Walking Tall Part II (1975) Movie Script

This film is inspired Buford Pusser
of his life,
author of himself eriful relative Pusser.
However, changes were made to avoid identification
or portrayal of people still alive.
I certify that the following statements are true.
Signed, Howard B. Kreitsek.
Tennessee ERIFUL II
Grady! Obra!
Flies a lot of ideas here, more something like narii.
Even so? As such?
As a doctor of Buford, you can not see how it May
asked to reapply for the job.
He had the whole neck in plaster so long.
I have is talk that may need a erif
- Can you, Grady.
- Thank you, but can not.
Only if I would pray
personal Buford.
But this is something that I would not ask
because this is a job that would like to finish
Want to zicei me that the world thinks Buford
no longer able to be erif?
Frankly speaking,
agree with them.
Only because God still lives
after ambush.
That Criminals or soon to become clogged.
I say that Buford's Point
to leave prolonged rest.
Carl, everyone knows that your son will not rest until
will not catch all.
I agree with Floyd, Carl.
I might as well speak
If you plant beans or cotton.
He said it quite clearly, Carl.
If Buford will run again
not some creature in eastern Tennessee's
that would scare him.
I know that he will not cancel that easy,
until those responsible for the ambush,
are not dead or in prison.
Dobson Pinky's gate, sir.
See well where are you. Also
seeing that you bring someone with you.
's Just Ray Henry, sir.
Next time you do as I say, not
bring anyone here. Now come inside.
Right, sir.
Tell him he can expect here.
- Why?
- Stay here and waiting.
What the fuck your head, Pinky Dobson,
of that asshole bring him here?
You're not thinking at all?
I thought maybe you would like to speak and with him
, Mr. Witter.
Eventually, Ray Henry
was in it with me all the time.
and gaca that you brought all the way from Boston,
making sure that Buford Pusser
will be settled once and for all.
Is not that what you said?
Jesus Christ,
know how many times I shot.
It's not natural for a man able to survive
after how many bullets I put into it.
Thi have chosen when
and his wife was in the car.
And you handled it so well, that the police
and the FBI in Tennessee
prowl around for a ispitor Thapa.
You can not blame me
for that, sir.
I can not?
Listen to me, Dobson.
And listen well.
Bastard that wherever
hid him, recovering himself,
If i show again face in McNairy County,
you better find yourself
any way for him to have an accident.
Or i say, Pinky Dobson,
That's not enough room for you to drink
industry Poth work in Tennessee
Once me and my partners
a say.
- Do you understand?
- I understand, Mr. Witter.
I know exactly what you want, and me and Ray Henry
want to do exactly that.
Old man Witter has ice instead of blood, that it have your say.
When i look at "that"
know that serious talk.
What does that do?
To arrange it on Pusser,
Once out of hiding.
It wants, and this time,
to be and forever.
Can do that.
Thing is that because of the attention federal
must seem like an accident.
And how?
I'll think of something.
I bet that yes, Pinky.
I bet you do.
Thank you, Mr. erif. Sorry,
that I have their pictures. But I have.
- erifului mother, and children are here.
- You just leave.
You keep abreast, Mr. erif.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Hi, Mom. Dude.
I see you have your helmet
took on the head.
I do better with each passing day.
Carl said... You have to ask you something, son.
Asks mother.
What about the elections?
Tell Dad,
to pass me on the list.
I do not want that someone to do something illegal.
I want the people of the county,
to make this decision.
Daddy, when removing bandages or have your
on your face, you may otherwise you look like?
Does it make your dad laugh.
Hurt him.
What nonsense to talk about.
Let's just leave him on your father to rest.
Out next cop Wait a moment.
I love you, Daddy.
Come home soon.
- I take care of things very well.
- I know that you care, son.
There's no shame if you should give up station
I know that, Mom.
Always talk about it.
Talk much.
You minunai two children.
Mother has been taken away from them.
And you know, that I'm not getting any younger.
Well Think about it, son.
Think about very well.
Listen, that old
farmers there, peasants AIA
make him a hero like in fairy tales.
And neither saw him disfigured.
