War Blade (2024) Movie Script

[gentle music]
[birds chirping]
- Stop.
[speaking foreign language]
[gun cocking]
[suspenseful music continues]
- Who are you?
[suspenseful music continues]
[gentle music]
- It isn't time.
- No.
- Promise me you'll
get to safety.
[gentle music continues]
[door knocking]
I'm so sorry.
- You're needed elsewhere.
- It would appear so.
[gentle music continues]
[door knocking]
[door opens]
- Sir.
[door slams]
- If you wanna follow me.
[airplane engine roars]
I know the way. Thank you.
[suspenseful music]
- Thanks.
I'll get straight to it.
- Sir.
- Ivy Levine,
I understand you know her?
- I grew up with an Ivy Levine.
- So she would know that
you are in the forces.
- I'm sure of it.
- It seems the poor
girl married a Frenchman
who was missing, presumed dead.
Until now.
This arrived earlier
this morning.
Via Phileas.
- Phileas?
- Carrier, pigeon.
Poor bugger, lost a
foot delivering that.
- Ivy is now part of
the resistance movement
but she's requesting our help
in the absence of her husband,
she's assuming
command of their cell.
They have found a Nazi bunker
that could be holding munitions,
important prisoners,
God knows what else.
- I doubt we can trust
this information, sir.
- No, but if we can
disturb the enemy, we must,
we'd heard whispers
of a weapons cachet,
with this information, it would
be easier for us to find it.
I want you to go over to France
and make a nuisance of yourself.
I know you're
rather good at that.
- She mentions a broken radio.
- Yes.
Unfortunate that,
but at least she's
noted a drop off point.
- It's not much to go on, sir.
- If you find this bunker,
I want you to blow it up.
And if along the way you find
this poor girl's husband,
that's one of life's bonuses.
You're going to need
an explosives expert.
This is the only
man I can spare.
Quite frankly. He's
become a liability.
I'm sure he'll cope.
You leave at dusk.
Report to the 138 as usual.
Eli Sanna will pick
you up in two days.
You better get a move on.
Otherwise you'll have to
find your own way back.
- Any other provisions, sir?
- And I think you can
fit into a briefcase.
You can take that with you.
- Thank you, sir.
- Good luck Banks.
- Sir.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
- Come on. [speaking
foreign language]
[suspenseful music continues]
[speaking foreign language]
- Not now.
[speaking foreign language]
[footsteps thumping]
- Paul.
- Where is he?
[speaking foreign language]
Where is he?
[loud thumping]
[dramatic music]
[combatants groaning]
[combatants groaning]
[tense music]
[combatants groaning]
- Charles Somerton.
- Yes sir.
- Come with me.
- Wouldn't let anyone
else touch him.
- Understandable.
- Told him to be careful,
but he wouldn't listen.
And now look.
- I can lip read.
- Barely.
Tell the army they
won't be needing him.
Not in this state. He's no
good to anyone, I suppose.
- I don't know about that.
He has been given
a new assignment.
- I won't ask.
- Good.
I can't tell.
- Do you hear that?
They're shipping you off,
making use of your
talents elsewhere.
- No joke?
- I need an explosives
and a munitions expert.
- So try not to blow
yourself up again.
He blew a hole in the
garden when he was about 10.
Mom was furious.
Just before my time.
- We have a car outside.
A car waiting to
take us to Tempsford
be as quick as you can.
- Go and get dressed.
He'll get the job done.
- I'm counting on it.
Looks like you have
your hands full here.
- We do what we can.
- Indeed.
- What's it like over there?
- Hard to describe, I'm afraid.
I'll, I'll wait outside.
[door closes]
- Be careful.
- I thought I was going home.
Turns out life's got
other plans for me. Eh?
- He seems important, so
try to impress him, yes?
- Yes.
- Take care, Sammy.
[door thuds]
- You all right
with flying Charlie?
- Not really, sir.
- Call me Banks.
- I've had all the
necessary training.
I'm just not a fan of airplanes.
- You'll be fine.
Take this, I want you
to write me a list,
a short list of everything
you definitely need.
We'll see what we
can get for you.
First, we need a more
suitable set of clothing.
Thank you.
[door slams]
- Sir, is this going
to be dangerous?
