War Wolves (2009) Movie Script

"Truck light while having to
that darkness does not fall on you. "
Bible, John 12:35
... Start the day with KWAR 89. 9,
your music,
with your achievements.
If I could go back,
only two days ago...
If I could back
where was today.
The boyfriend who is married
the husband who expect it to be?
The war caused you new problems
in your marriage?
The posts!
One Mississippi, two Mississippi.
Good release, Sergeant Moore.
That hurts.
- This is war, baby.
- Make love, not war...
Type cheetah. Do not you say?
- Did poultry rooster?
- I think you said that.
Okay, okay...
Let's try again.
You have to score your girlfriend
the center.
- Then set to dial.
- Jensen, I am alone.
- Jensen...
- No. I start to Jake.
Five... Dec...
Female power, baby! We
show them who is the stronger sex.
Who is losing a dance
of neck!
Lap dance to? Your husband
goes like this?
We have an agreement.
Everyone can do three a year
to me and I still lack the three.
Come on, soldiers!
Show us what you are worth!
Come on, now!
Play to launch!
The posts!
One Mississippi, Two Mississippi...
That is what I said!
Well you said Jensen.
Once, in high school, had a
ham and cheese sandwich
Barrit and I had a banana,
and you stole your sandwich.
I remember that sandwich.
We do not feel so bad for that.
We are of the same team,
we are not?
With all my love.
Come on.
- Who is the audience?
- I do not know. Arrived yesterday.
- The Ford.
- Who?
General Ford.
Covers the Middle East demand
a terrorist group.
Something cool such.
Finally, you managed to enamour
in a place like this, right?
You know:
Pressure under duress.
Man, it only came with
for military service
to have you under the eye.
You know that.
I bet you in like that.
I was blind once,
but now I see.
The posts!
How many?
The 50 meters of my reach,
behind that wall.
4 or 5, with quick 'oh shit!
A speed never seen before.
The Williams was reached
before seeing anything.
It seems to me a perfect ambush.
It seems, I do not know.
It is very quick.
There are bullets everywhere.
I saw two come there. May
be more. I am not sure.
Christ! What noise!
Jensen, remember
of what you said?
- Do not let me die!
- Exactly.
- Magazines her?
- Yes!
Even though I can not have children,
it would be a little worried.
Where do we go?
To the beach.
Thailand, blue water...
- Thai girls?
- What?
And then jumping
that fresh water.
And when come to the surface,
be as clean and pure
as the day they were born.
- What is it about?
- It is not clear. A gibberish.
We should not make them angry.
"No man angry dog. "
What? What?
Okay, Mrs. Pickett,
will be refunded.
The Jimmy Carter once
saw a UFO.
- That said, Miss Cash?
- Miss Cash?
My Kenny always said
the nicknames
the checks were for
Social Security.
Like you call Lawrence
or Mr. Talbot?
Gail. It is Gail.
Gail, sorry. Old habits.
Georgia, October 1969.
They say it was brilliant
as the Moon
Fluctuated 10 minutes in heaven.
Float like a ship at sea.
My Kenny loved this boat.
Called it "The Other Woman. "
Look at it now.
What a pity!
You know, my Kenny,
once saw a
"Sasquatch" .
Already told me.
Said it was the greatest thing
who has ever seen.
"Sas-quatch"... It seems the name
a legume, is not it?
That thing could have broken,
but you know what you did?
- I know. Chewed a berry...
... and continued walking.
Chewed a berry
and continued walking.
Never forget that.
You know, when something is hidden,
is only a matter of time
to appear.
Nothing is buried forever.
As Elvis.
The Elvis?
Yes Protection Program
the witnesses.
The King will only be hidden
a long time.
The things he saw and know,
open our eyes to many
in this world. A lot of people...
He walks around.
Waiting for some time.
Coming to the meeting tonight?
To 17 hours.
As always, be there.
Good, because it is a rule.
