War On Terror: KL Anarchy (2023) Movie Script

Behind okay?
So far both cargos are fine Sir
Aren't you on leave Sir?
Why are you at work?
Simon is causing trouble... He's missing!
I have to replace him
Alright Sir
Get ready to unload the goods
Everyone is ready to unload Sir
Agile... Agile!
Keep moving!
All good?
All good!
Go... Go... Go!
Ladies and gentlemen
Today is a very historical day
Where the Sembang-Sembang Suf program
Is back
Give some applause!
Give some applause!
For the first segment
We will chat about
The reason our Sembang-Sembang Suf program
Is so quick
To be cancelled and replaced with the Mr Ben program
Mr Ben?
Mr Ben is embarrassed
Because Mr Ben is embarrassed
Let me continue
So Bob?
It's challenging Sir
I've tried but viewers are still increasing
I'm out of idea as to how to block it
Try again
Musang this is Nest 1 your position?
Musang in position
This set was previously mine
Sembang-Sembang Suf
The number 1 program in Malaysia
But you stole it from me
You sabotaged me
You brought your rubbish program here
Where is the logic?
My number 1 program is cancelled?
Do you know why it was cancelled?
Because they said I'm not relevant
It's okay
Let me show you who is relevant
When my viewership reaches 2 million
I will press this thing here
Today is your lucky day everyone
Because I've made a bomb
- Tukul!
- On Position
Made it myself... I made a bomb
For you all
Tukul on position
Ready to go
Negative... Negative! We need more time
Blue needs more time
And we need scan the bomb first
Angsa are you in position?
Angsa in position
Scan the bomb now!
You all prefer Mr Ben to me
A while more!
Three Devices
Thank you
Thank you everyone
For making me relevant
No trace on device 1 and 2
Live on sss.com!
50-50 on device 3
Are you okay Ben?
1.8 million viewers
Tukul to Nest 1
We don't have much time
50-50 is good enough
50 is negative
Reaching 2 millions!
Well... Well... Well!
Nearly reaching 2 million viewers
Action now!
On my mark everybody
On my mark!
Tukul wait for answer!
You get down! You get down!
Or I will shoot!
Or I will shoot them!
Get down
Get down
Get down
Mr Sufian
Mr Sufian
Let's talk
What else is there to talk about?
I will get back my program today
How about you let all the hostages go first?
Hey! How about you sit down?
Hey get down quick!
What is taking so long?
2 million viewers
A bit more
You will die today
Live on sss.com
Sembang-Sembang Suf
Never seen before
It didn't go off
It didn't go off
What's important now
Is that this place didn't explode
That's it
That's not what it meant
The problem is you're acting as you like
That's not even the point
The real point now is Tukul is save the day
There's no use explaining it to you because you'll never listen
I can't work with him
If you can't work
Transfer to somewhere else Anis
Do you know what is the problem?
Zack already informed that there's no trace of heat
It's a fake bomb Anis
Don't you get it? Right Zack?
Don't involve me in your fights
Okay fine!
I won't involve you
But remember that he had a pistol
If he starts shooting everyone in there
Who will take responsibility?
Stop arguing you two
Hey guys!
We have a new incident
An explosion at the train station
Let's move
You are a useless friend
Can you please teach him?
Do you know why did I choose you?
Because you know I'm the best
You tell me
You are the Team Leader
I don't understand
Why is Tuan Rahman always so nice to him?
If this is because of his insubordination
That's right
I understand if it's today's incident
But you've said to me before
We have to be of one heart and mind
I still remember
But Anis his intuition has never been wrong
And the heart is always deceiving the mind
So you have to know the difference
Tell me
Did our mission fail?
Has any of our missions failed?
It's always intuition
Trust me
One day
His intuition will kill us all
An explosion believed to be a terrorist attack
On the Kuala Lipis train station
Has shaken the residents staying around the area
The incident during peak hours
Has taken the lives
Of 50 individuals and injured 67 more
Rescue efforts are still underway
However the main question
Of who the perpetrator of this bloody attack
Remains unanswered
Whose cargo is this Sir?
Perwira Perkasa Sdn Bhd
The supplier of arms and explosives
Bob check the CCTV
Zack... Anis
Check with Forensics
Yes Sir
- Khalid
- Sir
Watch the car
Sir how can I
Be watching the car?
Okay What do we have so far?
