Wanted (1967) Movie Script

Silence. Silence everyone.
Mr. Alec will make a speech.
Samuel Goldemburg...
Or should I call him Sam Gold?
Again Mr.
was elected mayor of Greenfield.
And probably because it has
a name that is a symbol...
A name that has everything
to do with our reality...
...: gold.
And since you took the mayor,
the extraction of gold has doubled.
It's a blessing to the prosperity of our city.
And as a token of gratitude,
citizens got together and decided...
...give our thanks to gold.
Then he delivered the engraved
plaque with the famous brand...
...in recognition of their skills.
I say this on behalf of all.
A toast to Sam Gold.
Live Sam Gold.
Thank you, friends.
Thank you.
You say that the prosperity of this city
is the result of my humble efforts.
And I say we need a good
man to take care of this...
...prosperity for us.
A man who can make everyone
respect the law...
George Anderson, known judge comara,
asked us...
...30 days to decide who
will be the new sheriff.
I know we all citizens of Greenfield
, we can not wait that long.
We have to elect someone now.
We want a man here who knows the law.
A man efficient and, most importantly,
want an honest man.
Who do you want to name?
Just like a man here, and
everyone knows who he is...
Know what is a man of courage.
Fred Loyd.
A toast to Fred Loyd.
Come on, Loyd, all you want.
A drink to celebrate.
Save the new sheriff in Greenfield.
Here it is, friends.
All agreed that this is
what we want the sheriff.
Wait a minute, Mayor...
I also want to talk.
Shut up, you drunk.
Already made the decision.
Go back to your place.
How dare you?
Stop it. Stay calm.
He also
has the right to stand up and speak.
Greenfield We want a sheriff can.
And this man in front of us
is the best choice.
But the mayor has said
who also want an honest sheriff.
And this is what everyone here is wrong.
You're drunk, man.
Why do not you go home and sleep?
If I am even a drunk, then I can say that
he is the greatest thief of the city.
You're a drunk.
I should not say those things.
I'm not drunk more than anyone here.
Some here, jerk.
What is happening there?
Are electing the new sheriff thief.
And I even tried to warn.
Let's try it together.
No... I do not want to go back and be killed.
You'll be back yes. Come on.
Live the new sheriff.
Come. Come in.
Find a place, and can sit.
You'll want another beating?
Leave him alone.
Mind your own business, stranger.
You heard what I said?
Get out of here.
And I said to leave him in peace.
No. Stop. Put that gun.
Stranger, come here.
Can you explain to me why it all?
You're the mayor Sam Gold?
I'm Gary Ryan, the new sheriff.
But it seems... just choose one.
And I think that was an exaggeration.
Two sheriffs would actually
be an exaggeration.
You should know that the judge only
appoint someone within 30 days.
Yes, I know.
But the document has been signed.
In fact, it is true.
Judge Gary Ryan named our new sheriff.
The most famous man in the west.
of the keys to my office.
What's the rush?
Is already expecting trouble?
You better be ready.
Course. You're right.
Sheriff, here are the keys to his office.
Thank you. See you later.
Have a nice day.
Good day, gentlemen.
Thank you.
In my opinion, he is very brave.
What do you say...
...money that will be
taken to the federal bench?
This is a great responsibility...
I trust the new sheriff.
He?? can deliver.
Beast and nobody will be
trying to attack him.
You will need escort for the rest of the way.
Until then it will be easy.
I do not know very well, Mayor...
After all, are $ 100,000.
I will not rest easy until you get there.
The important thing is that
nobody knows what to carry...
Do not worry. Nobody will know.
I'm sure the mayor.
In Owell Rocks you will find a man.
Make it sign it, and bring me back.
You can leave.
Ryan, the city is in good hands.
Good luck.
May God be with you.
Thank you and goodbye.
Here are the instructions.
Cheer up. It will be easy.
This is a promise sheriff?
I'm already happy to get out of here.
There is nothing more than
lock me in this place.