- No problem.
- Lawrence, remember:
Even a man
with a pure heart
and who says its prayers
even this needs a little help
the man upstairs.
See any cats around here? Black.
Almost black.
I think it's dark-blue,
but everyone is saying that there are no
dark blue cats.
Therefore, a black cat...
Here, cat!
Pussy, pussy... come here.
Here, pussy...
My name is Lawrence
and I am an alcoholic.
Hello, Lawrence.
Continued, Lawrence.
There are 7 months, more or less,
who drank last e...
I did not know
you should go,
therefore, let the bottle
show me the way e...
So... Miss Ga, the Gail
was very kind to welcome me
and bring me here.
He is a sensible boy. A little
lost, perhaps, but sensible.
Thank you, Gail.
Continued, Lawrence.
I spent some time in the army.
I never went abroad,
but I have some friends
and they have been...
And not returned,
exactly the same.
I think I moved here,
to start again.
Thanks to God, sobriety
came into my life e...
Thank you. Amen.
Thanks for sharing.
Hello My real name </ i>
Jake is Gabriel. </ i>
I took my last drink </ i>
three hours. </ i>
Because if I stop drinking, </ i>
can kill you all. </ i>
Are you okay?
I understand that coming out
requires adaptation...
Must have been horrible
have been there,
but your attitude that
the lone wolf...
We need some adjustment.
You should call that your boyfriend,
both of which talk.
Are you feeling well?
Erika, I just do not see you
to being fired, only that.
Would hate it without you.
Therefore, control
your temper, okay?
The range over?
Hurry. Do not want to throw more
firewood in the fire, arriving late.
The Mr. Frank can be a beast,
when irritated.
Friend, this "Taeko won the"
is even in shape.
- It is my blue belt, baby.
- The black belt should be the maximum.
Do not want to see?
Verias, if you show.
- Would have to kill me?
- More or less.
What up!
Cupido Motel. Yes, we are the North
of San Francisco.
We have cable TV
in all rooms,
with the "pay per view",
it is what I mean?
Yes, sir. We accept cash,
credit cards and checks.
I must say that our beds have
"blanket" and your check should have.
Yes, sir. It was I who invented
this slogan.
We hope to see you soon.
Have a good day.
How can I help?
- A room for two.
- You got it.
- Pay with cash or card?
- Money.
Very well. Are $ 42.
- They have newspaper in the region?
- Agreed.
And local TV?
But do not rely much on TV.
They make things seem
much worse than they are.
What kind of bed will want
for the two?
Whatever. Not much sleep.
What is the fastest way
we come to town?
Take the A-80.
It takes about an hour,
hour and a half to get there.
Does business there?
More or less.
I do not want to ruin our business,
or the like,
but because they are so far? Get
a hotel near the city.
The smell.
Refers to the smell of the city?
No. Our odor.
We can not have our odor
very close to the city.
- What do you think?
- They have to be L. A.
No, girl. I think you are
of Connecticut.
I, Re
- Bakersfield!
- Bakersfield!
Hello, Lawrence.
I am a Rudy.
I am a Rudy, drug addict.
Always forget that part.
- It's easy to forget.
- Should...
deliver these cards.
Remind people of meetings.
Saves it in the wallet.
The man says: "one day at a time. "
What does yours?
"Weak. "
It's a bit depressing.
You're the kind of love that
to maintain distance, right?
Without friends, girlfriend, family...
Doing the kind of man mysterious.
I see. It's cool.
I will not pester you.
Some need space.
Tells me only when there
Hello, soldier man!
He is trying to push up the speech
the "If you can come?
Was to defend the nation,
Half an alcoholic and will hibernate
crazy in that house,
to go home?
Caution, bonne!
What do you do,
about it?
Be careful. I try to respect
the elderly.
Come on, Leo. We do
the arm of iron.
Come on, Leo.
You are all in the technique.
- What?
- Pain of teeth.
