Wanted (2009) Movie Script

1 ! 2! 3!
Shaina from Mumbai. - Let her hold.
Kill her.
Yes! Give me.
Don Gani.. - Yes, Shaina, tell me.
Don Gani, I was trying to contact you.
- Yes, go ahead.
Golden has been murdered
and there is a blood bath happening here.
You guys don't do anything.
I'm coming to Mumbai
the day after tomorrow.
Tony here. Gani is coming to Mumbai
the day after tomorrow.
Hundred per cent.
'To rein in the crime in Mumbai..'
'..the government has roped in the IG of
Punjab police..'
'..Mr. Ashraf Taufiq Khan
and appointed him..'
'..the new police commissioner of Mumbai.'
'He will hold a meeting with top
police officials today.'
Who is this Golden?
He's a big name in Mumbai underworld.
Two third of Mumbai is controlled by
Golden and his gang.
Kidnapping, contract killing,
extortion, land grabbing.
This is what the gang does.
This gang is run by a person called Gani,
not Golden.
He operates this gang from outside India.
Don Gani. - Yes, tell me.
Your job will be done.
We got information from the
intelligence report..
..that in the terrorist attack on
Mumbai last week..
..Gani used his local gang to help
the terrorists..
..come via the sea route.
He never stays in the country
for too long.
That's why he has not been
caught till now.
And who is Datta Pawale?
Datta Pawale used to be work for Gani.
Tie him to a rock and throw him in.
He built his own gang.
He does the same kind of work as
Golden's gang.
But on a smaller scale.
His right hand's name is Shiva.
He operates in the area around Versova.
Every other day there's a gang war
between them.
Some from the police department are
hand-in-glove with them.
And both gangs have political support.
We arrest them in the morning.
But they get released by evening.
Come on. Get in.
Unless we finish the Mumbai underworld
and these local gangs..
..this city can't be safe from
foreign terrorists.
'The moment Ashraf Khan took charge..'
'..he started operations against
the mafia.'
'In the past 48 hours
more than 200 goons have been arrested..'
'..and eight dangerous goons
have been shot dead.'
'Because of Commissioner Ashraf's
tough stand..'
'..against the Mumbai underworld,
the gangsters are really frightened.'
'Ashraf Khan says it's his dream
to make Mumbai crime free.'
'And to do this, he will
not worry about..'
'..political or bureaucratic pressure.'
We have to take care of a man. - Who?
Genghis. - The one from Ghatkopar? - Yes.
We have to beat him up in his locality.
Which one of you will beat him up?
"He's wanted."
Is he any good?
He's more ruthless than Rambo.
More destructive than Terminator.
Smarter than Rocky and
Quicker than Bruce Lee.
He's the last action hero.
Nab him!
You scoundrel! Stop there! - Stop!
"He's wanted."
The stuff is here brother.
They are just too many.
Go get some more money.
Okay. Excuse me.
Move aside.
Hey! Who are you?
You won't get beaten up
without knowing my name?
So you've taken the contract to
beat me up?
Once I take a contract,
l don't listen to myself even.
You fool.
Can't you see how many men are with me?
Pigs always hunt in groups.
And a tiger hunts alone.
Shankar, pull down the shutters.
Brother.. Keep it slightly open.
He might find it useful while escaping.
Move aside!
You'll die today.
You've made a big mistake by throwing
away the key.
Hey, what will you do? What?
l swear on your mother.
Today, you won't be able to crawl out of
here, let alone walk out.
You're swearing on my mother?
Now that I've sworn on her..
- You swore on my mother..
I'll keep it. - You..
Ill break the lock as well as your jaw.
No! No!
"My charisma".
"I want the magic."
"Here and there."
"One. Two. Three. Four."
"Break it down."
"Here and there."
"It will be all around the world. What!"
"My charisma.."
"Here and there."
"It will be all around the world. What?"
"My charisma.."
"All rise."
""With the rhythm and the beats."
"So high."
"This is my charisma."
"Do the rock and roll some night".
"All rise."
"To the rhythm and the beats."
"so high."
"This is my charisma."
"Do the rock and roll some night".
"Just magic."
"I don't know to go back on my word."
"Friends, it's a promise I'll die
fulfilling my promise."
"I have a unique way of living."
"I have a different style."
"My charisma.."
"One. Two. Three. Four."
"Break it down."
"My charisma.."
"Break it down."
"Yes. Yes. Yes, Charisma.."
Will you work for me?
Come on, sit inside.
"That's right."
"Let me show you
how to make the world bow to you."
"Let me show
you how to make the world bow to you."
"If you're courageous like me,
the world will be afraid of you."
"Be it a storm or a hurricane."
"nothing can stand in front of me."
"My charisma.."
"One. Two. Three. Four."
"Here and there."
"It will be all around the world. What!"
"Your charisma.."
"All rise."
"To the rhythm and the beats."
"So high."
"This is your charisma. - Charisma.."
Do the rock and roll some night."
"All rise."
"To the rhythm and the beats." "So high."
"This is my charisma. - Charisma.."
Do the rock and roll some night."
"Do the rock and roll."
"Come on, do your magic."
Hello, tell me..
Hey, stupid. Why did you disturb me?
Prabhudheva and Govinda had
joined me in celebrations.
Blasted them.
Sir, please check your iPod.
Ill be right back.
Where are you going?
I'm going to meet my cousin.
She lives in the neighborhood.
She's throwing me glances.
What kind of a girl will be
interested in you.
She's a cat. - Really?
Someone like me won't get a
Miss World or Miss Universe.
l have only one principle.
Try to woo the least
beautiful girl in the group.
She gets enticed quickly.
And she won't betray you in love.
You fool. If you run after the girl..
..the girl will take your money and run.
If you chase money,
the girl will chase you.
Excuse me!
I don't agree with you.
Don't look at my face. Look in my eyes.
There's so much truth in them.
Your eyes express
what your heart wants to say.
I love you very much.
Is it?
I love you very much.
You love me, too, don't you?
Then, why don't you express it?
I'm scared.
You're in love. Don't get scared.
"When you're in love why get scared?"
"You've loved, it's no.."
That was superb!
'Thank you. If you record a
video like this ..
.. and give it to your boyfriend..'
'..he'll be crazy about you.'
What I was saying is..
It will be done.
Brother! - Yes.
Who was the girl on TV?
She's a customer. - Oh, really?
Yes, sir. Her handycam was not working.
The cassette got stuck.
So we were just checking it out.
Okay. Go on.
- Hello. Yes. Youll get it by 4 o'clock.
"When you're in love, why get scared?"
How much?
5000,Your Highness.
"When you're in love, why get scared?"
"We are in love and not thieves."
Thank you.
"Why to sigh in solitude?"
"When you're in love, why get scared?"
-Radhe! Radhe!
Radhe! Radhe!
What happened to you?
You we-re going to meet your cousin,
Then go on.
If she has two more cousins,
then take them along.
Dad, money.. - What?
I don't want it.
Where were you all these days?
No phone call. No message.
Do you think this is a guesthouse?
You come and leave whenever you feel like.
Get up!
Don't look at girls. Okay? - Absolutely.
"When you're in love why get scared?"
"We're in love and are not thieves."
"Why to sigh in solitude?"
"When you're in love why get scared?"
