Wara no tate (2013) Movie Script

All units: report of
a body in Kitazawa.
Units in the area,
please respond.
Kitazawa 5, Umegaoka, block three.
Copy that.
The scene is a tree grove
in South Matsubaru, block 5.
A man named Mamiya, who was
walking his dog, called it in.
The body is lying face down.
Naked from the waist down.
Most likely a child,
possibly female.
Whether she's alive or dead
is not confirmed.
Guess he's stuck in Unit 4 again.
Mekari can live with that.
As long as nothing
stands in his way
One billion yen?
A related incident occurred
three months prior.
On June 4th,
in this drainage ditch in South
Matsubaru, in the Setagaya Ward...
the corpse of Chika Ninagawa,
a female elementary student, was found.
From DNA testing of
evidence at the scene...
Kunihide Kiyomaru was the
most likely suspect in the crime.
Not that case'?
The victim was Chika Ninagawa,
aged 7.
Shock from brutal assault was the
cause of death. it was terrible.
Eight years ago, the suspect Kiyomaru
assaulted and murdered a young girl.
He was just released from prison
last October.
Usually nabbing a high profile criminal
would mean a promotion.
A promotion, eh?
I'll catch up to you one of these days,
Lieutenant Mekari.
The suspect is still...
On the run.
If we can catch him and try him,
he should get the death penalty
I don't blame the bereaved
family for their rage.
The victim was Takaoki Ninagawa's
The victim was Takaoki Ninagawa's
As the bounty ads are believed
to be connected,
the police await Ninagawa's
but remain unable to contact Ninagawa,
or locate his whereabouts.
Ninagawa served as chairman of the
JBF and is a financial tycoon.
His personal assets are believed
to be in excess of 100 billion yen.
If that happened to my granddaughter,
I'd do the same.
Not that. Why this ad in the
Ads get inspected before
going to press.
The checking process is
repeated many times.
The editing department
does the final check.
Seems the ad was swapped there.
the ad was swapped there.
As if all 65 people planned it,
all 65 people planned it,
they all resigned.
REWARD: 1 BILLION YEN When questioned
as to why, they lawyered up and...
When questioned as to why,
they lawyered up and...
won't cooperate at all.
Let me... show you something.
Take a seat.
My son was on my ass to
switch to a smartphone.
The Kiyomaru Site.
I want you to kill this man,
Kunihide Kiyomaru.
The man who murdered my
seven-year-old granddaughter.
As a reward, I'll pay you
1 billion yen.
The ISP is located in Columbia,
and can't be shut down.
I have heart disease...
I don't have long to live.
Money is merely scraps of paper
for a man with no will to live.
My terms are:
anyone found guilty for...
attempted murder or
murder of Kiyomaru.
Multiple parties are allowed.
Anyone who kills Kiyomaru
by order of the nation.
It's not one billion for
simply killing Kiyomaru.
It covers anyone given
a guilty verdict.
His premise pays for
their crimes.
As for "by order of the nation",
it's not capital punishment
or war, so...
we're not sure what he means.
Closing this site is impossible.
Loan buy anything...
except the life of a child.
That's all.
What's wrong, Mekari?
Either way my job is
protecting VIPs.
You never change.
Just don't let Shiraiwa show you up.
The pride of Unit 4 rides on you.
With a nationwide arrest warrant out,
Kiyomaru remains at large...
as the police close in.
One billion yen to murder a man...
We hope no one entertains
this offer'...
H's me, man.
Open up.
Mr Famous!
Can I get your autograph?
You better not go out.
Not everyone's a sweet guy like me.
Eat up.
I got your favourite again.
Sorry man.
I'm home.
Happy birthday
No Japanese tea to go with
the sweets?
Okay honey
Mekari speaking.
It's Ohki.
Kiyomaru turned himself in.
Apparently, he was given shelter
by a yakuza gang boss that...
exploits illegal immigrant Chinese.
They met in the joint.
The man...
tried to kill Kiyomaru.
Kiyomaru went to the Fukuoka police
and was taken into custody
Covered in blood, he probably
had nowhere else to go.
That advertisement is to blame.
Why are you telling me this?
Well, Mekari...
I need you in Fukuoka tomorrow.
You've got 48 hours to transport
Kiyomaru to the prosecutors.
