Warfighter (2018) Movie Script

[man] When you're out there,
you're not really thinking
about back home.
You wanna get home,
but you can't think about that
when you're in the field.
You gotta fight
for your brothers on your right
and your left so that's...
I mean, we had a job to do,
so just do our job.
[man 2] No matter what happens,
the guy on my left and right is
gonna be there no matter what.
[reporter] The White House
and western allies
struggle to contain ISIS.
[reporter 2] They include
taking over more territory,
requiring all Muslims
to swear allegiance to the group
and to continue waging
a chilling propaganda war.
[reporter 3] The terrorist
group has made their presence
known in the country,
carrying out
several gruesome beheadings...
[reporter 4] Analysts say
it's a simple equation.
The more videos
are produced in English,
the more threats
are directed at America.
[indistinct chatter]
[Little Mann] Wolfman, things
are getting hairy out here.
If you don't have it,
we need to scram. Over.
I'll get it.
Little Mann,
have you entered the building?
[indistinct chatter]
Little Mann,
are you in the hallway? Over?
Wolf, ETA.
Little Mann,
are you in the hallway, over?
Target eliminated.
- [moans]
- [glass shatters]
Baby girl.
Baby girl.
Baby girl.
Baby girl.
[tense music]
[acoustic music playing]
"...said the Good Witch
of the North.
So Dorothy closed her eyes
and tapped the heels together
of her ruby red slippers
three times.
'There is no place like home,
there is no place like home,
there is no place like home.'
And with a twist of her wand,
Dorothy was back home safe
in her bed
with all her stuffed animals."
That's not what it says.
It's time for bed, Goose.
Will you read
Edgar Allen Poe tomorrow?
Only if your mommy
says it's okay.
She's gonna say no.
"Well, touch luck,"
said the woodchuck.
I don't say that to you
every time Mommy tells you no.
Mommy does say no a lot,
doesn't she?
Can I have
a cool nickname like you?
What are you talking about?
You got lots of cool nicknames.
You got some
of the coolest nicknames
in the entire world.
Angel Blue Eyes.
Total lame-o.
I want something more like...
the most awesomest superhero
in the village.
[whispering] Wolfgirl.
[chuckles] You are so silly.
Mommy says she misses
your handsome face.
Mommy says that?
Can I ask you
a personal question?
What's a dirty Mexican?
Where did you hear that?
- Who?
- Kingston.
What did Kingston say?
That I was a dirty Mexican.
Well, your mom is a Mexican.
Oh, we got some dirt
on your cheek there.
So, yep. You're a dirty Mexican.
But now you're a clean Mexican.
- I love you daddy.
- I love you, too.
I don't ever want you to go away
and never come back home
to me and mommy.
I won't.
This is a magic dragon.
It will keep you safe.
- All right?
- Thank you, Daddy.
[air kisses]
All right, Speedy Gonzales.
[faucet running]
I brush my teeth
for a second time
to keep myself
from falling asleep.
- I'm brushing.
- Uh-huh.
Is there any word on if you're
heading out this week?
I don't know.
[faucet running]
Hey, you know
what Olivia asked me?
- Hm?
- What is a dirty Mexican.
Can't we wait to have
this conversation until after?
I think I have some
unfinished business with you.
- Hm.
- Uh-huh.
That's affirmative, Lieutenant.
I like that.
Did you close Olivia's door?
[laughing] No.
Can't we just keep it open?
All right.
- All right, I'll be right back.
- Go.
- Yeah, one second.
- Mm.
[tense music playing]
- [thud]
- [cries]
Put your tongue outside so I can
check you out a little bit.
[Wolfman] Starship,
this is Wolfman.
I am in position.
I have located the package
and got eyes
on all landmarks down range.
This is Starship.
Copy that, Wolfman.
What is your season?
I have four seasons.
One is our Alpha.
Package is being moved.
I am ready for first contact.
Stand by.
Red's are almost in position.
How about two Mikes out.
Keep your booger finger
on that hook.
Wait till go.
[tense music playing]
[radio beeps]
Scorpion, you got five Gremlins
coming up on your six.
Let's keep this quiet.
Stand by.
Red's one and two have landed.
Ready to pop that cherry.
Starship, bogies four
and five are eliminated.
Scorpion, your nine o'clock.
Starship, they have body cams.
[pants] We are compromised.
Scorpion, get the fuck back.
Starship, we are compromised.
I repeat, we are compromised.
Buckeye, this is Starship.
Copy that?
Wolfman, pull out. Everyone,
fall back to rendezvous.
Starship, come in.
Heat Wave calling for extraction
and immediate air support.
[bird shrieks]
Starship, we need
an immediate evacuation.
Come on!
Wolfman is going for package.
- [moans]
- [moans]
Ryan, I'm
with the United States Navy.
I'm here to take you back
to your mommy and daddy.
- [gunshot]
- [moans]
[muffled sounds]
Go, go.
Hey. Hey, Rusty.
- I need to...
- Baby, baby, baby, wake up.
- Back. Run!
- Listen to me, okay?
you're just having a dream.
All right? Listen to my voice.
It's me. It's your wife.
Baby. Lieutenant!
At ease, sailor!
Where are we?
You're at home now.
With me.
I know who you are.
You were just
having a nightmare, baby.
Where were you?
In the jungle.
And who were your teammates?
Lucas is fine.
