Wake (2009) Movie Script

[Intro to Buddy's
"Say a Lot" plays]
% % Golden rings around your head
Never show % %
% % We don't seem like ourselves
Anymore % %
% % Never really takes a lot
To lose you % %
% % Make a wish on a falling star % %
% % Wish I was who you wish I was % %
% % Never really takes a lot
To lose you % %
% % I don't have to say a lot
To lose you % %
% % Oh % %
% % You don't have to leave a light on % %
% % Oh, no % %
% % Even though I'm coming home % %
% % You should start % %
% % Without me % %
% % Still, I miss you the most
When you're here % %
% % Never really takes a lot
To lose you % %
% % I don't have to say a lot
To lose you % %
Why can't you get a makeover
at Macy's like all the normal girls?
You're jumpy.
You back on regular coffee?
I just get into a groove
when I'm working.
Plus, I'm not used to
my subjects grabbing me.
But again,
if you want to grab me,
who am I to stop you?
Sure, I'll grab you,
but you're probably not gonna like it.
[Door opens, wheels rolling]
I know you know this,
but I'm not supposed to have
live girls in the embalming room.
You never cared
about the rules before.
Anyway, I'm practicing.
I don't think being dead
is something you need to practice.
Don't kick me out.
You're gonna get me fired.
Your boss wouldn't know
a live girl from a coat rack.
Yeah, well,
let's not test that theory.
[Inhales deeply]
Mm. You know what
I'm in the mood for?
I'm afraid to ask.
Young mother.
- Super-emotional family.
- No.
Can't you at least just tell me when?
Uh, no.
What about, like, a little funeral?
Here's an idea.
Why don't you go rent
"Terms of Endearment"
or "Steel Magnolias"?
I've seen all those.
My DVD rack is, like,
a manic-depressive's
last cry for help,
and still, not a tear.
You'll be doing a public service.
You'll be making me a whole person.
Come on.
I need it.
[Footsteps approach]
Uh, I think someone's coming in.
Here goes.
[Knock on door]
That door was locked.
Yeah, sorry about that.
Oh. Ah, ah.
Wow, she's hot.
I've never seen
a hot dead girl before.
Yeah, I was just, uh, finishing up.
Yeah, I see you're finishing up here.
I think you remember my nephews.
Good to see you guys.
Yo, we don't touch the bodies.
That's right, boys.
This is the loved one of a client.
Which client, Shane?
Oh, um, this is the Carters' daughter.
- Right, yeah.
- Yeah.
[Sighs, clears throat]
[Metal clatters]
Oh, whoa.
Aren't you gonna pick those up?
I've got to say, that's really some
expert work there, Shane.
Thank you.
Okay, let's, uh...
let's go, boys.
- Oh, come on.
- Let us stay.
No, no. It's cold in here, okay?
It's stuffy. Come on.
Thank you, Shane.
[Door closes]
One more funeral.
Go read the obituaries
like a normal person.
The obituaries are so hit-and-miss.
But you know these families.
Just give me one
that's gonna rip my heart out.
I appreciate your healthy respect
for the funeral-home business,
for death, even.
But I am, as always, teetering
on the brink of unemployment,
and your visits are not helping.
I'm not going to help you,
not this time.
Absolutely, positively,
No pain.
No hardship.
Anna is truly in a better place.
I saw Anna at church every Sunday
when she was a girl.
This bright light was struck down
in the very prime of her life
by a tragic car accident.
She was a charitable person,
a devoted daughter,
and sister... and friend.
The day my daughter was born
was the happiest day of my life,
until the next day...
...and the day after that.
[Clears throat]
I guess I should tell you
who Anna really was.
Anna was the goofiest girl
I ever met in my life.
The very first time I ever met her,
she walked up to me in the hall of our
dorm and kissed me on the mouth.
She was a lot of things.
She was a... she was a pink-haired
cheerleader in high school,
the karaoke bully in college,
an Internet whiz kid who couldn't
calculate a tip to save her life.
She was bold and unafraid,
always the first one
out on the dance floor at a party,
using her bad French
wherever she went in Paris,
and loving the people
in her life with great abandon.
I know that a day won't pass for me
without picturing her lopsided smile.
And the world's a lesser place
for having lost her.
[Organ plays softly]
[Indistinct conversations]
Oh, no.
Good of you to come.
I, uh, um...
I... I liked what you said.
I don't think
I've ever met you before.
I thought I knew
all of Anna's friends.
No, we haven't met.
- Um, I'm Carys.
- Hi.
- What was that?
- I don't know.
Did something fall?
No, I don't think so.
I thought I saw something.
Will you...
will you help me look for it?
I don't see anything.
I could have sworn.
So, you must be
a friend of the family.
Uh, yes, exactly,
a friend of the family's,
good friend of the family's...
known them for years.
You must have heard
a lot of shit about me, then.
Mm, no. No, I didn't.
Here come Anna's parents now.
Uh, who are...
Ah, it's okay. It's okay.
Shh, you're okay.
It's okay. Shh.
Tyler, could you give us
a moment, please?
Of course.
Hey, okay. It's okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
Carys, you okay?
I can't... go.
Excuse me?
I think I should just stay right here.
No, maybe a stroll will do you good.
- Oh, hey.
- Oh, honey.
Are you okay? Carys?
You okay?
I'm sorry. I'm fine now.
Yes, thank you.
- Let's go outside.
- Okay.
So, I guess you're gonna ride
to the cemetery with the family?
Oh, well, you know,
I hadn't planned on it.
You brought your own car?
Oh, good.
I could use a break.
Where are you parked?
Oh, you know what?
It's a bit of a walk, so...
No, the fresh air will do us good.
You were Anna's boyfriend?
She never mentioned me?
Yes, no, no, no, she did,
just in more general terms.
What terms were those?
Oh, the usual,
that you were sweet and romantic,
and... that she loved you...
...that you had a really,
really big, um...
that sounds like her.
She used to always say
things are bigger in Texas.
You don't sound
like you're from Texas.
It's not all howdys and y'alls
down there, you know?
Guess not.
- Where's your car?
- Right here.
That wasn't that far.
I need to see Anna.
Please, I need to see her again.
Mary, I'm sorry.
Where's her ring?
Where's her ring?
- Where's the ring?!
- What?
Her engagement ring is missing.
WOMAN: Oh, my goodness,
that gorgeous ring.
- Where's her ring?
- What's going on?
Her ring. Her engagement ring's
not on her hand.
You better talk to them right now.