Listen to me,
most certainly will be reelected
If not divide some money to steal badge.
Normal and I would I want to know where you hide
. But we do not know where it is.
Damn how much it costs.
How not won there since I was gambling and prostitution businesses
- Preparing yourself, J. R. Look who's coming.
- I see it. I see.
- How you doing, J. R. ?
- Congratulations on winning votes, Mr. erif.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
- Have you stayed away from trouble?
- Now we can play peacefully.
Sound quite right.
Mr. erif, if you get your lost hair
that old, have brought new get your new one.
How nice. Very beautiful.
Thank you much.
See there?
We put all the names on it.
Even so e.
Am going to the office to see who give
Does that bat at him.
I still have.
Hi, Buford.
- Good to have you back, Buford.
- Glad to be back.
Hello, sir.
Hello, Manny.
- We missed you, Mr. erif Pusser.
- And I've missed me.
- Hello, Buford.
- Hello, Virgil.
Arathi well, Buford.
Even so? If you say so.
- Pinky, which we want to win?
- I do not care.
Not interest you?
Then why did you bring me precisely here
if you're not interested?
I will meet with one for a job.
Glumeti. i bail work?
I'm not looking for work, give a man
work. A job very well paid.
How awful.
Why is it so terrible, baby?
Our man is in their hands.
We check the bars, all the time.
Most, operating legally.
Pimps and whores left the whole county.
All right.
Something manufacture of whiskey?
It's hard to get solid information, Buford.
Know, the workers do not care what we think about drinking
$ 6 per day wage, glass
one US dollar.
It is more advantageous than to give shoveling pig.
Buford, why mention distillation?
We know what we want to do.
To catch the ones that make you
wife were shot.
Listen well to me.
The only thing we will do is to maintain
law for citizens who pay our salaries.
I will use this office,
revenge. We owe people.
You're crazy?
Those people hate you.
Hate you die. I hate you, you understand that?
They will not forgive you because you killed
Callie, and that you've ruined businesses.
They would like to see your name on a ledger
I know that.
And i is not afraid? To me it is.
And I fear for you.
- And I, Buford.
- Okay, and I fear.
I would be a really stupid,
if I would be.
But it has nothing to do with it.
We are here to serve the people of this
kept, and that's what we do.
Wow. Or to be trouble.
Gonna be trouble tonight.
I do not want trouble tonight,
you hear me?
Get out before I call the police.
I need to see the police
here tonight.
Go home.
Do you think that one can to take care of tasks?
Obra, I have something for you.
A bar brawler Joe Brick.
- No, I'll take it.
- Stay least, that's local blacks.
You know just because I'm black
the premises.
I do not want to take any job.
And I would I want the world to know that I
returned. I do not want to gossiping.
Why do not you both go there?
think I give the orders around here.
Take you next call.
In order.
See if I can not handle a rowdy
taxpayers have a right to be surprised. Understand what I mean?
Steamer, the law is to come
and a break off to get your feet.
You're in big trouble.
Did you hear that?
Porcu` Joe Brick. Nobody
I do not do anything to me.
Not tonight.
I feel great.
Joe Brick, you have to uii
in your life tonight.
Steamer Riley, damn.
What are you doing, Steamer?
I have nothing with you, man.
That pig Joe, I learned
tre` to mind.
From what I see here, a fine
be about piprat.
Enough for today.
- Stay away from me.
- Put that down.
Stay there, erifule.
Lai I said that down, you crazy
or head.
'll Take a walk up to the ward.
Not want to go into the cells, erifule.
Not want to go into the cells.
Put me I would.
501, here is Buford.
I need an ambulance
Joe's Bar immediately.
Hell, Grady. It's a setup.
Buford was shot.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, Steamer.
You're hurt. Come back here.
All units at Joe's Bar, immediately.
Again, all the cars
Joe's Bar immediately.
Buford was shot.
Not bad, tourniquet, erifule.
- You're all right?
- Yes, I'm fine.
What happened?
Not many like to call all units. That it have your say.
Steamer, look at me, damn
Obra. What are you doing?
