War Horse (2011) Movie Script

Come on, easy, girl.
Easy, girl. Easy.
This is a stubborn one, huh?
There we go.
Whos a clever girl?
War Horse
Subtitle by:
Hossein. Gh
Good boy.
Here. Come on, boy. Here.
Come on.
Easy does it. Easy does it.
Come on, steady, boy.
That's it. Nice and done.
Hey, hey.
Mornin, pop.
Put your mark here.
Good luck.
Get the colt...
Whoa! Whoa!
Now thats a beauty.
Forget it, Ted. Hes half thoroughbred
and not got a days work in him.
Now, there...
Theres your ticket.
But look at him, Si.
Look at that creature.
Dont be daft.
You need something
solid to plow a field.
Yeah, but hes something else, that one.
Alright gentlemen,
settle down, settle down...
Horses on my right, men with money
in their pockets on my left.
Its the perfect combination.
Is Fred Goddard here?
Yes! Is here.
Good - more money than sense.
Dave Hill?
Im here. Yes!
Bugger off, you tight bastard.
You've been coming here for 20 years,
never bought so much as a pork scratching.
Come on.
Okay, first up today,
a gorgeous young horse...
Prettiest thing I've seen since my
wife on our wedding day.
Lets get going, shall we?
Who wants this wonderful creature.
One guinea.
One guinea,
one guinea, one guinea...
I thought you needed
a plow horse, Mr. Narracott.
- Any advance on one guinea?
- Two guineas.
- Two guineas!
- Three!
Ted Narracott...
Its completely the wrong animal.
Si Easton, Im not gonna let
that bastard see me off.
- Five guineas.
- Six!
- Oh, for the love of...!
- Seven.
Greedy sod thinks he can just
buy anybody. Eight.
Stop it, hes your landlord.
You cant be picking fights with him.
Ten guineas.
You havent got the money.
Lets go home, lets have a pint.
Eleven guineas, sir,
from as good a man as any in this town.
Do I hear twelve guineas? Twelve guineas?
Thats top price for a workin animal.
Ted! Save it for the shire!
There are big days and there are
small days. Which will it be?
Do I hear any advance on eleven guineas?
Just let him go, dad, I dont care
for him, hes too jumpy.
- Shall we say twenty five?
- 25 guineas
Well, hes got you there.
Nice try, Ted.
You were great, Mr N.
Gave him a run for his money.
- Going, going...
- Thirty. Thirty guineas!
Thirty guineas.
Thirty guineas.
Going... Going...
Gone to Mister Ted Narracott.
What have you done, Ted?
What have you done?
Quite a beast, there. But what you
gonna do with him on a working farm?
I hope you got the rent, Ted.
Ill be around for it when it comes due.
Youre a fool, Ted.
And our Rosiell never forgive you.
What have you done?
- Thats Mooneys colt!
- You were supposed to buy a plow horse.
- You bought him?
- Whatd you pay for him?
How much, Ted Narracott?
I wont tell you a lie,
though I would love to.
Thirty guineas.
Thirty guineas!
Hes not worth ten!
Are you out of your mind?
What about the rent?
Hes a strong one, Rosie.
Look at the way he holds his head!
How the hell are we gonna
pull anything with that?
Ted, you have to take him back.
You have to take him back right now.
You have to get down on your knees
and beg for our money back.
No. No, please dont take him back.
We cant take him back till hes broken in.
And how are you gonna
train a horse with that leg?
Ill train him.
No, you stay out of this, Albie.
You dont know nothing about horses.
Please, Mum.
Please let me. I can do it.
We have to keep him.
Weve no choice.
Right. Well, youve got one month to
break him in or Im taking him back myself.
How did you get to thirty,
what other fool bid you up that high?
It was Lyons.
Were gonna lose everything.
After all weve been through,
were gonna lose it all.
Dont worry, Mum, Ill raise him
and Ill raise him good.
Well, you better. Go on, get started.
See if a child can undo what your
fool of a fathers done to this family of ours.
Easy. Easy.
Right. Lets make a start then.
Its oats. Very tasty, that is.
Its beef and gravy to us!
Come on...
I bet youre missing your mother.
Look at you...
First time without your mum.
First time away from home.
But youre not alone, are you?
In fact. Cos Im ere...
Its alright. Its alright.
Im gonna call you Joey.
Joey. Thats you.
And Im Albert.
Its alright, Youre mine now.
Youre mine.
Good boy. Good boy.
Good boy, Come on.
Whoa. I want you to stay there, Joey.
Stay. Thats it.
Good boy.
Thats it, youve got it.
Hey, look at him, Albie.
Hes playing Grandmas Footsteps.
Right, come on, Joey.
Back you go. Come on.
Back you go.
Youre all right.
Thats it. Good boy.
Right. Youve gotta
stay there, understand?
Thats it. Good boy.
Youve got it. Good boy.
Good boy. Good.
Now call him. Whistle.
Come now, Joey.
Come on.
You can come now, Joey.
Dont think he fancies your owls.
No, I read it in a story.
Its how the Indians used to
summon their horses.
Now, Joey, when I whistle,
youve gotta come, understand?
My dad had a dog
who stayed when you called him.
He used to run up behind you
when you werent looking, and uh...
Hes not a dog.
Hes just puzzling it through.