Get him to Tokyo Metro ASAP
This unprecedented exception means us.
The Security Police have been assigned.
Ready to...
be a bullet-proof vest for a lowlife'?
Along with our unit,
two other officers have been selected.
8 am at HQ tomorrow, got it?
An SP firing in the line of duty
will make history
Besides, we're...
the closest to the 1 billion yen.
Just kidding.
This mission is a shortcut to
From the crime unit, Agent Okumura
and Head Patrol Officer Kanbashi.
I'm Okumura.
I'm Kanbashi.
From the SP unit,
meet Lieutenant Mekari...
I'm Mekari.
And Head Patrol Officer Shiraiwa.
I'm Shiraiwa.
A Fukuoka police agent
will also be on hand.
Tokyo Metro is reviewing
the means of transport.
In this unprecedented case,
there's no telling what will happen.
Prepare for all 120 million
people in Japan...
to be your enemies,
and carry out your mission.
You're not only guarding a criminal...
but also the Japanese police itself.
Our national pride is at stake.
Don't let him be killed.
Bring him back alive,
at all costs!
They lack our experience.
Don! rely on them.
Use them as a shield in
an emergency
How do you feel about protecting
a man like Kiyomaru?
If top brass say "protect",
then we protect whoever.
That's the job.
Sucks for you. Taking bullets
for a piece of shit like Kiyomaru.
If told to protect, we protect
whoever. That's our duty
I'm under a woman's thumb at home...
and now here at work, too!
Shiraiwa is highly capable.
I'm aware of that.
She's top in arrest skills
and shooting.
A kendo master.
Speaks many languages.
A candidate for top brass, but...
no one's ready to promote
a single mom yet.
What surprised me most was... you.
Sorry but checking up on people
is in my blood.
Three years ago...
your accident?
The truck driver, he...
Leave my personal life out of it.
Want to know why I got assigned?
Ask those who chose me.
The culprit was hired for 100 million
by Ninagawa Governance.
Gimme a break.
Once again,
the man who attempted to kill
Kunihide Kiyomaru...
has turned himself in to
the authorities in Fukuoka.
The Kiyomaru Site announced that...
Ninagawa Governance hired him
under contract for 100 million.
100 million for attempted murder?
It's open season on Kiyomaru.
Let Kiyomaru out for questioning.
Kiyomaru, get out here.
They caught Kiyomaru in Fukuoka.
For taking a shot at him...
you can hit the jackpot.
It's nuts!
You off to see the media circus, too?
Driver, turn up the radio.
Sure thing.
White in police custody, the suspect
Kiyomaru was attacked by a custody officer,
and sustained injuries.
- Let me go!
- Move!
He was rushed to hospital and
treated for his injuries...
Heading there now.
Drive to Kyushu Central Hospital.
Now a cop tried to kill him?
God help us.
Tokyo Metro,
First Investigation Unit.
We're here for Kiyomaru.
He's being treated.
Wait at the precinct, will you?
Where is Kiyomaru?
- I said, he's being treated.
- So I'm asking: where?
Leave this to us, will you?
To you clowns?
- Like before?
- Fuck off. - Kanbashi.
Most cops are awaiting orders.
Cut out the attitude, will you?
Down a notch.
Sorry for the trouble. I'm Sekiya,
Senior Officer, Fukuoka Police.
I'll join the transport mission.
Metro Police. May I?
A warrant for your arrest for
the murder of Chika Ninagawa.
We'll escort you to Police HQ.
Play nice, now.
Reckon you can really...
protect someone like me?
Stop your mumbling...
- You fuck.
- Are you enough?
Are five of you enough'?
Meaning what?
Say that again, asshole!
Stop with the cop talk.
- What?
- Stand down.
- Shut up!
- Stand down.
I... I almost got killed twice!
Damn right, I'm worried!
You try being a moving target!
Why doesn't anyone understand me?!
Shut up, asshole!
Hands off me!
Don't touch me!
Keep your dirty hands off me!
You make me sick, old man!
Don't touch me!
We won't. Calm down.
You make me sick.
Your germs are on me! Keep your hands
off me until you see it my way!
Relax. Calm down.
Nurse, sedative.
What the fuck!
Hey! They are Tokyo Metro SPs.