Steamer drank too many glasses. That's about all.
How Poth be sure?
I'm sure.
- How do you know that you were framed?
- Because, you know Steamer.
I still think it was a setup.
- Obra.
- Yup?
Thank you.
Mother, people who are
talking to my father, who I am?
One's television, and one's
federal agent.
Are you sure?
I know Mr. Hudson,
from television.
I expect an hour.
What's Path? You're dirty.
Look at you.
I had some problems at Joe's Bar. I'm sorry.
Go as you expect.
- Rocko Carlo Manganni.
- That's him.
- You're sure erifule?
- Sure, one hundred percent.
's The only way to get your
reminds him of the ambush?
With the exception of this land,
already caught.
I have not seen in all.
Manganni and has spent years in prison
all, than on the streets.
And when we get to it, and find ourselves
them on others.
- Boston?
- Yes, would it.
Want to tell me that a
killer brought here from Boston?
erifule, I definitely wanted dead.
And probably still will.
How are you, Floyd?
Buford. Nice to see you.
How are u?
And to me it's good.
I need a new car and unregistered
for six weeks.
Poth to deal with that?
- Powered quickly?
- Yup.
- Buford, you consent to this?
- No.
i pay out of my pocket,
any damage.
And that's between us.
And more than that, is confidential.
Do not have to explain,
Buford. It's my pleasure.
What have you done for the people of the county.
And another thing, no one knows when the exchange
Okay then.
I appreciate it. See you soon.
Stud Pardee,'re crazy.
- Thi have emerged from lie.
- What, you got scared little?
Inches I knew exactly where I park.
Yes, I believe.
I saw what you did at the races.
Come on in, I'll buy some meat
with good.
I hope you have already chosen
place where to try it.
Poth sure.
I know at least six good places.
I want to choose the best.
- Pinky, know exactly what wants.
- To thank more poftii by.
I just received a tip.
A whole week
gac producing countries in the woods by the river Hatch.
You do not say.
Let's take office.
You Obra, and Miles. If someone asks
make arrests, I do.
Why do you want?
're Not yet recovered.
- Well, I am chief.
- I know, I know.
Tom was fishing last week. He caught a big one.
Even so?
I hope you have fishing license.
Are eriful Pusser, and you're arrested.
Do not move. Are you arrested.
Do not ever Scotland gun at me, Rudy.
One is to manufacture countries,
and one to kill.
Look Pusser,
are exited on bail.
If you go again be on
a lifetime.
You know that,
and you still walk with a weapon?
- Is everyone?
- So it seems.
Damn, I missed one.
eriful knows how to make some people unhappy.
Gentlemen, it seems
Boston that this boy was in prison with Pinky
The man I hired
meet job.
Forget what I propose to do
and be careful with me.
We all pay our part.
I'm going to be in Boston who,
help us to solve our problem.
What about Pusser?
He's still alive, and it's good thanks.
Not sleep well because of it.
This week, you may
reads in the newspapers about a car accident.
And you'll sleep very well then.
have your sent some escorts.
Okay, thanks.
Buford, I heard that there was no
car confiscated in the raid fair.
Once was.
We'll have more soon.
Children what?
- Okay, thank you.
- To greet me.
I have to do that.
501, I have a speeder.
Is heading to the forest. We keep abreast.
How is it that only Buford
detect speeders?
Does he have a sense.
Can you capei and you.
You're right, Buford?
Ambulance is on the way.
Tell them not to go.
Are okay.
Look at the hub, and tell me how many bolts are removed
- Two are removed.
- And the other three?
- Those three are epene.
- So I thought and I.
Buford Pusser a
I try to say that this was not a setup?
Friend, it was a masterpiece of staging
This man is not stupid at all.
Do not underestimate him.
O to address it, and
guarantee that I'll look after you escape.
I never approached
Mr. Witter.
That's good.
That's very good, good to hear.
Okay, you have a week.
No, two weeks.
When bitten the bait,
sure to draw him into the trap.
I understand.
Tmpiii AIA and Henry Dobson,
I have done many problems.
I tested the patience.
Mr. Witter, are named
for all games.
