Wanderland (2017) Movie Script

[instrumental music playing]
[train chugging]
I really can't.
You think
I'm gonna accept that?
You're a real pig,
you know that?
[keyboard clacking]
[elevator dings]
[woman grunting]
[door buzzes]
[classical music playing
from laptop]
[phone beeps]
[woman] Just go!
Come on.
Do it!
What is wrong with you? Go!
Just go.
Do it!
Come on!
Do it. Go!
Just go!
Do it!
[GPS] Exit 66 to Dorn Road.
One hundred east. Turn left.
[car honks]
[GPS] One hundred east.
Turn right.
Then you have arrived.
[GPS] Turn around.
[car engine sputtering]
[cat mews]
[low battery beep]
[guitar music playing]
She sticks right to his heart
Like marmalade
Says it twice
But he can't catch her name
Warm environment
On the first date
Next he hears she lives
In a different place
She feels like
The sunny sun
Cold as the winter shade
But the animal zone
Ought to stay away
[woman] Move, my friend!
Are you talking to me?
You need to move!
[shrieks] Oh, shit!
Told you to move, didn't I?
Tide's coming in.
Didn't know I could
make it here.
You know, most people dress
a little more beach-y
if they're gonna stand
right by the ocean.
Just saying.
Well, the truth, lady,
is I came out here
trying to get
a better cell signal.
And to take in
all this beauty.
Excuse me?
You came to take in
all this beauty
because you wouldn't come
to a place like this
and still only care
about a cell signal.
Yeah, I'm just not a...
a big fan of the ocean.
Why not?
Kind of personal reasons.
Would you happen to know
where I could get
a cell phone charger
around here?
Ah, you could try Ouzo Electronics
on Main, but it closes at 5:30.
What, 5:30?
Yeah, it's off-season.
Everything's shut
except for the ice cream shop.
You're in the wilderness now.
Yeah, tell me about it.
I haven't seen you
around before.
Ah, I'm just staying at a
friend's place for the weekend.
And is this friend
[chuckles] Excuse me?
What does that mean?
Maybe you're one
of those guys
that seduces the rich old
ladies for their summer homes.
I seem like the type?
Maybe. Not sure yet.
You pegged me.
You know, although
ladies can't resist me,
and my wet pants.
No, she's totally
And she's just a friend.
She's, in fact,
an acquaintance, really.
I don't... I don't even
know her, actually.
You know, this is
the longest conversation
I've had with anyone
face-to-face in weeks.
Going to a party later.
You should come.
I don't think
I was invited.
I think you just were.
It's your party?
I know the person throwing it.
I could put you
on the guest list.
I don't know.
Guest lists, they kinda
stress me out.
Plus, I just, you know,
I came out just to get away.
I was gonna get back
and decompose.
"Decompose"? Really?
I mean, decompress.
Plus, she's got a cat
that I gotta look out for.
It's not my cat.
It's hers.
Join me for a swim at least?
What, now?
I better get to the store
before it closes.
You know...
Isn't it a little cold,
this time of year?
So bitter and so sweet
Like marmalade
Run down in your teeth
Like marmalade
Sophisticated and simple
Like marmalade
She sticks right to his heart
Like marmalade
[engine sputtering]
[engine starts]
[engine stalling]
You're kidding me.
[engine stalling]
Oh! Hey! Excuse me!
I got a...
Hey, schmuck!
Oh, hey!
Oh, hi!
Thanks for stopping.
Look, do you have a phone?
My car broke down
and my phone died on me.
Sure thing.
My house is on the far side
of the field over there.
Meet you there.
[pigs snorting]
Oh, thank you so much again.
I really appreciate it.
No problem.
I'm Alex, by the way.
Hello, Alexander.
I'm Shirley.
It's just Alex.
Come on in, Just Alex.
- Great place.
- Thanks.
Hey, you wouldn't happen to have
an iPhone charger, would you?
I most certainly would.
Oh, thank God.
Think I landed in paradise.
"Well, then come
deeper inside,"
said the spider to the fly.
- [cat hisses]
- [yelps]
[cat mews]
You have cats.
Yeah. They keep
the mice away,
because they eat them.
Isn't it a little late in the
year to be harvesting corn?
I'm not harvesting.