These funeral home guys,
they're all crooks.
Her poor fianc.
Can you imagine,
losing Anna, and now this?
Poor fianc nothing.
Don't tell me you haven't heard
the rumors about what happened.
What happened?
- TYLER: Where's her ring?
- IRVING: Uh, what ring?
She had an engagement ring
on when she came in.
Uh, we'll look in her list
of possessions,
but she has to have any jewelry
she was brought in with.
Well, that's the thing.
She doesn't have all the jewelry
that she was brought in with.
We'll be happy to look
into that with you
at the funeral home after the service.
You better believe it.
Oh, okay.
Can you do me a favor
and just come in with me?
I mean, it'll only take a minute.
You know what?
I really have to be getting home.
I know. I know. I'm sorry.
But I have to get her ring back.
Tyler, I can explain.
It was an accident.
I, um...
- Oh, good.
- I'm so, so...
I... I... oh, I have
something in my eye!
You okay?
Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm totally fine.
I just need to get it.
You know what?
I'll meet you there in a second.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You know,
this never happens.
The ring is on the list,
but for some reason...
Well, let's go in and look.
We'll go in and look.
[Door opens]
- Hi.
- Hi.
You got a minute?
I want to ask you something.
I'm a Pisces.
You're quick,
in more ways than one.
Name's Varnez.
[Door opens]
Ah, just the person I was looking for.
Sorry, not interested.
Let's go, please.
[Engine revs]
Don't you want to know who he is?
I don't think I can take
any more surprises this evening.
Irving acted all concerned,
checked his records,
said the ring was logged,
doesn't know what happened to it.
Well, maybe he's telling the truth.
She loved that ring
more than she loved me.
She never took it off.
I brought her in with it.
I know it was on her hand.
You were...
...with her when she... died?
I'm sorry.
That must have been terrible.
I'm a little bit parched. Thirsty?
Let's just drop all the grieving
conversation for a second.
Do you have any pets?
I have a high-strung roommate
with an eating disorder.
Does that count?
It might.
How about you?
I have a short, portly dog
of questionable disposition.
- Terrier?
- French bulldog.
I wanted a Scotty growing up.
But we never had any pets.
That's crazy.
We've got laws against that in Texas.
Every kid has to have a dog.
Where did you grow up,
San Diego.
There's lots of open space there,
lots of yards.
Well, my parents
just thought it would be... untidy.
Well, that's for sure,
because I can't wear anything
for more than 10 minutes
before Randy slobbers all over,
puts his dirty paws on it,
and, on his very worst days,
bites a damn hole in it.
It's obscene.
Do you see your parents a lot?
The truth is, no.
I hardly ever see them.
I never see them.
That's too charged a subject
to discuss with a stranger, isn't it?
Oh, yeah, we're strangers.
Tyler Cormier.
Carys Reitman.
You know...
I never even... heard a word
about you from Anna,
not even a whisper.
You know what?
About that, I, um...
No, it's okay. I mean,
Anna and I both had our own secrets.
I guess she just wanted you
to be one of hers.
It's getting late.
I thought you were out of town
with what's-his-name.
We broke up.
Did I scare you?
You're gonna have to try
a lot harder than that.
Nice black dress.
Funerals again, huh?
You're never gonna feel anything.
You're broken inside.
Get over it.
We're roommates
in lease obligation only.
My personal life
is none of your business.
- Ghoul.
- Puritan.
- Vampire.
- Pollyanna.
[Horn honks]
I'm completely hung over.
Hair of the dog, bro.
Hair of the dog.
- Hey, Carys.
- Mm.
Good morning.
Hey, there.
So, how are we doing?
Good. We'll be done
for dress rehearsal next week.
You have a good weekend?
Yeah, it was great.
Well, I think they're
rehearsing the ending today.
You know, your favorite scene?
The tragic, heart-wrenching,
soul-killing ending?
[Aspirator sucking]
[Door opens]
- [Screams]
- [Gasps]
Please tell me
you were stealthy coming in.
Like a ninja.
You know that now
that my boss thinks you're a corpse,
we're probably gonna have to find
a different place for us to hang out.
You were right
about that funeral yesterday.
I probably shouldn't have gone.
There was, um... an accident.
What do you mean,
there was an accident?
I was leaning over her...
Anna... and...
...she just reminded me of...
I held her hand, and her, um...
- Her ring just...
- Don't say another word.
...slipped off in my hand.
Have you lost your mind?
Her henchman of a boyfriend
came in here
and threatened to take us
to court until we're so broke
we end up burying our clients
in burlap sacks.
You have to understand.
It's not his fault. It's my fault.
Exactly, and now I'm
gonna get fired because of it.
You didn't do anything wrong.
I'm the reason you were there,
trespassing at the funeral,
where you just so happened
to steal some very expensive jewelry.
Wait, calm down.
I thought we could just
return the ring.
- Return the ring?
- Yeah.
Just give it back to her.
Back to Anna Williams...
...the dead girl
who we buried yesterday?
You know, you've got
all the equipment.
- Couldn't we just...
- Couldn't we just what?
Dig her up and then slide
the ring back on her finger?
Do you know how much
that equipment costs?
Could you imagine
what would happen
if her family came to visit
and her grave was above ground,
and you and I just happened
to be giving back her jewelry?
That's it!
We go in the middle of the night!
Stop talking right now.
We cannot return the ring
to the dead girl.
Now, you're gonna have to get it
and give it back
to her family or her fianc
or whoever you like,
and explain yourself.
Okay, well, how am I gonna do that?
I can't just be like, "Oops,
look what I found in my pocket."
I can't just find the ring here.
The family will think we're thieves.
I know it's strange,
but corpse-robbing funeral homes
actually don't get a lot of business.
[Doorbell rings]
Uh, Carys?
It's... weird that I'm here, isn't it?
Weird? No.
But you
slammed the door in my face.
It slipped.
How did you find me?
I... I looked you up.
You have a very unique name.
- Can I come in?
- In here?
Sure. Sorry.
Oh, have a seat.
You know what?
It's good that you're here, actually.
It is?
There's something I need to tell you.
Have you ever had
an unusual hobby?
Well, I like to needlepoint.
Okay, I'm gonna start over.
My sister died young,
younger than Anna.
Oh, wow,
I'm sorry to hear that.
Thank you.
That must have been so hard
for you to go to Anna's funeral.
I mean, first your sister,
and then your good friend.
That's why you were acting so funny.
You know what?
About that, um...
Stop. You don't
have to explain anything to me.
