Wakolda (2013) Movie Script

The first time I saw, I think '
I would be a perfect specimen.
Perhaps, for my height.
In his notebook of notes, wrote:
Mysterious harmony in its imperfect measures."
Desert Road, Patagonia, 1960
It was the heart.
Me returns?
E ' yours.
What is your name?
- Wakolda.
- Wakolda...
However great you are now,
to play with dolls, right?
How old you think I am?
- I have 12.
- 12?
- I'm sorry...
- Does not matter. I'm used to it.
To be more ' great
to what they believe the other.
Lilith, come on.
Help me with this. Tienimelo.
- Go south?
- It '. Give me.
Can I follow you? It seems that
the desert road is...
300 kilometers into nothingness.
Ask my father. Here it is.
Asks if you can '
come with us, following us.
- If you do not bother.
- It ', no problem.
To all foreigners,
this road is scary.
The main thing and
' do not do it at night.
If we start now,
arrive at sunset.
Come on, come on!
Come on!
The ladies will follow us'
With his car.
Helmut Gregor, pleasure.
He bought supplies?
I had breakfast an hour ago.
- I suggest you buy them.
- Of course, many thanks.
Did you know that the Grammostola
mollicoma can ' live up to 30 years?
"spiders are long-lived.
The females molt once a year."
What does it mean "to molt"?
- What ' "Molt"?
- I do not know, Wimpy, I do not know.
What ' "Molt"?
Wimpy, let me sleep...
Pope '!
And SRT project ' pleased to present
"The German doctor
Translation of: 'goblin'
[SRT project]
Poncho, you have to stop somewhere ..
Stay here.
Excuse us if we walked in, without asking permission...
As soon as the storm ends,
continue the journey.
I do not have much to offer, but
revenue if you like.
Head down!
Come on, get out!
I think he's dead...
No! Why ' should be frightened,
if nothing happens?
- Tell him not to be afraid.
- Here, There ' the skin.
Take, and ' dried meat.
Not ' dead.
See? Moves.
's Changing skin, so ' And
' so ' quiet. But he's fine.
- There are many bugs in here.
- Here?
Here, and ' a gift.
- It's not ' the case...
- I do not need.
- "Thank you."
- Thank you.
Va ' looking for him.
'Cause you have put
on the road with this rain?
It was not planned.
Do not need to forecasts,
to know that the storm is.
Why speak German?
- I attended a German school.
- In Buenos Aires?
A Bariloche.
- You are of them '?
- My parents were of them '.
My mother and '
died two months ago.
They had a hotel...
We are going to reopen it.
Also they speak German?
I understand.
And he?
I do not speak, I ' I understand that.
Uphold her here.
I should not talk to her.
And I ' prohibited.
Talk to strangers.
So, we salute you...
My mother says that it is enough that something is prohibited
, 'cause I do it.
And it ' true?
There are things that I do the same, even if
is prohibited.
Would you talk with me?
I think so '.
I think, but
're not sure.
It '... I'm sure.
Come here.
Goes to bed.
We stop here.
Bariloche '
30 km more ' forward.
- She, to address that wrong?
- Here...
Yes '... and' in the country.
Continue straight.
- Good luck.
- Thanks for everything, Enzo.
- All is well.
- Very good!
Come on!
- Come here. Stop!
- What do you want?
- Let's go to the lake, Dad '?
-Wait, sample.
Come on, now let's go now...
They continued to arrive?
More and more '.
They come and they go with that plane.
They never go out from the house of a neighbor.
Come on...
Paint another eyebrow.
- Safe?
- Yes', please note.
Keep this brush. Catch it...
with your fingers closer to the bristles...
and put your little finger to the wrist,
to have a steady hand.
- Cosi '?
- Exactly, so '.
Here. Here...
My parents had up to 20 employees!
How are we going to deal with all this?
When we open?
When will we.
Do you know who I am?
And you?
How old were you, them '?
What do you think?
Look, it was your mother.
I have a picture here, I want to show that
It was your school?
You '.
This will '
Your teacher.
We will go to your own school?
But, if you do not speak German!
Well ', you will learn right away.
And now we invite all parents to leave
their children in our hands.
The school year and
' just getting started!
'll See.
- Excuse me...
- Eva!
I am Klaus Bayer.
- What are you doing here?
