Walking with the Enemy (2013) Movie Script

The war, it reveals
one's true character.
And when my homeland
became a battleground...
Nothing could prepare me
for what was to come.
Hitler's war seemed far from us.
We went out, we danced.
We had other things on our minds.
What about them?
- Lajos?
- Yeah.
One minute.
Wish me luck.
Excuse me.
Would you like to dance?
Yes, all right.
Thank you.
What do you do when you're not dancing?
- I work in the record shop.
- Hmm.
And you?
I work in a dress shop.
My father's.
- Is this one of his?
- Of course.
A beautiful dress
for a beautiful girl.
Oh, no, you're a charmer.
Every girl knows to stay away
from a charmer.
Well, I can stop being
charming if you like.
Good boy. Come.
I don't know what's become of
this place, letting Jews in here.
Excuse me.
Is everybody new in here?
What do you think you're doing, huh?
He takes up too much
space at university.
And he takes up too much space in here.
He has just as much a right
to be here as anybody else.
Huh... You're a Jew...
Stop it!
Get off me!
How can you even let him in here, huh?
Get them out of my club!
Why just us, huh?
What did we do, huh?
Why not them, too?
I can't believe they kicked us out.
I know, but that's not the worst part.
What could be worse?
I didn't get that girl's name.
- Elek.
- Shut up, Ferenc.
- We're late.
- I know.
Not again.
We promised Jozsef
we wouldn't be late again.
Relax. What's he going to do, fire us?
Huh? Huh?
You thought perhaps today
was the Sabbath.
Sorry we're late.
I pay for your time, not your excuses.
So, Elek, you know
whose radio this is I am fixing?
That is Frau Lustig's.
And I was supposed to
finish it yesterday, Jozsef.
That's right, but now I am
fixing it this morning.
So if she pays me less because
it is not ready on time,
are you going to be making
up the difference to me?
Ah, Frau Lustig!
Ah, Frau Lustig!
Practicing your German, Elek?
I know my radio is not
expected till tomorrow.
It seems that your radio is
ready a day early, Frau Lustig.
You see? Here.
...over the border,
into Hungary early this morning.
The people of Hungary wait for word...
- Jozsef, do you want...
- Shh!
...from their leader, Regent Horthy,
who has remained silent
since the Nazis
started to enter the city.
The Fuehrer's stated intention
is to stifle the Russian advance...
Overnight, Germany put us
in the crosshairs of the Allies.
Hitler claimed it was
to bolster Hungarian defenses.
I had a feeling there was
another agenda.
Back inside, both of you.
The Russians...
You must go home.
Wouldn't we be safer here
than at the apartment?
Not the apartment.
Home, to your village.
To your families.
You are not safe here.
Take the first train
before they shut them down.
Pay whatever you must but get on board.
No Germans.
Not yet.
The Labor Service.
It says if we don't go,
we'll be arrested for treason.
And leaving tomorrow.
Mr. Farkas!
- Is it possible to get a lift?
- Of course.
Good to see you.
And you. Thank you.
- Thank you, Mr. Farkas.
- My pleasure.
- Hello, Papa.
- Oh.
Come. Your mother will be
pleased to see you.
I'm concerned about this
call up for the Labor Service.
Your cousin did quite well
in the Labor Service.
That was years ago, Papa.
And all before the Nazis
had come to Hungary.
It is your duty to serve,
for every Hungarian man to serve.
Yes, in the army.
You know, only the Jews they
send to the Labor Service.
You'd rather be on the front
fighting the Russians?
- Perhaps you're right to be scared.
- I'm not scared, Papa.
I just don't trust the Nazis.
And I am worried about the family.
There is no choice in this.
If you do not report,
the penalty is execution.
Rabbi Cohen.
Good to see you, Elek.
I need to speak with you.
I just wanted to know
what you plan to do,
if there is any way in which I can help.
What do you mean, Janos?
Do what?
We must leave.
The Germans could be here soon.
Crimes against Jews have been committed
all over Europe. You must flee.
You expect me to abandon
my congregation?
I have always been there for them.
And that will never change.
Let's not keep your mother waiting.
One moment, Papa. Please.
Mr. Balacz.
I agree with you, but...
He won't listen.
What should we do?
Come and see me later tonight.
I know someone who can help.
A little more salt, Zsofia.
Avi, stop playing with the food.
It's a castle.
- Avi.
- Now, now.
I have a surprise for all the family.
Oh! Thank God.
- It's good to be home, Mama.
- Elek! Elek!
Hey, hey.
Welcome home, we've missed you.
I've missed all of you, too.
Wash up now.
Supper is almost ready.
Hey, Avi.
After dinner, you can show me
that swing of yours.
What was it like when the Germans came?