Stupid bloody question.
[hand banging door]
[car engine revving]
[gentle music]
[suspenseful music]
[speaking foreign language]
- What have we got?
- Plastics.
- Will that survive the trip?
- It's the only choice.
It's a lot less
volatile than dynamite.
It's less susceptible
to vibrations.
It won't go pop without
an electrical charge.
Preferably from a detonator.
- Would you like
our clothes to fit?
- Usually helps.
- Then try them on.
- We'll take a radio with us.
As if we haven't
got enough to carry.
- I'll need some more fabric.
Don't go anywhere
until you've tried on
the rest of the
clothing, please.
- I think he's talking to you.
- So are you going to
tell me what we're doing?
- I'll fill you in
once we're airborne.
- May I at least know
where we're going?
[owl hooting]
[speaking foreign language]
[airplane engine roars]
[speaking foreign language]
[both groaning]
- I'm English. No, no.
I'm Charles. My name is Charlie.
I'm Charlie.
- I saw two of you drop.
Where's the other one?
- My name is
Charlie. I'm Charles.
- What are you doing here?
- He's with me.
Perhaps you could ask your
boy to lower his weapon.
- [speaking foreign language].
- Hello, Ivy.
Sorry about that.
Couldn't be sure it was you
till I heard your voice.
- That's it. Just
the two of you?
- Yes, just the two of us.
And radio. Some
explosives, some weapons.
All we could spare, I'm afraid.
Shall we?
[dramatic music]
Will you be able to control him?
- He'll be fine.
- How well do you know him?
- He's been with us
two years, maybe more.
He's a good man.
Young. Yes, but capable.
- Well, I need to know
that he can follow orders.
Act. I need to know that
you can follow orders.
- Now, what's that
supposed to mean?
Well, since Paul disappeared,
I've been the one to guide them.
- Just because we used
to know each other
doesn't mean I'm a soft touch.
- I know what's
at stake, Robert.
Don't talk to me
like I'm a child.
You have no idea what
it's been like here.
- That's where you're wrong.
Don't assume I'm the
person you remember.
- I won't.
- I'm the only one with
military rank, I'm in charge.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
- I understand.
- Good. Ready?
[footsteps thumping]
[dramatic music continues]
[upbeat music]
- It's safe.
[footsteps thumping]
- Jean, Banks. Banks, Jean.
[speaking foreign language]
- Photographs.
- Jean.
[speaking foreign language]
- Follow us.
- What have you done to
her? She looks petrified.
- Just asked her
a few questions.
- Leave.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Leave now or the
whole thing is off.
I get on the radio.
I take Charlie and our
supplies and we are gone.
Do as I say.
[footsteps thumping]
All right, look, look, look.
It's okay.
As I understand it,
you've come from a bunker.
You've provided us with
photographs of the interior.
You know the inner
layout of the place,
and you might be able
to help us get there.
Is that correct?
- Yes.
- Are you willing to help us?
- Yes.
- And you think you
can find the way there?
- I hope so.
- Why should I believe you?
- I risked my life to get here.
I saw what was happening
and I had to get out.
- Is Paul there?
- Yes.
He's alive.
I tended to him myself.
- If any part of
what you've told me
turns out to be untrue,
there will be consequences.
You understand?
- Yes.
- Good.
Tell me about Paul.
[speaking foreign language]
- Did you get your photos?
- Yes.
- Did you take your photos?
- Yes.
- And my things?
[breaths heavily]
And the map, the map?
This is where you must go.
You can help me.
I can help you.
My wife.
You must speak to
my wife, please.
- I can't do this.
- You can.
You can.
[dramatic music]
[speaking foreign language]
[dramatic music continues]
[door cranking]
[wind howling]
[crickets chirping]
[dramatic music continues]
- You have no idea what
they're doing in there.
- Beyond keeping those men
alive on unknown drugs?
No. I'm sorry.
- Why not dig themselves?
- They only have a
handful of soldiers.
Why use up your own manpower?
- When there's prisoners to
do the heavy lifting for you?
- What will they do to me?
- Just keep cooperating
for the time being, okay?
All right. First things first.
We need to get you cleaned
up. Come, come with me.