Forgive me, Father,
because I sin.
You said "I, " my daughter.
I apologize for all the sins
of my past.
For all those who hurt
and for everything I did wrong.
But above all,
I apologize for
I'm about to do.
- What are you doing?
- You know, Father?
I do not know very well.
I only know that it is time
to say goodbye.
- Who?
- From you.
Of God.
My daughter, something
is the struggle within you.
Believe me, Father, you
no idea...
- Hello?
- Jake? Jake? </ I>
- Who speaks?
- It's Andrew.
Andrew, why are you calling me?
I promised that
left die.
Yes, I remember me, but...
- They are there.
- Who is coming? </ i>
You know who they are. I saw them.
I swear I saw.
In the store, once in the bar.
Listen, you should be nervous.
She called me, looking for you.
I thought the agreement was away us
in peace, each other. Forget.
What do you say?
Said nothing.
You say where you are.
Sure. Where are you?
In my uncle's house. Where got
me, when we were kids.
I knew they return.
I knew.
- Repeat about it?
- It was no accident.
No. I said to repeat!
The only Jillian was saying that I should
begin to say what I think.
- What I need...
- No.
I do not want to hear what a stupid
your friend Jillian has to say.
With such a name, nor should
give them attention.
She was trying to help.
I said I do not want to hear
the stupid of your friend Jillian!
Just tell me the part where you said
how you feel.
that's enough, right?
Okay? Have a baby on the way
and all this anger is not...
is not good for him.
This is hilarious.
It is not even funny
or is very funny.
That is one hundred percent hilarious.
You think this child is concerned
I tell you of some truths?
I think, yes.
Probably, you will learn the lesson
before they make the same mistake.
Given the technical
education of children.
Damn, damn!
Listen, honey...
You just have to...
You have to talk with friends
personal affairs, you know?
- Shit!
- God!
- What happened?
- I hit a damn dog!
I do not think it was a dog.
As you kill
a girl naked?
I know there...
Would drive all of a sudden, bam!
She jumped from nowhere.
- "Bam"?
- Yes
I was pretty good.
Well... There are so many
here is true.
- You gotta help me to rid me of her.
- Help you?
- Yes
- You must be kidding!
- You should have left it there.
- Exactly.
The police see the dents
and compares with my tires.
Do these things.
Okay. But the next time,
deals with things alone, right?
What happened tonight?
Violated a person.
I asked what happened
Wine of the party of Jackson,
around 8 hours.
Stopped at the bar to take a glass,
before closing. We play darts.
I lost both games.
And then we were, directly,
Lead me, because you were drunk.
How many drinks?
Two drinks... Two "shots"...
I drank a ginger ale in a glass,
to drive home.
Is good, baby.
We Saloio of the fun!
Please, ladies,
are closed.
Come on! We made hundreds of kms. By
we have to state with a friend.
Here is the Kacey Tucson
and I...
I am from where the devil
lost his boots.
And, moreover, our friend and
appeared in place that deal.
Neither it seems.
The Captain of the Army more punctual
shoeshine and have never seen.
- Not to mention the most beautiful.
- Not to mention...
Can we convince them
to take a drink?
We are closed.
You have a very nice guy.
You, yes.
Smile more with it.
The man said that we
closed, private.
Today there are no glasses.
- I told you?
- You said.
I can smell them, right?
Because when I saw this place,
told him that should be managed by
a couple of future popes.
Then she said...
Can not be. Mommy and Daddy
have a distinct quality.
The Mommy and Daddy to be.
No, no... This has to be air
what, which usually draw,
"an establishment with a toilet
vomiting and stains on shirts. "
And I laugh me that. Part
the "usual" was the most ironic.
It was ironic.
But I have to give
reason for her good sense.
Any faction that government will
trust expensive military equipment,
weapons that shoot 550 shots
per minute,
deserves a trial
your common sense.
She is right.
But, desperately.
And what I saw, came here
and she won again.