And I know how to make my game.
So I hope.
I hope with all my heart.
A Camaro blue with white stripes
Driver belongs to the same race, Stud Pardee.
What you know about him?
It has a farm, near the limit state.
He spent a fortune on racing cars.
Where is the money?
I heard somewhere that the transport of illegal whiskey
What's that, Buford?
That Floyd,
's case.
Stud Pardee,
drive that blue car.
Who zrete in McNairy County,
to keep him there until the end.
What accusation Jump to it?
Speed, reckless driving.
suspected contraband cargo.
Let's go, Miles.
What you got for me, Tim?
- Rocko Carlo Manganni.
- What about him?
Found him last night, with the engine still running
. Hole in the right temple.
They arranged for what he knew.
Yes, that means that they fear.
I have many hrogrie.
Trying to reach his colleagues
prison. Do me a favor.
See who ncrucia
Pothos your business.
Course. I have a clue already.
O to like this Bureau.
- Joanna, and that, please.
- I hate to fill hroage.
MA Excuse, gentlemen.
MA can guide you to the archive room?
You practiced without me, right?
- No, I had a lucky throw.
- Lucky?
End, boys.
Comers to grab some snacks.
Fresh cakes with milk.
I'll be exhausted.
grandmother's happy that you did?
- No.
- Why not?
Because I've done it.
She showed me.
Mike says, are good?
Just like mom makes.
- Buford?
- Here.
Guess who's the deal?
- Not me nor you, so who's that?
- Pilot Ala, Stud Pardee.
Mainu Driving same blue. A parked right in front.
- Inside?
- Yes, Obra and Miles, sitting panda.
Go, and tell them not to do anything until
and I do not get.
Le say.
Mike, entered the house, and bring me the bat.
And put it on the front seat.
- To tell his grandmother that come to dinner.
- I say.
May do it once.
Come on, Mike.
- Hello, Buford.
- Hello There.
Look it.
- It's locked?
- Yup.
Do you mandate?
I think I have it here somewhere.
- Well, you have an opening.
- And how you do that, Buford?
That's my car.
What the hell are you doing?
Read the 's rights,
while I'm looking for contraband.
Here's the key, open it.
- You have the right to remain silent.
- Thank you, I solved.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in front of
courts of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
Grady, cut cptueala,
and looking good in it.
If you ever touch the car,
sue you.
And I'll throw a look inside.
Poth to decide at any time to exercii
You better do not touch the engine, Pusser.
's An expensive motor, asshole.
Talk as if you had something hidden in it.
- Yes?
- You've got something there?
No, not yet.
Maybe you should try and on this side.
Mr. Pardee, says
of car keys?
Yes, I unlock it.
Thank you.
To finish,
smuggling reside in it.
- There's nothing in it.
- So that's what I'll find.
Obra, check the rubber that.
And how do you do that?
Open it so as I know.
Want to check and other tires?
Normal yes.
Does not hurt to be caution.
Those are tires $ 300.
- Mr. Pardee, what is this?
- I do not know, I never saw it.
I say I smell the whiskey
- Want to gustai?
- No.
Artai as if you could use a good mouth
countries now.
Let us.
You know, you should keep
rest remained as evidence.
You have many enemies, Pusser,
know that?
- Really so?
- Yes, sir.
Mr. Pardee, your car, Cara
counterfeit goods.
I want to seize, and be given
at auction at the fair.
E-okay with you, that?
I've got to have your say.
You're my kind of erif,
that's all. Even so.
Obra, I think you want the job.
Joanne, you warrant?
Now I finished the written, Mr. erif.
Thank you.
- I Excuse, you are eriful Pusser?
- Yes, I am.
- Marganne Stilson.
- Delighted.
Have to say that you have some rare books in this court.
Not tell.
I do not think Althea law graduates had the privilege.
My thesis is about Hearsh general. What rich past.
Sounds very interesting. Excuse MA,
but I some work to do.
Maybe another time.
Pa, Joanne.
Good hunting, Buford.
Do not move, you are arrested.
Freeze. Do not move the.
Fucking idiot.