Who else was there?
Starship and Buckeye
are not real.
Who else was in your dream?
[Wolfman] Skid Row.
They're not real. None of them.
I know them so well.
[Vanessa] Only in your head.
Rusty, you're just
having some war trauma.
The white snake.
White snake?
So, you were in Nicaragua.
[sighs] Yeah.
Yeah, Nicaragua.
We were all there.
We died.
No. Your mission was successful.
[Vanessa] Baby, baby, I need you
to breathe, okay?
Listen to me. You all made it.
Lieutenant Pope...
and Little Mann,
Casper, Sunny.
Lucas called you yesterday.
I mean, baby,
look at your phone.
Is Daddy okay?
Yes, sweetie.
Daddy was just
having a nightmare, okay?
Go back to bed.
I'll be there in a second.
I love you, Daddy.
Check your messages.
[Scorpion] Wolfy!
Hey, Rust, sorry I forgot
to call you yesterday.
Me and baby girl
took the boat out sailing
and we just ended up
hanging out at sea
and I couldn't get back
with you.
No cell service, dude.
But if you're free later today,
hey, let's grab a quick beer,
or we'll roll
together at the twins' party.
Love to Vanessa
and Little Blue Eyes, man.
Slayers out!
[Vanessa] See?
I need to call him.
[dialing tone]
[Scorpion] Rust?
[Scorpion] Rusty!
- Hey, man, how are you doing?
- [Scorpion] Dude...
I'm doing all right, man.
I'm sleeping.
How are you doing, bro?
I'm doing pretty good.
I just wanted to know
if you're going
to the twins' party tomorrow.
[Scorpion] Yeah, man.
We'll definitely be there.
- Cool, man.
- [Scorpion] Hey.
You doing okay?
Yeah, yeah. I just
wanted to check in on you, bud.
[Scorpion] Got you.
All right. All right.
Is Vanessa with you?
[Scorpion] Hey, you got me
on speakerphone?
- [Scorpion] Hey, Vanessa.
- [Vanessa] Hey, Lucas.
[Scorpion] Hey, take care of
that old dog for us, all right?
Copy that.
See you tomorrow, Lucas.
[Scorpion] You got it.
Hey, man. Bye, daddio.
See you, Lucas.
Talk to you later, man.
[Scorpion] You got it, bro.
[Scorpion] Bye.
You all made it.
What about the little girl
with the blonde hair?
I don't know who she is.
[whispering] Baby.
Come here.
- I'm sorry.
- No, baby. Don't be sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
Baby, why don't you go
get some fresh air, okay?
I'm gonna put Olivia to bed.
[crickets chirping]
[light switch clicks]
I hate you.
Hey, kiddo.
We got Pandy, huh?
- [Olivia] Yeah.
- How's Pandy doing?
He's doing good.
Yeah? How are you doing, Pandy?
"Oh, you know,
I just like to get tickled."
- Do it. Tickle him.
- Tickle Pandy?
[both laugh]
Here you go. Tickle Pandy.
I'll fix it.
I don't think it's broken.
It's down, huh?
How bad?
A level 10.
Monster in it?
What color?
I'm sorry.
You know what I do when I have a
nightmare with a monster in it?
Hey, I told you
just a quick kiss and a hug.
Get your butt back in bed.
I'll see you, girl. I love you.
I love you more.
Hey, get some rest, right?
Bye, Mom.
[Olivia and Vanessa
speaking in the background]
- You okay?
- Yeah.
[whispering] Let's go to bed.
I'll be there in a minute.
[door creaks]
Daddy, will you please
say something for little Hammy?
Uh, yeah, okay. Um...
Dear Lord,
thank you for giving us Hammy.
It was quite a champion.
Uh, lived a good life.
Bless your soul, Hammy.
Thank you. Amen.
It's okay, Daddy. You can cry.
Hm. Yeah.
Sometimes adults cry.
Is Heaven different
for everyone?
Yeah, I think so.
What about our souls?
Do all souls go to Heaven?
I believe so.
Do you think sometimes souls get
lost between here and Heaven?
I think sometimes
souls stay behind
to watch over us
and make sure that we're okay.
You're talking
about little Hammy?
[car horn honks]
Olivia, I need you
to get in the car
right now, young lady.
Rusty, you didn't fix the light.
Is Daddy in trouble?
He was with me and Hammy.
He's going to be if you guys
don't get your butts
in this car right now.
Thank you, young lady.
James Rusty Wittenburg.
The light.
You have
until the count of three.
[engine starts]
[car door closes]
I'm calling Eric.
Excuse me.
Oh, come on.
He's a professional electrician.
He's a professional
electrician that wants to...
Yeah, Eric is an electrician
that wants
to take Daddy's place.
- High school sweetheart.
- Stop.
He would love
to be back in the picture.
That's ridiculous.
Just give me one more week
and I'll fix it,
honest to God.
It's become
a personal thing for me.
- One week.
- [Wolfman] Hm.
- One.
- One week.
I'm giving you
until next Saturday,
but if I see that light flicker
one more time,
I don't care,
it doesn't have to be Eric
but we need to hire
a professional electrician
who knows how to handle
fixing a short.
I can fix a short.
One week.
There's something wacky
with the wiring.
I can do it.
There's the wolf pack.
Hi, Casper.
Hey there, little buddy.
- Hi.
- Where you been?