Forensics aren't sure what was taken
The radius explosion is very big
See everything inside has burnt
All the CCTVs are out
But now I have a full inventory
All the arms explosive and gadgets are kept in there
And Sir they are all trained
They know the cargo shipment schedule
That's specific
Till now no terrorist group has accept responsibilities
Not many knows about this train's schedule
And then it's armed guarded
How could they know
and then breach?
This is extreme prejudice
They must have inside man
Anis... Khalid
Contact our informer
And ask him if they've heard anything
About anyone trying to sell off smuggled arms okay
And Bob investigate all the staff of this company
Yes Sir
What's with Zack?
He's not bested me yet
This is luck
Sure because I'm meeting Dila at 2:00
Let's go
Everyone has gone home!
There's no one here
- Mr Khalid
- Hi
Maria is here...
Aren't you bored sitting alone here?
It's boring but what can I do?
What can you do?
Someone forgot to pick up Dee
Okay I did not forget
I was just late
When I was on the way to pick you up
There were a lot of cars and the roads were jammed
I came just late
But I did not forget
I'm sorry okay?
I don't be late again
- You're not lying?
- Not lying!
I'm going out for lunch and will go home directly okay?
Dee... Mama
Let's go Dee
It's my turn to get Dee this week
So Dee comes with me
I thought you've forgotten
How could I?
The love of my life
Stop the sarcasm
Okay Dee let's go
It's okay Dee will follow me
Are you sure?
Okay anything call Mama
High five
Dee hurry!
That punching bag is innocent
By the way Sir
We have contacted our informer
No one knows anything
Okay... It's okay
- I wish to continue my training
- Yes
You're too stressed because of Khalid
Or because of your father
Why aren't you answering?
I know what he's going to say
Go home Anis
Go home and rest
Papa Mama... I want to celebrate my birthday
That person doesn't care about our birthdays
That's very typical of you Maria
You're always blaming me
Thank you
What's with you?
No Maria what's with you?
I'm trying not to find fault with you
But why are you finding fault with me?
When have I?...I'm not finding fault at all
What are you doing now Maria?
The food is in front of us
Diana is with us can you please lower down your voice?
Are you blaming me now?
Okay fine!
You're not wrong
Fine I'm in the wrong... It's all my fault
Look at you!
You don't have to hold on to anything
Look here Maria
He wants to talk about holding on
You are the one holding on
You are the one digging up the past
You are the one digging up the past you know?
- Me...?!
- Yes you
Dila are you okay?
You know the wedding date is looming
The panic attacks have doubled
You wanted so desperately to get married now you know
Face it
Actually she is worried
She is worried that I'll end up like you
Married for a while and then get divorced
And you were my bestman
What do you mean I'm married for a while?
8 years... That's long?
8 years yes!
But Zack there's something good about you that I've noticed
I noticed that you're good at courting
You take care of Dila well
When I was with Maria
I tend to hurt her everyday
But you've taught me something
What is it?
For me...
I've always thought that if I have a child
Would I be able to raise him or her?
Would I be able to take care of him or her?
But someone who is as messed up as you
Is also able to raise Diana
Of course I'll be able to do it too
Are you saying I'm done for?
Are you saying I'm done for?
- Can Zack
- Can!
Do you still remember why did we do all this?
The system destroys the poor... System!
It never takes care of us
But unfortunately
Someone has forgotten about our struggle
I trust you
I'm just meeting him
I'm not saying anything
Lang I'm not a lackey
I'm not a lacky
Lang I'm not a lacky
Lang speak up
Lang help
Joe Lang Anurak
All set
Rita has brought all the stuff
Alright guys
I've investigated all the Wira Perkasa staff
And check this out
Simon Chong
He's worked here for 7 years
But he's never taken any emergency leave
He's not been to work for 2 days
He's disappeared suddenly
The company said he couldn't be contacted
Because I'm Bob
I've tracked his phone
He's been hanging out at the KTV in this area for 2 days
Anis Khalid
Go check out the KTV
- And bring Simon here
- Yes Sir
Yes Sir
Zack follow up with Forensics
Zoom in Pudu
I'm warning you
Don't cause trouble
I don't know why you hate me so much Anis
When have I hated you?
Come on!
I know
Not hate
- Annoyed
- Okay
I know why
It's because I'm better than you right?
You're better?
Are you mad?
Do you know why I'm better than you?
Because what I'm doing here is my interest
It's also my interest
I don't think it's your interest Anis
I feel you're not happy with what you're doing here
Anis... Simon
Not finish... No?
Hey Tiger
If you want to get rich like me
You have to work hard ...You know!
