihaal.
- You?
Police inspector.
How come you are here?
Didn't you see my show on the TV?
..they can afford
a television at home.
Why? Don't you take bribe?
If your college gathering
is over then shall we do some work.
Sir I forgot to tell you.
Her name is Apoorva Chaudhary.
We know each other from very long.
Our parents' had
fixed our marriage also.
So as it is rightly said no
one can harm a person whom God saves.
So I was saved.
Sir, seriously we
would like to thank you.
You are welcome.
Inspector Haq, come with me.
- Come closer.
- Yes.
Who else have you told
the matters of my home?
- No one, sir.
- Surely no one.
I spoke just like that.
But believe me I have a lot
of respect in my heart for you.
- Do you have respect?
- Yes.
- Then keep it with you.
- Yes.
Never say these things
to anyone in the department.
- Never. I swear I will never say it.
- Get lost.
- Yes.
- Come on.
What happened, sir?
Nothing. The commissioner's
wife and their.
Anything you would like to add, sir.
So God.
They got separated because
of me and met again because of me.
They will again be
separated because of me.
It is still interval now.
What have you see yet?
I will make his life hell.
Oh shit.
Send her in.
Sir, I have got fantastic
news for tomorrow's newspaper.
Oh no this news can be published
in the newspaper day after also.
Sit down first. You sit down.
But sir..
Sit down.
You are looking very smart. I like it.
As it is our staff should
look smart and glamorous.
Thank you, sir. I was..
Why are you calling me, sir?
We are colleagues, buddy.
Why? Isn't it?
By the way you are
wearing a very nice shirt.
Doesn't your wife wear a shirt?
No, she doesn't.
You should have a good
figure to wear such shirt.
You should have proper curves
and figure. And she does not.
Do you know once
you had worn a red sari?
Your figure looked superb in that.
And the flowers that
you had put on your hair.
You were looking so sexy.
So sexy, buddy.
Really sexy.
Yes sister-in-law. Did you hear?
Yes, yes he was praising you.
Sure, one minute. Sister-in-law.
Hello, yes I was praising you.
What should I tell you
that how I was praising you?
Sir, shall I tell?
I remember it completely.
That curves, that figure.
- Shut up.
You go out. Even you can go.
This news should be published
in tomorrow's newspaper. Understood.
Today's latest news.
Today's latest news.
Actor Aflatoon's new stunt.
He did a great stunt.
Today's latest news. Very exciting.
Police has a doubt that
the same person is responsible..
..for Mrs. Chawla's murder last night
who has earlier looted three women.
No one knows who
he is and how he looks.
He might just be your neighbor
sitting in bus, park, and hotel.
The information..
The thing that is being said.
What? What are you finding
in the paper for last half an hour?
The address of any woman.
What nonsense are you talking?
Manner less.
Manner less? Then who are you?
You commit murders and loot, rascal.
Leave him.
Someone calls you and
says that I am the culprit.
All the society members
are making fun of us.
Look, by doing this search
we are just being cautious.
So that women like you
can be saved from that culprit.
That is why police
is using its entire power.
I just stole from his pocket
and you are being strict.
If you have the powers then go and catch
him who robs others during daytime.
To reach him we will
have to first find out..
..where the servant
was working earlier.
But Rane I cannot understand that
why did she suddenly kills her master.
I never liked Mrs. Chawla.
She needed a new man every day.
I did not like it.
..the moment I saw you.
I did not want her to touch you.
Why did you like me?
Should there be any reason
necessary to like someone?
Bright girl. Bright.
Are you from Mumbai?
I am not from Mumbai.
But from Latur.
A terrible earthquake took
place there four years ago.
Because of that earthquake
my family and parents' were killed.
When I went to the government office..
..to get help for the
victims of earthquake.
I could not prove it to
them that my name is Shalini.
Every man there tried
to take undue advantage of me.
Because not a single man was
alive in this world who recognized me.
People get a second life after death.
But God gave me another
life in this birth.
And then started working
at Chawla's as Sofia.
"The cloud of hair
opened on the mountains."
"The evening lighted due
to dew drops and it washed away."
"Unknowingly there
is goodness all around."
"The ground and sky
are also awakened."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
"Cool breeze, bright surroundings."
"And the time is fragrant."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
"The weather is singing."
"The birds are singing."
"And this beautiful
scenery is singing."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
"The sun ray started
kissing the flower."
"The life became happy and excited."
"The sun ray started
kissing the flower."
"The life became happy and excited."
"The colorful caravans with
fragrance are moving on our way."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
"Cool breeze, bright surroundings."
"And the time is fragrant."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
"And you and me."
I Apoorva Chaudhary welcome
you all to this program 'Wajood'
The sponsor of this
program is Tata tea.
Come, let's come to know him with
the statement of these three women.
And got trapped in his plan.
This city is very eager
to know about that person.
Mrs. Malhotra, he met you in
the form of a surgeon, right? - Yes.
So can you tell our audience that..
..being a doctor why couldn't
you recognizes his truth?
How can I make you
believe that his actions..
..nature, his habits and even his
hands looked like that of a surgeon?
His knowledge about
music really surprised me.