At the grade,
working on science project.
Well, I'm just here
to drop off presents.
Becky's BFF's getting married,
and she's a bridesmaid.
I have no choice in the matter,
so I'll be leading her on
from the sidelines.
Well, you're a sweetheart.
This one probably
would have left me hanging.
Hey. We are up a home.
Hey, Little Slugger.
Hi, Uncle Little Mann.
Bye, Uncle Little Mann.
[Vanessa chuckles]
I wonder which one of you
she takes after.
Here, hold him. He's sleeping.
What a face.
He's 15 pounds already.
You ain't kidding.
- They grow like a weed.
- Shh!
Unfortunately, we're not gonna
be able to stay long.
I'm sorry.
Young wife's the boss.
Hi baby, come here.
I promised
I'd work in the kitchen.
[whispering] I think
she likes me.
[whispering] I think she does.
Oh, my mother. I'm so sorry.
Ah, Vanessa,
you look like a Spanish rose
in bloom in Texas and...
[gasps] A baby!
It's a baby.
Oh, come on.
We gotta show everyone.
Oh, look at you.
- And you're wearing heels, too.
- I know, she's amazing, huh?
How skinny you are already.
Oh, my God. That is unfair.
[laughter in video]
- [both] Hi, Uncle Rusty.
- Hi, girls.
Say cheese
to our new spy cam recorder.
Uh, happy birthday, Ash.
Happy birthday, Renee.
Our dad got it for us.
Right on.
Say something cool.
How's the party?
[both] That's lame.
[Renee] Show him.
No. Did you know this thing
has, like, a million pixels
and has a panoramic view?
Right on.
All right, we'll show you,
but you've gotta promise
you don't tell our dad.
Scout's honor.
She filmed it.
[moaning on video]
I'm gonna sell it
for distribution on line.
- It's Rooster.
- [moans]
- Hey, you know what...
- [both] You promised!
Wolf, wolf, wolf.
[laughs] Wolfman.
Slash. Look's good.
- Hey, daddio.
- What's up, Jeff?
Hey, can I talk to you
real quick?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
What's up?
You solid from last night?
Bad moment.
How did I get it this time?
Head or chest?
You've been having
a lot of those lately.
Remember that time
back in high school,
that Jeffrey Hayden incident?
Yeah, you're going way back.
That boy. Pick-up game.
Two-hand touch football.
He cheap shot at me,
and you walked over,
you picked him up,
you slammed him on that fence
and broke his arm.
I did that?
Yeah, you did.
You had my back.
You were gonna get suspended,
but who took the blame?
You took the blame.
Who's got your back?
You've got my back.
Nothing has changed.
I had your back then.
I've got your back now.
I think you need
to see a professional.
I'll make the call next week.
You're my best friend, Rusty.
One is none, two is one.
Now go give LT some love
before he overcooks
my steak for hogging you.
Be right back.
[rock music playing]
- You're such a flirt.
- Thank you.
I'm not making it well done.
It is not American.
Yeah, but I'm not gonna have
stuff running around the plate
over there for people either.
It's gonna taste like Cherokee.
It's going to be all...
We're almost done with the food.
Medium for you
and rare for Vanessa?
[whispering] Medium for Vanessa.
Okay. And I know Olivia is
going through that picky state,
so I got her some macaroni.
Well, that sounds about right.
I'm so glad you are here.
Now, if you need anything,
you just holler.
Momma! What?
Girl's got
entirely too much energy.
- How are you doing, bud?
- I'm doing okay, man.
- Olivia is looking like her mom.
- Yeah.
And the twins
are taking after their dad.
Yeah, they're growing up
way too fast, brother.
[sighs] Darla wants another set.
Hey, you know that
little recorder you got them?
She's pregnant.
- Darla?
- Of course Darla.
Who the hell do you think
I'm talking about?
[sighs] And she's hoping
for another set.
Well, that'll keep you young.
Yeah, I sure hope so.
- Anyone else know?
- No. Just you.
We're gonna wait
till after the first trimester.
After what happened last time...
it didn't go over too well.
Yeah, I get you, man.
Well, uh...
Here's to another set.
Go in there. Get some snacks.
Steak's almost ready.
- Cool.
- Be right in.
Got it.
- It was exactly like that.
- No, I don't think so.
Yes. Yes, it was.
Believe me, I know.
It was right
before we hit Costa Rica,
and your dad
may have been toast and rosy,
but that night after the brawl,
that's when he said it,
and pardon my French,
but the toughest son of a bitch
there ever was,
even tougher than Top Dog.
But he certainly said it.
[rock music playing]
Hm. You guys keep
staring at us, huh?
We got him.
Looks like your boy
needs a bailout.
My boy could handle himself.
Wise man.
[sighs] I'm getting another.
You want one, young lady?
Dad, you've had enough, okay?
- Um, I would love one.
- Got it.
Your dad's a gentleman.
I need you to stop that.
It's my property, dick weed.
I apologize.
I'm married, as you can see.
That thing don't mean shit.
What the fuck are you doing
in a place like this?
It does to me.
To us it don't.
You know, I...
Now you've done it.
Do you know who I am?
No, I've never seen you
in my life.
I'm fucking Deacon.
No, never heard of you.
[all laugh]
Funny. This is my pack.
No trouble. We're leaving.
- [moans]
- [glass bottle shatters]
Hey, pull out for a second.
