War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) Movie Script

Fifteen years ago,
a scientific experiment gone wrong
gave RISE to a species
of intelligent apes
and destroyed most of
humanity with a virus
that became known
as Simian Flu.
With the DAWN of a new ape
civilization led by Caesar,
the surviving humans
struggled to coexist.
But fighting finally broke
out when a rebel ape, Koba,
led a vengeful attack against humans.
The humans sent a distress call
to a military base in the North,
where all that remained of
the U.S. Army was gathered.
A ruthless Special Forces
Colonel and his hardened battalion
were dispatched to
exterminate the apes.
Evading capture for the last two years,
Caesar is now rumoured to
be marshalling the fight
from a hidden command base in the wood,
as the WAR rages on.
Is that a trench?
It looks like there's
more of them inside.
Echo 2-6 to command.
Colonel, we've got eyes on
3 kongs in the north woods.
One of them is armed.
Our donkey just
spotted another trench.
Maybe the base is near.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. Copy.
The one with the gun.
As soon he guns him down,
you guys take out the trench.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Come on!
Fall back!
Colonel, do you copy?
- Who is this?
- Preacher, sir.
- Preacher.
- Where are you, soldier?
- I need your position.
- I don't know.
What do you see?
I can't see anything, sir.
We lost a lot of men and
captain is dead, sir.
Calm down.
You're in command now.
Command, sir?
I think its just me by myself now.
Colonel, I dont think
Im gonna make it, sir.
I am sorry.
I am so sorry, sir.
Listen to me.
Kill as many as you can.
No. No, no!
63 dead.
You are him.
You're Caesar.
We've been searching
for you for so long.
We heard you had a
hidden command base,
but we could never find it.
Some of us were starting to
think that you might be dead,
but the Colonel McCullough said
you were out here somewhere.
- Kill us already.
- Shut up, man!
What? They're animals.
He's gonna slaughter us.
I did not start this war.
The ape who did is dead.
His name was Koba.
I killed him.
- Now I fight only to protect apes.
- Yeah?
What about him?
We got ten more just like him.
I know these apes.
They followed Koba.
They tried to kill me.
They fear what I will do to them.
So now
they serve you...
just to survive.
I no fear you!
You must fear!
How long you think
woods can protect you?
Humans destroy you.
Their Colonel has all power.
For them,
he more than just human.
He everything.
He say: "First Caesar die...
then all of you die."
Take this traitor outside!
What should we do with the humans?
You are letting us go?
Tell your Colonel...
you have seen me now.
And I have a message for him.
Leave us the woods...
and the killing can stop.
Do you think they will
give him the message?
They are the message, Maurice.
He will see we are not savages.
The traitor attacked me!
He got away!
Koba still haunts us.
What I didn't see that he could not
forgive what humans did to him.
No one could have known
how much darkness...
was living inside him.
Welcome home, Rocket.
You look tired.
- It was a long journey.
- Father, we found something!
Say hi to your brother!
Look who's here, son...
This is it, Father.
We can start over.
A new home.
What is beyond those mountains, son?
Show them, Rocket.
A desert!
The journey is long...
But that is why humans
will not find us.
We must leave tonight!
That's impossible.
How long can we wait, Lake?
Soldiers getting closer!
Your son's been gone, Caesar...
He doesn't know how hard it's been.
I know you are scared...
We all are...
But we are still planning...
Yes. We must find
a safe way out of woods.
There were only two of you.
But we are many.
We will find a way out of here.
Apes together strong.
Stay here, son.
Protect your mother and brother!
Caesar! What's wrong?
How many on patrol?
- Five? Six?
- Get them!
Luca, get Rocket too.
Unit calling command.
- Rocket? What happened?
- I heard him talking! Colonel is here!
Ninety-nine, target acquired.
Ninety-nine, target acquired.
Repeat, King Kong is dead.
Let's go.
I get up from here.
We can't find Winter!
He was scared! I think he betrayed us!