Duceai Who's that?
Even so?
How come you have time to mess with black
, erife?
I have time for everyone.
and the horse farm on the hill?
I strongly hundreds of degrees,
day and night.
Speaks of his house A. C. Hand?
How do lai as he alone?
Because Bogatan that's a good friend of your father?
You better not lie me.
I want to officially swear on AC Hand.
I do not want to be any misunderstanding then.
Freeze, A. C.
You're under arrest.
I said, to stay put.
- How far I think running?
- Buford, why are you doing this?
I think someone important?
What does Buford?
Operation like this, you're sure
O Lord.
Any information about who handles distribution,
who bring grain and sugar i,
get your punishment may decrease.
You know I can not do that, Buford.
Then know that I can not help
anything either.
I'll be damned if I understand, Buford.
A. C. Hand, my friend since I went to school
- And I wanted to do, father?
- You could have told me, though.
- You wanted to warn him before you arrest him?
- Yeah, maybe I would have done that.
Father, the only way to get to the chief,
is to crush the bugs down.
- Whatever, who destroy?
- Someone destroyed my family.
Man peak matters most.
You should know.
I thought you knew that.
On eriful Tanner in Alcorn, please.
I have something you really wants to hear.
- Red, Buford here.
- How do you feel, Buford?
Okay, make me busy.
- Stud Pardee you know?
- Yeah, I know.
Every time you go in McNairy Mississippi
I would want you and boys thy
anunai to me.
Have an accusation against him, right?
Speed, negligent driving,
nothing important.
I just want to be watching him. MA you understand?
Talking. Pa.
Buford, they still know my uncle
i say that all the time?
No matter. Anyway, what do you think he and his buddy
saw today morning?
- A UFO?
- Let me, Buford.
Mr. erif may bother you less?
I am so fascinated by this historical material.
Necessarily have to ask someone who grew up here.
Anything I can do to help.
There are so many places here that I'd like to see them.
I know that're busy, but...
prietenoi We are all here.
Assure you that every time you open a gate
To close it behind you, you understand me
- You have a few minutes?
- No, I did not.
Do you see, I was talking with my help,
about something very important.
Understanding. I apologize that I barged
But I have to do to get the word dom
first opportunity.
- So doing. Goodbye.
- Pa.
What did you say?
Uncle said that one
saw a speed boat racing.
And that is a new addition
distillery Hatch River.
- Obra, know who was that man?
- No.
But I bet it would recognize
boat if you would see it again.
Tell your uncle that if
longer sees the boat to call you.
Then call me and not
I am interested in what time it is.
Okay, so I do.
But to let
-and begin to put the job?
Obra, it's important to catch Mahar
tia working day. There're okay?
- Yes.
- Okay then.
Uncle owe a favor.
Thank you.
It seems to me that every
finds time to reject you.
Not at all.
E man, and
no need to push it from behind.
Thank you.
eriful Pusser will take a walk
with me until a week.
- Make sure.
- Why're so sure?
Know when a man is interested, Mr. Witter.
's Wife is dead for almost a year
. Eight months in the hospital.
Interested. Believe me.
You'd better have shooters
lake every day.
Works for me, Mr. Witter,
and they never misses.
If you put your foot to the lake,
a float in his ass.
I have your say something.
If all is resolved as you say,
when everything is settled and done,
I do not see why we should not be
November 2...
better friends.
MA can afford for this contract, Mr. Witter.
What I see in your eyes, you can not afford
at all.
This, to be clear.
- Buford're in?
- Yup.
Obra just called you.
He said that you were interested...
- What about it?
- Saw it.
Said it was the hatch
for half an hour.
Okay, Dad.
Tell Mom that I
time to eat, and that drinking coffee when I leave.
- The machine three, here 501 reception.
- Here, three car, Buford.
You're on the road?
No, I have a small mechanical problem.
Nothing I can not fix though.
Exercise without me.
Man in boat, is the target.
Let's make the whole perimeter.
There are cops.
That I announced.
The longer they stay in this job,
the Tampa me more.
It was my fault that I triggered
second thread.
