Warlock III: The End of Innocence (1999) Movie Script

We'll rest a moment, love
Where are you?
Come to mommy
Where are you?
Only when he looks at you
He will call
Are you sure you won't come
out tonight?
Yeah, I want to
I just have a drawing
for Monday
Why couldn't I be an
art major?
I'd be doodling all this
weekend instead of
memorizing the lives
of Russian Tsars?
I'll see you later
And remember color inside
the lines...
You are such a child
You got to be more careful
I could've been anybody
I wish you were anybody
Nobody would scare me
like that
I hate it when you do that,
Nothing beats a little scare
now and then
It gets the endorphins
You feel alive...
A little out of control
What is this about, Mikie?
Just a little power exchange
a little role playing
Works for Scott and Lisa
They are the example
to follow
You could spank me later
No thanks
I have other plans for you
Wait a second
Honey, it's for you
Yes, it is
You are kidding
A house?
Yes, I suppose so
I never...
...I will
Thank you
What was that all about?
A house
A guy from the historical
society up in Thatcher
Only you would get a call
at 7:30 in the morning
from a historian
They have a house
I didn't even know about it
A house has been in my
family for hundreds of year
Somehow this guy
tracked me down
The town wants to tear down the house
and they said I could
go through and take out
family things if I want
You are not actually
going there, are you?
Why don't you come with me?
It will be an adventure
So it is like what?
Totally empty?
And we do what there?
You keep me company
You know, support of friend?
Oh... right
I'll go
I mean we could have fun, guys
We could hang out
You got finals, Jerry
We all do
Yeah, and no offence
but you can study anywhere
Have sketch pad will travel
But we need the comforts of home
You know, books, laptops, take out pizza
Why do this, Kris?
A couple of years ago, when my mom died
I found out I was adopted
They never told her
The problem was that no one
from my biological family was left
No one to ask the
questions you need answered
Like why they gave you up
little things like that
So, if this mean that I'm
going to find out something
Then I'm going to go even if
it means spending the night
in some empty old house
Just remember Dr. Zaius
"Planet of the Apes"
Charlton Heston rides off
into the sunset with the
chick in the fur bikini
Right before he finds
the Statue of Liberty
the head ape says...
You may not like what you find
Yeah, hold on
I am out by the old Miller house
Complaints again
It is banging this time
Half a mind to think
it is a frozen pipes
about 50 years the place has been empty
Anyway, the town wants
me to check it out
I shouldn't be long
I can't believe you won't come with me
We talked about this
This is an important semester for me
You know that of all people
I got to score
I need this weekend with the books
Sweetheart, I'm doing it for us
I got a great idea
Why don't you go with Jerry
We know he'd love to take you
He would drop out at the chance
Like I might want to be alone with Jerry
It is just a suggestion
You know what I mean
I love Jerry but not for
a dark night in a lonely house
I mean is Jerry going to protect me?
I don't think so
You could
Protect you from what?
Micheal, this is really scary for me
What if what Scott said is right?
Who knows what I am going to find there?
Tell you what
We leave on Monday
after exams, all right?
We drive up together
They are pulling stuff
out starting Monday
I want to get there now
See you
I'm so sorry
Are you okay?
Why are you here?
What do you want?
I'm looking for Thatcher
The Miller house
You've come back
Yes... what?
Go home
There's nothing for you here
I know that I'm looking
for the Miller house
Believe me
You don't want to go to that house
Right, okay
Deaths in that house
It's all by design
I'll find it myself
Where are you?
Come to mommy
You won't get this child, Warlock.
I swear it
She's mine
She's been given to me
Mommy, mommy...
Okay, I will come back tomorrow
So much for you
Please help me...
Help me... Kris
Please help me...
Man, we were banging for like an hour
Where are you?
You did it again
Did what?
The banging and the voices
I don't like it when
you scare me, Micheal
We are going to get a
lot of work done here
Maybe we should have
just slept on the lawn
so we didn't disturb you
I was just so scared, Micheal
We got food
We got vegetarian for you and Robin
I got meat for the men
...and Lisa
And the wind was blowing
the windows open and closed
What about the wind?