He used to sing musical
notes in such a way that..
..seemed Birju Maharaj
was singing live.
The happiness that I
got dancing to his tunes..
..was never experienced by me earlier.
Mrs. Malhotra,
what if he wishes to meet you again?
I will surely meet him.
And you will hand him over to police.
And you will accept him.
Please ask.
If you meet that man again whom
you loved earlier but he cheated you.
Or he moved on the wrong path.
Then what will you do?
If I really love him then I will
try to bring him on the right path.
I will not reject him.
The question is that if he is so
capable then why he is doing all this.
For money, popularity
or he is a frustrated actor..
..who did not get chance to play
the characters he liked on the stage.
And he is taking revenge
from the society.
Or maybe he is successful but it is
the wrong means to get his identity.
I leave the decision on you.
I shall meet you next week.
The sponsor of this
program was Tata salt.
Run the terror has come.
She has eyes on every food.
What kind of salt is this?
Don't waste money.
Tata Salt.
- Vacuum evaporated.
- Yes.
Extra energy.
- Yes.
Even iodized.
- Yes.
No one can make such pure salt.
Only Tata Salt has this.
When put in food everyone appreciates.
Salt should always be Tata Salt.
- I am Apoorva Chaudhary speaking.
- Hello.
I saw your interview yesterday.
I really liked it.
Thank you. Take this.
It is fantastic the way
you have analyzed that incident.
It seems as if you were
also once connected with stage.
Hello, I think there
is some disturbance.
- No, that is by birth.
- Yes?
Don't you think he wants
to prove something to someone?
Yes, might be.
If that is the case then
he may now do bigger crimes.
Hello, who is speaking?
Tell this to inspector Nihaal.
He might be able to stop it.
But who are you?
- Hitchcock.
- What?
- Wait madam.
- Is manager inside?
The bank opens at 8:30 madam.
No, no I am his sister-in-law.
I have come from out station.
Okay, okay go.
'Sanskrit chants'
'Sanskrit chants'
Has my letter come?
'Sanskrit chants'
'Sanskrit chants'
Mr. Gupta, this is 15lakhs cash.
Please count it.
Yes sir.
No one should move.
Don't look here and there.
Lie down on the ground.
Lie down on the ground.
Leave her, leave her.
Leave her.
You should not hold a woman like this.
Go, go.
No man can hold a woman like this.
Only Othello can hold Destimona.
No one else.
So what color jacket was he wearing?
- Sir, he was wearing a red color jacket.
- Red?
No sir, he was wearing a green jacket.
- No, sir it was red.
- No, sir it was green.
You don't know..it was red.
- No, sir, she doesn't know. I do.
They saw him.
Stop it..you always contradict me.
- You do it too.
How do you know? You were
in the room combing your hair.
Come, mister.
Past, present,
future..job, marriage, love..family..
..my dear bird will
tell you everything.
He'll make your future bright.
- I don't know, sir.
- Excuse me.
I guess you're a experienced,
senior police officer.
What do you think?
This criminal who robbed
1.5 million rupees and fled..
..what steps will the police
have to take to catch him?
I think the police
should announce a reward..
..and the people can
help us in apprehending him.
Of course,
he's not going to do anything.
What will be the reward?
- Reward..
- 200,000?
Don't tell the press about it..
what is this?
- Mic?
- I..
What's all this about a reward?
If we give 200,000
and recover 1.5 million..
Please leave..leave..
You guys don't help the police.
In fact, you make things difficult
for us with your rubbish news.
If you talk calmly..
..then even I can give you
few clues about this bank robbery.
First he congratulated me
for interviewing those three women.
And then he said that
the culprit's next step..
..can be robbing a bank.
And that's what happened.
You never listen to me, Apurva.
You warned him with your
interview..he thanked you..
What else did he say?
Young man, this is destined.
No one can change it.
Mallahr..thanks to your contribution..
..we saved this theatre
from being razed down.
"How do I tell you.."
"You're my religion..my faith."
"You're my devotion..you're my love."
"You're my desire."
You work so hard.
Spend some time for yourself.
If you want..we can go out for dinner.
- Or we can see a movie together.
- No, sir.
I will look odd going
out with you and your wife.
No need..
Didn't you see Yash Chopra's
film 'Daag' on television yesterday?
"What's in my heart..if
you want I can tell you."
And his wife is Rakhi.
And in the climax..Rajesh Khanna..
..keeps Rakhi and
Sharmila Tagore together.
If two can live happily,
then why not three.
Absolutely right, sir.
We've examples where
six live together happily too.
What are you saying? That's fantastic.
Who is the lucky person?
Draupadi and the 5 Pandavas.
I've decided, I will call
sister-in-law and tell her..
..if one Mr.
Sanyal can keep you so happy.
Then imagine what four more can do?
What do you mean?
Sir, if you're a big
fan of Yash Chopra's 'Daag'..
..then I am a big fan
of BR Chopra's 'Mahabharat'.
- No. No need.
- She must be at home?
- Apurva.
- I am going out.
There is someone waiting
for you at the lobby.
Excuse me, sir.
Apurva, you suspected that
the man calling you is the culprit.