[birds chirping]
- Not for your eyes.
[door slams]
Hold still.
[speaking foreign language]
- I don't see any images of
missions as we talked about.
- So what are they
doing down there?
Why do they need
so many workers?
- This is architectural plans.
- Okay, so it could be a
cachet, just not for weapons.
- They're digging
for something, sir.
But I need a closer look.
- What I can tell you is this,
if what they're doing is
a few feet under concrete,
we don't have enough
explosives, sir.
Even make a dent.
- Saskia said they're
using hand tools.
Been at it for months.
What can you tell us
about any of this?
- I wasn't told anything.
- Of course not.
- My orders were to keep those
men alive as long as possible
by any means necessary.
- What about defenses?
- I can only tell
you what I've seen,
but what will happen to me?
- I'm not sure I follow.
- As in what do we do with her?
- Oh, she's coming with us.
- [speaks foreign language]
No, I don't wanna go back there.
- If you don't want
to go back there,
you cease to be
of any use to us.
You understand what that means?
- She's right. You
can't stay here.
- No, I. I'll leave.
I'll just run whichever
direction you point me. Please.
I, I can't go back.
- We can't let you go.
You are either with us or-
- Or dead.
How kind of you.
- Shut up.
Are you sure about this?
- She's the only one who can
possibly get us back there.
Can you get us back there?
- But-
- No.
Do you have any
better suggestions?
Perhaps you'd like to
kill her in cold blood.
- No.
- Good.
- We need rest.
Four hours.
Sleep, then we leave.
[Ivy speaking foreign language]
- Here.
Prefer tea anyway.
- You can't be sure about her.
- You can't be
sure about anyone.
- They could have tortured him.
So he told them where to go.
Sent her to lead us
straight into a trap.
- That'd be stretching things.
- She'll hand us
over to the Germans
the first chance she gets.
- Do you really believe that?
She could have disappeared
from that bunker
and been halfway to
Switzerland by now.
She wants to help.
She came here to help.
She's given us no reason
not to trust what she says.
- And if you wake up with
a knife in your back?
- I'll check it
wasn't you first.
Why have you always
been so argumentative?
- I'm not.
Paul and I weren't
exactly on good terms
when he was captured.
I can't help but think our
arguments clouded his judgment
got him caught in
the first place.
- He made his own choices.
- He wanted to end
things between us.
- If there's a chance
that we can save Paul.
We have to take it, yes?
- Absolutely.
- This is that chance.
This is it.
- Someone needs to stay here.
Look after this place.
- Jean.
- He's our most
experienced soldier.
- He's too old.
And from what I've seen, this
place is on its last legs.
You've got one hot
head, one child.
- She's 19.
- One very stubborn leader.
- If this is a trap,
I'll kill myself.
- Well, we're outnumbered,
under resourced.
Lacking key personnel.
If we even get to the
bunker, it'll be a miracle.
- What?
- We'll be fine.
Trust me.
Take these.
Get some rest.
Rest, Ivy.
[breathing deeply]
- It isn't time.
[birds chirping]
[loud rattling]
[indistinct chatter]
- Stop. Give me a hand.
- Calm, calm.
[speaking foreign language]
- She says she's sorry.
[speaking foreign language]
- I didn't expect it.
She came out of nowhere.
- All right. Alright.
- I didn't-
- Calm, calm, calm.
What happened?
- What happened?
[speaking foreign language]
She brought him a coffee.
He didn't see it.
She surprised him.
He reacted, it's as
[speaking foreign language]
- Calm, calm, calm.
Listen. He can't, he can't hear.
Okay. He can't
hear properly now.
I think you just,
you frightened him.
That's all. That's all.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to to hurt you.
Or, or, or, or, or touch
you. I was- [groans]
- You quite finished?
[speaks in a foreign language]
- You get a hold of
yourself, Charlie.
Everybody calm down and
get ready. We leave in 10.
I need this one
moving in 10 minutes.
[footsteps thumping]
[speaking foreign language]
- Good luck, huh?
- Onwards.
[dramatic music]
- One of ours?
- Bristol.
- That's not a guess, is it?
- I'm afraid not.
- Troops patrol
much of this land.
They're killing survivors
and stopping transports.
- We need to be on guard.