What about this drink, "cowboy"?
This is the music!
Anything with rhythm.
Looks like a pulsar,
a beat of the heart...
... a hammer in your chest.
The energy it runs
by your body.
The skin regret is
the muscles dilate...
It seems...
You know what.
- Do you tear, Captain.
- It seems in order.
But... you died.
A part of me.
I do not know what is happening here,
but will be very ugly
and very fast.
Yes? I think he is ugly
No kidding...
- Turner?
- Yes
Lock the door.
That, Turner... Lock the door.
We will give you a present
and bazaar here, right?
Accept it.
Nobody going anywhere.
And this drink now, "cowboy"?
What feeling?
I do not mind.
I feel alive inside.
They told me I could never
create life.
The defective goods.
But now, by a miracle amazing,
all that has changed.
I am alive inside.
It's your boyfriend?
More or less...
Honey, can
better than that.
Do you have any clothes
we borrow?
In my car, the van...
I have all my clothes there all.
Go home, girl.
Out here, this is a jungle.
Get down!
Kill him, kill him again!
Should have killed him.
Because he walked ago
to you, sir?
He has not for evil.
Is only confusing.
He wants to Jake.
Captain Gabriel?
Everything changed that day.
Where is Captain Gabriel?
Is coming.
He said I would
He promised.
He comes.
You see...
Alto, soldier!
How are you, Jake?
I spent well.
Disappear from among us,
Without you fired.
The Erika did not accept this very well.
I think something happened in
important, where we were.
It is the Holy Land.
First I thought it had caught
flu, or something.
And all these changes,
you know... to happen.
I do not know where they come from,
but it is powerful.
One type, Malick,
shoot me in the chest and hurt.
Hurt with 'fuck you, fuck,
but the next day...
The next day I swear I could head
had not been bitten by a mosquito.
The Erika think you are "The Chosen".
Only one can be "The Chosen", right?
These things are hard.
Missing Cats
Beat records
Wolf sighted
Citizen brutally murdered
Market Place - No Witnesses
Have noticed that when actors
explain the representation,
always called him "The Work.
When a player like its art
this is their profession.
It is the profession that really matters.
They are always calling you
"The Work. Sissy...
Who are you?
Human society.
And you are the Lawrence Talbot?
She was a soldier
I met there.
Not going to need the name.
I noticed that something happened
the last attack of your unit.
Something we all decided
try to forget.
The problem is that
will not forget them to you.
Two weeks ago, the soldier Sauls
unit to blow your brains,
the day after they found
his family all chewed.
Informmo us well on
your company.
Locate the odor to Clay.
I wish the Clay said, when told
that "they went looking for you?
How many people in your unit
were infected or bites?
And why go looking for you?
Yet you become?
Because of this?
The alcohol also helps.
Make it go away.
Cheers, mate.
You know what this is, do not know?
The wrath of God,
freak of nature,
extra-terrestrial invasion...
It is there?
I only know that this "thing"
to start up the soul.
You eat the heart and the mind,
Faster in some,
than in others.
So it is nothing of you.
I saw the "thing" in that place, for 10 years.
I saw it running...
among young people "marines"
as a sheet of paper.
I had to slaughter it with two magazines.
One not enough.
It seemed a kind of beast
of darkness
the way to the bottom
the meat of it.
Not something you would recall,
but it is something you never forget.
Sands that have been in hell,
the rest of my life,
also managed to maintain
the "thing" there.
But now, the hell
returned to home.
I love this story!
Are you Carol?
Hello, dear.
You know who this is?
Is your grandfather Antonio.
Exactly. The father of your mother.
How are you?
And how is school?
Carol? Carol?
Hello, dear. This is Tony.
T believe how our granddaughter
seems so grown up.
I know that some time has passed.
But I could not connect,
that I...
I know you are sick
to hear that excuse.
But just wanted to tell you...
I thought of you,
the Carol and our family e...