Can I get a word in?
It is a typhoon out there
We almost got blown off the road
I mean you are alone in the old house
the wind and rain can do
all kinds of crazy things
We didn't try to scare you
He is telling the truth
I mean I was hearing
all sorts of crazy stuff out there too
What the hell are you
guys doing here anyway?
Your boyfriend made us...
asked us... to come up
Something about supporting
you in this difficult time
And we figured we could study here
In fact it might be easier
You know all the distractions
Who was doing that little girl voice?
What little girl voice?
I got your problem here
Frozen pipe situation
This is some good shit
Guitar boy, no time for napping
Everybody's got a job to do
I was trying to fix
the pipe or something
It was banging...
Nice going, genius
Way to break the floor
I'm glad you guys brought
sleeping bags because
the accommodations aren't much
I don't like this place, Micheal
And there's nothing here
that's going to tell me
anything about my family
I want to leave first
thing in the morning
Look baby, you gave
yourself a good scare
but now you got your crew with you
You got nothing to worry about
You'll see tomorrow is
going to be different
I will make a big breakfast
We'll have a blast
We will search around
I'll bet we find something
Everything above here is sacred
Everything below here is sacred
Everything east of here is sacred
Everything west of here is sacred
Morning, kids
Morning... Dad
I got a batch for you
with soy milk right here
My hero
And hero to cows everywhere
I wouldn't know
Looks good, man
Damn good
You are in my no fly zone
The place kind of rocks don't you think?
Is it me or is this
thing getting bigger?
Well, look who's up?
They want me to go through family stuff
and so far I haven't found any stuff
It's like the house has
been turned upside down
There is not even a book
Great, that means we can
go back to civilization?
I'm Mr. Butterfield
We spoke on the phone
Right, the historian
Come in
Thank you
Can I take your wet coat?
Do you want some breakfast?
Thanks, I can't stay
I just came to bring
you some papers to sign
Permission to...
take some things off the
premises that kind of thing
Who is it, Kris?
It's the historian...
the phone call
Can you tell me about my family?
You want some pancakes?
How are you doing?
I need to spend some
time with Mr. Butterfield
So I will be with you in a minute
Sure, no problem
I need to...
What can you tell me about the house?
The house...
The house was once owned
by a man named Covington
A horrible man evidently
He wasn't...?
Your relative? No...
Why was he so horrible?
There was a lot of talk
about disappearing children
ritual sacrifice, that kind of thing
Of course, all this was in the 1600s
People did say those
kinds of things those days
Still the evidence is rather compelling
What happened to him?
How did we get the house?
He disappeared
quite suddenly, mysteriously
No one was very surprised
or too upset for that matter
And then your ancestor Katherine Miller
she bought the house
Her daughter was one
of those who disappeared
Are you all right, Miss?
This is just the first time
I am hearing any of this
What I came to tell you about is that
I do have some letters
Well, one long letter
actually written by your
great grandmother in 1674
I can't quite make it out
The funny thing is it was
written to a woman named Kris
Maybe, you were named after her
I have brought her to you, my prince
Your sacrifice as it was written
A child of the call,
born on the blue moon
and she has the blood
This is my gift to your glory
Yeah man, but school is
not the real world, okay
It is all crap
It's not going to be anything like it
not in a million years
I'll get it
You are a dreamer man
Big dreamer
Hello, my name is Phillip Covington
Kris, this is Philip...
He says he needs to talk to you
He says that he is...
...an architect with
a particular interest
in old houses
I've admire the house for some time
and I couldn't believe
my good fortune that the
Miller house was finally
open and the owner home no less
I'm just learning about the house myself
from Mr. butterfield
This house is actually quite famous
It has been painted countless times
It was even an artist's
home in times past
I could show you some drawings
You do realize the house
could be worth a fortune
very powerful energy in this place
They say the wood was
brought over from Spain
from an old church
One must feel it
Excuse me
I've been town historian
here for 37 years
and I have never seen any paintings
and as an expert on the
genealogy of the Miller family
I can assure you no
artist ever lived here
I'm afraid you are wrong
There is one here right now
Would you mind if I look around?