Have you found Cornelius yet?
We're still searching.
Let's go look for Caesars little son.
Come, Cornelius.
You're safe now.
You loved my son.
Look after his brother,
until I return.
You're not coming with
us to our new home?
Go with Lake.
Caesar! You're not going after them?!
Not them, him.
Caesar, you are our leader!
We can't leave without you!
You must.
The soldiers will be back soon.
When I find him,
the soldiers will all come after me.
That makes you the best
chance to get out of woods.
Where is he going?!
Caesar! Caesar!
The soldiers' camp is always moving.
My guards think they
know where it is.
- Let me take you.
- You need me to back you up!
I know what it's like to lose a son.
I may not make it back.
That's why I'm coming.
To make sure you do.
Guards think soldiers here...
Always fires burning.
No one here.
Search the area.
Just gonna put this down.
What's he doing out here alone?
Maybe he's a deserter?
Look around.
Take what you can.
Something wrong with her.
I don't think she can speak.
She'll die out here alone.
We cannot take her, Maurice.
I understand...
But I cannot leave her.
Did you find the Colonel?
Where is the Colonel?
- He's gone.
- Gone?
He left this morning,
took many men with him.
More soldiers are coming
down from the North.
The Colonel is going to
meet them at the border.
What border?
I don't know.
But the rest of us are going tomorrow.
Donkeys think the
soldiers from the North
are coming to help finish
off the apes for good.
That day, after the
battle on the hill,
the donkey we caught promised me
the Colonel would spare my life
if I told them where you were hiding.
Forgive me!
My son...
My wife...
are dead.
Now what do we do?
Wait till the soldiers go...
Follow them to the Colonel.
Ape not kill ape.
The soldiers are leaving!
They stopped.
What are they shooting at?
I don't know.
Why did they shoot you?
Like her!
He cannot speak!
He will die of those wounds.
Where did the soldiers go?!
Winter said they
were going to a border.
Yes but which way is that?!
Bad... ape.
Bad ape.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I don't think he understands.
I don't recognize him.
He's not one of us.
Are you alone here?
I see girl.
I think you human.
But you ape.
Like me!
No, no.
Put down.
- How long have you been here?
- Long time. Long... long time.
Old home.
Are there more like you?
- More apes... from zoo?
- Dead. All dead.
Long time.
Human get sick.
Ape get smart.
Then human kill ape.
But not me.
I run.
- You learned to speak?
- Listened human.
Bad ape!
Bad ape.
No touch.
That's mine.
I am okay.
Always thought we
were the only ones.
Wonder if there are
more in the world?
More apes like us.
Here. Eat. Eat.
New friends.
Special day.
Where did you get this?
Bad place.
I find long time ago.
After zoo I look for food.
I find human zoo.
Zoo for sick.
Big walls.
Sick human climb.
Bad human kill.
And then all get sick.
All dead now.
Long time. Long time.
Bad humans?
- Soldiers.
- A deserted military camp!
On the border!
Maybe the Colonel and the
troops are going there?
Is it far?
Can you take us?
Human zoo?
No! No go back there.
Everyone dead. I come here.
Very safe here.
Never go back! No!
- Please. You must take us.
- No!
No! Cannot take! Cannot take!
No, no!
No! Look! Look! Look!
More snow. Cannot go.
Must stay.
You eat, you rest, stay here.
With me.
Here. You keep.
She keep.
Who is...
I don't know.
But she with you?
She has no one else.
I see you look at her just now.
Look sad.
You have child?
The other was killed by human.
Had child.
You think you will find him...
at human zoo?
I don't know.
Maybe I take you.
Luca, come.
Let's go closer.
Keep them safe.
What are they doing?
I don't know.
What's that? A patrol?
I don't see riders.
Hold it!
I saw them coming.
At least this time...
I was able to protect you...
This must stop.
It's not too late to
join the other apes.
We cannot turn back!
Luca gave his life.