During the transfer, they'll keep
you safe. Rest easy
What's in the syringe?
Show me that vial in your pocket.
Potassium preparation.
When injected intravenously
it causes hyperkalaemia,
then heart failure.
From the sublime to the ridiculous.
- Our air transport is off.
- Meaning?
Seems an airline mechanic got arrested.
The plane where the device was found
was scheduled to be used as transport.
The mechanic sabotaged the plane
in order to kill Kiyomaru.
So... what now?
Tax money down the toilet.
With this escort,
who needs SPs?
This displays our overwhelming force,
so that's why the NPA chose
this method.
With five convoy buses, nobody knows
which one Kiyomaru's in.
The bosses have no idea of
what our biggest threat is.
They couldn't close the outbound,
but are checking cars. We're safe.
And it's better than being shot at.
That's not what I meant.
Citizens trying to kill Kiyomaru
don't scare me...
Getting weapons would be heard,
and they aren't trained.
The scariest thing is...
a trained man with a weapon.
A cop.
The bosses gave 350 armed cops
a chance at 1 billion yen.
You laughed, right?
For a guy who almost got whacked,
you're a little too relaxed.
Don't blow me off, pervert!
Scum like you should be crying
for fear of death.
Give it a rest, rookie.
I was thinking of you cops.
You high school grads...
would normally be outside
in the heat.
No college, right?
Chill out, woman.
I won't kill him.
We can't have you hitting him, either.
You on his side?
When danger approaches a detainee,
abate the threat, no matter who.
"Abate" this!
Regardless, at least refrain from
hitting Kiyomaru here.
Beat him back in the box at HQ,
then it won't be our concern.
Nobody's gonna hit anyone.
No way!
A truck busted over the expressway?
Get down!
That bonehead! He didn't know
which bus was ours.
- I wonder.
- Huh?
That TV helicopter has been hovering
over us the whole time.
You're imagining things.
Everyone's staring at our bus.
Oh no...
Can't we move yet?
Still waiting on orders.
Check out the Kiyomaru Site!
- I wasn't my imagination...
a security leak. - Move, ASAP.
- Something happen?
- Got it. Wait.
Inspector Takamine, from the NPA,
is heading here...
regarding the security leak.
Seems our transport plan is in limbo.
You mean we can't move?
Seal off the road.
Get those people out of here.
Don't let anyone near us.
Odds are these cops might leak intel.
Who said it was a cop'?
- Who else, then?
- Are...
Are you married?
Your wedding ring.
Do you have a little daughter?
Get back.
Orders from Inspector Takamine.
Agent Okumura, are you inside?
- Open it.
- Wait.
If the bullets were a hair higher,
you'd be dead.
If the bullets were a hair higher...
you'd... be dead.
In time, your hearing will return.
You okay?
Just a sprain. I'm fine.
I know why the bosses chose you,
Inspector Mekari.
I'd like to apologise for...
the wanton behaviour of the men
under my command.
As a result of our deliberations,
we've come to the conclusion that...
the current transport plan
must be abandoned.
Today's transport is abandoned.
I have an idea.
They're moving.
The Kiyomaru transport is in motion.
Stopped at 16:26 in Kite-Kyushu,
Kiyomura is moving again.
We're safe.
They aren't on to us.
Surprised those NPA muckety-mucks
let us do it.
Their massive transport unit
makes a great decoy
Mekari, your idea worked, right?
As a decoy unit, he can cover
his ass for wasting taxes.
And Metro HQ can take the blame.
Actually we'll take the blame.
But will going by train be safe?
As long as no one finds out...
taking Kiyomaru back to Tokyo
won't be so hard.
Only Takamine's team and us
know the plan.
This train stops in...
Shin-Kobe, Shin-Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya,
Shin- Yokohama and Shinagawa.
Soon departing at 17:47.
The train for Tokyo leaves now.
Agent Okumura,
let's use this carriage.
- OK.
- Is something wrong?
Seal off this carriage.
I'm terribly sorry but...
due to electrical problems...
I'd like to ask everyone to
move to the next carriage.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
We've upgraded you to premium seats.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Sekiya, guard the front door.
You two, take the rear.
Don't let anyone through.
Wait. We're in command here.
No, he's right.
We'd better spread out.
Go to low profile mode.