Sofi, not at the table.
We're having supper now.
- Were you scared?
- Enough.
We are different to them.
We have a different faith,
different custom.
They do not understand us.
And people fear
what they do not understand.
They may cause us trouble, but
they will never separate us.
Come in.
Sofi, I've come to say good night.
Tell me the truth, Elek.
What was it like in the city today?
It was bad enough to make me
want to come home.
What do you think will happen?
I really don't know.
And you will go off
to the Labor Service?
When this is all over,
and you go back to university,
can I still come and visit?
Yes. Of course you can.
And you'll introduce me to your friends.
No. No, no, no.
You're too young.
Now go to sleep.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Following Mr. Balacz, I knew I was
going against my father's wishes.
But he refused to listen.
Good evening, Father.
Good to see you, Mr. Balacz.
- Hello, Elek.
- Father.
Please, come in.
I have them ready. This way.
Thank you, Father Dominic.
How many people have you helped?
The less we talk the better, Elek.
We do not want to be compromised.
The safety of others depends on us.
I understand, Father.
God bless you, Elek.
Take care, Mr. Balacz.
I will, Father. Come.
Fazekas Attila.
One by one, every young man
prepared to depart
- for the labor camp.
- Istvan Gyula.
- And we had no idea what to expect.
- Labor Service. Here.
A quick goodbye was all
some families got.
I am worried what will
happen here, Papa.
You know, I should
be here with the family.
You will be soon.
And nothing will have changed.
And how do you know that, huh?
I don't.
It's what I believe.
Goodbye, Papa.
I love you, son.
We're all very proud of you.
I love you, too, Mama.
Look after Papa.
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you, Elek.
Okay. Go, go, go.
You see me off, Sofi.
Take this with you.
You can give it back to me
when you take me to Budapest.
I need you to keep these for me.
Just keep them to yourself
for now, okay?
What are they?
They're baptismal certificates.
If anything bad happens,
you give them to Papa.
You make him understand.
This is a work camp.
You will clear roads, lay track,
construct bridges,
and do anything your country needs.
If you work hard,
you will make it back to your families.
If you try to escape,
you will join them.
Pull out your pockets.
Remove your belongings.
Everything will be accounted for
and returned when you leave.
Come on, come on, come on.
Give me this.
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Colonel Eichmann.
Head of the Jewish Council
and his associates to see you.
Have a seat, gentlemen.
I have called you here today
to be sure
that you understand.
There will be certain restrictions
placed upon Jewish activities,
all of which are within
Hungarian war interests.
Can you be specific
as to these restrictions?
Nothing too burdensome, I assure you.
No radios, no telephones, no travel.
We will impose a moderate curfew
and Jews will display the
Yellow Star on their clothing.
If your people work for the war efforts,
and follow these simple guidelines,
our presence here will hardly be felt.
And if some do not cooperate?
You keep your people in order
and I assure you,
no person will be harmed
solely on the basis of
Jewish classification.
Do we understand one another?
Yes, Colonel Eichmann.
We are loyal Hungarians.
Many of us fought side by side
with the Germans in the Great War.
I, myself...
Thank you, gentlemen.
You're excused.
Weeks wore on,
and we continued to slave in the
wake of the German war machine,
repairing tracks,
digging fortifications,
burying the dead.
Some were too weak
to be of any more use.
The guards had their way
of dealing with them.
They know he's not well
so they work him harder.
Then we should help him.
Come with me.
Come. Together.
Is this man incapable of doing his job?
No. We finish faster.
For you.
Get back to work.
Colonel Eichmann will see you now.
Heil Hitler.
Colonel Eichmann.
It is my pleasure
to make your acquaintance.
Welcome to my beloved Hungary.
I congratulate you on your
success throughout Europe.
I thank you.
The pleasure is all mine,
Chairman. Please sit.
The Arrow Cross Party has,
for many years now,
opposed Regent Horthy's
tolerant policies
that have protected the Jews in Hungary.
If I am to interpret
your presence here rightly,
you will find us ready to assist you
in removing the Jewish presence.
We can do great things together.
You and I.
Out! Out!
Out! Out!
Get up now.
Come, Uli. Uli, listen to me,
we have to go now. Now!
Leave him alone.
Get up.
Back to work.
Ferenc, look.
Go! Go, go.
We have to jump.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can, Ferenc. Come on.
You have your freedom now.
Let's go our separate ways.
You gave him five more
seconds than he deserved.
Now, go home.
I'll be fine.
Thank you.
I was lucky to be alive.
A man I hardly knew saved my life.
We thought the Nazis
were the only enemy.
But the camp was run by Hungarians.
We didn't know
who we could trust anymore.
So, we avoided the roads and stuck
to the backwoods and the streams.