Sorry. I was lying.
Okay. Well. . gives a kiss my
for all e...
Linda, just listen to me
a minute, yes?
General, with whom we have
concern in addition to Clay?
How many of these damn
aberrations is that again?
Will maintain a living?
- Why?
- I think I need it. </ i>
If you need help,
tell me.
I address only some points
loose near Las Vegas.
So be there tomorrow
General, has caution.
You also . </ i>
It was something so...
so good, that felt
a terrible fear,
who prefer to feel the pain
did not,
to have and then lose.
Suddenly, somewhere in that
awful site,
saw the "thing".
Just for a second...
Just for... for a second.
And I only want to be
the type with which no one cares,
in whom nobody notices.
"Mysterious Man. "
What are your
5 favorite actors?
Do not see much TV here.
TV, movies...
I? I like the actors seriously.
Before becoming politicians.
Types such as Steve McQueen,
John Wayne, Charles Bronson,
Toshiro Mifune and Steve McQueen.
- Said McQueen twice.
- I like to say his name.
It has maps of the stars here?
And they are updated.
You are saying that they lived
stars here?
For years it has been
a place of fashion.
But this is in the middle of nowhere.
Yeah, but it's so like.
Have you seen any?
A star, I mean?
The Lance Henriksen was here
two nights.
The guy who did
"Alien, the 8th passenger"?
Yes and he was nice.
What up!
It's time for my application?
That is what we think?
A part of me is
hope they are.
Perhaps your will to fight.
But you see more soldiers in
than animal
and I think can help us.
I can not help you.
I think I can.
Are coming up,
but I think you are the key
to solve all this...
I'm hungry.
What are your 5 types
of "sushi" Favorite?
When the Malick? Want to
have my "stock" of hidden sweets.
Leave the dog with no leash?
Yes There is something different about him.
You can repeat it.
Is inside,
but it is not the owner.
General, do not come
with smoothie.
You could have caught the dog of Clay,
but let him escape.
There was a time when it would have
warrant all the nettle
a missile with "Stinger",
without blinking.
They are not their soldiers.
You know who lives
the bottom of this street?
Can I help you?
I just want to buy some
something to drink.
Not reach him.
Need room?
No. I am with others.
Will launch a "boys band"?
It has fresh?
Bright. One moment.
You must be who goes trammel.
And it should be your female wolf.
Once, I had a girlfriend.
Used in leather clothing,
very fair.
And had a body
that did not rest.
If wearing a t-shirt
and some microscopic shorts,
We could swear that was Daizy
of the "Three Dukes. "
Why was it me?
I was a boy and she a girl.
I could be watching a game
or polishing my Mustang for 68,
she came near me,
gave me a wet kiss
and said:
"You love me?
All the damn time,
she knew what was the response,
but it
had to ask.
One day, I was having with her and said:
"Why when I'm lost
in my thoughts,
you gotta do me
that question? "
And you know what she said?
Looks like it's time.
One. . two... three!
Hello, Jake.
Now I gotta go,
but we find ourselves,
- Are you hurt?
- Are you kidding?
I love this type of action.
It makes me out of bed in the morning.
- How?
- Two. Maybe three.
The Clay?
Unless he was born
a new body.
- Attack and he took a walk!
- The Gabriel!
- Are injured?
- No!
- Where is that guy?
- I do not know. Out with the girl.
Sorry, old friend.
The Man-Wolf disappeared.
- It?
- Yes He followed them.
The girl turns...
He walks away, but they
did not want to kill him.
No, but want to kill us.
The Gabriel can not be far.
Come on.
Sorry for the confusion, girls.
Call me.
- New York!
- New York!
I feel </ i>
you are the key </ i>
to solve this whole thing. </ I>
It is the crazy sheep
make his peace with a wolf.
Thomas Fuller said that.
Good advice.
These sheep are
to cloud the way you, Jake.
I still
want to be like them.