- I work there. I am a tutor.
What they teach you '
A bit ' discipline to these two!
I do not speak German.
- But understand this.
- It '.
- This and ' the new one.
- Hello, what's your name?
As we welcome?
Welcome, Lilith!
E ' the group who is learning German
. Go and sit them '.
- How do we call ourselves?
- Group of "transition."
Well. Moving on.
Conjugation of the verb 'Be',
You '. I am... You are...
He and '... We are...
you are...
There he is!'
Every day, nurses
take him for a walk.
- Why ' are the side?
- 'Cause and ' was operated.
- The master of the house ' doctor?
- Surgeon.
- And him?
- A patient.
Are you hurt?
No. ..
There ' your father?
Va ' to call him.
His wife mentioned to me that
reopen the hotel.
In a couple of weeks.
I'd like to stay here.
- did not have a place to stay?
- Is not ' comparable to this.
It would be an honor for me to be his first guest.
Same Yesterday, I was talking with my wife
, by phone.
The idea ' they are
and I install it somewhere.
The rooms are not ready yet, but '.
Can I pay in advance.
6 months.
E '
sure to be in 15 weeks?
E ' what
said the doctor.
E ' too big!
They were all so '?
Tomas, and the most ' small.
E Lilith?
Settimina .
Do you know what I hear?
What I got home.
She ' grew up here?
I was born here.
Now, can '
Eat with us.
Mom, I taglieresti
What ' her specialty '?
- Improve livestock with hormones.
- A cow at a time?
Only those pregnant.
And the calves.
It stimulates the production of a protein,
that the body processes naturally,
but in lower dose.
What kind of hormone?
The growth.
But, if ' doctor, because
' working with animals?
The new test is first with animals,
to be sure that it works.
- And if it does not work?
- It always works.
Genetics and ' a complex science, but
is explained very simply.
You should try what ' that geneticists call
"founder effect."
Finding a model
clear and hereditarily
you can '
use to improve the breed.
That night,
wrote in his notebook:
Pneumonia up to 3 years.
" Mild asthma to date.
"Influences, tonsillitis, infections
" and chronic sinusitis. "
Gods My brothers, wrote:
"Homo europaeus.
" normal pregnancy. "
" Clinic of the Dolls " / i
veterinary center of Bariloche"
There '
all that he asked.
Microscope, X-ray apparatus
Here and there ' the freezer.
Tonight, I'll leave '
Free goal '.
I'm gonna need ' everything.
And I'll have '
need a padlock.
There '
a colleague at the local hospital?
Ask him then
to order these,
in this phone.
Will come as medical supplies.
We would like to ask you a feast of welcome.
No, no parties.
Not '
need to pay for a hotel room.
For us...
it would be an honor...
I am good, them '.
If I need something, I warn you.
- What are you doing here?
- E ' come to see me.
'll Be working ' Here?
With animals?
Among other things.
- What ' this?
- Blood.
Nothing ' more '
mysterious blood.
Want to see your?
- Fara ' bad?
- Not at all.
- Careful!
- "Blood and Honour"
What's with the "blood" and '"honor"?
Hybridization defiles the blood and destroys the memory.
What's up ' to remember?
Who we were.
- Who were we?
- "Men-sun."
Have you ever done an x-ray?
For what?
To see how you can still grow.
E ' a picture of the bone.
We'll make a knee and another hand.
Now, do not move, do not breathe...
I could grow more '?
With a little ' help.
Looking for something?
A Dictionary.
Thank you.
You will not find them '.
Come on.
These are.
I'm Superman?
Something like that.
Less than zero!
Nine! Nine!
E ' a game...
give a score to the body of the girls.
You have just given 'zero'.
Also this...
all here.
It's up to you!
Come on, it's up to you!
Come on, together!
- So, where are you going?
- A Ushuaia.
Traveling alone?
Sure that someone is waiting for you somewhere.
I do not expect anyone.
Here it is.
I'm sorry.
They are teachers of the school...
Mr. Rolf and '
doctor in the hospital in Bariloche
That ' Nora Eldoc,
archivist and photographer.
- Work in the school.
- Nice to meet you.
Come on.
Okay. Let's see
No, stay there '.
Stop them! '
Ball, Lilith, ball!
No ball, no!
Israeli agents in search of Mengele"
- I wanted to talk about?