I'm working till date.
And you're ruining your life with
your loafer friends.
Excuse me, sir. - Yes.
Some boys are peeping in
through the window.
It's uncomfortable. - I'm coming.
Thank you, sir.
Hey! What's going on?
We're learning aerobics. - Straighten up!
Now. - Shut up!
All perverts!
What are you looking at?
Take away these goons.
And don't bring them here again. Idiots!
Youll get me in trouble.
Let's go. Come on.
He is too much. You don't know or what?
Girls like these, do things like
this for us.
Check if he has gone.
He's gone.
What are you doing?
- Look who is doing better? Me or her?
Let me do it. Let me do it.
Are you crazy? Please.
- Let me do it. Put me down.
Good morning, sir.
Lakshman Dongre.
It's my first day on duty, sir.
Why do you want to be a policeman?
For money?
- No, sir. I want to serve my country.
I want to work as a policeman
and get a medal from the president.
Can you shoot?
- I'm the gold medalist of my batch.
Pick up that rifle. - Yes, sir.
Load it.
It's loaded, sir.
- Now take aim and shoot me. - Sir?
Come on, shoot.
You'll die, sir.
All right. then I'll shoot you.
Fine. Shoot this.
One. Two.
What happened gold medalist.
How did you miss?
I don't know, sir.
The rifle we are given during training
is brand new.
The barrel is straight and so is the body,
isn't it?
And the service weapon that we get..
..is like some old used junk.
The barrel is not straight and
the body is quite loose.
The bullet is released,
but we miss the target.
Do you understand?
If you know how to shoot
at point blank range..
..only then join the department.
Got it? - Yes.
Go on. The school is over.
Sir, someone's here to meet you.
- To hell with him!
Send him in.
Tell me. - Sir, my name is Ashok Gulati.
I'm a builder.
And I've bought a plot in Worli.
A local goon has been troubling me.
He tells me to either give him
protection money or stop the work.
What's his name? - Dilip Topi.
Who is he? You may go Mr.
Gulati. I'll handle him.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Yes, Mr. Talpade.
- Did you threaten GuIati builder?
I told him to give me Rs.1 million
or else Ill finish him.
You're behaving like a beggar.
Tell him to pay up Rs.2.5 million
or else youll finish him.
All right, boss.
Sister! Sister, your boyfriend
is coming here all dressed up.
Go away. Go on!
Had he not been our landlord,
I wouldn't have taken him in.
What are you doing?
I'm fed up of the girls of this colony.
Look, another girl has sent me a love letter.
Read it.
How can l read a letter sent to you?
Please. - Give it to me. Ill read it.
What are you doing?
You shouldnt.. - Let him read it.
'To the young,
charming and handsome hero of our colony.'
'Sonu Gates.'
'Hi, dude.
You don't know how much I love you.'
'The way you walk. The way you dress up.'
'And your cute muscles have
driven me crazy.'
Read it quickly.
'All the girls in the colony are
crazy about you, let alone me.'
'For God's sake, don't lose your heart
to anyone else but me.'
'I can't sleep at night..' - Enough!
Just imagine,
if you're ashamed to hear all this..
..what would a young and
handsome guy go through?
Do you know how old the girl is?
Only 16.
If she were of Jahnvi's age,
I would have considered it.
Janu. Janu!
You may not know this, but I know..
..how possessive you're about me.
Okay. I apologize to you
on behalf of those girls. Cool?
Oh, gosh. She's so upset.
Why am I so handsome?
Brother! - Yes, oldie.
Get married quickly.
One year later it wouldn't be of any use.
You smiled and now you're trapped.
Who is Radhe here?
Are you Radhe? Are you Radhe?
Are you him? Speak up! - Hey!
What's going on? - Do you know Radhe?
Do you know him? - Lay off!
Now tell me, who is Radhe?
Hey! - Where is Radhe? - Move it!
Speak up. Speak up.
Where is Radhe? Who is he?
Speak up! Where is he?
Where is Radhe?
Can't you hear me? Are you Radhe?
Where is Radhe? Where is Radhe?
Excuse me. - Move it! - What is it?
You want to meet Radhe? - Yes.
I'm Radhe.
Let go off my collar.
What did you say? - Oh God.
What did you say?
Come on. - Come with us.
Come on, brother. - Come on.
Sit down. - Why did he ask him to sit?
People are scared even to look at my men.
But you beat them up. - Hang on.
Yes, Brother.
They don't steal footwear from a mosque.
The one who needs them takes them away.
It's your footwear that's been stolen,
not the Kohinoor diamond.
Go buy another pair from the market.
Do you know why you're still alive?
What? You couldn't get pilaf?
Do one thing. Get chicken from the market.
Bring some rice.
Add water in a pan and prepare the pilaf.
Will you work for me?
No. I only work for Gandhi.
Gandhi? Who is this don?
- Shut up. He's talking about money.
Stop doing odd jobs from today.
You got to follow two rules
if you want to work with me.
First. Don't mess with the police.
And second. Never be afraid of death.
The one who talks about the police is
actually afraid of them.
This is your right hand man?
Hey! - Stop!
I punched your goon in your own den.
This was in reply to your second
Don't grab me by my collar again.
I'll do any job that you want.
But l should get half the share.
Hey, hero. You have a great style.
are you here to make them your brothers?
Don't worry. I won't make you my brother.
My name is Shayana.
You play well with the weapon.
I'm a good at shooting also.
He's a resourceful man,
but he's too smart.
it's just your mouth that's
bleeding right now.
Just imagine what will happen later.
Hey stop, stop. Stop! Stop you, idiot.
Wait here.
You loafers,
your father is getting married? Move on.
Don't you have a college to go to?
Oops! Sorry.
Where are you going?
Who are you?
We're checking everyone. Clean up.
What's your name?
What do you do?
I work at a call centre.
Which call centre? - GCS.
Be careful. Careful.
Where are you going now?
Fitness centre.
You are pretty fit.
There is no need to go there.
Want to go to the police station? - No.
Will you come? - Excuse me!
Write down your address. - Why?
Will you write here or at the
police station?
Write down your phone number as well.
She's like cocaine.
Hey, take me to the guest house,
not the police station.
Who is this guy you're going to kill?
One of Datta Pawale's men.
I see.
Yes, tell me.
- Pakiya, is he there? - No, not yet.
Tell me as soon as you see him.
- All right. Don't worry.
Do you have a light?
- I don't. Now go away.
Do you have a light?
- I said I don't have it..
Whom were you talking to?
Whom were you talking to?
What were you talking about?
Speak! - The police are here.
Yes. - Police? The police are here.
What happened, sir? Who is this man?
This is your jurisdiction.
And you're asking me what happened.
Something's going to happen here.
Find out.
Hey, come on.
He's here.
Get ready.
Darn it.
You take care of him. I'll handle them.
Hey, stop! Stop!
What's this? - Its a gun.
I found it there.
Where? - There.
At first I thought it was a toy.
But by its weight I realized it's real.
- is it real? Hey!
Where do you live? - Nearby.
Where are you coming from? - Movie.
Come here.
Me? - Yes, you. Come here.
Search him.
Let's go.
We're rounding up people.
We'll have to search you.
Sir, may l leave? - Wait a minute.
How long do I have to wait?
