Warbirds (2008) Movie Script

Spring 1945. World War II.
Allies advancing Europe
trampling German war
machine in its unstoppable
progress towards Berlin.
But while fighting in Europe closer to the
end, the war continues in the Pacific.
American and Japanese
forces fighting in
the air, at sea and in the
countless small islands.
The battle lines are
constantly moving.
At one nameless
atoll, unexpected
the enemy is waiting for your
turn on the battlefield ...
3 months later ...
-That was well captain, -Can we
go back to the stomach now ?
We have to try this baby
before our guys get it.
If you say so.
Just remember, you
break it, you pay it.
The keeper has act again.
one of these days going to put one
of these planes into their parts
I'm just looking out f
or all of us as you know
shut up and grace
- okay I was thinking .
- That's not good.
No really I've been
giving it some thought
All I'm saying is this...
Switches the planes
where they are needed.
And sometimes, like now,
we fly the first plane.
Right? - Aha.
I think that if we are the first crew,
then we need to give him a name.
You want to give the
name of the plane?
Will only call the
plane by yourself.
Will the plane called the huts?
And why not? Is there
a better name?
Viki, Lena.
- Hold on
Roger that I wonder what he wants
to name the plane after her
Roger that
I'm sorry honey, the captain
says he will not be able to.
Prepare for landing.
Ready for landing Keeper
Roger that Nicki told on girls will all be
wearing grass skirts before you know it
Welcome to Hawaii, ladies.
Roger that
Captain ... - Say, Viki.
You must report to the command.
We should be ready to wait.
It will not be good news.
- Never.
Betsy, come with me.
girls if the brass
hats come by remember
just so that's what I'm
saying like to see
Of course, Captain.
Come in
Sir, Maxine Vest, Women Air
Force pilot, is reporting.
Miss West, this is Colonel Toler.
- Colonel.
Ms. Vest.
B29 was delivered
as ordered, sir.
Keep this document. You need
to take them and 10 th.
The 10-tu? Perhaps Colonel knows we're
flying from Wichita to Lombija.
With a rather nasty weather.
You'll fly again.
As soon as the plane is
supplemented by fuel
You and your team you'll
fly on a modified B29,
Colonel Toler, its
people and cargo,
the airport, and 10, where you
will receive further instructions.
Cargo, sir?
The burden and mission of Colonel
Toller are a military secret.
I understand, sir.
You will be under the
command of Colonel Toller.
Understand? - Yes, sir,
Moving for an hour, I
propose to inform the crew.
I understand, thank you sir.
What happens? - There is
nothing more than a holiday.
This is madness, kidnaps a pig.
I can not fly in the storm.
Viki, Toller say that we need to
bypass the storm, we are overweight.
I see.
Colonel, Captain says
we must change course.
Not. - But, Colonel ...
There will be no change
of course for nothing!
Tell that to Mrs. Vest.
Captain, the Colonel says there's
no change of course for nothing.
I see.
It's getting worse, Captain.
- Son of a ...
We have to change course.
Betsy, take control and
maintain a straight line.
I'm going to explain
to the colonel.
Tell him in my name, captain.
Viki, find a place to land
until the storm passes.
We get out of the storm.
Colonel, before
you say anything,
consider insistence on suicide.
We can rise above the storm.
I need to land.
If you still can. There
are no other options.
What was that, goddamn it?
There is a good chance to
land in occupied territory.
I can not let the enemy
grabs our cargo.
We have no choice, sir.
Captain, something flying past us.
Something great.
Looks like we have company. In this case it is better to
finish at the bottom of the ocean than in their hands.
Stay on course.
Murphy, get ready!
Did you feel it? Be
careful with that enemy.
Find me a place to land.
- Do you have orders, Miss!
You really would
shoot me, Colonel?
Lena! Lena, honey,
can you hear me?
Lena, wake up!
- Captain!
Wake up! - Captain!
She is gone Captain.
She's dead.
Max ... - Position for
emergency landing.
What happened there?
Are you all right?
Lena is dead. - What?
And now together. Pull!
Did you see what hit us?
I have no idea, but I
know it was not a plane.