You helped me yesterday
when I needed it.
I... I was so low.
I don't know how I would have
gotten through the day without you.
Tyler, I have to apologize to you.
Can I ask you a question?
It's been a terrible week,
you know, like a heart-wrenching,
get-through-it kind of week.
So, if you're gonna
say anything at all
that's gonna make me feel worse,
even just a little bit worse,
can it wait?
I don't think I can take it.
You know, actually, I came over here
to ask you for a favor.
- You did?
- Another favor.
I have to go
to Anna's parents' house for dinner.
And I don't think
I can face them alone.
Um, dinner... dinner...
with Jim and Mary.
John and Mary.
Right. I call him... Jim.
It's a nickname.
It's a long story.
Please tell me
you'll come to dinner.
I can't. I actually have
quite a lot of work.
Um, we're building a new set,
so I'm modeling the entire thing
back there
on my computer right now.
It's crazy.
I understand. It's...
You know, it's funny.
I don't even know you,
but it feels like you're
the only friend I've got,
you know, like, the only person who
really knows what I'm going through,
because you loved her, too.
I wish I could.
I would if I could
go to their house with you.
I... no,
I-I-I understand.
It'll probably
be miserable, anyway.
Yeah. No, I mean...
Do you mind if I use
your bathroom before I... I go?
No, the bathroom's right there.
Tyler, wait!
My... my room is a mess.
[Toilet flushes]
Oh, don't... don't clean up
on my account.
So, I guess...
guess I should say adios.
This will probably be
the last time we see each other.
Oh, yeah. I guess so.
Thank you
for your help yesterday.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
You, too.
You know,
maybe I could go to dinner.
[Insects chirping]
Here we go.
Thank you for coming.
Come on in.
- Tyler.
- Hi.
You are...
Doing good.
It's so good to see you.
Can I give you a hand in there?
No. Thank you.
Uh, w-we saw you at the funeral.
I know. It's been a while.
Let's not let it go so long next time.
How are you doing?
Oh, trying to cope.
Hello, Marissa. How are you?
I feel ill.
I'm sorry to hear that.
You were at the funeral.
How did you know Anna?
Oh, how did I know Anna?
Gosh, it's been a while.
Well, it wasn't from college.
I was at Brown with my sister.
And I would have
remembered you. Yeah.
No, it wasn't at college. Oh.
Definitely not at college.
It was here, here in L.A.
We, uh, took a class together.
What sort of class?
Uh, art class.
Anna was taking an art class?
She never mentioned
anything about that.
I'm sure she was good.
She had that artistic flair.
Yes, I'm sure she was good.
You know, I'm just wondering...
Do you have a bathroom I could use?
Yes, right through there.
Thank you.
[Door closes]
JOHN: I don't think
this is the right time, Marissa.
No, tell him.
Why should we
be embarrassed to say it?
He should be embarrassed.
He came here with a date.
Marissa, calm down.
MARY: Tyler, you know
why we asked you here.
I'm pretty sure I do.
It's awkward to discuss this so soon,
but we need to talk to you
about the money.
Good, because
I want to talk to you, too.
Well, it's difficult for us to ask,
but we feel that Anna's money
should go to her family.
I wish it were that easy,
but she left me as the executor,
and... and I take that responsibility
very seriously.
Well, we think you should resign
as executor and let us take over.
[Water splashing]
Oh, fuck.
What was that?
- Oh, my goodness.
- Did you hear that noise?
What was that?
Just let... let's stay focused.
Okay, all right, all right.
Obviously Anna thought that she
was going to be married to you
for 50 years before she died,
but that didn't happen, as you know.
And you were not married.
You were her boyfriend.
Her fianc, and it was
very clear what she wanted.
This is the last thing I can do
for her, and I'm gonna do it.
Anna didn't know about
our financial difficulties.
Well, for a close family,
you sure have a lot of secrets.
Oh, who are you
to talk about secrets?
I know what you did.
Look, you're upset, and I understand.
I wish that there was
something I could do.
I should probably go.
I called the police.
We've discussed this before.
You're tired.
We're not going through this again.
Please, Marissa,
just go to the safe-deposit box.
We'll go to the box when we're ready
to go through her effects.
No, Sir, it has to be Marissa.
[Bathroom door closes]
There you are.
We should go.
Thank you very much
for having us over.
It was nice to see all of you again.
[Door opens]
That was great. Thanks.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Bringing you here was inconsiderate.
I mean, I think I jeopardized
your relationship with them.
They were frosty to you.
Oh, don't worry about that.
So, what the hell happened in there?
It's complicated.
It just...
[Clears throat]
Told you it
would be miserable, though.
Yeah, I was expecting miserable,
but, you know, I at least thought
there would be food.
Anna was so ambivalent
about her money.
You know, working
for that start-up that went public,
I think she just saw
all those dot-commers
and their ridiculous cash.
You know how she was.
I mean, you know what
she wanted to do with her money.
Gosh, I mean, yeah, so many ideas.
Well, not really.
I mean, it's a gimme.
What was she nuts about?
Nuts about?
Oh, nuts about, nuts about.
She wanted her money
to go to the Children's Fund
for Cancer Research.
Well, I mean,
Children's Fund, of course.
I just don't see how her parents
can't respect that.
They're upset.
They're strapped.
And the fact that I'm the bearer
of bad news doesn't help matters.
She was really clear
about what she wanted from me,
you know, and I don't see how
I could do anything differently.
Thank you for coming.
I promise I will never ask you
to go to their house again.
Thank you for that.
You know, it's... it's funny.
I mean, you and Anna
were so different,
I'm surprised
you were friends at all.
How different?
Night and day.
I can't believe I kissed you.
I can't believe
you threw up afterwards.
I just buried Anna.
Look, it was a mistake.
We never have to talk about it again.
It just happened.
- I have to go.
- Oh, my God.
That was really romantic.
Looks like he really likes you.
Shut up.
Before you have sex,
I'd have an ambulance on standby.
You look different.
You look sad...
thin, but sad.
Leave me alone.
You are sad.
I didn't think you had it in you.
Neither did I.
Well, it would never have
worked anyway.
The entire thing
was built on a bald-faced lie.
I mean, every word
you ever said to him was untrue.
No, I lied to him
about why I was at the funeral.
But it was more than that.
Everything else was true.
Oh, really?
[Camera shutter clicks]
So, he knows you still have
his fiances ring?
Okay, not everything,
but I'm waiting
for the right time to tell him.
Well, I'm sure that's
gonna go over really well.
