Wanted Man (2024) Movie Script

Asi me gusta baby.
See? Makes all the
pretty girls smile.
Even the ugly ones.
But we leave them at home.
-Todo bien Papi?
How can we argue with a
pretty smile?
We got five full K's this time.
90% pure.
Happy to trade.
I love it when our
two countries can come
together in unity.
Right sweetheart?
Claro que si.
-Ha ha.
-To America.
And Mexico.
She's nice, right?
Me encanta como
bailas mi amor.
-Don't move...
...or die right here.
Give him the case.
Do it.
Give him the fucking case.
Eyes down.
Hey, it's me.
Eyes down!
No, no, no, it's me.
It's me. It's Kahane.
No, no, no, we're DEA!
We're DEA!
No, no, no!
Jesus fucking Christ.
What'd you do that for?
He recognized me.
We used to work together.
Let's go.
Come on!
There were two of them.
Chief, we gotta go.
Let's blow this pop stand.
For three
days now
the crowd has remained here
at full strength.
Their agitation is apparent
but they have been remaining
peaceful for the most part.
Their frustration and passion
seem to be less directed toward
the current issues
facing the San Diego--
migrant crossings
at the South West border are
at all time high.
More than 1.9 million
in the last eleven months
but as of yesterday
here in Southern California,
Mexico and the U.S. authorities
have discovered a nearly
eighteen hundred foot
tunnel used to smuggle drugs
from a home in Tijuana, Mexico
to a warehouse south
of San Diego.
About seventeen hundred
pounds of cocaine were seized--
outside of the initial
press conference
explained little regarding
the alleged brutal assault
of the migrant
driver on Monday by an officer--
have found about 15
sophisticated tunnels on
California's borders
with Mexico since 2006
but this recent one
is one of the largest on record
and the efforts into moving
people and drugs
into the country,
shows no signs of stopping.
What do we want!
That's him.
That's him.
Yeah, once that--
I'll call you back.
Hey, Joe.
don't pout big guy.
You look good.
All dressed up for your big day?
Hey come here.
Come on, come here.
I don't want a hug.
What? I'm not gonna
give you a hug.
What's wrong with you?
Wait, do you need a hug?
I mean somebody here
probably knows how to.
I'm sure I could find somebody.
Thank you, yeah.
Come in.
Sit down.
Can't figure any of
this shit out.
Ain't no job in the world
where having a bad day has
bigger repercussions,
maybe an airline pilot.
That's right.
Joe! Hey, Joe, Joe, Joe, Hey!
No cameras.
Turn those off. Turn them--
Now for the good stuff.
Joe, Joe.
Stay on the ground.
Take it easy, man. Easy.
Mexican lowlife.
There we go.
That, was the headline.
Mexican lowlife.
Google it and your
face comes out.
They have these things
they call memes of you saying
'Mexican lowlife' over and over.
Crazy what they can
do these days.
Well he was an
illegal from Mexico.
He certainly was a lowlife
so technically--
shut it for a sec.
Your attitude is a
complete PR nightmare.
I'm very sorry sir but you have
the mayor's party
waiting for you in the
press room.
Shit. All right thanks I'll
be right there.
Maybe it'd be better if I didn't
go to the press
conference because--
Yeah ha ha. Walk with me.
Close my door on the way out.
You do realize you're now the
'defund the police'
poster child?
Jesus, Chief the fucking guy had
a dozen traffic girls in the
back of that truck.
Gave us chase for two miles.
How come no one mentions that
shit in the news?
I get it. Trust me.
That's why despite your
lovely behavior
and the shit show of
a mob outside
I'm recommending you for a job,
a job that has 'good idea'
written all over it.
-Job? Already got a--
-Not much longer.
Look, listen to me.
You'll not only lose your job
you'll lose your pension and
you'll probably be prosecuted.
So do you want to hear this
or do you want to apply at
Walgreens across the street?
Yes sir. Ehem, I mean no sir.
How's the ankle?
Uh, it's getting better.
Having surgery, I'm taking
care of it thanks. Don't worry
Now 87% of your
colleagues have already retired.
