Wake Island (1942) Movie Script

[ Taps ]
[ Man Narrating ]
Wake Island is a tiny dot
in the midst of the Pacific,
4,254 air miles from San Francisco.
Until 1941, it was known
only as a stepping stone
for the Pan American Clippers.
In June of that year,
the United States Marines landed.
Present arms!
[ Bugle Call ]
By the end of October, 1941,
they had made progress.
Six five-inch naval guns like these
had been emplaced.
In addition, they had 12 mobile
three-inch antiaircraft guns.
A squadron of 12 Grumann F4F3's,
nicknamed "wildcats," ere based at Wake.
And the 385 officers and men
of the First Defense Battalion,
United States Marine Corps...
were constantly on the alert,
patrolling the skies daily.
[ Indistinct Shouts ]
Left shoulder arms!
Right shoulder arms!
Late in 1941,
Headquarters Marine Corps...
assigned a new commanding officer
to this tiny garrison.
To the rear, march!
His name:Major Geoffirey Caton.
His record:long and active.
In Pearl Harbor on a November morning,
Major Caton makes his farewells.
[ Girl ]
With the compliments
of your daughter, sir.
Well! Say, this is something.
Open it.
"To Daddy from Cynthia,
November, 1941. "
It cost me
an awful lot of money.
I'll bet it did.
Practically all my savings.
You know, you are getting a little thin.
Better catch up on your ice cream sodas.
Thanks, Daddy.
I'll be gone a long time.
Thanks a lot!
Well, what goes with thanks?
Where is this old
Wake Island, anyhow?
Oh, it's just a little strip of sand
with a lot of water around it.
Good-byes are awful, aren't they?
Well, you let yourself in for a lot of them
when you married a marine.
I know.
What, again?
I'd feel like this
if you were going away overnight.
Next time I leave,
I'm gonna bring a bucket.
Here's where I leave ya.
Thanks for showin' me the town.
Aloha nui kako.
Oh, save it till I come back.
Here. Thanks, Charlie.
[ Sobs ]
Mr. McCloskey!
Mr. McCloskey!
Good morning.
Oh. Morning.
I don't suppose you got
a bar on this boat.
Can't even offer you
a cold shower.
Have we got there yet?
No. We won't be in
for some time.
Would you like
to slick up a little?
Look, General, you're a soldier
and I'm a civilian.
I got a government contract
with a mighty important job to do,
but there's not one word in it
about takin' orders from brass hats.
That goes for suggestions
about shavin' too.
Call me when we get there.
That's all I want from you.
Let me take another look
at our future home.
Yes, sir, I can see 'em
in me mind's eye--
big ones, little ones--
all guzzlin' and gruntin'...
and puttin'on weight.
Yes, sir. Hundreds of'em.
Hundreds of which?
Yes, sir.
That's what the ex-wrestling champ
of the Pacific Fleet has finally decided on.
Outta this outfit and into hogs.
That's me.
Last week it was turkeys.
Turks is out.
I just read a book.
Turks has got 2 49 pages
of diseases.
[ Plane Engines Droning ]
There she goes.
The old Clipper.
Ya great big beautiful
sweetheart, you.
A week, and I'll be aboard one of them.
Mr. Aloysius K. Randall,
United States citizen, tourist deluxe.
Monkeys like you
don't rate no Clippers.
Well, I got the dough,
and I got the old man's say-so.
Don't you worry, bub.
I'll be on it, all right.
Hey, look, Smacksie.
Right here I got 1 0 bucks,
and I'm gonna bet you the whole--
Where at did you
ever get 1 0 bucks?
I got it, all right.
And right now that 1 0 bucks
is sayin' that you don't leave.
'Cause why?
'Cause you'll ship over, that's why.
Ahhh. A float!
For me.
Oh, boy! One of them
hammer and sickles!
Let me have a look at it!
Get your hands away.
I seen it first!
Yeah, well, I got it first!
Gimme that!
Let go!
Why, you baboon-faced, no-good--
You see, you left yourself
wide open for an arm lock.
I don't wanna hear any of that
wrestling talk! I just wanna
punch you right in the nose!
Okay. There it is. Go ahead.
All right!
[ Bugle Call ]
[ Whistles ]
Come on, Skipper! Come on!
Hey, you two. Just a minute.
What have you two guys
been up to?
We were swimmin', Sarge.
Yeah. You owe me a medal.
I just saved his life.
That bugler saved yours, pal.
All right, all right.
Get in the line.
Here we go.
Good old stew.
What do you think I am?
A canary?
Move on, my friend.
All right, wise guy.
One of these days you're going to find out
what I got these two stripes for.
Who said that?
Somebody around here's a wise guy.
Only one of these days
I'm going to catch up with him, see,
and he's going to find out
that just because my name is Goebbels,
that doesn't make me a heinie.
My folks was Holland Dutch,
and if anybody doesn't think so,
all he's got to do is speak up.
Do you understand?
But I didn't say anything, Corporal.
Maybe you did
and maybe you didn't.
Anyway, I'm warning you.
Who said that?
Who said that?
Don't let 'em get you so hot, Corp.
You'll spoil your chow.
All right, Corporal.
Sit down and eat.
Sparks! Where have you been?
Just got off duty.
Oh, I got some hot news for you.