Stop. You're making me
feel even worse.
He kissed me and then threw up.
Do you even know what that's like?
Unfortunately, I think I do.
I mean,
maybe not full vomiting,
but, you know,
at least a, uh, gag reflex.
So, I was thinking
about going to see my parents.
Has going to see them
ever helped you in any way?
But I thought, you know,
I'm different now,
so, maybe we could relate
to each other better.
I mean, they are my parents.
I advise against it.
I know.
In the strongest possible terms.
[Camera shutter clicks]
MRS. REITMAN: Tell me,
what have you been up to?
Your father and I
have really missed you.
Well, I've, uh...
sort of met someone.
And it's, you know,
brought up a lot of stuff.
A romantic someone?
I don't know.
Oh, sweetheart, that's wonderful!
You deserve to be happy.
Thank you. Thanks.
Have you known him long?
Uh, no.
What, um,
I wanted to, uh...
Well, how did you meet him?
It's a long story.
Well, what I'm trying
to talk to you about is...
What's he like?
Mom, I'm...
I'm trying to talk to you.
Well, we are talking.
Do you ever think about her?
About who?
Mom, do you ever think about her?
Would you like some tea?
Oh, I think I'm gonna have some.
No, I don't...
I don't need any tea.
Oh, I suppose no one
ever really needs tea.
Mom, just forget the tea.
Well, what about some juice?
It would be very good for your skin.
Mom, look at me.
You know what would be nice?
Some cookies.
Did I hear someone say cookies?
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, Dad.
Hey, it's Shane.
Give me a call.
Carys, it's Tyler.
Um, my portly dog and I
are gonna be
in your neighborhood tomorrow
by no coincidence whatsoever,
and we wanted to see
if we could stop by.
Give me a ring back.
My number is...
Carys, it's Tyler.
Um, my portly dog and I...
Does he fetch?
He doesn't fetch.
But I do.
I've been thinking a lot
about Anna's ring.
I really don't know
what to do about it.
I mean, do I press charges?
Do I sue?
You know what I think would
just be great, karmacally speaking,
you know,
just to let it go.
It's gonna come back to you.
What do you mean,
the ring or the karma?
'Cause, you know,
the wheel of life is turning.
I still haven't been able
to go back to her grave.
Yeah, I mean,
it takes people a while...
Not that I'm an expert or anything.
God, the end was...
...so terrible.
The very end?
When I leaned over
the other day to kiss you,
it felt really strange,
but there was a part of me
that felt really happy to be free,
you know, to be about to kiss you.
And then I felt guilty.
And then I felt sick.
Terrible, terrible thing to say.
Can you look at me the same way?
[Rock music plays]
Wait, we're in Lila's room.
Oh, screw it.
[Glass shatters]
You okay?
There they are.
Wait, did it look like this?
I only noticed it
when it was shattering to bits.
[Both chuckle]
All right, let's get this one.
This one?
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Positive?
- Mm-hmm.
All right. Let's get it.
[Door opens]
What the fuck happened
to my thinning mirror?
[Knocking on door]
You better sleep
with your eyes open!
[Both screaming]
% % I thought you might unfold % %
[Door slams]
[Shane sighs]
If I've told you once,
I've told you a million times.
I know, don't sneak.
But I didn't sneak.
I walked boldly and forthrightly.
I did not sneak.
And no one saw you come in?
No one whose story
would be believed.
What is it?
What's what?
What is it that you're
obviously dying to tell me?
Tyler and I...
At what point did you and I
develop this sort
of talky, open, girly relationship?
I think this is it.
You know..."it."
No, actually,
I don't know what "it" is.
Don't make me say it.
I'll go you one better...
I beg you not to say it.
I think I...
I think I'm in...
All right, that's enough.
Have you even
told him the truth yet?
I don't think that matters anymore.
Well, if he's never
felt this way about anybody,
and if he's opening up a whole
new world of feelings for me,
then what does it matter
if we met through a mix-up?
A mix-up is stating it
a little softly, don't you think?
It's a bit muted, I guess.
A bit muted?
Yeah, I could see
that's how he'd see it.
You know, a bit muted
compared to actual events.
You have to be honest with him.
Once he says he loves you, that's it.
There's no going back from that.
You can't just be like,
"Oh, sorry, everything
I've told you since we first met
is actually a complete lie."
Okay, you're right.
I have to tell him.
I will tell him.
I'm going to tell him.
I'm gonna tell him.
I... need your help.
Pardon me?
I need your help with, um...
Well, shouldn't you just go
to Goths "R" Us and be done with it?
I'm not a Goth.
I'll buy you Jenny Craig dinners
for a week.
- Two.
- Four.
- Done.
- I'll go change.
I'm not going in there.
This transformation
has arrived just in time.
I don't want to say that black
has always made you
look overtired and pasty,
but you really need
to put some color on
before the infatuation phase
wears off
and he really sees your many
physical flaws for the first time.
Okay, just because you racked up
a slew of angry ex-boyfriends
doesn't make you
the expert on dating.
You've seen
the dating-commercial sites.
It's about quality,
not quantity.
Let's go in.
% % I can't be sure % %
Like I said, overtired and pasty.
Can I help you find something?
Yes, my, um, roommate
is looking for a new wardrobe.
Great boobs, tiny waist,
slim hips...
We have a ton of things
that will look fantastic on you.
No, not you.
I'm sure you're super nice.
I look like a Christmas tree.
I think you should get it.
No, I have to draw
the line somewhere.
Oh, my God.
% % I guess she took your heart
And left the rest % %
This one?
No pink!
Just buy a fricking outfit,
and let's move on.
Can you put that on hold for me?
That'll be $986.43.
This turnaround's becoming an
expensive little proposition for you.
I give it a 2.
A 2? A 2?
You're talking
about a cult classic here.
"Attack of
the Killer Tomatoes!"?
Who's afraid of a tomato?
Best part about it was the title.
Oh, God, I see we're gonna have to
continue your cinematic education.
I think we're gonna have
to continue your education.
- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.
Doesn't sound half bad.
[Door opens, closes]
Excuse me.
What I wouldn't give for a little
post-make-out vomiting right now.
She's just still mad about the mirror.
Oh, the mirror.
[Vehicle approaches]
Hey, isn't that the guy
from the funeral?
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Come back here!
Wasn't his name,
like, Varnez or something?
I don't know.
My life just keeps getting
weirder and weirder.
What's going on?
You know, I'm kind of beat.
I think I'm gonna go home.
You don't want to come in?