That! - We made it!
We have not pulled out.
Running out of fuel.
Come on, we must
somewhere to land.
We're in the middle of nowhere, Max.
No dole nothing.
What attacked us
came from somewhere,
There must be some
place, the last hope.
One island!
Thank God. - Last hope ...
Remind me to sometimes
take to the track to bet.
We're going too fast for landing.
We'll have to make a circle.
Viki, tell everyone that
bind, We'll be landing.
Done. - I understand.
What happens? - Sit down, sir!
Please, Colonel. Trust
the captain about this.
We believe.
Damn, we lost and others.
Well, this is going to hurt.
Hold on!
Damn it, do not betray
me now, we will succeed!
I promised myself that I
would die happy in bed.
I do not intend to
break that promise.
Hold on!
This will be it through
the eye of a needle.
Help me to stop him!
I told you so! - Impressive.
Congratulations, you have
succeeded despite the poor odds.
We have avoided the pan. Let's see
if we have fallen into the fire.
I found this. Take it.
We'll watch each other.
- I understand.
Sergeant Li, Miss Smith!
Let me see your grenade.
Miss Smith ... - I'm huts.
Do you know how to use this?
I know. - Okay. If it
encounters a stranger,
I want to make the catch and
throw them on the plane, okay?
The explosion will destroy all around.
I'm counting on you.
You'll be fine.
I do not think there's someone.
Maybe just an animal.
I not wered.- Good. You will
need us to take us back.
Captain, have you seen
the side of the plane?
Yes. What you could
do it on the B29?
And if there are more?
Can it be fixed? - To correct?
Should not the first
to find what we do so?
It was not a Japanese plane.
Thank you, though I have
no experience, I realized.
Whatever it was, it does
not change our situation.
We need to get off. Is it
possible to sustainably?
I have no idea. Parts
of the problem.
No luck, Colonel.
Okay. First things first. Check
for enemies on the island.
You and your girlfriend stay here
and repair the damage to the plane.
You'll be safe here. - We
do not need security.
My girls have received the same
training as the male pilots.
They can take care
of themselves.
After what happened last
year, we must do something.
I think confusing
orders with options.
Just advise colonel on the
resources under his command.
Well, Miss Quigley will remain with Ms.
Smith to repair the damage.
Betsy, I've got to know
what it takes to take off.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Keep your weapon with you and
be close to the aircraft.
Watch the sky.
Before you ask, I'm staying
with you, Captain.
That's what I thought.
Stay close.
Spread out or stay in sight.
We will look for evidence of the
presence of the enemy on the island.
Fuel, medical supplies
and parts for airplanes.
Possible sources of water and food.
You do not have to say
how dangerous it is. If you see any
movement on the ground or in the air
do not think, shoot immediately.
Here we go.
This place is creepy. - Quiet.
What was that? - They call
him the wind, silent.
For God's sake!
Here someone.
How he got to the tree?
Colonel, this is a
Japanese uniform.
Well the answer to one question.
Proceed with caution!
This is bad, Marv.
- You worry too much
Radio is destroyed.
On a secret mission we have.
We will not call for help.
We landed in an empty enemy base. At least I hope
it was empty. Okay, maybe empty. Too scared.
I guess you're right. Cheer
up, on a tropical island
we with 4 beautiful women. When
the sun comes up tomorrow,
the sky will be blue
and me in paradise.
Just think about it. This
is no time for romance.
Who said anything about romance?
Son, enjoy life whenever
and wherever you can.
Life is too short.
Damn, and it's shorter.
Not good.
Maxi, calm down.
Will not be able to.
- Colonel, if you propose
Calm down, things are not
what they look like.
I found the runway with
a lot of empty Zero.
I understand. Murphy ...
Pull slowly and cover
us background.
Make sure that there are no
more of these friends there.
I see.
This is the captain. That any
evacuation would not be here.
A no planes would
not be left behind.
So, whatever happened here
was not the usual battle?
That's right.
Put the gun down and
let the girl, now!
What the hell was that?
Enough of this shit, give up
or I'll blow your head off!
Shoot the first one to move.