[bottles clink]
This is my boy.
Hey, look at me
when I'm talking to you.
He's a grade-A son of a bitch.
Done three tours
for this country.
That's the United States
of America,
in case you shit-for-brains
don't realize it.
We're all on the same side.
And this is his brother.
Same goes for this man.
Blood runs thick in our family.
And if you boys feel
like two-stepping,
then, God, I hope you do.
Let's not waste any more time.
We'll rest in peace
when we are dead.
It's three against ten.
Anyone takes another step,
I'll pop this bone out
and I'll feed it to him.
- [coughs]
- Get back. Get the fuck back.
- Dad? Dad.
- [thuds]
- Dad.
- Let go off Hank.
Hank? Your name's Hank?
You look more
like a princess to me.
- All right...
- Hey, hey, hey.
We're cool. We're cool.
Let him go.
Hey, wait. That's my boy.
- Wow, wow, wow.
- Dad, you're drunk.
- Get him out of here pronto.
- Good idea.
Let's go get drunk.
I thought you guys
were done for today.
Man. Stop.
Come here.
I love you.
I love you too, Dad.
I really do.
[both laugh]
- Dad, Dad, Dad.
- Mr. Wittenburg.
Oh, my God! No way.
Yes way.
Mr. Wittenburg ran right up
to that first
Harley Sportster 883,
stroke or no stroke,
before we could do anything,
the tip of his boot
was pushing off.
But he told you that night,
"I love you."
My God, that is a lovely story.
Your dad was bad ass Wolf.
Stroke and all.
Here's to Mr. Wittenburg.
[all] Mr. Wittenburg.
To you, Dad.
[cell phones]
[sad song playing]
Yeehaa! Boys, it's on.
What the fuck?
Well, I guess...
I guess I better cut this out
so you boys
can have it real quick.
Okay, I'll get her home.
I'll get everything ready.
I want a word with Rusty.
- Hey, kiddo.
- Hi.
How are you doing?
- Wow.
- She got big.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I don't care about all
that mumbo jumbo out there.
We'll get him back.
Make sure he gets home, please.
We're all coming home, okay?
- Okay, thanks.
- You're welcome.
I'll call you tonight and you
can stay whenever you need.
- Hey, hey.
- [sighs]
You okay?
I just need to think
or something.
You all right?
Where are you going?
I don't know, honestly.
It could be something
as simple as Syria.
As many times
as I've been through this,
I never get used to it.
I'm scared.
I know.
Oh, don't give me
that fake smile.
All right. Get over here.
Listen to me.
I am not leaving you.
I'll go do my nine-to-five,
get in the train,
come home to you guys,
come home to the family,
to the new family.
Hey, I love you.
[sobbing] I love you, too.
Do you have to blend in?
You wanted that?
I don't know.
I don't wanna talk about it.
I don't.
[car door closes]
Mommy is sad because you have
to go to work again, huh?
Hey, go give mommy a big hug
and tickle her for me, okay?
Never mind.
[car door opens and closes]
I need you to take care
of mommy when I'm gone, okay?
I'll only be gone a couple days.
You're forgetting something.
There you go.
Now your promise is sealed.
I love you, Daddy.
Now you go
take care of Mommy, okay?
- I love you, Daddy.
- I love you, too.
Wait, Rus.
[Vanessa cries]
I love you.
Hey, I'm coming back.
I'm not gonna miss this.
But what if something happens
that you can't control?
I'm coming back,
and that's all I know.
- [sobs]
- All right?
All right?
Hey, you trust me?
You trust me?
I fucking love you.
[air missile whistles]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Sunny] She's leaving me, Wolf.
She's really fucking leaving.
She tells me
I've been gone too long.
What kind of excuse is that?
I know I've been gone too long.
We need to drag it up.
Let her the fuck go right now.
let her go.
Clear this.
Clear this.
Are we good?
Are we good?
That's Sunny.
[radio] All units,
this is Seven November Golf.
While you're down...
What's the verdict, Pope?
Surprise us and tell us
we're going after someone
other than sand niggers?
I love it
when you talk dirty to me.
Gather around
and shut the fuck up.
They're gonna fill you in more,
but basically,
four of our Delta Operatives
went dark
after they crossed
into Iranian territory,
and that's all I know.
Search and Rescue?
That's all I know.
- [knocking on the door]
- [door opens]
Your objective
is special reconnaissance.
Counter terrorist operation.
This mission will be
code named Gold Quilt.
Major Boggs.
Fifty-eight hours ago,
a four-man Delta unit
was dropped off
in the Farah province
on a Recon
and Surveillance mission
that would maneuver
across Iranian border.
We have intel
that several high value targets
from multiple terrorist factions
are collaborating and supporting
a rapidly growing ISIS
element new to the area.
We believe that they are
utilizing this location in Iran
to develop biochemical weapons.
Not gonna lie, guys,
comms have been giving us
a fucking headache.
Six hours into the op,
we lost all contact.
It's imperative that we get eyes
on the ground
down there immediately.
Sunny, you're the best we have.
Be prepared.
Recent intel tells us
the Iranians are conducting
solid MIJI operations against
our communications hardware.
Copy that.
IC knows the MIJI component
and they're working
quick to counter.
A satellite imagery shows
the mine
to be abandoned during daylight.
However, there has been vehicle
drop-offs and runs at night.