We might even make it home
in time for supper.
Listen, Ferenc, we have to be careful.
Stay out of sight until you get home.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Come here.
Mr. Farkas?
You promised they'd never come back.
Where is my family?
Get out of my house.
- Your house?
- Yes!
This is my house now.
Your kind are not welcome here anymore!
What have you done with them?
Leave my house!
- Mr. Farkas.
- Shoot them!
Shoot them!
Where are they?
Mr. Balacz.
It made sense to me then why they
called up all the men for Labor Service.
It was so easy for them
to clear the town
of women and children.
Why didn't anybody do anything?
I thought these were good people.
I knew them, their families.
My pain was for your people, but...
My shame was for mine.
But where did they go, Mr. Balacz?
Where did they take our families?
I heard the gendarmes say that
they were moving them
to the west because
the Russians are moving
closer from the east...
To protect them.
No one is telling us
to move for our protection.
Only the Jews.
It's Farkas.
Quick, to the basement.
You can stay there...
Mr. Balacz, we'll go.
- But you will be safe.
- But you won't.
We'll go.
Mr. Balacz was a true friend.
The others watched our families
being taken and stole our homes,
as if we meant nothing.
Their betrayal left scars
that will never heal.
- Seig...
- ...Heil!
Did you find the information
on Colonel Skorzeny?
He arrived yesterday.
Skorzeny commands
Hitler's elite SS troops
that broke Mussolini out of prison.
What is Berlin contemplating?
Stalin murders his own people,
Hitler wants to purify the world,
both crave supremacy.
How does one choose?
Father, you were forced into
an impossible decision.
I aligned Hungary with what I thought
was the lesser of two evils.
Our country would have been crushed
between them if you didn't choose.
Yesterday, Skorzeny met Szalasi
and the leaders
of the Arrow Cross Party.
Szalasi. The Hungarian Fascist.
The tide of this war has changed.
We need to navigate
the political waters carefully.
Our hope may rest with the Allies.
Excuse me, sir.
Colonel Skorzeny is here
for his appointment.
Thank you.
This is my son, Miklos.
Regent, to be perfectly frank,
your resistance to the resettlements
of the Jewish population
has not gone unnoticed.
Jewish labor is required
for the war effort,
and Berlin must know that you
are loyal to the Reich's cause.
You are referring to Hungarians.
They're not your affair.
All policies regarding the
war effort are my concern.
Now I'm ordering you
to give authority over the
Jews to Colonel Eichmann.
And oil production will be
under German control.
Chairman Szalasi will be assisting us.
The Arrow Cross has
no governing authority here.
The Fuehrer needs our full support
if we are to stay strong
and resist the Bolshevik barbarians.
You have no need to advise me, Chairman.
As you know, noncompliance
with Berlin is treason.
Good day.
The Jews have Eichmann.
We have Skorzeny.
All will be tested.
Ferenc. Ferenc.
I think we're close.
We arrived back in Budapest
only to find the Jewish
Quarter looted and abandoned.
Even where we worked.
He might be home.
Jozsef, it's Elek.
My God.
- Boys, how did you...
- Frau Lustig.
We're looking for Jozsef.
He won't be back.
What do you mean
he won't be back?
What happened?
He does not live here anymore.
They have moved all of the Jews
to the Yellow Star houses.
Frau Lustig. You have to tell
us where Jozsef is, please.
I have the address.
Isn't that the girl from the club?
It's so good to see you.
We never see anyone come back.
How has life come to this, huh?
I don't know.
How's Rachel?
She's fine. We're all living
in a Yellow Star house.
That's what we're looking for.
Number, um, 18 Bajnok utca.
That's my building.
Do you know if there's a man
there called Jozsef Greenberg?
Yes, yes, he's there now.
I have to get back to work.
But I'll be back there later.
Okay. It's good to see you.
You, too.
Ferenc. Wha...
Welcome home, boys. Come, come.
What are you doing here?
You would not believe what has happened.
Thank you again, Mrs. Schoen.
It's not very strong
but it's all we have.
Thank you.
I wish I knew something about
your families' whereabouts.
You deserve more after
what you've been through.
Do you believe it?
Do you believe that our families
were taken away to work?
It's hard to imagine
the Germans would need all of them.
There are other possibilities.
Oh, spare us.
Don't confuse them any more.
No, they deserve to know everything.
It's from my sister.
- She lived just outside the city.
- What is it?
What is "Waldensee"?
It's a lie.
You don't know that.
Well, it's not a damn resort.
Who ever heard of it, huh?
- No one.
- Look here.
The whole card she writes in Hungarian.
But in Hebrew, she signs...
Which means,
"It is not true."
"It is not true."