I said wait a minute.
But sir, I'll be late.
- You're getting late?
You want to go home?
Sir, don't hit me.
- Are you threatening me?
Are you threatening a policeman?
What wrong did I say?
I'm getting late.
My family is waiting for me.
That's all I said. That's all.
If you don't shut up then
they will have to wait lifelong.
Hey, where is the girl?
- Sir, she went away.
Went away?
What's happening here? Who is he?
Sir, I was just returning from a movie.
He stopped me.
Someone has been murdered here!
A dead body is lying here!
Gani's men killed Rafiq last night.
They have the support of that
scoundrel MLA Yadav.
He is Gani's stooge.
I'll kill him one day.
There will be only one don in Mumbai.
Datta Pawle.
Shoot that MLA. Shoot him!
Hail Sushil Yadav!
Don't get scared. Sit here. - Yes.
Switch it on. - Yes.
Sir, you.. - I shot MLA Sushil Yadav.
He was a hurdle. That's why I killed him.
I'll kill anyone who blocks our path..
like this.
And if police tries to stop us? - Yes.
Police? I'll blow them away.
Write like this. - Yes.
Take my photograph. - Yes.
Ready? - Yes.
It's a bad, bad, bad world.
Nobody is good in the world except me.
Oh, priest, please bless me.
She's not looking at me.
Your Anarkali.
Hi. - Hi.
Thank you very much.
What for?
Had you not been there that night,
that inspector would have..
You were very helpful.
Coffee? - No thanks.
I have to go for my class. Aerobics.
I'm fit, ain't I?
Anyway, hi, I'm Jahnvi.
What's your name? - Radhe.
Nice name.
Help! Help!
Hey stop! Don't let him go.
He is bleeding badly,
sir. - What can l do?
Fill in the form first. Pay the fees.
And then we will start the treatment.
The queue is pretty long sir.
It will take too much time.
You please start the treatment.
- What if there's a long queue?
Don't you understand?
This is the hospital rule.
It's mandatory.
The rules come first, then the treatment.
Doctor! Doctor.. - Don't touch me.
Help! Somebody, help!
Hey, Stop! Stop there.
Don't behave like an illiterate.
Don't get emotional.
We will first stand the queue,
fill the form, pay the fees.
And then get treated.
I'm bleeding pretty badly.
- What can I do?
You've laid down these rules.
First come the rules and
then the treatment.
First the treatment and
then comes the rules.
Hold this.
Come on, Son. - Where are you taking him?
We will treat him first sir.
Forms can be filled in later.
Thank you, Doctor. Thank you.
Why did you have to get violent to
get me treated?
The results are in front of you.
Why did that man try to kill you?
I must have beaten him up.
He was only taking revenge.
What do you do anyway?
She's asking such a direct question.
What do you think?
I think you're a hoo.. - A hooligan?
Why don't you work somewhere
to earn money?
Mother Teresa, who says
I don't earn money?
I can do anything for money.
What do you mean?
I beat up the doctor, didn't I? - Yes.
I take money for such things.
But why?
That's my talent.
People get scared of me.
You're wondering whether
I'm a good person or a bad one.
No. no. - No?
Gabbar Singh.
Shall we go, Sambha? - Yes!
Where do you want to go, sir?
Let's go.
How did you call the taxi?
- I whistled. Why?
How? - Don't you know how to whistle?
Bring out your tongue a little.
Bring it out. Come on.
A little more.
Now bend it like Beckham.
Great whistle!
"Oh, my darling,
I can do anything for your love."
"I can fight the world for you."
"How do I believe youll do
everything for me?"
"Who knows? Youll dump me anytime."
"l love you, darling.
I can give my life for you as well."
"Take away my heart. Baby, become mine."
"In return, give me your heart."
"Listen to me, baby."
"You're young."
"Come on, baby. Come on, baby.
Listen to me."
"Let's go party."
"I've taken lessons in love."
"I'll run on the path of love."
"Go away. Don't boast so much."
"Don't teach me about love."
"All day.. - Go away."
"I'll chase you.. - Go away."
"I'll drag you to court."
"In your love,
I can sing the melody backwards."
"Ill perform fire rituals to win
you over."
"How do I believe
you'll do everything for me?"
"Who knows? Youll dump me anytime."
"l love you, darling.
I can give my life for you as well."
"Darling, don't make me suffer so much."
"You have my head, you may behead me."
"Don't talk so much about love."
"Go away.
Stop chasing me. Finish the matter."
"Why do you break my heart? - Go away."
"Why are you upset? - Go away."
"Why do you want to fall in love with me?"
"If I make a mistake,
I'll accept any punishment."
"If l make a mistake,
I'll do the sit-ups."
"ll accept the punishment
and then steal your heart."
"How do I believe
you'll do everything for me?"
"Who knows? Youll dump me anytime."
"l love you, darling.
I can give my life for you as well."
"Come on."
Hey, get up!
Search the house. - Yes, sir.
What's going on?
We've got information
that this is a house of ill repute.
Do you understand?
What are you doing? This is my house.
You've been mistaken. This..
I've been mistaken?
Hey, come here.
Who is she? - My sister.
Who all live here?
Me, my mother and my sister.
And your father?
My father is no more.
Who comes here everyday? - No one.
Then who is that peeping tom?
He is the landlord.
Whenever he comes here,
he troubles us. Just like you.
Come to the other room.
l want to talk to you.
I'm saddened by your condition.
It must have been difficult
to raise the kids, right?
How do you run the house?
My daughter goes to work.
Where is she?
She hasn't returned yet.
She works the nights?
No. No.
Hey, don't cry. Please.
I can understand your feelings.
You have a young daughter.
You must be worried thinking
how you'd get her married.
Don't worry.
I'll keep her.
She's amazing.
Hey, please.
I'll take care of you too.
You're fine even at your age.
The ruin says it was beautiful once.
Think about it, Laxmi.
If there's a policeman in the house..
..will anyone dare misbehave with you?
Or else the same drug case
or a prostitution case.
Can your family endure so much bad name?
I know you'll take the right decision.
Great escape.
Thank you.
Are you the uncle who lives here?
I'm not your uncle.
I'm Sonu Gates. Software Engineer.
You're Jahnvi's watchman from today.
Call me and inform me about..
..who comes here, who meets her, etc.
Do you understand? - I understand, sir.
I got it.
Hey, come here!
Why are you gossiping over there?
Take the order quickly,
or else Ill cut your wages.
Go on!
Who is Ganesh?
That's me. Why?
And who is she?
Who is she?
As soon as you got married,
you abandoned your mother?
Mother! Mother!
If you do this again, I'll break your jaw.
Radhe, my father. My father.
What's going on?
And what are you doing here?
I had come to meet my friend.
They are your friends?
They are my friends.
So, Ganesh, take care of your mother.
We'll move.
Did you understand?
Why were they beating you up?
They are my childhood friends.
They beat me up every time they meet me.
Yes, I saw that.
I saw who was beating whom.
Serve a cold drink to this gentleman.
Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!
Talk to your dad.
He appears out of thin air.
With age everything.. - Rots.
But your dad is troubling us.
You? - Warning.
Sweetheart! - Mister! - What?
I wanted to return your Rs.10000.
Rs.10000? When did I give it to you?