Okay. We are ready.
I want to be Owell Rocks before sunset.
Okay, Sheriff.
Tell him I promise get a third of gold.
But do not forget tract.
He?? is leaving town.
I tell him.
Do your horses walk fast.
We have to get there before dark.
Do not precupe sheriff.
We will achieve.
Another bottle, Peter.
It's great. Thank you.
There are five dollars.
I paid.
Wait a minute.
I also paid.
I raise ten dollars.
I raise twenty.
Then I increased to fifty.
It is best not to get excited.
A bank teller
should not invest so much money.
Yo quiero three doses.
De Beer?
Non, of whiskey.
Take the best that you have there.
No one can beat me.
I think I've seen these guys.
Do not work for Garrito Gomes?
Garrito? What do you do around here?
Why do not you find out?
Ok Eso are un juego de chance.
Ustedes should try the 'stop-on-foot'...
Do you know?
What is the 'stop-on-foot'?
It's very good.
I know the game.
You can get it.
Usted are professional, friend.
But this time, yo voy win.
Put?? all here.
Muchas gracias, Senores.
It is better to put them niggas on the table.
You will not get away with this.
I am a friend of jus Anderson,
and when he knows it...
Wish su suerte a friend, senor.
Close all windows.
The place seems deserted.
Let's take a look.
Is anyone there?
Who is it?
It is the sheriff of Greenfield.
Coleman is with me.
Open the door.
He's dead.
What happened?
There were three Mexicans.
They work pro Garrito Gomes.
Stole our money and killed him.
Open the door. Open the door.
Garrito Gomes here.
You are the Devil's Canyon, at 30km from
Owell Rocks.
The whole gang is with him.
I want a drink.
I thought I was not going to get here.
Now, he's been killing people here?
You can see for yourself.
Even though nobody heard of gold.
Is there any way to avoid the main road?
Canyon road passes by the
devil, and is very dangerous.
Let's go back to Greenfield.
We were not paid to go beyond Owell
E did not mention anything
about Garrito Gomes.
We rush, Sheriff. You understand.
Looks like it will be just us two.
I give a thousand dollars to
those who agree with us here...
...to Brighton.
Why would I risk it?
Well, I'm outta here.
If they are smart,
go back to Greenfield.
I would accept that thousand dollars,
but my time is worth much more than that.
Garrito And not a man of
leave witnesses behind.
Good luck, Sheriff.
Bote two doses.
You can offer me a drink?
I have no money with me.
E refuses to win thousand dollars?
Let me introduce myself.
I am Max Raymond, professional drifter.
Another dose.
You are player, is not it?
Mexicans ended up taking me 3000.
I would double the value,
if they had not stopped me.
This is the way bets, is not it?
A toast to health and wealth.
Still want someone to go with you?
Yes, we are now 3.
I have a plan that I think will work.
Friend, will have some buggy
here I can get?
I myself have Yes.
If we work all night, maybe we can.
Let's take a look.
Looking at it from the
outside, looks like a buggy...
From now on, you will be my delegate.
Are you crazy?
Want to end up with my reputation?
Hahahaha. Come on.
When attacked, we will try to stop them
to the canyon.
There will be saved.
Yes, and when we arrived, we will separate.
This and predictable.
Now, you'll be able to find me
in Greenfield, if you want.
No... Greenfield is not place for a player.
But if you decide to change careers,
can find me at the port.
There is a mine,
and all the players are there.
Just be careful not to you will find me.
Impossible. You appointed
me as the delegate.
So I will not be caught.
Well, it's time.
.. Let.
You got exactly what I was looking at.
Ah, find another.
No. Get down.
I play this.
Let us together.
In front, muchachos.
Do not let them escape.
Thank you, Ryan. Do not forget that.
We are almost at the canyon.
We're almost there, buddy.
We can not go wrong now.
Let's not even think about it.
It's time. Let's get them now.
Are you ready? Let's play.
Take the Winchester.
