War Pigs (2015) Movie Script

What do you have for me?
Orders from battalion, sir.
You confirmed this?
Yes sir, verified it twice.
Thank you.
Hope that means good news.
Not really.
Orders to push.
Make a push?
They know where we are, right?
They should.
Jack, this is wrong.
Yeah, I know.
Damn orders, right?
Yes sir.
Let's get it done, Sergeant.
Sir, it's a great spot to be ambushed.
How much further?
Right here.
25 kilometers ahead.
Griff, take point.
We gotta get out of here.
Dying won't save them.
We gotta take out those MG's.
We've got to find the flank.
You got it.
Stay low, stay low.
Six Jerrys, what do you think?
One, two maybe.
They'd be on us before we got the rest.
Guess their only hope is
to wait for a battle change.
I gotta get close.
Keep your head down, Sergeant.
It's about time.
You know what they say...
You don't get tired of
saving my ass, Sergeant?
Damn you!
What'd you do?
What'd you do, huh?
I'm sorry, Jack.
You're not going anywhere,
you're not going anywhere,
You hang in there,
you hang in there, ok?
Come on, soldier!
You better get rolling, Jack.
Come on, hang in there!
I'm sick of this fucking war.
You were a good man, Sergeant.
I'm sorry to hear about your men.
Brass gave you the wrong orders,
And now you're taking
the hit for their fuck up.
You know what your problem was?
Not a god damn thing.
You followed orders.
I'm Colonel A.J. Redding.
Lieutenant Jack Wosick, sir.
Listen soldier, sorry about
this but you're gonna have to...
You're gonna have to slap these on.
Yes sir.
I've actually heard about
you before, Lieutenant.
How so, sir?
Everybody knows your name.
D-Day you attacked and
held a vital German position
At a crossroads for, what, six hours?
Earned yourself a bronze star.
That night, sir, we were
dropped all over the place,
Gathered the troopers I could find,
Just did what was
necessary, nothing more, sir.
A lot of men couldn't have done that.
Soldier, you know how to lead men.
You know how to lead men
when the shit hits the fan.
I'm putting together a
group of handpicked men
For a very special mission.
And I need you to lead them.
Respectfully, I think you
have the wrong man, sir.
No soldier, I got the right man.
And I ain't got nobody else.
Lieutenant Wosick,
this is Captain Picault
Of the French Foreign Legion.
The Colonel has told me all about you.
I look forward to fighting together.
Can I ask why me, sir?
Why not you, soldier?
I need you, I need
you back in the fight.
And not everybody
deserves a second chance.
What's on your mind, soldier?
If I do this, will I be
cleared of all the charges?
You got my word, you
bet your ass you will.
Then I guess that's a yes, sir.
I thought that might be your answer.
Here are the folders on our men.
The um... War Pigs.
War Pigs... What's that about?
Bless America.
Go, go, go!
This was a really terrible idea.
We gotta go, kid!
I'm too young to die.
Stupid American!
Oh, what the hell is this?
It's good is what it is, eat it!
It looks like bird shit on a shingle.
Who put you in charge
of breakfast anyways?
You're welcome.
You should have seen the kid earlier.
He had one hand full of eggs,
the other one full of balls.
I wasn't scared.
Come on, you shit your trousers, kid.
A few small prayers,
son, you're good to go.
Speaking of prayers, preacher, you know,
I could use a little
heavenly help over here
With this hand, maybe you
could put in a word with
The big guy for me upstairs
regarding this hand?
You know what, I don't think
the Lord works that way.
Well, oh, he surely does
work in mysterious ways.
Stop distracting us from
your lousy hand, Sarg.
Alright, I got a...
whole lot of nothing.
I'm out.
Nobody's got any luck? Come on!
Are you praying against us?
No, just against you... I'm out.
I'll raise.
Now we're talking!
I'll see you, kid,
and I'll raise you two.
Oh, now we've got a game.
A lot of you guys seen combat?
Oh, ho, ho!
Kid wants to see some action.
Moffatte over here, he
captured a whole kraut patrol...
Where was that?
I'm still waiting for the medal.
It's coming in the mail, right?
Yes, the mail.
Preacher here, don't let this
clean cut routine fool ya.
No, he is one stone-cold
natural born killer, this one...
And Frenchy, he got shot twice already,
He got shot in the leg,
and he got shot in...
Ok, ok, thank you, thank you.