You're not Mr. Naren. - You're not? Sorry.
Do anything you can.
The lift should stop. - Okay.
The job's done? - Its done.
Sweetheart! Open the door.
What happened? - Hold on.
Why did the lift stop?
It will take 10 to 15 minutes.
Have fun, man.
What? An hour?
One hour?
It will take an hour?
I got it.
It will take an hour now.
What happened? - Listen.
I hope you've had food. - Yes.
Have you been to the washroom?
Because youll get none of it here.
It will take an hour.
An hour?
We can die of suffocation in an hour.
It's a good thing that you'll die young.
Or else afterwards..
..old age, overweight, grey hair.
Artificial dentures, wrinkles.
And this heavy make-up
to hide those wrinkles.
Hello. Apart from lipstick,
I don't use anything else.
What's this?
Mechanic, the lift is not working.
Come, quickly.
Give him to me.
Come quickly.
But the lift shouldn't start soon. - Yes.
Can I ask you a question?
- What's the name of your girlfriend?
I don't have a girlfriend.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Haven't found someone
who I could call my boyfriend.
What do you want in a boyfriend?
The guy should be well-educated.
He should have a great job.
He should be a good human being.
Handsome.. l won't mind if he's not.
That's the only quality I have.
And there is no requirement for it.
Did you say something? - Best of luck.
Check what the problem is.
What kind of a girl do you like?
I could do with any kind of girl. - Wow!
But they have their own long lists.
And I don't fit any of them.
I hate girls.
Sometimes I feel I should have a
Idiot, as soon as you repair it..
..the lift should go two floors below.
What is that?
My cell phone is on vibration mode.
I am not sure whether it will work or not.
Now you may land.
Okay? - Yes. Now. Do it now.
Do it quickly.
Okay? - Okay.
Okay. - Okay.
I'm feeling very hot.
Me too.
Vicco Vajradanti? - Yes.
Me too.
Should I show you?
For me. - Okay.
Now this lift will stop on
the ground floor.
"When you're in love why get scared?"
"We are in love and we are not thieves.
Why to sigh in solitude."
"When you're in love why get scared?"
Oh, thank God. - Excuse me.
Sweetheart! , where is he?
Where is that hooligan? Where..
He escaped. Come, Sweetheart!.
I've already paid Don Gani's man.
Who is this Don Gani?
l don't know any Gani.
What did he say?
He doesn't know Don Gani?
I want Rs.2.5 million. Right now or else..
Hello. - Golden.
Why did you call?
I want a meeting with you. - Why?
Call Radhe for the meeting.
Your men crossed into my area.
Let me take a look at him carefully.
Why are you staring at me?
Do you want to marry off
your sister with me?
I paid you to beat up Genghis.
And now you've joined hands with them?
I work only for money.
You pay me handsomely. I'll kill him.
Scoundrel, you're very cunning.
I have two conditions for the compromise.
your men will not operate in my area.
And second, I want Shiva.
Golden, will you kill me?
You want to kill me?
His photograph got published in
the papers.
Does that make him a hero?
He extorts money in my area and
says he doesn't know Don Gani.
I'm a hero.
And I'll say it in front of you.
Who is this Don Gani?
You.. - Golden!
Why are you getting angry? Sit down.
Relax. Just sit down.
Why are you getting angry at him?
He says what I tell him.
Even I don't know your Don Gani.
You've come to meet him and
he has set you up.
Let's finish them all and go.
What did you say? Look at me and say it.
Hey, tell him what kind of a man is
Datta Pawale.
Stupid! Idiot! Have you lost it?
He's crazy.
Youll kill us? In our area?
Let go of his collar.
I won't. What will you do?
What will you do?
Don't worry about this loud mouth.
Just say yes.
Who is he to say anything?
What will you do if he says yes?
What will you do?
I have decided.
- Who are you to decide anything?
Hey, you're just a new kid.
I've been in this business for 20 years.
I've killed more than 50.
Why are you looking at him?
- Tell me quickly. Say yes.
What can he say? I say yes. Look here..
Kill him!
No! No!
He says he doesn't know Don Gani.
He doesn't know Don Gani!
He doesn't know Don Gani!
Let him go. He has got know.
You fool! Because of you,
all of us would have been dead.
Do you need him?
Will you kill him? Will you kill him?
Hey, come on. Get going. - Darn you.
When will the Mumbai police wake up?
Sir, so many people are being killed..
..and you're giving such routine answers?
You can't stay silent like this.
If the media can reach the gangsters,
why can't the police?
The police don't know anything
but to take bribe.
She has come.
Hi. - Hi.
You're going home? - Yes.
What's in the box?
Let me have it. - It's empty.
Are you annoyed with me?
I tried to call you several times.
Sometimes it's switched off
and other times..
Which number did you dial?
That's not my number. 9894536993.
I tried your number several times as well.
If you want my number.
Just ask for it.
I'll give you a missed call. Feed it in.
They are my friends. - Hello. - Hi.
Oh, sorry.
These Mumbai trains are so shaky.
Excuse me. - Yes.
He is sitting here already. - Who?
My husband.
He has gone to the toilet.
There's no toilet in a local train.
Please get up. - Why?
Get up! - What?
Idiot, don't bug me.
Get out of here or else I'll punch you.
She's such a bully!
Don't panic. Please be seated.
The train on platform number 7 is..
Sister is at home.
Son, don't push like that.
We are men.
It might hurt our delicate parts.
There must have been pasta in this
lunch-box.- Correct
You are of no use to me, Brother.
Brother? I see. You mean brother-in-law.
My sister is great, isn't she?
But tell her to call me.
All right. But only on one condition.
- What?
How did you build such a physique?
Are you trying to make fun of me?
No. I'm serious. Give me some tips.
Eat less and go the toilet many times.
Yes, that's what my sister does. - What?
Yes. - Oh no!
Which song were you playing?
"Pasta, pasta, I've fallen in love."
Hi, Laxmi. How are you?
Is your health all right?
Did you talk to Jahnvi about me?
What is it? Why are you silent?
Why are you troubling us like this?
Should I come tonight?
Poor guy.
Sir! Sir, Dilip Topi was troubling
Mr. Gulati, the builder..
..for Rs.2.5 million.
He has been killed in an encounter
near Haji Ali.
But sir, one of our constables
Lakshman Dongre also got killed.
Sir, can you send some people here?
Thank you, sir.
You can keep the Rs.2.5 million.
Do you think I'm a corrupt policeman?
Sorry. Sorry, sir.
I've never taken a bribe till now.
Got it?
Do a thing.
You're building a 2000 sq ft shop.-Yes.
Gift it to my wife.
Sir, it is worth Rs.25 million.
Will you take 25 million to your grave?
What name should I register it to?
Mrs. Nandini Talpade.
Your sister has a long life. Look. Look.
Hello, Nandini. Yes.
"Live for a thousand years."
"Every year should have 50000 days."
Is there a strike? Auto.. - Listen!
Halt! - The police is chasing me. - l see.
Don't tell them anything.
- But what should I not tell them?
Don't tell them anything. - But..
Don't tell them anything.
Follow me. - Sir.
Where did he go? - He went that way.
Follow him. - Okay, follow..
Where are you going? - Alright, then..
He's a thief. - Yes, he looked like one.
