War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave (2008) Movie Script

The War of the Worlds 2:
Nobody saw it coming.
Thousands of astronomers looked at
Sky looking for extraterrestrial life.
But I never knew what hit us.
The initial attack was
global and devastating.
While sailed on the Internet
and queuing to buy one ...
coffee with soy milk, they just
one thing needed to survive.
Our blood.
But as we harvested,
there was something we did not.
All the armies of the world,
all inhabitants of the Earth ...
to the last microbe came together to
send them to where they came.
And all over.
For some, the nightmare began.
Come on!
Sissi! Sissi!
- Bye.
- No. Do not leave me!
- Let go.
- No!
I will be fine!
- Dad!
- No, Dad.
I have to listen to the base
always know the rules.
Always speak the same, blah, blah, blah.
That is, fill the battery
up to half, good work.
Got to work tonight?
Tonight, tomorrow, any
night, you know son.
Happy birthday, Dad.
I have marked the days,
So congratulations.
- Where did you get this?
- Spongers.
Spongers? What I have said
that? Do not leave here without me.
How surprised if you never
are you? I do not spend anything.
- How do you know?
- Will die of boredom.
Thank you for remembering my birthday.
You have to understand that
you are everything I have.
I know.
- I will make dinner.
- Congratulations.
Good morning, Dad.
I made breakfast, beans are
can, but imagine we are arepas.
Alex, get off the bike and get to safety.
These are the only batteries.
If you promise to stay here until
I return, I will bring more. Okay?
- How long?
- 7 or 8 hours.
- That is eternal.
- Do you have chips.
I saved it. Soda and
chips, and will be a feast.
- I can go with you.
- We talked about that.
I know there is no outside. Wait here.
This is dark, and there is plenty cold.
Do not remove the coat.
There are two matches. No
let the candle goes out.
I have an idea.
This is my watch. The
alarm at 8 hours.
I'll be back before
that sounds, I promise.
You're a good man.
Base and Laboratory Troops Free.
- George.
- How are you, Nate?
Glad to see you.
- Do you know Victoria?
- Victoria Reilly is a pleasure.
He worked for NASA when NASA had.
Would participate in the
ferry before the invasion.
Helps us to decode
language of the roads.
- How is that?
- After the first invasion ...
capture some of the roads.
We are decoding.
We could replace some
codes and to understand some things ...
but we lack the key.
- For better work fast.
- Why?
I think they have returned.
There are events here, here and here.
The interesting thing is that they are just
outside the Earth's magnetic pole.
- When to get that data?
- 4 days ago.
- Do you say that about a vortex?
- A change in the field.
- The effect Sorshire?
- Possibly.
- What is that?
- A hole reversible ...
collapsing time and space.
It is a theory.
And life
extraterrestrial, but ...
We did many tests simulated
before launching the shuttle.
None included a hole.
What are you doing?
Takes you from point A to B
Jumping Imperceptibles time.
- Could you go from here to Mars ...?
- A nanosecond.
- Exactly.
- And we did not see coming the first invasion.
- Exactly.
- NASA did not detect anything.
No data or evidence
until it was over.
I confirmed my speculations
by the sounds of radio.
- What is your DC component?
- Batteries.
Then only speculate.
That's why I came, you
have the equipment, not me.
We could analyze the sound
and isolate the frequencies.
- Victoria, review.
- Claro.
If there is a pattern
intelligent, it will find.
Victoria seems to know what you are talking about.
George, it should work
here. Us.
Come live here, you
and Alex, it is safer.
We have other children,
until we have school.
Think about it. We can use you.
Come, let me show you something.
This is part of what we do.
Died on the roads
first invasion because of a virus.
We have experimented with different
types, creating a mejunje.
- Does she know?
- She created it. Working with us.
The virus is the key.
We are sure that the removed.
Follow me.
This is what remains of the
first-line defenses. The fleet.
- They seem to F22.
- Improved technology.
- How is that?
- Victoria created a code ...
allowed us to steal technology.
We feedback to these
fighter to fight in space.
- Among other things.
- What is the range of altitude?
That is the problem. We know
that reach the mesosphere.
But we're not sure
reaching the exosfera.
- They need to redesign the code.
- Right. For that is the walker.
We know that there is a field that
protected when they enter the exosfera.
I teach you a thing.
- Is that ...?
- Yes. That's it.
Dead? Was he alive?