Had the opportunity to Flee with
the Ford but did not, does it?
Let's see if we can find
Instincts these with some basic training.
Clay, remember when
we were kids
and he had robots,
those who gave punch?
There was a blue and a yellow
dvamos and punched each other
without stopping,
until the head of
And then, would it.
Clearly, then,
just bring back the head.
Jake! Jake, get back here!
I used to hate that
attitude of macho men.
But now it seems that there is something
Strangely attractive about it.
It is clear that the male ego can
be an ugly manifestation of power.
The never ask
indication of the directions.
T ask for help
with the directions, do you, Clay?
You know, Jake did it.
And close the lid of the toilet.
Good morning, General. You are a beautiful
day to buy guns, right?
I have to calibre. 762.
With weapons systems.
Were modified.
If it fails, the fire kills them.
I Ichicas of eight shots
with cartridges, nitroglycerine.
With triple bushing,
Start the rim to 90 feet.
Tell me what you need...
What has to solve.
Can I help you at all.
Mac I-10.
Give account of the work.
This is steel. Let me...
When I was in Vietnam
and Granada,
used the Mac-10,
used the AK-47...
I have them in the van.
Only I have the U2-38.
The order takes 6 months.
Dealer, I just want to ask what
and only I will pay you
which asked for.
But... this is a robbery.
Yeah. For years, re
to rob me.
I was in three missions. Know that
I am a patriot like you.
I love our colors.
God bless America.
I am available to go with it.
I am cheap, General.
I am cheap. I can go... Need
of someone else? I am available.
Can I take your guns
the part of the business.
- Dealer Jones...
- Sergeant-Mor!
"Semper Fidelis", comrade.
How are you?
- How are you?
- Well
- Weight from Granada.
- The "six pack" are underneath here.
- Six pairs of?
- That was funny.
Listen... What about the General?
You are old. Only work and no play,
was annoying, snotty, you know?
But, listen... Another man
you gave way. I could take...
This is a task for two men.
Does not. It is very dangerous and secretive.
I can not align it.
Frank! Frank!
I have heard! Until then.
Take care.
Hey, Sarge... Listen...
Do not kill children or old!
Want to go to the bar eat any
what? Like me a beer.
You judge, Frank.
- How do you die?
- What?
We have to start thinking
as we die.
We must leave a legacy.
I? I just want to know that someone
understands my crazy dreams.
You judge, Frank.
I love you, buddy.
How is your head?
Yesterday meteste you an ugly fight.
It is better for dinner,
than for breakfast.
Come on, Jake.
Most men would not be so
3 agree with the unfortunate women.
"Weak. " This is what the world is
trying to teach you, Jake?
It would be better not to support you
in tablets and drink?
Let your body heal itself.
Hangover or you, do you?
No problem.
He also has "a thing"
within it.
Give him.
He is finished.
- We do not need it.
- We.
You brought us here to it
to guide us. Look at him.
The force inside
will crush you.
Let us.
All is well.
Part of the process.
The process of?
Not yet know, but...
but I know that is something fantastic.
Remember the first time
we saw?
In the playground
in front of the school.
Had finished with a...
what her name?
And we were in the swings
and I asked you:
"You are growing too
to do this?
And, then, you answered.
You say, Jake?
As at that beach...
Remember from our beach, Jake?
Thailand, white sand,
blue water...
Thai girls and naked.
And then we did, Jake?
Then take off your clothes e...
immersed in the water.
Yes and then came to the surface
as clean and pure,
as the day they were born.
This... this hurts!
I know. Sometimes it hurts me too.
No problem. It is a change.
All the changes hurt.
Erika, come with me.
I know we
combat this...
We can not. It is too late.
Now, is already within us.
Please Erika, come with me!
We can be free, we can
take care of each other.
No! No! Come on!
I'm tired of being controlled by
more annoyed mercenary in the world.
Come on, let's go.
No. Enough.