Activities has picked up,
which is of grave concern.
SIGNET also suggests there
is an underground facility.
We need to know every single
thing about this location.
Entry points,
non-roads, wind direction.
You'll be working
under extremely diverse terrain.
Weather pattern
has been unpredictable.
Speak up.
What about QRF?
Is that even possible?
[Senior] It is.
You'll be dropped over here
at an Afghani territory.
This is as far
as air support can go.
United States
has no air jurisdiction.
So when you pass over
the Iranian border,
you are on your own.
Again, we may not have comms.
Sync your count down.
Don't miss your window.
Senior, do we have any type
of overhead or pattern analysis
by night on vehicles
or personnel?
Nothing substantial.
Armed guards been on rotation.
How many? Can't tell.
They're all hooded,
they look the same.
We do not have
high level surveillance
due to no-fly zone.
That's one detail
we need to find out.
There are red flags popping up
all over the place on this one.
We were lucky
to discover it when we did.
Do not mistake
it's vacant appearance.
We believe it may be a hive.
So nothing
on the Delta Operators?
I'm afraid not.
Your objective
is detailed reconnaissance.
Don't be compromised.
We need you to snoop and poop.
[Boggs] Rusty.
So why not
just send the two of us?
No can do.
As you can see,
too much ground to cover.
We need you to split up.
We need you in and out,
twelve hours.
We're going to set you up
with a Wi-Fi system.
Your intel
will come back encrypted.
Team Leader
will designate as needed
and conduct
a full CONOP prior to insert.
You'll need
to fill multiple roles.
Anything else?
You leave in 45.
kick ass.
Get us what we need.
fair wind.
Have a good mission men.
How's your new addition?
He's amazing.
Thanks for asking, Janet.
Cheer up.
It's kind of messed up
we wouldn't
be addressing the Delta team.
Not gonna lie,
I thought the same thing.
No air assets?
Senior Chief has got upper crust
shitting down his neck,
that means he's
gonna shit down us.
This is not
a Search and Rescue mission.
CBRNE takes priority.
The mission takes priority
over everything.
So quit your bitching.
All right.
Gold Quilt.
Okay, Phase One insert
is Burt, 2300.
Now, Scorpion, congrats,
you're assistant team lead
and point in this.
Don't forget your bible.
I won't, sir.
Now I'm a second and meds.
Since we don't have
any breeches in this,
Casper and Rooster,
you're gonna take the rear.
Now, we're gonna move west
along this tree line here
till we get to the rally point.
That's Phase Two, Kermit.
And, Sunny, you're designated
RTO in this 'cause you're...
You're the best we got.
That's what Darla said.
Sunny side up.
Seriously, you heard them.
is giving comms a headache.
So when you get there,
get all the comms tethered.
Make sure all of our radios,
including our whispers,
are synced and encrypted
in the latest freqs.
We're already FUBAR
with this no-fly zone shit.
Naked as a fuck.
- Good?
- Good.
Now, Casper and Scorpion,
you're gonna remain back here
with Sunny.
Sit tight and stay alert.
Now, Little Mann and Rooster,
you guys are blue overwatch.
You're gonna come up here
and nest in right over here.
God, I love you, sir.
Okay, now, Wolf and I
are gonna be green,
heading northeast here.
We're going to nest
in right about there.
We're gonna be
in these positions for a while,
so get me everything.
Detail, detail, detail.
Don't be lazy.
They gave us this one
for a reason. Make us look good.
Exfil will be 0930.
This will be Phase Four,
Cookie Monster.
Now relay back to rally point
and then we're gonna head
for home base.
Phase five, Ernie, 1100,
which is also
our drop dead time.
Now if you guys miss that one,
you might as well get
a green card,
'cause you're gonna
be staying a fucking while.
You're the most loyal, toughest
sons of bitches I ever met.
It is an honor to roll with you.
All right, Slayers,
we'll be moving quickly.
Get your Desert Dragon skins on,
cowboy up and lets jam.
You've got 20 Mike,
and we're off to the land
of the Great Pashtun.
Let's do it. Move out.
Here we go.
Let's do this, guys.
[heroic music playing]
[radio] Team Leader,
you are about five Mikes out.
Sun rises in six hours.
We got a good mile
and a half height ahead of us,
so we have to high tail it.
Second boots are down,
secure the parameter.
We're gonna stay as single unit,
so we're about two
and a half miles out at Kermit.
Drop Dead is at eleven
hundred so don't be late.
Let's go home
in one piece, Slayers.
This is Rally Kermit.
Sunny, hook up comms.
Stay dark.
Do not break radio silence
until you hit your POS.
At 0930, start
getting your asses back here,
we'll make our way
to extraction point.
Sunny, you good with comms?
- I'm on it.
- Good.
If you are compromised,
pass Taylor Swift.
Stay frosty.
[radio beeps]
[radio beeps]
I don't see one
single goat fucker out there.
Nothing but sand and dust.
[tense music playing]
I'm dead.
[girl laughs]
[girl laughs]
[girl laughs]
Yikes! You got hairy!
Hi, Gusty, Rusty, Shmusty.
[girl's voice echoes]
As long as you're
within my reach,
I can protect you from them.
I'm afraid
that won't do much good here.
Told you.
I got you these the other day.
Do I know you?
They don't like strangers.
I've tried to tell them
about you,
but they don't seem to care.