The police are chasing him.
- Yes, he told me.
I saw him whisper something
into your ear from there.
What did he tell you?
He told me not to tell you anything.
Look, I'm an inspector.
You shouldnt lie to the police.-No.
Tell me what he told you.
He just told me not to tell you anything.
I've been telling you to tell the truth.
What did he tell you?
Sir, I swear he told me not to
tell you anything.
Darn you! The same thing again. - Okay
The same thing again.
- Okay. I'll tell the truth.
I'll tell the truth.
- That's good. Tell me.
I'll only tell the truth and
nothing but the truth
Sir, he told me not to tell you anything.
Hey, I'm taking a rest. - Okay.
Yes, ready.
Wait here. Ill be right back.
Did you tell him anything? Beep! Beep!
He said something to you again.
He did.
No, sir.
You.. - No, I'll tell you. Ill tell you.
Give me your ear.
Beep! Beep!
What did you say?
From there!
Hello. - This is your watchman speaking.
Hurry up!
Sir! Sir!
I had told you about the guy
who meets Jahnvi.
He is right here. - Which one?
- Throw! Throw!
The one who looks like a hero.
That's him.
Pass. Pass. Yes. Yes. Radhe,
over here. Come on. Pass..
Everybody move back.
I have to search this guy.
Didn't you hear me? Move back!
You're the guy who found a gun
in the lane, aren't you?
You gave it back.
Now that you found the girl, you kept her?
What's this? What is this?
You sell drugs?
You're a drug dealer?
come to the police station with me.
For what? - For this.
Where did it go?
Stop. Stop.
'You're wanted."
You're a drug dealer?
'You're wanted."
You sell drugs? - Its gone.
The headmaster of the school where
you learnt all these tricks..
..comes to learn from me even today.
She's mine. Only mine. Do you understand?
Yours? She's yours?
She's yours?
The gun I found that night was mine.
Look, I still have the bullets.
Are you threatening me?
You have to account for every bullet.
l may shoot as many as I want.
I don't have to give any account.
I'll kill you in a police encounter
one day.
Do you think I'm the constable
from your police station?
Should I tell you how you killed him?
A 2000 sq. ft. shop has been
registered in your wife's name.
I don't want to argue with you.
The construction is on fast track.
- Go away.
Air conditioned.
Centrally air conditioned.
Don't follow me. l warn you.
You're using Italian marble, aren't you?
Nandini will be very happy with you.
- Go away.
I'll take care of you. I won't spare you.
I won't spare you.
You're messing up with the wrong guy.
Let's go. - I'll take care of you.
Scoundrel! - Let's go. Come on.
Oh, God!
Jahnvi is mine. Only mine.
And I can do anything for her.
Three. Four. Five. Six.
Seven. Eight. One..
Oh God!
What's going on? - Hey, shut up! Shut up!
Who is that boyfriend of yours?
you want a real man?
Am I not good enough?
Did your mom talk to you about me?
You are mine.
He says, "Jahnvi is mine and
I can do anything for her."
If you meet him again, Ill kill you.
"Jahnvi is mine and
I can do anything for her."
Sister, what you're saying is fine, but..
He's a goon, isn't he?
But he's good at heart.
I'm sure I can change him.
Do you love him so much?
All right. But he will have to bring
chocolates for me everyday.
Hi, would-be mother. How are you.
This is Jahnvi's friend,
Madhuri, speaking.
And this is Radhe's friend,
and your husband, Nene, speaking.
Sorry, this is Jahnvi speaking.
I know.
I want to meet you. - Why?
Actually, l wanted to meet you because..
Don't beat around the bush.
I wanted to say something personal to you.
So, can we.. can we..
"Love me, love me, love me."
"Your mama says you love me."
"Papa says you love me."
"Then love me, baby. Love me."
"Love me, love me, love me."
"Mama says you love me."
"Your papa says you love me."
"Then love me, baby. Love me."
"I'd like to spend my whole life with you."
"Love me, love me, love me."
"You say love me, love me, love me. Stop."
"I promise I'll be with you till the end."
"Love me, love me, love me."
"You say love me, love me, love me. Stop."
"I'd like to spend my whole life with you."
"I promise I'll be with you till the end."
"You are my desire. You are what I wish for."
"I'm in front of you. You can ask for my life."
"Love me, love me, love me."
"Your mama says you love me."
"Papa says you love me."
"Then love me, baby. Love me."
"Love me, love me, love me."
"Mama says you love me."
"Your papa says you love me."
"Then love me, baby. Love me."
"You're my future. You're my destiny."
"I don't like anyone else but you."
"My sweetheart. My darling."
"I can't love anyone else but you."
"It's your name on my lips all the while."
"None of my dreams are without you in them."
"You are my desire. You are what I wish for."
"I'm in front of you. You can ask for my life."
"Love me, love me, love me."
"Your mama says you love me."
"Papa says you love me."
"Then love me, baby. Love me."
"Love me, love me, love me."
"Mama says you love me."
"Your papa says you love me."
"Then love me, baby. Love me."
"My darling. My beloved."
"You kindled love in my heart."
"My darling, this is true.."
"..but love has thrilled our lives."
"My heart has gone out of my control."
"You don't think before you fall in love."
"You're my desire. You're what I wish for."
"I'm in front of you. You can ask for my life."
"Love me, love me, love me."
"Your mama says you love me."
"Papa says you love me."
"Then love me, baby. Love me."
"Love me, love me, love me."
"Mama says you love me."
"Your papa says you love me."
"Then love me, baby. Love me."
You wanted to meet me. Here I am.
I've been sitting here like
a stone since half an hour.
What do you want to say?
I just wanted to say to you..
..that you don't have any
qualities that I like.
Still, I don't know why
I think of you all the time.
Whenever I asked my heart
who's my Mr. Right..
..it took your name.
By now, you must have guessed
what I want to say.
So, why don't you say it first?
I'd like it.
Yes, I love you.
But l haven't said it to you until now..
..because I'm not worthy of you.
I don't know myself how
big a scoundrel I am.
But l like you very much.
Think again.
Once I commit something,
I don't listen to myself even.
Close your eyes.
Just close your eyes.
I love..
No.. - No.
They must have finished Radhe by now.
Take the call, rascal!
Take the call, rascal!
You thought I was a petty thief.
I'm a murderer.
Would you still say that you love me?
Listen, I love you.
You think about it again.
Jahnvi, don't you want to go to office?
'Our sources have informed us..'
'..that in a shoot-out between two gangs..'
'..12 dead bodies have been found.'
'Police are trying to find out
which gang they belonged to.'
'Mumbai Commission Ashraf Khan has given..'
'..shoot-at-sight orders to his
special forces.'
He's assured that very soon he'll..
..investigate about the gangs in Mumbai.
Hello. - Did you kill Datta Pawale's men?
He's crazy! He's totally mad!
Why? - They started it. I finished it.
Do you know what has been
the reaction to this?
Datta Pawale has killed Golden.
Hey, what happened?
- What happened?
You're his next target.
Stop! Stop!
Will you never change?
Today, again you
You know I love you very much.
Yes, so what?
I thought after knowing That,
you'd try to change.
Murder there!
- There has been a murder in the back lane.
What do I do now?
Should I love you or forget you?
Forget me.