- I believe.
- The ship was a way of life?
Ciberbitico. It's like
anything we've seen.
- We will steal the technology of this ship.
- Are you sure you're dead?
God, I hope. Victoria is within.
Let's see.
We believe this is
a cell of some sort.
There were witnesses who saw took
people to the belly of the ship.
What happened next ... good.
Gentlemen, I want to see this.
- Where are we now?
- In the control center.
- No windows or fixed geometry?
- Right.
But I noticed that this leads
this vortex generator.
Or so we thought. But in reality what
see is a UHF frequency modulator.
Well ... comparatively.
- How a transmitter?
- Right.
Comunica mother to mother
these roads.
Uses satellites as our beacon.
We already knew that the transmission ...
of them using a string of
octagonal complex numbers ...
but so far my team has not
able to translate anything. However ...
once introduced algorithms
of its signal, Mr. Herbert ...
discovery of a code. Look at this.
Are you alive?
Yes, I try to tell. Introduced
frequency signal y. .. iPum!
- Unbelievable.
- That is the key.
Notify the Mayor.
Very good job!
- Cramer Mayor, we need to talk.
- Damn, look who came!
- Hello, sir.
- Glad to see you, George.
How is your wife?
- Sorry, George. And Alex?
- Well, it grows fast.
Good. Met
George when the invasion.
We live together in a time Blackwater.
Tremendous family.
I am delighted that Alex is okay.
Thank you, sir.
We believe we found the key.
Calculates the trajectory, and I think
I found the source of the next attack.
There is a possible entry into Rosenbridge.
- A leap in time?
- We saw it in my telescope.
They are 400 square miles.
This was last week.
Look at this.
This was 4 days.
Is this a sunspot or something?
I think that's mother's mother.
That is the big spot.
And these dots?
Cree ships that are lower
leaving the hole.
Do check it like?
Try to repair the connection
the Hubble Space Telescope.
If that still works
can try to find something.
Do this, I must
be sure of this.
George, stay as coordinator,
I've done all of your stuff.
I would like, but I
go home with Alex.
Bring it to the base. And while
Take care of connecting to the telescope.
Vicky, the ships
ready urgently.
Oh, no, the tank is
empty. Damn.
I need fuel.
Thank you.
Just come by gasoline.
I stayed a few miles away empty
ago. You are my salvation.
What do you have?
Vouchers for food for two weeks.
Four coupons ...
Three gallons.
Three gallons? This applies as 10 gallons.
10 gallons?
Look, Ok.
If you give me your watch, I give you 4 gallons.
- I have nothing.
- It's not your lucky day.
Dale 3 gallons.
- Bastards.
- Have a nice day.
Alex, no!
Why am I doing this?
I am not the asshole Job!
You can not steal my wife,
my son, my life, and leave me here!
The alarm is set for 8
hours. I'll be back before the ring.
I do not spend anything.
Sorry, Alex.
I am so sorry.
Witnesses report that took
people to the belly of the ship.
What happened then ... nobody knows.
You find.
I'll find you.
Go! Go here!
What do you expect?
What are you waiting for?
You're not dead, if what you thought.
- We are alive.
- For now, yes.
Accept what is, and be grateful.
I find my son, Alex.
Do not run, man.
I told you to flee.
They should see it. You
faced with this asshole.
- Thanks for trying.
- You should escape.
No, like I was caught.
You have to be strong.
Do not be afraid or lose hope.
God, our Lord is with you.
This is bullshit!
I have been inside
one of these before.
Well, show me the output
and out of here.
It is not so simple.
We have not gone away.
We remain on Earth. No?
Trying to kill us or what?
There must be a way out.
You must know.
Not that I thought would happen.
I do not like.
I have to find my son.
- Mayor.
- How far?
We work fast, but
we must make a plan B.
There is no plan B. Must
attacking the mother ship.
These ships are not more
beyond 150 km. and knows it.
Need to go at least 600 km.
in order to attack this thing.
You can do work faster.
- Raya.
- Mr.
- Talk to me.
- It's difficult but we will.
We have uploaded infectious agents
lung in aircraft.
- But not just yet.
- How many are loaded?
- This ship has 5.
- Virus?
- Yes.
- Raya, we are there.
- You should design a ground assault.
- Tell her to work faster.
Norman, as are we going? My squad must
go to exosfera. We need protection.
I'm going codes
should be ready in minutes.