I'm cleaning up
my corn maze.
Oh, oh. Wow. You have a corn maze.
That's cool.
Yeah. Yes, it is.
It's all about
the commerce test, Alex.
Lots of Jews out here.
You said you had
an iPhone charger.
I do. In the kitchen.
[song playing over player]
It must be so hard
Thinking the world
Is laughing at you
It must be so hard
[phone vibrating]
So you try not to crack
Even though
You're gonna break
You know without a doubt
There's just less rice
On your plate
Is that you?
I remember a time
When all the world was fair
I remember a time
When all the world was fair
Your voice is amazing.
- You think?
- [Alex sniffles]
[laughs] Look.
You do.
You're all worked up.
Oh, no, sorry, that's the...
that's the cat.
I'm allergic.
[chuckles] You men,
needing to be so tough.
We love emotion.
It melts us.
You can't fool me.
[phone beeps]
[softly] Oh, come on now.
There's no service?
You wouldn't happen to have
Wi-Fi here, would you, Shirley?
I do, Just Alex.
Oh, Alex is fine.
What's the password?
It's kind of an intimate
question, isn't it?
The password is?
You wanna know all my secrets,
don't you, Just Alex?
Nope. Just the password.
It's "kiteflyer."
- What did you say?
- What did you say?
Oh! Okay.
- It's not working.
- Really?
I'll check after I get
this load of challah in.
But you've been using lard.
Yeah. Homemade.
So you're not making challah.
Yes, I am.
Sells out every week.
But there's no lard
in challah.
In mine there is.
But religious Jewish people can't
eat anything that comes from a pig.
obviously, they can.
[cats mewing]
Look, uh, I think maybe
I'll use the landline if...
I'd like to call
about my car.
Of course.
It's up in my boudoir.
You can...
Your pants are wet.
Oh, yeah, I had an
accident at the beach.
- [chuckles]
- And I got hit by a wave.
It's... So I can use
your phone?
I said, in my boudoir,
By boudoir, you mean your...
your bedroom?
Great. Thank you.
While you're calling,
let me throw those dungarees
in the dryer for you.
Oh, no, it's okay. Thanks.
Give them to me.
No, really.
[line ringing]
[man] Stubbed Tow.
Can I help you?
Excuse me?
[man] Stubbed Tow.
Can I help you?
Oh. Stubbed Tow.
It's a pun.
I get it.
Can I help you?
Uh, yeah.
Uh, my car won't start.
It's at Sagg Main Beach
in Sagaponack.
[autoharp music playing]
I am one to offer comfort
You are one to run
into my arms
What are you doing?
And I swear
I'll keep you warm
Please stop singing.
Touch my chest
It's racing, speeding
Tossing with the feeling
That it's found
Could you stop singing?
What it's long
Been searching for
Okay, please just stop.
Just stop.
Arrived at another spot
Ow! Ow!
[singing continues]
Would you stop?
I just hurt myself.
Oh, the dark
Oh, my God, you're insane.
Come back up, Just Alex.
[cat mewing]
Shirley, I just wanna go.
I wanna get
my pants back and go.
- Boo-boo!
- [yelps]
[autoharp music playing]
We are all
Just out and searching
Oh, God!
Over the horizon
Past the sun
Are you serious?
To find the other one
We drifted to
Each other's shore
But we're not sure
And so we run
When we shouldn't run
And I have another spot
Jesus Christ!
A brightness
In all the dark
[door slams]
[Alex] Hey!
Wait! Hey, wait!
You okay?
No, I'm not.
Where's my car?
[shouts] Oh, you gotta
be kidding me!
Somebody stole it? How?
The thing wouldn't
even start!
What's funny?
It's pretty hard to steal
a car if it can't start.
Do you have a sticker?
A sticker?
Yeah, you have to have a local sticker
to park here, man, or they tow it.
You're kidding me!
Nah, I'm not kidding.
And they're really vigilant
about it too, man.
And they tow it far,
like to Noyack.
Look, uh...
Okay, look.
Is there any way you could
possibly give me a lift there?
To Noyack?
Uh, I wish I could, man,
but I gotta go to this party,
I'm in the band.
I could drive you to your house
if you want, if you live nearby,
Shit! My phone
just died. Uh...