Brilliant. Look at you.
Theres only fifteen here.
The rest will come.
You know by rights I could take
this farm back today, dont you?
And Im a great
believer in my rights.
It will come.
If you drank less beer
and bought fewer horses...
...you might be able to look your
landlord in the eye, Narracott.
I said Ill pay you.
We got to plant the bottom field.
Bottom fields rock hard.
Only stones down there.
No, were going to plow it.
Just give me til the autumn.
Ill pay every penny I owe you.
With interest.
How you going to plow it?
Not with that fancy animal of yours?
Hell do it.
Youll not get that one in a harness,
let alone pulling a plow.
Even drunk on a Tuesday night, you know that.
And I cant wait for the money,
theres a war coming.
I promise you that field will be plowed.
Well plant it with turnips.
And the money will be yours
when harvest comes.
Please, sir. Please.
Very well, if that fancy plows that field...
Ill give you till October
to set things straight.
What if he doesnt?
Ill take the horse on the day he fails.
And Ill take your fathers farm
and give it to working men...
...who can hold their pints and hold
their heads high in decent company.
No, please. Sir, you cant do that.
Now, now, now, lad.
What, are you bladdered as well?!
Ted Narracott, I got you down in my book!
You cant harness him.
Hes got to be collared.
No, you cant.
Look, youre scaring him, Dad.
Youre scaring him.
He... He cant take a plow!
Hes got to plow!
He wont be able to do it. Hes too young,
hes not even been backed yet...
Its alright, boy. Its alright.
Its alright. Its alright.
I knew this would happen
soon as I laid eyes on him...
Ted. No.
Ted, no!
Hes worth nothing to me! If he wont take
the collar, hes not worth a damn thing!
- Dad?
- Move aside.
Dad. Stop.
You shoot that horse we have nothing.
You were right what you said, Dad.
Hell do it,
You told Lyons, Hell plow that field.
And he will!
Youll see. Hell show you.
Well show you.
Well get it done.
Let go. Let go.
Go back to the house.
Here, here.
Some days are best forgotten.
Today aint one of them. Come on.
How are you today, Joey?
I don't know much about life, boy,
But I do know that there are
big days and there are small days.
And most days are small days,
and, well, they don't matter
much to anyone... but this...
Well, this is a big one.
This is our big day.
Well, it's cold out there.
So I'm going to take this off...
Well, if it's tough for you,
it should be tough for me, too...
Now, Im gonna
teach you how to plow...
...and youre gonna learn.
Is that understood?
And then we can be together,
which is how I believe things are meant to be.
Boy. Steady, boy.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Come on.
Easy, easy...
Look at me, Joey.
Youve just gotta
put your nose through.
Thats it.
See? Youve got it.
Youve got it.
Good boy. There...
Too large, too rocky,
matted with grass roots.
Even a sturdy plow horsed
never manage it alone.
Yet he will, I say.
Youd swear hed sprout wings
and fly if Albert had told you so.
Its a fine thing, loyal to your
mate. Even if he is a bit barmy.
A team of two might manage,
given a month and good weather.
Ted too squeamish to watch, is he?
Course hes watching.
Well, youve raised him up
a true Narracott, Ted,
Picture of his father, he is:
Not a dollop of ordinary sense
but that thick stubbornness...
...thatll lead him to insist on the impossible.
Wasnt a farmer in Devon didnt
admire you, myself among em,
Leaving your brothers that
fine farm and setting yourself...
...at this stoney patch
of unpromising ground.
Youve fettle enough for twenty men,
But with a gimpy leg and the drinking...
For the pain, isnt it,
that you drink?
Yeah, none of us could have
anticipated an ending better than this.
Makes me question the wisdom of the charity
that urged me to rent you this place,
Not only looking at you, me old pal,
but that pretty little wife of yours,
thought you were a spark, she did.
And now your sons sinking into the
selfsame bog thats swallowing you.
See, Joey.
I got the collar, too!
Come on, boy. Walk on. Thats it.
Walk on!
Walk on, Joey.
Come on, boy, walk on.
Youd be better off startin at the
top of the hill and goin down!
Gravitys the only friend youre
gonna have today, young lad.
Walk on, Joey! Walk on!
Come on, Joey, walk on.
Walk on, boy.
Walk on. Come on, walk on.
Itll take the whip to move him.
Bravo! Youve reached the top of the hill!
Off you go again, boy!
Youll make even better
time comin down!
Good boy. Good lad. Good lad.
Now walk on. Good boy.
Albie, were all with ya!
Look look look!
The plow hasnt even cut yet!
Do you know,
I believe we can do it, Joey.
I knew when I first saw
you that youd be the best of us.
Thats why he bought you.
He knows youve all the courage he never had.
I knew when I first saw you that
youd be the one whod save us.
Whoa. Whoa.
Youve got no chance, lad.
Hell not turn over half an acre.
Give it up now.
Youve done well.
Youve tried hard.
Youre more of a man than your father.
Come on now, Mr. Lyons,
thats a bit rough, isnt it?
Well, hell destroy that horse.
Ill be over Thursday.
Give you a day to close it up.
Your wool.
Im sorry, Rosie.
Now, boy!
Youve got to do it, Joey.
You dont know, so Im gonna have to
do the knowing for you...