We've taped your phone to find him.
Whoever calls you now,
his conversation will get recorded.
Our man is sitting
at the telephone exchange.
And he will tell us who
is calling you. Understand.
Obviously, that's one
way to catch him. Understand.
Imagine that he calls..and
you recognize his voice.
You will tell Kanchan.
And Kanchan will tell us
where he's calling from. Understood.
Let's do a demonstration.
Let's do a demonstration.
Very good. What will you do now?
- No, it's him.
- Who?
- The guy that keeps calling me.
- Oh.
- Keep talking to him.
- What do I say?
- Hello, who is it?
- What's in the name?
You put my job on the third page.
Third page? What did I do?
The news of my bank robbery.
Then I took the trouble
of robbing the bank. And the risk.
What for? For you.
What's he saying?
Hello. Rahim Khan, where is he?
- Gate of India.
- Okay.
These days until you don't
publish few murders, rapes..
And you put me on page 3.
This is not fair.
Absolutely ridiculous. No way.
Sorry, it was a mistake.
After this all my news
should be on page one. Please.
Please, I request you. Please.
I am very sure..if the press
and criminals work together..
..we both can progress.
You'll sell more papers
and I will get famous.
Okay okay.
- Next time I will do my best..
- They are coming.
To make sure your
news is on page one..
- Yes, they are here.
- Who?
My friends..I was waiting for them.
- Okay, then. Bye.
- No, no, please..
- Listen..please, talk to me.
- I'll hang up now.
Listen, spread around.
And let me know if you
suspect anyone. Come on.
'Sanskrit chants'
That man who was talking on the phone,
where did he go?
- Who are you?
- I am a police officer.
He left.
Listen, was there a girl with him?
I mean..did you hear
where he was going, or..
No..but he sounded like a criminal.
- How do you know? You're blind.
- I am blind, not deaf, son.
I am really sorry..sorry.
He's committed robberies and murders.
Oh, God. But he escaped.
How long can he run?
He's wasting his life
for few moments of happiness.
No one wastes his
life without a purpose.
But son, destiny..is very cruel.
It forces you to turn
your back on friends..
..and join hands with criminals.
Bloody cruel destiny.
You're right.
One sudden incident..and
everything is shattered.
The story doesn't end there, son.
When you meet those kin,
who have become strangers..
..then it makes you laugh at destiny.
He..he..he called on this number.
- Hello..who is this?
- Nihal, what happened?
He escaped.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I guess our life's
story is quite same.
- Destiny is same, son.
- Yes, of course.
He's the Man. God!
Anyway, thanks a lot..old man.
- God bless you.
- Thank you.
God bless you.
- Insolent.
- Oh..sorry.
- Mom, he's troubling me.
- These children always troubling me.
Oh my..where's my bread?
Hey inspector, did you see my bread?
Where do these thieves come from?
- Look at that..
- Look there.
He'll die.
Hey boy,
let's shake hands before I go.
Enough of your charade,
take that off. Come on.
Don't ruin my makeup.
You'll learn your lesson
when I deal with you in the lockup.
Come up.
We wanderers are
not scared of the storm.
Because we carry our
abodes on our shoulders.
Storm..no watch this.
Really. Hold my hand,
or else you will fall down.
Even your bones will
get shattered. Come on.
Come on, old man.
I won't let the
curtains lower so soon.
There are many more dramas left to do.
To hell with your..
Glory to..Lord Hanuman!
Drive father.
Baffles the police and robs the bank.
This is ridiculous.
It's an embarrassment
for our government.
The elections are round the corner.
But sir, we cannot stop
him from talking to anyone.
..to gain publicity and humiliate us.
I don't understand why
he's taking such a risk.
..and now he's taking revenge.
But this won't continue for too long.
Because we have
started investigating..
..the fingerprints found at Mrs.
Chawla's home.
And we're matching them with
all the criminals in the city.
- And soon..
- No..no..no..no.
These are lengthy procedures.
I want results.
We police officers
get only 2 hours of sleep.
They've been put
on round-the-clock duty.
Come on..get up..get up.
We're searching every nook
and corner of the city for a clue.
..that was used to take
the money stolen in the robbery.
We've inquired in every
shop within the 25 kilometer area.
- Was this bag sold from your shop?
- This isn't ours, sir.
- Take a good look. - But we haven't had
any good luck in finding..
..where the bag came from.
But why are you telling me
what the police is doing or not doing.
And the truth is..the
women in the city..
..fear that the police are useless.
You have failed.
Failed. Failed. Failed.
- Sir, you're ignoring our hard work.
- I know..
But the opposition will blow
this matter out of proportion..
..and deem us unfit
to run the government.
You are unfit.
Sir you tell me what
the police should do.
Do one thing..call a press-conference.
So that the people would know
about the arrangements we've done.
And yes..assure the press that..
"We will arrest the
criminal in 24 hours!"
Don't try to be sarcastic, okay.
Don't try to be sarcastic!
You forget that even we
are ordinary people, and not God..
..who can reach the scene
of crime before it occurs.
- Excuse me, sir. I've a question.
- Yes, go ahead.
Sir, we know that the
police works really hard.