They must pay.
you sound like Koba.
It was a mistake bringing you all.
This is my fight.
I will finish this alone.
Go. Now.
Join the others.
What happened?
They came out of nowhere...
Attacked us.
We thought they would kill us all...
But the Colonel stopped them!
There was madness in his eyes!
He said they would use us,
before we died!
And they brought us all here!
Use you?
They've been forcing us to work!
What kind of work?
My little son is here.
and Lee.
and Napoleon.
and Sitting Bull...
Youre probably not
much of a reader,
but this is a big moment.
Where were you?
We came upon your herd.
We got lucky.
I was surprised you werent with them.
I hope you dont come to
regret sparing his life.
He's quite a good shot.
Have you finally come
to save your apes?
I came for you.
For me?
Who did I kill that night?
My wife.
My son.
I'm sorry.
I was there for you.
Look at your eyes.
Almost human.
- How did you know I was here?
- I was told you were coming.
That more soldiers from the north...
- would be joining you here.
- Joining me?
To finish us off.
For good.
Who told you that?
Let's go.
Forgive them.
We've been through much.
What have I done?
Battalion, halt!
- Blood!
- Makes the grass grow!
- We!
- Make the blood flow!
- We are the beginning!
- And the end!
We haven't had food or
water since we got here...
Why do they need a wall?
- Get him!
- Okay, okay.
Leave him!
- Tell them to get back to work.
- Apes need food and water.
- Tell them.
- Give them food and water.
Hurry! Back to work!
String him up, donkey.
Bad place.
Bad, bad place.
What you see?
- Must save them!
- But how?
Must think!
What would Caesar do?
Why so small?
What did the Colonel promised you?
You really think he let you live?
After we are gone?
You let them call you donkey.
You are ape.
Colonel wants see you.
Interfere with the work again,
I will begin slaughtering the apes,
one by one.
I need that wall.
Apes need food and water.
They'll get food and water
when they finish their work.
Give apes food and water.
- Or they cannot finish it.
- You know, you're very emotional.
What makes you think youre
in a position to make demands?
- Okay, let's go.
- The soldiers who are coming here,
they are not coming
to join you, are they?
I saw men outside, on the wall,
preparing for battle.
They told me you're smart,
but that's impressive.
No, they won't be joining me.
They are against you?
They fear me.
Because you kill your own men?
We found bodies.
Something wrong with these men.
Jesus Christ, you are impressive.
You paint quite a picture.
What you must think of me.
I think you have no mercy.
You came here to kill me.
Were you going to show me mercy?
I showed you mercy
when I spared your men.
I offered you peace
and you killed my family.
Do you have any idea what
your mercy would do to us?
Youre much stronger than we are.
You're smart as hell.
No matter what you say,
youd eventually replace us.
Thats the law of Nature.
The irony is, we created you.
We tried to defy Nature,
bend it to our will.
And Natures been punishing us
for our arrogance ever since.
Ten months ago, I sent out
recon units to look for your base.
My own son was a soldier
with one of the units.
One day he suddenly stopped speaking.
He became primitive, like an animal.
They contacted me,
said that they thought
hed lost his mind,
that the war was too much for him.
Then the man who cared for
him stopped speaking too.
Their medic had a theory,
before he stopped speaking,
that the virus that
almost wiped us out,
the virus that every human
survivor still carries,
had suddenly changed.
And if it spread, it would destroy
humanity for good this time.
Not by killing us, but by robbing
us of the things that make us human.
Our speech,
our higher thinking.
It would turn us into beasts.
You talk about mercy?
What would you have done?
It was a moment of clarity for me.
I realized that I would have
to sacrifice my only son,
so that humanity could be saved.
I held that gun in my
hand for a long time...
And I pointed it at my only child.
He looked at me with
trust in his eyes.
Even in his primitive gaze,
I felt his...
I pulled the trigger.
It purified me.
It made my purpose clear.
I gave orders to kill the
others infected, all of them.