How can l forget you?
Then don't forget me.
You know only know to kill.
How many more will you kill?
If you don't shut up right now, I'll kill you.
For me, it's not wrong to kill.
You've done the wrong thing
by falling in love with me.
I've just liked a nice girl.
That's it.
Don't play this emotional drama
in front of me.
I'm allergic to tears.
Fine. I won't cry.
What is your relationship with me?
Hey! - Ill never cry again.
I said that's good.
"You took my heart and gave me heartache."
"You said I'm your life and
then took my life away."
"You robbed me of my identity."
"You said I'm your life and
then took my life away."
"I had never thought you'd
come so close to me."
"Unknowingly you'll be mine."
"You've kindled love in my heart."
"Let's walk together.."
"Let's walk together, my darling."
"You took my dreams away."
"You robbed me of my identity."
"You said I'm your life and
then took my life away."
"In your love
I've begun to cross all limits."
"I stopped myself, and
yet l fell in love with you."
"Let me hide you in my heart."
"Let me lock you away in my heartbeats."
"Let me lock you away in
my heartbeats, my darling."
"You took all my desires away."
"You said I'm your life and
then took my life away."
Don Gani.
Yes, Shaina, tell me.
- Boss, I've been trying to contact you.
Yes, go ahead. Speak.
Golden has been killed and there is
blood bath happening here.
You don't do anything.
I'm coming to Mumbai the day after tomorrow.
Tony here.
Don Gani is coming to Mumbai
the day after tomorrow. - Confirmed?
Hundred per cent.
Tomorrow, Gani will come to Lakshwadeep.
He'll reach 'Bhau Cha Dhakka' by sea.
His men will be waiting there with a car.
We'll attack him right then.
that scoundrel will be in front of me here.
Today, not tomorrow.
I had sent you the information
of my arrival.
Datta Pawale. You used to handle
my work at the docks.
You broke away and
now you're destroying me.
You've become a big man.
Sir. - Yes.
Datta Pawale has been killed.
We've got information
that Don Gani has done this.
Yes, papa is at home. Hold on.
The car can't go from this place.
Make a way from here.
We will have to take the other route. - Sir.
Papa, phone.
Dear, please go inside.
Shrikant, l want to meet you right now.
Ballu, make Uncle Sonu sit when he comes..
That fatso is coming now?
If I see his face, my day gets ruined.
I'll go away before that old man comes.
Good morning, Sweetheart!
Sorry, I didn't see you.
That's why I referred you as a fatso.
It's okay.
I called you a bad omen.
I called you an old man.. - Okay.
You said it because you
didn't see me. No problem.
I understand.
You really didn't see me?
I swear.
Cool. - Ill go change.
Darling, you change. Ill take it. - Okay.
Hello. - Hello.
Who are you? - Who are you?
This is Inspector Talpade.
Sir, this is your watchman speaking.
what are you doing in her house?
I had come to collect the rent.
I'm having tea now.
Pour the tea on your head.
Done, sir.
Now put Laxmi on the line.
Aunt, your call.
Hello. - Laxmi.
It's an auspicious day today.
I'm coming to spend the night
with your daughter.
Please, don't ruin my daughter's life.
Stop chasing her.
We are a respectable family.
Darn, I totally forgot.
They are a respectable family.
You get inside.
Who are you?
What are you doing? - Let go!
Let go off my sister!
Mother! - Open the door!
Where are you going? - Open the door!
What are you doing with my daughter?
Open the door! - Uncle please save my sister.
Please. - Please let her go.
Let her go.
Open the door!
Let go off me! Let go!
Let go off me! Let go off me!
Save my daughter.
Now people will think that you've been raped.
Save my daughter!
My dear!
My dear.
What happened? Come on, leave.
Find out what happened here.
And how did it happen?
Yes, sir.
Who was raped? Her?
How many were they?
You'll have to tell us where they touched you..
..to file the first information report.
Patel. - Sir.
Note down.
- Sir! - No. We don't want to file a case.
Go away from here.
You have been disgraced.
Who will marry her now?
Don't worry.
I'm here.
I'll take care of her.
Can you identity them? - Yes.
Hey handsome!
"Come if you want, or l am leaving."
Hey, come here.
Sir, pay up.
Add it to my account.
Hey, stop. Stop!
Salute, sir. - Pay me protection money.
Sir, this week the business was down, so..
Get going. Go!
"A thorn pricked me."
Hey! Who is it?
Who is it? Who was it?
Stop. - Scoundrel!
Who is it? Who was it?
Who is it?
Hello. - Scoundrel!
I just suspected it,
so I shed some of your blood.
The day it is confirmed..
..therell be no blood left in your body.
Who are you?
Everyone is praising you.
Except him.
I hear you carry out dangerous
jobs with the snap of your fingers.
You look like a romantic hero.
And you look like a villain
in a B-grade Hindi movie.
You have no idea how villainous I can be.
What will you drink? - Nothing.
Don't be scared. Have it.
Liquor and blood. I take it when I want it.
No holds barred.
He is exactly as you had told me.
Are you hurt? Then smile. Don't shout.
If you'd like to be a goon.
So, you're a rough guy.
And crazy as well.
You'll take Golden's place from today.
You have to eliminate central minister.
This is your first job.
On 14th November, Children's day..
..the minister is coming as a chief guest.
Blow him away with a bomb.
And the kids?
What kids?
Those who will be around the minister.
Kill them. This is my style.
I don't kill women and kids.
That's my style.
If you don't do it, Genghis will do it.
Even if he were Genghis Khan,
I wouldn't allow him to do it.
Such ego.
I like it.
Bring it down. You'll be very successful.
Or else you'll go up there.
Think about it.
Once l commit to something,
I don't listen to myself even.
"Pour ke lo se (Spanish)."
"Everybody come on let's do baila."
"Pres do se uno (Spanish)."
"Everybody come on let's do baila."
"Pour ke lo se (Spanish)."
"Everybody come on let's do baila."
"Pres do se uno (Spanish)."
"Everybody come on let's do baila."
"Aami tambe tambie faenite
siem pere kare verme sua (Spanish)."
"No way no way karaye (Spanish)."
"Emsu thrampa thrampa vez (Spanish)."
"Aami tambe tambie faenite
siem pere kare verme sua (Spanish)."
"No way no way karaye (Spanish)."
"Emsu thrampa thrampa vez (Spanish)."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Enjoy to the fullest.
Make the most of the night."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Make the most of today."
"It is a moonlit night."
"There's a secret in the
intoxication of the night."
"There's opportunity.
There's excitement. Have fun."
"Time is with us tonight."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Make the most of the night."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Make the most of today."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Do re me pha sota te to".
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Do re me pha sota te to."
"Let's get engrossed in each other."
"We should be oblivious of the world."
"No matter how I spend my life."
"I live my life on my own terms."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Make the most of the night."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Make the most of today."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"It is a moonlit night."
"There's a secret in the
intoxication of the night."
"There's opportunity.
There's excitement. Have fun."
"Time is with us tonight."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Make the most of the night."
"Enjoy to the fullest."
"Make the most of today Enjoy
to the fullest."
Ashraf Khan, you've made the biggest
mistake of your life..
..by arresting me.
It's not a mistake.
It's my life's ambition to punish you.