Get ready.
According to the newspaper, everyone
is talking about the sheriff.
You are about to become a national hero.
It's yours.
Will be proud to have a copy.
yes, Mayor.
And here are the receipts that I brought.
Thank you.
Xeife, did a great job.
My words of thanks can not fail.
You deserve more.
I think deserves a
correspondence, something more tangible.
No Thanks. For me it was
only part of my job.
But this reminds me I had extra expenses.
We have to pay the wanderer,
the horse and buggy.
Will be paid. You just wait.
Thank you.
Excuse me, Mayor?
Feel free.
'll Stay at the hotel of Sharon, Judge?
Judge Anderson.
I hope you have done a great trip.
It was one of the worst trips I've done...
But I had to come, is not it?
What happened?
Once again those idiots are giving work.
We'll find them.
I have great interest in it.
So can speed.
This time it went too far.
William Baker killed in Pueblo Conejos.
They killed him while you fought Garrito.
I will do my reports
until these killers are brought to justice.
Give me one more.
What's the matter, man?
Drinking to take courage?
What makes you think I'm afraid of
Gary Ryan?
Do not be mad.
Said the sheriff was at
the hotel all afternoon.
You'll get in there and
say something that lets...
...and angry.
But go without the gun.
The rest you leave with us.
Let me give him a way.
No... You will do what I say.
Another double dose pro
Matheus here. I paid.
Get all the courage he can.
Tell Sharon.
She knows what to do.
I'm ready. When do we start?
Right now.
So here we go.
Leave it here.
If you get angry,
will want to use against someone.
That way, everything goes wrong.
You are right...
Miss Sharon?
Do not have much movement.
You can return the night.
I take care of everything.
Thank you.
You there, gringo.
You talking to me?
What do you think?
It is the only outsider who is here.
Drank too much.
Better get some fresh air.
Are you afraid, coward?
They said you're a chickenshit.
But I knew it was too much.
Levante, its horn.
Ryan killed..
I saw was the sheriff.
Ryan just kill him.
He?? used this weapon.
You shot, right?
He was unarmed, Ryan.
It is a clear case of murder.
Liar. I did nothing.
Matthew Ryan killed.
Take him out.
Take him away.
The rest is up to you...
Silence. What is happening?
Matthew was killed by Ryan.
Everybody saw.
I saw him die.
Not just that, Mayor.
Obviously he was drinking...
Okay. I understand, but there must be an
How so?
You will not have judgment.
Let's hang him.
He is guilty.
Does not deserve judgment.
Ryan, listen...
Tell me who killed that man.
I could not figure out.
Yes he was. I saw him shooting.
This weapon has two bullets less.
Yes, I shot.
But Matthew did not shoot.
I shot the real killer, the window.
Do not believe a judge. I saw everything.
And also saw Sharon.
I saw Ryan Matheus killing.
It gave him no chance.
It's a lie.
You are aware that their testimony
can determine his sentence?
I saw what he did.
We have to bring this man into custody.
Presisamos someone in whom
to trust, until the trial.
Loyd had been appointed
as the new sheriff.
Great. So take Ryan into custody.
Summon the jury now.
I want the names tomorrow morning.
Right, sir. Take him to jail.
We already have the judge,
the witnesses have...
They are even ready to be hanged.
To make that judgment?
It would be best for you
do not have to wait like that.
I could have stayed in bed the whole day.
Coffee? I think not..
Who is it?
Open the door. It's Jack.
Let us walk.
Do not need to take me I know the way...
One more look at you until morning.
Thank you, guys.
You are a waste.
It... I love it.
Listen, pal...
I'll sing a song for you.
Oh, Susanna, do not cry for me.
Oh, be quiet.
When I go to Alabama, I playing mandolin.
There is no other place to put this drunk?
Stop it.
Shut up, Baker.
Ah, go home. Go for it...
I mean... I take a coffee.
Please, I need something to give a
on my way...
Ok, I give you a drink.
