Warming Up to You (2022) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.
When you hold me tight
When you kiss me there
Everything's all right
Nothing can compare
I'm independent
But you know just what I mean
Eating all the sprinkles
Right on top of my ice cream
Walkin' down the street
And you hold my hand
"Could you be more sweet?"
I don't understand
I could be good on my own
But I love you
And every single thing
That you do...
- Good morning, Kate.
- Hey, Tom!
Ah, it's just me, everyone.
Another busy day for ya.
Uh, Kate?
And here we are again.
Here we are.
Look, Kate.
It's not as if I don't know
your track record.
When I bought this business,
I was told
you were indispensable...
The most sought-after
personal trainer in L.A.
But it seems
you're still having difficulty
with the new direction
we're taking.
You did memorize our new motto,
didn't you?
"No sweat, no effort...
No problem."
Exactly. And guess what?
Memberships are up,
with more and more celebrities
joining every day.
And that's why people
pay top dollar
for the finest fitness centers
in California...
To see,
and be seen,
by famous people.
Not to...
Get fit?
'Cause we have surgeons
for that!
I'm glad
we understand each other.
Now, if you can apologize
to Mrs. Stanford
for suggesting sit-ups,
you can get
right back out there.
But Nigel...
With a smile.
Although I would suggest
you might start trying
some tooth-whitening.
It's just...
yeah, just a little...
Okay. Yeah.
Okay if I make myself
an acai shake?
Yeah, help yourself.
It's a little slow right now,
so I'm just gonna restock
before the rush.
What are those?
Nigel thinks we should have
more of a selection.
Some of the clients
aren't very fond
of the healthy shakes.
So, beer and gin?
Infused with
butterfly pea flowers.
Do you know how much sugar
is in those?
I don't, but I'm sure you do.
Uh, and if you're upset
about this,
you're gonna be really upset
when you...
Holy crow, is that...
that's Agent Darian Hall!
he's coming right at us.
Are you sure?
I'm just kidding.
Well, he's got a beard
and he got a little fluffy,
but that's him all right...
Look at that.
You know, "Darian Hall"
is his character's name,
by the way.
His real name is Rick Steele,
which, frankly,
sounds made up, too.
I will take... a shake.
Uh, protein?
Wait. We have
chocolate ice cream now?
I think my favorite is
"Assault on the World Rising."
I mean, that ending! Wow.
The way you just take down
that whole mercenary army is...
That's probably
a stunt double, Matt.
- Stunt double?
- Kate.
I'm just saying
those action scenes
are strenuous...
especially for a guy
who drinks
a chocolate milkshake at a gym.
You know you can burn
just as many calories in a...
As much as I would enjoy
a celebrity mansplain,
I just need to tell you
that I have a degree
in exercise fitness
and a master's in nutrition.
- Kate here is very smart.
- Mm.
But did you know
that Rick once...
Survived capture
and fought my way
out of a Thai prison
using nothing more than
a piece of string
and a plastic comb.
Did you seriously just...
He's been in some pretty
precarious situations!
Just reference
a fictitious character
in one of your movies?
Look, I'm sure that
you used to be fit,
but I hate to break it to you,
but, uh, you're not, currently.
And you know this how?
Because it's what I do.
Plain and simply put...
You wouldn't survive
one of my workouts.
Okay, I think
that's a bit of a stretch.
Not that I need
to prove anything to you,
but I guarantee I could
survive anything you dish out.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, Drill Sergeant.
All right then...
That's... okay.
How about this?
I'll pay for the milkshake.
The problem is bigger.
The problem is,
is I want to help people be
the best they can be.
And that starts with fitness!
Exercise cures
a multitude of illnesses.
Depression, even.
I mean,
there's science to prove it!
And when a client comes in
and orders...
You don't understand who I am
and what I stand for.
Unfortunately, I do.
And I don't want to work
for a place that claims
to promote health
and allows people
to grow more unhealthy.
You don't have to.
- Excuse me?
- You're fired.
Nigel, I...
Collect your things. Please.
Bye, Matt.
I can't keep my mouth shut.
Yo! Watch where
you're going, dude!
Watch what you're putting
in your body, "dude."
It's my cheat day.
And then he said,
"Collect your things."
I'm so sorry, Kate.
I just... I don't know why
I can't keep my mouth shut.
Because you care.
It's one of the best things
about you.
What am I gonna do now?
It was the best gym in the city,
and L.A. is expensive.
Oh, my gosh!
Noth... Nothing.
I'm just watching
some Bridgerton,
and Reg-Jean Page just...
Never mind!
Making me smile.
Even from afar.
Well, how about
I make you smile even more?
A little fresh air,
get you out of the smog?
You catching what I'm saying?
I don't think that this is
the right time for a vacation.
I was thinking more like
permanent vacation...
up here, in Washington state.
When's your lease up?
I'm month-to-month.
Well, then come work for me!
Work for you?
Yes! Oh, m...
You should you see the place.
It's been
completely renovated.
And a fitness instructor
from L.A.,
with your fabulous reputation
would help bring clients
to the retreat,
which I-I desperately need.
And you can stay here for free
until you figure things out.
It's win/win for all of us!
You know as well as I do,
that Silver Springs
could use a boost
since the fishery closed.
And if we can get
my business booming,
maybe it could help.
What do you think?
I don't know.
Your grandpa's land...
Your land, actually...
Is still right here, next to me.
I guess I could think about it.
Not to reiterate the obvious,
you don't have a man,
you don't have a job...
and sounds to me like
you don't have a life plan
at this exact time.
Hey! Thanks a lot!
So dare I say...
you have no reason
to stay in L.A.?
And I'm just your best friend
who needs you.
Collect your things, sista.
You're coming home!
Get up!
I don't wanna hear
That I can't
'Cause I can
I'm gettin' closer every day
Come on! You got this!
You can do more!
Come on!
Go, go, go!
And... we're done!
Good job, everyone!
I'll see you tomorrow!
You're a miracle worker.
Oh... moving your body
is the best therapy
for arthritis.
It reduces your pain
and stiffness.
I can't believe how much better
I feel since you came.
You're doing all the work.
I'm just here to encourage you.
Hey! What's up?
Do you remember Liza Cahoone?
The actress?
I trained her for a movie
a few years ago.
Why do you ask?
I just got off the phone
with the studio
that hired you
when you trained her.
They heard you were here
and they want you
to do it again.
I'm gonna meet Liza Cahoone?
Not Liza.
They have another celebrity
they want Kate to train.
Oh! Holy macaroni!
Well, who is it?
Come on, who?
It seems like someone
so it's very, very hush-hush.
A one-month training intensive
to get the star into shape
with super-fitness instructor
Kate Wolfe!
Oh, this is the most exciting
thing to happen in this town
since last summer's fish fry.
'Kay, so when is this happening?