Why would she write that?
Well, which is it?
Factories in support of the war, this...
This Waldensee?
I'm sorry, Elek.
No... We just don't know.
Why haven't they taken everyone here?
They might.
But for now, we depend on these.
These are Schutz-Pass.
Gives you protection.
I use this machine every day.
Try it now.
It works. For now.
Anything else you'd like me
to help you with, Jacob?
Uncle Miklos, leave Jacob alone.
What're you doing?
Going home.
Not before I get a kiss.
I suppose you've earned it.
Good night, Uncle.
Where's my kiss?
I guess you didn't earn it.
Hallo, Frulein.
Papa. Papa.
German... German...
- Come.
- No.
Please, sir.
I beg you.
You can have anything you want.
This is my daughter.
Mr. Schoen?
- Wait. Wait.
- Hannah.
Wait. Stop.
Stop, stop, stop.
It's over.
What happens when they
are discovered missing?
Someone must have seen
them enter the building.
Or heard the gunshots.
We can't stay here.
I know.
We must find a new home.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
My Uncle Miklos says we can stay.
It's not home, but at
least we'll be safe here.
It's called the Glass House.
It used to be an old glass factory,
but now the Swiss use it to
make protective passports.
If it's okay, my uncle
would like to talk to you.
You saved my niece.
For that I thank you.
On the other hand, two
German officers were killed.
SS, no less.
I know.
They look for their dead.
They start asking questions.
We don't need questions here.
My niece speaks well of you.
You have chutzpah.
Come with me.
Can't fight the Nazis with guns.
We can save many lives
with straight diplomacy.
Ah! It's good to see you.
You know him?
Yes, he's a good friend.
You can trust him.
This is a Swiss passport.
We need runners to deliver them.
I'll do it.
Your identification as a Swiss employee.
Any Nazis or Arrow Cross who
stop you should respect it.
Personally, I recommend
not being stopped.
I didn't hesitate to help Miklos.
And by doing this...
Irma Soma?
...I might find my own family.
For you.
- Anne Gutschwein?
- Yes.
Andras Dorivag?
This is for you.
Oh, thank you.
Where is the radio?
Radios are not permitted.
I'm sorry.
Now, come on.
But you can't stay here.
It's not safe.
Cannot stay.
Where else is he to go, Miklos?
This is not a dormitory!
Everyone can hear you, he can hear you.
This is a diplomatic mission.
No place for an orphan boy.
Find a proper place for him.
I'm sorry, sir.
Colonel Skorzeny's early.
- Show him in.
- All right, sir.
Good day, Regent.
Colonel, you know Consul Lutz.
Herr Lutz is precisely why
I've called this meeting.
You're requesting Swiss
passports for Hungarian Jews.
In this city alone,
there are over 7,000 Jews
with family ties to Swiss citizens.
I granted the request.
The Swiss are neutral in this war.
Transferring citizenship
is a German matter.
Colonel, we are still
a sovereign nation.
And Switzerland has
acted as intermediary
for Germany with the Allies.
Do you want to put a strain on
your relationship with the Swiss
over a few thousand citizens?
They're one of the last countries
willing to assist Germany
with diplomacy in this war.
Colonel Eichmann will have
to deal with this issue.
You are to cease transferring
citizenship until further notice.
Failure to cooperate
will have consequences.
Colonel, I will not be intimidated.
How's Hannah's food?
You remind me of my brother.
Always playing with his food.
How's the food?
He loves it.
Adam, I have a friend
I would like you to meet.
I grew up with her,
and she looks after lots of
girls and boys like you.
Oh, Hannah.
It's so good to see you.
Oh, please.
Come in, come in.
Every day when the sun comes up
Lightens up the beauty of life
Would you like to come meet everyone?
All the stars shine bright
We sing a carol in the morning
We sing a song in the daytime
You'll be safe here.
We'll be back.
Thank you, Marketa.
I hope Adam is okay.
He's lucky to have you.
Come on.
Come on.
It's time.
How many decoys?
Two cars.
Our men have been observing the meeting
location for the past several days.
No activity.
Can we trust them?
Do we have a choice?
Pleased to meet you, Regent Horthy.
I trust we have an agreement
with Premier Stalin.
Regent, we've worked diligently
to gain acceptance for your proposal
with Russia.
But to no success.
Our terms are surrender,
our conditions are reasonable.
What does the Premier not understand?
If we appeal again,
Comrade Stalin will be insulted.
Do you want to risk the
concessions he has granted?
We must find the middle ground.
If you do not accept
Comrade Stalin's agreement,
your country is looking at a bloodbath.
This is unfortunate.
Premier Stalin must await my answer.
No, Tomas, you got the consulate's
signature wrong. Here.