The new C.O.
will be here in an hour.
What's his name?
Must be Artillery Caton.
That guy eats 'em alive.
Tough, huh?
He had me in and outta the brig
so much, I wore it out.
Boys, the honeymoon's over.
From now on, you're marines.
Hello, Jeff.
How are you, Johnson?
Glad to see you.
Have a good trip?
Fine, thank you.
Well, nice to see you again.
Thank you.
Our commanding officer,
Commander Roberts, Major Caton.
Reporting, sir.
Major, we're glad to have you
share our exile with us.
Thank you, sir.
Nielson of Pan American.
How do you do, sir?
Parkman, our doctor.
Play bridge, Major?
I play at it, sir.
Certainly need new blood, sir.
Patrick, our squadron commander.
Happy to know you, sir.
And this is--
I know the major.
Hello, Lewis. How are you?
Captain Patrick, I brought you
a new man-- Lieutenant Cameron.
Bruce Cameron?
Yes, sir.
Come along, Patrick.
I'll introduce you.
I know his father.
Right, sir.
Excuse us.
Excuse us, Mr. Nielson.
There's a guard waiting for the major.
Guard, front!
[ Bugle Call ]
Guard, face front!
Present arms!
Lower arms!
Left face!
Right shoulder arms!
Forward march!
Mr. McCloskey?
I'm Hogan. Pete Hogan.
Your foreman.
How are ya?
I'm glad there's somebody
here to meet me, although I know
I don't rate no fancy parade.
Well, if I'd thought of it,
I'd have had some of our boys
lined up for you... with shovels.
How you been making out?
Oh, fair to middlin',
Mr. McCloskey.
Built quarters for the men and
spotted some of the ground work.
Maybe not as much as you'd expect,
but we've sorta been waitin'
around for you.
I'll take a look at what you've done, then
I'd like to meet the crew and get acquainted.
All right.
And you've gotta get
that excavating finished.
You better work three shifts.
I wanna start pouring concrete by Thursday.
Oh, that'll be tough.
Maybe so. Do it anyway.
I've never been late with a contract yet,
not even a government one,
and I'm not gonna start in
on this bird sanctuary.
Mr. McCloskey.
So the major wants me
to have dinner with him.
Tell him I'm too busy.
Yes, sir.
That's another thing.
You guys have probably noticed...
this sand pile is stiff with brass hats
trying to play soldier.
If any of'em get in your hair,
tell 'em to come see me. That's all.
[ Reveille ]
[ Skipper Barking ]
Good morning, dear.
The next time I get a furlough,
I'm gonna hire a bugler
to blow reveille for me.
'Cause when he sounds off,
I'm gonna get up,
beat his brains out,
then go back to sleep.
Buglers ain't got no brains.
Comin' from you,
that's somethin'.
I'm glad I don't have to take
that guff from you much longer.
Seven more days, and all
you'll see is my tail feathers.
I still got that 10 bucks,
and it still says you don't leave.
Do you really
wanna lose 10 bucks?
Put up or shut up.
It's a bet.
Wait a minute.
Where's your dough?
I got it, all right.
Don't worry.
Let me see it.
It's very dangerous to leave
money lyin' around here.
The captain's holding it for me.
Oh, so you don't trust me, huh?
Well, look what we have here.
Well, bless their
sleepy little heads.
Maybe we been talking too loud.
Yeah. Shh.
[ Laughing ]
I hope they can swim.
What's this, Sergeant?
That's no way to camouflage a gun.
Whose is it?
Mine, sir.
How long have you been
in the marines, son?
Six months, sir.
That's long enough to know better.
That's Artillery Caton, all right.
Snoopin' around this early, huh?
Things used to be so nice here.
This is it.
[ Caton ]
All of it?
All of it.
You could hardly call it
Gibraltar, could you?
Twenty-one feet
at its highest elevation.
And in any sort of a breeze,
my friend, it all shakes.
Well, sir, if the navy has survived,
I guess the marines can.
You know, commander,
my outfit's supposed to be
a defense battalion.
I don't see much to defend here.
As a matter of fact,
not much to defend it with.
Only marines.
Well, now that you've landed,
you'd better get the situation in hand.
We will, sir. Starting straightaway.
I have an inspection in 10 minutes.
All right. Let's shove off.
[ Humming ]
[ Bugle Blaring ]
You look better than Joe, Skipper.
[ Continues Humming ]
Inspection, 10 minutes.
Listen, slap-happy, you'd
better cut out the spring song
and stand by for inspection.
Why, that ain't spring, Sarge.
That's love.
Trouble with that guy,
he ain't got no finer instincts.
That's how you get to be a sergeant.
The dumber them guys are,
the more stripes they give 'em.
You oughta look like a zebra.
Always got an answer, ain't ya?
[ Chuckles ]
Hey, hey! What's that thing?
That ain't no thing.
It's a dame.
[ Wolf Whistle ]
Could be.
You got it upside-down. There.
I like it better this way.
Listen, soldier. When you act
disrespectful about her,
you're actin' disrespectful about the dame
what's practically Mrs. Aloysius K. Randall.
And I don't like it, see.
Why, you thick-headed clunk.
You mean to tell me you're thinkin'
about gettin' married?
You mean to tell me you've found
a dame that would marry you?
The nuptials is bein' performed
New Year's mornin'.