Who's they?
The wickeds and the scurries.
Who's the...
Little girl?
Little girl!
[bird sings]
What's a blue jay
doing out here?
Well, as long as he keeps
singing, we'll be all right.
You know, she's never seen
the Northern Lights.
It's time to take her, then.
She's always wanted to do that.
[radio beeps]
Twenty Mikes.
Copy that. Twenty.
I was thinking
about your Pavarotti bird story.
"Have you heard this all
in the mocking bird?"
- Yeah, that's the one.
- Is it?
Little mocking bird
sat in my window sill.
I was about ten years old.
Every day
it'd start singing at dawn,
wake my ass up.
And then
just this incredible data pool,
I mean, they remember
everything that they hear
day after day until they die.
I mean, everything.
Car horns, buses,
melodies from other birds.
And I shit you not,
if this thing heard
a piano concerto,
he could spit it back at you
note by note perfectly.
I mean, they mimic anything
and everything.
So it would
wake me up every day.
And what I'd do,
I'd count his different noises,
like counting sheep, you know,
so I'd fall back asleep.
This one day,
I swear to God, he did over
a hundred different noises.
It was amazing.
A fucking Pavarotti bird.
I fell back asleep.
About a week later, uh...
It woke me up.
I counted, fell asleep.
Next thing you know,
sound of a. 22 wakes me up.
Neighbor fucking shot him.
You know what the moral
of the story is?
Always go out doing
something that you love.
- Pavarotti bird.
- Pavarotti bird.
[radio static]
Castle reaching
departure time, over.
[radio static]
Castle reaching
departure time, over.
[radio static]
We definitely
got some interference.
We're being jammed.
Just how I like it.
Gotta trust, Sunny.
Not in the sunshine yet.
Well, this will keep
the clouds away.
Almost game time.
Breakfast of champions.
Better save some
of that for the ride home.
[radio beeps]
That's a wrap, Wolf.
Let's go home.
I like the sound of that.
Kermit, Green, over.
[radio static]
[Pope] Cookie Monster,
Green copy.
- Easy breezy.
- Nice and cheesy.
Oh, shit.
What you got?
Seven hostiles, two hostages.
Execution squad.
Just what I wanted.
Are those our boys?
Oh, standby.
Hostiles are armed
with AK-47's and secondaries.
They got a tripod and recorder.
Two machetes.
Waiting for confirmation.
Gotta give us something.
Come on, baby.
Looks like they came out
of that rock formation.
Right there.
We're running out of time.
Lieutenant Blake Chapman, what
have you gotten yourself into?
Something's off.
They'd be expecting a rescue.
Using us as bait.
Might already know we're here.
I'm thinking
the exact same thing.
We touch anything down there
and we're compromised.
It's a perfect trap.
We got what we came for.
- We're running out of time.
- No.
No. How do we justify that, huh?
These are somebody's kids.
We're frogmen, sir.
Good Wolf.
Taylor Swift. I say again,
Taylor Swift, Slayers.
Change of plans.
[breaking up]
We are on the fly.
Green has a PID
on one of our Delta Operators.
We are on a rescue.
Blue hold tight at Oscar.
Scorpion, Casper,
I need you for back up at pivot.
Sam, hell!
Fucking A!
Roger that.
Let's move.
Courtesy-Six. This is Avalanche.
Taylor Swift.
I repeat, Taylor Swift.
We have PID
on one of our Delta operators.
We are shifting to rescue.
Casper, meet you at pivot point.
Scorpion, over.
[Scorpion] Little Mann has eyes
on the lynch mob.
I do not have eyes
on you, Green.
I need you
to position over there.
Cover my ass.
I'm going in with you.
No. Keep your battle
at a distance.
[pants] Watch my ass.
Green is at pivot.
Pope is moving in fast.
Little Mann, stand by to engage.
Scorpion, what's your POS?
Little Mann is taking tango
with machete
on hostage closest to my POS.
Engage targets at the end
of my countdown on zero.
What the fuck's happening?
The Hadjis
are about to be pissed.
Copy, Little. I got tango
on your two, on your trigger.
I know you're there.
Why are you playing games?
[girl] You like hide and seek.
- What's your purpose?
- [girl] What's your purpose?
You left your flowers.
I picked them for you, each one.
- [growl]
- Now they're all dead.
Your friends are back.
Wouldn't call them friends
if you knew
what they wanted from you.
They don't like you.
I don't like them.
And take that silly thing off.
Who is Vanessa?
What's a soul-taker?
How many souls have you taken?
- I said take it off.
- Take it off.
I heard you.
You don't know who I am, do you?
Take it off.
Take it off for me.
What? You expect something else?
Scorpion, six Mikes out.
Casper, three Mikes out.
Do you copy?
Say something.
I'm sorry about the flowers.
Now, make them go away.
The wickeds and the scurries?
I can't.
Then what can you do?
Geez! Lighten up.
I just wanna play with you.
Listen, I don't have much time.
I need to get home.
Will you help me with that?
I'm not allowed to say.
Tell me why I'm here.
What are we running from?
Not "we", you.
You're the one running.
- [growl]
- Watch out behind you!
[cocks gun]
Little, this is Wolf.
You are Pope's overwatch.
I'm pinned down.
Too fucking close.
Little, we got company.
Blue is compromised.
Hold them off.