'Cause I actually needed
to talk to you about some stuff.
I know. I... I'm gonna
take a rain check, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay?
How about 2:00?
We'll see you tomorrow.
Thank you.
How may I help you?
Hi. I'm here to see Tyler.
[Telephone rings]
[Door opens]
Hey, I just thought I'd stop by.
Just give me a minute.
Junkie's dream come true, huh?
You don't have to watch this
if it makes you squeamish.
Oh, I'm fine.
Anna could never...
I'm sorry.
I keep talking about her.
Don't be silly.
You're thinking about her.
It's natural.
Thank you.
Yeah, she could
never watch this.
Makes me sad to think
about all the things
she didn't get to try or do
or places she didn't get to go.
We were gonna go to India.
She wanted to see the Taj Mahal.
Every year I'll get older,
farther away from her.
I'll be 30, 40, 60.
She'll always be 28.
Yeah, I understand.
Like, my parents are cheerful people,
like, aggravatingly
cheerful people.
When my sister died,
oddly enough, that didn't change.
I didn't even know she was sick
until she was hospitalized.
And then afterwards, you know,
there were whispers
behind closed doors,
or red eyes at the breakfast table,
but my parents
never lost their composure.
They never doubted that it was all
just part of some master plan.
And we never even
had a funeral for her.
We were supposed to just move on
and let go of the negativity.
I still think about her
in the middle of the night.
Like, I see her
walking down the street.
I never really
got to say goodbye, so...
My point is that if you,
you know,
want to go to the cemetery,
I'll go with you.
That's all I want to say.
Thank you.
You know, I'd love to see
some of your artwork.
My artwork?
Yeah, from the class
you took with Anna.
I mean, was it painting,
or was it pen and ink, sculpture?
What was it?
Oh, my artwork, what was it?
Um, it was painting.
I want to call the school, see if they
have anything left of Anna's.
I mean, I'd love to have it
as a keepsake, you know.
You know, what?
I actually have some of her
stuff that I can just give you.
No, I wouldn't dream of taking yours.
She gave it to you.
I mean, you never know.
I'm sure they have something.
So, how long
have you guys been painting?
Oh, gosh.
Six years?
Ten years, here.
So, you know, if I wanted to
take a crash course in painting,
what would you recommend?
You want to paint?
You do tiny, perfect dioramas,
but you can't even
draw a stick figure?
- It's easy.
- It is?
It is?
You paint the masterworks.
Just like "Mona Lisa."
Or "The Dancers"
or... or "Starry Night"
or whatever style you like,
and then you learn
from the masters in that field.
I could do that.
You're a painter?
Yeah, apparently.
[Register beeps]
Uh, no, sister...
that's not going in my living room.
All right, the bathroom.
All right.
Tyler, I...
I have something
I have to tell you.
[Indistinct conversations]
How can I love the one man
that I can never have?
I have tried everything
to forget him...
to dull my pain.
The mere thought of him
just undoes me.
I know I can't...
I can't have my one true love,
and my only choice is to die.
It was beautiful.
Oh, the actors were great.
And the sets...
the sets were very first class.
I love them.
I absolutely lov...
You know what?
Tonight was so great,
which makes this
even harder to say.
[Cell phone rings]
- Can you not get that?
- I won't. I'll just screen it.
Hold on one second.
Hey. Hi.
M-Marissa. Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey. Calm down.
Marissa, hey, you don't mean that.
Listen to me. Listen to me.
You just have to go
to the safe-depos...
[Cell phone beeps]
Never mind, Marissa.
She hung up.
- What was that about?
- Nothing.
You know what?
Anna was your friend.
You have a right to know.
What am I talking about?
I'm sorry,
what were you saying?
She thinks I killed Anna.
That's ridiculous.
I mean, you could never...
I know.
I knew there was something
I didn't like about that guy.
What can you tell me about him?
Did you see anything suspicious
in his house?
I've actually
never been to his house.
Well, obviously
you need to stop seeing him.
Anna's sister's sick with grief.
I saw her. She's not well.
The suspicion thing's nothing.
I can't believe you're dating
a murder suspect over me.
Shane, you and I...
I'm going to a morticians'
conference next month...
...and we could never...
...in beautiful
downtown Cleveland.
We're more like...
I don't know why
we never get Miami, or...
...like friends.
...Las Vegas.
I'd even settle for Philadelphia.
Yeah, Philadelphia would be nice.
What the hell
are you wearing, anyway?
[Knock on door]
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's going on, hmm?
I understand it, you know?
I understand Marissa.
She just...
needs someone to blame.
For me, it was
my sister's doctors.
I mean, you can't be hurt by it,
...it just helps her
to believe that.
I know.
What's that?
- Open it up and see.
- Hmm.
Oh, my God.
I was gonna take you
to hear some Texas music tonight.
I didn't think
you'd have the right shoes.
But we don't have to go.
No, no, I want to go.
Let me change.
I'll be a minute. Thank you.
You're welcome.
% % I'm gonna steal
Willie Nelson's hat % %
% % Well % %
% % I'm a Lone Star fool % %
% % Ooh % %
% % I'm a Lone Star fool % %
% % In the heart of Texas % %
% % Dear Lord,
I'm a Lone Star fool % %
% % In the heart of Texas % %
% % Dear Lord,
I'm a Lone Star fool % %
% % I'm a Lone Star fool % %
% % I'm a Lone Star fool % %
% % I'm a Lone Star fool % %
% % I'm a Lone Star fool % %
My God, you look gorgeous.
[The Mother Truckers'
"Dynamite" plays]
I'm gonna get some drinks.
What do you want?
I know you want to talk.
I'll be right back.
% % I've got a pack of matches % %
% % And there ain't a thing
That you can do % %
% % You'll never see it coming % %
% % 'Till the fire's up inside of you % %
% % Oh, yeah % %
- Salud.
- Cheers.
% % It just depends on when
The feeling's right % %
I just saw that guy.
You know, the guy.
- I just saw...
- I can't hear what you're saying.
Maybe that's good,
because there's some things
that I haven't been
able to say otherwise.
I-I've lied.
What are you...
what are you saying?
% % How I feel inside % %
You're a great dancer!
Let's go back out there.
% % It could be day, it could be night % %
Mm, I had the best time.
- Wait, I have a question.
- What?
Why is it always Texas this
and Texas that with you guys?
What about North Dakota music
or Iowa music or something?
Well, I, for one,
am very grateful for that fact,
because I don't want to go
to a North Dakota music festival.
But seriously, though,
I'm so glad you came.