Besides, dumber lookin' clunks
than me get married.
Name one.
Why, you--
Get your--
-[ Bugle Call ]
- Hey, come on, you guys! Inspection.
Saved by the bugle again.
Saved from what?
From this.
Oh, there they go again.
Aw, fellas, look!
Come on. Cut it out!
You're gonna get us in a jam again.
Act your age, will ya?
You'll get us in more trouble!
Get away!
[ Skipper Barking ]
Straighten up here.
- Who's responsible for this?
- [ Both ] Me, sir.
Who are these men, Sergeant?
Privates Randall and Doyle, sir.
Haven't we met before?
Yes, sir. China Station, sir.
I suppose you've already discovered,
Randall, that we have no brig here.
Yes, sir.
You know, I haven't got
much faith in brigs, anyway.
No, sir.
Putting a marine in the brig
is a waste of good manpower.
That's right, sir.
I'll see these men
in the morning, Sergeant.
In the meantime,
I'll try and think of some way...
of diverting your surplus energy
into more useful and constructive channels.
Yes, sir.
I don't like the sound of that
"constructive channels" stuff.
No, sir. Aw, what am I sayin'?
Hey, if this is a sample of Caton's
constructive channels, give me the brig.
What are we diggin' here, anyway?
A slit trench.
Bomb shelter for air raids.
What bombs and which air raids?
- What's on your mind, pal?
- Oh, nothing.
I was just wondering what would happen
if marines had to do a good day's work.
What do you suppose they give you
for bustin' a civilian?
In self-defense?
Naw,just bustin' him.
With or without provocation?
For bustin' a guy like that, I guess
they'd give you the Medal of Honor.
Come on. Back to nature.
Hey, what's happened here?
Pete just passed out.
Too much sun.
Get him over to the hospital.
I'll take charge while you
get another man for the tractor.
Okay, Mac.
[ Air Raid Siren Blaring ]
Hey, what is this? Hogan!
[ Siren Stops ]
Hey, Hogan!
What goes on?
Orders, Mr. McCloskey.
Whose orders? For what?
Civilian air raid drill.
Here. Here it is.
"Approach of enemy aircraft will be
signaled by long blast on claxon horn.
All civilian workers
will thereupon take cover."
Where'd you get that?
Major Caton's office.
Major Caton! Well,
I might as well shake that guy
out of my hair right now.
It's my job to keep those men out there
working and the machinery rolling.
If they're gonna run in the bushes
every time a brass hat toots a horn,
I'm gonna wind up behind the eight ball.
The responsibility for the life of every man
on this island is invested in us.
In times like these,
air raid drill is necessary.
In times like these, it's necessary
for you guys to let me get my job finished.
We're just as anxious as you are
for you to finish your job.
Right. Then quit stampedin' my men
with that peewee auto horn
and let me get to it!
Everybody must participate
in the air raid drill.
There will be no exceptions.
So it's a must, is it?
Well, General, the first man of mine that
ducks in the bushes when the horn blows...
is gonna get a two-by-four
over his head.
Mr. McCloskey!
Sir, I'm going to give you
a bit of advice.
Orders from the United States
Navy Department will be obeyed!
[ Engine Rewing ]
In trouble?
[ Both Laughing ]
Yes, and I want you guys
to push me out.
[ Laughing ]
Did I hear right?
- Yeah. But it ain't right.
- Come on. Get up outta there.
On your way, bubble puss,
or I'll pat ya with me shovel.
Are you gonna come out peacefully,
or do I have to drag you out?
You start swingin' right now, bud.
I'll be with you in a second.
No, no, no.
This one's mine.
I'll flip you for it.
- Well, okay.
- Hurry up. Make up your mind.
I got work to do.
Call it.
Tails. Candy from a baby.
You ain't doin' so good,
Joey boy.
Well, the sun got in my eyes.
Yeah, I heard it hit.
Time was, Joe,
when you hit a guy, he stayed hit.
That's it, Joe. Attaboy.
Break his legs off!.
What are you wavin' at him for?
Grab a hold of him!
[ Vehicle Approaching ]
Watch it, Joe. The old man.
What's that truck doing here?
Well, sir, uh,
just passing through, sir.
Whose is it?
It's mine.
Oh, Mr. McCloskey.
Had an accident?
Yes, I had an accident, all right.
I tripped. Why?
Well, can I be
of any assistance?
Carry on.
From Commander Roberts, sir.
"Special Japanese envoy
will arrive on the Clipper."
it is my great privilege...
to propose a toast
to that great executive...
of your great democracy...
whose lasting peace
it is my country's...
greatest wish to preserve.
Gentlemen, I give you...
the president of the United States,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Hear, hear!
Thank you.
Gentlemen, I give you
His Imperial Majesty,
Emperor Hirohito of Japan.
As you all know,
I am on my way to Washington.
With me I carry
a message from my emperor...
to the president of your country.
it is a message of peace.
I regret very much to say...
that between my people
and your people...
there have been some
small misunderstandings.
But it is, therefore,
my emperor's desire...
that I show to your president
the heart of the Japanese people.
And I do solemnly swear...
that in that heart he will find
no thought of war...
but, rather, a yearning
for lasting peace.
Therefore, gentlemen,
I ask that you wish me Godspeed.