Look, you're not
gonna believe this.
I stay at a friend's,
and I don't know the address.
Wow, man.
All right. All right.
How about this?
Come to the party.
I'll drive you to Noyack
in between sets.
Great! Great. Thank you.
Name is Kale, by the way.
- Kale?
- Yeah.
Like the vegetable?
Got a problem with that?
[tribal music playing]
[children laughing]
Okay, so, I have
to set up for the show,
but let loose,
and be a child again.
Oh, no, thank you.
[woman] You're blowin',
I'm blowin'.
All God's children
are blowin' out here today.
Ahoy there, sailor!
Excuse me?
Ahoy there!
Oh, why don't you come on in
and drop your anchor?
- [all laugh]
- No, thanks.
[all groaning]
[woman] Helluva party.
You don't know
what you're missing.
[slow rock music playing]
All alone
In the doorway
Every step feels wrong
But still
You must choose
As the ground
Crumbles around you
Waiting at the station
Watch the trains
As they come passing through
But each one leaves
Without you
Your heart beats fine
Your heart beats fine
They can take away yellow
All you see
Are red and blue
As the whole world
Turns away from you
But still
You find the roses
Show them
All that you can do
Is what they left
To lose
Oh, oh
Your heart beats fine...
You got a couple
of hours to kill.
You wouldn't want to drive
after you drink what's in that.
Oh, wow, that's...
Thanks for the warning.
That's all I need tonight.
On the other hand,
I'm not driving.
Hi. Alex.
Where do you come from, Alex?
Oh, I'm with the band.
My car got towed, so they're
giving me a lift out to Noyack.
Hmm. The lot closes
at 5:30 in the off-season.
- At 5:30?
- Yes.
You come from the city.
[chuckles] I had
a store in the city.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yes.
Tender Buttons.
Excuse me?
My store.
Tender Buttons.
I sold buttons.
Wow. That's neat.
Then I sold my store,
and I left the city.
[softly] Shit, come on.
You need juice.
Well, I got it.
Juice fest.
Clamp on.
- No, I...
- Clamp on, Alex.
[clears throat]
Do you wanna hold it?
No, it's all right.
[audience applauding]
I have a mate.
Where from, I know not.
But I still remember her.
I've forgotten
all custumal exercises.
And it did go so heavily
with my disposition...
- [phone beeps]
- Oh. Oh. Awesome.
Oh, thank God.
Oh, that's it.
Just got to call her, man. If I
can just get her e-mail address,
find that,
I can get back home.
After that, when...
It's not in Trash.
No! That...
It doesn't make
any sense. Where...
What you need, Alex,
is to find the bonfire
of the bikers
outside of Amagansett,
through the dunes,
and ask for
the Master of the Winds.
She can help you, Alex.
I don't need
a Master of the Winds.
I just need to know
where Lisa Leonard lives.
Oh, you want to find
Lisa Leonard.
Yeah. Wait.
Do you know her?
Yes! Yes!
No, I don't know her.
But Elspeth does.
Really? Great.
Where's Elspeth?
She's at a gathering
on Shelter Island.
Well, go and find her, Alex.
15 Dickinson Drive,
Shelter Island.
Hey, man.
Ready to take you to Noyack
unless you're busy.
Oh. He said that
the lot closes at 5:30.
That's true.
Props, Charles.
Back at you.
You guys know each other?
Is there any way possible you can
give me a lift to Shelter Island?
Yeah, I could do that.
Oh, good. Awesome.
You detached so abruptly.
So without ceremony
of any kind.
I apologize.
It's all right.
You enjoyed the show?
Yeah. Yeah, man. You were...
You were incredible.
You're like a god.
I can't catch them.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Just look at these glowy things
flying around my face.
Did you have the punch?
- [brakes screeching]
- [grunts]
Ow! Fuck!
[whispers] It's a fairy.
It's a fairy.
It's not a fairy.
The punch was spiked.
It's a group of fairies.
They're meeting
about something.
No. They're not meeting.
- Kale...
- No, it's what they're doing.
Kale, no. What are you doing?
Kale? Kale, get back on the...
What are you doing?
No, Kale. Stop!
Stop! Stop the car. Stop!
Kale, stop!