Grady, it could happen to anyone.
Was fired from all sides.
Tre` have been about six people.
I had
How to get to Mahara.
In a moment,
climbed into the boat and left.
- Obra.
- Yup?
Manufacture of whiskey and fired the gun,
used to be two different things.
Looks like it to be so.
's Something wrong with my load, Mr. erif?
I do not know.
I did not know that Harwood Mill
Hatch's so crowded.
Zicei Why this?
It's the fifth time this week
when're heavily loaded.
No, not me, sir erif.
Even so?
You do not mind if I take a look, right?
Do not need a warrant for that?
Announced by radio to bring me one, as expected.
It's better that way?
Forget sure, but it's nothing but
some piles of planks.
Even so?
You're in trouble, guys.
Who dom of goods?
I do not know exactly who, sir erif.
I take whatever I can, and I try to move to Alabama
, without getting caught.
Only just got caught.
You're sure you do not know who's your head?
I think maybe it's one that has a fast boat.
I said to someone that yesterday.
Pinky Dobson,
boat has a hard flour.
In it you mean?
Yes, I think you are right, sir
Want to get arrested and go to prison for a few years
Or want to do this truck
disappear in front of me?
And not to see you on here a few weeks
How do I choose?
The drink, sir erif.
Give me a chance to escape.
All right. Like I said, you're dom
Can I see nothing here
than some piles of planks.
Mr. erif if I would violate my word
toward you,
's as if my own mother I would lie.
You better not to have your mother lie.
Neath Buford.
- He was about to throw you down.
- Good morning.
What really happened with our daily visitor?
What's that?
Graduate of Ole Miss.
I saw it all week.
I hope to never see her again ever.
Why not?
I find snooty.
- Buford, Floyd Tate phone.
- I take in my office.
That's great.
Good for you.
E so at once.
If you finish
it waxed car, make them and the other three.
It's my day off and not work on my day off
If so, what bail here?
Want to have your out any mass?
No, I missed Grady's ugly mug
Very nice.
Where are you going, Buford?
At Tate, to take the new car.
- Let me have a go at it.
- I would not mind if I take her myself.
No way, driving
how you two.
Maybe there's a chance.
What did you say?
It's my day off,
Not that I would do something special.
Let me do a go.
- Drive slowly.
- Oh, sure.
i give fine.
Look at that.
What the hell do?
And out of control.
I have control over the car.
Walked swinging.
It's a wonder that no rostologit
before we strike.
I write any kind of report you want.
Write exactly how it happened, and I put my signature
Anything I can do to help.
I'm terribly sorry.
It was not your fault, sir
Pusser. All know that.
Your son,
died in my place.
The machine was to have walked accident.
Obra I was a good friend.
Going to be all right, sir erif.
Take a uurel in the following days.
I heard about Obra.
Great sin.
Yes, he was a good man.
What's this urgent call?
Ready. For now, without gloves.
It's all because of Pardee.
If I knew that comes to you, call you.
What I want from you is to
it in your sector fugreti mine.
And how the hell to do that?
i guarantee,
if he sees police lights behind him, will not pull over.
But will all press accelerator until you get rid of you.
Want to invent a reason to stand behind him.
And then to runaway to you.
If you make it so, I would be hard-
get your grateful.
I would wonder if I was not even one of my men
would pull over and let them check
coupons from the machine.
I have to wait for your phone.
Take care of yourself, Buford.
Exactly what I'll do.
Poth to lai book,
they go to get your show places.
's Very nice from yours, Mr. erif.
It will take the time to me.
I rest of the day.
- Ole Miss has a good library?
- It's one of the best.
But rare books you find yourself only judges.
Face documentation so excited.
There are two or a "L" in Stilson?
Just one.
- Damn.
- What happened?
Map with marked places, it's cbnua
rental lake.
Nothing. However,
is not that far.
Do not mind?
- Surely not?
- Sure.
What nice.
Him here eventually.
erif Sir, what do you say to a picnic before you begin
I could go in that pieces of land.
Do not you think it's a bit
little cold for a picnic?
N would be if we take
some wine, and some blankets.