Check the Kiyomaru Site.
Tokyo arrival... 22:35, eh?
We're shorthanded.
Trust them.
Employment Opportunities:
Holding Cell Cop, Nurse,
SWAT Team Members
Attempted Murder Fee:
100 Million Yen
- Mekari.
- What now?
Look at this.
Since when?
Back at the ambulance; it was flashing
when we hit the highway
Only us five and that conductor know...
that we're here.
What's wrong?
Get your phones out.
Cell GPS is the only answer I got.
Accusing one of us of leaking intel?
Who else could it be?
The conductor was next to me and
didn't contact anyone.
That leaves us,
so gimme your phones.
And if we do, what then?
I'll keep them safe.
There's no proof you didn't...
No proof... including you.
My partner's the only one
who wouldn't do that.
And my partner's the only
one I'm sure about.
We can't fall apart now.
Show me your damn phone!
Nice guys like you always
turn out to be the mole.
How convenient for you...
Maybe your hatred of Kiyomaru
was just an act.
You too, Mekari.
You don't trust the man who took
a bullet for Kiyomaru?
Anyway let's empty our pockets.
The transmitter needn't be a phone.
You've no reason to doubt us.
What if he can get Ninagawa's money
by leaking our location?
And what if he could do his duty
and not be doubted by anyone?
Mekari already has...
a strong motive to kill a man
like Kiyomaru.
His wife's accident.
How does that matter?
The drunk driver that killed his wife...
had a previous manslaughter charge.
He got out of prison and...
killed Mekari's wife whilst
under the influence.
He's human garbage...
Scum, like Kiyomaru.
You want men like that dead, right?
If it were my wife, I would.
If you doubt me,
investigate me all you like.
We will, then.
That's enough.
Everybody's got their reasons.
I got a granddaughter,
like the victim.
She's as cute as a button, but...
I could never kill Kiyomaru.
Have you... forgiven that truck driver?
No, I haven't.
Would killing him help?
Would it bring my dead wife back?
- Why so cut-and-dry?
- I ain't cut-and-dry
I saw Chika Ninagawa's dead body
It was worse than what the media said.
Way fucking worse!
No human could do what he did.
I'll never forget her little body
I ain't her parent.
Hell, I ain't even a father.
But I sure as hell want
to kill Kiyomaru. But not you'?
"Go do it".
My wife said that.
"Protecting people is your job,
so go do it. "
If she hadn't said that...
I might've killed that truck driver.
Her words alone have...
kept me going for three years.
Body search.
Hurry up.
What's important is to eliminate
every possibility one by one.
That's our job, right?
Sorry I doubted you.
If it's not us
then how'd they find him?
Here's a theory...
That man behind Inspector Takamine...
A Public Security detective.
He might've tailed us.
Okayama Station
Police Woman...
Got any hobbies?
Talking with you is forbidden.
Wanna know my...
turn-ons and turn-offs?
Police. You can't come through.
Why not?
'Cause I said so, asshole.
Who you calling asshole?
Go back and sit your ass down.
- Shiraiwa, fall back!
- Now!
In here.
- Go back to your seat.
- Bite me, cop!
Get an ambulance on standby!
Medics only!
Hurry UP!
Relax. You're fine, Kanbashi.
Is it worth...
protecting Kiyomaru?
Why'd we...
risk our lives for that
piece of shit?
Damn it.
If I die...
my mom...
will be all alone.
I got it.
Try not to talk.
Kan bashi.
Kan bashi!
Kan bashi!
Who died?
That... short-fused cop'?
Karma's a bitch, eh?
Shut up, or I'll shoot
you in the back.
This station doesn't have a garage,
so the CSI will happen at Himeji Station.
The Hyogo police are on standby
We'll let the passengers off at
Himeji and switch trains.
Change trains?
You can't stop at Himeji.
- Why not?
- I just got word...
Thanks to the Kiyomaru Site,
Himeji is way out of hand.
Mechanics on the train line
have been pushed back.
This train will go past Himeji,
and head for Shin-Kobe.
Please disembark there.
- No, we... - That is the
final word from Japan Rail.
You'll be fine.
At Shin-Kobe,
120 SWAT are deployed.
Now I'm worried.
Move it. Make way
Move it.
What do we do now?