- Tonight.
- Tonight?
Well, arrival tonight,
starting tomorrow.
And I already promised
you'd do it,
so I'm hoping
you're as excited as I am.
I am.
We are!
You know,
most of these movie stars
are actually really motivated.
In fact, it's hard to find
an actor that is out-of-shape,
at that type of level...
You know, the type of level
where the studio pays
for you to get into shape.
Could you imagine
if it's Tom Selleck?
Oh, there's a man
who can handle a 'stache.
Or, or...
Denzel Washington!
Or maybe...
maybe it's...
How'd you sleep?
Like a baby.
That's good to hear.
Who is it?
This place is called
Silver Springs
and you're all set
and ready to go
with your trainer
in the morning.
What kind of trainer works
in the middle of nowhere?
An A-lister, Rick,
who the studio has hired before.
Would you prefer L.A.,
where every photographer
could watch you struggle
to get back in shape?
I'm in shape.
Ha. Well, the studio
agrees to disagree.
So, if you want to work again
you gotta...
I got it, Jared.
What's that?
A bike.
Yeah, I kind of guessed that.
I mean, why is it here?
Nice bike!
It was requested
that you bring one for training.
You didn't hear it from me,
but I, uh, I arranged
a special kind of bike for you.
Why are we whispering?
There's a button on the side,
it's your friend.
But you didn't hear it from me,
so shh.
Button is my friend?
Whatever you say.
Turn around. Turn around.
Turn ar...
I just wanna point out
that my face is still the face
of the most successful
spy-action movie franchise
that ever existed.
But the body, not so much.
And unless we want to lose
our large fan base
of middle-aged women to the next
young, sexy, good-looking...
I am still young...
and, also, sexy.
I empathize with you.
I do.
I deal with my own
body image issues, okay?
And if I sat out an entire year
eating junk food
and binge-watching TV...
Although, I must admit,
was pretty binge-worthy...
After getting my heart torn out
and eaten by Liza Cahoone...
Could you please
not mention her name?
A name that shall never
be uttered again.
I'm just saying,
I understand heartbreak,
but now,
we're moving on.
Let's get those big dollars
rolling back in, huh?
I'm headed to a local hotel
for the rest of the night.
I'll try to keep
the paparazzi off your scent.
And don't blow it, Rick.
It's only 20 pounds,
but it's both of our careers
on the line, huh?
You gotta hustle
for the muscle, Rick!
Yep. He needs a bit of exercise.
Beautiful day to get fit!
Are you up?
Oh, no.
Rick Steele.
The one and only.
So, uh, morning run.
I'm here to get you goin'.
About that...
I got in rather late.
It was 8:30.
Didn't go to sleep until 2:00.
There was this really loud owl.
Okay, so, I'll be sure to put
"fix sleeping schedule"
on our list, but, for now,
I need you to put
your running shoes on, so.
Yeah, there's, um,
a problem with that.
I might've forgotten them.
Uh, excuse me?
This is kinda
my personal space here.
You ordered pizza?
Yeah! Local joint
delivers till midnight.
- Cheese puffs...
- Uh, hey, that's my, um...
Should I... get dressed first?
I'll wait for you out here.
Don't even think about it!
Can a person die of curiosity?
I went by the cabin,
but you know Kate.
She's probably been working
with the person
since the sun came up.
Excuse me?
I'm looking for, uh,
Sasha Jones?
Oh, who's that?
He looks famous.
Shh! I don't know.
Hi. I'm Sasha.
- Hi. I'm Jared...
- Keep pushing!
I remember!
Remember what?
the juicebar police.
Keep moving!
Oh, this is gonna be
one long month.
Did Agent Darian Hall
just wave at me?
Yes, he did.
Um, as I was saying,
uh, I'm Jared Munroe,
I'm Rick Steele's agent.
Just making sure the studio
sent over the deposit.
They did. Thank you.
And you got the contract?
No social media, no cellphones?
You can count on our discretion.
Great. And if there are
any updates,
um, you know, on him,
feel free to message me.
Staying local, so I'm only,
like, 10 minutes away,
and, uh, I got a driver, too,
uh, it's kinda like Uber
and Lyft, but not...
Actually, if you need a ride
anywhere, uh,
like errands for groceries
or something like that,
he could, uh, help you?
Okay. Yeah.
I'll keep that in mind.
Did... Did you want my number?
Yeah! Great.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
And if you have, like,
Instagram or social media...
You mean the retreat's
Instagram, right?
I'm kidding.
Oh, you got jokes!
I like that.
I'll follow you.
On the socials,
not in real life.
Yeah. I figured.
Yeah. Bye, Miss!
Look at that!
Ah. And let's find our way
into a lotus position.
Close our eyes...
breathe deeply.
Thank you for sharing
your practice with me today.
Thank you, everyone.
Have a beautiful day.
Problem, Mr. Steele?
No. No. Everything's fine.
Can take down a mercenary army,
but you can't get out of
a yoga position?
Appreciate it.
Appreciation's all mine,
Agent Hall.
I'm Minnie.
It's good to meet you, Minnie.
My name's actually Rick.
Could you say the line?
Like, just once?
"I spy...
a beautiful woman."
Okay, everyone!
Agent Hall's
international espionage
will have to wait
until after his weight training.
Can you get up?
Of course.
Let's see it, then.
You got it.
Take your time.
Don't pull anything.
Just gotta, you know...
flow up from the ground...
to the... sky.
Here you go, Drill Sergeant.
So, what is this place anyhow?
A wellness retreat.
Like a... fat camp?
Like, for people,
such as yourself,
who want a reset,
to get grounded
and to create healthy practices.
Speaking of which,
what's on the "healthy lunch"
menu for today?
Probably something green.
I feel like we've gotten off
to a rocky start.
You know?
When we first met.
What do you mean?
Well, the chocolate shake,
and then the pizza.
Sounds like you got off
to a rocky start,
not us.
My point is,
maybe we can start again?
We did start over...
This morning, with a run.
You know what I mean.
Are you trying to be nice
so that you can eat
some french fries?
Yeah. I just think it'd be
great if you and I could...
You and I?
Let's get one thing straight.
There is no "you and I."
"You" are a slacking movie star
and "I" am a personal trainer
who was hired
to get you into shape.
That's the extent of you and I.
And I'm really hoping
that you cooperate,
because, believe me,
you do not want me
to start a point system.
Point system?
Yeah. Back in L.A.,
before the gym
was sold to Nigel,
I had a kids' fitness camp,
and they would each get a point
when they focused on
eating healthy and fitness.
What were the prizes?
Mm. Various stuff,
like, uh, movie tickets,
or passes
to animal rescue parks...
Whatever we could get
donated to the cause.
I do like animal rescue parks.
I actually donate
to organizations
like that myself.