Let's switch for a while, Tomas.
You stamp, I'll sign.
That is another 500.
Jacob said the press can't
keep working 24 hours a day.
Tell Jacob the printer
has to keep working.
He said we are over 25,000.
Twenty-five thousand?
Does my uncle know?
He knows, but he doesn't know.
He doesn't want to risk the
diplomatic status of the Swiss.
The Swiss are done, Hannah.
Seven thousand, eight hundred
was the official number.
There are about 200,000
Jews left in Budapest.
This piece of paper is someone's life.
- Janos Goldstein?
- Yes?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Give me this.
Swiss passes.
They're legal.
So why are you so nervous?
There's a lot of them.
Take him.
Your identification says
you are Kovac Janos.
A Christian.
So tell me.
Why are you carrying so many
Swiss documents meant for Jews?
Where do these papers come from?
Are they false?
You do not want to speak.
I understand.
It's very brave of you.
I have met many men like you
on this very spot.
And let me tell you.
Those who went home to their
families were not the brave ones.
No, not so fast.
Where did you get the papers?
Where did you get the papers?
Miklos was very clear about the risk.
I understand that.
But we can't just leave him.
Can you imagine what
he's going through right now?
I know, but what can we do?
The only people who can
get near him now are the SS.
We're getting him out.
I've had this beard for more
years than I care to remember.
It'll grow back.
It's okay.
We'll brush them down.
Elek. You know if you're caught...
Then we'll be no worse off than Ferenc.
We've come about the prisoner.
Which prisoner are you looking for?
A new arrival.
He was arrested
carrying Swiss documents.
That one? He's dead.
We want to see him.
He's dead.
Get out. Get out!
The Gestapo needed this man alive!
What's going on here?
You have killed this prisoner.
What prisoner?
The one with the Swiss passes.
This is not the one.
Next cell.
Here he is.
Good beating but not dead.
And not speaking either.
Get him up.
Get him up!
I'll need the transfer paperwork...
The Gestapo doesn't care
about your damn paperwork.
We are taking this man.
Or you'll be hanging on the gallows.
Where is the evidence?
Oh, ja.
Bringing in another one.
What is going on here, Lieutenant?
We need this prisoner for questioning,
and the damned Arrow
Cross almost killed him.
You don't look familiar, Lieutenant.
I just transferred in.
These people do not know their place.
I only want the transfer orders...
How dare you talk to
a German officer like that?
Forget about his prisoner.
Take this one.
Put him in the back.
I knew it was reckless,
how we saved Ferenc that night.
But I couldn't let my friend
die at their hands.
They didn't have to follow you.
Look at you!
Imagine if they caught you like this.
- Discovered you work here.
- Miklos!
We saved Ferenc.
Yes. And we're all very impressed.
But when will you understand?
Each time you save one,
you risk thousands.
You want to be a hero
dressed up as a Nazi?
Fine. But not under this roof.
Thank you, Rachel.
It's good to have you back.
That's the fourth girl today
to bring me lunch.
You know, every single girl in
there is in love with you now.
The man who defied the Arrow Cross.
Quite a price to pay
for all the attention.
I can't thank you enough for
getting me out of there, Elek.
But I don't think I can go out again.
You don't worry about that.
You just concentrate
on getting yourself better.
Welcome, Mr. Horthy.
We have agreed
to all Premier Stalin's conditions.
How soon will they be delivered?
We leave for Moscow immediately.
This should end
the bloodshed on both sides.
Hitler executed a treaty
with Comrade Stalin
to jointly destroy Poland.
Then he ignored the treaty
and made war on Russia.
Sometimes, document is worthless.
Our country has executed
Premier Stalin's armistice
which the British and
Americans required of us.
We expect all Allies
to honor the agreement.
...officially over.
That is the news from the
offices of Regent Horthy.
Hungary has negotiated a
ceasefire with Stalin's army.
The war here is over.
Everyone, listen!
The war is over!
The Nazis have surrendered?
Not the Nazis.
Us! Horthy!
The Hungarians, we've
surrendered to the Allies!
People don't normally
celebrate a surrender.
But to us, the news from Regent Horthy
was the best we could hope for.
And it quickly spread
throughout the city.
Regent, the Americans and the British
have been informed of the armistice.
Sir, the Germans
are attacking the palace,
and our guards are falling.
Everyone, we cannot miss a single
document connected with the Allies.
Not a single one!
You are a traitor to Hungary
and your allegiance with the Fhrer.
It is the Fuehrer that
has betrayed this country.
There's nothing you can do now.
My son has already delivered
the armistice documents to the Allies.
He has?
They never reached their destination.
Regent, your resignation.
This is an outrage.
Relinquish your power
or you will witness
the execution of your son.