You don't want to punish me.
You want something else.
You want to cut a deal with me?
I'm giving you an opportunity.
You offer namaz five times a day,
don't you?
I kill five people at that same time.
Look at my hand.
It is very charitable.
With this hand, I've made millionaires..
..out of honest policemen.
Shake hands with me. I'll make you filthy rich.
You've not faced a strict police officer yet.
The moment you come across an
honest police officer..
..you'll wet your pants.
It's not wet.
Is it wet?. Then?
Listen, you fool.
You're only a police commissioner of Mumbai.
I'm an international don.
Higher ranking officers than you salute me.
I salute only the Indian Tricolour,
not a scoundrel like you.
Youll salute this scoundrel one day.
I will. Ill surely salute you.
Listen, he's a big don.
See to it that he is served properly.
Fulfill every wish of his,
but don't let him sleep.
Break his bones if he tries to sleep.
I won't sleep.
My eyes will be open even if I die.
Sir. - Have you arrested Don Gani?
No, sir. How can l arrest Gani?
Not even Interpol can do it. - Quiet!
I won't rest till I arrest him.
As soon as I arrest him, I'll inform you.
He said he didn't. - What?
He.. - The minister had called.
Nobody should know that he's here.
Okay? - Sir.
Hello. - Hello. Yes, this is Gani speaking.
Over here.
Incoming free. No outgoing. Latest stuff.
Keep an eye on him. Understand?
- Okay, sir.
What's this nonsense?
Commissioner didn't put Gani behind bars.
These high level tricks are
hard to understand.
Brother, do you want the friend or the girl?
- girl.
Yes, tell me. - Where are you?
Outside Andheri post office.
No. You're nearby.
I feel you're looking at me.
I'm at the post office.
If I truly love you, then you're here.
Brother, what are you eating? Pilaf?
No, tobacco. Want some?
Find one more friend. Hell be
helpful while carrying your coffin.
You can have it then.
So this is Andheri post office?
Go straight and take a right.
It's near the railway station.
You said you're not here.
How would someone who only knows to kill..
..understand someone's feelings?
If you really love me, you'd understand this.
Do you love someone?
I did till now. But now l don't.
You are getting angry on a joke.
Would I dream that you are around?
This is why I hate you.
I hate you.
Why are you harassing me?
Go on. It's time for your aerobics class.
Vent your anger over there.
Aslam. - Yes.
Is your girl like her? - How?
Having a girlfriend is a bad thing.
Waste of time.
You'd better have a pet than a girlfriend.
I'll do just what you said.
I'll never meet you again.
Tell her to go.
She keeps appearing like advertisements on TV.
Tell her. - She already left.
She didn't leave. She is fuming.
Scoundrel! Why did you come back to Mumbai?
What's your plan?
Speak! Answer me!
The plan is in my head. Let go of my hair.
You may be a big don for the world..
..but you're nothing for me.
I can kill you like this. - Then do it.
Kill me. Why don't you?
I'll tell you what you can do.
At the most you can present me in court.
That's it.
Nothing else.
You know what Ill say in court?
I'll tell the court that Amitabh Bachchan
is a good friend of mine.
And Shah Rukh Khan is my
business partner.
We had met at a wedding in London.
I have video evidence.
It's different that
I have no relations with them.
But it will take ten years to
prove this in court.
What are you thinking?
It's not too late.
Cut a deal. - Scoundrel!
You talk of striking a deal all the time.
Did you strike a deal with
your mother to bring you out?
I was too small. I don't remember.
I think he's very angry with me.
It is Churchgate local..
Hey let's go!
Where are you going?
It will stop on all the stations.
Oh you missed the catch.
Hot tea! Hot tea!
Sir, would you like some hot tea?
Chhotu, give me a cup of tea. - Yes.
Go away!
Don't sell tea here.
Hot tea. Hot tea.
I've been sitting here since a while.
The train has been delayed. Is it my fault?
Why are you doing this to me?
Why don't you give it all up?
Why don't you leave your loafer friends?
They are my friends.
They are not like cigarettes that
you throw after you're done smoking.
I'm not a balloon that you
let go after filling it with air.
Balloon? - I mean I'm not a chewing gum..
..that you open it, chew it and spit it out.
When did I open it? When did I chew it?
You talk about spitting it?
What have you done for me till now?
Pasta. Pasta.
The whole family lives on pasta.
Have you ever asked me?
"Listen, have some pasta."
You want to spend your life with me?
Do you know how I live?
I live on snacks.
Then eat. Eat me. Eat me!
I don't like meat which has too much fat.
Eat it. Have some pasta!
Gani, my friend. Don't sleep.
They will kill you.
They will..
Why are you staring at me?
Strike a deal for me with the commissioner.
Go on. Talk to him.
I'll give you whatever you want.
Just get me out of here.
Scoundrel.. you don't listen to me.
"The world is sleeping. So is the sky."
I've found out about Don Gani.
This is his passport to freedom.
Commissioner's daughter.
I had seen it just two days back.
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Help me! Please help me!
Let me go!
Let go!
I say let me go!
Sir, the courier delivered this.
Check what is it.
I've couriered a CD to you.
View it. Ill hold the line till then.
Play it.
Hey, you scoundrel! Ill finish you all!
Shut up!
If you don't release Gani..
..the whole world will see this CD on TV,
internet and cell phone.
Do you get me?
Scoundrel! Don't spare him.
The commissioner will not sleep peacefully
from now on. - Yes, boss.
Scoundrel! The CD should be all over.
Let me see.
It's superb.
Look at this. New stuff.
It's great.
Tell your husband to keep his mouth shut.
If he takes any action or orders an enquiry..
..we'll kill you daughter.
Being a woman, you don't
respect another woman.
What kind of a woman are you?
What? - You..
Let him go. - Radhe, let him go.
Radhe, let him go!
Radhe. - Let him go! Let go.
Radhe, let him go.
Rascal, I'll..
Let him go! Radhe, let him go!
Let go. - Radhe, let him go!
Let me go!
We had great fun today.
Sit quietly.
Hey, move it!
Yes, tell me. - Where are the babe
and the boy going?
Shorty, where are you going?
Don't touch me.
- Hey, don't trouble my sister.
I know all three of you.
You had come to our house
and troubled my sister.
And you're troubling us
again in this moving train?
What? What did you say?
Smarty, you talk too much.
We'll be at Andheri station in a moment.
Watch what I do then.
Just shut up! - What will you do?
Fatso, what will you do?
Why are you hitting me?
You will stop us?
Look, we're at Andheri station.
- Now speak.
Now watch what happens.
Is that him?
You'll beat us up?
Do you have the guts?
Look, the don of Andheri. Scoundrel!
More than the goons Im afraid of you.
I don't know whether you're good or bad.
All I know is that I love you.
Sweetheart, Radhe is the
right guy for you, not me.
Forget me if you can.
He's the right guy.
No! Let me go please!
Let me go!
Let go. Papa!
What is it? Who is shouting?
Commissioner's daughter.
Your father dishonored me in jail.
Now my men will rape you.
I want to hear her scream.
Okay, sir. - My papa won't spare you.
None of you will live.
One of his officers is your gang member.
He'll finish you.
What did you say?
Tell me, who is he?
Who is he? Answer me!