Normal humans do
that at your age in this job.
You know you do a
thing for a while then you
get on your horse and
you ride off into the sunset.
So do you want to hear this?
Yes, sir.
The DEA murders
in Silverado, remember that?
Yeah, two undercover
agents killed in a drug buy.
Real clusterfuck.
Now the night they were killed
with those traffickers
we found the body of
that working girl.
Yeah, I remember one of...
Mason's girls at
Frisky's on the 135.
Well he said he sent two other
hookers to that same party.
They weren't found
that night dead or alive.
Yeah, I remember it
two missing hookers.
Well, they just turned up.
Shoplifting arrest.
We just got word from
the U.S. Attorney
that we can bring
those ladies in for questioning.
They were either
involved or may know who was.
And I took some convincing
but I got the marshals to agree
to send you down to
represent them
and represent us
and bring those two witnesses
back here from Mexico ASAP.
Uh, Mexico.
Can I think about it?
this isn't just
a good idea, it's the only idea.
Let me spell it out for you
you have to go
save yours and our reputation.
Got it?
Or... you're fucked.
Chief, they're
waiting for us.
My fellow Del Vista citizens
it is with great humility
and respect for human dignity
that we have come here
today to address
an unfortunate incident.
Chief Hernandez will explain
what went terribly wrong.
made an inexcusable mistake
and we're extremely sorry.
He's been a cop for
over twenty years
and he's come to
realize that-
-Can you turn that off?
- there's still things he
has to learn about
the Hispanic people
and their beautiful culture.
Any questions?
To the most wanted man of the
'Me Too' generation
in California Police history.
Ha. And to that kiss-ass
job in Mexico.
It's a damn publicity stunt.
Not a job.
I tried to talk the
chief out of it.
I figured you'd be better off on
vacation till the next asshole
does something
politically incorrect,
and then you're just, you know,
old news.
He's already old news!
Thank you Crystal.
That was lovely.
You should talk Brynner.
She's half your age.
That girl?
She makes twice my pension.
Ha. Bet she does.
So how many years did I
work for that asshole Hernandez?
He never sent me to Mexico, huh?
And I got all the shirts
for it.
Big man.
Don't do it.
Just look at the boss and say:
'It's too dangerous to go to
Mostly because...
Loaded with Mexicans.
-He's funny.
-He's right.
Look I just hate
assholes who just use
our country as a doormat
to wipe their dirty feet on.
That's bullshit.
Yeah you know the second they
cross over that line
they want a lawyer.
They want some-
they want a place to live, they
want some extra money.
And they want a green card.
I'm sorry... asshole
You're illegal.
You don't get shit.
Yeah that's right.
My dad came over from Sweden.
The guy I worked his ass off.
Was in the Marines
bled for this country
didn't get anything for free
and these people just
walk in here.
They want it all
just because they
crossed that line.
Think you're gonna hear
that on CNN, MSNBC?
But even fucking Fox, man,
they don't tell you the
real, not anymore.
-Hey, I love Fox.
Ha ha oh, boy. Used to be bad
but now it's a fucking joke.
-That's right.
The whole fucking
thing is a joke.
I agree, so
take it as the big hint
you know? Get out of dodge.
Retire, brother.
-And don't go to Mexico.
-Yeah, yeah.
Listen to Hilts.
Walk in there and tell Hernandez
to shove this job up his ass
and throw that badge on the desk
just like Dirty fucking Harry.
Come down, spend time
with your friends.
Get a twenty year old
on your lap.
There you go.
You weren't much better
at conversation
when we rode
together Brynner.
I appreciate the pep talk boys
but I'm heading south tomorrow
so get me a drink or a stripper
-or something so I can...
Hands up.
I'm sorry, ladies
bingo is three doors down.
I just spent some time
with your mother
in the broom closet down there.
She's still decomposing?
That is hot.
That's hot.
That's my future ex-wife.
Oh, she never heard that before.
Oh, come on.
-What, is it is it me or are
these girls--
Getting younger and younger?
No, no. That's just you getting
older and older, Tinelli.
-That's right.