Not just the ordinary people.
But the police gives
security to criminals as well.
Protect them..
And in order to save the
government from the trouble..
..they make a living
from here and there.
But it's hard to
understand why the police..
..couldn't find a single clue
even after 4 murders and 2 robberies.
Shall we consider it
your helplessness or weakness?
Look, it's neither our
weakness or helplessness.
We don't want that criminal to
find out what we're doing or thinking.
We want to keep him guessing.
Do you understand?
Hey..you can't go inside.
There's a meeting going on inside.
So what? Let me go. Move.
- Who are you?
- Who else? I am a reporter.
Who else can be in
such a condition? Move.
Look, it's been 50 years
since we got independence..
..and look at what he's done.
Hey camera..look..capture this.
Show they my face.
'Vande Mataram..'
What 'Vande Mataram..'
They say it's been 50 years..
What independence?
Listen..silence, please..
Did you file a complaint
with the police?
Did you file a complaint
with the police?
The police has done this to me.
- Look..
- With one eye.
This press conference
is regarding a criminal.
Yes, the criminal who's
been robbing everyone..
Robbing them.
He'll have a conversation with
you and leave..and you wouldn't know.
Fine..fine..file a complaint, and
I'll personally look into the matter.
Look into the matter.
- Madam.
- Yes.
Give me that pad.
Look into the matter. Complaint.
So we've a witness who
can help us find that criminal.
And when I get my hands on him..
..I will talk to him personally.
Here's my witness. Yeah..
Do read it when you get the time.
- Madam.
- Yes.
Please give it to him.
Give it to him. Read it.
- Thank you.
- It's okay.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Look at what's happened
to your world, God.
Where's that witness? Where is he?
What is his name?
We cannot tell you
about his whereabouts.
Because his life can be in danger.
But sir, it could also mean..
..how will it protect the entire city?
'You wished to see me..I'll
see you at your home.'
'Your criminal.'
- Hello, sister-in-law.
- Hello.
The department can't tolerate
this man for 25 seconds..
..and you tolerated him for 25 years.
There's something about
him which even he doesn't know.
Hi, how are you?
For the party?
What happened.. - Lift's stopped.
Sachin is the best
batsman in the world.
Do you remember that
134 against Sri Lanka?
- Yes.
- Mind-boggling batting.
Mind-boggling, I tell you.
- Where?
- 5th floor.
I see.
Anybody there?
Oh my, God.
It was so hot.
Sachin's going to bat,
I don't want to miss it.
You enjoy yourself, I'll leave.
- Bye, sir.
Hello, Commissioner.
After a long time.
- How are you, sir?
- Great.
..a run out.
..score a 100.
What's the score?
Looks today Tendulkar has
set himself to get a 100.
He's played very well.
Well played.
What are you doing?
I am hungry. Eat something.
Take the packet of bread from there.
- Sister-in-law didn't come along?
- No, she's visiting her mother.
- I see..
- See you then.
- I need to make an urgent call.
- Okay, sir.
- Okay, bye.
- Goodnight.
Look..look, this portion.
- Hello. Apurva speaking.
- Hello, it's me.
It's him. Yes.
I am waiting for the commissioner..
..and there's no sign of him?
Hello, where are you?
From his home.
People are getting robbed,
and the commissioner is partying.
- You want to meet me.
- Yes, of course.
- Yes..I'll wait for you.
- Sure?
- Hello.
- What happened?
- Hello, listen.
- The phone's dead.
My God, he's at the
commissioner's home.
Hang up and get the camera. Quickly.
Let's go.
Mahadev, what's the score?
Is Sachin out?
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Bye. Hi.
..wonderful play by Tendulkar..
He's steering India
to a place in the final..
Respected Commissioner, I came
to see you but you weren't at home.
I had 4 eggs and 6 bread pieces..
..and I've kept 9 rupees for it.
I really loved your cap,
so I am taking that along.
- Good evening, sir.
- You?
What are you doing here?
Sir, that criminal just
called that he's in your home.
What nonsense? How is this possible?
- Sir.
- I..
I'll get it.
- "Commissioner.."
- Wait. Wait-wait-wait.
Please, give it to me.
Give it to me.
Thank you, sir.
Apurva Chaudhary, I am warning you..
- ..don't use this..
- Thank you, sir.
- You'll have to face the consequences.
- Bye sir.
What are you doing here?
How did they get in here?
"Law and Order in a quandary."
"Police Commissioner helpless."
"Barges in Commissioner's
home and steals his cap."
This is Apurva Chaudhary's doing.
She has mocked the
entire police department.
Now we must do something big..
..so that they write about
us in big on the front page!
And people forget all about this.
- Is that clear.
- Sir.
You're absolutely right, sir.
We must give a fitting reply.
- And I have just the reply.
- What?
Yes..our resignation will make people
trust the police department again.
Yes..you're absolutely right.
Resignation is the best solution.
And right now..
Give me a paper, sir. Pen.
"I, Police Commissioner of Mumbai.."
"..resign from my post right now."
Resignation. Mine? What do you mean?
Sir..no will read the
news of our resignation.
The news of your resignation will be
printed on page one, with a picture.