Hey Tiger
Wake up
This is the men's toilet!
Who are you?
Let me put on my pants first
This is an expensive watch
I started saving since young!
Stop lying
Simon... Stop playing games
Do you know that 50 people have died?
I swear I didn't know anything
You hear?
You will surely be hang to death
You want that?
I'm done... Let's get him out of here
- Where to?
- The station
I know where they are
Yes Anis
We have found Simon Sir
We're now on the way to the suspect's location
I will send you the location
Recon identify and evaluate
Nothing more
Yes Sir
You promised to protect me
We'll see how things go okay!
Let's see
If they find out
I'm done for
I hope what you're saying is true
It's true
I really met them at the flat
No matter what happen
We need to follow the plan
Hey how are things?
How long have been here?
If there's nothing... there's nothing!
That Jeep
Bro... This is my lot... Please remove your car
Bro... Remove your car
Where's your name?
Hey where's your name... Bastard!
Hey Khalid
Sir we got possible contact
I need back up right now
I'm sure you want to sit in here
Go get him
You slowly wait
Hey where are you going?
Hold it bastard!
Shoot bastard!
Shoot bastard!
Shoot bastard!
12th floor
Zack Bob... I need assistance now
Hands up
- What time is it?
- Shut up
- Where's Khalid?
- I don't know
Charlie... Charlie... Check everything
Our suspect has escaped
What time is it?
I told you if we do our recon properly
We won't be in this pickle
Use your brains not your emotions
What are you waiting for?
I'm asking
What time is it now?
It's now...
2 heavily injured
3 officers killed
I will submit a full report this evening
There's a sound
You were so brave just now
You want to be a hero again?
People died today
Was it me who put the bomb there Anis?
Was it me?
Calm down Anis
You shouldn't support him
You will regret it one day
If something happens to you
Okay Sir
I wish to speak to Anis... Rahman
I met with Tan Sri Khairul
Tan Sri Khairul is the Head of the Cyber Security Unit
I know what you are trying to do Father
He has agreed
Report yourself there tomorrow
Come on Anis
You are still a Team Leader there
It's more suitable for you Anis
You don't have to pretend with me Father
You have never believed
That I'm able to do all these
That's how you see me Father
Alright guys come on
If you stay... We stay
We'll be together come what may
If you all die
How are we going to complete our plan?
- You stay
- Fine
See you again
What time is it?
This is a case of train robbery
The explosion of the Kuala Lipis Train Station 2 days ago
This one
Awhile ago
Sri Aman Flats
I know you robbed that train
Now tell me where are the explosives
May I have a cigarette?
Then only can we talk
I'll ask the questions and you answer
Now tell me where are the explosives
Do you know that the word dynamite
Originated from Greek
Do you know what it means?
Power is not a good thing for humankind
Not good for a madman like you
But it's good for those who know how to use power
Who will decide that? You?
Of course it won't be a madman like you
I'll give you time to think
What happened?
I don't know
What they talked about
But I know
That he taught Tuan Rahman history
What history?
Wait Zack
Can you please teach him?
You tell him yourself
You're the Team Leader
Are you okay Anis?
I'm sorry about earlier
Why are you apologising?
I shouldn't allow Khalid to do that
All these are not your fault
But people died
All our officers
They know
They understand the risks in our job Anis
I know your father
Wants to move you to Cyber Security right?
But I've not signed
The transfer form
Go home Anis
Thank you Sir
I'll make a move
Hey Zack
Aren't you on leave already?
What are you doing here?
I'm on leave right now
I just came to get some things
I want you to come early tomorrow morning
Crazy! The bestman arrives the ceremony would have ended
I'm Khalid! What are you saying?
I've known you for years
When it comes to time management
You fail
Hey Zack what's with you?
I'm getting married tomorrow
We still have time for a repeat call me
No more repeats I'm getting married
Vientaine 2018
67 casualties
Manila 2015
142 casualties
Bangkok 2014
53 casualties
This is Joe and Lang Anurak
They are the one who responsible for all these bombing
They are step brothers and sons of Anurak
Until today we still don't know their motivation
But they're here now
So Mike
Do you know where's their next target?
We can't be sure
But there's high possibility
The next strike is here in KL
Why you're sharing all this now?
Why suddenly UNCT became so generous?
May we speak in private?
Just the two of us
No Mike
Come on it's simple request
We caught Lang and we will investigate him
Please respect his request for privacy
I'm giving privacy Anis
Yes I understand that
but he has to be accountable for all his crime
I agreed but now Malaysia is under attack
We can't give Lang to you
So this is the gratitude that I get?