We've stormed two beaches
together, seen three countries.
Been together since basic.
Lucky bastard, you.
What about you?
Oh me?
Me, I just want to see the end
of this war and get on home.
Don't be too eager to see combat, kid.
We've got it pretty good here.
We got booze, we got
cards, we got grub...
We even got some dirty
magazines somewhere around here.
Hey, I'm still using those.
You go ahead and hang
on to those, Preach.
All I'm saying is there's
kids younger than you dying
In foxholes, dreaming
of half of what we got.
You think they're gonna
send us up to the front soon?
You can bet on it.
Scuttle is that we have a new
officer arriving presently.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold
on, where'd you hear that?
Same sorry sap in supply.
I'll tell ya, in a war, there's
really only two things that are
Gonna ruin your day and you
know what those are boys...
Officers and orders.
This might ruin your day, too.
Look at that.
You know what I'm
betting, we get some slob,
Gets us all killed.
You think?
Gentlemen, gentlemen,
you're scaring him.
I'm not scared... I'm not scared!
It's ok, it's ok.
Hey, we've got officers coming.
You're not German, right, you're French?
Yes, my home was occupied
by the Nazis in '39.
I was conscripted into the German Army.
So how'd you end up here?
I grew up in this region.
I'm very good at getting men
in and out of enemy territory.
Is that right?
So what, the German army,
they just let you go?
I never believed in Hitler's Germany.
Let's just leave it at that, ok?
You got it.
Looking for August,
Sergeant, third squad.
What, you lost your tongue, son?
No, sir.
You're talking about the War Pigs?
That's right, yeah.
Respectfully, I don't envy you
if you're the new commander.
Why is that, private?
It's just that um, officers don't really
Last that long with them, sir.
Is that right?
That's right, sir.
You can find them just down that way.
Just pass the mess hall, sir.
Ok, good.
Thank you, private.
So everyone calls them the War Pigs.
Must be a good story.
I guess we're gonna find out, right?
Here we go.
Attention! Attention!
Able Company Third Squad, I assume?
I'm Lieutenant Wosick,
this is Captain Picault
From the French Foreign Legion.
And I heard you go by the name War Pigs?
Why is that?
Well, we have a reputation
for rolling around in the mud.
Well, good for you, Sergeant.
Now you're the lucky
volunteers for a new mission.
And why would we want to do that?
I assume you mean, why would
we want to do that, sir?
In the U.S. Army, we address
officers as "sir," Sergeant.
Or is that going to
be a problem for you?
No, sir.
We just want to know our
uh, orders, guidelines.
It's a long way to the
Rhine and it's my job
To make sure these boys get home safe.
That's really sweet of you, Sergeant.
Your orders are simple,
you just follow mine.
We clear?
Tomorrow we prepare for
that mission, soldiers.
So you can get us all killed?
Lieutenant, Lieutenant...
I guess tomorrow you
formally join the U.S. Army
For the first time, Sergeant.
Soldiers, 0500 hours tomorrow, be ready.
That includes you, Sergeant.
You're dismissed.
These men are rough.
They are rough.
Definitely an edge.
What do you think of them?
I think these are the
men we have to work with.
Do you think they'll be
able to follow orders?
Yes, sir, but I think you
will have to earn their respect
And gain their trust, like everyone else
Who wants to make it
through this war alive.
A lot of men died following
me... following my orders.
It's not an easy thing
to send a man into battle.
Armies are run from orders, Lieutenant.
I'm just not sure I'm
ready for it this time.
Yes you are, you just need
to leave the past behind
And focus on the task at hand.
Yeah, I wish it was that easy.
I read your after action report.
It was pretty interesting.
Said you got your orders mixed up.
You attacked the wrong
position at the wrong time.
No... Orders were FUBAR.
I knew it.
Followed them anyway.
So someone on top wanted you
to take the fall for their uh,
Their uh, screw-up?
Something like that.
Well look, uh, men died
because of your orders,
But more men lived
because of your orders.
This uh, Colonel Redding...
How well do you know him?
The mission, what do you know about it?
Ever hear of Hitler's wonder weapons?
I think the Colonel will
send us across enemy lines
For one of those.
We're counting on you to
lead... be there for them.
Ladies, what is this?
Get up!
You got two minutes! Grab your gear!
Yeah... yeah.
Would have been nice to see
you first assembled, Sergeant.
I expect my NCO to lead by example.