...when the rest of our lives depend on this!
So get set to pull, and pull straight!
And pull hard!
Now, boy! Go!
Walk on, Joey! Walk on!
Thats it!
Good boy, Joey! Good boy!
Walk on! Walk on!
Walk on! Walk on, Joey!
Go around it!
Whoa, Joey!
Whoa, Joey!
Joey! Joey, whoa whoa whoa!
Joey, stop!
Youll break the blade...
Will you look at you?
Id not let a child of mine slip in
the mud alongside a plow blade.
He could lose a foot!
Youll likelier lose an eye, Mr. Lyons,
If you carry on prating at me
how to manage my son!
Or my plow, or my horse,
or my field, or my farm!
Come on, Albie! Push on through!
Get it done, Albie! Get it done!
Oh, my pair of fools.
My mighty fools.
Youre as battered and bloodied as he is.
And wheres Dad?
Still in the bottom field.
Stumbling about, I suppose.
Its not the drink, Albert,
that makes him stumble -
He drinks, mum.
Well, so might you if youd been
where hes been, seen what hes seen!
Well, he dont talk to me about it.
He dont talk about it because he cant.
There arent words
for some things.
Come here...
The miceve been at it.
Sit down.
Here. Its his campaign pennant.
He were Sergeant,
Seventh Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry.
And that is the Queens South Africa Medal.
Every man who fought
in the Boer War got one of those.
But this...
Thats the Distinguished Conduct Medal.
Not dads?
Well it aint mine, dear.
He got that after the fighting at Transvaal.
After hed been hurt,
and hed saved some other lads,
and well... I dont know
what else, he wont tell me either.
But the first day he got home
he just tossed them out.
First day he could walk,
he threw em straight in the dustbin,
and wouldnt hear a word I said not to.
See, what you done today, you and
youre chuffed up now, and so
you should be, my splendid boy.
Its good to be proud
when you done something good.
But what he done, in Africa,
whatever it was,
He takes no pride in it.
Hard as it surely was,
and however much pain its cost him,
he refuses to be
proud of killing, I suppose.
Id be proud.
If Id gone off to war. If Id gone
and saved my mates, and -
Well, whether or not you think
youd do the same thing as him...
Think how brave he is
for refusing to be proud.
Oh, your dad makes mistakes. And he drinks
to forget the mistakes that hes made. but...
But he never gave up,
and he does that for us.
And today, you showed the world
its all been worth it.
You keep looking after Joey and
hell always be looking after you.
Sergeant, Seventh Battalion,
Imperial Yeomanry.
You see this, Joey?
Its been through an entire war.
Im not stealing it.
Ill give it
back to him, someday.
Im the only boy
that drives in the village.
- No one else drives but me.
- Oh, yeah?
Thats right and this is my dads car.
Youre lucky that youre in it.
Im not normally allowed
to drive it cause its so -
Is he a friend of yours?
Come on, boy,
lets show her how to fly!
Well... youre clearly
not gonna be a jumper.
We can try planting something else,
Or we could hire ourselves out to Uncle Bob.
How else we gonna pay Mr. Lyons rent?
What we gonna do?
I used to believe that God gave each man
his fair portion of bad luck.
I dont feel that any more.
Ive had more than my share.
Youll stop loving me, Rose.
And I wont blame you when you do.
Well, I might hate you more,
but Ill never love you less.
Its war!
We are at War with Germany.
You hear?
England is at war with Germany.
Theyre going to
ring the bells at six oclock,
and then never ring them again
until the war is over.
Look smart, Joey lad, its the Tavistock Fair!
What has he done with him?
First name, middle name, last.
Last name first.
First name, middle name, last.
Take my word for it,
finest horse in the parish.
Goes like a racer,
strong, decent, very fine.
No curbs, no splints,
good feet and teeth.
Hes as sound as a bell, sir.
And how much are you charging, sir,
for this strong, decent,
and very fine animal?!
Ill give you twenty and not a penny more.
Twenty is no good to me, Captain.
Thirty five and hes yours.
I dont even know how he rides.
Oh, he rides... Splendidly.
Youll be astonished.
I promise you that.
Finest horse in all of Devon.
Finest horse I ever seen.
Thank you.
You cant!
You cant, hes mine!
- I trained him!
- Albert.
You cant have him.
Hes my horse, sir.
Im afraid its too late, lad.
Ive just paid thirty guineas for him.
Please, Ill get you money.
I will, Ill get you money.
Ill... Ill work for it!
Ill work for it.
He wont obey anyone else.
He wont be any good in the war, neither.
He shies at every sound!
Im sorry.
Well, if Joeys going,
Im going, too. Im volunteering.
- I see. Whats your name, lad?
- Albert, sir.
- And how old are you, Albert?
- Nineteen, sir.
- Is that the truth?
- No sir. But,
but I look nineteen and Im
bigger than most nineteen-yearolds, sir!
And Im strong, sir! And
I... Im not afraid of anything.
I dont doubt your qualifications, Albert,
but the law is very clear
about the proper age for soldiering,
and your fathers done
what he had to do. You know that.
Thirty guineas isnt nearly enough to purchase
a horse as fine as your Joey, I know that.
But its all Ive got.
Will you lease him to me, Albert,
to be my own mount?