Shut up.
Shut up and get out.
Inspector Nihal, I am warning you.
If you don't take a solid
step against this criminal..
..and stop Apurva Chaudhary
from printing such absurd news..
- Is that clear?
- Okay, sir.
- So..Mr. Khan..what do you do?
- I sell newspaper.
That guy who's in
the headlines these days?
- Why?
- He's quite the guy.
He's always in the headlines.
The people and police
talk only about him.
He robs money and goes
around with girls too.
And what if you get caught?
So what?
You can grease palms to freedom.
We're taking you back
to our studio, where..
What is all this?
What do you think?
You're doing a great job by publishing
these criminals on front page?
You're wrong, Apurva.
15-20 years ago who would
feature on the first page?
Lal Bahadur Shashtri!
Jawaharlal Nehru! Vinobha Bhave!
..and his picture is
published on front page.
Did you see the effect
of it on that young boy?
What was he saying?
Apurva..that boy
can commit any crime..
..in order to feature
on your newspaper's front page.
I know..this sensational news will
boost the sales of your newspaper.
You will also get promoted.
But Apurva,
in order to sell this newspaper..
..you must decide what
you will do if someday..
..you have to sell our country's
future and your conscience!
You tell others to think,
but you must think yourself..
..before it's too bloody late.
I guess the reporters published
something absurd again.
That's how these reporters are!
They print anything.
'They never think about
the effect on the society.'
'All they care about
is selling their newspaper.'
'Of course..'
- Hi, beautiful. What are you thinking?
- Nothing, sir.
Can I tell you what you're thinking?
Please leave me alone, sir.
I am talking about your promotion and
you're telling me to leave you alone.
Tell me..what am I to you?
- Boss or..
- Do you want to know?
- Apurva..
- Come on.. I'll tell you what?
You're a common mongrel that
roams the street and always hungry.
Your eyes feel like you see every
girl around you as an opportunity.
When your mother-daughter-or
sister goes out..
..I am sure they see the
same thing in other men's eyes.
And when they come back home,
and see the same thing in your eyes..
..then think about what
they might be feeling.
So I feel..men like you should
be put in dog pounds and castrated.
That is what I was thinking!
Whatever you said that day was right.
We reporters should
realize our responsibility.
Actually, we both..
the press and the police..
..should work against those criminals.
Because our duty is same.
Protecting the right
of the common man. Right?
- Yes..it's me.
- It's him.
Finally you brought me on page one.
Really I am honored.
Rahim Khan, where is he speaking from?
Thank you.
I did my part,
will you do something for me.
Just tell me.
I want to interview you.
Because you're a fantastic actor.
But why praise me so much? What for?
Your voice sounds so familiar.
Sounds like we've met before.
Why else would you call me?
Who else can I call?
You're the only one
I have in this world.
Lightens the load on my heart.
Feels like I've committed
all my crimes in front of God.
That means I am not just a
journalist to you, but something more.
Right? Tell me..who am I to you?
Please tell me.
Who am I to you? Tell me.
How do I tell you..who you are to me?
How do I tell you..
you're the song of my heart?
The music of life.
You're life, you're devotion,
you're the light..the freshness.
You're every happiness, you're
my love, my companion, my soul..
Please go on.
Please talk to me.
Talk to me, please. Hello. Hello.
- Nihal.
- What?
- I think it's Malhaar.
- What rubbish? He's dead.
- Yes, but do you know what he said.
- What?
How do I tell you..who you are to me?
It's the same poem
from Malhaar's play. Yes..
"You're my life, my devotion.."
I know this is Malhaar!
But could be a different student,
who saw this play.
But whenever this guy talks to me..
..there's a strange
disturbance on the phone.
Like someone's playing something..
You know, Malhaar had this habit.
He would keep tapping
his fingers like this.
Like this.
Apurva..if this is Malhaar,
then I have a way to catch him.
- What's that?
- You must do a stage show.
Stage show, why?
Look..Malhaar has two weaknesses.
You and the stage.
If we arrange a cultural program,
then he will get caught.
Because he will come
to watch your show.
But I must have a
reason to do a show..
..so that he doesn't get suspicious.
- My mother will help us.
- How's that?
Apurva Chaudhary presents..
..cultural show for the
aid of special children.
- Hello.
- Hello, Commissioner.
I got the invitation
for Apurva Chaudhary's show.
Thank you, I will definitely be there.
- Who's speaking?
- The guy that stole your crown.
You scoundrel.
You cannot escape my clutches.
I am going to nail you,
you bloody bas
How dare you threaten Sher Jung?
I will come tomorrow,
I'll shoot first and then talk.
- Shut up!
- Wait for me.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- My name is Amina.
- Sit down, Amina.
This is Inayat, my aunt's son.
- Calm down, son.
- He's greeting you.
Ajit, give me the ball.
Take this ball, and go play there.
- Go, go.
- Take it.
- Good.
- Go.. Get up.
Go on.
- Get up.
- Careful.
I used to stay in Agripada's
Jamnabai building.
With my parents and elder brother.
My aunt used to live
in the same building.
The riots that broke out 2 years ago,
they set my building ablaze.