- We'll stay off the beaten
track as much as possible.
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music continues]
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
[speaking foreign language]
[loud banging]
- Was this you?
- Was this you?
- No.
- No.
- How could she know?
- No, let go.
- She didn't know.
They set traps. Enemy set traps.
It's what they do.
It's what we do.
She didn't know.
She didn't know.
Charlie, check ahead.
- Okay.
I'm going on ahead.
You wait one minute.
Bring the others, okay?
[trees rattling]
- Go. Go.
[footsteps thumping]
- We need to find
somewhere to rest.
- How far did you travel?
- It was day and night.
- And you're sure we're
headed in the right direction?
- That road, snakes in
and out of the woods.
Paul made me memorize it.
He knew it would lead me
back to the farmhouse.
We went over it
studying the maps.
He knew everything
about this land.
- That's Paul.
- We'll find some cover.
[footsteps thumping]
[speaks in a foreign language]
- Charlie.
Go round.
[suspenseful music]
- Shouldn't you
send someone else?
- Charlie knows what
he's looking for.
He's our best
chance of survival.
You just concentrate on Vincent.
Get him to obey orders
before I intervene.
He's gonna get us all killed
if he doesn't change his ways.
- Believe me, I would love
to punch his lights out.
- Maybe you should.
- That's what we
have. Bigger problems.
- You could be right.
- Lastly, I had to talk to him.
I think he's got a
soft spot for her.
[suspenseful music continues]
[breaths deeply]
[footsteps thumping]
- Don't go too far.
- I won't.
- When did you
get so tough, Ivy?
- 10 Years on a farm,
husband who's a fighter.
Rubs off.
I haven't seen you rest.
- Oh, someone needs
to keep watch.
- Let me.
- I'm fine.
[gentle music]
- Good?
- It's perfect.
- Thank you.
- She's lost four
older brothers.
How could she bear it?
- Charlie seems to have
taken a shine to her.
- How long have you known him?
- Not long.
- What do you think of him?
- Doesn't matter
what I think of him.
He can do the job.
- Despite the obvious?
- I read the Army
incident report,
what happened wasn't his fault.
Somebody set up a
test explosives run.
Didn't use the proper protocols.
Charlie stepped
in to save lives.
From what I've heard,
he also took the blame.
- Lost any chance
of hearing again?
- Oh, we've all lost something.
I'm sorry about you and
Paul, it's not easy.
- I'm coming to terms with that.
Can we do this?
Have you ever killed anyone?
- Get some rest.
[gentle music]
[airplane engine roars]
[distant gunfire]
[distant gunfire]
- There is a man named Steiner.
[suspenseful music]
He's the head of operations.
He tortures the prisoners.
[suspenseful music continues]
He forced us to
keep the men alive.
Forced us to drug them.
Me and Lena, the other nurse,
we used all our strengths
to hold them down.
We were fed and
they were so weak.
I could see the
fear in their eyes.
I just kept calling.
[dramatic music]
[speaking foreign language]
[dramatic music continues]
[speaking foreign language]
If they wouldn't follow the
orders, they would beat us.
Anybody who tried to run
away, they just used them
as a punching bag.
The men, I mean, what
was I supposed to?
When I was burying the bodies,
I realized that
that was my way out.
I had no concept of time.
I just saw more
beam of the sunlight
and on the bottom
of the furnace.
And I could crawl inside
and I could see daylight.
Then I met Paul.
I just knew it, I had to leave.
I couldn't take it anymore.
- Bastard, ruling by fear.
- He's not to be underestimated.
- I'll bear that in mind.
Thank you.
Get some sleep.
[dramatic music continues]
[airplane engine roars]
[speaking foreign language]
- Why did Paul trust you?
- I kept him alive.
I tried to keep everybody alive.
- Keep them enslaved.
- It was my job.
[airplane engine roars]
[speaking foreign language]
[wind howling]
- Slow down.
[speaking foreign language]
[guns firing]
[dramatic music]
[gun firing continues]
- Press here.
[gun firing continues]
- Help me.
[gentle music]
- What do we do now?
- We carry on.
- How?
- You didn't expect this
to be easy, did you?
- I didn't know what to do.
- Well, when the shooting
starts, it's always chaos.