I promise you, man to man, that Ill
look after him as closely as youve done,
Ill respect him and all the
care that youve taken with him.
And if I can, Ill return him to your care.
Now say goodbye.
Its all right, boy...
All right, turn it in, eh?
Thats enough. Hes a horse, not a dog.
Now, on your way.
Come on.
Do you want to lose the farm, Rose?
Its the way you did it.
But were at war.
Arent we just.
Here now, Ive told you,
sling your hook!
Let him be, Perkins.
This isnt the end.
This isnt the end, my brother...
I, Albert Narracott, solemnly
swear we will be together again.
Wherever you are, I will find you.
And I will bring you home!
Whoa. Steady, steady.
Steady now, come on.
Walk on!
Walk on now, come on!
Whoa whoa, Easy. Easy.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa,
Stay steady.
Whoa whoa whoa, Joey! Stop
muckin about, you hear?
You're in the army now, son.
Good boy, good boy. Steady.
Steady, steady...
Come on. Come here. Easy.
Easy easy, back up.
Joey, meet Topthorn.
Topthorn, this is Joey.
Sort out whos in charge
between the two of you, you hear?
If you want to fight,
you get it over with,
Cause once were over there, youre
gonna need everything youve got for Fritz!
Gently, Perkins.
I dont want to sour him.
Therell be nothing
gentle about the war, sir.
And therell be nothing gentle
about this one either!
I understand that, Sergeant,
But I want him fit and shining.
Hes my horse.
Easy, boy.
Scares the living daylights out of me.
Glad hes on our side.
Not bad. Not bad at all.
Still not a patch on my Topthorn.
I wouldnt be so sure.
I think hes got potential.
Hes certainly got the bit
between his teeth.
I actually think my Blenheim is
faster than the pair of them.
Clear off!
All right, gentlemen, listen here.
Everything tells us the same story,
from Waterloo to Omdurman, from Picketts
Charge to the Battle of Mars La Tours...
The first attack can and
should be the decisive one.
- Perkins...
- Yes, sir!
No excuses, no mistakes
Every horse groomed and
fit for presentation!
I want a full practice charge tomorrow.
Thought you two had bottled out.
As if.
All right, then, lets see what you
two jokers are made of, shall we?
This is what
quiet confidence looks like.
Ill wait for you two
at the Duke of York.
Over to you, Captain Nicholls.
Draw... swords!
Give... point!
Come on, Joey.
I know youve got it.
Come on, boy! Come on!
Come on, boy!
Whoa. Whoa.
Nice of you to turn up.
Hes got speed... Ill give him that.
But has he got stamina?
He has everything.
What are you up to?
Im writing a letter.
With a picture in it?
Its to the boy who owned Joey.
I want to show him
how wonderful hes looking.
Before we take him away across
the Channel to face a million Germans guns.
Yes. Before that...
...travelling with the
Dragoon Guards and the Royals.
Transport detachment,
theyll need to be at the docks at 5 am.
Check all kit. Battle orders:
No polishing...
...buttons, helmet buckles,
stirrup irons... let em all go dull.
I want nothing to flash in
the sun and give us away.
Of course.
- Charlie...
- Jamie.
What do you think of the new cap?
Silk lining. I quite like it.
Im not sure its going to make
a lot of difference to the Germans.
Oh, I dont know about that.
Just working out which of
two chaps to shoot... and you thought...
Good Lord, one of them really is
wearing a very stylish cap indeed!
You might shoot the
other one instead.
Or, alternatively, think...
I fancy that cap
...and kill you first of all.
Hadnt thought of that.
France -1914
That is our target...
the German 11th Division...
...at the moment bivouacked three
miles to the east of the Menin Road.
We have been watching them...
...and they have pitched tents for
the night and lit cooking fires.
Knock them out...
...and we could slide in
behind the German lines...
...and come at them from
the South at Geluveld.
- Numbers?
- About six hundred. Infantry.
Twice our size...
In regiments of horse and men,
the advantage is ours.
And we have surprise on our side.
But the sooner we move, the better,
We have no assurance theyll
still be there tomorrow morning.
Right. Good. So, today it is.
Charlie, tell the men.
- Salisbury formation?
- Salisbury formation.
Well charge through them
and secure the ground behind.
The grass to the left is taller
than we are, its perfect cover.
Excellent work, Sergeant Major.
Time spent on reconnaissance
is rarely wasted.
Thank you, Singh.
They have no idea were coming.
Not having scruples, are you, Jim?
No. I understand
the surprise is everything.
But if it must be done,
lets do it quickly.
Are you alright, Charlie?
Never been better.
Literally, never better.
Prepare to mount!
Thank you, Standley.
Hey, Joey.
My bonny boy.
Youre all right,
arent you, Joey?
It is an honour to ride beside you.
Make the Kaiser rue the day
he dared to cross swords with us.
Let every man make himself,
his King, his country,
and his fallen comrades proud!
Be brave.
Fear God. Honor the King!
Fear God. Honor the King!
Draw swords!
Good luck, my friends.
Forward, to walk!
Walk... march!
Forward to canter!
Canter... march!
What? Did you think that a garrison
on open ground would go undefended?
Look at yourself!
Who do you think you are?!
What do we do with the horses?
If theyre injured, shoot them.
And the others, sir?
The others you round up and take to
base camp, they will pull guns.