-I can live with that.
Hey, Johansen you
looked good on TV this morning.
Oh, really?
Well, thanks, psycho.
Where did you get that hat?
We got to find another place to
hang out, strip clubs are so...
I don't know, they're so 80s.
I like the 80s.
80s are okay with me.
Hey, I need another shot.
-You want?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Something brown.
Let me drive you home,
all right?
You sure you want to go
I drive better drunk than you
do sober.
-Oh, come on. Please
-Yeah, that's right. I'm fine.
-I'm great.
-All right.
All right buddy,
see you when I'm back stateside.
Hey, you're a work
in progress, you know that?
-All right, yeah.
-Take it easy down there.
Yeah yeah. I'll have a few
tequila shots.
Ha ha. All right.
-On you.
Hey, what the hell?
Take it easy.
-Take it easy.
-Hey. Hey.
I'm sorry, seor.
You're sorry?
You got a license?
-Yes, of course.
-How about a green card?
Actually, I was born in Arizona.
Have I seen you before?
Yeah, maybe so.
Joe, it's okay man let it go.
It was an accident, all right?
Sir, I'm going to go into my car
get my license and registration
okay? Just give me a minute.
Hey, you know what you are?
It's a damn scratch, anyway.
Forget it.
All right, all right.
I'm sorry, sir.
Hey, amigo,
you'll take good
care of that Smith & Wesson.
It's an expensive
American piece of art.
And we will cherish her forever.
Don't worry. We'll give it
back to you oiled and polished.
Officer De La Cruz.
Mexican Federal Police.
Liaison to the
wonderful world of extraditions.
Personally I prefer
this .45 caliber Jericho 941
made in Israel.
We can pick our own on
weapons here.
Detective Sergeant.
So you're the Great White Whale.
Excuse me?
Gran Ballena Blanca.
Moby Dick.
News down here likes to give
personalities, special names.
Your English is pretty good.
My Italian is even better.
Four years, San Diego State.
It's a 3180.
Sign here and here.
The U.S. Marshal
signed already this morning.
They meet us on your
way back to the border.
I thought I was
supposed to pick 'em up here.
-I can't believe this.
Regarding the DEA murder victims
in that drug shootout,
the U.S. attorney
just cleared the red tape with
the victims' families.
No death penalty in case of
prosecution for either
so all governments are happy.
We can now saddle up, cowboy,
and go get your witnesses
our two lovely travel
How long?
Three hours.
One day I'd like to
get involved with the DEA.
Put in my time here
maybe a couple more years
and put in for a transfer.
I've already studied in the
States on a temporary visa
for four years so should
be pretty easy.
You know those drugs
flow both ways.
It's true, they don't all come
from here.
But I admit it gets
pretty bad at the border.
Los coyotes make it bad.
We're stopping here?
Don't worry. We make it nice
and easy for you.
Quick in, quick out.
Get you home to your
beautiful strippers and beer.
I'm fucking with you.
I know it's a stereotype
about you American cops.
Detective Sergeant.
Mr. Gran Ballena.
Come meet our witnesses,
Leticia Gomez
and Seorita Rosa Barranco.
Someone tried to kill
her last week.
Nos van a entregar con este
Que no lo ves?
Que no entiendes?
What the hell is this one
yelling about?
She says we might as well kill
her now and be done with it.
Okay, I'll think about it. Let's
get back stateside first.
Into the car.
Mira si nos encuentran muertos
va a ser tu culpa.
Pinche cerdo! Me las vas a
pagar pendejo.
Que no se das cuenta?
Esto no
puede ser pasando.
Rosa nos van a encontrar muert--
Yeah that's right.
Gomez and Barranco.
Got the witnesses right here.
We'll be in
San Diego in a couple of hours.
All right, boss.
Porque no le cuentas a
tu jefe tambien
que en dos horas
nos van a encontrar muertas.
-Tu eres el maton?
Pinche gato.
Yeah, yeah.
Shut the fuck up.
I'm tired.
So I was trying to decide
between a cop or a firefighter
but I ended up
as a federali at the border.
My English and all.