- There are five of us.
- We're always outnumbered.
Always the underdogs.
Pay your respects and carry on.
- Paul's dead, isn't he?
- We don't know that.
- Are we just gonna
leave them here?
- There's nothing
we can do for them.
Just take what you
can and get moving.
- Sir, we're not burying?
- No, we are not burying them.
We are moving on.
Saskia, Charlie with me.
[gentle music continues]
Charlie. Charlie.
Set the whole thing on fire.
Burn it.
[speaks foreign language].
[gentle music]
- Do not breath this in.
- Poison.
- No.
- What?
- It's from the bunker.
They must have been
using the furnace.
- Meaning?
- It's human ash.
- Jesus Christ.
[gentle music]
- What are they doing?
- They had the men digging
for as long as I was there.
- So this is just
a dumping ground?
- Yes.
- You ready for this?
- What for? What's the plan?
- How far to the
furnace chimneys?
- It's just minutes.
- Which direction?
- A straight line.
- And Ivy, I want
you and butcher
to take everything with you.
Get to the fence.
Make sure it's clear.
And wait-
- What for?
- As soon as it's safe,
we'll send a signal, lower the
equipment down and join us.
- I can't do this.
- Come on. We've got this far.
- I didn't expect to be here.
I thought I escaped this place.
[dramatic music]
- Take this.
Take it.
One of us now, you understand?
- Yes.
- Good.
- If we're going in
through the chimney,
how are you getting in?
- I thought we'd
try the front door.
Follow my lead.
- I've done some stupid
things in my time, sir.
- Just go with it.
Do you understand?
And if this doesn't bloody work.
- We're all dead.
- Hey. Hey Mark.
[guard whistling]
[speaking foreign language]
[guards howling]
[suspenseful music]
- Sorry about that.
- It worked. That's
all that matters.
- Good.
- Straight into
the lion's den. Eh?
Which way?
- This way to the furnace.
- You don't look sure.
- I don't know.
Everything was
restricted access.
- Charlie.
I saw pictures of a radio room.
Beds, empty cells.
How about we split up?
I'll meet with the furnace
as soon as I've seen
what's up here, go.
[suspenseful music continues]
[suspenseful music continues]
[dramatic music]
- The bag is stuck.
[speaks in a foreign language]
[both groaning]
[upbeat dramatic music]
[suspenseful music continues]
[guard groaning]
[guard groaning]
[gentle music]
- It's in here.
[door crackles]
[tense music]
[speaking foreign language]
[upbeat dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[speaking foreign language]
- Are you okay?
- I think so.
Where's Banks?
- Gone to investigate.
- Have you seen Paul?
- No, not yet.
- Okay.
- On your own?
[speaking foreign language]
[guards groaning]
[dramatic music]
[gun firing]
- Gunshot.
- I'm gonna find Paul.
[triggers clicks]
- Shit.
[guard groaning]
[dramatic music]
[combatants groaning]
[dramatic music continues]
[combatants groaning]
[gun cocks]
[speaking foreign language]
- Wait.
- What?
- I can't hear you.
- 15.
- 15?
- Minutes.
- In 15 minutes.
Yes what?
Show me. Show me.
- Soldiers.
- More?
In 15, more? We have to go.
We have to go.
[dramatic music]
Come on, come on.
Come on.
[tense music]
- Hey, hey, hey.
[both groaning]
- Stop, stop it, stop.
[gun firing]
[speaking foreign language]
[gun firing]
[speaking foreign language]
[suspenseful music]
[blows landing]
- Take her.
[dramatic music]
[blows landing]
- It isn't time.
- No.
Promise me you'll get to safety.
[gentle music]
[door knocking]
I'm so sorry.
- You are needed elsewhere.
- It would appear so.
- Promise me, second you
hear that Air rain siren.
The second you hear it,
you'll get to the shelter.
- I will.
- Promise me.
- I promise.
- What if I don't...
What if I don't want
to fight anymore?
- I know you don't
want to, but you will.
To keep others safe.
- To keep me safe.
[door knocking]
[gentle music continues]
- It isn't time.
To keep safe.
It isn't time.
[guard groaning]
[footsteps thumping]
- Ivy.