- Ah, Eva...
You '.
The vitamins and the preparation of iron.
In a few days, you'll feel
' better.
Thank you.
New guests have arrived?
Two other families.
It should not go up and down the stairs constantly.
- Thank you for caring.
- It '...
They never looked at his daughter, to see...
- if there was still time...?
- In time for what?
To grow .
Not '
something that could decide the medicine.
There are treatments...
which, if carried out in time, could bring
at an almost normal.
Now would be the time
right to intervene.
Do not just begin '
To produce estrogen,
it will reduce the effect of the hormone ' less than half '.
Look here.
The diagram of his daughter.
She has the bone structure
a child of 8 years, instead of 12
' 2
times under the normal percentage.
Is growing 1 or 2 inches per year
instead of 8, and that '
What it should.
Cartilage He still open.
- With that permission, did it?
- She wants to help.
We do not need his help.
I ' Lilith, I ' to us.
Tell him .
- Not gonna ' experiments with us.
- Is not ' an experiment.
- I'm coming!
- Hormones for animals
- use them in humans.
- And where is the evidence?
And Now ' the time to do so, will be after
' Late!
- And then she says that there is no ' risk.
- Always there is', although it does not say.
E ' our guest.
Nothing more.
Not ' the family doctor.
Do you believe that there are cities' groundwater,
where the sonnenmenschen expect?
Who puts these ideas in his head?
Your parents?
Your Friends?
Do not you finished?
Put it in the box.
You will spend all the recreations here?
- They treat you so ' evil, ' out?
- A little '...
So, you have to help me.
Sit them '.
I, too, at your age '.
I was the first in line.
"number 7.
"... Photo of the origins of the school
Floor, guys, floor.
Are those 3.
There '
everything you wanted to remove from circulation.
- Nana!
- Shut up!
I'll see you tonight.
"Before Eichmann and Mengele"
Pope 'and' made up his mind to do
a doll, with a mechanical heart.
He liked that they were all different.
Me too.
For this reason, he chose Wakolda:
was the most 'special.
Like me.
Pope' ;?
I do care.
I talked with his mother
and I'm not afraid.
You do not need any care.
They are the most ' small...
Sure. There will be '
always the most ' high or more ' fat...
A more ' blonde...
We are not all equal.
This makes us unique.
Give me one of these,
strength... More ' small. Dai.
Can I come in?
Have you ever thought of producing them in series?
Could realize his plans.
Do it, it would cost a lot.
No, if you find an investor.
- Who would do that?
- I!
The'm proposing a good deal. Think about it.
And if the analysis does my daughter,
first asking me for permission, right?
I thought you were missed from school.
I have changed
group of German.
Hello, nana!
They tease,
all day.
You'll feel like a prick.
Bear it.
How did you convinced?
When will '
grown a couple of inches, I'll tell you.
We will take measures...
- May I?
- It '.
Keep you.
And if I do not grow anything?
Grow up...
So, nobody in the family
and ' never been so ' small?
No grandfather,
great-grandfather, uncle?
I have perhaps done, or not done, something
during pregnancy?
... There are hereditary diseases,
that only appear in a few generations...
Why '?
Recessive genes.
Should take care of themselves '...
A mother who has had premature births and
' more ' predisposed to get more.
- It '...
- Can' lie down, please?
I am... two?
Is everything okay?
Very good.
That day, it was confirmed that
was not one... there were two.
Mom had confidence in him.
for weeks ,
felt better because of its vitamins.
Finally, he could try
the progress of its growth hormones.
He had already '
tested on animals,
but now, my brothers had
- It Wimpy?
- E ' Tomas.
Eva... Eva!
This and '
photographer of which I have spoken.
- Hi, how are you?
- Well, thank you.
I can take her to the hotel tomorrow.
I put down '?
- Tomas, a bit ' more ' to the right.
- Here they are...
- Cosi ', very well.
- Well, thank you very much.
That photographer...
You '?
E ' a trust?
Is the capital,
with the best recommendations.
These are just arrived.
- Hello.
- What you asked me.
Go into the center?
I'm taking us?
I have to ask the other.
What you want.
See if you can find me
china to make molds.
Can I ask for what?
- Stay in the car!
- Let...
When did it explode?
Two years ago.
In the middle of the night.
Unit ' Argentine army.