Make more of a
difference that way, you know?
And I might try acting if I
ever go to Hollywood.
Sometimes I mess around with
movie lines.
You looking at me?
There's nobody else around here.
Say hello to my little friend.
That's Pacino.
With my real police skills
plus being bilingual and all,
I think I got a
pretty good shot.
Algn problema?
-Hazte a un lado!
-Soy oficial federal.
Get down!
What the fuck is going on?
No, freeze! Drop the weapon!
Chief, I need help down here.
We were ambushed
by two shooters
dressed as police officers.
Yeah, I'm okay.
No, they're dead.
I need back up.
Right this--
Ok, ok.
Tell me where you are.
I'll find out if I can
send anybody.
I've been hit.
I'll call you back.
Ayudame por favor.
Leti! Leti! Ayudame!
She Dead?
Yes, muerte.
She's dead.
She never wanted any of this.
Okay, we need to find
something to bandage my wound.
I knew they were going to kill
us for what we saw.
They killed my friend.
My friend Leti!
I need you to
go to that vehicle over there.
Look for a first aid kit.
First aid kit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait.
No. What are you doing?
Ahh shit.
Come back. Wait.
Come back.
Come back.
Come back.
That's what
you're looking for?
Ahh. Easy.
Use that big one.
Stop the bleeding.
Okay, okay. I don't know you.
I don't give a fuck about you.
They'll be here soon and
I won't be here.
...real cops?
Mexico's finest.
We need to get out of here.
No, no, no, no.
That's not where you want to go.
Look I know a place but...
Hey, hey, hey no more of
your fucking calls.
Someone knew that we were here
when you called everyone.
Now they're going
to know that we're still alive
so no more of your fucking
calls, entiendes ?
Siempre con el pinche telfono.
Who are you?
What happened?
Where's that hooker?
I mean...
Hey, qu pasa?
Hey, what's going on?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Habla ingls?
Ah, shit.
Don't worry.
You still have all your organs.
What the hell happened?
This is my brother.
He's not one of the ones who
tried to kill you.
Like I said those were
real police yesterday in name.
But just because you
wear the badge
doesn't mean you
always live by it.
I believe they're
trying to kill you.
This is called kidnapping.
Necesita descansar.
Ya cuando se
recupere veo que hacer con el.
He said you need to rest.
Then later we'll talk
about what we do with you.
Where's my phone?
I need that.
I used it to get
you off the road yesterday
where your red white
and blue blood
was flowing down
the pavement...
and then I smashed it to pieces.
Just relax.
We had a doctor fix you
up the right way.
He said the bullet's out but you
gotta rest at least a week.
Thanks, but a week? No way.
People from the States
are gonna wonder where I am.
You gotta let me go.
No lo puedo tener
aqui mucho lo van a encontrar.
Where's my gun?
-I need that.
Necesitas. Descansar.
You need to rest.
Hey. Agh.
get me out of these cuffs.
There's 500 bucks in it for you.
A thousand?
talking to you.
Change of the guard, huh?
It's good prison food.
Hey, how you doing?
Good to see you, boys.
How you been, man?
Lose some weight?
You look good.
You missing your old life?
I miss my young life.
-Ha ha.
What's happening?
The news is going nuts on all
this now, Joe's getting famous.
-Killing some Mexican cops.
On the run with a witness.
One hell of a story.
I'll call you back.
Okay look,
I know you're all
old friends but
I can't start talking out of
the office right now.
This turned into obviously the
worst move of my career.
Just a concerned
civilian now, Chief. Come on.
And I appreciate your concern.
But right now I have to keep
this clean and contained.
You hear back from him yet?
I can tell you that I've
been on the phone
ad nauseam with
state and feds.
They're picking this up.
We will find him.
I'm sure there's an explanation
for this clusterfuck.
Well, I'm glad you're enjoying
your tour of the office
but is there something...
This job...
It's just a little tougher
to step away from
than you think it's going to be.
I'd like to get back into
the thick of it.
Do some good again.
I'm sure.
I'll let you know
if I can use your help Brynner.