On this clear and peaceful
Sunday morning, December 7, 1941,
as countless thousands of you
are enjoying the security of your homes,
a great drama of U.S. Japanese relations
is moving swiftly to a climax.
In the State Department,
at this precise moment,
Mr. Cordell Hull is receiving
for a final interview...
Ambassador Nomura and
Special Envoy Saburo Kurusu of Japan.
It is understood that
Special Envoy Kurusu...
has brought with him
Emperor Hirohito's reply...
to President Roosevelt's note
protesting Japan's aggression
in the Far East.
This morning Envoy Kurusu stated
that his emperor's message would,
he was confident,
solve the Pacific problem.
So today, for the first time
in many anxious months,
a new note of optimism and hope
marks the tempo of the Washington scene.
Why don't you quit
listenin' to that guff?
Get somethin' romantic.
Myrtle, honey, I'm on my way.
So you're really gonna go, huh?
Oh, and by the way,
you owe me 10 bucks.
You haven't left yet.
I ain't dressed up for no
Sunday morning inspection.
One look at you in that outfit,
and the old man'll throw the book at you.
Well, I got his permission,
see, Mr. Smart Guy.
Mr. Randall Caton says,
"You are now a gentleman of leisure.
And if you wish to travel in formal attire,"
he says, "it's okay by me."
Mr. Aloysius K. Randall, Esquire,
back in circulation.
How do you like that?
Hey, what's your hurry?
The Clipper doesn't leave
just this minute.
Well, I'm gonna have Sparks radio Myrtle
to lay in a supply of orange blossoms.
World, here I come!
[ Men Laughing, Whistling ]
[ Men Chattering ]
Any of you guys don't like this hat,
you can come out here
and try to knock it off.
That includes you.
I think you're beautiful.
Go on. On your way, civilian.
[ Men Laughing ]
Hey, Smacksie.
[ Chattering Continues ]
Hey, Sparks.
How do you spell "nuptials"?
Nuptials? N-U-P-T--
[ Telegraph Clicking ]
Yeah. What else?
Shut up!
Well, you don't have to
eat my head off.
Shut up!
What's the matter with you?
Your wife havin' triplets or somethin'?
The Japs just attacked Honolulu.
Bombed Pearl Harbor.
Holy smokes!
[ Bugle Call ]
[ Air Raid Sirens Blaring ]
[ Air Raid Siren Continues ]
Everything all set, Probenzki?
You know, Lieutenant, airplanes,
they are for sure like women--
sometimes good, sometimes bad,
sometimes you--you can't tell.
Well, I'll take a chance on this one.
You're the best mechanic I've ever met.
Thank you.
You're Russian, aren't you?
No, Lieutenant. Polish.
A Pole, huh? What on earth
got you into the Marine Corps?
Well, I had my wife
and two children.
They were in Warsaw.
[ Man ]
Ready on number five.
Number five all set.
You must be glad, Lieutenant,
you are not married.
my wife's at Pearl Harbor.
Everything in order, gentlemen?
I was just hearing
the doctor's plans, sir.
Emergency stations have been set up
at all key positions, sir.
Very good. How about you, Patrick?
Four planes in the air, sir.
The other eight in reserve.
There'll always be
four aloft?
That's right, sir.
What have you been able
to do about the civilians?
I've ordered them to take cover
in the slit trenches wherever possible.
I'd like to see
those stations, Doctor.
Aye, aye, sir.
That blasted air raid alarm again!
It's got my men running around
like gophers!
The major will take care
of you, McCloskey.
That's the man I want to see!
You got a piece of paper?
You can have my resignation.
You wanna run my job?
Well, run it.
I'm afraid that won't be
quite practical at the moment
for either one of us, McCloskey.
Why not?
The Japs have just bombed
Pearl Harbor.
Say that again.
The Japs have just bombed
Pearl Harbor.
The Pan American Clipper will take off
as soon as Commander Roberts
deems it advisable,
and there'll be
a place on it for you.
In the meantime,
find yourself some shelter
and stay out of the way.
All right, Patrick.
I'll take a look at your situation.
Yes, sir.
Hiya, guys.
Hey, Johnny, don't look now,
but I think we got a fifth columnist.
Naw, he ain't no fifth columnist.
Not with that hat, he ain't.
Run along, sonny. No tramps,
agents or peddlers allowed.
Aw, lay off me, will ya, fellas?
I was just passin' time
till the Clipper leaves.
I was wonderin' how your new
partner was makin' out, Joey.
Don't worry about me.
I'm doin' all right.
Yeah? Well, pick up that
ammunition chest, then.
Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir.
[ Laughs ]
All right, Randall.
On your way. On your way.
Are you speakin' to me?
Yeah, I'm speakin' to you.
On your way.
Beat it, gyrene, before I take a poke
at that thing you call a face!
You're talkin' to a civilian, see!
Well, that's just it, buddy.
Civilians in the slit trenches.
Major Caton's orders.
[ Laughing ]
On your way.
Take good care of that
civilian, Sarge.
And don't let nothin' happen
to that elegant hat!
[ Laughing ]
Enemy planes!
Enemy planes sighted!
Enemy planes bearing southwest!
[ Air Raid Siren Blaring ]
[ Bugle Call ]
So you stopped playin' soldier.