Yeah, just like you do, Captain?
Sorry, "Lieutenant. "
You did your homework.
Good, shows initiative.
The captain and I will make sure you are
The best damn squad in the whole army.
Gentlemen, to forge
proper squad camaraderie,
You will need many tools.
Your first tool... endurance.
You know, were not taking
orders from no frog.
You listen to me, you're
going to accept orders from me,
From him, and any god damn
orders we throw at you,
Is that clear, Sergeant?
Orders like you gave your unit
before you got them all killed?
Ok good, let's start as
need to continue, shall we?
Courtesy of Sergeant August...
three miles double time.
I've got a surprise for
you at the end of the line.
Soldiers, left face.
Beautiful morning, ladies.
Pick it up, pick it up!
Come on, Motty, come on.
It's like basic, only worse.
Kill me now.
Sergeant, move it.
Pick it up.
The end of the line.
And now for the surprise... voila!
What's that for?
Like an old lady, York.
Moffatte, you should be
carrying two of those things.
Nice one, Frenchy.
Move it, come on.
Sergeant, come on, it's not play time.
Communication, gentlemen,
Is the soldier's number one resource.
Modern technology allows
for mobile or direct contact.
In war, if you're not communicating,
You're already dead.
You think dying is funny, kid?
Anyone here have radio training?
I do, sir.
You wind it up, talk to someone
on the other end, piece of cake.
Easy, huh?
Talking is another very valuable skill
We're gonna learn from you.
No, no, no, this is real good.
I'm sure you're very qualified
to teach our English lesson...
"Monsieur. "
We may not have the luxury
of communicating so easily.
Understanding enemy movement
we may encounter in the field
Is crucial to staying alive.
Today we are going to learn
how to communicate about that
Using these... hand 'em out.
I guess we can skip the basics,
I'm hoping you can all read and write.
Everyone must have basic drawing skills.
The ability to describe
and record what you observe
Is vital behind enemy lines.
Everybody... draw what you see.
You've got two minutes.
Ok, come on.
You're wasting your time.
Listen, I like fruit as much
as the next guy, Captain,
But what the hell am I drawing it for?
Is that right, August?
You know, we thought
you might feel that way.
Plan B.
Gentlemen, please say hello
to Mademoiselle Collette.
Hi, my name is August,
I'll be drawing you.
Doing great.
Two minutes?
Two minutes.
Take as long as you need, guys.
Land mines, gentlemen,
are not your friends.
The German land mines
come in many forms.
The worst ones are the
ones made from wood.
They really make them out of wood?
Oh shit.
Captain, I think I got one.
It's a bottle, you idiot.
I don't get this.
What don't you understand
about land mines?
I just don't get what
we're doing this all for?
Sergeant, do you want to
keep your arms and legs?
Well, just my third leg.
Right... the next exercise
everyone will enjoy.
Good job, York.
Be strong, Sergeant.
Good, Shank, better.
I don't know, Lieutenant,
I was enjoying learning
About those land mines.
The German K-98.
Now we all know you
know how to shoot it...
Now I want you to
understand it inside and out.
York, good job.
Again, faster!
Again, faster.
You got anymore brain busters for us?
Now let's see how well you do.
Yeah, it'll be a piece of cake.
So why don't we try it
blindfolded, courtesy of August?
Let's go.
So the training, how
do you think it's going?
They catch on quick.
Think they'll manage?
Yes, I believe so.
God, I hope you're right.
Why do you keep those?
They belonged to a
sergeant I served with.
Guess they remind me
what happens when I fail.
What happens?
He was killed... following me.
He was a good leader...
and a great friend.
I don't think you keep those tags
To remind you of your failures.
I think you keep them 'cause you
can't get away from your past.
The squad, the men...
They will do the job
when the time comes.
Trust them.
I do... I just don't
want to get them killed.
Then don't.
Lead, they will follow.
I know it.
Today's lesson... rope climbing.
Soldiers, this is gonna be fun.
Let's go!
You heard the Captain... move!
Alright, kid, you're up!
The art of the knife.
It's a deadly art that none
of you know anything about,
But with some practice, can master.
We don't need lessons from a frog.
Are you ready?
Get the knife.
Ok sweetheart, go get it.
Come on, Preacher!
Bet you wish you'd kept your
mouth shut, right Preacher?
Come on!
There you go!
Let's go.
Proceed, proceed.
He's really good.