But right now just go
back to your life
and I'll keep you posted.
As for you, Hilts,
I need you on the Woolsey
Street shooting.
Sir, Kamstock's got
that covered.
I want you focused on it.
Don't sweat it, guys.
He's a strong one.
This may look as shitty
as it gets but
Johansen has a few lives left.
I know it.
Thanks Wolfman.
Mama te va a traer
comida en la maana.
Aqui tengo su medicina.
Bueno mija no
te quedes mucho tiempo con el.
It's okay, I don't need them.
Take it.
So, whoever came after
you yesterday,
had enough money
to pay off local police.
That means cartel, traficantes.
Alright well let me make
one phone call
and I'll bring some help
from the U.S. down here.
Don't worry about it
your family's going to be fine.
You get me out of these
cuffs all right?
I don't have the key.
That's bullshit.
I won't be coming back with you.
I just want you to know.
You are, like it or not.
You don't get it, do you?
Who do you think is
trying to kill us?
Kill you, you mean. You clearly
know how to piss people off.
Well like it or not,
they're now trying to kill you
too if you haven't noticed.
I saw what happened
that night and they know it.
The night of the DEA murders.
All right, so you saw some
cartel guys that now want
you dead, too.
Not cartel.
They were cops.
American cops.
I'm sorry, but coming from
someone who hands up
blowjobs for a living that's a
tough one to swallow.
No pun intended.
Fuck you.
Hey wait I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
So what did you see that makes
you think they were...
American police?
I heard them.
The masked men
recognized the DEA agent.
Eyes down.
Eyes down.
It's me, it's Kahane.
We're DEA. We're DEA!
And then they shot him.
Jesus Fucking Christ.
-What did you do that for?
-He recognized me.
We used to work together.
He said they worked together.
if they were cops
then who's after you, us?
Well we got picked up
for shoplifting
so, someone must have tipped off
the cartel where to find us.
well somehow I'll deal with it
but just let me make
a phone call.
It's dangerous.
The longer we're here the more
danger for your family, for you.
I'll think about it.
Trust me, I was far from
interested in coming back here.
This is my cousin
Salvador's place.
I can't even go back to
my own village.
They'd be looking for me there.
Why come back?
I guess I could have left you on
the side of the road to die.
Well it's a tough
choice between that
and being chained up
watching Spanish novelas.
See, I told you...
bad husband.
No buen hombre.
Dices bien, es muy mal hombre.
Cmo te sientes?
Estoy muy cansada, mija.
If I go back with you...
will they really protect me?
You want me to bring
you back to the States?
but keep your voice down.
Okay, yeah.
Witness protection is
a real thing
but you have to have
information they want.
I do.
Okay, get me out of
these cuffs and...
I'll take you back.
It's not up to me.
Who is it up to?
My brother.
Call someone to come pick us up.
Miguel's not gonna like this.
He'll like us dead even less.
it's Johansen.
He's on the line from Mexico.
Johansen, where the holy hell
are you?
I'm okay.
And our star witness Rosa
is alive and well.
But we need to get out of here.
We need help to do it.
All right, what city are you
La Linea, right?
Yeah, it's uh,
say a few hours away from the
prison we picked them up.
There's a U.S.
consulate in Nogales.
I'll let them know you
two are coming in.
FBI's already down there with
Mexican federal police.
There's some serious
shit coming down.
They could lock you up for
twenty years.
So get to that consulate.
Okay we'll get there safe.
Listen one thing...
she's convinced the shooters
in Silverado County were cops.
Excuse me?
Yeah, that's right.
American cops.
She seems pretty
sure of herself.
One of ours?
Well, she said she
heard them and I...
tend to believe her.
Just what we need right now
hard enough time fighting the
bad guys now we have to fight
the general public
and fucking IA?
Just hang tight.
- Let me think about this.
- Rosa,
ven a comer.
All right, I'll call you
again tomorrow
or the day after, alright?
Yeah okay. We'll work it out.
I gotta go.
Johansen one more thing--
Es para ti.
Ven con nosotros.
Padre te agradecemos por
nuestros alimentos
por favor protegenos siempre.