Yeah, and look what it got me.
Into the trench there!
[ Air Raid Siren Continues ]
I have Lieutenant Cameron now, sir.
Enemy fight attack with force.
Twenty-four planes.
Twenty-four planes.
Attack as you see fit.
Roger. Wilco.
Four against 24.
Just our luck they'd be
on the south leg of the patrol.
Section one. Course: 3-5-0.
Altitude: 25,000.
We need that mortar.
Come on. Let's get it!
Get to Caton! See if he
can spare a fire detail!
Aye, sir.
Stretcher bearers!
Stretcher bearers!
[ Laughing ]
What are you laughin' at?
Smacksie's hat.
Here he comes!
Prepare to engage.
Prepare to engage.
Prepare to engage. Roger.
[ Shouts In Japanese ]
All right, boys.
This is where we get off.
Back home now.
Vector: starboard 1-8-0.
Everything's all right, Major.
Reporting, sir.
This is the room where we entertained
those peace boys, isn't it?
[ Caton ]
Yes, sir.
Seems like a long time ago.
Doesn't it?
Yes, sir.
I take back that toast I gave
to His Imperial Majesty.
Squadron communication.
Squadron communication.
Go ahead.
Reporting from Peel, sir.
Lots of near misses, but
the Clipper wasn't damaged, sir.
That's some help, anyhow.
Yes, sir?
Advise Dr. Parkman it'll be necessary
to evacuate his emergency hospital
as soon as possible.
Aye, aye, sir.
Hello, Lewis, Patrick.
We've got to get Dr. Parkman
and his people underground.
This has been a checkerboard
bombing, and that sort of stuff
is no respecter of hospitals.
Lewis, suppose you pick a good
spot and detail a work party.
Aye, sir.
Patrick, how'd you make out
with your outfit?
Twenty-three wounded,
seven killed, sir.
Seven planes out of commission.
All the oil and gasoline
on the field destroyed.
Even the big tanks?
That's right, sir.
That's not so good.
How did the defense
battalion make out, sir?
Not bad, considering
the strafing we got.
You'll have to admit they did
a pretty thorough job of it.
With mathematical precision,
square yard by square yard.
When they attack again,
I have the feeling they won't
bomb the same square twice.
So it's up to us to move
our guns, equipment and supplies
to the areas already bombed.
I suggest you follow the same
procedure with your planes.
Aye, aye, sir.
Patrick! You and your lads
have done a fine job.
We're proud of you.
Thank you, sir.
Keep pitching.
Aye, sir.
Captain Gordon
of the Clipper, sir.
Oh, come in, Captain.
My name's Caton.
How do you do, sir?
Sorry we had to meet under
such unpleasant circumstances.
You about ready to take off?
With your permission, sir.
I don't see anything to hold you,
unless our Japanese friends pay us
another visit before you get away.
All your passengers aboard?
They should be by now, sir.
They were boarding when I left.
Well, good luck
and happy landings.
Thank you, sir.
[ Whistling ]
Here, Skipper.
Here, Skip.
Come on, girl.
Skipper, where are you?
Here, Skip.
Skipper. Skipper, you in there?
Come on. Come on.
Get on the Clipper.
You ain't seen that dog
around anyplace, have you?
Never mind the dog. Get going.
That's funny. I ain't
seen her since the attack.
Listen, you big dope!
The Clipper's waiting.
You're holding up the parade.
Don't crowd me, will ya!
Get on that Clipper and
get on it fast. That's an order.
I'll get on when I'm good and ready.
And don't you give me no orders.
I'm a civilian, see!
Bill, Joe, come here.
Take this civilian
and toss him aboard the Clipper.
Go on, get going.
Oh, boy, oh, boy.
Come on, boys.
Come and get it.
Come on.
According to facts given me
by Corporal Goebbels, sir,
the accused refused
to get aboard the Clipper, spoke
disrespectful to Corporal Goebbels...
and assaulted First Class
Privates Bennett and Richmond,
causing them grievous bodily harm.
To say nothing of what
he did to me, sir.
Silence, Corporal.
Well, Randall, what have you
got to say for yourself?
Well, sir--
It's these clothes, sir.
Well, since I've been wearing them,
I don't seem to have no control.
Over my emotions.
Randall, if my memory
serves me correctly,
weren't you before me on
a similar charge back in Shanghai?
- No, sir.
- No?
No, sir. That time it was the captain
of that Italian gunboat.
Remember, the-- the one
with the long whiskers?
Oh, yes, I remember now.
- You did a pretty good job on him.
- Oh, thank you, sir.
Uh, sir, if it's all the same to you,
I'd like to make the same request
I made then.
To ship over?
Yes, sir.
Randall, as man to man,
I congratulate you on your decision.
But as your commanding officer,
I can tell you now--
Since the beginning of hostilities,
you've never been out.
You're a marine
for the duration.
If you'd gotten aboard the Clipper,
they would have told you.
Now I have a request to make.
Yes, sir?
Burn that dogcatcher's outfit
and get back into your uniform!
Sergeant, post him for duty.
That's all.
Left face. Left face!
Forward march!
That's all, Corporal.
Mr. Hogan, sir.
Oh, hello, Hogan.
Hello, Major.
I've brought my report.
Not so good.
Any further instructions?