No, be my guest
I didn't catch your name, sir
I wonder if you could
tell me your business here
I'll need those letters
For her eyes only, I'm afraid
How do you know about those letters?
Give them to me
I believe I'll have a
conversation with young Kris
That won't be possible
I can't breath...
Then let me give you some air
Those who forget the past
are doomed to repeat it
Where's Mr. Butterfield?
He couldn't stay
He said he needed some air
I didn't see him leave
The storm is terrible
I forgot to ask him about the letters
Oh yes, he mentioned them
I am sure he'll return
What did he say about them?
The contents were rather vague
Something about we need a
new mule but a churn is broken
Those the sort of thing
those poor folks worried about
but enough of ancient history
I really should be going
The storm
Maybe, you can stay
just for lunch or until
the storm let's up
Yes, I suppose it
would give me more time
to see the house and to get to know you
You could probably tell
me so much about this place
Kris, you didn't have
anything for breakfast
You want me to make you something?
No, I will take care of it. Thanks
You'll stay?
We are just going to be hanging out
I hope it is not boring
I am sure it will be anything but boring
Quite a girl, isn't she?
You love her, don't you?
You can't hide it
It oozes from you lad
nor should it be hid
A man is never more a man
than when he truly loves a woman
I could help you win her
We went to high school together
and we are really close friends
but she has a boyfriend already
She has Micheal
He's not her true love
Anyone can see that
She's a sensitive girl
An artist
He doesn't understand her
Artists don't know what they think
or what they want
They only know how they feel
Do you ever talk to her about feelings?
About how she feels?
So I guess after lunch we be
Well, actually
I thought I would
ride the storm out here
Your car doesn't work in the rain?
No, it is not the rain
Come on guys
Don't give him a hard time
You are an architect?
So you design houses?
No, Lisa...
So what can you tell
us about this house?
Few people know this but
there's a series of catacombs designed
underneath the house
an entire network of tunnels
built as an escape route
during the colonial times
Cool, can we see them?
I'm afraid they have been
sealed for hundreds of years
So why did you become an architect?
It is my calling like Ms. Kris's art
Like Jerry's music
Like my golden touch
Chill out
Like hell I am
A few years of sucking at
the tit of the Wall Street
money machine and I can do my own thing
If you even know what your
own thing is by that time
I just want to do my own work
Even if it means waiting
tables, I don't care
I don't want to be a
player in somebody else's dream
Because I mean, you got to be free
Did you guys ever feel like
you had to do this thing
and doing anything else is
almost like digging a ditch
like it's a prison sentence?
Free to be a waitress
It sounds like bullshit to me
She won't be a waitress
She'll be an artist with
ketchup stains, that's all
Interesting amulet
It's kind of like my protector
The Diana Stone, isn't it?
The Huntress
No demon can harm you
as long as you wear it
That's right
So is she a close friend?
She is my best friend, why?
She is surrounded by her closest friends
That's good
The future captain of industry
Whatever it takes
To live the good life
To not have to struggle
To make it
You've known bad times?
My old man's a dreamer like her
but you can't feed your
family on dreams, right?
Your father disappointed you?
That's an understatement of the year
And you're afraid
you'll be just like him?
Hell, no
I'm nothing like him
I imagine not
You're a different person
You have a different heart
You may be better served
trying to be more like
Micheal than trying to
be less like your father
It's all a matter of emphasis
You guys, that man...
the architect, has he
been talking with you?
Phillip don't you think?
Did he ask you about Kris?
Yeah, so?
I don't like this
You don't like what?
His snooping around
The questions
Have you ever noticed
the way he watches us
Jesus, Robin
He is an architect, right?
He wants to learn about the house
So of course he is interested in Kris
That's why he is here
He is going to ask questions
Did you give him anything?
Did he take anything from you?
No, why?
Don't trip out, he is cool
What is it, sweetie?
Wake up
You are having a nightmare
It was so real
That's a good thing I came in when I did
You splashing around
like a mental patient
Thanks for the image
Kris, that guy Phillip
Do you know where he is?