Y por favor ayudanos
a salir con bien de esto.
- Amen.
- Amen.
preguntale que si le gusta la
You like our food?
Oh yeah.
Do you know what 'queso de
puerco' is?
Okay yeah. Yeah, I like cheese.
What kind of 'queso' is it?
It's uhm...
head cheese.
No, no, no, it's from
the pig's head.
Well I guess that's better.
quiero que me
traduzcas por favor.
dile que lamento que nos este
bajo estas circumstancias
me gustaria que fuera diferente
pero que todos estamos
muy agradecidos por salvarte
He said that
you're a guest here but that he
apologizes for the circumstances
and that they're all very
grateful for saving me.
A guest.
Hice lo que tuve que
hacer para salvarles a los dos
asi como usted yo tambien soy
there are bad cops here
and in the States, too.
My brother's honest.
Ya le dijiste lo del cartel?
He told me earlier
that those cops
were paid by the Sinaloa cartel
to kill me and my friend.
Well it sounds like
you're in a bad spot
but it's got nothing
to do with me.
And yet,
you're the one wanted for
They said you killed the federal
and the two Mexican cops.
The authorities are looking
for you. It's all over the news.
Then why am I sitting
at a policeman's table
having lunch with his family?
Why am I cuffed to a damn bed?
La familia es todo.
Family is everything.
Dile que cuando se siente mejor
lo llevo a la frontera.
Por lo pronto se queda aqui
que hay mucha gente
buscandolo fuera.
He said when you're healthy
he'll take you to the States
but until then you have
to hide inside
because we're all dead
if you don't.
-There are spies everywhere.
-Okay, okay but what about her?
Ella se queda
He said I stay here.
No, I can't do that.
I came down to get her.
She can help solve
who killed those DEA agents.
In America, we can protect--
No you can't!
-We should talk about this.
This is bullshit.
You're making a huge mistake,
What's wrong with this country?
You need
to unlock me!
I need the handcuff
keys back here!
I need the keys!
They're coming in to
the back over here!
Hurry up!
Behind you! Watch out!
You okay?
Ahh shit.
They're coming to
the front door.
Todo va a estar bien, Ma.
You okay?
You okay?
-Stay down.
-Si okay.
Damn it.
Se tiene que ir.
Los dos.
He said we got to go.
Both of us.
Way ahead of you.
for everything.
Esto es nuestra seora
de Guadalupe.
Thats our lady
of Guadalupe.
She's a symbol of our identity
and also of social justice and
Great. My favorites.
Si quieres pelear con los lobos
tienes que ser un lobo.
If you want to fight with the
you got to be a wolf.
I know.
Mi princesa.
Gotta go.
What are you doing?
Calling my boss, telling him
we're skipping his
fed chaperones.
Going with your connections.
Coyotes, right?
Every time you call that fucking
guy someone tries to
come and kill us.
Are you stupid or something?
I'm sorry, I've known
him for twenty five years Rosa.
Then how do you explain what
happened at my house
when you called him?
My cousin is dead!
-I can't. I can't. I'm sorry
-My cousin is dead! He's dead!
Okay, okay.
Calm down. Calm down.
And my mom almost died
and Miguel's hurt.
I'm sorry about Salvador.
He was a good man.
All right.
You okay?
All right.
So who do you know that you
trust that you can call?
There's this...
There's this old buddy of mine,
He's a tough guy.
Yeah I trust him.
So call him and tell him to come
and get us when we cross, okay?
Over there.
Keep going.
Is it set up?
He said they'll take us
to the border
and then we're on our own.
Tell your friend he can
pick us up there.
We leave tomorrow at midnight.
Remember call me
when you get across.
That's right.
You hang in there.
I'll get you home soon.
Yeah, I know.
We'll be here till then.
Hey, Brynner.
Thanks, buddy.
No sweat.
You hungry?
I know a place that
still delivers.
My mother's money came in handy.
The coyotes charged
us $4,000 each.
That's a lot of money.
Bringing people across
is big business.
Well I always pay back my debts.
You're welcome...
My name is Mike.