Am going to shoot me some jeans
, and return immediately.
Top of us must
seize the time to feel good.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Only two people are here.
Buford Pusser famous, and
srcua of Marganne Stilson.
There's no Marganne Stilson, a
L or two, recorded in Ole Miss.
What do you say?
's A woman with your description,
using this alias,
making asses as extortion, prostitution
possession of stolen property, armed robbery
. Do you want to continue?
I do not think I heard right.
I think that can work with
Pinky Stud Dobson Pardee.
But the boys out,
I are strangers.
Thi Lost minds more.
I would prefer to
accompanies me up to the car.
Get get your hand off me.
Get out of here.
Let me go.
What about you?
You're crazy? What about you?
Boys, you better flip.
Lady, just told me
why sit there.
- Mind, is a liar pig. Minds.
- Shut your mouth.
If you rentoarcei by McNairy,
I would like to talk.
If you come across Dobson and Pardee, let them say so.
Damn close too much of this house.
The man is lucky as hell.
I got lucky when you
bone, and they bite, Dobson.
Forget, I rostologit
at high speed.
I put so much dynamite
under the hood.
I walked brakes,
the accelerator.
How was co
to know to put a nigga in the car?
Man would have to read thoughts.
Sit down.
This is my last statement for you two.
A way to make a business
up to New York, and-perhaps in Europe.
Get back into this house in three weeks.
Buford Pusser If more is still in McNairy County erif
When I get back,
I have to stop every boiler
that of the lake, Dobson
because you never no if a market
I say.
And speaking here of four states.
Plan was for him to have a nice
accident. Nobody was wrong with anything.
Course not, Ray Henry.
You've brought her back,
you to take me back.
Understand it or're too stupid?
Going to be nice this time, Mr. Witter,
but I promise
until you flip... and tell you how we do it.
- I do not want to know.
- Guns.
I do not want to know how do,
only to see it done.
The machine 4N, looking eriful
Tanner finished.
Here's Tanner finished.
Boy, Pardee.
I found the new car parked
marine restaurant. Complete.
Did you notice any violation?
Has broken rear lights.
I understand.
Vin two cars, to help you.
Directs it towards the desired direction. Complete.
Should not be a problem.
'll Have something to ajui me, father.
Buford Sure, whatever you want.
If you can find some buteni,
and to bind them together by a chain.
I think I can.
Poth find somebody to help you?
Either here,
who is my age.
eriful Tanner in Alcorn, Daddy.
I walked towards Raymer.
Set the jam.
Get ready.
For Send an ambulance.
Pusser here eriful 10-12
miles east of Raymer. You come here immediately.
Pusser, drain gasoline all over
. You want me to Scotland in the car?
A blow up,
at any time.
Who paid you, stud?
I think I have a broken shoulder.
Do you want to release me?
You did not answer the question.
It was Pinky Dobson.
Now, get me out of here.
- Do you need help?
- No, go here.
There are a thousand cartridges.
If i need, let me bail.
Thank you,
but I think I get so many.
Era and time.
Let's get this out of here.
Let us.
Must put near water.
We descurcai well,
push them so.
Everything is ready.
- You've succeeded?
- Everything is ready.
Boys, you can start to pull
's Good like that.
Go from bank to bank.
Legai them all now.
Stay still.
Are you arrested.
See AIA on the side.
Do not move.
Dobson, here eriful Pusser,
warn you, stops.
I warn you stops,
Dobson. You're under arrest.
I warned stops.
- Yes?
- Ruby Ann?
Ray here. All Pinky's
dialed. No answer at all.
I know that I'm back.
What the hell are you calling me at this hour?
- Not even ten.
- I know, but...
- What do you say when I go here?
- I got what he wanted.
Come soon here,
as to show.
- Do not uii to tell her.
- Yeah, right.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
May not have anything inside.
You have allowed only three minutes.
Grab your purse output.
I did not know that Ray Henry has exited again.
You know that he had killed his mother?
Wife and erif aid?
And all serving five years
no matter who killed.
Our office in Mississippi,
finally gave the behind.