Many people say...
not that the Fuhrer ' dead,
in a bunker like this.
Last night, I dreamed of.
He was in a dark tunnel,
below ground.
Lived there ', buried alive.
- Nora?
-I come!
What '?
Do not make me look bad, right?
With who?
With my friends.
I told everyone that
six trusted.
Are you trustworthy?
Avenida Belgrano 451.
A hotel.
He is living them '.
Not in Paraguay!
E ' here, and if you do not come
to take, if they will go '.
No matter what you tell them '
I have no doubt, and' he!
Happy birthday, honey!
E '
a prototype of his designs.
- Did you give you projects?
- It was a surprise.
- Where have you done it?
- In a factory, to Trelew.
We just need to confirm the amount ' to start with.
Look at your face!
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- Does it hurt?
- No, no.
How much?
Nearly 2 centimeters.
Those drawings?
My family.
The poets write what they see...
painters paint it...
I measure and what weight
' that interests me.
us, are interested?
That day, I told him that the body
- legs, arms.
- "Growth"
He said that was a good sign.
And doubling ' the dose.
In his notebook of notes
I jot ': "Awakening of puberty."
He said that my body was a battleground.
That pain was a good thing.
He has a fever.
Put to bed Wimpy.
This what '?
A mild allergy
start with a fever.
E ' normal.
I was assured that there would be consequences
E ' grown 3 centimeters.
Responds more '
As we had hoped.
I do not want to continue.
I can not stop caring now.
I can explain everything to Enzo,
if this worries you.
There ' nothing to explain.
The will make ' the dose.
In two days, will not have ' more ' fever.
Come on, Otto.
Let's go.
- I'm cold.
- Hold on, I'll show you something.
I found it yesterday.
Are you okay?
You put against us?
- I know who you're dealing with?
- Eight!
We decide what to do with those boxes!
- What?
- Here, has nothing to do at all! Get it?
' our school!
What will be clear!
Ti ' clear?
E ' clear?
Careful, they're coming!
That'll be all clear...
Of all clear!
Not tolerate '
Any kind of violence at this school.
From here, they will go
all disruptive pupils.
We need to order, peace
and discipline.
... you will be expelled...
You can go home.
Otto said it has nothing to do.
You, wait here.
Pope '
had put into practice all their inventions.
Replace a ' eyes hand painted, with glass eyes
the hairpiece linen with human hair,
he even hands and fingers articulated.
He convinced him because '
dolls were perfect, in the series.
For a deal that could be continued in the family,
even when I will not be ' more ' with you.
Do you feel good?
There are several interested buyers.
Will pay what you ask him.
Why '?
'Cause are unique.
No, wonder why '
is investing his money and his time in dolls.
The pleasure of beauty.
Tomorrow morning,
will be ready.
- We bring disassembled.
- As you wish.
There are a few details.
Lips... languages ...
Want some personal mark?
- A mole, a birthmark...
- Nothing.
I want them with nothing.
And this...
and '
doll whose heart beats.
- I could finish a assemblarne?
- Of course! You're welcome.
Excuse me...
... grows... the body...
You're burning with fever.
Where are we?
In a pension.
Remember that we got on the road?
- No. ..
- Cover up.
You have a lot of fever.
You're better off if you're covered.
- I burn?
- E ' a good thing.
- What?
- He said that ' a good thing.
Who told you what?
Let me see.
E ' a good thing...
Let me see what you burn.
- Let me see.
- E ' fine.
I have to see what you burn.
- E '
good sign - What, and ' good sign?
I grew up.
What did you do to my daughter?
What did you do to my daughter?
What the are you doing?
Nothing where his wife and daughter
I do not have authorized.
E ' grown 3 cm.
I do not care to
How much is' grown!
Do not put them ever again '
Hands on him, you understand?
Not even once!
Just come back, you go.
- What ' success?
- I did not know how to let you know!
Do not breathe well.
- When were they born?
- Two hours ago.
Isa '
already gone to seek medical attention.
With this snowfall will not come '.
You have to raise the temperature,
in here!
They need oxygen.
I have to give him a check.
Go to the neighbor's house:
have everything I need.
Give this to the person who receives it.
You, come with me!
Stay with mom,
not leave her alone with him.
Let's follow him.
You can not ' be...
They said today on the radio.