To give is all to you the intel?
We are grateful but this decision is not mine alone
I don't like all these secrets
If they wish to make a deal do it in front of us
It's not hard
I don't like it either
But I trust Tuan Rahman
And we still need to find his brother
Oh well I know where he is
Okay guys
Our objective is Joe
Located 3 moving target East
And 2 West in a building compound
This is Nest 1 Echo status
Echo at break-in point we move in
Okay heavy target
Take down the target if necessary
Good hunt
3 moving target in the East
The factory compound watch your back.
Affirmative Go!...Go!...Go!
Standby in 3 2 1
Hey are you okay?
Did you see all these Sir?
We are compromise
Damn it
Don't move... Surrender
Helo Tuan Rahman
How about you surrender?
First listen to what I have to say
I only have one request
Bring my brother to the airport at 8pm tomorrrow
Or you want to witness a Fireworks Festival
in the middle of Kuala Lumpur
If you think I'm joking
I have a present for you
Anis Zack is here
Khalid Please confirm
Confirm Zack
Khalid check parameter it possible trap
Zack you're with me face me
I'm here for you
I'm right behind you
You trust me right?
You're here with me Zack
I'll make sure you're safe
Khalid go!
Move it...! Go!...Go!...Go!
Khalid go!
Khalid go!
Khalid go!
Khalid go!
I'm here for you... I'm right behind you
You trust me right?
You're with me Zack
Khalid go!
I'll make sure you're safe
Khalid go...!
Mama Papa is awake
Khalid what are you doing here?
Maria get out
I don't understand
I said get out
Take Dee from here before both of you die
I said get out now
With that the police requests
Anyone with any information on the incident in Brickfields
To come forward for further investigation
Hey what are you doing here?
You supposed to be in the hospital
You need some rest Bro
Khalid... Khalid... Khalid
Open this cell now
Open this cell
Hey! Open this cell
Where is your younger brother?
Where is your younger brother?
Enough Khalid
Where is your younger brother... I want your brother to die
Khalid... get out!
Calm down
Get out
Hey why did you kill my father?
He has surrendered
He was your detainee
His hands were bound
He was on the way to jail but he didn't make it there
Because you killed him
The day my father died I swore that I would find you
And I will make sure you pay for my father's life
Hey I don't owe you or your father anything
You are the one who owes me
The lives of my men
Zack died because of you!
Did you know that?
Zack died because of you!
How many times must I say it?
I've never told this to anyone Anis
Only Tuan Rahman alone knows about it
The supermarket incident
20 April 2003
Wasn't that the first bombing in Malaysia?
I was just 14 years old at that time Anis
I didn't know anything
If I've done something that night Anis
If I've followed my intuition
I think my father and mother would still be alive now
Since that night
I've only believed in one thing in my life
My intuition
But last night
You were not wrong
No Anis
It was my fault
I am the Team Leader
I couldn't think straight
All the decisions I made
I just wanted to prove that I'm better than you
I need to go find Joe now
Mama how is Papa?
You heard right?
I feel sorry for Papa
Please Dee
I don't want to hear it anymore
Julia I...
Okay Joe said he wants to bomb KL
KL is very big
If we expect a modus operandi like the bombing of Brickfields
He will put it in a vehicle
Check this
Brickfields bombing
I will try to track
The origin of the white van
It must be from the factory
From that window we can see if they're making bombs there
Yes you're right
After a few hours I've tracked all the CCTV recordings
CCTV 500 metre from the Glove factory
3 identical white vans
1 of the vans have exploded in Brickfields right?
Where are the other 2?
That's the problem
Check this
Turn left
And these 2 went straight
From the last CCTV
Those 2 vans
Went into a long road
And that road didn't have CCTV coverage
This whole area
Is without CCTV coverage... None
Meaning to say...
They could have turned off at any junction
From here to an empty area
Okay Bob
I want you to mark
All the potential CCTV that's available at the border radius
I'm on it
Listen everyone I want you to
Mark in this map and find any potential CCTV
Who is this Caucasian with you?
How are your wife and kids?
Are they fine?
Are you married with kids?
Tell me about them
Hey Anurak!
Can you please shut up?
If you arrest me now
A thousand more will take my place
I will arrest those thousands as well
Hey Anurak!
Hey let him go!
Let him go!
What madness are you doing here?
What are you doing?
Mike are you okay?
I'm good
You sit tight
You sit tight. Bakri
What's happening?