We do not provide for this.
Are you the rounds as
a ninja for hire.
Let me tell you something.
Where to give guys
with one of those "things",
also takes a shot.
You die, Tony.
Listen to me. Of a fossil to another,
this is consuming you.
When was the last time
you were with your family?
You think I do not know
what this is doing to me?
Me and my family?
I know! I trained those soldiers.
Swore protect them
and now I have to kill them.
Without conflict, no problem.
So come with me or not?
- We are here.
- Get off me!
Pay attention, "Patton, "
I'm trying to make you see
Your child's...
We should go to the Championship
of Mixed Martial Arts.
Primitive instinct...
A greater change in geriatrics.
Swallowing a "Thesaurus"
Now we throw everything out here,
maybe we can finish
what started.
What is a "Thesaurus"?
Our beach is not a trash.
Do not use it as if it were.
Attention customers.
No waiting in line 4,
Express box.
Ten items or less.
Only cash or money payment.
No waiting.
... and some of them may
already be here.
Waiting, watching, waiting for
dropped our guard,
caught us by our
Seems like we have to walk
nozzles in the feet, Gail.
It was always my Kenny
said nozzles in the feet.
Trust me when you speak
large green heads,
mosey bodies as carrots,
fingers that shine...
No matter.
They are here.
And we have to learn
to deal with them.
Have you seen the "El chupacabras",
the chupador of goats?
You have broken the rules, Lawrence.
And much, so you can see.
Saw a woman in...
- Three, three women?
- It is the same man!
And has a logo or three.
Here comes an update
Elvis on, Lawrence.
My name is Gabriel. It's Jake.
Jake is Gabriel.
Jake? Jake...
It is a good name.
I will take a while to get used to me,
after you call Lawrence.
Going back to change, soon?
I am a soldier. I am a man.
Yes A man who is having
a difficult day.
And it will get worse.
Did the Men in Black?
When you much more
from where this came from.
Wood... I have to work,
I have to continue to try to
be a good worker.
Where I'm about to feel
what you feel now,
I think a story that my
Kenny used to.
An old Cherokee grandfather was
talking with his grandson,
on the battles and hatreds
that exist within people.
He said that there were two wolves
within each of us.
One wolf is the bad wolf,
the wolf of evil.
Is anger, rage, hatred,
inferiority, superiority
and false pride.
And the other wolf is good.
You love, tenderness, peace,
And they fight this battle
until the end.
And the boy thought the matter
for a moment and said: "But, grandfather,
which of the wolves win '?
The old Cherokee said:
"Well, that is food. "
It is that food.
- He was here.
- The Ford is coming.
They want us dead.
We have to protect.
When you leave and find
our place, will never find us.
We fight now!
Just with this.
Have you followed is too
time on this hunt.
- He does not provide for one of us.
- He is almost ready.
Start to think back
like him.
A human need.
The revenge is a need
I will not let it interfere
in our survival.
Our survival
is in force
and not in their extermination.
Our future is
in his hands.
Not in the other,
or in your.
I find Jake.
Wait for me in the woods.
Stay alert, okay?
Faras what to do
when the find?
... no human power would
relieved our alcoholism.
What God could and would
if they wanted.
I am sure you all know,
I am not very good in this thing
group's support.
But any excuse to
leaving home is good.
Better yet, is the anniversary
one of ours.
It is the Bonn which is 46 years
this month.
Good, bonne!
Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday, Bonn.
Ready to listen?
It is hard to believe
who have passed 46 years
since last drink.
And you were just a glimmer
of hope...
the eyes of your parents.
And I have the luck
hold of me here
and see them succeed...
See how we can
fuck everything.
Understand the term, Leo?
I do not drink!
Sorry, you okay?
Sorry. Just...
I'm looking for a person.
We stopped
a red signal
and tight that not a few bucks.
And ahead of us stopped a truck
very full of chickens
within a bunch of cages
and decided that we would release them,
give them freedom.