Take a sip...
Do not move, and do not yell.
No one was ever hanged twice.
Grab the key.
Sorry about that, Duncan.
Soon will come after us.
Why is he doing this for me, Baker?
Why was my brother William Baker.
They killed him for 3 days.
Yes, he lived in Pueblo Conejos.
He?? learned something
about what is happening.
I risked my scoo...
...for you because it is the only one
who can do something against Loyd.
That man is a thief and murderer.
Do you have any proof?
No... but I have a name: Jeremiah Prescott.
Who is he?
He knows something.
Is Pueblo Conejos.
Let's go there.
He can give us more information.
Run here. Bryan escaped.
Someone call the Loyd.
Pick up the road to Poorland.
There they are.
He planned the escape of Ryan.
He pretended to be drunk,
and two escaped.
Maybe he knows to where Ryan was.
Let's take him to my ranch.
Wait a minute.
This man is injured.
Need a doctor.
There will be no trial.
Ryan escaped from jail.
It was under his responsibility.
It is your duty to capture him.
He can not go far.
We have a telegraph in the city.
Ryan is being sought.
Promised a great reward.
This I assure you, judge.
Are $ 5,000.
Welcome to Poorland,
paradise gold miners.
Do you have any place
here to do business?
If you want to sell something, try there.
He will be happy to receive you.
Give me a beer.
Do you have a horse to sell?
No... My horse died.
If you are looking to sell the
saddle, I can offer $ 10...
No. But thanks.
I bet on number two.
Five thousand dollars reward for
the apprehension and extradition.
Gary Ryan...
...guilty of murder in Greenfield.
I need a horse.
It depends on how much you can afford.
I have $ 20.
You will not get a good horse with it.
Guys, here's a guy interested in a horse
$ 20.
What's up? Going out or continue?
You there, cowboy.
Just $ 20 right?
Can I borrow?
It is a short time.
Hahahaha. I won.
You brought me luck.
Come out to buy his horse.
I have a beautiful mare for you. Come on.
Yeah... He could lose everything in that line
. Is not it?
Here is the horse I told you about.
It is a free, no?
Tell me why are offering a reward for you?
They made a trap and I fell into it.
Who did?
A guy named Loyd.
Ah. The Loyd.
Why? You know him?
I've heard his name sometimes.
You're in trouble.
Sera who is himself?
I have a good memory.
I saw his face on the poster.
If it's not Ryan, then we will not have
Let's see.
The entire complaint is
based on false evidence.
It owns the largest hotel in town.
And a friend of Loyd.
Ah. Now I understand.
I'll do what I can. Leave it to me.
The best thing to do is get in touch with
Judge Anderson.
He should feel that I am innocent.
Give me a little more time to join
more money.
I will soon be ready to go to Greenfield.
Oh, and take it with you.
But it gave me the horse.
Without that will not get out of town.
Stay with it, and good luck.
Thank you.
Let's fix it.
Hello friend.
Got a minute? You and I we
know if I'm not mistaken.
I think not.
I'm sure Your face is familiar, Ryan.
Stop. He took Tommy.
Here is the newspaper.
It was difficult to convince
the judge Anderson.
And the Baker? Did he say anything?
It's hard...
Is repeating the same thing.
Be quick. Make him talk.
Said the name of a man: Jeremiah Prescott.
Jeremiah Prescott?
I hope he is still awake.
Yes, but not for long.
Wait outside.
Wake up, damn it.
What did you say?
How so?
How do you know Jeremiah Prescott?
Talk or kill you, manure.
Why Ryan helped escape?
It is better to speak or will die.
No good.
Do not realize that he is nearly dead?
We have to find Jeremiah
Prescott and eliminate it.
E logo. It is a sign of trouble for us.
If Baker spoke to Ryan Prescott,
it'll be easier.
Let's go Ryan,
to find Prescott.
Can kill both at once.
Here is the ranch of William Baker?
Who are you?
I want you to answer my question.