Youll never get fancy horses
like these to pull guns.
- Then shoot them also.
- Sir.
Perhaps we could use some of
them with the ambulances,
to get the injured men off the field.
- Will they take the harness?
- Id like to try, sir.
It wont work... theyre cavalry.
- Lets try.
- You wont get the harness on.
Come on, Michael.
Whoa, whoa. Easy, now,
Easy now, Englishman.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, easy, easy.
Easy, easy now.
Its hopeless.
We cant help them.
Well, well, look at you.
Whoever taught you this
has just saved your life.
Hello the farm!
Hello, Si Easton!
I was at the post office...
...and while I was there,
Mrs. Allen said...
...a parcel had come
for Albert, from the -
From the -
From over there
and I thought...
...I could go up that way in the
morning. And, here it is.
Well, whod be sending me
a parcel over there?
Well, open it and see.
Its a sketchbook...
Thats Captain Nicholls sketchbook!
See that?
Thats a picture of Joey!
Its a picture of Joey.
Well, I never!
And theres a letter...
Well, go on then, go on.
Dear Albert Narracott.
Captain Nicholls, who died...
Captain Nicholls, who died in action
today left you this. Yours, Sergeant Sam Perkins.
You werent to know it was bad news.
He was riding Joey when he died.
You dont know that he was riding him...
In action, it says.
We move forward to the frontline tonight.
Full marching orders.
Get moving!
Schroeder! Schroeder!
No, not you... you. Come.
Im keeping you here.
You are best with the horses...
...and we need to move
the camp quickly...
...if the enemy continue to
push through from the west.
- Theyre pushing through?
- Im told.
We will move later when we find
where the horses are needed most.
Yes, sir.
Perhaps I can keep
my brother here with me,
hes also very good with horses.
Oh, no, no. Not necessary.
Get moving. We leave tonight.
Its all right, Gunther.
You are not going.
Ill tell them you are only 14,
- That youre a boy.
- Father signed me in.
He knew my age,
and so do they.
Mother obviously never
taught you how to fold a shirt.
Of course she did.
I just wasnt listening.
But you need to listen now!
I promised her...
I made her a solemn promise,
that you would be safe with me.
With me, Michael!
Theyll never make a head count.
There are too many of us.
You can stay here.
Slip underneath the bed,
until they move out.
Then what?
Gunther, it will be fine.
And when all the
machines break down
and they call up the horses,
Ill see you at the front.
Well be together again.
Im giving this to you. For luck.
To keep you safe.
Im schnellschritt!
Marsch... links!
Zwei, drei, vier! Left!
Zwei, drei, vier!
Get back in line! Line!
Im hungry.
- Did you bring food?
- Im sorry.
Will Father be ashamed?
He will pretend to be.
Maybe at first he will be.
But in the end, he will be glad.
And us?
What about us?
I was ready to go.
I was proud to go.
I wanted to go.
The food in Italy is good.
What about the women?
Not as good as the food.
Theyve eaten too much of the food?
You are too young for war.
- And youre too young for women!
- I dont feel so young.
- Not anymore.
- Michael.
- What?
- Go to sleep
We have a big night
of riding ahead.
Goodnight, Michael.
Night night, Gunther.
Hei! In die windmhle!
- Go, go, go...
- Okay.
- Schroeder.
- Yes, sir.
A mistake?
A promise.
Its closer today.
The wind plays tricks with the noise,
Its moving away from us.
I can hear it, Grandpre,
and there is no wind.
You shouldnt lie to me.
Here. There is no wind here.
But over there...
A wind so strong it
will lift you off the ground...
You lie about everything.
You say you arent worried
but its clear you are.
I know the war is approaching,
But you say, "Oh, its
just a trick of the wind. "
Did I say that?
You started lying when
Mama and Papa went away.
Theyre dead.
But you wont say so.
Do you think Ill die
if you tell me the truth?
The truth is...
...you should speak to
your elders with respect.
If you tell me the
truth about the war,
I will tell you the truth
about the big horses,
Ive been keeping
in the windmill.
Now, who is the one telling lies!
- In the windmill?
- Yes.
They were standing in the
windmill waiting for Don Quixote.
This is Franois and this is Claude.
I named them after two boys
who broke my heart last Summer.
They must belong to someone.
Horses like this dont just
appear from a fairy-tale.
Yes, I know, Grandpre.
They are not unicorns.
So I will be fair and wait...
- ... one day.
- Emilie... Emilie...
And if no one comes to
get them by night-time,
- Emilie...
- Then they belong to me.
Emilie. Look at me.
You cannot ride.
Mother used to tell me how
my bones would give way...
- Yes. Thats right.
- ... with the slightest bump or fall.
So it is settled?
Good girl.
It will only be settled when
I decide which one to ride first.
But its -
Over my dead body!
At least I wont have long to wait.
I was in love with a boy called
Franois, who had your lovely eyes.
Unfortunately he was in love
with a girl called Marie,
Who had your teeth.
She fell for a boy called Claude,
who broke my heart.
And who I intend to marry one day.
Eyes on me.
No talking.
Today, we learn to jump.
Did you know the French
cleared one meter eightyfive...
...at the Paris Olympics
to win the gold medal?
Today, we will beat that record.
This is your jump.