Just tell the rest of your men
to stay under cover, what's left of it.
We'll get it again.
How soon? I don't know.
Yes, sir.
Oh, by the way, did your
Mr. McCloskey get off on the Clipper?
As far as I know.
Oh, so you didn't leave after all?
Thought I was gonna
run out on you?
Well, I was,
but I changed my mind.
I'm glad you're staying.
We need a man like you.
Give me a gun.
You can be more valuable than that.
What do I do?
Dig. Dig holes, lots of them,
revetments for our planes,
shelter trenches.
You'd better start
by digging a big one--
one big enough to hold all the
casualties in our emergency hospital.
Consider it done.
[ Bugle Call ]
Hard at it?
Running out of spare parts, sir,
so we're rolling our own.
Just thought I'd drop in,
see how you were doing.
Oh, Major Caton.
Orderly brought a signal over for you.
Thank you.
How's the rest of the world doing?
Not so good.
Yes, sir?
Sit down.
Cameron, I've got some bad news.
Yeah, I heard about it, sir.
You mean about Commander Roberts.
I've heard he's in pretty bad shape.
It's not the commander. It's your wife.
She was killed in the bombing
at Pearl Harbor.
I know there's nothing I can say
that will comfort you.
You know, Cameron,
memories are funny things.
They mold a man.
From the time a man
can remember,
his main memories are
those given to him by women--
his mother, his sisters,
his first sweetheart,
his wife.
Even those women
he might like to forget,
even they give him memories
that might help sometime.
No, there's nothing I can say
that will comfort you.
You're like me now--
a man with a memory,
But we're not alone.
In this war, in any part of the world
wherever they've dropped
a stick of bombs,
they've made thousands like us--
men without wives,
without children,
without a single thing
they've ever loved or held dear.
And for those men,
there's a job to do-- to fight,
fight with guns and bayonets
and tanks...
and ships and planes.
Fight to destroy... destruction.
We've got to destroy destruction.
That's our job, Bruce.
[ Man ]
Enemy fleet approaching.
Some destroyers, light cruisers.
Troop ships. Possible submarines.
1-3-0 true.
About 10 miles.
Looks like they have
no intention of stopping.
That's our job.
I'm going to try and pull
an old Chinese trick.
Yes, sir?
Observation reports
smoke screen.
Smoke screen.
Smoke screen, smoke screen.
Wind force: two.
Direction: 1-8-0 true.
Yes, sir?
Get me the observation tower.
Yes, sir.
Observation Tower, sir.
Major Caton here.
Vacate the tower immediately.
Take up your secondary
battle posts. Right.
Orders have been executed, sir.
All guns well concealed?
Yes, sir.
As much as possible, sir.
All men under cover
and standing by?
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Single enemy plane
approaching, sir.
Reconnaissance, probably.
I'm beginning to understand
the major's idea now.
Warn our men again
that they must stay under cover.
Yes, sir.
[ Speaking Japanese ]
[Japanese ]
Enemy changing formation.
Changing formation.
Preparing to attack.
That's what they came for.
They're certainly closing in.
Looks like my Chinese trick
might have some success after all.
They've fallen for it hook,
line and sinker.
Awful lot of money
being wasted around here.
What do you mean?
The price of one of them shells
would set me and Myrtle up
pretty on a chicken ranch.
I thought you were all set for hogs.
Nah, hogs is out.
They stink!
Range: 8-0-5-0.
Range: 8-0...
What's the big idea?
Why do we have to leave our gun?
Don't ask me. I don't know.
Check the phone
and see if it's still working.
Number three gun checking.
Number three gun checking.
Yes, Number Three,
I can hear you.
Communications are okay.
Number three checking
communications, sir.
It's working, all right.
I hope they know
what they're doing.
[ Bomb Whistling ]
Range: 6-0...
[ Explosions ]
The major must want 'em to get
close enough to throw rocks at us.
Those ain't no rocks
they're throwin', brother.
Give me the range
every hundred yards.
Aye, aye, sir. Every hundred yards.
International code pennant--
two hoists.
Roger, Negat, George--
Range: 5-4-0-0.
Signal from the Japs, sir.
What is it?
Will you surrender?
We'll give them their answer
in a few moments. Thank you.
Range: 5-3-0-0.
Range: 5-2...
Lewis, did you ever hear
of Colonel William Prescott?
No, sir.
Well, he was the gentleman
at the Battle of Bunker Hill who said,
"Don't fire till you can see
the whites of their eyes."
You know,
I've always remembered that.
I'll certainly remember it
from now on.
Range: 5-1-0-0.
Might as well take a crack
at them right now.
Wait a minute.
You heard the orders.
We're to hold our fire.
I don't know what for.
We'll never have
a better chance than now.
If they get any closer,
they'll blow this island to bits.
What do you care?
It ain't your island, is it?
Range: 5-0-0-0.
[ Man ]
Range: 4-9-0-0.
Number four gun.
Range: 4-8-0-0.
Range: 4-7-0-0.
To all batteries.
To all batteries.
Open fire.
Open fire! Yahoo!
To your stations!
[ Speaking Japanese ]
[ Man Screaming ]
We seem to have cut down
their firepower. Bruce, suppose
you go up and take a look.
With the greatest of pleasure, Bill.
Probenzki, roll her out and wind her up!