Your whole body is a weapon.
There's more to knife fighting,
than fighting with knives.
A legionnaire is shown
how to use all his tools
As a potential weapon... Knife, club...
Chin up, Preach.
Hands, feet, anything
that can kill a man.
Foreign Legion have a unique
way of using the knife,
As you can see, Captain Picault
here is going to show you a few.
Sergeant, you're with the Lieutenant.
With pleasure.
You ready?
Been waiting for this.
I got, Preach, he wasn't very good.
That leaves you and me, kid.
I don't like you.
I know.
You are gonna get us all killed.
Is that right?
Yeah, that's right.
I'm not gonna stop.
I don't want you to
stop, I want you to fight.
You hear me?
I need you to be a soldier.
It's the only way
you're gonna stay alive,
You understand me, huh?
Yes, sir.
Hey, good job.
These legit, sir?
Yes, they are.
I had 'em made.
Great, patches of death.
They're not patches of death,
Preach, it's our new insignia.
Listen up.
Division finally sent
through our orders...
Any idea what those are, sir?
All I can say is we're
going behind enemy lines.
You think we're ready, sir?
I know you're ready.
Are you ready?
Sergeant, if something
should happen to me
Or any of us while we are over
there, some of these men might
Look to you for leadership...
don't let them down.
Get some rest, all.
Bright and early tomorrow morning.
No matter what FUBAR plan
he and Redding got cooked up,
Remember boys, I got your six, copy me?
Remember, officers
and orders, right, huh?
Let's go.
So, we see the Colonel tomorrow
Never liked coffee, strong and black.
It can never beat a nice Armagnac.
Yeah, yeah, I heard
something about that.
I haven't been this close
to home for five years.
Ten miles, down the main road,
make a right at the sawmill,
Keep the little stream on your left...
Beyond the hedges, there's home.
You miss it?
You gonna go back?
After all this?
The Germans conscripted
me against my will.
My mother, she begged me not to
go, but what choice did I have?
A few months passed by
and my family went missing,
Gestapo were the last
people seen at the house.
What happened?
They were found in a shallow
grave outside of town.
I'm sorry.
So, I ran from the German
army, joined the legion,
Killed as many of those
Nazi bastards as I could.
So, you think they're ready?
The men, yes.
I think so.
Well, we could always take
them on another little run
Through the forest.
That's a good idea.
We might end up with
a mutiny on our hands.
I think you're right.
Keep it, please, keep it.
Merci, Captain.
Gentlemen, any of you heard
of a German millipede gun?
No sir.
I believe it's one of Hitler's
crazy new wonder weapons.
Basically, it's a 300
foot barrel with 34 pairs
Of booster tubes sticking out the sides.
It makes it look like
it has stubby legs,
That's why we call it the millipede.
What does it do, sir?
Well, it's a high pressurized canon,
It can shoot a five foot artillery round
Hundreds of miles.
Division thinks they
had one fired on our boys
In Monte Casino.
How can they be sure, there's
been a lot of artillery
Dropped on Casino, sir?
Yeah well, they found a
round that didn't detonate.
Now this gun was tucked away
on the outskirts of Rome,
Hundreds of miles away.
A weapon this size
can take a steep hill.
Alsace is full of them.
Hill 314 suites that purpose.
Now these pictures were captured
by intelligence in Italy.
We believe it to be
components of the gun
Before its construction.
A weapon that size can
cause a lot of problems,
Kill a lot of people, sir.
Yeah, I want you boys
to find out if they're
Building this fucking gun.
Yes sir.
Intelligence believes it's
being constructed right here.
Well, that's deep into
enemy territory, sir.
I trust that won't be a problem.
We can manage.
Listen, I know it won't be
easy to get in, or get out.
Never is, sir.
Just get us the information
and get your asses out of there.
Yes, sir.
Looks like Hitler is
going to build himself
A new super weapon.
Division wants us to go in and find it.
What does it do, sir?
It's called a millipede gun, soldier,
Pressurized canon that can
fire artillery over 100 miles.
Division believes they've located one.
Where is it exactly?
A place called Alsace-Lorraine.
Sir, that's quite a
ways behind enemy lines.
Yes, it is.
17.6 kilometers to be exact.
And we're going in on a hunch?
That is a possibility, yes,
But we follow orders,
don't we, Sergeant?
We're gonna get in, go find
it, we're gonna go home.
Go home, yes sir.