When I call you,
be very brave and leap over it.
Leap over it! Watch me.
And now its your -
He doesnt think we can do it.
But we will show him, wont we?
No need to be afraid.
You are... very tall.
Youll kill yourself.
Only if you get in my way
to make me fall.
Oh please, come off the ladd-
Find somewhere to hide them.
And do it quickly!
Halt! Und aussteigen!
Und aussteigen!
My name is Bonnard,
This is my land. Why are you here?
Food for the soldiers at the front.
Everyone must give their share.
They are taking everything.
Where are the horses?
What horses?
- What is it?
- Leave it...
...if you dont know what its for.
A pot is a pot.
Well find some use for it.
Sir, wheres the livestock?
I make jam.
We have no animals.
But theres fresh hay in your barn.
We use it to replace
the mattress stuffings.
- Her grandfather?
- Yes.
- Where are her parents?
- Theyre dead.
They died.
What is that?
The wind.
It plays tricks in the attic.
There is no wind.
An old house creaks.
Go, close the shutters.
Shes sickly, no?
If you or any of your friends harm her,
as old as I am, I will kill you.
You know,
I was going to
give you back your pot.
But now Im going to keep it.
For soup.
We will be back in the new season.
Tell me what happened to them.
To my mother and father.
You said you would
tell me how they died,
On my birthday.
And tomorrows my birthday!
They died fighting, didnt they?
But when the soldiers come...
...you do nothing.
- You are a coward, arent you?
- Yes. Yes.
It was your parents
who were brave.
I make jams.
And youve never done
a brave thing in your life?
Maybe there are
different ways to be brave.
Did you know the French
have the best carrier pigeons?
And this could be
the difference in the war,
our messages getting through.
I dont want to hear
about the birds.
They are released at the front
and told to go home.
This is all they know.
But to get there
they must fly over a war.
Can you imagine such a thing?
Here you are flying over
so much pain and terror,
and you know
you can never look down.
You have to look forward
or youll never get home.
I ask you, What could be
braver than that?
- What is that?
- A present.
I hope you have not
bought me a disgusting dress...
...that I then have to wear like last year.
- It was disgusting?
- Yes.
I looked like an ugly nun.
Give me your hand.
Grandpre, we have no money.
When the war is over, then you can
buy me jewels and carriages.
Anything you say, my sweet one.
You are, of course, the boss.
Its just an old thing I found...
...dont worry yourself
leave it, Ill put it back.
It was your mothers.
I hid it, so as not to encourage you.
Emilie, I want you to ride
very slowly, very carefully.
- And promise me you wont go far...
- Of course.
To the top of the hill
and straight back again.
I promise.
My hero.
Slowly... slowly...
- Let go of me!
- She is my granddaughter!
Emilie, stop!
Dont hurt her, please!
Dont hurt her.
You dont need them!
There are so many others!
Please, take the bigger one
and leave the smaller one.
You are breaking
my granddaughters heart.
The war has taken
everything from everyone.
What will happen to them?
They will pull artillery
until they die...
- Franois!
- ... or until the war is over.
It will never be over!
You have your answer then.
- These are yours.
- Yes, sir.
They look strong,
should last a month or two.
You are beautiful.
Its a pity they found you.
Such a pity...
Pull together!
Halt! Halt! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Heiglemann, bring up another one!
Heiglemann, bring up another horse!
That one!
No, no. The big black one!
Hes a good horse, sir.
But if you move him up to the heavy gun,
he will be no use at all.
Prince is already losing condition.
His leg, sir.
- You have given them names?
- Yes, sir.
You should never give a name to
anything you are certain to lose.
But, His leg is not good enough, sir.
Private, you will do as you are told.
Hook him up.
As you see, sir,
this one is stronger.
Hook him up.
Come, come, come
Halt! Halt!
Take the horses away!
And load!
Back! Case!
And... fire!
Valuables in the bucket, lads.
If you live, youll get them back.
If you live, youll get them back.
Good lads.
Valuables in the bucket.
Maybe its a drill, Albie.
Maybe its a drill like last time.
Love letter?
Thats my business.
I hear you and your mate
were doing bird imitations again.
You gonna write a letter to your horse?
After you find your horse,
Ive lost my needle in a haystack,
and I could use some help.
Anything valuable. Anyone who
comes back gets to share it out.
Stay here.
Remember that day me and Joey
raced you in your car?
I remember you
somersaulting through the air.
Who was that girl you were with?
There was a girl?
There was.
Dont you remember?
It was just some girl, I suppose.
I dont recall which one.
I do remember you
falling on your bum in a ditch.
You see?
Always entertaining, Narracott,
Ill give you that.
You did that?
You fell on your bum?
In the positions.
Get ready. Get ready, boys.
Be ready! Be ready!
Lets go, men!
Hold your nerve, boys. Remember,
its not too far to go. Theres a way through.
Run fast, keep your wits
about you, keep your eyes open...
...and God and the King
will keep an eye on you.
Company will fix bayonets!
Fix bayonets!
- You know what it reminds me of out there?
- What?
That bloody impossible lower field
the day me and Joey plowed it.
Best day of my life that was
and you were there.
And this here is the worst day
of my life, about to begin,
and youre here cheering me on.
Us two, always.
And him.
Once youre in no mans land,
go to the flanks.