You're welcome, Mike.
You have a family?
Got married twice,
divorced twice, and that's it.
Oh, no kids.
End of story.
You miss your home?
Do I miss my home?
Yeah, I guess.
My best friend,
she grew up watching her
mother and her grandmother
go from nothing to nowhere.
Just living a life of struggle
and pain.
But she knew a place
where everyone had a chance.
She paid a coyote group to get
us across.
And she had a cousin
in Los Angeles who would
raise me and put me
through school.
But she never set foot on
American soil.
She died a hundred yards
away from her dream for me.
With two fat, slobbering
coyote scumbags
breathing down her face.
And I got away before
they could do the same to me.
So at sixteen...
I lived on the streets...
And you learn some things there.
Some things you shouldn't
have to learn.
But I survived the States.
I stayed alive.
And I know
I can do it again.
Well, I'm sure you can.
Look, it's late.
Let's get some sleep.
Any dumb ass cop in
there who want a ride
back to the land of the free?
Don't shoot me,
big guy.
Fuckin' Mexico, man.
I've been telling you
since I saw--
Ahh fu--
Are you packing?
Okay, turn around.
Glad to see we're still
good friends.
How'd you know I was here?
Your heart felt call to an old
buddy traced back to a village
about eight miles
down the highway.
Three hotels between
it and the great wall.
Still got it.
So why in the hell are you here?
Look, it's a shit show
back in the States.
Internal Affairs and the
FBI are all working
on coming down here and
grabbing you today.
We're thinking it's best
to do it this way.
No press, no bullshit,
nobody knows.
Just us.
But we're planning to go
with her contacts, the Coyotes,
Hey man,
trusting's hard.
Knowing who to trust...
is even harder.
Hello, Miss.
I'm Hilts.
Old buddy of Mike's here.
he's with that guy I
called to meet us.
That's right,
Brought the old boys club.
Okay, so where are we crossing?
Close to where you came in.
So get yourselves ready
and meet us out back in five.
Good to have you back buddy.
-Hey Hilts...
Thanks for sticking by me.
Alright, let's get out of here
while we still can.
Young lady, your chariot.
God, I've missed this work.
Let's roll, Chief.
Vacation's over, Johansen.
You look like hell, by the way.
-Good to see you, Brynner.
-Yeah, ha ha.
So many questions, my friend.
You okay? You feel all right?
Yeah, somewhat tired.
I got a 0.9mm
through and through
right by the spleen there,
and I need to have it
checked out.
Don't worry about it.
We'll take care of you.
Alright, which way home?
Okay, let's blow this pop stand.
surprised you got this far
with this guy helping you out.
happy to finally have you.
Hard to believe I am
so willing...
to risk my ass to be
the one to bring
the fugitive Johansen back
across the Mexican border...
The irony, huh?
So, Joe...
how's your head?
Taking this all in okay?
Ready to put this mess
behind you and get back home?
Yeah, well, I'm ready
for a damn bath anyway.
So which way are we going?
Pretty near the regular
Got a couple of amigos
helping us out.
So tell me...
what does an aging retired
cop do for fun?
Do you ever get bored?
Miss the chase?
The control?
Is it hard to just let it all go
and become a normal nobody...
-...cares about you civilian?
-Come on.
Guess what?
Nobody cared about me before.
There were
two of them.
Let it go.
Let's blow this pop stand.
No, no, no!
Si quieres pelear con los lobos
tiene que ser un lobo.
What's that about a wolf?
If you want to fight the
wolves you gotta be a...
The fuck is that
supposed to mean?
are the wolves.
Trust me.
Hey Brynner...
can I talk to you for a second?
Yeah, sure.
Yeah okay, yeah.
Let's pull up over there.
Let's go down here.
Listen, I need to
ask you something.
That night at the warehouse...
the DEA murders...
the killers may have been cops.
Jesus you know...
We gotta get you to a doc
boss man, come on.
-I was wondering...
-Let's get going.
Maybe your twenty
something years
of being an outstanding
officer of the law
has a scent about all that.
An instinct or two.
Hey Joe, it's
getting hot out here.