I can't leave Pope hanging.
Oh, fuck!
- Hey, Chapman, easy.
- [Chapman babbles]
Easy. Hey, hey. Easy, easy.
SEAL Team Three.
We're gonna get you home.
Oh, thank... thank God.
[moans] I can't see anything.
They blinded me.
They fucked us up, man.
Where's Griego?
Griego is gone, okay?
Can you run?
- I can try.
- Okay.
We gotta go. Hang on to my vest.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Let's go.
Push right.
Scorpion, move right.
Move right.
Tangos on your nine o'clock.
where the fuck are you?
What's going on?
Pope, man, you okay?
Those sons of bitches
blinded him.
Lieutenant Chapman, I'm Wolfman,
part of your rescue.
Thank you.
[indistinct], Pope is down.
Westerly coordinates A5, A6, A7.
Sunny, do you copy? Over.
[Pope moans]
- What's happening?
- Nothing's happening.
Dude, make sure she sees
the Northern Lights.
- You're gonna take care, Pope.
- [Chapman] What's happening?
- [Wolfman] Nothing.
- [coughs]
Goddammit. Here.
Put pressure on there.
[Pope screams]
Westerly coordinates A5, A6, A7.
Sunny, come in. Do you copy?
Pope, hang in there, buddy.
Wolf, you get his heels
on American soil.
Good Wolf.
God damn it, Pope.
Hold it! Fucking...
Come on! Wake the fuck up, man!
- Is he dead?
- Come on.
Do something. What can I do?
Do something.
All right. Get the fuck back
to me, fucking Pope.
Come on, buddy.
Is he gone?
Is he gone?
[Wolf sighs]
Can you help him?
[Wolf pants]
Is he dead?
Yeah, he's dead. Come on.
Let's take a break.
How are you feeling, Chap?
Chap, we need a miracle.
I'm praying.
[Scorpion] Come in.
[radio static]
- [Scorpion] Do you copy?
- Scorpion, I read you.
Do you copy? Over.
[Scorpion] Yeah.
Sunny, yeah.
Blue is moving to Kermit.
Do you copy? Over.
I say again.
Blue is moving to Kermit.
[radio breaks up]
Scorpion, do you copy? O...
What's wrong?
We're at gunpoint.
- What can I do?
- Stay put.
- I can distract them.
- No, no, no. Just stay put.
Just stay...
- Still with me?
- I'm still here.
But we gotta go.
I'm good.
Fuck you motherfuckers!
Go, go.
Come on, let's get them.
It's Wolf.
Good to see you.
- So, where's Pope?
- He didn't make it.
- Pope's gone?
- Pope's gone?
This is
Lieutenant Blake Chapman.
The fuckers blinded him.
Pope wants his heels back
on American soil,
so that's what we're going to.
Lieutenant Chapman. I'm Casper.
Welcome to Dragon Slayers.
I'm fucking indebted.
LT, you're with the best frogmen
on the whole planet.
We'll get you home safe.
I'm Sunny.
It's a fucking honor.
All right, you three
get to the extraction zone.
I'll cover the rear.
Sunny, get Blue team
and Scorpion on comms.
Negative, Wolf. No comms.
There's no fucking comms?
No. Negative on the bird.
Nothing but drop-dead time
coming fast.
All right, Initiate E&E.
Sunny, take the lead.
[imitates motor]
I'm a World War II fighter ace.
[imitates motor]
Who am I?
You can be me.
[imitates motor]
I wanna be somebody cool.
[imitates motor]
[imitates motor]
Mayday! Mayday!
We're coming in
for a crash landing.
They got me.
They really got me this time.
We lost bogey one on radar.
I think he ten-foured out
of the air, roger dodger.
What a war.
How was that?
Why, hm,
I give you C minus, my
gallant knight.
I thought at least a B.
You thought wrong.
You are all dirty.
And yes, I am a tough critic.
[both laugh]
You still
don't remember me, do you?
What are you gonna bring
for show and tell Friday?
Stay here.
Wait. Please don't leave me.
It's still 25 Mikes
to the extraction point.
About a mile away.
All right, we'll hold up there
until we're
about 15 minutes out.
Copy that.
Scorpion, do you copy? Over.
I say again.
Scorpion, do you copy? Over.
Scorpion's gone dark.
All right.
The SEAL is all we got, guys.
- Casper, take our six.
- [Casper] Copy.
Casper? Stay alive.
[Casper] Copy.
Let me open this for you.
Let me take a look at you.
First thing they did
was throw some kind of acid
in my eyes.
The fucking bastards
made me listen to them
tear apart my team leader.
He took it like a fucking Delta.
Didn't say a word.
What was Pope's first name?
Yeah, I like that. Jerry.
I can see his face.
He's a handsome motherfucker.
He was.
What's your first name?
Your real name?
I'll tell you when we get home.
My wife and son will be
really eager to meet all of you.
Thank you.
You're welcome, man.
All right.
I want you to lay on your belly
and stay low, all right?
Do you have an extra gun?
Just in case, you know.
You got three rounds.
Make them count.
[cocks gun]
Three magic beans.
Comms are toast, Wolf.
You okay?
Living the dream.
Sunny side up.
Wolf, we still got
20 fucking Mikes
before extraction.
We're about a mile out.
Well, about six,
we'll hit a drop dead tunnel.
Brother, I ain't got
no more arrows in the quiver.