- Stay on the flanks.
- Yes, sir.
Come on, boys, come on.
To the ladder!
Stick close to the gentry, yeah?
Thats our ticket.
We have the pluck
but they have the luck.
Come on, boys.
Keep going, keep going.
You, too, Narracott.
And you, too.
Come on, on your ladders, boy.
On your ladders.
In you go, in you go.
Thats it.
Listen to your sergeant!
If anybody turns back,
If any one of our boys...
...come running towards you
you take this rifle...
...and you shoot them dead.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, sir!
Do you understand me?
Do you understand
what Im telling you, son?
You take this rifle
and you shoot them dead.
Up there, son. Up your ladder.
Up your ladder to your work!
Its good.
Andrew, its good.
Nobodys retreating today.
Andrew! Andrew!
Nobody is retreating today.
Just leave me. Leave me!
Youll be all right here.
Youll be safe.
Someonell come for ya.
Albert. Albert, listen...
Its all right. Its all right.
Were Devon boys, yeah?
Get down!
We made it.
We made it.
Andrew, this way out!
Gas! Gas! Gas!
Hey, theres no stopping here.
Keep them moving.
Sir, theres something wrong.
This one needs to rest.
Theres no rest for them.
Move them along.
Move them along!
Please, please, please.
Stay on your feet.
No, please. No no no...
Please, please...
Stay on your feet.
Come on. Please, please...
Stay on your feet.
Theyre coming! Leave it, private!
Leave it! Come with me!
Go to hell!
Run. Run!
Run! Run!
Stand to, stand to...
Theres something moving.
What the hell is it?
It looks like a cow.
What the hell would
a cow be doing out there?
That definitely isnt a cow.
Well, what is it?
It cant be a horse. Nothing
alive could be out there.
It isnt a horse.
It isnt a horse.
Yes, its a horse.
- Its a horse.
- Yeah, its a horse.
Well, bugger me.
Its a horse.
Lads, we should call him.
How do you call a horse?
Hes caught on the wire.
Oh sod it...
What do you think youre doing?
Get back, do you hear me?
Corporal, thats an order!
Get back!
Listen to him, sir.
We cant leave him.
- Whats he doing?
- Its a trap.
No, I dont think so.
- I think hes trying to help.
- Scare him back into his hole.
Its a white flag, ent it?
You see the white flag!?
Im just after tending to
this here horse, is all!
Get back, you stupid git!
The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want,
He leadeth me into green pastures,
He lay me down
beside the still waters...
Poor beastie.
Poor babbie.
Its alright.
Its alright.
Dont buck and wriggle so,
Youre only shredding yourself.
Youll blind yourself.
Bugger me worthless. I didnt think
to bring gloves or something to cut the
I thought perhaps you might need
For the barbed wire?
Yeah, yeah I... Ummm, thanks.
That... Thats a very long strand.
When you cut it,
its going to release
and this, and this,
and theyll
coil back rather violently,
which Im afraid will only wound the poor
fellow further.
You speak good English.
I speak English well.
May I?
What if we cut his head free first?
So he wont try to stand up and
blind himself?
- And then...
- Pity you didnt bring a second pair.
Then I could cut the wire here
His blind spot.
The cutters wont frighten him.
If you could cut
here, holding this wire...
- I could...
- Say no more, Im right behind you.
And you understand whats happening,
do you not, O Best Beloved?
That you
must lay so very nice and still.
Theres a lad,
youre a remarkable horse, you are,
helping us help you.
Theres a lad.
Theres a remarkable lad.
So hows things in yonder trench?
Delightful. We read, we knit
and we train our rats to
perform circus tricks.
Well, if ever you need any more
rats, we can always send ours over.
Cause weve more than we need,
strictly speaking.
- Besides, they scare off all the pretty girls.
- Our girls arent afraid of rats.
Big strapping German girls, eh?
Kind what gives robust massages?
Every Thursday!
And they bring rum
cake on your birthday.
Look at that horse!
Look at the
muscles hes got,
them long legs.
Theyre made for running, horses.
Runnin away from danger.
Running away is all they have.
Yet we taught em opposite.
Running into the fray.
- War horse
- Yeah.
War horse.
And there he is.
What a strange beast youve become.
And now?
I take him back with me, yeah?
Since I supplied the cutters, the
horse is mine.
This is fair, no?
In a pigs eye. Hes English, plain to see.
- Oh, you mean because hes so filthy?
- Because hes so smart.
And youre
none too clean yourself.
We could box.
And the winner gets
the horse.
No, thanks, pet.
Must be careful not
to start a war.
Do you have a coin of any sort?
- Coin toss?
- Yeah.
- All right, Fritz youre on.
- My name is not Fritz
it is Peter.
Peter Im Colin.
- You call it, Colin.
- Heads.
Thats the face of my Kaiser
and he does not
look pleased with me.
The horse is yours.
Gone quiet, hasnt it?
But wait half an hour and well be shooting
Im a terrible shot, Pete, dont believe
Ill ever hit the target.
Cheerio, mate.
- Youll take good care of him, yes?
- I will.
Our strange beast.
And you take care of your own
strange self.
A pair of German cutters
in memory
of your handsome friend from Dusseldorf.
Ill use em back in the garden in
South Shields.