One point toward
an animal rescue park...
If Mr. Steele...
eats a green smoothie for lunch.
Does that mean Miss Wolfe
is going to make a chart
with stickers
to help keep Mr. Steele
on track?
Are you talking
in the third person?
It's a thing
Rick does sometimes.
Kate will make a chart
for Mr. Steele.
And with that, dare I say...
I spy a thoughtful woman.
And I spy an uphill battle.
Am I supposed to follow you?
"I have confiscated
all your snacks."
I've also threatened
the pizza boy.
Why would you threaten him?
Not all my snacks.
"Healthy choices."
Healthy choices...
At least you survived
the first day,
Agent Darian Hall.
Much farther?
Cardio before breakfast
can help burn fat.
Better be a waiter
with eggs Benedict up here.
I told you
that this would be better
than doing cardio inside
on a treadmill.
Well, I feel like
we could've at least started
on the treadmill.
So, what's gonna happen
when Agent Hall
chases Hanz Franden
up the steepest hill in Spain?
What, you want
to be out of breath
for your new movie?
You read the script?
Yeah, they sent me
a few of your stunt scenes.
The studio wants you primed
and sculpted.
There's nothin' wrong
with a dad-bod.
I feel like 70%
of the male population
has a dad-bod.
Dad-bods are cool!
You ready?
For your uphill training
to Spain?
Wow! What the...?
Second wind!
Come on, keep up!
Wow! That's impressive.
Sometimes I am.
You ready?
What now?
Come on!
This is Lion's Leap.
Sea lions, to be exact.
They like to sun
themselves here.
I'll admit it.
This view makes me
temporarily forget
that I'm miserable.
Here you go.
But if that is my breakfast,
I will quickly be reminded.
Protein, fiber, vitamins.
And... it keeps you full longer.
Lion's Leap, you say?
Breakfast like this,
I just might leap off myself.
Why are you
hating on this so much?
I think that'd be obvious,
especially to someone with...
What was it, two degrees?
You know,
I've come to learn that...
those who don't
take care of themselves
have a deeper reason
than they'd like to admit.
Degree in psychology
also in your mix?
You don't want to have
a conversation about it,
that's fine.
I know I've gained
a lot of weight this past year.
The reason I got this heavy
is not up for discussion.
if you're wondering if
I'm comfortable in my own skin?
The answer's no.
I'm not.
I think a lot of people
can relate to that feeling.
Problem is, unlike other folks,
I'm outta work if I don't
do something about it.
That's kind of harsh.
I'd like to feel sorry
for you, but...
I can't.
I'm not looking for sympathy.
Most people aren't
in a position financially
to have the luxury of working
with someone such as myself.
I know.
You know, this isn't about
losing weight, Rick.
So let's just focus on creating
some new, healthy habits.
Seeds and nuts.
- Mm-hmm.
- Got it.
So what about you?
What about me?
Well, last time I checked,
you were working at
one of the most exclusive
fitness centers in L.A.
I was.
And now you're here.
Mm! Let me guess.
"I seized the opportunity
to find myself
in the great outdoors."
As a matter of fact, yes.
Ah, baloney!
Did you actually
just say "baloney"?
You know what?
I just thought of a way
to make this thing actually fun.
Oh, you did, did you?
- Yeah. I did.
- Huh!
While you're figuring me out,
I'm gonna spend time
figuring you out.
There isn't any "figuring out"
to be had.
Oh, yeah, there is, Miss Wolfe.
You see, not only do I play
one of Hollywood's
most beloved spies,
but I'm also an actor.
And, as an actor,
it's my job
to notice things about people.
Studying people is what I do.
So, yeah,
this big ol' spy's just gonna
figure you out.
Are you done eating?
Oh, good.
Come on, Mr. Funny Guy,
let's get moving.
Thank you.
- Got everything?
- Yup.
You know, Ron loves Tina.
"Ron loves Tina"?
What are you talking about?
Defacing nature?
Who would do that?
Uh, Ron?
I hope it didn't hurt the tree.
It's obviously been there
for years.
Tree's fine.
I mean, it's driftwood.
But this little jaunt
down lovers' lane
has given me my first clue about
who the real Kate Wolfe is.
Most women would've found
poor lovesick Ron's carving
very romantic.
They would have imagined
the tender moment at Lion's Leap
between Ron and Tina
that prompted Ron
to express his love
in such a public
and permanent way.
Not you!
No! You were concerned
about the tree,
and not the love story.
I think we need another chart,
one where I give you a sticker
for every time my spy skills
unearth something about you.
Admittedly, today's
a big thumbs-down, but...
I have wrestled
a giant Pacific octopus
all while safely detonating
an underwater bomb
meant to destroy all of Japan.
So don't underestimate me,
Miss Wolfe.
I have heard
a thousand times before
That I'm not good enough
The door keeps slamming shut
I refuse to...
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Let's go!
Come on.
Hustle for that muscle!
...Been stuck on the ground
so long.
I've been knocked down...
Let's change it now
I'm gonna rise
Out of the shadow
I'm gonna try...
Oh, nice. Okay!
No fear of falling
Dreams just come easy
I know I'm gonna rise
So I'll be your anchor,
your resistance,
and you just try to pull away.
Away from you?
Best news I've heard
since getting here.
The goal
is to work out your core.
Ah. You forget...
I have skydived while clutching
a microchip
containing the genetic mutations
of an underground
insect rebellion...
Without a parachute, by the way.
Core's fine.
I guess we'll see.
- Do you have a hobby?
- A hobby?
How someone spends
their free time
says a lot about them.
Nope. No hobby.
What about when you were a kid?
Maybe a...
sticker collection?
I wasn't
a sticker-collecting kinda kid.
But I did go fishing a lot.
So you lived near water.
Okay, as much as
I'm thoroughly enjoying
you fishing for facts,
I need to ask you one thing.
What's that?
Are you ready?
You told 'em
no cellphone videos, right?
I mean, I wouldn't want you
embarrassed online.
Cellphones haven't been
allowed at the retreat
since you got here.
Besides, these are good people.
Even good people can be
convinced by a tabloid payday.
You got this, Agent Hall!
We're rooting for you.
Oh! Looks like
you have a cheerleader.
And you thought she would
sell your picture to a tabloid.
Go slow at first.
Whoa! Whoa!
Like that?
Not exactly.
Do you want... Do you want me
to-to try it with him?
I could have a go!
Come on.
Use that core!
Avocado for lunch?
After seeds for breakfast?
You'll love it!
Now, guacamole
with fresh tortilla chips...
That I can support.
Eating it plain
is good for you. Again!
Do you ever bend the rules?
You know, cheat?
Like, even a little?
"Discipline" is my middle name.
How about sleep in?
Chocolate bunny at Easter?
Caramel apple at Halloween?
If you are asking me
if I eat chocolate...