Speak! Tell me, who he is.
Who is he?
Shrikant.. - Shrikant? Shrikant..
Tell me more.
Shekhawat.. - Shekhawat. What does he do?
What does he do?
Retired police officer. - Tell me more.
Speak further.
Darn it!
Call up Talpade.
Shrikant Shekhawat.
Hello. Yes, Don. - Yes, who is he?
He's a retired inspector. - l know.
His son is undercover.
More! More! Give me the details!
There are no more details in the file.
Nobody in the department knows about him.
I've only found his photograph.
- Fax it to me! Right now!
Shaina, take the girl away and wait for my call.
Hello, Mr. Shrikant Shekhawat.
My name is Shamshuddin Asgar Gani.
Pet name Don Gani.
The whole world craves to meet me.
And I've personally come to meet you.
Ask me why.
I want to play a game with you.
Shall we start?
What's your son's name?
First clue. He's an undercover cop.
Fine. Second clue.
The undercover cop.
You still don't remember?
Bad contestant.
Third clue.
I see. You remember now.
So you're Rajveer Shekhawat.
Yes, you scoundrel!
I am. What will you do?
Don Gani!
Gani, kill me if you have to.
Not him. Not him.
You were dreaming of arresting me.
I won't arrest you. I'll kill you,
you scoundrel!
Quiet! Quiet.
I beg you.
I'll fall at your feet. - No, Dad!
Don't beg to him.
Fall at my feet. I'll spare his life.
Please don't do it. - Fall at my feet.
Dad, don't. Please, Dad!
Darn you!
No! No!
Get up, son. Nothing will happen to you.
Look at me.
Look at me. Nothing will happen to you.
Ajay! Ajay?
No, Ajay.
No, Ajay, you can't leave me alone.
You can't leave me like this.
If he is Ajay, then who is your son Rajveer?
I.. - Yes.
Rajveer. Rajveer.
Death will force you to speak the truth.
He's not your son, is he?
But he was like my own son.
He was so small when I brought him home.
He loved me more than his father.
You killed him.
Who is your real son?
Who is he?
Who is your son?
Answer me! Who is your son?
Rajveer Shekhawat!
IPS! Indian Police Service!
Batch No. 57!
Cadet No.32567!
Trained at Dehradun!
Topper of the batch!
Got it? Rajveer Shekhawat! IPS.
Son of Shrikant Shekhwat!
I vow on God..
..that Ill be honest towards
the law of the country.
He is my son.
My son.
I'm proud of him!
What more would a father want from his son?
Only a police officer can feel this happiness.
Not a scoundrel like you.
Ain't I right?
Absolutely right.
Where is he at the moment?
He is undercover. 24 hours. 365 days.
Where is he now? What is he doing?
He is on a mission.
To free this nation of viruses like you.
Criminals like you are violating..
..the courts, law, order and
justice of this nation.
He is finishing them off.
What has he done?
He couldnt touch me.
Here I am in India.
You didn't come on your own free will.
You were forced to come here.
My son killed your right hand.
So that you're forced to come to India.
Master plan.
So either of us will live?
One patriot is in front of me.
Where's the other one?
You'll kill me if I tell you.
And you'll kill me even if I don't.
But don't worry.
You'll die in front of his eyes.
He will kill you.
He will stand in front of you.
He will look you in the eye.
So, you're scared of death, aren't you?
Remember one thing, the moment you kill me..
.. the countdown to your death will begin.
None of you will live.
He'll kill all of you.
It's 12th November today.
The day I die.
Tomorrow, it will be 13th November.
The day you die.
Nice meeting you, Mr. Shrikant Shekhawat.
Nice meeting you.
All right, tell me something.
Will your son come to cry
over your dead body?
Or he will hide away out of fear?
He's a real man. Hell surely come.
Tell me. - There are policemen everywhere.
How do we kill him?
Don't even attempt to do such a thing.
Did you find out who he is?
Oh, my God!
Move! Move!
"O Lord."
'A person lives on his own terms.'
'Fight courageously while performing
your duty.'
'This is the right path.'
'I'll be proud to call you a
good police officer..
..rather than a good son.'
'To annihilate crime should be
your life's ambition.'
'Alone, you're equal to an army.'
'You're a one man army.'
'Serve the people. Die
for your country.'
'Live like a legend.'
'Hail India.'
He is still here. As soon as he
leaves here, Ill call you.
Gani deserves to die.
He should suffer so much while dying..
..that even death gets afraid.
Scoundrel! I didn't know
he's an IPS officer.
And I told him everything.
Sir, he'll change his plan.
Because he told me about it.
Yes, he'll think along these lines.
But Ill not change the plan.
November 14th. Hell get this
job done by someone else.
November 14th is my day.
Everything will go as per my plan.
He knows the plan. So only the
location will change, not the plan.
Move! Move! Move, everyone!
He still has my daughter.
I'll go there, sir.
Nothing will happen to your daughter.
I'll kill or get killed.
Think of me being a criminal for one more day.
Me? - Yes, you.
Yes, sir?
Sir.. sir everyone is watching.
Yes, sir?
Will you perform your duty or
should l free you of it?
I didn't get you.
Where is he? - Who?
Gani. Your boss.
Ask him where he is.
Ask him where he is.
Hello, Talpade. - Hello, Don Gani.
Yes, tell me. Did he leave?
No. No. Ill inform you when he leaves.
Are you safe? Don't enter the city.
Don't teach me. I'm safe.
In which safe place are you?
Binny Mills. - Okay. Ill call you later.
- Move! Move!
Yes. Yes.
Hello, Don Gani. - Yes, tell me.
He.. he has come.
Where? - Binny Mills.
Who told him Im here? - I did.
Idiot! Fool!
Why did you tell him?
When you called, he was with me
and his gun at my temple.
What could I have done?
Where is he now?
He has entered the mill.
He is here. Come on! Move!
Come on! Move!
Boss, he is right in front of me.
- Kill! Kill him!
How much will you pay to kill him?
- have you ever counted 10 million?
I'll pay you Rs.50 million. Kill him.
Boss! Over there!
Come on, kill! Kill him!
Darn it! Scoundrel!
Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!
'The moment you come across
a honest police officer..'
'..you'll wet your pants.'
Darn you! You killed everyone?
You killed everyone.
Can't you differentiate between
animals and humans?
They're criminals.
Such men are so rare to find.
I've nurtured them for years.
I searched and picked
each one from the streets.
Anyone can become a policeman.
l can make hundreds
of policemen like you ..
..stand in front of me
tomorrow morning.
Where will l get them?
Darn you!
Stop it, man. Stop it.
You're overdoing it. Stop it.
You're too much.
Why are you killing a murderer?
Who are you?
What do you want?
I'll give you whatever you want.
Just join hands with me.
How much will you get in a police job?
If you die on duty..
..the government will give
Rs.50000 to your family.
That's it.
And they'll wear black
bands around their arms..
..to mourn your death.
Just for a day.
Join hands with me.
I'll show you heaven.
I'll show you heaven..
Did the deal fall through?
Everyone will die.
Sir, your daughter is safe.
Gani has been killed.
Sir, the bad news is that Inspector
Talpade also got killed.
What are you saying, sir?
You scou..
Once l commit to something,
I don't listen to..
.. myself even.