But sir ... - They did not
fire a single bullet ...
I think you do not
have ammunition.
Is not that right?
Capture them.
How is Murphy? - We have to stop
the bleeding and get to safety.
Who knows when it will
reappear miracle.
Go back to the plane.
Take a torch for protection. He
used it when we were attacked.
Li and I will find a comfortable
accommodation for our new friends.
Ms. Vest, go with them. And
please, no discussions.
I understand, but if
you need to call.
At ease, Murphy.
They make you problems?
- No, sir.
Occasionally something babble but I
think it is happy that they are full.
Do not underestimate them. They
succeeded where their comrades are not.
And a few months. They
must be capable of.
I see. Will we soon the island?
We are working on it.
I expect to find more tombs.
What miracle does not leave
anything for burial.
There's a time for everything. For
each question in heaven.
time to be born and a time to die.
Time to plant and a time
to harvest planted.
Time to demolish and a
time to build.
Time to weep and a time to laugh.
The time for mourning and
a time to dance.
Time to disease and
weather for loss
Time to stay and a time to go.
During the war and
times of peace.
Some flights soul.
Cables are broken,
damaged two engines
Some cables are damaged.
But the good news is that there
are parts of the island.
We can sustainably plane
and fly out of here.
When? - 4 to 5 days.
Unacceptable. - That's
the thing, Colonel.
And at the time they are not
included outgrown Canaries.
What was that, Captain?
I have no idea. Like
something out of King Kong.
And there are more. One is not
enough to destroy the base.
You heard those screams last night.
We need to get out of here.
Radio the plane is correct.
We can call for help.
Can not. The mission was a secret
environment full of enemies.
We can not risk it. - We
have no other choice.
Maybe there is something.
Japanese planes. - I
do not like it, Bets.
They have 20mm cannons for defense.
They're too vulnerable.
We blow up one of them.
Take off all unnecessary.
Leaving only a reservoir,
control and wings.
We could get to Australia
for assistance.
Ms. Vest is right. It would not
be raised from the ground.
The screaming stopped at dawn,
which means love at night.
Pokretenjem engine and takeoff
to attract their attention.
Claws those things are
almost growled B29.
Zero would cut up like paper.
How much ammunition
they have ZERO?
There are many, but there is no
ammunition for rifles and pistols.
Colonel, we need only
one stripped Zero.
You could pick it up in
the air ready to fight.
The rest of my crew
would fly to him.
This could be good.
If all goes well, they would
be here for 16 hours.
When I say that, I do not think
this is the best solution.
I'd rather wait to raise
B29 into the air.
The decision is yours.
Accepts offered.
Do what you can.
I'm glad you said that. I see.
Betsy, organize Zero and
let Viki help with fuel.
I see.
Colonel. Just a minute.
Yes, Miss West?
I've already lost a crew member
for something from the comics.
There are chances to
lose another one.
Do not you think we deserve knowing
why it is so important to your cargo?
I understand how you feel.
But let me once again
refer to the facts.
This mission is top secret.
Highest priority axes.
And what is the nature of my cargo is
concerned, is not none of your business.
I do not care for your
lack of cooperation.
But if you and your girlfriend try
to find out what is my mission ...
I will not hesitate to
kill you on the spot.
I see.
It will be a shame if this man stood
in front of the propeller in motion.
What do you think they are?
Honey, you're your comics
you destroy the brain.
Dinosaurs are extinct. - Do not.
Nobody's seen. There are more.
That's what they said about dragons, and
yet it is the type found on that island.
You mean the Komodo dragons?
They are not really dragons.
They look like they did.
What do you think, Captain?
- I have no idea.
I'm just glad that it looks
like the fire is dismissed.
Viki, what do you have?
- Just a moment, keeper
It is possible, but
there is a catch.
To ZERO reached their destination,
they must be stripped to the bone.
Even when we take weapons
and all unnecessary ...
a pilot may not weigh
more than 50kg.
Even if everything off?
That's right. - I'm
a heavy 62kg.
Would I have been
able to reach you?
I would not know. There
are no guarantees.
There must be some way.
- Yes, I am serious 50Kg.