I'm out.
All right.
He's out there.
Little Mann, Rooster?
I haven't heard from them.
You think they're dark?
Hey, don't be sorry.
A little less so.
I'm sorry I hit you.
Live and learn, Wolf.
I'm in love with her.
I don't think
she cares about me.
It's all good.
- Let's get out of here.
- No, no, no.
Fix it with her
when you get home.
[radio static]
[radio static]
Casper, come in, goddammit.
Shit. Okay.
Nothing touches him.
Come on, Sunny.
Get up!
[heroic music playing]
Move back!
I'm running low on ammo.
No, you're not.
My man, Scorp.
Always coming through.
All right.
I'm covering you.
Now, go.
Get to the extraction point.
Five Mikes.
- Rusty.
- Lucas.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
- You look like shit.
- So do you.
I'm gonna give you an EpiPen.
Hold on.
Your intel?
You like that?
You got your intel?
How about that?
We're at a hundred percent.
How do you like them apples?
Good job.
Little Mann and Rooster?
All right.
How bad are you?
What are you talking about?
- Frogmen don't die.
- All right.
You keep those
and catch up with Sunny
and the unit boy
at extraction point.
Delta boy made it?
[laughing] Yeah, right on.
All right.
So get your ass up there.
And let me give Casper
some support.
All right?
I'm coming in for support.
What the hell
are you doing here?
- Get out of here, Wolf.
- Not without you.
- Now go.
- What are you doing?
That's an order, [indistinct]!
Now go!
Sunny, you okay?
What are you doing?
I'm getting out of this shit.
Here, LT.
Let's get this on you.
- No. No, you need that.
- Yes.
No, no, no. You need it.
Sunny, you need this.
I know where I'm going.
You put this on.
You're going home.
So are you. So are you, Sunny.
You're coming too.
I'll be there.
LT, when you hear that chopper,
you get on it.
That's your ride home.
You think
we're going to make it?
Have some faith.
Hey, you don't have
my permission to leave me,
you hear?
You hear me?
That chopper is coming.
You told me to have faith.
That chopper's coming,
and you're getting on it.
Come on, Sunny.
Don't leave me.
Come on.
Come on.
[sobbing] Come on.
[Scorpion grunts]
I got you, big guy.
God is radical.
Yeah, he is.
Here you go.
You hold onto it.
You gotta go, Wolf.
The bird's coming.
You stubborn son of a bitch.
You're not gonna do this to me.
One is none. Two is one.
Come on, man.
We're going home, you hear me?
Sunny, come back!
Hang on!
I waited for you, Rusty.
I waited for you
like I said I would.
But it's okay.
Your secret's safe with me.
- What secret?
- You know.
Who are you?
You got old, Rusty.
No pun intended.
You never came back to say
goodbye like you promised.
But it's okay.
I know you were scared.
I was, too.
Rusty, Shmusty, Gusty.
Took you long enough.
You were my best friend.
We were soulmates.
You always were a silly boy.
You had me at goodbye.
Can I ask how long it's been?
You don't know?
It's been about 30 years.
Doesn't seem like it, huh?
Guess that's why they say,
"Where does time fly?"
None of them were easy.
You didn't miss much.
I missed you.
I missed you, Rusty.
Is there anything I can do?
You can free yourself
of the weight
you've carried your whole life
for not coming to see me.
- What do I do?
- It's easy.
You're the one that's been
watching me my whole life.
What happens
when I cross that line?
Everything and nothing.
I must look like the saddest
little girl in the entire world.
Hi, Ryan.
Rusty, Gusty, Shmusty.
[sad song playing]
Mommy, I saw Daddy.
Olivia, baby,
what are you talking about?
Mommy, I promise I saw him.
He was
with a white beautiful angel.
She was carrying another man.
Olivia, sweetie,
you're being silly, okay?
We don't joke about this.
But I'm not kidding.
you understand
that Daddy's at work, right?
And that means that he's
just in a different country.
No, he's right outside.
Honey, all right?
We can't joke about this.
I'm not joking.
I'm serious. He's outside.
I think you're just tired.
Let's go to bed.
- Let's go.
- No.
See? See?
It's Daddy, Mommy. I heard him.
Who's there?
Stay right there, okay?
Excuse me.
Are you okay?
Baby, stay.
[Wolf in deep voice] Vanessa.
[adventurous music playing]
I know that I've been gone
for a while now
Don't mean
that I'll be gone forever
And you
can't give up on me
And you can't lose hope
You gotta feel
in your heart
That we won't be apart
much longer
You gotta know
in your mind
That soon I'll find my way
back into your arms
So leave the light on
Leave it shining for me
So I can find my way
Leave the light on
Leave it shining for me
So I can find my way
So I can find my way
I know that it's hard
being lonely
But remember
I am lonely, too
But I can't give up on you
And I can't lose hope
We gotta feel
in our hearts
That we won't be apart
much longer
We gotta know in our minds
That soon I'll find
my way back into your arms
So leave the light on
Leave it shining for me
So I can find my way
Leave the light on
Leave it shining for me
So I can find my way home
So I can find my way home
Leave the light on
Leave it shining for me
So I can find my way
Leave the light on
Leave it shining for me
So I can find my way home
So I can find my way home
I find my way
I find my way
I find my way
Find my way, find my way
I'll find my way
Find my way,
find my way home