Burn their belongings, anything
that might spread contamination.
Some of the men
questioned my judgment.
I was asking them to
do what I had done,
to sacrifice their friends, their family.
Of course, they refused.
I had them killed too.
Others with children
deserted into the woods.
One of those cowards fled
to my superiors up north.
They tried to convince me
that this plague could
be dealt with medically.
Thats when I realized that they
had learned nothing from our past.
You killed them too?
What did I do, Preacher?
You severed their heads, sir.
Except for the one I spared
so he could return
and deliver a message.
If they wanted to
relieve me of my command,
theyd have to meet me
here, and do it themselves.
This used to be a weapons depot.
They turned it into a relocation camp
when the crisis was just beginning.
But the weapons are all still here,
inside the mountain.
How many men will be coming?
Probably all of them.
But dont get any ideas,
the only thing they fear
more than me is you apes.
This is a holy war.
All of human history
has led to this moment.
If we lose, weII be
the last of our kind.
It will be a planet of apes,
and weII become your cattle.
Look at you.
You think I am sick, don't you?
I didnt mean to kill your son.
But if his destiny was to
inherit your unholy kingdom...
I am glad I did.
Get back!
So emotional!
I see how conflicted you are.
You are confused in your purpose.
Youre angry at me for something
I did that was an act of war.
But youre taking this
all much far too personally.
What do you think my men
would have done to your apes,
if you had killed me?
Or is killing me more important?
Soldiers everywhere!
How will we get in?
Must get in somehow...
Must get in!
In? In?
No go in! No!
Friends! Friends! No!
No go in!
No go in!
Friend! Friend!
Thank you.
Thank you, friend.
You save our lives!
Sick humans must have
escaped down here!
No, no!
No, no climb! No!
What? What you see?
Wonder where we are.
No! Friend...
No! No!
No! Come, come!
Come, come.
No! Come!
Come! Come, come!
You cannot save them.
Apes all die here.
- No!
- Yes.
Join me...
If he's still alive in the morning...
He goes back to work
as everyone else.
Or you shoot him.
Come. Come.
She go in!
Hide. Quick.
Humans will kill her!
I know what to do! Go!
Are there others out there?
Sweep the area.
Put him in the pen.
Feeling better?
Then we can talk about escape.
Apes together strong!
- We are the beginning!
- And the end!
Still alive.
Send him to the quarry.
Hold on.
What is this?
How did this get in there?
Get him to work.
Thirty-seven steps to the adult cage.
Fifty-five to the children.
You know,
Colonel shoot apes when wall is done.
This wall is madness.
It won't save him.
Anymore that it will save you.
I save myself.
Is there anything
left of you to safe?
Apes going back to the cage?
You are very brave.
- Brave?
- Brave!
Me? Ape?
You are...
Come! Come!
Come to see!
Come to see!
Come! Come to see!
34, 35, 36, 37! 30!
I do.
What now?
No, no! No, no!
This is the ape I told you about!
Thank you.
Bad Ape.
Bad Ape.
Bad... Bad Ape.
What's wrong?
We can't keep digging!
It will flood the whole tunnel!
If we don't,
we can't reach the children!
We must keep looking down there...
Find another way to
reach the children.
We must leave now!
More soldiers are coming!
Humans will destroy each other!
And us with them!
WeII have to get the
children out above ground.
You animals!
Who did that?
Who was it?
Was it you?
I love you, son.
Go, go.
Hurry! Let's go!
Caesar, what's wrong?
You must go.
Without you?
Maurice was right.
I am like Koba.
He could not escape his hate.
And I still cannot escape mine.
Move! Go, go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Colonel! Colonel!
Where the hell is he?
Hurry up!
Colonel, are you in there?
Donkey! Grenade launcher!
God damn it, donkey!
Get me the launcher!
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
You are home now.
Apes are strong...
With or without me.
Son will know...
who was father.
And what...
Caesar did...
for us.