Hopefully coordinates
George work.
That's it. Does the ship moves?
Ok, are in the air already.
Back, back! I have.
What was that?
- The sonic barrier, sir.
- What?
They are.
Entered the atmosphere.
- Mayor.
- Tell Vicky we need ...
ships in the air of urgency. If
destroy the ships come ashore.
- Maybe too late already.
- Why, what happened?
There are reports of all
parts of the world.
Has begun the attack.
- Sir, I'm done.
- Start launch.
Sequence starting pitching.
Well, listen.
This is the mission.
Attack the mothership.
Is just outside our atmosphere.
We believe that if we destroy
the mother, the rest will fall.
For most of us,
this is a round trip.
Not everyone can survive.
Follow my instructions. Than
anyone take risky decisions.
Good luck, men.
Ready, Vicky?
Guys, I'm not doing that.
Do not worry for now.
We are promoting.
Is only the first stage, we
continue after the launch.
Stay ... quiet.
Come on.
Breathe. Respira!
Follow me.
Come on. Come on!
Do not touch the walls!
It is the second time that I owe you a living.
I have to find my son.
Is this my blood? Is
thing it feeds on us?
Would drown my shit!
And do not touch the walls!
- Help me, help me!
- I got you, do not fight!
We told you not to touch the walls!
And here!
Do not touch the walls, do not touch
walls. And she goes into a?
- He said that follow.
- Where?
I do not know, but we can not stay here.
Wait, I think I have something.
No, shit.
- Where are we?
- 20 km.
Is 80 km. before the mesosphere.
Have you managed to run the code?
Still, no?
We need such protection
or all will die!
Still working on the code.
Are still in the atmosphere.
A craft to my right, at 3.
The satellites are to
least two dozen ships.
- Sir, permission to fly.
- Do not fly, stay in formation!
Listen well.
Not attacked. Again, not attacking.
They're too much!
- Alfa, follow me.
- Charlie, stay in formation.
Hblenme. How are we going?
We can not over!
We have fire, sir!
Extinguish the fire, do not use the
weapons. Leave it to the mothership.
- The shield is working.
- How far to go?
- How long do you need?
- 20 minutes.
Stay well 20 minutes.
I can not give you that time, my men
are falling. We must go now.
I have to give half back.
Stay direction.
We are too close, focus.
It is too fast, we can not.
We are approaching the mesosphere.
We have to go now!
Still missing 95 km.
If it hurts them.
Again, confirm.
I do not have.
We can not over! The
ship is going to burn!
- 97.
- Get out of there, can not come back.
I got it!
Work. You succeeded?
We did it!
It was not so difficult. Really?
Thank God they are alive.
Can you see the mother ship?
The ship! Do you see the mother ship?
Yes, base.
We have visual contact.
Is large.
Alfa here. Formulas
to attack the ship.
What is that?
That is white, is
increasing in size.
Base, see this?
- It is an opening.
- An open?
Yes, look.
It is a mass disruption.
Lord, is a gap in time.
What makes the ship?
Lord. I think it
ate to the mothership.
What happened? Where are they?
Quick, write this coordinate.
Z 300. And no 483.
X 59. 65 degrees.
- What is that?
- What just happened.
Dios mio. Where were they?
I guess that was where the mother ship.
- Where are we?
- At home, baby!
We did it, we are
Land. Do not leave the planet.
We went outside.
Something is wrong.
Do you know what was wrong? Whore
chupasangre ship. That was wrong.
- Where you going?
- For the girl who saved us.
If you did that, you can
find the ship again.
Well thought out. Get out, and now
want to return to that nightmare.
Continue on your path, not
I want you to waste your time.
- Can I leave?
- This is my fight!
You fight, really? That thing removed
nearly all my people on the street 32.
The last time they killed my girl.
Think you do not miss
taken by the hand?
Talk to my brother or my mom?
Do you fight? Please.
This not only is
you find your son.
Is somewhat higher than that.
For me this is just
to find my son.
I know this. iLO've seen, man!
Have post-traumatic syndrome!
Facing reality.
My mistake, sorry
sorry. iEspera, wait!
Come on, sorry, sorry.
I have stress syndrome or something.
Based here in the Greater Cramer
the vessel head. Respond please.
Nothing. iHijo of a bitch!
Shit! Watch this.
We will ride in style.
Air conditioning. Such
Having found someone else.
Here are the keys.