[footsteps thumping]
- What happened to you?
- Big bastard downstairs.
- Steiner.
- I think that's the chap.
- They called for reinforcement.
- How long have we got?
- 10 minutes max.
- Charlie, you're up.
- So what did you
find down there?
- Gold. Tons of it.
- What?
- Quite the war chest.
- Well, can't we take it?
- That's out of the question.
I'm afraid we'd never, we'd
never get it out in time.
Presumably, that's why
they put it all down there
in the first place.
Best we can do is stop
the Germans using it.
That's where Charlie comes in.
- They'll just dig it up again.
- Maybe. Maybe.
It's a lot of manpower
and resources.
This is our best
chance. 10 minutes?
- Not less by now.
- Right, we need to plan those
charges. Charlie, come on.
- There's an emergency exit.
- Right, we'll take
that if we can.
That's presuming that they've
come in from the front.
No, those stairs won't
do you any favors.
You need to stay there.
Just stay here.
You've got five minutes to try
and get her back on her feet.
Meet us at the stairwell.
[dramatic music]
- [Charlie] Banks.
[dramatic music continues]
- Poison?
- More like the jackpot
Now we're talking.
[suspenseful music]
- Don't mind if I
do sir. [coughs]
- Keep it for now.
[Ivy screams]
- Sorry.
- No, it's okay.
- No, I'm sorry for what I did.
For what I said.
I thought you, you were...
- One of them?
I am.
- No, you are here,
you are, you are helping us.
You didn't have to.
Thank you. [breaths heavily]
What? What did Paul say to
you to, to get you to leave?
- He said that you
would know what to do
and that you would find a way.
- I failed.
- No, we're here, we're
making a difference.
I've done what I
could. We gotta go.
[Ivy screams]
[dramatic music]
- Back upstairs.
Quick as you can.
[breathing heavily]
[speaking foreign language]
[gun firing]
[dramatic music continues]
- Charlie.
- Banks? No, no.
There's no time.
Someone needs to stay here.
Make sure this place goes up.
Get the others. Get out of here.
For King and country.
[gun firing]
- That's it. Come on.
I know. I know, just lean on me.
Let's go. Let's, go.
[gun firing]
- They're here.
- Shut the door.
Shut the door. Come on.
Come on Ivy. Here.
Come on.
- No, stop.
- Come on. Don't do this.
Don't do this now. Don't stop.
Just I'm not letting-
- Stop it.
- There's no time.
Get out.
Bring back enough explosives
to blow a hole in the world.
You promise me.
- All right, promise.
- Hey, hey. It's for the pain.
[footsteps thumping]
[Ivy screams]
- [speaks foreign language]
[gun firing]
[guards screaming]
[gun firing]
[Steiner growling]
[door creaks]
- Go, go, go.
[engine revving]
We need to head back
the way we came.
[engine revving]
Come on, come on, come on.
[loud bombing]
[engine revving]
[Steiner growling]
[engine revving]
- Pop.
[gun firing]
[loud rumbling]
[suspenseful music]
[footsteps thumping]
- Go, go.
[engine revving]
Here, here.
[indistinct chatter]
[suspenseful music]
[gun firing]
[guard laughing]
[guard screaming]
- Banks.
Banks, Banks.
- Mm. [groans]
Seemed a shame to
leave them all behind.
Ssh! Look lively.
[engine revving]
[dramatic music]
[speaking foreign language]
- Yeah.
[gun firing]
Come on.
There's transport coming for me.
I think I can make the pickup.
It'll be a bumpy ride.
[engine revving]
- I'll cope.
[engine revving]
[upbeat music]
[airplane engine roars]
[engine revving]
- This is it.
This is it.
Take these, head to
the Swiss border.
- I can still fight.
- I know you can.
I know you can.
But for now, just seek shelter.
Regroup. The fight's
not over yet.
When you get to the border.
- I don't have any papers.
- When you get to the border,
just explain what
happened and tell them
your commander in England was
Nichols, Air Marshall Nichols.
Remember that.
- What if it doesn't work?
- It will, trust me.
Just remember
Nichols, me of course.
- I will.
[airplane engine roars]
- Be careful.
- I will.
[gentle music]
[airplane engine roars]
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]