Yes, this is the Baker ranch.
I want to talk with Miss Evelyn.
You can talk.
Miss Evelyn?
My name is Gary Ryan,
and I'm here on behalf of his uncle.
Please come.
Feel free.
So you're the new sheriff in Greenfield.
Had much luck...
And all listed on the sheet of payments
Samuel Goldman.
What it says is not true.
Gold works for the mayor?
No. It never worked.
The mayor is sending one to arrest me.
...was a little joke Lloyd and his friends.
Based on a false statement,
I was arrested and charged with murder.
Without the help of his uncle,
still be arrested.
Baker told me to look for it.
I said you could help me, but...
I think he was wrong.
Why my uncle did not come with you?
Shot at him. After
not know what happened.
How so?
Do you think he is dead?
Miss, the man who also
killed me encriminou.
William Baker.
Will you tell me who is sheriff...
Because I have no idea who that is.
It's Gold. He is the man behind it all.
He is a thief.
It was he who stole my family.
Yes, I think you're right.
But it is easy to make accusations.
We need evidence.
My father said he would prove,
but never had the opportunity.
Before you speak, Gold killed him.
It is not yet ready to help me?
You have to help me find proof.
I say this for my safety...
For both of us, Evelyn.
My father never told anyone the details.
I do not know anything.
Who is Jeremiah Prescott?
Prescott? Now... he had a ranch in Pueblo
Worked for the mayor,
but not seen lately.
I'll find it.
Father Carmel, a friend
of my father in Pueblo.
Conejos can know.
I'll look it up.
Sorry to offer nothing.
A long time I have no visits.
To tell the truth,
there is nothing to eat.
For some time we do not have a real meal.
Ruined in Gold as well as
other ranches in Mexico.
Do not be afraid, Evelyn.
Gold swear I will pay.
Pay for everything you did
to you, and all other...
Come back soon, Gary.
Can you help me here?
Thank you.
I will not need it anymore today.
Yes, sir.
Welcome to Greenfield, sir.
Thank you.
Seems a nice city, from what I see.
Can I get a room for a few days?
Will be a pleasure.
Subscribe, please.
Room seven.
It is one of the best rooms.
Should I lock the doors, Judge Anderson.
And it should keep the back protected.
Do not tell me you do not know who I am...
You Ryan helped the Devil's Gorge.
It. I ventured on behalf of the law.
But Mr. Ryan asked me to help you again.
They say he is a murderer in Greenfield.
What do you think, Judge?
What I does not mean much, unfortunately.
Evidence and testimony
are the only things that the law recognizes.
He killed a man named Raymond.
This is going to be judged.
He is as innocent as you, Judge.
Need to prove it.
The testimony you heard is false.
But it can prove it?
I'm afraid it never will.
I'll try anyway, judge.
But you must tell me everything you know.
We can turn this around.
In fact I'll do whatever I can.
I feel he is innocent, but...
You know where he is?
You can be anywhere.
Looking for cover under...
Alone, persecuted by the law...
Wanted by society.
Buenos dias, sir.
Where can I find Jeremiah Prescott?
Jeremiah Prescott?
Su home side are en el otro de la ciudad.
The store he sits there
and sits behind his house.
Return the way you came.
Thank you.
Vaya con Dios, sir.
Do not believe it. He sent the man away.
Now it was the best we could do.
Let's get him into a trap.
Wanted dead or alive.
$ 5,000 reward.
Lords, Lord said to Moses:
'I will rain bread from heaven...
and the people will come to collect.'
It is written in Exodus, chapter 16, verse 4.
These are the words of the Lord.
Got it? Not?
Come. This way.
Virgin Mary. Who are you?
What do you want?
You are the Father Carmelo?
Yes I am.
Why do you hunt?
To get a reward.
I explain later.
It was submitted by Evelyn Baker.
Can join. Fast.
Stop, children of the demo.
Let's go over.
When will they learn to obey me?
And not with violence
profane the holy house of the Lord.