Boy, what a shellacking.
Yes, sir?
To all batteries.
To all batteries.
Cease firing.
Cease firing.
Cease firing!
Cease firing!
Plane number five reports.
That's Cameron.
Plane number five reports.
What is it?
Enemy eight-inch
gun cruiser sighted.
Bearing: 2-3-0 true.
Distance: about 15 miles.
Fifteen miles.
Not so good.
That's way beyond our range.
They can lay out there
and smear us at will.
Strip off everything you can and
drain out all but 1 5 gallons of gas.
But, Lieutenant, with only that
much gas, it will be impossible to--
You heard me. Get at it.
Oh, hello, gentlemen.
Lieutenant Cameron
has a request to make, sir.
I think I can get that cruiser, sir.
Yes, sir.
How do you propose to do it?
If I strip my plane to the bone
and limit the gas load,
I can make a takeoff
with a double load of bombs,
enough to do the job, sir.
If you get two direct hits.
I think I can, sir.
Request granted.
Thank you, sir.
I, uh--
Good hunting, Bruce.
Thank you, sir.
Bombs all set, Probenzki?
Yes, Lieutenant.
Two little Christmas presents.
One from you and
one from me, huh?
Here goes the mail.
[Japanese ]
[Japanese ]
[ Turrets Firing ]
[ Bullets Ricocheting ]
Glad he made it.
And a sweet job it was too, sir.
What did you do to the arm?
Oh, trying to salvage another engine.
It was a little hot.
Where's your first aid pouch?
Uh, it's empty, sir.
Well, we've been using 'em
plenty around here.
Here, let me have it.
Excuse me, sir.
I want to be the first
to shake the big lug's hand.
You better don't go there.
You better don't go.
He's dead.
Carry on, Sergeant.
The sergeant's right.
It's better that you don't see him.
Let's have that arm.
[ Taps ]
This one isn't ready yet.
[ Mutters ]
[ Continues ]
[ Bugle Stops ]
"Man that is born of a woman
hath but a short time to live
and is full of misery.
He cometh up and is
cut down like a flower."
[ Sniffles ]
Here, son, you finish it.
"He fleeth as it were a shadow...
"and never continueth in one stay.
"In the midst of life,
we are in death.
"Of whom may we look
for succor but of thee, O Lord,
"who for our sins are justly displeased.
"Yet, O Lord, God mostly holy,
"O Lord most mighty,
O holy and most merciful savior,
"deliver us not unto
the bitter pains of eternal death.
"Thou knowest, Lord,
the secrets of our hearts.
"Shut not thy merciful ears
to our prayers,
"but spare us, Lord most holy,
"O God most mighty,
O holy and merciful savior.
"Thou most worthy judge eternal,
"suffer us not at our last hour...
for any pains of death
that fall upon thee."
Lower away.
You sent for me, sir?
Yes, Lewis, I did.
Have a cigarette.
You know,
we've been getting it
pretty steady for some time now.
I've got a hunch we're in
for a few hours breather.
Your hunches are usually right, sir.
I contacted a navy patrol plane.
They're gonna take a chance
and come in.
I hope they make it.
How'd you like to be home
for Christmas?
Christmas dinner in Honolulu
with your missus and the youngsters.
How's it sound to you?
You know good and well
how it sounds.
All right, get your gear together
and stand by.
Not this marine, sir.
Thought you'd say that.
For two weeks now,
we've engaged the enemy daily.
We've learned a lot about his tactics.
That's information the Navy Department
needs firsthand.
Well, there's Patrick.
Why don't you send him?
He's the only pilot I've got left.
I'm sorry, sir. I'm staying.
Captain Lewis, this is an order!
Aye, aye, sir.
Lewis. Here's my official report.
I'm not very good at this sort of thing,
but I guess with what you can tell them,
it'll give them a pretty good idea
of what's going on here.
Yes, sir.
One more thing.
Pete, will you do me
a personal favor?
For my daughter.
I'll see that she gets it.
Well, so long, Pete.
Patrick, sit down.
Well, you look pretty solemn.
Enemy again, sir,
approaching in force.
Transports screened
by a strong escort.
Position and bearing.
Well, looks like our holiday's over.
[ Radio Buzzing ]
Ordnance reports.
Ordnance reports.
Fifty-caliber ammunition
is nearly exhausted.
Yes, sir?
Machine gun officer.
Yes, sir.
Machine gun officer.
Machine gun officer.
Major Caton here.
Replace the 50s
with the 30 calibers.
Follow plan "D."
Split the gun crews.
Spare men to take up positions
in number one beach head lines.
Repeat, please.
Plan "D," Wilco.
If possible, relieve some of your men
and see that they get a square meal.
They'll need it soon. Right.
Hey, how'd you guys like to wrap yourself
around some real chow right now?
What do you mean?
I work hard--
No hard feelings, cookie.
I only meant that if I was back
in the States, out with a dame,
sitting in some little caf,
you know what I'd order?
A great big juicy steak about
that wide and about that thick.
With onions?
Oh, yeah, with lots of onions.
I'd settle just to be back
in the States.
I'd settle just to be with a dame.
With a dame.
Aw, what are we
talking about it for?
That's all we can do.
Hey, Smacksie.
What's the matter?
I got a surprise for you.
Yeah, but my chow's gettin' cold.