I do, but not every day.
As for you?
You shouldn't even be thinking
about breaking the rules.
You're doing great,
but you're not in a position...
Favorite color!
Come on, humor me!
I got my own chart to complete.
Avocado green.
Ew. Like, from the '70s?
Yeah, like '70s avocado green.
That's horrific.
So would I find, like,
a lava lamp
in your cabin too, or...?
Kate, you almost ready?
Uh, yeah.
Where... where are you two going?
Uh, we have some business
in town,
and seeing as you don't want
anyone to know you're here...
Well, what's in town?
Oh, my son is the mayor.
We're going to see him
about Kate and Sasha's idea to...
Yeah, and, uh, make sure
that you do some, uh, squats.
What was that? An idea to...?
And body surfing
so that you get
an upper-body workout.
Go see Sasha down at the beach.
Minnie, I have a request.
- A request?
- Mm-hmm.
Sure! What is it?
Bag of potato chips?
Yeah, you and me both.
Work out, Steele.
Work out.
I got eyes everywhere!
Sour cream and onion.
Sasha will take care of you.
She lived right over there.s.
So you've been friends
for a long time.
Mm-hmm. Best friends.
How is your cabin?
Is everything
to your satisfaction?
What about her parents?
They still live here?
No, they passed away.
Both of 'em?
I guess that makes sense.
What does?
Just some of the stuff she says.
You know?
About her focus on health.
Yeah, she was raised
by her grand...
If your pillow is too firm,
we have others.
Grandfather, huh?
Is he still here?
Did you get a chance to take
advantage of our spa services?
A hot-stone massage...
Any idea why she went into town?
It seemed important.
Well, it is.
She has a plan to...
'Kay, one thing
I know about Kate
is that she likes to keep
her private life private.
While I'd love to answer
more of your questions,
you should really
ask Kate yourself.
Fair enough.
What you need to know most
about Kate,
is that she takes
her job seriously.
She wants you to succeed, Rick.
And she cares about
changing your habits
so that you can be
the best version of yourself.
She has no hidden agenda.
That's refreshing.
You know where
we keep our boards?
Doesn't Kate want you
to go paddling?
Yes. I, uh...
I'm gonna head there now.
Just that way, right?
I'm gonna...
The weather outside
Is getting pretty warm
But I just think it's funny
How summer is so short
It's the good times
You can't ignore
How long
have you been lounging?
I just sat down.
Mm. What activities
did you do while I was gone?
I lifted a bagel.
Break is over.
Kate, it's just one afternoon.
Tomorrow, you will have
been here for a week.
Do you know what that means?
This nightmare is 25% over?
Progress report.
And that means?
You do not
want to sit this day out.
Are you asking me or telling me?
I'm telling you!
The studio wants me
to send a report once a week.
I feel like I'm in kindergarten.
You're their golden boy
and they are paying
a lot of money
to get you into shape.
Clearly, they care.
They are protecting
their investment,
is what they're doing.
Well, I can't blame them.
In my line of work,
genuine concern for health
doesn't really exist.
"Look good"
is more the name of the game.
Well, that's about to change.
Here! Put this on.
I think you're gonna enjoy
what we're about to do.
A wet suit?
Let's go, Steele!
Move it or lose it!
I feel like I'm five years old,
about to learn
how to swim again.
Well, the ocean is invigorating.
Plus, I think this is way better
than lifting weights in a gym,
and you can get cardio in.
There's no waves.
Well, you don't need waves.
It's a full-body workout.
now you're gonna get on,
and you just start to paddle,
you kick your legs,
do all the things.
Like in swim class.
- Just get on and paddle.
- Three, two, one, go!
Alright, you got this!
You go for it!
Yeah! Faster, faster, faster!
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
Just slow it down
Enjoy the good times
While they last
'Cause when no one
Is around
We'll run around
And we'll dance
And we're moving
To that sound
Come on!
Cold plunging
has a lot of health benefits.
It's a lot colder
than it looks...
Even with the extra layer.
Ah, you'll get used to it.
I love it here!
Pretty good.
I don't know if I can top that.
Alright, let's see what
you've got there, Agent Hall.
You know, I'm reminded
of "The Night of Reckoning
at World's End,"
when you shot a man
from a thousand yards away,
and this is what,
like, six feet?
I feel like you're trying
to distract me.
Yeah, that's the point.
Look at that!
Kate, three.
Rick, one.
Oh... oh, oh, oh, oh
What are you doing here?
Oh, you know,
just bored at the hotel,
I thought
I'd see what's going on here
and what's poppin'.
Is, uh, Sasha here?
- Sasha?
- Yeah. Sasha.
Oh! There she is.
Ahem! Friday night at
Silver Springs Wellness Retreat!
Let's all welcome Mr. Steele
to our weekly campfire.
Thank you. Thank you.
I wish I could say
it's been my pleasure,
but there's been
far too much pain.
You're welcome.
And, uh, Rick's
Hollywood agent, Jared,
is also here tonight.
Whoo! Hollywood!
Well, enjoy, everyone.
Vegan S'mores on the house.
You're back.
Yeah. You know, my job
is sorta like babysitting,
so I just wanted to make sure
and come by
and see my superstar.
Funny seeing you here.
Wasn't expecting that.
Such a coincidence.
it is my retreat, so.
Right, right.
That makes sense.
Don't even think about it.
Did she not just say
"vegan S'mores"?
Yeah. Not for us.
But grab two of those
and take a seat.
I have another
little snack for us.
Ho, ho, ho. Yes.
It's been an exhausting week,
so I'm sure my eyes
are playing tricks on me,
but is that...
Roasted cauliflower
is delicious!
Here, hand me one of those.
And the spices
that I bring with it... ohh!
I thought I'd done it all.
But here I am,
on a Friday night,
sitting by a campfire
in the middle of nowhere,
about to roast a vegetable.
Looks like I've surprised
this jaded international spy.
So tell me
about growing up here.
Who told you I grew up here?
I just... heard about it.
It's one of my rules.
More rules?
I have two strict rules
with clients.
Just two?
I would've guessed at least ten.
First is...
I never talk about
my personal life.
I just asked
about your childhood.
Didn't ask for
your social security number
or something.
What's the second?
Doesn't matter 'cause
it's, um, not gonna come up.
Let me guess.
Never dare to be rare,
and swap the veggies
for marshmallows?
Come on!
Tell me. What is it?
I never, ever date a client.
Well, you don't have to worry
about that one too much with me.
I mean, technically,
I'm not the client.
The studio's the client.
And if they were
to come out here,
they're like a gaggle of people,
so dating the lot of them would
be very, very time-consuming.
And you don't date
clients anyway,
so it's not gonna happen.
We're good.
Well, what kind of presentation?
Oh, I'm sure
I can figure something out.