Don't sign it.
You can never expect to win the
allegiance of Hungary by such means.
I have informed the representative
of the German Reich
that Hungary is about to
conclude an armistice
- with our previous enemies...
- Take them out.
- Everybody out.
- ...and to cease
all hostilities against them.
Stop talking. Let's go.
To cease all hostilities against them!
Free Hungary!
Set Hungary free!
Come on. Come.
...citizens of Hungary,
the Arrow Cross has formed an alliance
with the Fuehrer of
the German Reich and Szalasi.
Szalasi? Where is Horthy?
...by the previous regime has been
- Shh.
- All Hungarian troops are ordered
to continue fighting
to defend the homeland
against the barbaric Red threat.
What does it mean?
It's a coup.
The Arrow Cross have taken power.
Our ongoing
alliance with the German Reich...
Berlin has the iron hand.
I must return to Germany.
Open the door!
Let them in!
Let them in!
Take them in.
- No! Hannah!
- Come.
Where's Rachel?
Let go of me!
Rachel! Rachel!
Rachel! Rachel!
Hannah. Please. Please.
Where is Rachel?
They've taken Rachel.
I know.
I can't lose my sister.
Hannah, we'll bring her back.
No, please!
Please, no!
Please, please, please!
Come on.
Why are you doing this?
These Jews are protected
by Swiss passports.
Who cares about the Swiss?
The Arrow Cross is in charge.
The Reich is in charge!
The Fuehrer is in charge.
And he will not have his
interest with Switzerland
jeopardized by a bunch
of drunks in uniform!
All right.
Just this one.
I'm sorry.
There was nothing we could do.
The uniform wasn't enough
to save Rachel.
Now with the Arrow Cross
and Szalasi in power,
it would only get worse.
- Heil Hitler.
- Heil Hitler.
The Fuehrer Adolf Hitler once said,
"Do not be misled into thinking,
you can fight a disease
without killing the carrier."
This Jewish contamination
will not subside.
This poisoning of the
nation will not end
until the carrier himself has
been banished from our midst.
It's our job.
Accept it.
Major Wisliceny for Colonel Eichmann.
The showers and ovens are
functioning as anticipated.
Shipments are running at capacity.
Yes, sir. Approximately, 10,000 per day.
- We are ahead of schedule.
- Yes, sir.
Heil Hitler.
Elek, you're just going to
expect to bump into a Nazi.
And what, he's going to
tell you something useful?
It's a club, Ferenc.
People drink, people talk, do they not?
We need to find our families.
Come on, don't worry.
- Cognac.
- Ah, from the Arrow Cross prison.
- How are you?
- Good.
Did you get the information
you needed from the prisoner?
Well, gentlemen, enjoy your eve.
Why wouldn't we, huh?
We have good foods, good wine.
And the great women.
You are alone?
I have some girls at my table there.
You will join me, hmm?
Of course.
I have left you for too long.
So, Budapest, it's nice,
but it's nothing like Berlin.
- Have you ever been?
- I have never been.
But once we have smashed
the will of the Russians,
then I intend to.
we can take care of the Jewish
problem more smoothly.
We can start at the
north end of the town,
march them right down
to the train station.
Mmm. First thing this week.
Is that so?
Yes, we clear every town and
village outside of Budapest in...
What was it?
Six weeks.
Six weeks.
I wager we can clear
the whole city in six days.
I heard a woman say her sister
went to a place called, um...
She thought it was
a resort or something.
That's funny.
What is your name?
Muller. Muller.
"Muller." Hmm.
Who is your commanding officer, Muller?
Excuse me, I see my friends,
I'll be right back.
Bring them here, and come join us, huh?
And bring more wine, Muller.
It's hard to describe
how deep the truth cuts.
I felt numb.
I don't care what happens to me.
I will fight them to the end.
My father and I would take Elek hunting.
He would always come home
with the most game.
I enjoy hunting.
But the game never shot back.
Let's hope with the uniforms
we don't have to use these.
If we don't try to save the others,
who will?
Remember, we are Nazis.
Be confident and they won't interfere.
Down here!
Down this way. Move.
Hey. Hey, what are you doing?
We are taking them to the train station.
You take those to the train station.
We are taking these to dig tank ditches.
Taking children to dig tank ditches?
Always keep the families together.
They work harder.
We have to find others.
We have our orders.
Everybody back with the others.
Back in line.
We cannot give you these Jews.
You have no choice. Look.
To dig ditches?
And then, what will you do with them?
What do you think we'll do?
- Please don't take my children...
- No talking.
Please, sir.
Please, let us go.
- Stop!
- No!
I'm a Jew.
You'll be all right.
Do as I say.
Now, walk.
There's so many of them.