Now..where will I go..with him.
You don't worry, dear.
Let him stay here.
And you can stay here
as long as you want.
Don't cry, dear. Don't cry.
Who else can I call?
You're the only one
I have in this world.
Whenever I talk to you,
I feel like I am talking to my past.
Lightens the load on my heart.
That means I am not just a
journalist to you, but something more.
How do I tell you..
you're the song of my heart?
The music of life.
You're life, you're devotion,
you're the light..the freshness.
You're every happiness, you're
my love, my companion, my soul..
If you've seen this man or heard him..
And help the police
in getting him arrested.
Thank you.
- Show me your license.
- Let me go.
How do I tell you..who you are to me?
Show me your license.
How are you sure
that Malhaar will come?
How will he come?
We've information,
he died a year ago in a accident.
I am sure it's Malhaar.
If it's Malhaar,
then how will we find out?
He'll tell us..and I
know how to get him out.
Here. See.. One, two..
Like this..like this.. Very good.
Like this. Very good.
Thank you.
Now the second one..second one..
This is the plan.
You will enter through
here with the kids.
We'll send others from this corridor.
But this corridor will
be for you and your kids.
And Rahim will look after it himself.
I mean if anything
happens in the corridor..
..then you can come out
this way through the corridor.
So that you don't
get stuck in the crowd.
I mean there's nothing to worry.
Don't worry.
What are you doing?
I am a inspector.
This is real..
Let it go, please..
What are you doing?
Gun. It's a gun.
It's real..not a toy gun.
Come on, let go.
Come on, let go.
You shouldn't do that.
Come on, let go.
That's like a good boy. Now you play.
Malhaar and I understand each
other really well at some level.
Hatred is also a bond, mom.
We're bound by that.
He will come.
He will definitely come.
"It's broke.."
"It's broke.."
"It's broke.."
Come..carefully. Come on.
"I saw in the middle of the market.."
"A face as bright as the firefly."
"She conveys what's in her heart."
"Sings and dances too."
"Listen to my tale."
"Listen to my story."
"Someone was crazy about me.."
"And I was crazy about him."
"Those were the days."
"When we promised to
live and die together."
"We broke the norms of the world."
"And swore on love."
"I swore..honestly.."
"..but his promises were fake."
"It broke instantly."
"It broke instantly."
"It broke instantly."
"It broke instantly."
"It's broke.."
"It's broke.."
"It's broke.."
"When he would come to see me.."
"He would sing praises about me."
"Call me an angel."
"And would keep staring at me."
"Even if the whole world forsakes us,
but we'll always be together."
"Your love is like a magical spell,
only you dwell in my heart."
"It's no crime..I am
only in love with you."
"I will never..let you go."
"But the bond of love was so weak.."
"It broke instantly."
"It broke instantly."
"It broke instantly."
"It's broke.."
"When I was his love."
"I was his destination,
and he was the traveler."
"I was the heartbeat,
and he was the heart."
"I was the wave,
and he was the shore."
"Those were the days and nights."
"The talks were so sweet."
"We used to have so much fun."
"We would stay lost."
"We would get upset
and cajole ourselves."
"Those images still
dwell in my eyes.."
"..and pierces my heart."
"I remember those days in love,"
"I remember those days in love,"
"But his promises were fake."
"It broke instantly."
"It broke instantly."
"It broke instantly."
"It broke instantly."
"It's broke.."
- Still no sign of him.
"It's broke.."
How do I tell you..
- How do I tell you?
- Malhaar.
That's the voice we hear on radio.
How do I tell you..
My yearning eyes..my craving eyes..
..when they saw you after a long time,
it felt like..
..rain pouring over the burning
sands in the desert and calms it down.
When I saw you after so long,
it felt like..
..when the darkness has shed, and
the light has risen from everywhere.
When I saw you after so long ,
it felt like..
..the soul has returned
to a lifeless body.
The life that was lost,
has come back again.
One that was dead,
has risen again and says..and says..
How do I tell you..who you are to me?
Stop Malhaar.
- How do I tell you..who you are to me?
- Move. Move.
How do I tell you..
- How do I tell you..
- Move.
- How do I tell you..
- Move.
Move. Move.
Don't worry sir,
no one can get past here.
Sonny..hi. How are you?
What are you doing here?
What? What? What?
Pee? Go this way.
My old friend, I was talking to him.
Not that way. Not there.
That's the railway yard. Oh, he's
going towards the railway line.
- Where did he go?
- Towards the yard.
Get to the yard with
all the police officers.
Come on, fast.
Rascal, where are you hiding?
Come out.
Come on.
I won't spare you.
Because you're my hatred.
The reason for all
my shattered dreams.
You're the obstruction in my way.
The barricade in my path.
How do I tell you..who you are to me?
All my humiliations,
insults, failure has just one name.
Malhaar! Malhaar!
Malhaar! Malhaar!
And you?
Only your existence
put me behind bars.
But Apurva never betrayed me..
Don't deceive yourself, Malhaar.
And she will always be mine.
She still waits for me.
Whenever I would get disappointed..
..whenever I would get tired
and give up, she would encourage me.
Come on, Malhaar. Fight.