Really, with the way
Silver Springs is struggling,
you'd think the council
would jump at an oppor...
You forget, Mayor,
that I grew up here, too.
I know how stubborn
the people can be.
If it's not about fishing,
then they don't give it
any value.
When's the next
town hall meeting?
Three weeks?
That's not gonna be easy.
I'm working with a very tough
out-of-town client right now.
But, uh, I'll be ready.
And, uh, I meant
to tell you yesterday,
thank you for the kind things
you said about my grandpa.
I miss him so much.
I know that he would want us
to use the land
for something like this.
Okay. Thanks. Bye.
Morning, Coach.
Ready to get this over with?
Now, no matter what
the scale says,
remember that this is a process
and every body is different.
Bike ride?
You know it.
I can see why you'd trade L.A.
for all this.
Except for the owl.
You know why he's so loud
at night, don't you?
He wants to keep me
from sleeping?
No. He's protecting
his territory,
fending off
any would-be intruders.
He thinks I'm a threat?
I think it's more other owls,
but if you want
to make it personal...
He's a menace.
Like my grandpa used to say,
"I wasn't raised in the woods
to be scared of owls."
Your grandpa
wasn't easily shaken.
That's an understatement.
I was 10 years old
when I showed up at his door,
waiting to be raised.
He was a 67-year-old widower.
I obviously never knew him,
but, somehow, I get the feeling
that raising you
brought him great joy.
And he did a pretty good job,
I might add!
You're a remarkable person, Kate.
You really are.
Come on, super-spy!
We got another hill to climb.
Come on, Coach! Pick it up.
Hey! Rick!
Hey! Stop!
Is that an electric?
I'm guessing that's
a thumbs-down for today?
Uh, yeah, that is
a huge thumbs-down for today.
All right.
Let's get back to it.
Come on!
Agent Hall.
Aw, come on.
Please, call me Rick.
Looking good,
doing those sit-ups.
I still have to get to mine.
Why don't you join me?
Oh! Okay.
Well, this is fun.
Working out with Agent Hall.
I mean, "Rick."
So... here we go.
So I lost four pounds already.
Oh! Good.
Yeah, personally,
I think it's the keto.
- Losing the carbs, you know?
- Yeah.
Carbs are most peoples'
devil in disguise.
- My friend, Betty, though...
She says it's all part
of being female, post-menopause.
Anyhow, I don't think
these sit-ups are doing much.
Yeah, me neither.
I've been meaning to ask you
about something.
Ask me about something?
It's kind of a...
special-mission type of thing.
A mission?
I know that Kate's trying
to help Sasha and the town.
Who told you?
Let's just say...
I heard about it.
And I think
I could really use your help
organizing some things
regarding it.
- Like a partner?
- Mm-hmm.
Like Lola Lurner in
"Race to Save the World
at Midnight"?
Oh, I loved that movie!
It's a good one.
Kate. You like her, don't ya?
I'll tell ya what...
I'm gonna join your mission,
since you're joining Kate's.
what do we do first?
Come on! Let's go!
Come on, you go this.
Let's go!
Three, two...
I've tried and I've tried
But I cannot erase...
You should take her on a date.
I've know her
since she was a little girl.
Come on, come on, come on! Yes!
In the summertime
When the rain would fall
I used to give you
Everything you want...
- Just being around here.
- Yeah.
Well worth it for this...
When it's cold outside
And you're all alone
When you need me
Will you dial my phone, yeah?
Bring your legs down
into plan position.
And when you want to,
find your way into
a seated upright position...
with your hands open.
Now, I want you to picture
one year from now.
What do you want
your life to be like?
Breathe that in.
Through the nose...
and out through the mouth.
And how will you get there?
what it is that you need to do.
What people
do you want by your side?
The ones that make you feel
like you can be
the best you can be.
Thank you for sharing
your practice with me today.
- She's amazing, isn't she?
- Mm-hmm.
He's putty in her hands.
Don't forget about us.
When you have another
out-of-shape movie star client.
Think "Silver Springs
Wellness Retreat."
Yeah, I don't think I'll be able
to forget
the beautiful things here.
See that you don't.
Jared and Sasha?
Some spy you are.
They've been spending
a lot of time together.
Don't get distracted,
Agent Hall.
I'm not distracted.
Not by Jared, anyway.
There is something
In the air
And then the cable broke.
And there I was...
Hanging from the bar,
praying I could hold on.
Oh, I would've been petrified.
I was only
10 feet off the ground,
but when the film was finished,
it looked like
I was high in the air,
hanging from the helicopter.
That was my first
"Agent Darian Hall" film,
back when the studio allowed me
to do some of my own stunts.
Not anymore.
Nah. Protect their investment,
The stunt guy
does everything now.
And you don't like that?
Well, Tom Cruise
does his own stunts.
I know, I must sound silly
complaining about it.
No, you don't!
Just sounds like
you love what they do...
I can relate to that.
Hey! Um...
Actually, I forgot that I...
have something for you.
Let me guess.
A vegetable?
Proof that you did it
with one week to spare.
Look at all those thumbs up!
Once you ditched the pizza,
you were a dream client.
My ears must be plugged
or something.
Did Kate Wolfe just call me
a "dream client"?
Well, you were.
What about my prize, Miss Wolfe?
Ah, yeah, the prize...
That's right.
I'll make it easy on you.
How about...
a last hike in the morning,
before I go?
I think I can make that work.
I'm gonna miss you, Kate.
You are?
Yeah, reached my goal.
Hoo-hoo! He's back, baby.
Watch out, world!
Listen, Jared.
Uh, do you think
you can stall the studio?
I was originally scheduled
to stay one more week anyway.
Oh, you like the great outdoors
that much, you wanna stay now?
There's just something
I want to do.
Ah, sounds suspect.
Everything sounds suspect
with you.
This is true.
Listen, I admit,
there's something I want to do
while we're here, too,
so, I'll make the call.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Everything's cool.
Sasha just told me
to watch Outlander,
and this scene is good.
All right, well,
I'll let you get back to it.
Oh, okay, cool,
I'll to you later.
Oh, my gosh.
"Walk to the beach
to claim your prize."
What are you up to?
You earned it... fair and square.
Welcome to the Silver Springs
Rescue Zoo.
Now, be careful.
Wild animals
can be unpredictable.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Now, over here,
we have the very popular...
purple polar bear.
Now, something fierce...
Is that a wolf?
"Kate Junior"?
Well, how else are you gonna
remember me, Mr. Hollywood?
Well, I have to say,
I've certainly
become fond of Wolfes lately.
Dangerous when
you first meet them...
Almost feels like you're gonna
get your head torn off
if you don't follow their lead.
- Is that so?
- Mm-hmm.
The Wolfe is a fierce leader!
But loyal.
Shall we pack these up?
Do I get to keep them?