Are we gonna disguise
ourselves as Germans?
That's too dangerous.
You get captured
wearing a German uniform,
They shoot you on sight.
Listen, I'm not gonna lie to you...
It's not gonna be easy...
but I know you can do it.
You men are ready...
There's just one more
thing I need you to do.
Oh shit.
Decide who gets to drive.
It's funny... my wife
always wanted to see Germany.
Hey Moffatte, you'll see her again.
I promise you that.
You think this cannon is real?
Sounds like something
Hitler would dream up.
We wouldn't be out here
if it wasn't important.
The Sarg, you think he's right?
About what?
About the Lieutenant
getting us all killed.
Wosick is tough, but he's fair.
I think he knows what he's doing.
Shank's right.
Augie's got a big mouth,
I trust the Lieutenant.
I guess we'll find out.
It's about that time!
Keep your eyes peeled, soldiers.
We're in plain sight here.
Look for cover, soldier.
Do you think they spotted us?
The real question is, are
they gonna shoot at us?
Those are our planes.
Problem is, we are on the
wrong side of the line.
I don't want to become target practice.
What a way to go... ambushed
by our own air corps.
Change of plans, Captain,
we're going in on foot.
Everybody get their weapons.
If these points are right, we should...
Lieutenant, any idea where we are?
Yeah sure, behind enemy lines
About to find a real big gun, Sergeant.
Gun should be just over the
ridge, west of here, Hill 314.
We need two volunteers
for scouting patrol.
And who are the lucky/unlucky
bastards for that one?
Thank you, Sergeant,
you just volunteered.
These woods must be
crawling with German patrols.
I'd like to set up a defensive
perimeter around this road...
Just in case.
You got it, Captain.
Just don't engage unless you need to.
Don't let all of
Germany know we're here.
I need one more
volunteer for this patrol.
I'll go.
You sure this is wise?
You coming?
Yeah, kid.
I guess I am.
Any orders, sir?
We need to get somebody up
on the bend of that road.
Yes sir.
Captain needs somebody
on the road, you good?
See the bend in the road?
Get up there, find a low
position, look for movement.
If you see anything,
come back here right away.
Yeah, count on it.
Moffatte, bring any mines?
Absolutely sir.
There she is.
How tall do you think it is?
Could be 600 feet, maybe more.
Sure is ugly.
That thing could put a round
on Paris, maybe even London.
You know, it looks like
it could be operational.
Does division know?
That's why we're here, Sergeant.
What are we gonna do about it?
We're gonna get out of here.
Really, that's it?
We're just gonna report it?
What if it starts firing on London?
We've seen what we need
to see here, Sergeant.
So we're not gonna do anything?
We're done here, let's go.
You get what you need?
Hey Moffatte, good work.
Wait 'til a Jerry gets
a load of these, huh?
We're all dug in, sir.
Oh shit, this can't be good.
There's German armor
coming down the road.
Take cover.
Moffatte, the shovel!
We've got to get the fuck out of here...
C'mon kid, let's go.
Stay down.
You're gonna get us all killed.
I don't want to get you
killed, I want you to go home,
You hear me, but shut up.
Sir, why are they stopping?
Maintenance check.
Captain, you ok?
Get 'em!
York, August... Germans have 'em.
Let's get back to the squad.
Bit harder, harder.
Hey, hey, are you ok here?
Yes, it's nothing, I will be fine.
Where's York and August?
German Patrol got 'em both.
Still alive?
Think so, at least for now.
Find the gun?
They run patrol not far
from here, set up a depot,
Millipede gun looks operational.
Division's gonna want to
know about this, Captain.
So, what do you want to do?
I can't leave my men behind, Captain.
How are we gonna do that, sir?
We're going in and getting them out.
Ok... I'm in.
What about our orders?
Looks like we just changed 'em, soldier.
I'm in, sir.
Me too.
We're all in, sir.
Thank you, soldiers.
How are we getting into that depot?
Caught wearing a German uniform,
you're going to be executed.
That's right, Monsieur.
If you want to back out, I understand.
Now is the time to speak up.
We're not backing out now, sir.
Do either of you know
how to drive a tank?
I know how to drive a tractor, sir.
That'll work, soldier.
Ok... ok, it's just like a tractor.
Sir, let me get this straight...
we're just gonna drive into
The German depot and
find August and York?
I know it's not great,
but at least it's a plan.
So what are our chances?