They moved away from the country on a plane to El Al
... is said to have seized
for a week in Buenos Aires...
What ' this place?
I do not know.
They have the symptoms of premature infants.
Do not have lungs developed, therefore
' breathe so '.
How do I feed them?
I do not have milk.
I asked whey,
for the first few days.
Among them a couple of days
potra ' breastfeed.
This has already '
done before, right?
Hundreds of times...
So, tell me if you will live.
will spend the night.
Enzo e ' aware?
Knows everything?
- They say there are others.
- The agents?
Yes', all over the country.
- What are you looking for?
- It '.
I'm going to look for it.
I do not will find '
Not one, 'cause
Plus with the storm,
all the roads are closed.
That pipe...
10 ml, 2 times
every 4 hours.
I am very sorry
The catch that?
That Eichmann.
The Israeli agents have captured.
Where is it?
In Israel.
They send me to tell her a plane and
' ready to take her away from here.
Not yet.
The twins will find anywhere.
- Where ' Lilith?
- In her room.
I'm going to take them to hospital.
E '
madness to take them away from here!
Nowhere will be better off this way.
With him.
I do not care who he is.
I will ', and those who matter'.
I wanted to be as tall as the girl
I had shown in the drawing.
He said that no one knows how
violent push a body to grow,
= = when it is not '
In its nature.
Him, 'he knew:
had seen in other cases.
In his book, he wrote that was
his duty to help the most ' weak.
- They tolerated the milk?
- It '.
The most ' great rule already '
Breathing and temperature.
Heart rate?
140 beats per minute
36.8 and temperature.
It is the most ' small?
150 beats per minute
36.4 and the temperature.
... We will give 10 milliliters in these doses:
the greater...
1 and 2 of milk... water.
And for the most ' small...
2 milk...
1 and water.
E sugar.
- Safe?
- It '.
Not ' more '
sure she stays.
Must leave.
Not yet.
I have things to do here.
E ' all settled.
We called in Paraguay:
are ready to receive it.
All documents are ready.
Sucks very weakly.
Fa ' difficulty eating and breathing together...
He has already '
started to have milk?
Very little.
In a couple of days it will have ' enough.
You can ' mix her milk
with the preparation we're doing.
We will give you the time
10 cc every 3 hours.
The doctor wants to control them.
The doctor and '
forbidden to enter this room.
Today, if you go '.
I would like to have a picture with both of them.
I can call the photographer?
... Within ' in Argentina in 1952
and vanished '
in the streets of the Argentine capital.
... and travel with a document...
... thanks to several friends who help
Can not '
be that no one knew.
We called the capital:
no one knew anything.
Except El Al
Following the capture of Eichmann,
Prime Minister of Israel
today announced that hunting and
' just begun.
You can go to prepare the room.
Here is' the name
you asked.
Helmut Gregor"
Who '?
This has always been...
use a baby as a control sample of the other.
Nora, and '
failed to photograph the twins?
What kind of photography do you like? In addition to school photos...
A little of everything '.
- Forensics?
- Sorry?
He's already '
took pictures of the dead?
5 climbers who are lost in the mountains.
And tell me, Nora,
believe you can guess
to be living the last hours of his life?
E ' 'cause
think of dying early?
Not yet... I have a couple of things to do.
E ' one of my obsessions: every time
I look at the photo of a dead man,
know, the moment you pull the trigger...
Not ' weapon,
the photographic camera.
... The moment he makes the photo what's
' in his eyes?
or fight?
But I guess that those climbers
have fought to the end, although
' no hope.
The dead mountain
always have my eyes open.
The end always surprises them.
The cold and ' so ',
is introduced between the bones.
While still kills one believes to succeed.
Do not worry.
No one knows to live their last hours.
Will come to pick me up.
Portals here. Tell him
leave them to him as a gift.
Why '?
'Cause I ask.
E. ..?
And you would do anything I asked you, is not it?
I'll soon forget...
Mengele was an eternal fugitive.
For decades escape '
To search the Mossad.
experimenting with animals, children and pregnant women,
in various countries of South America.
Nora Eldoc was killed the following day.
Two days later, they found his body
under the snow,
with your eyes open.
According to the official version, and
Mengele ' drowned,
in 1979, in a beach
Bertioga, Brazil.
Translation of: 'goblin'
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