He is desperate, Father.
It's a killer.
We want justice.
Yes, we want justice.
And there's a reward we divide by us all.
This contrast is worse than Judas.
The rest of you is not far behind.
Want to sell
the life of man for a little money.
A little, no.
Are $ 5,000.
What? Silence.
Did you hear that?
Did you hear the trumpets of God?
Do you see the shadow of angels?
They are down here on earth
and you all will be punished.
See the angels swinging their swords.
A mighty army of angels will come.
Now go home.
And pray for salvation.
Pray for God's blessing. Amen.
Take this. It will be good for you.
Take everything.
Listen: you have to avoid the village.
They are good people, but difficulties are.
Know hunger.
E 5000 bucks is a lot of money...
If you were in their shoes,
what would you do...
I? If it was another man,
I think also the hunt.
but this time it's you they want.
Should be a criminal of the good.
To assert that much...
No, Father.
But they must pay a price much higher if
want me dead.
Jeremiah Prescott used to
work for the mayor Gold.
When he began to drink,
Gold then decided to get rid of it.
So he sought shelter in the mountains...
Carrying only his niece with him.
It just takes it in this world.
It is no longer a child...
You will not get talked at.
You are very scared.
If I can find it, see that should not be afraid.
Take the road to Conejos,
to get close to the valley.
It's right near Pueblo Ojos.
You will find a small river.
At the foot of a waterfall has a passage...
Amid rocks, to a clearing.
That's where he lives, in a clearing.
Take. It is best to take it.
It was he who did.
Prescot Jeremiah did when he was here.
What I'm telling is to see that
he is a confident man.
If you are lucky to get will make him talk.
It's very nice...
Surely will protect you from danger.
Yes, but I want to be sure,
I'm going to buy a gun.
Should be ashamed.
But that lack of faith.
However, you may need it here...
Can take.
Thank you, Father.
We will have something for you: A horse.
Anybody home?
Yes.. Has my uncle.
I can get?
I think he's sleeping now.
It is better to wake him.
He has been drinking.
No... He did not drink.
We have to let him sleep a little longer.
At least one additional hour.
He?? did not drink, sir. Just tired.
I have a remedy.
What will you do with it?
My medicine will make
the tiredness go away.
Julie, where are you?
What is happening?
Buenos dias, Sheriff.
Are you looking for someone?
I am searching for the man of the poster.
Yeah... had a guy like that around here.
Imagined about who he was.
Where is he now?
God knows, sir.
Concho Dyas I,
allowed to introduce myself.
Tell where he is.
He is trying to find someone.
Jeremiah is his name.
Even Father Carmelo helped him hide.
But I know where he is.
My name is John Lee.
Do not know any priest Carmel.
E nor any Jeremiah.
Do not let strangers come into
home when I'm sleeping.
Now go. I forgive you.
You can make one more like this?
Do not know sculpting in wood.
Father Carmelo would not lie.
He said you're a good man who is afraid...
But it would be nice to talk to me.
He can find you a bit stubborn,
but he did not consider...
...a coward.
Father Carmelo knows very
well that I am no coward.
Well, I might even be...
But if you're looking for
Jeremiah Preston, found.
What do you want?
I came because we have
two enemies in common.
Gold and Fred Loyd.
We have to unite.
Or they will end up with us.
What will I earn if I join you?
You will not get even one day in jail.
I work for a while Loyd.
There was only one man in the west
I could do, and it was me, Jeremiah.
They paid much more than I
win in my lifetime.
And a simple idea became bright.
The work was to create a special design...
...to reschedule the cattle
that was already taken.
So it would be impossible
to recognize the brand...
...that the animal had before.
This is the brand Ranch Welling.
Look what happens:
Just check with this on top...
And becomes the mayor's Gold brand.
This is the ranch bar tenders.
But now it's Gold.
This is the mark of Rodrigues.
Now is also the Gold.
And here is the Days.
And Gold.