Either we succeed or we die.
Sir, what's the German word for starter?
Can this get worse?
This is pretty bad, kid.
What do you think they're gonna do?
I don't know...
You speak some German?
Yeah, you like that, Fritz?
My name is not Fritz.
But what I want is to know
what you're doing here.
It was a routine patrol.
I'd say you're a little bit lost.
Your patches... I like them.
It would look good on my
bomber jacket, wouldn't you say?
Tell me, what does the insignia mean?
It means we're the War Pigs.
We like to roll around in the mud.
Is that so?
Where ya going, Fritz?
I'm not done talking to you, come here.
Hey, come here, hey don't!
So that's the, uh, super weapon.
Yeah, that's it, just as
the Colonel described it...
But bigger.
I think you're up, sir.
Remember your training, soldiers.
Stay alert.
Yes sir.
Hang in there, kid!
You're doing great, you look fine!
I'm ok.
He punches like a girl.
It seems you're quite the little artist.
Tell me, why are you drawing this?
The real important stuff
is on the next page.
What is your objective here?
Why have they sent you?
I'd love to help but...
my hands are tied.
I'm going to give you one more chance.
Who sent you to spy on us, huh?
What did they send you to find?
Danke schoen.
Grosser fehler.
Believe me, the mistake is yours.
Hey... hey Fritzie, come over here.
Tough little army boy...
I'll be proud to wear your patch.
Heil Hitler.
What's going on?
Just sit tight, yeah?
Oh you're a gentlemen.
Were's the Lieutenant?
I don't know.
He's probably still looking
for August and York I guess.
Holy scheissen.
That doesn't sound good.
Sir... no sir, it is not.
We're not dead?
Not yet.
Good thing we had all
that rope training.
Hang in there, kid.
Well, thanks for keeping
me alive this long.
Pretty handy in a knife fight, sir.
I didn't think you'd come for us.
You ok?
You look like shit.
You got a plan?
I do now.
You want this?
Let's get out of here.
What's going on up there, sir?
Not much.
Just waiting for the lieutenant
to bring back our boys.
Sir, are you ok?
Yes, I'm fine.
What are they saying?
They're saying... they're gonna
test fire the gun very soon.
It's operational?
Remember what I told you...
Don't say a word and you might
just make it out of here alive.
We've got a problem.
Moffatte, start her up.
Do not engage unless you have to.
That's our cue.
Now what?
You can thank me later.
For what?
Take that, you dirty kraut bastards!
In the half-track, everyone!
Move, go!
Preacher, we need to move now.
You got it, sir!
Move it!
Get in here, sir!
Close it up, that's an order, Sergeant!
Captain, take out that gun!
Captain, stop the tank, stop the tank!
Take the shot, take the shot!
Let's make it count.
I say that's a successful
mission, Captain.
That was a beautiful
bang of a shot, sir!
Get us out of here,
Preacher, get us out of here.
Division is gonna be
mighty happy with these.
You and your men are
quite the talk around town.
Thank you, sir.
So, you wanna talk to me?
What the fuck went wrong out there?
I don't understand, sir.
Well, your orders, soldier,
were for a recon mission.
You weren't supposed to
destroy the fucking gun.
Sir, the millipede gun was
operational, I made a judgment
Call and I was not about
to leave my men behind, sir.
You just thought to ignore
your orders, your mission,
Disrespect me?
I thought that might
be your answer, Captain.
You might need those to
go with your new rank.
Thank you, sir.
It also seems that somehow
your court marshal papers
Mysteriously disappeared.
Is that right, sir?
You bet your ass, soldier.
Division is very impressed
with you and your War Pigs.
They deserve that, sir.
They want to keep you
on as their commander.
It would be an honor.
Go celebrate, Captain.
Thank you, sir.
Hey soldier...
You were the right man for the job.
Now don't sew those on
too tight there, Corporal,
People are gonna think you just got 'em.
Alright, leave him be, Sarg,
the kid's earned his promotion.
Hey, I lost a tooth to
those kraut bastards.
You know, I got captured
too, where's my promotion?
You think you might be
officer material, Sergeant?
Nah, I ain't no "sir. "
We'll see.
It's a good day...
We didn't lose anyone.
And that's because you're the best squad
In the whole damn army.
I mean it.
Even with the two things that
can really screw up your day...
Officers and orders.
Captain, huh?
To the War Pigs.
War Pigs!