I got to share one of my
favorite watering holes with you.
My grandmother, she was
born and raised in Lubbock.
She used to say to me...
she'd always say,
"You ain't never gonna love
a place other than Texas,
and you ain't never gonna love
anyone who ain't a Texan."
But she was wrong.
California's so pretty.
Places are places.
But I'm in love with you.
Babe, there's no pressure.
Don't say anything.
I'm just telling you how I feel.
No, I do. I love you. I...
CARYS: It's a modern-day
"Antony and Cleopatra."
Our sets are gonna reflect
the lovers' inner emotional state.
It's big and bold and passionate.
It's beautiful.
- Hi.
- Hey.
What's going on?
How come we
never go to your place?
That's easy. It's a mess.
Yours is much nicer.
I don't mind a mess.
Come on, let's eat.
Oh, my.
Is that one of yours?
Yes. It's...
Really awful.
It is.
Can I have one for my office?
Oh, that reminds me.
I need a pen.
[Drawer opens]
Ow! Ow!
What are you doing?!
Babe, give me my hand.
The pens are in here.
You're very protective
of your office supplies.
Honey, I'm a vet.
I have to operate with this hand.
If you can call it a hand now.
It's more like a club.
[Soft music plays]
I'm sorry.
[Doorbell rings]
Don't stop.
[Doorbell rings]
[Pounding on door]
Don't stop.
[Doorbell ringing,
knocking on door]
[Doorbell ringing]
[Knocking on door continues]
Who's knocking on your door
this late at night?
Is there something I should know?
There's a lot you should know.
Carys Reitman?
- Yeah.
- I'm Detective Grayson.
This is Detective Daniels.
Mr. Cormier, hello, again.
Do you guys mind
if we come inside?
I mean, couldn't this wait
until the morning?
Okay, come in, then.
Miss Reitman,
we have questions
about Anna Williams' death.
Now, we've already spoken
with Tyler here.
We're hoping that you might give us
any additional information.
I doubt I could be of any help.
Yeah, 'cause according to, uh, Tyler,
you were
very good friends with Anna.
I mean, we weren't
best friends or anything.
We took, um, a class together.
You know, we were friends,
and we had
a common interest in... in art,
and that was the extent of it.
Did she ever express
any concern for her safety?
Her safety?
Specifically, did she ever mention
being afraid of anyone?
Did she worry that her money
could have made her a target
for someone unscrupulous?
Did you ever see her
take drugs?
Did she seem to have
a substance abuse problem?
No, I... I don't...
I don't know.
Like I said,
I wasn't a confidante.
It's kind of funny that you'd end up
dating your friend's fianc.
How long have you and Tyler here
been together?
You know, we're not
doing anything wrong,
and I don't like the tone
of your questions.
Maybe we can take you
down to the station house
and ask you questions there.
- We can do that, right?
- Yeah, that's a great idea.
- What did you say?
- Take me.
You come down and see us
when you're alone.
We'll see ourselves out.
They came by last week.
I guess it's never a good time to say
that you're officially a suspect
in your fiances death.
That's ridiculous.
You were very good, though...
very forceful.
I'm not gonna get pushed around
by a beat cop.
You sound
like a hardened criminal.
Well, you know,
I have some traffic tickets
and shoplifted as a teenager.
I jaywalk.
You're a dangerous woman.
I told you there's things
you don't know about me.
I need to talk to you.
You didn't know Anna, did you?
You never even met her.
How did you know?
My sister didn't know Matisse
from Mickey Mouse.
Believe me, this is all
a really big misunderstanding.
It's more
than a misunderstanding.
But thank God you know,
because I...
Save it.
I hired a private investigator
because my parents didn't believe me.
He's seen you and Tyler
everywhere together.
How long you been plotting this?
Wait, what?
Did she find out?
I-I don't...
Is that why you had to kill her?
Kill her?
Oh, my God.
You've got this all wrong.
- I have not...
- I don't think so.
Anna was acting strange
before she died.
She seemed scared all the time,
low energy, depressed.
It's because she knew
about you, wasn't it?
I met Tyler at Anna's funeral.
You have the wrong idea
about all this.
Right, and you've
fallen in love in six weeks.
My sister and I were best friends.
We talked all the time.
And then she started... changing.
The last thing I heard from her,
she was going away
for the weekend with Tyler.
And the next thing I knew,
she was dead.
Who killed her?
Did you do it?
Did he?
There's no point in lying anymore.
Marissa, this is crazy.
I think you should go.
Well, you're going down
one way or another.
Watch your back.
You could be next.
Okay, let me get this straight.
You're dating a murderer.
Now the dead girl's family
is convinced
that you helped bump her off.
It's not funny.
No, actually, as a matter of fact,
it's not funny.
Have you seriously
considered the fact
that your life could be in danger?
Stop. You don't even know Tyler.
It's not possible.
I can't leave you right now.
I'm afraid when I come back,
you're either gonna be dead
or serving a life sentence.
Very funny.
Look, you should just come
with me to the conference.
You know, I hear Cleveland
is supposed to be...
...mildly interesting.
Look, this whole thing
has just been blown out of proportion.
The fact that Tyler and I
are even together
is what makes him seem guilty.
That's all it is.
I mean, no one even believes
that we met at the funeral.
You should follow him.
I'm not gonna follow him.
Yes. You should follow him
for a couple hours.
If there's nothing wrong,
just put it all behind you.
Okay, I put the whole thing
behind me.
Now I don't have to follow him.
Well, at least promise me you'll
pay attention to the patterns, okay,
because serial killers
follow them.
So, now, what's the last thing
he did with Anna?
Well, Marissa said
they went out of town together.
So, you don't leave the city limits.
And just to play it safe,
don't do anything to make him angry.
And whatever you do,
don't tell him about the ring
in the throes
of a confessional urge.
Jesus Christ,
you've gone this long.
This whole thing is ridiculous.
Look, I just don't want to be the one
to put the final makeup on you.
[Doors close, engine revs]
Spare some change?
- Here.
- Thanks.
[Engine turns over]
[Engine revs,
tires screech]
[Cell phone rings]
It's so hard to hear you.
Are you whispering?
Yeah, my throat hurts,
so I'm saving it... my voice.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Where are you?
Where do you think I am?
I'm working.
At the clinic?
That's where I work, babe.
Hey, when can I see you?
I don't know.
I think I may be getting sick.
You know, I think I heard
something outside.
Can... can you hold on a sec?
Oh, fuck.