Simple, no?
With this evidence, we can prove that
Gold and his henchmen did.
Know ondem make this appointment?
Surely that's where the thugs are.
It is in Newface Rock.
Accompany you there, but
the rest of the adventure is yours.
So okay. Come?
lock the door and not let anyone enter.
I'll be back in a few hours.
Let. I am ready.
Adys, Julie.
Adys, sir.
It's here.
See? It is not far away.
But I'm not beyond that.
A few more kilometers and
arrive in Newface Rock.
Thank you.
If I'm lucky, we'll see again.
I hope so. Do you know where to find me.
Come quick about it.
You are taking too long.
Fast. Fast.
Make fast and make it clear.
Okay, done.
Now we rest, because
cattle have to be in the.
Gold Ranch until dawn.
Everybody ready? Come on.
Good night, boys.
And do not forget that
has whiskey for everyone.
Bring just the wood.
Calm. I'll cut.
I need help here...
Sure, I'll help you.
Finally. This wood was slow in coming...
You think? Take this.
You-Me help put the lamb on the spit.
Course. It will be a pleasure.
Our water ran out.
Do you think you're smart, huh?
It took all my whiskey.
What are you talking about?
Can you give me another drink?
Yes, of course.
This one is over.
Can I get another barrel?
You always expect to ask.
Go get another now.
Joe, dry my clothes.
This is where good friend?
This is the best whiskey that...
Be quiet or I'll shoot.
And put this thing back.
Why is he taking so long?
Must be experiencing,
to know him well.
Head, can come here?
I'm not finding the right barrel.
It is better to think fast, you idiot.
Joe, will there to help.
Where are you?
It took a lot.
But now you can take anything you want.
Tell me where are the
Indenters to mark cattle.
Where are they?
Are there, under the seat.
Exit, Pescott.
Get out there.
Uncle. Uncle.
Wake up.
Ryan. Prescott.
I know they are there.
You're wrong.
I am alone with my niece, Loyd.
You can come and see.
If this is true, you can leave.
We will not shoot.
Stay behind me.
It'll be okay.
Loyd, has anyone else here, only
my niece. I swear.
Uncle, uncle. No.
Help me. Help me.
You are a brave girl.
You have to be strong.
Miss, that's all I could find.
Thank you.
What you really need is
hot chocolate, honey.
Now open the shirt.
Evelyn, do not need.
Not at all.
Maybe you think it's nothing.
Just heard? He said he was not injured.
He wants to pretend he's a hero.
Pride is a sin, son.
You should think about it.
You are risking your life for no reason.
It is against God's laws.
Father, the scriptures say even this is
or yourself who says?
Well, the Bible does not say, but...
In a way...
Ah, somehow, then it is written.
So what?
You are in the writings of Gary Ryan.
Gary Ryan preaches his own revenge.
It's the only way in which it meets.
You are wrong. This has
nothing to do with revenge...
.... Is it justice.
Ok, I agree with you.
There is a good idea that Miss Evelyn
Indenters to bring the judge.
After all, you're the daughter of Bill Baker,
and would soon be noticed.
I'll wrap these Indenters.
It will be easier to carry.
Offered a reward of 5000 for his head.
I'm not sure that can reach Greenfield.
Well, so far I was lucky.
Loyd and Gold And if you catch
Indenters and back?
This risk is necessary to run.
But we do not...
And I'm not talking about me.
I am speaking of others,
like my father, who was ruined.
It's a matter of justice,
and I admit it.
But justice seems impossible.
And if you go and catch you?
Do not worry, Evelyn.
I'm going back.
Now I have a reason to return.
I hope so.
Please stay well. Take care.
Do not worry.
That's what I wanted to hear.
No. No. Do not do this to me.
It must have been hiding in the barn.
I did not know was there.
No, please.
You can pray, you coward.
Take your horses.
It is better to find out where Ryan is.
And when we find, let's kill him.
You coming back?
I will be afraid without you here...