She would quietly come
meet me at jail. With food.
She was pregnant back then.
She still tells some stranger over
the phone, that she's waiting for me.
She's told millions of people over
the phone, that she won't leave me.
You saw what was on
Apurva's eyes and her lips.
If only you had taken
a peek in her heart..
..you would've seen me, Malhaar.
You're nothing more than
a common criminal for Apurva.
Our destiny has always
been crossing paths.
As a result both our
dreams always shattered.
Come out.
Once and for all.
Apurva, always wanted
us to be friends. Malhaar.
But she didn't know this
is one aspect of friendship as well.
Take this. Take this.
- Nihal!
- No..no, Sophia.
- No.
- No, don't Apurva.
No. She will shoot her.
What did you say?
How did you say it?
You should be worried about me.
You should be saying my name.
How dare you take his name?
My image should be in your eyes.
Did I hear wrong,
or did you say it wrong?
I didn't say anything wrong,
nor did you hear wrong.
You didn't misunderstand.
I never loved you.
If there's anyone I loved..anyone
I loved from my heart..
Then what was that?
"You're not born to
be a clerk like the rest."
When I tried to commit suicide..
..you were weeping
uncontrollably for me.
You brought food for me in jail..
What canteen..what
jail..what are you saying?
I don't know anything.
Yes, I adored you. I did.
But the talent inside you.
- You sat on my back..
- I only love Nihal.
I want to spend my life with Nihal.
The rest is your dream.
Malhaar..before a new born
child is born..God shows him a dream.
What it can be?
What talents does he possess
that can help him make his identity.
Lot of people forget their
dreams in order to make a living.
Some forget their dreams in order
to fulfill their parent's dreams.
But..some are like Nihal..
..who sacrifice their love, their
happiness to fulfill their dreams.
You escaped from jail
and chose the path of crime.
Malhaar, I was sure that
someday you will be a great artist.
And I will proudly say
to the world that Malhaar..
Malhaar is my friend.
But the talent that
could've given you respect..
I am ashamed of myself..
..that I ever knew you.
I will hand myself over to the police.
Just meet me once at the old theatre.
What for?
For my father.
Even with all the police present..
..a escaped criminal gets on stage,
sings a poem and escapes.
Huh! It's a shameful fact.
The entire police department's
been humiliated because of you.
Everyone's laughing at us.
What people, sir?
The same people that
watches blatantly..
..when some lunatic kills some
college-goer inn broad daylight?
Or the people that simply
applause when a criminal escapes.
Shut up. Shut up.
These suspension orders
are to fire you from the force.
You should be thankful
that the date's for tomorrow.
Now you have only 24 hours
to save your job and respect.
Let me finish the bandaging!
Stop this..tapping.
This sound makes me
feel my father's with me.
If this sound stops, I panic.
I am used to hearing
this sound since I was a kid.
It's a lullaby for me.
I would fall asleep
hearing this sound.
And I would wake up to this sound.
My father has written
many absurd things..in my life.
Tick-tick. Tick-tick.
I never saw any solace
on my father's face.
His eyes would try to
search the happiness of life..
..amongst the letters
typed on the paper.
Only two expressions in his eyes.
Defeat..and hatred.
Hatred was only for me.
The only thing that binded us was..
Tick-tick. Tick-tick. Tick-tick.
Sophia..let's play a game.
Let's play a game. Sophia..
Come, sit.
I'll try persuading you to marry me,
and you keep refusing.
I cannot live without you.
I cannot do anything without you.
I am scared of this loneliness.
If you stay with me..
..then this Tick-tick-Tick-tick..
will be out of my life.
I am incomplete without you.
Don't leave me at this point.
I will give you all the happiness
in life that you dreamed of.
Just say yes.
Look..look at this piece of dust.
Binded by few breaths.
By someone's lust.
And now I am paying for it till now.
Just once..say yes..once.
Once..just say once.
Say yes.
- I won't go anywhere.
- No..no.
This is a game, you must say no.
Only she has the right to say yes.
- You must say no.
- Don't say that.
- I love you a lot.
- I know you love me.
But I love her,
she loves someone else.
This isn't your fault,
not hers, not mine.
Our Father, up in the sky..
..He has already decided our destiny.
What can I do? What can I do?
I can't say yes.
I must go. I must go.
Am I wrong?
You're very nice. You're very nice.
I want to be nice too.
We must all carry this wound.
You..me..all of us..
We're all like Ashwadhama!
We're all like Ashwadhama!
Look there..
Please type.
..that I am the luckiest
father in the world.
My son has become
an officer in the army..
..a doctor..
..a collector.
He became everything I ever wanted.
But..the credit of
his success goes to me.
Because if I hadn't thrown away his
trophies deeming it to begging bowls..
..if I hadn't suppressed
his desires to become an artist..
..if I hadn't humiliated
him publicly, then..
And so..I am his creator.
And tomorrow, whatever
rewards he gets for his success..
..I shall receive credit for it.
Full stop..space..
Gopal Raghavdas Agnihotri.
Come on, let's celebrate.
- Cheque.
- Yes.
Sir..he seems to be
the man you're looking for.