Heavy 50Kg and I can fly.
No, you're not ready for this.
With all due respect, I did.
You're on a whole crew
of at least flown.
It is a long flight and
without those damn flying.
You're a brave girl, but I do not.
I will.
It is the best choice because of the
weight. You know that, Captain.
I said that I will not fly.
The thing is over.
Ms. Vest, Girl's
our best chance.
Is that an order, Colonel? - No,
of course, you know better.
Captain, huts need to
fly, and you be escorted.
Huts years to zero.
Betsy, Vicky and I
are flying escort.
You'd better fail or you'll
become flooded Mom butt.
You understand? - Yes madam.
Okay. We fly at dawn.
Thank you, Colonel. - Ms. Vest.
You'll make a hole in
the floor, Takase.
Something is bothering you?
This was not how he
imagined his end, Captain.
Do you feel that you
are approaching death?
You know it would kill us. If we
are to die, let us die in battle.
Too fast prigrljuje death.
Our execution is not certain.
With all due respect, sir,
how can you say that?
You know that the
Americans are relentless.
You need to learn patience.
As our captain.
He is waiting to see if our
enemy to destroy one another.
Patience, for the sheep. I will
die in battle for their country.
Do me a favor, Takashi.
Do not hurry to die.
The young soldiers are still
rushing to their deaths.
This is the tragedy of war.
Hello. - Hello.
I'm Vanesa. My friends
call me Huts.
Nick from home, so ...
- ice cream cones.
Their slogan was ... Huts,
handsome, cute, fun to eat.
Sorry, did not mean to ...
I am Li, John Li.
They call me a Li. - I know.
I was wondering...
Is everything all right? - Yes.
I have to watch them, but
I have it under control.
I bet it is.
I just wanted to ...
I do not know if you know,
tomorrow I'm going on a mission.
I never really ...
I just wanted to know what it
feels like to kiss you ...
before I go.
Huts ... - I gotta go.
Thank you.
I like you.
You too.
All right, ladies,
line up in formation.
Betsy and I protect hips,
Viki protects the background.
Done. - Understood.
Captain, is this time
really necessary?
Done. - I wish I had not.over
Captain, the bandits to 6 hours.
- Understood.
Viki, stay with huts, Betsy
and I are going to attack.
Only peaceful huts,
proguraemo you through this.
I understand, sir,
but come back soon.
Do you have a canary
in the tail, Betsy.
I see.
You are mine. He was
just busted girl.
Stay calm. Do not freaking.
When it could so. - What
does it say, sir?
See, stay calm and
keep the course.
Viki. - Do not worry.
You are mine!
I told you not to worry.
Fine, but do not wait
for more last minute.
Huts, Betsy and I are
going back in formation.
Aye, aye, Captain. Thank you.
Looks like we'll
make it, Captain.
No malerii, Betsy.
Captain, at 3 hours.
Damn, I told you, Bets.
We will not succeed, I order the
return to the airport immediately.
But, Captain. - Without
debate, huts.
Just 4 100 of them.
On landing, immediately.
Move your butt, ladies.
Here they are.
Captain, wait. I'm
going with you.
No, Betsy. Rinse huts to safety.
I'm coming for you.
I'm hit! - How bad is it?
They can not land. - Betsy?
Can, Captain. Be careful.
Bring huts house.
I'll wait for you. Done.
They will not be
able to, dammit.
Huts in 12 hours. Above you.
Nothing we could, Captain.
- Tell that to the huts!
Max ... - Enough Betsy.
It's an order!
But that is not right
and you know it.
She was still a child.
What are we going to do now? How
to get out of this nightmare?
You can not.
Do you know English? - Obvious.
Bring him here, Murphy.
I studied at Brown University in
the United States. Class 138th
I can not tell you
how impressed I am.
Identify slide, duck I'm Osun, an officer
of the Imperial Japanese Air Force.
And others know English?
- Unfortunately no. Just me.
You do not ... - That's
enough, Miss Quigley.
What the hell happened here?
Come on, you spoke to
did not want to share.