A waitress there and identified the Manganni
, Ray Henry, and Dobson,
Together with
in front of the court day before you and your wife...
already be ambuscai.
Ray Henry, still surprises me.
Cellmate was
Dobson's for three and a half years.
Probably do whatever he says.
Dobson is in hospital under guard.
Do you want to talk to him?
Complicity to murder makes
federal case be, as you know.
If conscious,
must talk to him.
Yes, it's conscious.
His head smashed and broken ribs. That's about all.
Let's go.
Hello, Jack.
- Was someone to visit him?
- Just lawyer.
And his wife.
He left about 20 minutes ago.
He has a wife.
How do I look?
Looks good, Rosca.
Post on bulletin, Ruby Anne.
Where are we going, Mr. erif?
In Mitchie. Babe's,
Ruby Anne, lives there.
Come on.
Today is the day, Pinky
Dobson, a burn I get your Thiele.
Proceed back to the house.
Who have you killed, Pinky?
- We'll be omori. Would you not shoot?
- Mouth.
Come get your senses.
Mouth, have your mouth silent.
Take the wheel.
- Keep it straight, right?
- You pertain.
I stop. Okay, stop.
Pinky, put your hands where to
seeing. Ruby, throw the gun out.
Come on.
Do not approach me,
you understand?
Are wet.
You made me wet chiloeii.
Where is Ray Henry?
Get me an ambulance.
nete blood in me.
Help him.
I asked, where's Ray Henry
En Selmar, the home of 5th Street and Avenue of
- Shut up.
- Who cares about that fool Ray Henry?
Want to call an ambulance for Pinky?
Nowhere have to be safe,
-mouth what you have, Ruby Ann.
I'm not afraid of that fat
John Witter, how you is you.
Does not scare me nothing that barosanul Nashville.
Nothing I say,
not true.
- I love you, Pinky.
- Shut up, Ruby Ann.
Keep an eye on tia two.
Uurel, the ambulance is on the way.
501, I need an ambulance 4 miles north of Route 22.
shooting wounds.
Grady, reception.
Grady here, Buford.
You prezini the home of 5th Street and Avenue of.
's A prisoner walked out on bail
there named Ray Henry.
And peacefully, to Scotland
hostel outside world.
Close all nearby streets.
Not want anyone to come over
him. Just to cover it until I get there.
I understand, Buford.
I am on the road.
E glass over there.
's Room in the stairs.
The owner entering
saw last night, but not yet seen exiting.
- You removed the remaining tenants?
- Yup. I have people in all parts.
If you start shooting,
not going anywhere.
I do not want to draw.
Miles, scatter it.
I do not want to draw unless necessary.
Have another station in my car,
and lipete her mouthpiece.
Ray Henry, here eriful Pusser.
If you look out the window, you'll see a bunch of puti
directed towards you.
Why're here, erife?
You have no accusation against my
. I did nothing.
That's good.
Drop the gun, exit out,
and talk about it.
You know that I am exited on bail.
Listen to me, Ray Henry.
I told the men not to fire
But what I want to do is to
shutters and threw up the gun.
And then, to sit right in front of the glass
Now pick up the blinds.
- I do not want anyone to mpute me.
- You have my word.
Window is opened wide, erife.
- Now drop the gun.
- I have no weapon.
Hell, Ray Henry, drop the gun.
I just threw it out.
Now place to sit by the window.
Hell, I hit Grady.
- Yes, you hit.
- But I hit well.
- This is one of the guilty, Buford?
- Yup.
He and Dobson were the last two
from ambush.
- Then was finished, right?
- No.
May you remember the man who came to shake hands
when I was elected the first time erif?
John Witter.
- Which one was it?
- Fat in Nashville.
Yes, I remember.
You know, I almost forgot it.
Five minutes before midnight the night
, on August 20, 1974
police officer, Paul Ervin was removed the Tennessee
at the scene of a car accident in near
Selmar, McNairy County,
four miles from his house Buford Pusser.
It's official report.
The driver, Buford Pusser,
was killed.
The machine's, destroyed by fire.
N was no other car involved.
I was no witness.