[Telephone dialing]
Good afternoon.
Detective Grayson.
[Telephone beeps]
Go away.
Are you hearing-impaired?
Have you ever dated somebody
and it just wasn't quite right?
Is there any other way?
Okay, I mean, say that you thought
something specific was wrong,
like you were, um...
...you know, jealous.
You're jealous?
Is he cheating on you?
No, Tyler's not cheating on me.
I just... I...
I needed some dating advice,
and... and you've slept
with so many people that I just...
I mean, you've dated so many people
that I just thought
that if anyone should know,
you would know.
He is cheating on you.
He's a dog.
No, he's not a dog.
I just... how do you know
that you can trust someone?
Don't trust him.
Don't believe a word he says.
That is the first rule.
Now, do you have
any evidence of his misdeeds,
or is it just a general feeling?
I don't know what to do.
Do you know the girl?
I mean, how do you know
that you can really believe someone?
Believe the worst.
Okay, this isn't working.
I should say not. Poor girl.
Let me know if you catch him
in bed with her or something.
Glad I could brighten your day.
I don't even need this anymore.
Hi. How are you feeling?
You don't look sick.
I'm not sick.
And you weren't at the office
the other day when you called.
How do you know?
Where were you?
Are you following me?
I was jealous.
You don't seem like the jealous type.
What were you doing at your house?
There's a drug that we use
for surgery and it expires
and our supply levels
have been a little bit off,
so I'm worried that someone
in the office has sticky fingers,
and it's a very dangerous drug,
so I decided to take it home
until Biohazard can pick it up
at the end of the month.
So, why did you lie to me?
I was screwing with you.
I could see you in my yard.
Yeah, babe,
you're not exactly a ninja.
I saw you, and I called you.
When I came out,
you were gone.
And then you wouldn't take
any of my calls.
Wait, but what's
with your house?
It's so not a mess.
Babe, that was my house with Anna.
I mean, we were gonna get married
in the backyard.
I mean, I'm gonna sell that house,
but until I do, I want to keep it
as something of hers.
And then, maybe...
maybe you and I could...
get a place, start fresh.
Oh. Of course.
I missed you.
Missed you, too.
Mm, good.
I have a surprise.
- Surprise?
- Mm-hmm.
We are going
to Santa Barbara right now.
You know, I... I really can't.
It's beautiful.
It's romantic. It's secluded.
It's the perfect place
to go for a weekend.
You know, I really have
a lot of work stuff to do, so I...
Do it on work time.
Don't you want
to come away with me?
I do, but you know what?
Right now is just not the right time.
All right.
If you're sure.
I'll call you later, okay?
I don't think
you should worry about it.
Worry about what?
Not going away with him.
I mean, let's face it.
You're not the kind of girl
who ends up with the guy.
You're gonna get exactly
what you deserve.
You're gonna end up
utterly and completely alone.
You'll die alone.
And knowing you, that's probably
just the way that you want it.
Tyler, wait!
It's so beautiful out here.
I know, isn't it?
Go inside.
I'll get our bags.
[Cell phone rings]
I have good news.
- What is it?
- They're exhuming the body.
Yeah, they're doing an autopsy.
The cops came in
with a court order.
There's some new piece
of evidence or something,
so they're actually
digging her up.
How is that good news?
Now you can return the ring.
I'm kidding.
Do you think he knew
about the exhumation,
that it was happening
this weekend?
I don't know
if he knew about the...
- [Door opens]
- [Cell phone beeps]
We are finally here.
And we're not going anywhere
for three whole days.
[Cell phone rings]
You want to get that?
Mm. Let me get us
some wine, okay?
[Cell phone beeps]
TYLER: I have something
I want to talk to you about.
He found the ring.
Everything okay in there?
Fine. Perfect.
Hey, what are you
doing in there?
Nothing really... just, you know,
unpacking a few things.
Remember when I said I wanted
to talk to you about something?
You know, I'm actually
not really into threesomes.
Actually, that's not it.
Role playing?
Light bondage?
All right, all right,
you're not in the mood
for serious conversation.
[Cell phone beeps]
Hope you're hungry.
Now can we talk?
You know
what we could use?
Some more firewood.
Some more firewood?
I mean, are you planning
on building a second story?
I just think a great big fire
would be so romantic.
[Cell phone beeps]
You ready for that fire?
You know,
I-I'm feeling a little sleepy.
Maybe tomorrow.
[Cell phone vibrates]
[Vibrating continues]
SHANE: Why did you hang up
on me? Are you with him?
What's happened?
Anna was killed
with sodium pentobarbital.
It's the drug they use
to put down dogs.
Hello? Hello?
Hey. Are you okay?
Shh. One second.
You all right?
That's what I saw.
That's what he put in his safe.
Carys, you okay?
I'll be back in a second!
Listen to me.
It wasn't an accident.
[Knock on door]
She was drugged
before she got in that car.
TYLER: What... what are you doing?
Who is that?
I'm great!
Uh, just go back to bed, babe.
Where are you?
[Knocking on door]
What's going on in there?
- Where are you?
- I don't know!
I don't know. I don't know.
Somewhere off the 101, like exit 140
in, like, a little cabin.
Okay. Okay.
Uh, I'm calling the cops right now.
Just... I don't know,
act natural, okay?
Okay. No problem. No problem.
- Carys...
- [Cell phone beeps]
Who was that?
At 4:00 A. M?
She's having guy problems.
She's a bit of a slut.
Come on.
Come back to bed.
You know, I'm not really feeling
that tired anymore.
You go, and I'll come in a minute.
Come on.
What's wrong?
You look stressed.
Why did
you bring me here?
Sugar, it's the middle of the night.
I'm exhausted.
Let's talk about this
tomorrow, okay?
Come on, come on, come on.
TYLER: There you are!
I've been looking all over for you.
I went on a walk.
It's so great up here.
[Carys sighs]
Maybe we should be heading home?
We just got here.
So, where are we exactly?
I know.
It's pretty tucked away, isn't it?
Ready to go back?
You're gonna love this.
What are you looking for?
You seem so distant.
Nobody. Nothing.
It's getting dark.
Well, we've got it covered.
What's wrong?
It's so beautiful.
I don't know why you bothered.
Come on.
You know why.
Yeah, I know why,
and I deserve it.
I just never thought
you would be so cruel.
You think this is cruel?
Oh, my God.
Where are you going?!
Come on!
Just stop!
What's wrong with you?
I don't know how
or when you figured it out,
but I can't say
I'm not a bit disappointed.