I'm fucking retired.
They don't tell me shit anymore.
Come on what's the word fellas?
Joe's concerned that the beauty
queen may have told him
that there's some
police officers
involved in the
Silverado shooting.
-Cops? She told you that?
What's going on?
Did someone get carsick?
Hey, this isn't the
place for this.
Actually, it's the
perfect place.
Give it up. Give up your piece
come on.
We're gonna have to have a
little chat.
Mike, give it to him.
Come on.
Come on.
Look, we're here
to save you, Joe.
That night was
meant to be an easy in and out.
No shots, no dead,
easy cash.
We're gonna big 'fuck you' to
those cartel assholes
bringing their shit
poison into our country.
It is what it is.
Yeah, the DEA wasn't
supposed to be there.
We didn't know.
We were there for the money.
You know how it is these
days you make one shit mistake,
some asshole's down your throat
trying to defund you and
demoralize you.
Do we miss the body cams
and the TV? No.
But the rest of it, the chase,
the control, the power,
yeah, I miss it.
I do. We need it Joe.
You need it too.
All right, we don't
have enough time.
Go get her.
-Ahh! No!
-Easy, easy, bitch.
No, no, no!
Don't fucking touch me!
Come on!
I wish to hell I'd made
that night disappear
but we can do that right now,
right here.
Look, we just take
care of her and we drive.
That's it, we just drive
away all right?
I'm sorry they sent
you down here for this Joe.
I've tried to talk the
chief out of it but--
It's too late for this,
we don't need this.
You dragged me across the border
just to leave me here
to fucking die?
I should have just stayed
with my mom and Miguel!
Shut up!
Hey, wait.
- Stupid bitch.
- Wait listen.
Please don't let them kill me.
There's gotta be another way.
The girl's gotta go.
Easy, Chief.
What are you doing?
He's coming back with us.
We talked about this.
You gotta let her go Joe.
Let's let this Mexican shit
hole flush itself
and we'll all get the
hell back home.
What do you say?
Let her go, Joe.
Or do we dig two graves?
-Brynner I'm talking to you!
-What the fuck!
Calm the fuck down!
What the hell's wrong with you.
-Don't do this!
-You outta your fucking mind?
What the fuck.
Joe, wait a minute.
Come on, man.
Don't. Gimme a break here man.
You fucking bitch!
Stay down!
Oh fuck.
Fucking Mexico.
You okay?
Here, take this.
We leave at midnight.
Muchachos lo hicimos!
Lo hicimos! Felicidades!
-Thanks, man.
Feels good, doesn't it?
What's that?
When the crap ends.
Pretty good.
Hey, better when they love you
than when they hate you,
you gotta admit.
Can't argue there.
Ha ha Johansen.
There wasn't much
future left for you
and somehow you
found it you son of a bitch.
Commendations and all.
the rest of the guys, well...
they deserve to just be
And they will be.
That's right.
I still got a lot of work
to clean up in the department
but at least you're no longer
the monster in the closet.
Keep it that way.
No problem.
Oh well, well.
Must have been months since
you two didn't have
nineteen lawyers between you.
Go ahead.
Thanks boss.
Nice speech in there.
Oh, really?
Good enough.
Look, I tried to contact
you but they wouldn't let me.
With all the stupid legal stuff.
I know.
how do you feel, Mr...
Medal of Honor police man?
Like Swiss cheese.
Two more surgeries.
Still have to fix the ankle.
Fallen apart. What can I say?
Well, you look better
in pieces than
most men do, put together.
Really? Thanks.
I mean, you're...
You look very...
I mean I don't want to put words
in your mouth, but...
Yeah, I was going
to say something like that.
So, how are you doing?
the DA cut me a pretty
sweet deal so
I'm now on my way to becoming
an official U.S. citizen.
-Ha ha.
Well, that's,
that's great, yeah.
Well you deserve it.
You know, maybe I'll, um...
Maybe I'll see you around.
Maybe you will.
Yeah. Okay.
All right.
See you around.
Hey, Rosa?
You like American coffee?
It's the best.
I know a place.