The battery is dead.
There are more than one way to turn it on.
It has no motor.
Alfa here.
Someone copying me?
Alfa here. Is anybody there?
- Alpha.
- Raya. God.
Alfa Rickler here!
What the hell was that?
We took a leap in time.
I thought that was shit
lies. Lord. Is that Mars?
Give me a report of their condition.
The fuel cells to 25%.
Ok. All ships
maintain their current position.
It is best to see what lies ahead.
Copying, Alfa.
Man, that vessel filled me with
fuck. I do not feel well.
I need water, I die of thirst.
- This is not right.
- What?
We need a plan. I ...
We need to get on a roof
reviewing the area. See where we are.
Stay here. I'll be back.
Well. Good idea, I'll stay here.
I'm tired.
Go back, right?
That ship sure sucks
throughout the world, George.
Maybe we were just you and me.
Here we are not safe.
- Who are you?
- The same as you.
- Is there more?
- Only one. Is it so disappointing!
Quiet, busco someone.
A child of 10 years, Alex.
- I know Alex.
- Yes?
- Have you seen him?
- Not here. Him ..
- What?
- My brother died with my dad.
- I was alone.
- Sorry.
I do not believe in heaven!
You're alive, you're alive! Already
I have two, not one. Two.
- Hell, I see that you found.
- Ella me.
We gotta go, we gotta go.
- What happens?
- Rico!
- My God, George.
- It is a very strong name. You can help us.
Do you?
Come on, we gotta go.
You see that in your face?
Is it contagious?
How do we expect Loquita?
- Only two?
- There was more. Some were lost ...
and I followed.
I did the best I could y. ..
You did good. Did
Well, Sissy. You did good.
- But they are only two.
- We are double.
You are very brave. Let me see.
Come on.
I'm George, it's Pete.
- Chaquefer.
- Are there others?
Were. We are only Sissy and me.
Walkers ?
They must be thirsty. The process of
filtrate left a bad taste in the mouth.
If neither of jokes.
- Want something stronger?
- Yes, lightning, yeah!
Filtering Process?
Following the initial invasion of microbes
in the blood are lethal to them.
But the blood is crucial for
survival. The answer is ...
mix the blood. Experience
which is the best way to do it.
Those caught in the gaps
and store the blood until ...
refine the process.
Others are alive
and experiment with them.
- Others?
- Children.
Do children?
Damn! Not bad.
We have to get used to, is synthetic.
- Brandy?
- More or less.
Here the whole process.
- Why?
- There are no resources.
It is difficult to get things on Mars.
Does anyone else get this show?
Positive alpha. Something pulls me.
Copying, Raya, I too.
What the hell?
Seem to us to visit.
I do not recall that on Mars
have images of this site.
If the disease
have they affected the head.
Technically are still on the ship.
The ship is on Mars. This
site is a good experiment.
They created it to recreate
our society.
- How does a mouse cage?
- Exactly.
But we refuse
to run on the wheel.
- They are crazy.
- Are not we on Earth?
I have not been on Earth
for two years.
Two years?
We caught the first invasion.
Soon there were others. I ...
I escaped.
Sissy was the first children.
Do you see what I see?
Do nothing.
Something tells me that only
will have a chance.
When you tell, sir.
- Kill the pain.
- It kills your brain cells.
I understand that it is difficult to assimilate.
Sissy can show you.
No, I do not want to return.
Many bad memories.
Do not believe in that crazy, right?
I have to find out.
This is crazy.
- What else can I do?
- This is as real as I am.
A half recreated? Jaula
mice? Why favor!
Alli. It is the emergency exit.
Nobody ever uses it. Take care.
Go on, boss. I protect you.
Here on Earth to the Mayor
Cramer. Please respond.
We really have nobody in the fleet.
Neither army.
Or militia.
Asi es.
Want emborracharte?
Okay, guys. Resist entering
in the Martian atmosphere.
Alfa here. Do all went?
- Affirmative, Sweet here.
- Copy all here.
- Ok, guys.
- Going back to training.
Holy Mother of Christ.
Sweet, on the left.
Attempts to reach the ship. No
Check out this battle.
We use the missiles. Sidewall
left. Enter count of three.
Copying, Alfa.
Go ahead, advanced. I will.
I'm close.
Calm, all me.
Seven. Six.
Well, gather the resources
we can and get back to the ship.