You didn't see how many we left behind.
You can't think of it like that.
You should look at the faces
of those you did save.
Gives us all hope.
It's not enough, Hannah.
Every Jew in Budapest will be
on the train within a week.
Day and night,
we went on rescue missions,
as Eichmann increased deportations.
The more people we transported
to safety in the Glass House
the riskier it became.
On the truck.
Get on the truck.
Come on, please hurry.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
God bless you.
It's okay. It's okay.
You're here now.
Thank you.
That is the last sack of flour.
Here, let me take that.
You may scare some people
with this new look.
What do you mean?
I see I should find more
work for the both of you.
Pastor Novak and his wife
are here to see you.
They are waiting in the courtyard.
Good to see you again, Pastor Novak.
What can I do for you?
We were hiding Jews in our church.
Someone alerted the Arrow Cross.
My wife overheard the Arrow Cross saying
they were taking them to the river.
Elek, there's too many of them.
This is not the time to turn back.
You, come here.
Orders to take these people
to help build fortifications
against the Russians.
I need to check this with my commander.
No. Stop, and then you
check with your commander.
Stop the firing.
Why are we stopping?
You are here to stop me again?
Are you questioning me?
I have a job to do.
Your job is to take orders from me.
Kill them all.
Hold on, you're going to be okay.
Get this off me.
I don't wanna die in this.
You're not going to die.
Listen to me.
Look at me. Stay with us.
Lajos! Lajos!
- Stay with us, Lajos!
- Lajos!
- Lajos! Lajos!
- Lajos!
I'm done.
I will not do this anymore.
You have to stop this.
- I can't.
- What do you mean you can't?
We have to keep going, Ferenc.
Why? Why do we have to?
We've saved so many people already.
But there are more people out there.
There will always be more, Elek.
You cannot stop the Nazis.
They will continue to kill us
with or without your efforts.
And why does it have to be you?
Why are you doing this?
Because I have nothing left!
Because they have
taken everything from me.
Everything I've loved, everything
I've known, it's gone.
They're all gone, Ferenc.
I mean, doesn't it hurt that
they've taken your family, huh?
Your father or your brother?
What am I supposed to do?
What are you supposed to do?
You can make sure that it
doesn't happen to others.
That they don't have
to share the same loss.
All I can do
is wait for the madness to end.
And pray that it ends soon.
Well, that is where
you and I differ, Ferenc.
Because I cannot wait for
others to decide my fate.
All rail road lines converging
on Budapest have been cut off.
We can no longer transport the Jews.
How long to have them repaired?
They are not damaged, Colonel,
they are destroyed.
The Russians have control
of the eastern roads.
But the western roads toward
Austria are still ours.
Mmm-hmm. Correct.
No matter how bad the war gets
they will finish what they started.
Thousands of mostly women and children
are being taken to Austria.
They claim their factories
are short of workers.
Their propaganda.
It doesn't matter, Elek.
Wherever they are going they'll
be dead before they get there.
They're being marched
on foot as we speak.
Do they still recognize Schutz-Passes?
As far as I know.
Then you need to call the Swiss Council.
The line stretched for miles.
I didn't know how many we could save.
We need to keep them moving.
Put the bench down.
Nobody is taking another step
until I find the people
carrying Swiss passports.
We don't care about your damn passports.
I said keep them moving!
You have no justification
for holding us here.
What is this?
These people are to keep moving.
He won't move, sir.
I am Carl Lutz... Swiss Council.
This isn't Switzerland.
There are people here carrying
Swiss protected passes.
They are Swiss citizens,
I'm not leaving without them.
Let him have his damn Jews.
You move these trucks.
Yes, good.
Let me see, Schutz-Pass.
Yes. Next.
Go on.
Get on as quickly as you can.
Passes please.
What is going on here?
Swiss Council, sir.
- Swiss passes.
- Mr. Lutz.
You have no authority here.
There are people here carrying
Swiss protective passes.
Colonel Eichmann himself
recognizes their authority.
Search every person on this truck.
Remove anyone who does not
have an authentic Swiss pass.
We did that, sir.
And I would prefer if we did
not waste any more of...
Is this a Swiss pass?
- No, sir.
- What is it?
Newsprint, sir.
Well, now, you know the difference.
Check them again.
All of them!
Remove anyone with any newsprint.
Get off the truck, now!
Get them down off the truck!
Get over here.
Give me your pass, huh?
Get off the truck!
Get down!
Put your passes in the air!
Hold your passes!
Let me see.
What is that, huh?
What is that?
Get over there.
Let me see, huh?
What is it? Move!
Hold it up, please. Go!
You go on the truck.
You, truck. You, truck.
Komm Truck, there.
Load it up, please.