I see..how can you be so sure?
He also sounds the same, sir.
Okay, listen. Keep listening
to what he's saying, I'm coming.
Look after yourself.
Excuse me, sir.
- Thank you.
- Welcome, sir.
You did a good job.
- Sir, he left long ago.
- Where did he go?
Did you figure out where he went?
Sir, he was telling the
old me "Let's go see a play".
Sophia shouldn't
have committed suicide.
Giving up so easily
in love isn't justified.
I will never give up.
I will remind Apurva everything.
She can never say no.
- Surround the theatre.
- Sir.
And if he tries to escape,
then shoot him. - Sir.
- No..
- But remember.
He shouldn't know that you're inside.
- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir.
Malhaar! Malhaar! Malhaar! Malhaar!
Third bell.
Let's begin.
Apurva! Apurva! Apurva! Apurva!
You've come here after so many years.
All the walls are
echoing with your name.
When I came here, it felt like
everything here is waiting for me.
Yet it looked empty.
Now that you're here,
it looks complete.
Those four years just flew by.
Seems like we're gathered
for the rehearsals.
Ashish on this spot,
and Vincent on this spot.
Where were you? Where were you?
You were here. And I was
giving you instructions from here.
"Apurva, turn around
and look at your lover."
"He's shattered."
"With the fear of losing you."
You cannot see his plight.
Turn around.
I banged my leg, and you were scared.
"I want tears in my eyes,
I can't cry."
"Why can't you cry?
I don't know how to cry,"
I remember everything.
How do I tell you..who you are to me?
How do I tell you..you're
the song of my heart?
The music of life.
You're life,
you're devotion, you're the light..
Leave it.
Apurva, do you remember
you played that role.
Of that cursed God!
Who becomes ugly and wanders
on earth for salvation.
That cursed, ugly God was me.
I wrote that play
keeping myself in mind.
If only once..
Apurva, let's do a play.
Let's do a play.
I will keep persuading you to
marry me..I'll keep persuading you..
..and in the end you will say yes.
Just once..only once.
I've already rehearsed for this play.
Only once.
I cannot live without you.
My life is incomplete without you.
Just once.
- Say yes once.
- No.
- No..
- Hey..
This is just a play,
you need to say yes only once.
I know you don't love me.
You love that Nihal.
By the way, I've lived an
entire life with you in my dreams.
But in this play..just say yes once.
If you say yes once,
I will get salvation.
God will come for me Himself.
Just once.
- No, I can't do it.
- What is it?
- I cannot do it.
- Why?
- I cannot do it.
- Why not?
- Malhaar..
- Try.
Don't touch me.
- I trusted you, Malhaar.
- Try..you can do it.
- Malhaar.
- Just once.
Just once.
- I cannot do it.
- You are a great actress.
- Come on, just once.
- I cannot do it.
- Malhaar. Malhaar.
- You can do it, come on.
That's it. Come on.
- I said you're a great actress.
- Leave me.
- You can do it.
- Leave me.
- Come on.
- I cannot do it.
- Yes.
- Malhaar.
- Yes. You can.
- Malhaar. Leave me.
What kind of an actress are you?
What scene is this?
There should happiness on your face.
You're crying.
- People will hurl their shoes at us.
- No.
- Come on, smile.
- I cannot smile.
- You can.
- No. I cannot smile.
You can smile..it's easy.
- Malhaar, I can't smile.
- You can..it's easy.
- Smile..smile.
- I can't do it.
You can smile. Smile.
Smile. Smile. Smile.
You can smile. It's easy.
I can't.
- Why not? What's so difficult?
- I cannot.
- I cannot.
- It's not so difficult. Look
This is how you smile.
"Come..let's row our boat."
"To the village covered in moonlight."
"To the other end of the rainbow."
"Beyond it lies the third shore."
"No one else on this journey."
"This journey is
about..just you and me."
"What are we waiting for?"
"When I call you my love,
and our world of dreams awaits."
"Let's go, Apurva."
"Come..let's row our boat."
"To the village covered in moonlight."
Very well.
My son acts so well. Isn't it?
It's been so many years
since I last came to the theatre.
Last I came with his mother,
when she was alive.
Even before he was born.
He's a great actor.
Very great actor.
I used to abuse him for no reason.
I kept cursing him. Come on, son.
Let's go home. Come on, get up.
It's time to fill the water.
Come on, get up.
Come on, let's go home.
Come on.
I am very happy, son.
Come on..get up.
I'll cook your favorite dishes today.
How do I tell you..who you are to me?
How do I tell you?
How do I tell you..you're
the song of my heart?
The music of life.
You're life, you're devotion,
you're the light..the freshness.
You're every happiness, you're
my love, my companion, my soul..
You dwell in my eyes, in my memories.
In every breath..and my sighs.
You dwell in my sleep and my dreams.
You exist in everything I do,
in my days and nights.
You're in my dawns and dusks,
my thoughts and every job.
You're my achievements,
you're my failures.
You're my smile, my tears.
You're the one I
wake up and sleep for.
Everywhere I go, I see you only you.
How do I tell you,
I am nothing without you?
How do I tell you..who you are to me?