Just stop, please, stop!
Keep your voice down,
or we won't be able to hear
the fairies' secrets.
You're hallucinating.
you're just gonna
give me the keys.
Ow! Ow! What the...
You're a muggle.
A muggle?
Like a Harry Potter muggle?
Kale, get back
in the car! Kale!
Kale, get back in the car.
Kale, where are you going?
Kale, give me the keys.
Give me the keys, Kale.
Kale, no! Kale!
[Kale whistling]
[Kale whispering]
Come here. It's okay.
Shh. I'm friendly.
Come here.
[Kale whistling]
Okay, then.
[leaves rustling]
I go this way now.
You wanna come?
[instrumental music playing]
[dogs barking]
[bells chiming]
That's a great
painting of you.
It's not me.
[laughs] Right.
Right what?
Um, could I use your phone?
Sorry. It's a business line.
It'll only take a second.
I just...
I need to call a cab.
I can't tie up the business
line with personal calls.
What if I let everyone in here
make personal calls, hmm?
Might I use your restroom?
Customers only.
I would like one scoop
of rum and raisin, please.
Plain or sugar?
Uh, where do you think
you're going?
I have to ring you up first.
You want me to wait and go in
the bathroom with my ice cream?
I have to ring you up first.
Three seventy-nine.
I just realized that I left
my wallet somewhere, okay?
So you're not gonna buy it?
Well, I guess not.
What am I supposed
to do with this?
It's melting.
Excuse me?
I scooped this for you.
It's yours.
I didn't even touch it.
Just put it back.
Can I just put it back?
- Sure, you can!
- Then who's gonna want it?
That'd be like eating
someone else's chewed gum.
That's nothing like eating
someone else's chewed gum, sir.
[woman] What is it, Donny?
He said he wanted
to use the bathroom.
I told him the bathroom
is only for paying customers.
- Okay, slow down.
- But he said he's gonna buy ice cream.
- But then he said he doesn't want it.
- Slow down.
But now, it's melting!
- Donny...
- I don't know what to do!
In the freezer.
You say you lost your wallet?
Look, I don't even care
about the ice cream.
I just came in here to try and use
the phone so that I can call a cab,
which is irrelevant now
because I don't have a wallet!
Do you need the freezer too?
I'm fine!
So you wanted an ice cream
to make you happy?
No, I only ordered
the ice cream
because otherwise Donny wouldn't let
me use the customers only bathroom.
Donny, soft liquor.
Now, you let this poor boy
who's had a difficult night
go and use our potty.
Thank you.
[toilet flushing]
Everything come out all right?
From the speed of things,
it was number one.
Come join us for a treat.
Uh, no, I'd love to,
but I really gotta go.
I thought Donny told you that our
facilities are for customers only.
Join us.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Good, isn't it?
Take another.
You know what?
I got this.
- If you don't mind.
- [chuckles]
You know what?
This was...
Mmm. This was great.
Thank you.
Are you two friends?
Yeah. Yeah, we're friends.
Guess you're in the gang now.
Donny doesn't have
many friends
what with taking care of the
store and taking care of me.
When Donny's daddy died,
it was just us.
So he doesn't get much
of a chance to get out.
That's too bad.
So I can tell
you ain't from these parts.
I'm just trying to get
to a party on Shelter Island
so I can find a person that knows
the address where I'm staying.
A party. That sounds fun.
Yeah, maybe Donny
can come with you.
I don't know about that.
You said you were friends.
And if you take Donny here,
you could use our car.
[ice cream truck jingle playing]
How do you turn
this thing off?
It doesn't turn off.
It's stuck.
[man] One or two?
Excuse me?
One way or round trip?
This costs money?
Yeah. This costs money.
Seventeen for a round trip.
You don't have any cash,
do you, Donny?
[ferry horn blowing]
We're sailing.
We're sailing!
All right, we'll get in
there, just be quiet,
try and blend in
until I find this lady.
Just follow my lead.
[indistinct chatter]
[soft music playing]
- Um...
- [music stops]
I... um...
I'm sorry. I didn't...
mean to crash your gathering.
Um, I was...
I was told I could find
a girl named Elspeth here.
[woman] A girl?
Exactly how old
do you think Elspeth is?