The poor were arrested.
Everyone is looking at the windows
and from what we, and had chickens
to fly about everywhere on the street.
What happened was that
that we...
At least, I am not on fire.
- Cartridges?
- Two dozen, maybe.
The same, maybe less.
I have seen you take
And I got, but she left a limp.
These girls are fast.
What the hell is going on here?
Guys, please, go down
the window there in the background.
Not yet responded to my
question. Who are you?
Put it under the window now.
Leo, sit down!
I think I will call the sheriff.
- He is drunk?
- No, stupid!
Anyone here knows
Gabriel is Jake?
If you are referring to the former Lawrence
Talbot, yes. I know Jake Gabriel.
This is the second person to question
it today.
And we will not be the last.
If the come and it is changed,
do not hesitate.
Where is the Sheriff Harris?
Is the great-grandfather Harris,
What are you doing to my car?
General Ford, we can solve this
battle here or outside,
depending on the amount
low that you have.
I knew that had to be
drugs involved.
It is not drugs.
There is, of course, the shit
I used to smoke.
Are some military experience,
are not they?
You always go all the sanding,
trying to invent a machine
perfect for fighting.
But, as always, everything we do
is corrupting the human species,
creating a monster military.
The fault is all yours.
What happened?
He was a little to the left,
therefore, gave him a right.
Bergman, we will intervene.
You cover this half
and I cover the other half.
And take the "thing" for the street,
- It will be complicated.
- Wait.
Are you sure you saw two
- I!
- Good.
For a moment, I thought
we could have problems.
Is increasingly difficult to
pointing to these things.
Tactics, General.
Outflank the enemy
is the most basic.
Do you know karate, honey? Because
your body will kick.
Know how many soldiers the same
you saw that site?
Lying on the floor, looking at me
as if it were your last hope?
But you are not looking
well for me now, do you?
Want to find out?
How can?
How you sense of humor
in the midst of all this pain?
I had one with two years.
Once, fell on his knees
to laugh.
Unable to cry, was a laugh.
Do you think he would recognize me now?
Do you think someone
recognize me now?
Leo, get up!
What happened?
- Hit me?
- No, but I thought about it. Get up.
What the hell?
- Who are they?
- What did I tell you?
- Are extra-terrestrial!
- Extra-terrestrial?
You say, woman?
- America needs us.
- Go for it!
Let the military go.
You get in your aberrations
and leave our city!
It seems that is to form
a militia here.
The rebellion will not be
Are looking at the latest
and lower unit of the district.
There was a farmer
I had a dog
which is called Bingo.
It's time to fight!
Get off me! I find that
my family!
Let down your family!
Erika and take care of for you.
I forgot how much it hurts.
You are dead!
The funeral is yours.
You are the men in black?
- Those chicken?
- He will need a doctor, quickly.
General, I need a drink.
Just kidding.
A woman like that can
teach you much about yourself.
Remember that climber
that reached the top of Everest,
almost without oxygen,
without food
and that was a step
Someone asked him if he had
scheduled to die by then.
You know what he said?
I know.
He said: "No.
Climbed up to live up there. "
Gen. usually think of retire
go home and be with your family?
Leaving this to someone
younger and more stupid?
Not find
no more stupid.
It should, should...
- It should.
- Should...
Who are your 5 bands
favorite of the 70s?
Lynyrd Skynard,
AC DC, Foreigner
and Earth, Wind and...
... Fire.
Having trouble?
Where to go, man?
Tennessee. I have a granddaughter
to visit.
It is a very pleasant.
I have been there.
The real war begins </ i>
here and ends in. </ i>
The real wins and losses do not </ i>
come to see that, </ i>
but as we become </ i>
as a result. </ i>
And for that, </ i>
there will always be a war, in which </ i>
we all have to be soldiers. </ i>
Make a good trip.
Thank you. Have a good day.
Thank you. Thank you very much.