There is no harm if I tell you. Excavation
of the tunnel on this island ...
a group of my people discovered a cave
with eggs of these primeval dragons.
What we are more destroyed,
the more of them appeared.
We could not call for help because it
would not come as soon as possible.
We found behind enemy lines,
obsessed with monsters.
We tried several times
to escape, as you are.
But all attempts failed.
Destroy all you lift into the air.
- Wait a minute!
You knew that we would not
succeed, and you have not told us?
Would you believe us? Ms.
West, you are the enemy.
What you are is less, the better for us.
- Son of a bitch!
I'm sorry about the
death of a young girl.
Also sorry for the death of the
50 young people from my company.
This island is a nightmare,
as you said, your sergeant.
But I do not have an obligation to help.
You are still enemies.
Then you have no reason to
not execute immediately.
You will not do it. It's
not in your nature.
Try me. - We'd be dead,
that the colonel did not think
we would be beneficial.
Calm down, Miss West. We
might still be of use.
But I promise you that when the time
comes, you can pull the trigger, right?
Agree slide, duck I have a few
hundred questions for you, Captain.
You'll have to wait. The day was long.
I'm tired.
Can I go back to my people?
- Give it back there, Murphy.
All the rest. We
continue at dawn.
Murphy, you first stand guard.
- Yes, sir.
This change in 3h.
Keep the fire.
We do not want visitors tonight.
Go to sleep. Dismissed.
Captain? - Say, Takashi.
Should not we call that a plan?
- For what?
Getaway! - I have more important
things on his mind than escape.
Captain? - The colonel
is an unusual man.
Such a person always has a mission,
and I would like to know that.
But monsters? - We
survived monsters.
Our problems are coming to an end.
Think, Takashi.
The Americans brought
our means of escape.
When you fix it, swollen by
and leave them on this wall.
Only the three men against us,
and one of them was injured.
A wife? - They are not a threat.
Means of escape is our wish
that whenever you use it.
But before we go,
I want to know what led to the
colonel to our little home.
I will not be solved so easily.
- I almost did.
May I ask, why Colonel sneaking through
the jungle in the middle of the night?
I need to know how many
of those creatures.
Looking for their nests.
You said there was an attack on the other
side of the island. That's where I went.
I'm going with you. - It
is dangrous Miss Vest!
Do not be afraid, Colonel,
I will keep you back.
We must be close.
I'm sorry about the girl.
She had a name. Her
name was Vanessa.
Her friends cats.
- I'm sorry about huts.
The decision was difficult,
but I had to try it.
You need to move on.
- That's right.
What is it? - See for yourself.
There are hundreds of them.
Colonel ?!
Hold me!
We got company. - I
noticed, Colonel.
Time to go. - I understand.
Are you OK?
You will not be happy until
we all get hurt, right?
Is not it? I've already lost
two members of my crew.
Two good and devoted wife.
What am I saying?
Huts was still a child, and
we are almost joined her.
What are you doing that's worth all this?
- I can not say.
If you have not noticed, we are
in a very unusual situation
from which we may draw.
If you can not get out, you
will not complete his mission.
I understand that it is a big risk,
the price is great, amoda be higher,
All I can say is
that it is worth it.
You have my word.
Colonel, this is not enough to fight.
We need to know what we are fighting.
Sorry, but your
word is not enough.
That's all you'll get.
Let's get out of here. You
need to fix the bomber.
We can help to rectify
the plane refueled.
And why should we believe you?
Desperate people take
desperate action, Colonel.
We want to survive, just like you.
- Not.
They Canaries multiply.
There were only a dozen when
we were first attacked.
Listen to their shouts, they
must have been a hundred.
Every lost moment is critical.
My people are trained pilots
and mechanics, we can help.
I said no.
Colonel Toler,
stupidly stubborn.
Murphy, put it there.
It could be the difference
between life and death.
I do not know what
you're talking about.
You did not fight against them.
You can not trust them.
even to help us, not to take them with us?
- Yes.
Colonel, I know we're at war,
but we will not go to the wall
If we all cooperate, and transportation
of the plane is your mission.
They want to hijack a plane.
- I know, sir.