I'm sorry. I mean, a woman
named Elspeth.
I think this guy
saw a lot of ladies
and thought he was
gonna get some action.
Donny, put it down.
[Alex] Donny?
Back some years in
Salt Lake City
A cake walk
At the church
Children ran free
On the hollow way
The young were never hurt
All the names
Of the streets have changed
The signs have fallen down
Now they are
Dryin' up the lake
That once named the town
Oh, I need
A miracle now
Yes, I do, Lord
Oh, I need
A miracle now
[woman] You were
looking for me?
Charles told me that
I could find you here.
Tender Buttons?
In his 70s,
he's about this tall.
I know what Charles looks like.
Miniature Schnauzer.
I don't see that.
He has a Miniature Schnauzer.
Puppy cup.
Okay, I get it.
I get it. Um...
He said that Lisa Leonard
was a friend of yours.
I wouldn't really
call her a friend.
But you know
where she lives, right?
She's not here
this weekend.
I know that.
Actually, I'm staying
at her place
but I just,
I forgot her address...
How do you know her?
How do I know her?
We go way back.
Back to Jackie Gleason.
Jackie Gleason?
I rescued him
when he was a kitten.
You rescued Jackie Gleason?
Yes, I did.
You look harmless.
Thank you.
It's 47 3 Ponds Road.
Thank you so much, Elspeth.
You have no idea.
You're welcome.
[ice cream truck
jingle playing]
- You sure this is right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it says we're here,
47 3 Ponds Lane.
I'm sure her place is right
around here... somewhere.
I shouldn't drive down there.
That's how my car
got screwed up.
I'll just walk.
You know how to drive, right?
I'm not a kid.
So do you wanna go
to another party sometime?
I'm not out here
that often.
How often?
Never again.
We're still gonna
be friends, though?
What's your e-mail address?
I don't have that.
Pen pals?
Pen pals?
What's this?
Well, the ladies want me to
come to their gatherings now.
Do they?
Well, look at you, Donny.
You're kidding me!
[mumbling in frustration]
[train horn honking]
Oh. Uh, hey!
Hello? Hi. Excuse me.
Yeah, uh...
I'm lost,
and I was hoping
maybe you could help me
find where I am.
Come aboard.
We'll see if we can help.
Oh. Oh.
Thank you so much. I just
feel like I'm going...
Welcome to the club.
Dan Tanner.
My wife, Sandy Tanner.
No, no, thanks.
Um, look, I'm just trying
to get to 3 Ponds Lane.
It's supposed to be
next to the beach.
By the beach?
You are nowhere
by the beach, my friend.
We're at bay side here,
miles away.
No. No, that's not possible.
The GPS in the car
told me I'm right there.
Ah, these things don't tell you
anything about the real world.
But don't worry.
I've got maps.
[Sandy chuckles]
He's really good at maps.
Come have a seat.
Oh, I couldn't.
Look, I'm... I'm sorry
to bother you guys.
Oh, we were already up.
Wow. You guys
stay up late.
We always wake up
with the sunrise.
Wait, it's almost dawn?
No, no, no.
Hours to go.
Uh, sunrise is at 5:47.
We like to make love
before dawn. It's just...
so much better that way.
[hums dramatic tune]
I think I've solved
your problem, Alex.
Come over here.
So you said
3 Ponds Lane, right?
Well, look at this. The GPS
brought you to 3 Ponds Lane here,
but what you really wanted
is 3 Ponds Road in Townhampton.
There's a 3 Ponds Lane
and a 3 Ponds Road?
Yeah, it could be
quite confusing
if you don't know
where you are around here.
But don't worry.
You just go back on the ferry,
you turn here, you turn
here, and you're all set.
So I'll give you this map.
Oh, no,
I can't take your map.
Hey, please, there's nothing
like a good old paper map
to get you back on track.
Thanks, Dan.
Is this yours?
Oh, uh, yeah.
No, thank you.
That must have fallen
out of my pocket.
He sees
Dr. Positano, Dan.
Does he?
Why do you say that?
Do you guys know him?
Oh, of course.
Dr. Rock Positano
is the foot whisperer.
Hey, did you go
to his party?
No. There's a party?
[Dan] Yes, yes.
Saturday night.