He was in my dream
No, I figure he is
checking out the house. Why?
I get a bad vibe
You get a bad vibe watching cartoons
That's right, like
those old "Bugs Bunny"
The ones that are all with
death and hunting and...
Robin, what is this about?
Look, just do me a favor
Don't give him anything
I think he is bad, Kris
The way he watches
what he asks about you
about how close we are to you
the things he knows
I did a tarot about him
The news wasn't good
Meaning, he is not what he seems
I think he is a witch, Kris
A Warlock
Okay, I thought that you
said that you were a witch
I am
but it's different
True followers of the craft
practice powers for good for the earth,
for occasional love potions, of course
but anyone can learn to use those powers
Okay, so what do we do?
Okay, listen
Witches, warlocks, and
other demons that commune
with the devil work
their spells with aid
of a personal item from their victims
If the item is given willingly
the spell has that much more power
So I won't give him anything
That's right
Just as a precaution
He's different
I will give you that
but he's demon and he is
going to cast spells on us
and why?
I don't know
But I am going to find out
In the meantime, promise me
you won't give him anything
I just want to thank you
so much for the advice
that you know that give me
I have never seen her
react like that before
You are welcome, Lad
Remember I would let
you see some of my music
Check this out
This one is about Kris
They all are
Don't tell her that
His song and his soul...
His soul is he
and as it burns he'll belong to me
Now, Jerry, I need you to do
something for me
You two are bad
But that's like the whole
point of natural selection
every few years
There is like this thinning
of the herd, you know
That's why we go to
wars, famine, plagues
Check it out
We got chicken flu, mad cow, ebola, AIDS
We've got 2 years max
So have fun while you can
Amen, babe
Looks like I am getting a
lot of work done down here
Look, I am going back upstairs
Call me when it's time to make dinner
That is if the world is still standing
I know who you are
What do you want?
What do you want from us?
The Miller girl
You are going to give her to me
No way
Then die
It is that simple
Are you looking for this?
Oh yes, it's yours
Azarak, Zomelak, Arodia
Well, this stuff really works
Yes it does
But in naive hands it
is merely a parlour trick
Azarak, Zomelak, Arodia
For each of your spells,
I have 20 against them
Be still young witch
Where's Robin?
She was going to make the sauce
I don't know
I haven't seen her for a while
Have any of you guys
talked to her about Philip?
She thinks he's bad news
I agree
I don't trust the guy
Lisa likes him though
Look, I don't like him, okay
Geez, you get one incredibly
handsome guy around them,
and they get all jealous
What do you think, Jerry?
Are you talking to me?
Philip, what do you think about him?
He's a good guy
He is smart
Leave it alone man
You know I am going
to forget that, bitch
But you better watch
your manners next time
- What?
I was just fooling around
It's almost time
Oh, you scared me
Time for what?
Time for dinner
Except if we didn't bring
the spaghetti strainer
It's going to be a long night
Your time piece
It's quite old
The watch
That's funny
It was my father's
Pretty much the only thing
he ever gave me that was
worth anything
I should sell it
I could get it apprised
for you so you are not taken
advantage of.
Right on.
Oh, God
The father's son will end his day
just like this fruit in death's decay
I'm really worried about Robin
I mean how do you get lost in a house?
Are you kidding?
She is probably meditating
in a closet somewhere
You know how she is if
the vibes aren't right
or something
Yeah, don't you remember
last year at the lake?
She hid in the closet for
what four hours because
she wanted to get into her own head?
They found her playing a
sitar jacked up on Millet
cookies and wheat grass
Yeah, but if I remember correctly,
she did achieve head
space lift off and weren't
we jealous
You know you guys can all make jokes
But I don't know anybody
more perceptive or sensitive
than Robin
She is a really good person
She would never make fun
of you behind your back
She's freak
Come on, Kris I am just playing
Could everybody just chill?
Man, are you okay?
You don't look so good
You are all yellow
I will be fine
It is probably just
indigestion or something
Sweetie, are you all right?
You're okay, aren't you?