We just need to keep control of the
situation. - You took these people to us?
There are seats on the plane, if you
help us, have earned their places in it.
And I'd love to see them in prison.
- That's your opinion.
In the end, the decision is mine.
- I understand.
But my point is still valid. The sooner
we get off this rock, the better.
We could use them. - Well,
we will use them.
But if you cross the
border, I will kill them.
I do not promise them
off the island, right?
I Miss West, if something goes
awry, blood will be on your hands.
No, from my point of view.
Looking for something, Captain?
Just curious, Colonel. Sorry.
What are you looking for?
- We'll play this game?
Radim what would you
do in my situation.
I think I found something
interesting, if I tell you?
If you ever catch the plane, you will
not hesitate to blow your brains out.
Do you understand me, Captain?
- You made your point, Colonel.
Colonel, commands are corrected
and patches should hold.
Damage to the engine was repaired, but I
can not guarantee how long it will endure.
Takashi popped radio
from Zero, but we
they should be used for a
direct connection with ours.
The rest is up to the
middle of some controls.
We should be ready
by tomorrow night.
Do we have a problem.
There is not enough fuel
for the escort and bomber.
We will reach our destination.
There are some gas on the
other side of the island.
From Araguna. - We've seen it.
It is surrounded by
our flying friends.
Unfortunately, this is
our only alternative.
It seems that risk again.
There is a chance that
get there without
attracting their attention.
We truck to the edge of the beach.
- I'd like to help.
I'm sure you'd like,
but it is better
to leave you under
supervision to Murphy.
Murphy? - Yes Sir
Please escort the captain to
the POW barracks. Captain?
Would you go to g. Murphy? - Of
course, Colonel. Good luck.
We start in the morning
because you love the night.
Let's hope that by
then pospavati.
Let's all but Murphy and navigator
to guard the prisoners.
You know what we're dealing with,
be quiet and oprezni.- understand.
Back in the lion's den, Betsy.
Start! Go!
Go! I'll catch you!
It's an order!
Come on!
Turn it on! Move on!
Be careful where you shoot!
- Sorry!
Can a little help, Bets?
Colonel? - Go Li!
For God's sake!
Step on it!
Whatever happens,
just keep going!
This is for you, huts. The
sweetest kiss of my life.
They are to escape.
- That's right.
I'd like to think
that this Toler
you do to help us, not only
because of the mission.
Even so, it would
probably be denied.
Toler and Li died we went to the wall.
Let us not fail them.
Stay in the truck, Betsy.
The situation has changed.
This time we have
the ammunition.
Tell your wife to drop the
guns and get out of the truck.
Shoot, Captain! Shoot the dogs!
Do it now, or both die.
Stay there, Bets!
Where's the colonel and another soldier?
- They're dead.
It's over. Put the gun down,
and no one will harm you.
We are not barbarians.
We are not Americans.
Let her go, or I'll kill you.
Then you will all die.
Put the gun down.
I do not play games.
Too much is at stake.
More than you know, Miss West.
It is no longer just
a survival issue.
I give you one more chance to
surrender oruje.- Go to hell.
To try to avoid.
Now it's over! - Whether?
I know that is your mission.
- How?
I participated in the project FCO to
see if it has succeeded or failed.
I do not know what kind of bomb ...
- It not ever say that.
Extermination. Genocide, killing my people.
You must stop ...
That's it, Captain!
Knock it off!
I'd rather die like a soldier,
but from your device.
I said, stand down!
On behalf of the spirits
of the dead
and the legacy of Rioja, I promise,
will lead the charge!
It was still dangerous.
- He was dying!
I died like a soldier. - You
killed him in cold blood.
Did not you intend to few
days ago, Miss West?
Sorry, I should have let
you pulling the trigger,
Tell me, what is your mission.
What's in the area
bomb, or you'll never
get off this island!
Ms Seized your team!
You do not have such powers.
You're a civilian.
And you do not go
out without us.
What's in the area for bombs?
- Bomba, Miss West.
Do not play with me. This is
not just an ordinary bomb.
This is the atomic bomb. The most
powerful weapon in the world.
Take it to a city the size of New
York and turn it into ashes.