Look, this is better than chow.
Come on.
What could be better than chow?
Lots of things.
On this island?
All right,
so maybe it came from heaven.
What are you talkin' about?
Never mind.
Come around here.
All right.
Now, close your eyes.
Come here. Come here.
This is serious.
Now, close your eyes.
Now, if you had three wishes,
what would you wish for?
Aw, no, something
better than Myrtle.
What could be better than Myrtle?
Lots of things.
Yeah, how do you know?
All right, I was stationed
at Mare Island too.
Come on. Close your eyes.
Now, wish.
No, it's still Myrtle.
One-track mind.
Look, half right, close your eyes
and kneel down. Come on.
Now, open 'em.
Yeah, and she's got
the fleet with her too.
[ Laughing ]
How do you suppose that happened?
I don't know.
Hey, Joe!
Joe, come on over here.
Look what Skipper went and done.
Ain't nature wonderful?
Hey, triplets, huh?
Good old Skipper.
I got dibs on this one.
No, no, they're all ours.
Yeah, it's our dog, ain't it?
Yeah, but I found 'em, didn't I?
Well, we got 'em.
Oh, not this one, you ain't.
Who do they look like?
Well, this one--
Skipper's the only dog
that's ever been on the island.
Hey, that's right.
Where have you been?
She ain't been able to be no place.
Hey, fellas,
you remember that tanker
that pulled in here?
Never mind, Skipper.
We still love you.
[ Bugle ]
General quarters!
Take it easy, bub.
I'll be back.
Now, don't you worry
about a thing, Skipper.
We'll watch 'em, Skipper.
Oh, gee, I feel good.
Me too.
Let's go.
[ Air Raid Siren Wailing ]
[Japanese ]
There she goes is right.
The last one we've got.
[ Explosion ]
[ Turrets Firing ]
[Japanese ]
[ Gunfire ]
Contact the beach head line.
Tell them to stand by to pick up
Captain Patrick.
Yes, sir.
The dirty--
[ Explosion ]
Try and get some stretcher bearers.
Battery commander reports.
Battery commander reports
direct hit on number two gun.
How's the ammunition
holding out?
Well, I guess we've got enough
to get a couple of'em.
Swell. Good luck!
Who said that?
Us. It was always us.
You're not such a bad guy, Gus.
We figured we'd let you in on it.
You still wish us that good luck?
You betcha. Good luck.
It won't be long now.
They're laying down a barrage.
What are you doing,
praying or something?
Yes, Corporal, I guess I was praying.
That's all right, Tommy.
There's nothing wrong with praying here.
There are no atheists in foxholes.
[ Bomb Whistling ]
[ Explosion ]
Ordnance reports.
Ordnance reports. Direct hit
on ammunition dump, sir.
Another signal from the the enemy, sir.
They demand immediate surrender.
Any answer, sir?
Tell them to come and get us.
Aye, aye, sir.
Cease firing!
[ Radio Buzzing ]
Number one gun reports.
Number one gun reports
breech mechanism failed.
That's our last five-inch, sir.
They've got the Pan American
Inn straddled, sir.
Thank you.
Come on. Get out!
This place has been evacuated.
Who says so?
I do.
I'm stayin' right here, brother.
Me too. It's as safe
as any spot on the island.
Get him out!
[ Explosions Continue ]
[ Bomb Whistling ]
To all posts.
To all posts.
To all posts.
Stand by to repel landing parties.
Follow plan "G."
Fire independently.
Stand by to repel landing parties.
Follow plan "G."
Fire independently.
Fire independently.
The enemy has landed
on two points, sir,
and gaining ground.
I tried to get you on the phone
but couldn't.
Thank you.
Emergency radio.
Can't raise anyone, sir.
Keep tryin'.
Yes, sir.
Emergency radio.
Emergency radio.
Any luck?
The lines are all dead, sir.
Yes, sir?
Will you try and get through
to radio with this?
I'll do the best I can, sir.
Good luck, Tex.
Thank you, sir.
Well, McCloskey,
how are things with you?
I figure I've done everything
I could in my line.
I'd still like that gun.
You know, I've been thinking along
those same lines myself.
Suppose we go out
and find one together.
[ Sergeant ]
Cease firing!
[ Second ] Cease firing!
Well, that does it.
For a minute, I guess.
You know, this is a pretty
good trench you guys dug.
That's a pretty good arm
you've got too.
It's been bended long enough.
[ Chuckles ]
From the way you threw that,
I'd almost think you played football.
Notre Dame, '28.
V.M.I., '28.
To your very good health, sir.
Hey, Joe.
How many blondes
do you suppose there are
that we didn't get around to?
[ Chuckles ]
Must be an awful lot of them.
I sort of feel sorry for them.
Don't you?
Oh, I don't know.
Only half of'em are missing anything.
Aw, cut it out, will ya?
Come on, Smacksie!
[ Gunfire ]
Hey, Smacksie.
Hey, Smacksie!
[ Beeping ]
[Japanese ]
Be with you in a minute.
[ Gunfire ]
[ Narrator ]
These marines fought a great fight.
They wrote history.
But this is not the end.
There are other leathernecks,
other fighting Americans--
a hundred and forty million of them,
whose blood and sweat and fury
will exact a just and terrible vengeance.