Go! Down, there!
Where's your pass?
And you, where's your pass, huh?
Get out. Move.
You have no paperwork for this?
Then they were trying to escape.
Kill them.
Come with me!
Down here. Come!
Come with me, down to the woods.
No time for that.
No. Please.
It's not your fault.
I saw over 100 people killed today.
I can still see
the terror on their faces
as I dragged them off the truck.
For a moment, you gave them hope.
More hope than they've had in months.
You've done enough.
You can't fool them forever.
Elek, I love you.
I don't want to lose you.
The Fuehrer has denied our
request to abandon the city
and take up new defensive
positions to the west.
They've ordered us
to fight to the last man.
The city will soon be encircled,
making retreat impossible.
Your car is ready.
Where will you be if I need to find you?
I am going to Berlin.
You have your orders.
Carry on.
Yes, sir, Colonel.
Ferenc told me you were going
to an Arrow Cross meeting.
Hannah, please.
Don't ask me not to go.
I'm not.
I'm asking you to come back.
I love you.
Victory over the Russians
is within the reach.
The Jews are collaborating
with our enemies.
The time has come where no
place can be safe for them.
And we will begin today
at the Glass House
by arresting its leader, Miklos Schoen.
This spy and conspirator
can no longer be protected
from his crimes!
You are trespassing on Swiss soil.
You cannot be in here.
This building is protected
by the Swiss delegation.
There. I'm not on Swiss soil anymore.
And neither are you.
Officer, stop!
No more of this now.
You risk your life for these?
Our differences of opinion on
the Jews is not the issue here.
You are invading
a Swiss diplomatic mission,
- and I'm ordering you...
- You are ordering me?
Yes, ordering.
The Russians have broken
through our perimeter lines
here and here.
From Berlin.
The Fuehrer orders that everyone
is to maintain their position.
We will pull back...
- Hello?
- Hannah.
The fighting is very close.
We cannot stay here.
Wait there.
We will come for you.
Elek, Miklos is dead.
The others are downstairs.
Elek, with Miklos gone,
what will happen?
It will be difficult without him,
but the war will soon be over.
And we cannot lose hope.
Ferenc, where is Hannah?
She went with Jozsef to the convent
to bring them all back here,
but they have not returned.
I'm going after them.
Thank goodness!
How are you?
We must leave.
Take him to the base!
I'm fine.
You and Ari keep going.
Ari, you stay with him.
Do not leave his side.
Ferenc, you're going to be okay.
I will find them.
Do not leave him.
No, no. Other way.
Other way.
Halt! Where are you going?
I asked you a question.
Where are you going?
We were at the convent.
The fighting, it came too close.
We had to leave.
We need to see your papers.
Swiss passports.
- They're Jews.
- No. No.
Why are you helping them?
Please. Please, just let us go.
Against the wall!
Wait! Wait!
- What are you doing?
- They're Jews!
Have you not seen the
battle going on around you?
There are more important issues now
than killing a bunch of damn Jews!
What are you doing here?
The Russians outnumber us four to one,
and they're killing women and children.
They're Jews, sir.
Kill them.
No one shoots!
This is not your decision to make.
No more killing!
Who are these people?
This is a Jewish problem.
- Why are you protecting...
- Forget about the Jews!
The Russians are everywhere!
We are surrounded
and they're killing Germans!
Lieutenant, let these people go.
I follow Colonel Eichmann's orders.
Eichmann has fled, you fool.
I'm in command now.
And I need men defending the city,
not murdering innocent
children and women!
Now back to your posts.
All of you!
Now, Lieutenant.
- Elek!
- No!
Elek, come with us,
back to the Glass House.
- Stay.
- No.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Please don't...
Please don't leave me.
Please, God.
Can Grandma show off Rachel and
Sofi to some of her friends?
Of course, Mama.
Come on.
What a wonderful wedding for your son.
Thank you.
Excuse me. Um...
I'd like to propose a toast
to my wonderful bride.
To Maria.
You know, I'm a...
I'm a very blessed person.
I have good friends and family.
And some of you might know,
my parents were killed in the war.
I was a child with...
...with nowhere to go
until one man
rescued me and put me into the safety
of an orphanage in a church.
Then after the war, I was adopted
and my new parents took me to America
where they brought me up
as if I was their own son.
They taught me how to appreciate life,
the truth...
And happiness.
Now I know my father would
not want me to say anything,
but I know I'm not alone
in wanting to thank him.
The truth is that I and, uh...
...thousands of others
would not be alive today
if it were not for him.
And if it were not for my father,
Elek Cohen.
Looking in the faces
of those who survived,
I see echoes of the ones we lost.
Family, friends,
and many others.
We carry them with us
so they will always live on.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.