You keep your head
down, now, Pete me lad!
Remarkable! A remarkable horse!
Were full up. Move on.
The gas got him
we had to wait till morning.
This cant be all of us.
This is all.
All walking wounded,
away to the dressing station!
Away to the dressing station!
- Whats this doing here?
- We need a vet, sir.
There are no vets. Weve scarcely
any horses left.
Hes cut all over, but this leg
heres got the worst of it.
- Its probably tetanus. Its no good.
- Please, sir
Ive all these men to take care of,
corporal, you can see that, cant you?
Please, sir, this horse can pull
through anything.
What is it?
Its a horse they found, wandering about in
No Mans Land.
- Down you go.
- What kind of an horse?
Bloody miraculous kind of an horse,
be my guess.
Nothing makes it out
of No Mans Land.
Miraculous horse..
He was alive, ysee, sir, where
nothing survives,
so to me and me mates,
to the men, sir, hes
- Well, we have high hopes for him -
- You should shoot him now.
- Oh, but I cant.
- Itd be a mercy, lad,
that legs not going to mend.
Put him out of his misery.
Ladies, if you please.
All right, back off.
Back off.
Go on. Do it again.
Hello, Joey.
Where you been then, hey?
Where in the world you been?
Do you know this man?
- Whats your name?
- Narracot.
- Private Albert Narracott, sir.
- This is a random horse, Narracott,
and too badly injured.
- Is this man in your care?
- Yes, sir.
Hes not random at all, sir!
Hes my horse,
I raised him, in Devon. Sir,
look at his legs!
Hes got four
white socks,
hes brown all over and he has a
white mark here like so
Take him back.
- Come on, son.
- Wait! You cant see cause of the mud.
Four white socks!
All right, break it up. Clear off,
the lot of ya.
You see, sir?
Hes not random at all.
We will attend to your horse.
Patch him up best we can.
Treat him like
the soldier he is.
Thank you, sir.
It falls on me to give
you some important news.
At eleven oclock today,
in two minutes time
the War will come to an end.
The King and Queen thank you for your
We have been victorious
even if at a higher price than
many of us might have imagined.
When the bells ring out
and they will in a moment,
for the first time for four years
let us remember our brothers fallen in the
And thank God for the end of this
struggle and victory.
I dont understand, sir.
Officers horses only.
All other horses are to be auctioned
That is a complete and bloody outrage.
Its the lads horse, sir, from Devon.
He raised him up from a pup, he did.
Trained him right up to the day when
the army came to town.
These arent my orders, sergeant.
Youll have to take him to market.
Thats all.
Weve all clubbed together.
Its everything we have.
Theres twenty-nine pounds there.
Buy him back.
- Does the Major know?
- The Major put in ten.
Mums the word where the Majors
concerned. Your friend on the crutches over there
even asked the Major to say that
Joey was his, an officers horse,
so that he could go back with the
Come on, Narracott! Get a move on. We dont
want to miss the show.
Seven pounds! Seven pounds there!
Seven pounds! Eight pounds here!
Eight pounds! Ten pounds here!
Any advance? Sold!
Youre alright. Nobodys gonna bid more than
fifteen for a thoroughbred.
They want work horses.
Next one.
We start at four pounds.
Four pounds.
- 5 pound.
- five pounds here
Any advance?
- seven pound!
eight pound. eight pound!
- Nine!
- ten pound!
Sepuluh pound!
- Eleven.
- Eleven.
Its the butcher from Cambrai.
Hes been bidding for the best all
Eleven. Eleven pounds. Eleven pounds.
Let me handle this, private.
and let that be an end to it.
Fifteen pounds
- Sixteen pounds
- Seventeen.
Twenty of your English pounds. And let THA be the end of it, my friend.
Twenty pounds.
- Twenty Five.
- Twenty five pounds.
Twenty Six.
- Twenty six pounds.
- Twenty seven.
- Twenty eight.
- Twenty eight pounds.
Twenty nine.
And thirty.
Any advance at thirty pounds?
One hundred pounds.
And sir, if you bid against me,
I will sell the coat on my back
and bid to one hundred
and ten.
And if you bid against me again, I
will sell my farm
and bid to a thousand.
One hundred pounds.
Going, going, gone.
Ill give you all your money.
Everything you paid when we get back
to England. Ill give you twice -
You dont know anything about him.
Oh, but youre wrong, sir, I know
Yes, you found him! I heard you
found a horse in the wire between the armies...
No, I found him, he raised him -
When I heard about the miracle
horse, I traveled three days
because I knew whose horse it was.
My granddaughters.
She saved his life!
He was everything to her.
Where is your granddaughter?
The war has taken everything from
He is all that I have left of her.
Dont be worried, boy, when I go.
I wont worry over you none.
Hey, I found you, didnt I,
and you found me.
And well both...
well both know
that we made it through.
Now go on.
Were the lucky ones.
Always have been.
Lucky since the day I met you.
God be with you, sir.
Do you know what this is?
Its my fathers.
Its his regimental pennant.
How did you come
by this, sir?
You may have this.
Thank you ever so much for this,
...And this.
No no, not necessary.
He belongs to you.
That is, of course, what my
little girl would have wanted.
And she was the boss.
What was her name?
Her name is Emilie.
War Horse
subtitle by:
Hossein. Gh