Hear what he said, kept alive
to children, Alex should be there.
- It's a suicide.
- Relax, Don liquor.
There are miles of tunnels. We caught
before you get close.
- I take them, but ...
- What's wrong?
During the time they experienced
with Sissy, was a superstar.
He did everything and survived.
Mixtures of several viruses
created a kind of supergripe.
- How not to kill her?
- The killing, but more slowly.
- She hit the?
- Not exactly, I ...
Attacks before they
could distribute them.
- I got infected, but too late.
- So Sissy returned to the ship.
That is why we are here now.
I do not understand.
You are part of the resistance.
Resistance ? You, me,
this half-dead and the insane?
- Just for me to recover my son.
- Your son is only a part of everything.
The question is ... How far
where you're ready to go?
To save it.
- What do you think that?
- The Martian Armageddon.
With this in your system,
when you take the ship ...
Your blood will contaminate the rest. If all
the blood is contaminated, will not survive.
That will kill the ship. In the long run will
the center of the system, I do not know where he is.
- Sorry, but no thanks.
- I know where your son, George. I know.
You can release it. Back to embrace.
It is a round trip. If you accept,
Sissy will show you where you are.
There must be another way.
This guy is dying.
Do not do this.
Tell me where is my son.
Tell me where you are!
You okay?
We can resolve this.
Stay with me.
I knew where my son.
Knew he was alive.
And what we find.
I find it.
Is that part of Mars?
Look for Alex!
The planes we can
take home, George.
If we find them.
Find a door.
To find my son.
That girl know. We
to find the nuts.
- I went.
- How do you know? Find it.
I tell you crazy you can help.
George, we must
out of here. Now!
That is my one way.
No, no!
Oh God!
You okay? You're
Live! Breathe, breathe.
Does the music of Twinkle,
bright star?
It's Alex.
Take care. Do not touch the wall.
Over here.
Come on.
I do not want him.
We gotta go now, George. Come on!
Come on, come on.
A second, follow me.
Rays. What the hell is that thing?
It is the brain, Pete.
It's like being reported.
We gotta go.
Wait, this will help me.
- What do you do with that?
- We must give him a dose.
- I do not use needles, partner.
- Get me out blood.
- What are you doing, Dad?
- Wow!
I do not like this, no
I like needles.
- Quiet, quiet.
- You okay, Dad?
This sucks.
- Dad!
- Do you hear that? We gotta go now.
Stay close, Alex.
Do not touch the walls.
Come on, jump. Come on!
Reverse the motor
principal to go from here.
- If anyone can, you can.
- Hopefully.
Over here.
- IMayor!
- Alex? What are you doing here?
Arrive in good time
we go from here.
- Be somebody?
- There is a lot.
Prepare to meet the ships and all
those who can. We're going now.
Come on, guys!
We gotta get out of here.
The ship fell.
Sit down here, buddy.
I got something for you.
Put this on. I will
your instructions.
Resist, George.
Do not worry, your father will be fine.
George, resist, mate.
Resist, Dad.
Get us out of here, Alex.
We need to locate the
vortex hopping in time.
I think I have something.
Victoria, we need
the coordinates of the jump.
- Victoria, go ahead.
- There they are.
You hear me?
Need the coordinates for the jump.
There are there.
C300. And negative 43.
X 59. 65 degrees.
We have! We have,
boys. See you at home.
Hold on everybody, let's jump.
- Where did you learn to cook well?
- Some of the benefits of the prison.
- Disciplinary action?
- That I am afraid, sir.
It was good for
us today. Excellent.
Thank you.
Did you finish, Alex?
Can I get up?
All this has been difficult
for him. It's just a child.
How you doing, buddy?
I know I have a lot to think about.
I just want you to know that
we are all friends.
- If you want to talk about something, say so.
- Okay.
This world is a place where kids
as we have to mature quickly.
I am very proud of
as things got, Alex.
- I miss my dad.
- Me too.
Dad, come!
God, gentle champion.
- Is still fragile, Alex.
- I take care.
I count on that, son.
- Mayor.
- George. I am very happy to see you.
- Welcome.
- Nice to see you, Vicky.
Tremendo clock, man.
- I gave it to my dad.
- Really?
Come on.
- It seems that they are eating well!
- Yes. Eat something.
- Glad to see you.
- Likewise.
- How is he?
- It was serious, but the infection happened.
I think we have returned
is the best medicine.