All his patients
from around here go.
It's supposed to be
a real gas.
Yes. Actually,
give me the map.
It's not far
from your beaten path.
It's right here on...
Fresh Pond Road,
right there.
I'll draw it
right here for you.
There you go.
Hey, hey. Before you leave,
would you like to see
some pictures of our suns?
- Oh.
- Hmm?
Yeah. Yeah, I'd love that.
- This was Capri.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Um, the sun rising
on our 40s.
[Sandy] Hmm.
Sun over the Sahara.
[banjo music playing]
- Hi.
- Hey.
I just need
to get back across.
Sure. It'll be $1.
A dollar?
Remember, I was in
the car before?
Oh, I remember you.
Oh, great. So I already
bought a return trip.
For the car.
No, actually, for me,
in the car.
Where is your receipt?
In the car.
Come on, man.
It's $1.
Mr. Fancy Pants.
Oh. Oh!
Sorry, I don't give
handouts to beggars.
Oh, no, no,
I'm not a beggar.
Is there any way
that I could get in the car
and ride across with you?
No, I don't feel
comfortable with that.
Okay. Why not?
Because how do I know that once
we're in an enclosed space,
your maleness
won't take you over?
Because it won't.
It's a three-minute trip.
Male lust is swift
and unpredictable.
Okay, look.
- Can I have a dollar then?
- I knew it.
Come on! Oh, come on.
[instrumental music playing]
Here's your
fuckin' dollar, ass.
Hey! Hey!
Hey, get back here.
- Oh.
- Get back! Get back here.
- Get back! Get back here!
- Shit!
Get back here!
Get back here!
Get back here!
You've got to be kidding me!
Jesus! You serious?
Stop chasing me!
It was just a dollar!
Get back here!
Jesus Christ.
Son of a bitch is fast.
[woman] Hello?
Is anybody out there?
You've got to be kidding me.
I'm helping out a friend.
He's been depressed lately.
- Watch that rock.
- [yelps]
- Are you okay?
- Yep. Yep.
What's your name?
- Alex.
- I'm Hope.
I somehow got
turned around tonight.
I've been to Raphael's
tons before.
Shouldn't he have come
picked you up?
Oh, nah. Raphael can't see
very well at night.
And watch
the loose gravel, okay?
Thank you.
Yeah, but still, he could have
called you a cab or something.
Nah, I like
getting there myself.
And we wouldn't
have met, right?
I mean, is it safe for
someone like you to do this?
I started going blind
when I was three, Alex.
Did you understand
what was going on?
Well, my dad said it was like
I was in this boat,
and I'd fallen out of it
into the water,
and the boat
was never coming back.
- Rock.
- Thanks.
So he told me I needed
to learn how to swim.
Not having a boat
didn't make me weaker.
I didn't need a boat
to get across the ocean.
Sounds like a great dad.
He was, Alex.
He died when I was six.
Yeah, my dad died
when I was young too.
Was he sick?
No, he was swimming
at the beach.
It was a rip tide.
Nothing we could do.
Whoa. You were there?
Yeah, I was there.
How do you ever get over
a shock like that?
[soft instrumental
music playing]
That's real bonding.
[owl hooting]
[jazz music playing]
Shoes off.
Oh. Oh, sure.
Sorry, this is
a private party, sir.
This way.
[indistinct chatter]
Ladies and gentlemen,
the doctor is in.
Take one step
Look around
The world has changed
With just one bound
What you thought was lost
Is found
Right on the ground
With you
Feeling tired
Of moving slow
Trying to reach
Some distant goal
Perhaps sing at balls
Make you go anywhere
You're supposed to go
Maybe there's a reason why
We only step so far
Each footprint is a journey
Your feet
Are shooting stars
Shooting stars
Shooting stars
Your feet
Are shooting stars
Take those steps
Left, right, left
Your feet
Are shooting stars
Wrong turns only
Lead to right
Lure him alone
He'll keep you up at night
Travel by
The speed of light
And miss the light
Around you
Get above that mountaintop
A pot of gold
At a candy shop
Look around
At what you've got
Your dreams
Already found you
Maybe there's a reason why
We only step so far
Each footprint is a journey
Your feet
Are shooting stars
Shooting stars
Shooting stars
Your feet
Are shooting stars
Take those steps
Left, right, left
Your feet
Are shooting stars
Take one step
Look around
The world has changed
With just one bound
What you thought was lost
Is found
It's always been
Within you
Hey. Rock Positano.