Of course.
Especially that penguin there.
Took a lot of work
to get that one.
My favorite.
The studio actually
is gonna let me
do some of my own stunts
this time.
They want me to stay
for my final week.
Think you can find the time?
Mm, I think
I could squeeze you in.
They did hire me
to get you into shape
for the big silver screen.
And you know, it's uncanny...
You are starting to look
just like Agent Hall.
Don't forget, he's a spy.
How could I?
You remind me daily.
I know what you've been
working on.
Well, I've been working on
getting you into shape,
so, that makes sense.
I mean...
I know that you inherited
your grandfather's land,
that's next to the retreat.
And I know that you're trying
to convince the council
to approve rezoning it,
so you and Sasha can start
a fitness camp for kids.
You believe this will not only
help your friend,
but it will also help
your hometown,
and I know that it's your way
of helping out families
who have been hit
with the unlucky.
You've helped me,
so it's my turn to help you.
What do you mean?
You're trying to convince
a town that resists change,
and even if it's good for them,
it might take
a little more action
to get them on your side.
I might know a little bit
about that.
How in the world
did you find all this out?
Oh, right, you're a spy.
How could I forget?
When production companies
are trying to sell a movie idea,
you know what they do?
They try and attach
a famous actor to their project.
Almost guarantees success.
I'll be sure to remember that
the next time
I'm making a movie.
What if I go with you?
To the council meeting?
You would...?
Attach myself to your project.
But your presence
at the retreat,
it's a secret and people could...
One week until
you present the whole idea
at the town hall meeting, right?
Oh, they moved it to Wednesday.
Well, then we better
get started.
You really would do this?
Don't make me turn into
a drill sergeant, Kate.
You will not like getting
a taste of your own medicine.
Come on, Wolfe!
Pick it up!
Come on, Rick.
And there's a house on the land.
I was thinking
I could fix it up.
Living up here full-time?
Sounds like a dream.
Really does.
And the kids' camp, well...
when my parents were sick,
it was really hard.
There wasn't a lot of support.
And then
when my dad got diagnosed,
one year after my mom passed,
I was visiting him
in the hospital,
and I met this little girl...
Cancer, too.
And she always talked about
her summers at the cottage,
and that stuck with me.
And that's where my idea
for the kids' camp came from.
So that's it, then.
Your strong focus
on health and fitness
and helping others to achieve
a healthier lifestyle.
It could be your reaction
to losing them.
I guess.
What was it you told me?
That people often have
deeper reasons
for not taking care
of themselves?
my deeper reason
is Liza Cahoone.
I know her.
Broke up a year and a half ago.
I'm sorry.
I thought she was
the love of my life,
only to find out
she was cheating...
Behind my back, for six months.
I actually found out
from a tabloid magazine,
believe it or not.
Did not see it coming.
Sat on the couch
feeling miserable
for almost four months straight.
My point is...
Maybe, just like me,
you have deeper reasons
for not letting yourself be
the happiest you can be, too.
And how do you think
I can be happier, Rick?
Maybe you could
let go of your rules?
Even consider breaking one?
One that involves a man
who just might make you
feel as happy as you make him?
Let me help you get ready
for this presentation,
and while we do,
maybe we could...
I don't know...
Spend even more time together?
You in?
I'm in.
So, there's another trail
I'd love to take you on
at some point. It's...
Rick. Rick! Come... Come here.
Uno momento! Sorry!
Hey. Ahem.
Where have you been?
I've been trying
to get in touch with you,
What's going on?
After the studio said
you should work here
for another week...
- Yeah?
- They made another request.
Okay. Name it.
Well, they, uh, finally
decided on your costar.
- Great!
- And they want her
to come up here
and get Kate to train you both.
Kate can train us both!
- Kate?
- Yeah?
Yeah, they want you guys
to, uh, practice on
some, uh, action scenes together.
You know, they thought
it would be like, uh,
how can I say this?
Uh, chemistry building?
Chemistry building's
always a good idea.
Did they send a new script?
Oh, they sent more than that.
Hi, Kate!
It's so good to see you again.
- Uh, you too.
- What's happening?
And my goodness,
look at this guy.
You look good, Rick.
You're a miracle-worker.
It's great to see you again.
Really great.
You too.
The challenge is on.
"Beautiful foreign agent
Nora Nether Regions... "
"Nora Nether."
Love the name, right?
It's a great name.
Alright, enough chit-chat.
Can we just get through
the scene, please?
Of course, right.
"Nora approaches Agent Hall,
with the knife in her hand
and fire in her eyes."
Um... "As the jet ascends
to 10,000 feet",
"Nora and Agent Hall
circle one another on the wing."
Agent Hall does not
want to kill her
"if he doesn't have to."
I wouldn't
be so sure about that.
What was that?
"Bruno Rifat
exits the plane with... "
Bruno Rifat was
the short, bald villain, right?
Didn't he die three movies ago?
Yeah, he did,
but he was so popular,
they decided to bring him back
and just say that he'd been
hiding out in the Amazon.
"Bruno Rifat exits the plane,
ready for combat."
He lunges towards Hall,
grabbing his shirt,
"tearing it off of him."
Oh, this is gonna be good.
"And then jumps onto
Agent Hall's back."
Okay. Kate.
You're gonna need to be Bruno.
What? No, I'm not.
Minnie, can you take over
reading the scene?
Rick. I can teach you
how to do a stunt,
but I'm not an actor.
Give me that script, Bruno.
What? Script called for it!
Okay. Uh, Liza?
Make sure you keep
your active hand up.
Uh, your "active hand"
is the one
not holding the weapon.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Good. So now we're gonna
work out the stunt.
You don't look anything
like a short, bald guy.
Minnie, what now?
Oh. Ahem.
"Despite the conditions,"
Agent Hall knows
he must defeat Bruno,
"if he hopes to save Nora."
Ah, he's probably
still thinking about
their passion-filled night
on the Rhine,
four scenes ago.
Okay, Minnie.
Sorry. Um...
"Agent Hall swings Bruno
from his back..."
throws Bruno onto the wing
in front of him.
He leans over Bruno,
looks directly in his eyes
with steely determination
"and says... "
Well, go ahead.
You ready? Cowboy up.
Wait. I-I don't see a cowboy.
Oh, that's stunt lingo...
It's when you know
you're gonna be doing something
that might hurt.
- Ah.
- Kinda like
getting into shape after
eating junk food for a year.
Oh, that's it...
No mercy.
You all right, Bruno?
Is that your best
"steely determination"?
Is that your best villain?
Rick, now you say...
"Enjoy your flight, Bruno."
Then Agent Hall
picks up Bruno Rifat,
throws him off the wing
for a high fall.
What's a "high fall"?
10,000 feet to the ground,
sending Bruno back
to his vacation home in Brazil.