I have a headache
Geez, this is one sickly bunch
Well, you make sure
you stay healthy, okay?
This is ridiculous
I am going to find Robin
if I have to turn the house
upside down
I'd appreciate some help
I'll see if I can place her
Look what Philip gave me
Supposedly it was used right around here
to get the witches to confess
You know we always wanted one of these
I thought it as really sweet
So I gave him drawing
that Kris did of us
Under his hideous spell
those closest to you are
forced to betray you or
suffer an agonizing and
cruel death
How say you?
Take her
Then on the blue moon
you, the child of the call,
the daughter of a witch
were taken to his lair as
a evil sacrifice
Mr. Miller
Take her
Of course, I knew how to defeat him
or thought I did for I was
a woman of the craft and I
had the talisman
But I made a horrible mistake
I didn't kill the evil
and only now do I know the
only way to kill the warlock is to...
Is to what?
To what?
You've got to help me
You got to find Michael
We got to get out of here
Jesus, Jerry
Be still
What are you doing here?
What do you want?
I have waited a long time
A very long time
I want you gone
So desperate to find out who you are
Do you want to know, Kris?
You don't know me
A child of the call
born of witch's blood
You'll be sacrificed,
and as your blood runs
I'll raise from the pits
a hell a woman a consult
who will mother a race
of evil the world has
never seen
It is my purpose
My destiny and yours
You're insane
That is not who I am
I am not a witch
No, you are not
That's clear
You are a scared little girl
and you don't have the power
But your mother did
You have her blood
That's all I need
How ironic when it is I who
need your friends for the
sacrifice to have its effect
It is an inconvenient but as they say
The devil is in the details
Let me show you something
What will they do Kris?
Do you think they will
for sake you to end their suffering?
Perhaps, you will be
saved by young Jerry?
He still loves you and music
But after what I have done to him
He'll forsake you or he'll
never hear another note again
And then there's Michael your great love
Well, he is literally
turning into his father
Unfortunately, his father is dead
It is of no use, Kris
I've sealed the house
The sacrificial child
must be given to me
Don't worry, Jerry
I can hear you as you can hear me
I can't
No matter what you do to me
I love her
I see, Jerry
Let me show you something
I won't do it
The others have already
forsaken her, Micheal
Are you willing to die for her?
As is the piece...
...so is the whole
One more loyal friend to go
Jerry... oh, God
Let's go
Jerry, no...
She's yours
Jerry why?
Jerry why?
Would you like to see
what I showed Jerry?
What faith worse than his
deafness the one thing that
turned him against you
Yeah, like I might want
to be alone with Jerry
I mean is Jerry going to protect me?
I don't think so
Yeah, like I might want
to be alone with Jerry
I don't think so
Yeah, like I might want
to be alone with Jerry
Yeah, like I might want
to be alone with Jerry...
See, Kris
Jerry was actually quite strong
He could stand anything
except the idea you thought
him a joke
That to him was worse than death
You're sick
I never said those things
Let go of me
No one can hear you lass
and if they could,
they'd be of little help
As much as I relish your screams,
I do need to concentrate
People believe they
live many lives, Kris
Repeating life's lessons over and over
until they reach paradise
But some of us
those with witches blood
or those born into it
are literally reborn intact
into the very same
lives as they were before
I've waited 350 years for this moment
Do you remember?
When you return, Kris
It will be as the
bride of Lucifer himself
And Kris...
He'll never let you down
Abbadon, Asmodeus, Astaroth
Delial, Belphegor
Sammael, Rofocael
Angels of hell hear me
Prepare our dark prince
Lucifer for his new bride
You won't escape me this time, Kris
There's no one here to help you now
I am afraid mommy is not coming
You can't use the talisman
You don't have the power
Yes, I can
You don't have the power
You think you can defeat
me with my own weapons?
With mine
I'm sending you away my love
as we talked about
You'll never be safe here now
I will join you when I can
But remember
no matter what happen
I'll always be with you
I'll remember
Strength and courage
tempered by judgement
Spiritual strength overcomes evil
Fortitute and the joy of life