No pulse Mike
Khalid what are you still doing here?
You should go back to the hospital
I'm sorry Sir
I realised that I allowed myself get too emotional
And if I...
Enough Khalid
Okay I know where we were compromised
So now we have to move Lang to our shelter
As soon as possible
I've found it
Check this out
Did you see this BMW?
Yes BMW so?
This BMW has a dashcam
And I have successfully acquired the recordings from
The cloud server
Show them
And then
These 2 white vans turned left
The BMW turned right but that's alright
Because there are already CCTV further on
This is one
This is two
And here
The 2 white vans separated
1 must be parked in PP Plaza
1 more must be in Menara DH in Bukit Bintang
And now we know where is the bomb
Okay Let's gear up
Come on
Let's go boys... Let's move it
Okay Team no incidet today okay?
No incident Tuan
We will stop whatever they're doing today
My team will move Lang to a safe place
I'm expecting to see each one of you later... Good hunting
Yes Sir
May I have a cigarette?
Searching for White 2
Hello Mr Husband
Stay calm nothing is happening
I'm just bringing your wife and kid for a ride around KL
Joe listen here
Don't harm them if you wish to live a long life understand?
Bring my brother here now
If you don't want me to harm your wife and kid
I mean your ex-wife
Do you understand what I'm saying by not harming them?
No don't harm them
Musang Cute has informed the team that there are 2 hostages in 1 of the vans
Ground troops
Please be advice potential White 2 inside
White 2 spotted!...White 2 spotted!
We are coming!...We are coming! Let's go!
White 3 is moving!...White 3 is moving!
We will go to White 2 first
Jom Anis Let's go move now
White 2 spotted!...White 2 spotted!
Proceed with caution
Possible hostages inside the target
Kuala Lumpur seems to be forever under construction right?
Lang while you're smoking I want you to think
And most importantly I want you to realise something
Whatever you're trying to do here
As long as I'm here
None of it will be successful!
Your father failed
Your younger brother
With whatever he's trying to do
Will also fail
And you...
You and I
Like this
A squirrel can't become a tiger
I'm asking you
What time is it?
White 2 moving!...White 2 moving!
Block them now... Now!
Stop them right now!
Get out!...Get out!
Get out!
Don't move!
Blue status!
I'm not sure Tukul
No clear sight!...No clear sight!
The owner of the white van
You are being surrounded
Please come out!
Hands up and come out!
Don't move!
Shot fire!
Kid go over there!
Are you okay?
Get out from this area
Please get out from this area quick!
Go there and wait for assistance
Miss please get out from this area
Khalid over there!
Are you okay Bob? Maria and Dee... Bob?
I don't know Farouk
Don't worry you alright
Medic... Medic now!
Any injury?
Musang this is No2... White 3 spotted White 3 Spotted...
White 3 spotted!...White 3 spotted!
Stop don't shoot
Go and check
Take cover!...Take cover!
Recover fall back! Anis on me!
Pass me the G3!...Pass me the G3!
Target down
The detonator is with Joe
Khalid... Joe
We can safe Maria and Diana
Go now!
Move! Move!
Stay okay?
Try and come nearer!
Try and come nearer!
I dare you to come nearer!
Don't touch
Same set up like Zack
This is crazy
Joe! Don't!
Who let's the dog out?
Move aside!...Move aside!...Move aside!
Tukul... No pressure alright
Countdown dah start
Bring Maria and Diana out of here!
That's the problem
Now the bomb is stuck to Maria and Dee
We need to get the detonator
Press the safe button
I'm trying!...I'm trying!
I want you to leave now
This is an order go now!
Anis no!
Anis I will not go
You are my family
Where is Papa?
There's Papa
You see?
Are you okay?
Yes I'm alright
It's just minor
Papa tough... It's alright
Guys bad news
Lang has escaped
Tuan Rahman?
We have to be stout at all times
In order to protect this country's sovereignty
And of course
We owe a debt of gratitude to those
Who have sacrificed their body and soul
As well as their lives
For the sake of our sovereignty
Public order
Our beloved country
That this shift in struggle
Is an honour to those who perished
Engrave this oath
For all to shoulder the trust and responsibility
As well as be ready to be of service the nation
This is our struggle
This film is dedicated to the Royal Malaysia Police
And to the police officers who have contributed to the nation
I will seek your help
Send my regards to my father in hell
Alright... okay
It's Joe
He's dead
Bring me to Joe now!
Stick to the mission
Mr Red is waiting