You ready to fall?
I'm ready.
"Agent Hall turns to Nora
and says..."
I spy a beautiful woman.
Ahem. Uh, I know I'm not
an acting coach, Rick,
but that really
wasn't your best.
I kind of agree.
I spy a beautiful woman.
"Nora drops the knife,
completely powerless
to fight against his charm."
"Agent Hall
pulls Nora in
for a passionate kiss."
"But... "
Before their lips meet...
Bruno reappears with the knife!
He didn't fall!
"He's been hanging
from the jet engine."
You just refuse to die,
don't you?
Ah, you know me.
I'm stubborn.
Okay. Let's take a break.
Uh, is there anything to eat
around here?
Ah! Okay.
You look like you're going
to Hogwarts or something.
Good job, Minnie.
Great reading!
That seagull
was not happy with me.
In fairness,
you were paddling on his ocean.
I don't know if I can take it
if both the gulls
and the owls gang up on me.
Mm, yeah, that would be
a "fowl" situation, for sure.
Did you just make a joke?
Mm, poor attempt?
Nah, it was pretty funny.
Don't be so shocked.
You're starting to have fun
with me, aren't you?
Yes, Darian Hall has cracked
the code on Kate Wolfe.
I'm having fun.
It might be my best work yet.
And what about saving the world?
Mm, it's overrated.
I have a new plan now.
And what's that?
Saving this place with you.
And then you'll be gone
in no time.
Yeah, I guess I will.
And, so, I am asking
the Silver Springs Town Council
to vote yes.
My grandfather, Samuel Wolfe,
was a champion of this town.
He would want his land
used in this way.
A little more feeling.
Well, I'm not an actor like you.
I'm not asking you to act.
I'm just asking you
to not work so hard
to disguise how you really feel.
How do I do that?
You're the queen of that.
You're harder to read
than anyone I've ever met.
I don't want to be hard to read.
I know.
But you may need to practice.
Ask me anything.
You sure?
'Cause this is a serious
violation of rule number one.
In yoga class,
when you visualize your life
in one year,
what do you see?
I see the wellness retreat
doing well.
I see...
my grandpa's land
transformed into a camp
that families and kids
can come to in the summer.
And I want to make a difference
in people's lives.
Make my parents proud.
And me?
Am I there?
When you close your eyes...
visualize your life in one year,
am I there?
Because I see you.
You do?
You're the only thing I see
when I close my eyes these days.
Try it. Close 'em.
Do you hear that?
The owl?
I don't...
No, not the owl.
The music.
I don't hear it.
Listen again.
You got brains,
you got brawn...
do you have rhythm?
I'm just curious
About you
Noticed you
For quite a while
I know
You're seeing someone
What's the harm in a smile?
No, oh, oh
Not getting in the middle
And I won't wreck
What you have
I'm just getting to know you
What's so wrong with that?
It's just a conversation
A casual "hello"
No need for hesitation
We can take it slow
I'm not about to crash
Your party
Oh, oh, no
No, that ain't right
There you are...
Dancing off-rhythm.
- Hey.
- How you doin'?
So I think I managed
to do everything you asked.
Thanks, Jared.
Let's take a look.
What are those?
Your sketches.
Everything you dreamed of.
These are fantastic.
Thank you.
Now I think we have
everything we need
to convince the council.
Well, how are you gonna explain
why you're here?
I thought I'd mention
this amazing woman I met in L.A.
and let their imaginations
run wild.
I think my job here is done.
Gonna head back to the hotel
and catch up on some episodes.
So you got everything you need.
- Good luck tomorrow, hey?
- Thanks.
Wanna walk me out?
Sure. Be right back.
Keep practicing those moves.
Oh, yeah, I will.
So it's parked beside the cabin.
You're the best agent I know.
Because I'm the best
there is, okay?
Not that I like
to rain on anyone's parade,
but I can see how this all ends.
You know, between you and her?
We've been on that road before,
man... it doesn't end well.
Let's just keep it
to the business affairs,
all right?
Fair enough, but...
you should know
that the studio's planning
to leak a story
about you and Liza
getting back together.
They what?
Publicity for the movie.
They wanna make it
a blockbuster.
You know how it is.
If successful,
I estimate that it will bring
up to 2,000 tourists
in the next two years...
Don't you dare say it...
I spy
a genuinely beautiful woman.
Your chariot.
Where did you get this car?
Agent Darian Hall
travels in style.
And the way you look today,
maybe we should forget
the town hall meeting
and charter a flight to Paris
for a sunset dinner.
Ah, just like your movie
"A Death in Paris"?
Just like that.
I have a gift for you.
A gift?
Your very own chart.
My what?
I told you...
I was gonna keep a chart.
Everything I learned about you.
is when I first learned
about your parents,
and how they were the reason
behind your tough exterior.
This day...
we talked about Ron and Tina
and their tree,
and I learned that you really
liked birdseed for breakfast.
And, uh, this is when
you finally shared
your dream with me,
and I learned how smart
and caring and invested you are
in the lives of others.
This is when you cheered
as I reached my goal,
and I learned
that you could be truly happy
for someone else.
Read what it says for today.
"Kate kills it
at the town hall meeting."
After everything
I've learned about you,
I know exactly
how today will go.
Now let's go do this.
Thank you, monsieur.
You're welcome, madame.
Oh, ho!
Darian Hall, okay!
Let's go...
to the town hall meeting.
And the faces
of the council members
when Rick walked in...
Well, they were positively
and Rick never said a word!
What happened next?
Kate gave
a fabulous presentation...
So detailed and thorough.
I have no idea
how they can deny her request.
the final vote
is scheduled for Friday.
And when you countered
with the exact budget numbers?
Whoo! You are a force
to be reckoned with.
Did you see their faces
when they saw
Agent Darian Hall show up?
It had nothing to do with me.
You were so impressive today.
There you are.
Hi, Kate.
You look incredible.
So do you.
What are you doing in my cabin?
Waiting for you?
Uh, thanks again, Rick,
for today.
There's a Pilates class
I said I would teach
this afternoon, so, um,
I'm gonna go do that.
- Oh...
- See you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So, you ready?
Ready for what?
The team flew in
over an hour ago.
The stylist has your outfit
laid out in there.
Right. That's today. Okay.
Sun's setting. Hurry up.
Oh, and the car's
a nice touch, Agent Hall.
Hey, Jared.
- Hey!
- Whatcha up to?
Uh, Rick and Liza's
photo shoot...
Just watching a live feed...
The quintessential
Hollywood power couple.
Look at this, look at this.
See that?
Pure passion in her eyes.
Just like old times.
Okay, I'm gonna need you two
to get a little closer.
Okay, Rick I need you
to look at Liza with love...
Agent Hall and Nora.
Feels like old times.
Um, some smiles, please?