Mix with the crowd and escape.
Where is everyone?
For passenger safety
we chose an empty platform.
The SWAT team sealed all exits.
No passengers can board.
This train will pull into the garage.
Go back!
Gimme the radio.
Stop! Police!
Police! I'll shoot!
Bring me Kiyomaru!
Stop! Stop it!
I'll kill this kid!
Give me Kiyomaru!
- Put down the knife
- Stop. Go back.
We can't abandon the child.
That's not our job.
The guy's serious.
Every second counts.
Ugly brat...
Our mission is to protect and
transport Kiyomaru.
If we just stand by and
let her die,
then fuck being a cop!
No... If you want Kiyomaru alive,
back those SWAT boys off.
I need you out of here.
What... are you doing?
I'll save the girl...
and he'll be dead.
You won't shoot.
You only want to scare me.
You testify that I fired.
We'll split the 1 billion.
Are you serious?
Don't fall for her trap.
She might be testing you.
This way no more victims
like Kanbashi will perish.
How persuasive!
Don't do it.
You sure? Too bad.
I'll kill her!
Bring me Kiyomaru!
Stay back!
It's no use!
- Give up, will ya?
- I said, stay back!
- I'll stab her!
- Stop!
It's not too late.
Let the kid go.
I got nothing left!
Nothing other than killing Kiyomaru!
Throw down the knife.
Look at her.
She's scared to death.
Everything's aka)'-
That's good.
Now... give me the knife.
Think about your family
You can't fool me!
- The hell with all of you!
- Drop it!
Bring him out!
I'll kill her!
Kanbashi is rolling over in
his grave.
What now?
Back. Get out!
Do it now.
Get out.
Now. Get out now!
Not you.
Tell the driver to take us to Tokyo.
Tell him now!
Kyoto Station
Nagoya Station
If we keep going non-stop,
we'll be in Tokyo in 90 minutes.
Wreckage on the line,
seven kilometers ahead.
Seems someone dropped it
there on purpose.
How long you gonna make me walk'?
I can't walk any further.
We've been walking all day and
not one car has passed.
Make a plan before you
drag me around.
Shut up.
What do you mean, "all day"?
A car.
What now?
Something wrong?
- I'm borrowing your car.
- What?!
- Hold on...
- Please get out.
- What? - Hands on the car.
- What the hell? Stop it!
What gives?
- I'm taking your phone. - You're what?
- Sit in the passenger seat.
I'm starving.
And thirsty too.
You're violating my human rights.
Where are we going?
I can't answer that either.
Important enough to steal
an innocent man's car?
Sorry National security
is the reason.
Does everyone...
do you cops...
think this is the right thing to do?
What do you mean?
Is protecting him so important?
That's what I mean!
Okumura, pull over!
How can you protect scum like him?
You're crazy
Why didn't you protect my Megumi?
Why him and not...
my Megumi?
Megumi Nishino...
Kiyomaru's first victim.
So you're Megumi's father?
Now that you mention it,
she had your eyes.
She was so fine...
so soft and tender.
I loved...
Shut up!
If someone's going to kill Kiyomaru,
don't you think he has the right?
- You nuts? - Our location's
being leaked to the Kiyomaru Site.
It won't be long before...
Shut your hole, bitch...
When will you learn to shut
your hole?!
Mr Nishino, please stop.
Mr Nishino, please stop!
Mr Nishino!
I'm sorry
I'm borrowing your car and phone.
We're off.
Was it you'?
Why do you assume it's me?
After my partner and me,
that only leaves you.
You were texting in the car,
weren't you'?
- I was checking the Kiyomaru Site.
- Your fingers were... you were texting.
Shiraiwa... we must eliminate each
- I texted my family
- At a time like this?
Then show me.
That's an order.
Congrats on getting an 80 in math.
Mommy won't make it home tonight
Reheat the curry from last night.
What? What does it say?
Show me.
- Gimme that transmitter.
- What the hell.
I dunno what they paid you,
but you can't spend it if you're dead.
Get real. It's not me.
Search. Search all you want!
You won't find anything.
Pointing your gun at me...
is violating our mission.
A microchip?
Get me a knife.
As long as I told our location...
I'd get my 1 billion yen,
no matter who killed Kiyomaru.