Now, can we just
go back to the cabin?
Come on, let's go.
Oh, my God.
You're unbelievable.
I've known something about you
for a little while now.
How long?
Long enough.
Practically since we met.
Why didn't you just say something?
Call me old-fashioned,
but I just don't think that's
the way things should be done.
I mean, I like
a little suspense, don't you?
I know this isn't
gonna change anything,
but will you
at least let me explain?
There's nothing to explain.
I've known this for a while.
- I never meant to hurt you.
- Ever since I met you, I knew.
- That was before I knew you.
- I knew you were the one.
I mean, sure,
you don't make it easy.
You're the first person
to make me feel normal.
You're the only person
I've ever felt this way about,
and I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.
I never knew Anna,
and I'm sorry I stole her ring.
Will you marry me?
Y-you didn't know her?
I mean, what... what do you mean,
you didn't know her?
Like, you never...
...met her?
But I went to the funeral
before I knew you,
and then...
and then I had to lie
because I...
I felt a connection to you.
Yeah, but we talked
about her every day.
You were lying the whole time?
Like, all that was a...
all that was a lie?
No, not all of it.
You had her ring?
But you know that!
You have it!
This? This?!
I bought this for you.
I can't... can't believe you...
You lied about everything.
I'm sorry.
Please. I'm sorry.
- Let her go!
- Let the girl go!
You're under arrest
for the murder of Anna Williams
and the attempted murder
of Carys Reitman.
No, I don't think
he was trying to kill me.
You don't think
I was trying to kill you?
Cops in L.A. Got a tip.
They found the drugs used
to kill Anna Williams in your safe.
You weaseled your way
into the funeral.
You lied to me and her family.
You stole her ring.
I stole her ring.
[Telephone rings]
Sheriff's Department.
[Police radio chatter]
Tyler, please talk to me.
Oh, please, please.
Oh, please.
How could you think I killed her?
You think I could kill anyone?
I don't know.
I just... you were so perfect.
I didn't think
that could happen to me.
I know you hate me,
just let me tell you
my side of the story, okay?
[Footsteps approach]
This way.
God, why didn't you tell us?
Anna wanted to be the one.
I couldn't look at her
safe-deposit box before,
but when I heard
about the cancer, I went.
I read her note.
I was hoping you'd go sooner
rather than later...
like before I
got the death penalty.
No, she explained how great
you were to her, how amazing.
You were the only person who knew.
It was a really private thing to her.
I can't believe
everything we've put you through.
If we'd had any idea she was sick...
I'm sorry you had to be the one.
She didn't want your parents
to find out that way.
No, of course.
Of course.
God, they're so religious.
Just tell me she didn't suffer.
She begged me to do it,
and I was horrified.
She was in so much pain.
I finally realized
it was the right thing to do.
So when she was ready,
we had a great day...
...last dinner together.
I drove her car to the canyon.
She took the tranquilizers.
She died in my arms.
I slid the car off the edge
so that the way she really died
would be her own secret.
Thank you.
You risked your life
to preserve her memory.
That's what she wanted me to do.
I... I gave the cops her suicide note.
I told them you
had nothing to do with it.
So, um...
Sir. Sir.
Tyler, please.
Tyler, wait.
I apologize
for the inconvenience.
I'll have a driver take you back.
No, thank you. I'm good.
How much to bail her out?
You want to bail her out?
- TYLER: How much?
- WOMAN: $800.
- MARISSA: Don't even think about it.
- It's okay.
Pay the clerk.
Just do me a favor.
Don't let her out until I'm gone.
Thank you.
Come on.
I'll take you home.
[Knocking on door]
I, uh, brought you some cookies...
your favorites.
So, why did you come over?
Oh, when I called,
you wouldn't come to the phone.
I spoke to your roommate,
and it sounded
like you might need me.
Daughters do need their mothers
So, Mom, how come we never
go to Sandrine's grave?
Sandrine was cremated.
Wait, that's not the point.
I just... I don't know.
I just thought, you know,
that we would go to her grave
and... and pull weeds
and sit around and talk about her
and tell stories
and laugh and cry
and, you know,
then we'd understand each other.
But we do understand each other.
You were a funny child...
precocious but serious...
with a laser-like focus
on the strangest things.
You needed a push sometimes
just to get out of your own way.
When Sandrine died,
we knew we'd have
to keep you from fixating.
And we didn't want
that one terrible thing
to be the center
of your whole life.
But it was.
You didn't have a funeral
and never talked about her
and pretended
like everything was okay
because of me, to help me?
Well, you do what you can,
even if it turns out
that it wasn't enough.
What is it?
Do you have to go?
I love you, honey.
I would have done anything for you.
I still would.
Sometimes loving people
is all you can do, hmm?
Oh, honey.
[Intro to Coby Brown's
"Madman" plays]
% % I keep dreaming I'm on a plane % %
% % I've got a one-way ticket
to feeling sane % %
% % And I don't know
if this thing is gonna land % %
% % The flight is long
and the ride's been rough % %
% % Just when I think I had enough % %
% % I have to take
much more than I can stand % %
% % And the way % %
% % That the waves are rolling in % %
% % Is the same way % %
% % As the way it's always been % %
% % Standing at the water's edge % %
% % Madman on a window ledge % %
% % I'm looking for some way
to get back in % %
% % I can't wait till I wake up % %
% % Wish something could interrupt % %
% % The dream for much too long
I've lingered in % %
% % 'Cause I want so much more
than this % %
% % All the things I ever missed % %
% % I swear to God
I'll never miss again % %
% % And the way % %
% % That the waves are rolling in % %
% % It's the same % %
% % As the way it's always been % %
% % Standing at the water's edge % %
% % A madman on a window ledge % %
% % I'm looking for some way
to get back in % %
% % 'Cause in the ocean nothing lasts % %
% % And waves
will keep on rolling past % %
% % Just waiting
for the next one to begin % %
% % And the way, yes % %
% % That the waves are rolling in % %
% % It's the same as it's always been % %
% % It's the same as it's always been % %
% % When you're standing
at the water's edge % %
% % A madman on a window ledge % %
% % I'm looking for some way
to get back in % %
% % In the ocean nothing lasts % %
% % The waves
will keep on rolling past % %
% % I'm just waiting
for the next one to begin % %
% % In the ocean nothing lasts % %
% % The waves
will keep on rolling past % %
% % I'm just waiting
for the next one to begin % %
% % I'm just waiting
for the next one to begin % %
% % Waiting for the next one to begin % %
---the end---