What did you think
of the show, Alex?
It was great, really.
"Singing reflects
a state of balance.
It is the audible resonant
reality of our existence."
John Lennon said that.
Guy was a genius.
You know about him?
About John Lennon?
Obviously I know
about the Beatles.
[laughs] Professor John Lennon.
Emporia State University.
Oh! Okay. Yeah...
I mean, did you think I'd...
Come, have a seat.
I appreciate you
fitting me in, Dr. Positano.
Please, call me Rock.
So, what have you
got there, Alex?
Let me see.
Some plantar fasciitis
along the plantar medial heel.
Not too severe.
Not yours.
No. It belonged to a woman
I met on the beach.
She invited me
to the party, and...
I think it was your party.
You think?
She didn't tell you?
I told her
I didn't wanna go.
Because I always say no.
Strange thing for you
to just pick up, you know.
I know.
But there was a...
There was a connection
between you two.
I don't know. It was...
We only talked
for like five minutes, but...
I just should have said yes.
So this was
your second chance.
Well, I put names
on the bottoms
but it's rubbed off.
I mean...
I make thousands of these.
I have no way
of finding her from this.
Put 'em up.
- Excuse me?
- Your feet.
- Ah.
- On my knees.
Do you know how hard it is to get
an appointment with the Rock?
Doll will be good
to us, Alex.
Nice arches.
You ran track at school.
Uh, cross-country.
You can tell that?
I hope so by now.
You're 35?
I just turned 34.
Hmm. Came on them all?
I've been on my feet
all night.
- This feels...
- Pretty good, right?
So now you want me
to tell you
what happens next
for you, don't you?
You can see that
from my feet?
That would be a very
creative diagnosis.
Fate left you a footstep.
You made the unusual choice
to pick it up.
That's good, Alex.
But now,
you need to let it take you
wherever it takes you.
But I thought it was
supposed to take me here.
You know a person called
the Master of the Winds?
Master of the Winds?
The Master
has a biker bonfire
every Saturday on the beach
outside Amagansett.
Maybe you should go.
How will going there
help me, Rock?
The way this has been
worn down,
it belongs to a biker, Alex.
Tall dark strange guy.
How you been?
Good night?
[man] It's been okay.
Feels like it's been
a year since earlier.
[Alex] I think I walked
ten miles tonight.
You go this way now.
You wanna come?
These bikers, are they...
[instrumental music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
You ride?
Yeah, I ride...
I'm supposed to meet
somebody here, but...
I'm in the wrong place.
I'm sorry.
[woman] Perhaps
I can help you.
Oh, I don't think so.
Are you the Master
of the Winds?
You can call me Anais.
Were you the one that was honking
at us on the road before?
Yeah, that was me.
So where was it you were
so eager to get to, Alex?
It must have been
very important.
It wasn't.
So many of us
race our whole life
to nothing.
Where we all end up,
there's no peace to see.
You've been on a journey
tonight, yes?
Did you find
what you're looking for?
Can't say I did.
But the journey
is still a journey.
Here, voila!
Did you ever see The Last
Streetcar in Marseilles?
I don't think so.
That was our favorite musical.
My dad's and mine.
It's got Catherine Deneuve.
It's about streetcar operator.
Okay, I know that film.
I always wondered
why the world wasn't...
filled with all that music.
[softly] Listen.
[birds chirping]
[waves crashing]
["I Melt With You" playing]
Moving forward
Using all my breath
Makin' love to you
Was never second best
I saw the world crashing
All around your face
Never really knowing
It was always
Mesh and lace
I'll stop the world
And melt with you
You've seen the difference
And it's getting better
All the time
There's nothing
You and I won't do
I'll stop the world
And melt with you
Dream of better lives
The kind which never hate
Dropped in the state
Of imaginary grace
I made a pilgrimage
To save this human race
Never comprehending
The race had long gone by
I'll stop the world
And melt with you
You've seen the difference
And it's getting better
All the time
There's nothing
You and I won't do
So how often do you come
out here, Alex?