I'd never be arrested,
and get paid.
That's why you kept on the job, right?
Duty is duty
There's no lying in that.
I was approached long before our
transport team was assembled.
So they can mobilise the
top brass at the NPA.
Don't you have any pride
as a detective?
I do.
Kiyomaru beat a seven-year-old
girl to death.
When the doc pulled back her eyelids
from her bloated, beaten face...
it was covered in his sperm!
Lieutenant Mekari...
You're a top cop and an
admirable SF'...
fair and square as a person, too.
Is it worth risking your life
to protect Kiyomaru?
No, it ain't.
No fucking way!
When he gets out of jail again,
he'll kill another little girl.
How do you plan to apologise to her?!
The world's full of natural-born
human waste like him.
The world's full of people
without a hint of remorse.
You of all people should know.
Let's end this.
If you don't...
a day will come when you regret...
that Kiyomaru survived.
I'll give you half my reward.
Okumura, it's funny...
When the subject of money
comes up...
everything you say sounds
like an excuse.
Fall in!
Where are you'?
Are you OK?
What do you mean?
Okumura reported in...
Said you and Shiraiwa are being
held hostage by Kiyomaru.
I knew it; he lied.
Okumura was the mole.
What's going on there?
Following Okumura's lead...
and prioritising rescuing you two...
the NPA are resorting to issuing
that Kiyomaru be gunned down.
The second condition to the
billion yen:
Anyone who kills Kiyomaru
by order of the nation.
Legal execution in the line of duty
They've mobilised personnel
in Shizuoka to follow you.
Get Kiyomaru to the nearest
police station ASAP.
Too dangerous.
We won't make it in time.
They have your plates.
Mekari, what can I do?
Shall I send back up?
I'm fine. Bye for now.
Why didn't you ask him
where he was?
I can't have any more of my men...
Think of your sick child.
All the cash in the world
can't cure him.
As Ninagawa ordered me,
I assigned Mekari and single mother
Shiraiwa to this mission.
I figured my involvement ended there.
- No more...
- We can't go back now.
If the public learn we sold
our souls...
you're going down, too.
They'll think we're going by train.
How can we get to Tokyo?
Public transport and rental cars
are out. They know our faces.
We need an ordinary car.
Yuya, where's my phone?
- Fucked if I know.
- Fucked if you know?
- Where is it? At our place?
- Not there. - You're so sloppy
Somebody's here.
Look. Over there.
What are you doing?
What were you gonna do?
I'm gonna get killed anyhow.
No one will kill you.
It's no use.
It's gonna happen.
Let me have one more prank.
Just do your job and protect me...
but stay out of my way
- Top brass think we're his hostages,
right? - Seems so.
The police have been ordered
to shoot to kill.
So I've got the right to
kill him, then.
Too bad, but you won't be
shooting him.
If you shoot him...
you'll get 1 billion yen.
Your pride won't let that slide.
Ninagawa miscalculated.
Without the bounty
I'd have shot him.
I have a request...
If either one of you...
kills me and gets the billion,
could you take a tiny bit...
and give it...
to my poor old mom?
My mom raised me all on her own.
But I've never...
done anything good to
show her my love.
At the very least...
I'll trade my life.
To help her in later life...
could you give her some money?
Wanna ride?
Get in.
- You know who he is, right?
- Yeah, he's famous.
- Then why let us in?
- Because I'm a cabbie...
And I got no customers today
Every inch is packed with police.
They're gonna kill him.
He was on the news all day
Talk of his transport.
I've had it up to here with news,
news about folks trying to kill him...
The knife man and the young
hostage at Shin-Kobe.
He was a company president
being hunted by debtors.
I guess he wanted to leave money
behind for his family
While nursing his sick mother,
he never complained and worked hard.
That lock-up cop's wife was terminal.
The nurse's husband got downsized.
The SWAT guys were gamblers,
so I guess they had it coming.
All of them had money problems.
All willing to be arrested, but hoping
to leave the money to their families.
Fat cat Ninagawa's money game
was a ruse to feed on poor people.
I dunno how much money he has, but...
he can't believe he can buy anybody
My cab fare ain't for fee, ya know?
I got it.
How about this?
Good day Shizuoka Police.
- Haven't you caught Kiyomaru yet?