We'll throw it to Japan
and end this war.
And if he fails, we'll
throw some more.
The real is it? - Yes.
I was on the plane.
So this is meant by "genocide".
You will kill thousands!
- Hundreds of thousands!
We'll save countless
American lives.
Maks! - Let her go.
All these people ...
and the island full of monsters.
Time to go.
Everything is ready?
Are you sure you
want to at night?
These creatures are propagated around
the clock. It is no longer important.
We're ready to go, Captain.
- You do not need this.
Can everyone in the bomber.
Betsy and I, accompanied by the best
guarantee that we will bomb go from here.
After all, it is our mission.
We will be safer than in the ZERO B29.
He would have given us a better shelter.
This is our best chance,
and I want to leave here.
You will get to the base 10, and the
Zero, Betsi.- not birini these for us.
As long as we stick close to
you and mark our position ...
we will succeed.
- It's too big a risk.
It seems that many
reksiramo lately.
Remember what happened to the huts?
Last chance to fly with me.
I can not, Captain. In
addition, I saw how you fly.
It was an honor to serve with you.
- The honor was mine.
Call me madam again and
I'll rip your head off.
Happy landings, girls.
Ms. Vest. - Colonel?
They are good soldiers. We
should be proud of them.
Every minute of every day, sir.
Come on, Colonel.
Waiting for us the sky.
Let's go girls. Stay close.
- I understand.
Are you at the point, Colonel?
- I confirm.
They come at 6 o'clock. There
must be thousands of them.
Stay calm, Betsy, and follow me.
We'll take their numbers.
We're coming, Captain.
- Stay in formation, Betsy!
Colonel, you have the honor.
- With pleasure, Miss Vest!
This was good.
I still come. Let's get started.
- Permission granted. Give 'em hell, girl.
We have company in 3 hours, above.
- I understand, Colonel.
Not! Damn! - What happens?
The fourth engine was again
on fire, Colonel. Not good.
Viki, these things are faster
than lightning. Are you OK?
Yes. Damn.
New tactics. I'll be the
bait, you follow me?
Admittedly, I follow you!
I just hope that you're as
good as you think I am jesi.-.
Do not get too close!
Somehow suddenly too quiet.
- I beg your pardon?
Do not scratch it, baby.
- I understand.
Just a walk in the park. Are
you going again? - Can.
How are you doing, girls?
We stick to, boss. But just barely.
- Take care.
Betsy, change places!
Viki! - Viki? Betsy,
what's happening?
Were seized Viki and I were on the tail!
- I am coming. Hold on!
You can not, Vest.
- We'll be back!
We have to continue, a bomb in the
first place. Nothing else matters.
We'll be back! - Continue mission!
It's an order!
I can not hear you, Colonel! Too
much interference on the line!
Betsy, what's happening?
Vest, turn around now!
- I will not leave!
She's done. Nothing can.
- Not. He'll pull through.
He's a good pilot. I will not leave you
alone on that island. We'll be back.
Vest, what happened?
Something hit us, check.
- I'm on it!
Ms. Vest! - Colonel,
what hit us?
Bomb was dropped.
Climb up as fast as you can!
Colonel, are you all right?
God, what have we done?
- Sign me up, Captain.
Betsy? Betsy! How did
you get out from there?
I pulled out of kovita and asked for you.
Looks like we missed in the clouds.
Probably so.
I think I would avoid the
explosion I was not far away.
It was an ugly firecracker.
Captain, I've never seen
anything like it. Never.
It looked like the end of the world.
- I know.
Is there damage to the plane, Betsy?
Are you OK?
I'm a little banged
up, but I'll be fine.
There is no way to land.
I'm gonna have to jump.
Stay with me as much as you can.
I'll mark your position and I
will send someone to pick you up.
I see.
Max ... - Yeah, Bets?
I thought, when we
return to Tinigan ...
to call the plane after
the huts, as she wanted.
We have to force them to do so. Right?
- Okay.
I'll leave them to paint it.
- Agreed.
Thank you, Max.
It's all right, Betsy.
Just hold on and stay close.
Go home.