[Alex] I'm not sure yet.
I'll stop the world
And melt with you
The future's open wide
Hmm hmm hmm
Hmm hmm hmm hmm
Hmm hmm hmm
Hmm hmm hmm hmm
Let's stop the world
I'll stop the world
And melt with you
Let's stop the world
You've seen the difference
And it's getting better
All the time
There's nothing
You and I won't do
Let's stop the world
I'll stop the world
And melt with you
Let's stop the world
The future's open wide
- [cat hisses]
- [yelps]
- Jackie Gleason.
- [cat meows]
Why, dude?
- Um...
- Hmm?
Who are you?
Um... I'm Alex.
You're not Alex.
I'm an Alex.
I'm the Alex
who answered the e-mail.
You are?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I thought this was...
- For the weekend.
- No.
Yeah, no, it is. I just
realized I left something.
I'm sorry...
This is weird.
Do I even know you?
Still workin' on that.
Were you friends
with Scott Skee?
Ford Adams?
Don't think so.
Jerry Jayna?
- Teddy Shiva?
- No.
- Nat Shiva?
- No.
- Lindsay Shiva?
- I don't know the Shivas.
- Lucy Lecarno?
- No.
- Steve Bradtree?
- No.
- Herman Vinslam?
- No.
- Kubriam?
- No.
- Dave Nelson?
- No.
- Jake Rothberg?
- No.
Yes! Yes!
Jake Rothberg
- Yes!
- Jake Rothberg! [laughs]
- Okay.
- Yes, I know him.
He works at Hype Media.
Yeah! No, yeah,
I know him.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Not well.
Sorry, I just think
it's... weird.
That you would just let...
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, no.
[instrumental music playing]
["How To Lose It All" playing]
How many buildings
Can I burn down?
Picking through the ashes
Is all I know now
It's just like me
To let a good thing go
I'm a wrecking machine
All on my own
You're a pretty
Little picture
In a perfect frame
You put your cards
On the table
No fear, no shame
Baby we've already
Gone way too far
Oh, don't look now
I'm gonna break your heart
Oh, stick with me
I'll teach you
How to lose it all
Don't know 'bout flying
Only know how to fall
When it comes to love
The writing's on the wall
Stick with me
I'll teach you
How to lose it all
Oh, believe it or not
I was once like you
Now I'm a brick wall
That you can't break through
No, there ain't no cure
For the way I am
That makes it so hard
To even give a damn
Oh, stick with me
I'll teach you
How to lose it all
Don't know 'bout flying
Only know how to fall
When it comes to love
The writing's on the wall
Stick with me
I'll teach you
How to lose it all
How to lose it all
If you think love is easy
Then I'm not
The one who's crazy
If you're at the top
All you've got
Is gonna be gone, gone
Oh, stick with me
Babe, you gotta
Stick with me
Why don't you
Stick with me?
Baby, won't you
Stick with me?
Hey, yeah, yeah
Stick with me
I'll teach you
How to lose it all
Don't know 'bout flying
Only know how to fall
When it comes to love
The writing's on the wall
Stick with me
I'll teach you
How to lose it all
Stick with me
I'll teach you
How to lose it all
Don't know 'bout flying
Only know how to fall
When it comes to love
The writing's on the wall
Stick with me
I'll teach you
How to lose it all
[banjo music playing]
[man singing]
I would give you
Everything I own
Just to have you
By my side
My friends all tell me
Find another girl
But you're
The only one for me
[woman singing]
I would follow you
All around the world
I would sail
A thousand seas
No other man could
Ever make me stay
You're the only one for me
[both singing]
I would give you
Everything I own
Just to have you
By my side
My friends all tell me
Find another one
But you're
The only one for me
[slow music playing]
It must be so hard
Thinkin' the world
Is laughing at you
It must be so hard
It must be so tough
Does anyone see
The weight that's on you?
It must be so tough
So you try not to cry
Even though
You're gonna break
You know without a doubt
There's just less rice
On your plate
I remember a time
When all the world was fair
I remember a time
When all the world was fair
You try not to be
The sadness
We all see
But desperation cries
Like a siren to the seas
I remember a time
When all the world was fair
But the world
Was never fair
The world
Was never fair