- Not yet, ma'am.
All clear. Go ahead.
Just like you said:
they don't bother checking cabs.
Better to go via Yamanashi instead of
Kanagawa. Fewer road blocks.
Three hours to go.
We can still make it.
We interrupt the music to
bring you this news update...
Last night, a woman was found dead
in her apartment in Kushiro, Hokkaido.
The woman was the mother of the
fugitive Kunihide Kiyomaru,
Taeko Kiyomaru, age 58.
Judging from a note
discovered at the scene,
suicide is highly likely
The note read:
"Kunihide, in exchange for my life,
do me a favour.
Don't do anything bad no more.
Don't hurl others no more.
Please, I beg you.
"Mommy is waiting for you
in heaven.
Please let me out.
I need to get out... Please.
- How about it, Mekari?
- Let me out.
Let's rest.
I wanna check the Kiyomaru Site.
Mekari? The SP, right?
Ninagawa here.
I'll give you two billion.
Make that three billion.
You're going about this all wrong.
And and all ways are awed.
Cops are dead.
Kiyomaru's mother killed herself.
You got nothing to say?
I'm sorry for your loss.
Don't say it like you don't know.
It's your fault.
Why all the collateral damage?
Save your breath.
I want Kiyomaru dead.
It's that simple.
If you want the driver who
killed your wife...
I'm your man.
Are we so different?
We're the same.
We both had someone precious
killed by irrational means...
by someone who doesn't
deserve to live.
No more innocent lives.
If you want him dead,
kill him yourself.
I don't approve...
of you using others.
Sorry I let my guard down.
I'm fine.
I won't die.
My son, he's still...
He's still...
in third grade...
I promised...
to play catch...
She croaked.
For you...
for you: she risked her life
to protect you.
How could you?
she smelled like an old woman.
She stunk up the car.
Kill me and...
your dead wife won't forgive you.
"Protecting people...
"is your job. "
never said that.
She was in a coma at the hospital.
She never said a word.
I made it all up in my head.
I had to believe in that fairy-tale...
or I wouldn't have survived.
Did you hear we had a baby?
We did...
a girl inside her womb.
I thought I'd...
go in and kill that truck driver.
In my mind,
I killed him many times.
If I wasn't a cop...
I would have done it.
If I wasn't a cop...
I'd have killed you right away
Wanna know something?
Of us five, the one who wanted
you dead the most...
was me!
brought in Kiyomaru.
Detain Ninagawa.
- Wait.
- Mekari!
You brought Kiyomaru to HQ.
Your job... is done.
Until Ninagawa calls off his
1 billion yen bounty...
Kiyomaru will be killed some day
And if that happens...
what our team did,
will have been a waste.
I can't face...
those like Shiraiwa who died
in the line of duty protecting him.
I'll convince him.
I'm very sorry for...
the loss of your grandchild.
I know a thing or two about...
losing someone precious.
A dark...
dark forest is where he took her.
A seven-year-old girl,
in that darkness...
Try to imagine her fear...
Can you'?
Then thrown away
like garbage.
How can you forgive that?
How can you'?
You'd feel the same way
as me, right?
Mr Ninagawa...
Would your granddaughter
have wanted all this?
Listen to the whispers of the dead.
Is Chika...
saying that she wants you
to kill him?
The dead can't speak.
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Once they're dead, it's over.
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You honestly think so?
visit: shokomovies. blogspot. com
You simply think that they speak.
You need to believe that yourself.
The dead...
can't speak for themselves.
With him alive and Chika dead...
I can't... forgive myself.
- Got him!
- Secure him!
You OK'? Hang in there!
Get an ambulance, now!
In the name of national pride,
his life is top priority!
Coming through!
Make way!
visit: shokomovies. blogspot. com
The suspect Ninagawa, who ordered
the killing, is being questioned.
After his arrest, Ninagawa called off
the 1 billion yen bounty.
While admitting the charges, he remains
silent about police involvement.
As for Kiyomaru, who was charged with
the death of Chika Ninagawa,
the police are investigating
his other crimes.
Thus ending the case...
the killer Kiyomaru remains alive.
Kiyomaru Sentenced to Death
Do you have any last words?
I'm searching my soul.
Since I'm getting the death penalty...
I wish I'd killed more people.