Of course I am, Julie.
I promise.
Here are the Indenters. So
not at risk of losing them in the way.
Thank you, Father.
And take care of the girls.
Good luck.
And forget your pride, Ryan.
I'll try, father.
Gotta finish repair?
Yes, it seems that it was good.
Ok, so get ready to leave.
Father, what does this mean?
Do you go to Greenfield.
Handle it.
This time you will not escape.
I did not think you would find
so fast, I thought?
What do you carry around?
Let me take a look.
What is this slutty?
Look, this was the last time.
Let's get this over with.
Where are Indenters? Tell.
Tell where they are.
Your turn now...
Tell where they are, or dies.
Now... then changed his mind, is it?
I'll tell you.
Untie him.
And no more tricks,
if you want to stay alive.
Do not worry about it.
I know when I lose.
When I went behind the Indenters,
I had a reason for that...
But was not in my plans
talk with Judge Anderson.
He will receive the Indenters and...
If they decide to kill me now...
Will surely be the end of
the line for you guys.
Where are Indenters?
Ok, I'll say.
But wait...
Maybe you and I can make a deal.
What agreement?
Well, Mayor Gold
whether the Indenters, and I have.
What do you want? How much?
Gold I want to give me $ 2,000.
It is also time to escape.
After all, do not want fights.
Take me to the mayor, because I
I have a proposal for him.
It's very tempting.
Come Rex.
Come here.
Let's take a look.
His father was William Baker, no?
Yes, and you
is one of the men who killed him.
Be quiet.
Take all for the Gold.
And Indenters too.
He will be happy to see them.
If you know what is best for you, then
best to put the wheel back.
What hesitation.
Was it that could fool me?
I warned you...
This time we will do it justice.
Go ahead and send
all to prepare for the hanging.
Ask also the reward.
Already left those people
expecting too much.
Mostly the executioner.
He is very professional, and by so much
wait, you're doing well dear...
Hundred dollars.
Do you want to know what I have?
I have nothing.
Not me.
Two hundred U.S. dollars.
And I pay to see.
So have fun.
It's all yours, ma'am.
I have a full house.
It's a night of surprises.
Our friend decided to fleece us.
This is what I intended to do, but...
After that, I need more training.
accompany Mayor.
Martin, you're an idiot.
No... is better to wait.
Tonight you could dispense
with their bodyguards?
Ah, you want my company?
Wait a minute.
You can go boys.
Are exempted.
Now you will tell me who actually killed the
Martin, what you're saying?
You were there and saw who it was.
Who was it?
But I did not see who it was.
I know it was Gary Ryan.
Then who did?
Answer bitch.
I said I do not know anything.
Do not know anything.
Do you know yeah, and tell me.
Of course he knows.
It will take a lot of beating up
morning, if need be.
Please, enough already.
Brought Gary Ryan, Judge.
Have we can make the judgment.
It's just the hammer.
We will have a trial, Loyd...
But Gary Ryan.
Let's make the judgment
who is really the culprit.
Your own judgment.
Bring her out.
Come with me, Sharon.
You can confirm the information
gave us a little?
Yes.. was Lloyd.
Traitor. Will die for it.
Oh, Martin.
Give me your gun, fast.
Sharon confessed to the judge.
And you just had to come here?
Why not?
We are in this together. Do not we?
Get out of here, Loyd.
I have nothing to do with it.
When you destroy these Indenters,
no evidence whatsoever against me.
And when you kill,
I will say a prayer.
Understood. You're right.
I even got myself into this.
Now is alone, Lloyd.
I give my word that do
not shoot if you leave.
I'd rather see him hanged by the neck.
Okay, Ryan.
I'm leaving. Do not shoot.
Unload your gun, or I'll shoot.
Go up there.
Be careful where you guide the cart.
Arrives. Enough is enough.
Look who is ready to be hanged...
Take the Indenters, Gold.
I've had to take.
Take him away.
Sheriff Ryan.
I'll be back.