I'm sorry, Rick,
for what happened.
I really am.
I need you to know
that I know it was a mistake.
A mistake?
You and I, we were good.
We were really good.
So good, you cheated.
Rick, can you
get a little closer to her?
It happens, Rick.
It was a mistake.
Doing that to you...
Breaking your heart...
It's the biggest regret
of my life.
Can you put your hand
on his cheek?
I think we should try again.
Try again?
Okay, I'm gonna need you two
to kiss.
Uh, this card's almost full.
I'm gonna need a new card.
That was the last shot.
I think we need to talk.
So, what were they like
as a couple?
Rick and Liza?
Uh, they were good.
I mean, Rick thought
she was the one.
But when she broke his heart,
it really... it really hurt him.
You know?
But now that I look back,
I actually think
it was for the better.
You know, sure, he went through
a little depression phase,
but I think Liza taught him
what he doesn't want in life,
you know?
Showed him the core values
in a woman that he does want.
But... this is Hollywood!
And as much as I'd like
to tell you anything different,
whew, Liza Cahoone,
she usually gets what she wants,
you know what I'm saying?
Oh, it's Sasha,
your best friend.
She's actually really cute.
- Yeah!
- Yeah. She made dinner.
- Oh?
- Gotta go!
- Uh, sorry.
- Yeah, okay.
Sorry about that.
Rick, open the door.
Look, I know
your training is over,
but I want to talk to you...
Can you put your sneakers on?
What time is it?
Come on. Just get dressed.
We're gonna go for a run.
It's a little early, isn't it?
Even for you.
Yeah... you don't
want to come in here.
Can you just wait here a minute?
I'll go get my sneakers.
Aw, man, you could've at least
lit a match!
Yeah. He's right here.
No. Y... I-I understand.
What did you say to Liza?
It's outsi...
Yeah, it just pulled up.
We can be at the airport
in, like, 30 minutes.
Pack your stuff.
Yeah. Of course.
Whatever you need us to do.
Thanks for letting me know.
Liza just quit the movie!
Why would she quit the movie?
I just told her we weren't
getting back together.
"Ever?" Oh!
Get in the car.
They need you to screen test
with the possible Noras
right now.
Geez! This is gonna
delay shooting, you know?
That was not my intention.
Hey. You know
I'm grateful for the work.
Well, let's hope the studio
sees it that way, okay?
I got a lot of damage control
to do, Rick.
But I'm also a real person,
and I need
to talk to Kate before we go.
I did not grow up in the woods
to be scared by owls.
Kate, you in there?
I need to talk to you!
- Hey, let's go!
- I'm not quite ready, Jared!
Yes, you are!
Get in the car!
Come on, man.
Look. I get it.
You like it here, okay?
And I can see it in your eyes,
you have a thing for Kate.
I kinda have a thing for Sasha.
But we gotta go.
Bot of our careers
are on the line, okay?
Why'd you make me eat two whole
pizzas by myself last night?
You trying to kill me?
We gotta go.
Are you okay?
I'm fun...
I know how to have fun...
and let my walls down.
You're lots of fun.
Lots of fun.
And-And you got pizza.
It's cauliflower crust.
I don't even know
how to have fun!
I can't even eat
a regular slice of pizza.
I have two things to tell you.
One's good...
one's not so good.
I hate to add insult to injury.
Just rip the Band-aid off.
You've been fired.
By the studio.
But there was one day left
in my contract
and the client just up and left!
He didn't even say goodbye.
I know.
And they paid in full,
but the studio rep on the phone
insisted I tell you
that you're fired.
I wanted to give you...
I wanted to give you this.
All you have to do is sign.
Full partners.
No matter what happens with
the town council or the land,
this retreat needs you.
I need you.
So, what do you say?
We can turn this place
into the Hollywood hideaway
for out-of-shape stars
in the off-season...
and a camp for the kids
in the summer.
Is this because you think
I can't win the town over?
No! No, no, no.
I have a good feeling
about that.
This is just in case you don't.
Come here.
This time tomorrow,
we are going to be celebrating
by the campfire.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
I know it.
Let's focus on that.
Let's focus on that.
Men schmen...
even ones like Rick Steele.
Keep those arms moving!
Let's focus
on a full-body workout!
And remember, if you get tired,
it's better
to slow down your pace
than come to a complete stop!
Let's go, team!
Yeah! You got this!
Okay, I said not to come
to a complete stop, but...
- Hello?
- No cell phones, Min...
- Uh-huh.
- Remember?
Oh. O-Okay, yes.
I'll-I'll tell her.
- Minnie.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
That was my son... the Mayor.
The council voted in your favor!
Oh, my gosh, I can't believe it!
Thank you,
Well done!
Alright, let's celebrate
by continuing running.
All right, everyone!
Let's pick up the pace!
I thought you were in L.A.
I, uh, should be, but, uh...
I realized I was able to get
some work done here before
and emails seem to work fine
nowadays, so.
That sounds fantastic.
No driver this time?
It's just me.
So... where we goin'?
Oh, now?
After you, milady.
This seat taken?
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What are you doing here?
The campfire's gonna start soon.
what are you doing here?
I hear the council voted
to change the zoning.
Yeah, they did.
How do you know that?
So I guess you got
a lot of work ahead.
Setting up the camp for kids,
renovating your grandpa's house.
How would you feel if I helped?
What do you mean?
I've learned
something recently, Kate.
My work is my work...
but my real life
is a completely separate thing.
What about the movie
you have to shoot?
Shooting's been delayed.
The studio's trying to find
a new co-star.
For Liza?
You and her...?
Are done.
We've been done for a while now.
Plain and simple...
Liza's not the one for me.
But... the cabin.
That morning,
I thought you and her...
That was Jared in the cabin.
He had a pizza hangover.
And now that you've been
fired by the studio...
Did you do that?
I know how seriously
you take your rules,
so I asked them
to put that contract
through the shredder.
We are officially
no longer client and coach.
So, uh...
what does that make you and I?
Well, I've been asking myself
that same question.
Whatever we are,
it's definitely not something
I want to let pass me by.
I spy a beautiful life
with you, Kate.
That was really cheesy.
Well, I like cheesy.
And I like what you did
with this beard.
Red skirt
A little white dress
Don't matter she wears
Old soul and a child's eyes
I wish I didn't care
But when you look at her
like that
The world feels
like a parking lot
And I'm an old, used car
I don't know what she's got
Don't sign your letters
with "I love you"
Never meant it
so above you
You two lovers
now are above you
High above you...
High above you
Old a brand-new dress
Don't matter what I wear
She's got
a heart of sapphires
My paper heart's
about to tear
And when you look at her
like that
The world feels
like an old TV
She's the brand-new
colored picture
I'm the static on the screen
Don't sign your letters
with "I love you"
Never meant it
so above you...