Warning (2021) Movie Script

[man on radio]
Ground control to David.
Please provide a status update
on the meters.
[David] Um, I don't know
what the fuck I'm looking at.
You know, I'm just a maintenance
technician, right? For the entire galaxy.
You are categorized
as low-level maintenance crew.
And when am I gonna get a...
an android up here?
Are you feeling lonely?
I'm alone. I'm not lonely.
Anyway, robots are awful company.
I just... I don't like these spacewalks.
An android companion
is not an approved expense.
Um, can you really
put a value on human life?
You were registered
at a cost of $500,000.
The android costs $40 million.
Please get us those readings STAT.
Humans on Earth are not handling
the recent surge in thunderstorms well.
Yeah, I got your readings
right here all right.
- [automated voice] Warning!
- Mayday. Mayday, mayday!
Warning! Warning!
Warning! Warning!
Ground control,
what the hell just happened?
- Warning!
- Hey!
Ground control, can you hear me?
[sighs] Christ!
[thunder rumbles]
[birds squawking]
[Brian] A lot of them are strays,
or turned in by owners
who can't take care of them anymore.
[Olivia] I need one that has
some wine knowledge and won't spill.
My mom's a bit particular.
What about these two?
This one is Charlie.
He's a fully operational companion robot.
He served as an excellent
end of life caretaker for elders.
- He's great.
- Hm.
- Is his outfit changeable?
- Yeah, sure, yeah.
Do you want to get to know Charlie
in the meeting zone?
Hm, okay, yeah.
I'm super easygoing.
[soft chuckle] Comfortable
with any conversation topic.
You can't shock me, hm?
I can say "one more beer"
in over 48 languages.
Take me on holiday.
[chuckles] You're in for a real treat.
Can he clean pools?
Actually, Charlie is
a little sensitive with water.
Oh, come on, Brian,
I bet you're no mermaid either.
I am great at doing the dead-man float.
Am I right?
Uh, no. Can I please meet the other one?
[Brian] Let's take this outside.
So, so, you like wine?
Uh, my mom does.
Okay, listen to this.
What did the grape say
when it was being stepped on?
- Uh, I don't know?
- Nothing.
He just let out a little wine.
Huh? Am I right?
[chuckles] Am I right?
[indistinct chatter]
- What did she say about me, huh?
- It's a hard pass, Charlie.
It was the dead-man float shtick, huh?
- A little too dark, wasn't I?
- [Brian chuckles]
I don't think she's your type of crowd.
You weren't made for young ones like that.
I'm like a fine wine...
- complex but very, very fruity.
- Yeah.
That should be plenty enough walking.
Okay, it's bedtime, Charlie.
I need to go get some rest.
[Charlie whirs, beeps]
Close your eyes, Charlie.
- [indistinct TV chatter]
- [pills rattling]
He can cook. He makes amazing desserts.
He's great at small household tasks.
No, no, he can't fix electrical equipment.
He's an older model, he will fry.
But he's amazing.
No, I understand.
We'll call you if we get one of those.
I see here you said to not call, my bad.
Have a nice even...
[indistinct TV chatter]
[David panting]
Eva, engage thrusters.
- [Eva] Thrusters damaged.
- Eva, engage thrusters.
- Thrusters damaged.
- Eva?
- Ground control, talk to me.
- [Eva] Connection stream interrupted.
- Connection stream interrupted.
- [stammers] Repeat that, please.
- Repeat.
- Lost connection with comm center.
What do I do? What's the protocol?
Lost-lost-lost... Lost connection...
Lost connection with comm center.
- Sorry, repeat. Repeat...
- Lost connection with comm center.
- Lost connection with comm center.
- Fuck.
[thunder rumbles]
- [chime]
- [God 2.0] Good morning, Claire.
Can I please have
my daily inspirational quote?
Of course, Claire.
Today's inspiration is...
"The best preparation for tomorrow
is doing your best today."
I like that.
Thank you, God.
[rock music playing]
I'm changing the music.
This is not conducive
to spiritual growth.
Okay, thank you.
You're welcome.
[soft music playing]
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[man on TV] Hi, my name is Chad.
I'm 24 years old,
I love sports...
[woman on TV]
Hi, I'm Lauren,
and my best qualities
are not on the outside.
- I keep having bad thoughts.
- [chiming]
- And what are they, Claire?
- I feel envious of Sarah,
and so I keep fantasizing
about her husband cheating on her
and then she has to come home
and she goes crazy.
Envy is the art of counting another's
blessings instead of your own.
What are my blessings, God?
Um, my love for you,
and your wallpaper.
[sighs heavily]
[engine starts]
- [crashing]
- [chiming]
Claire, I heard that.
Uh, heard what?
You hit a car.
No, I didn't.
Lying. One sin recorded.
How many sins
have I committed this month?
You are at nine venial sins
this month.
At ten sins, you will be charged
$25.99 per venial sin.
Can I just remove the last sin?
To remove the most recent sin,
here are your options:
One, take responsibility.
End of options.
- [glove compartment opens]
- [rustling]
- Thanks, God.
- [chiming] You're welcome, Claire.
[moans softly]
New update available.
New features... future foresight,
communication with up to seven deceased
relatives and wireless compatibility.
To update overnight,
say "yes" at the tone.
- [chimes]
- Yes.
So, Brian, you gonna buy me dinner first,
or we just gonna get right to it?
[soft chuckle]
Charlie, tell me,
what do you know about sex? Huh?
It's the motion of the ocean
that matters the most.
Am I right?
- Yeah, you're right.
- [chuckles]
Are we doing a full body scan again?
We did one last week.
Yeah, just one more.
Is it because of my highbrow
sense of humor that's upsetting people?
Everyone's getting checked again
before the holidays.
Right. The holidays.
You spending them with someone special?
No, not really.
You know, you should just spend them here.
I'm great company.
Yeah, you're right.
That does sound nice, actually.
Would it be too much trouble
to dress up as Santa Claus?
Whatever you want, Charlie.
- Let me help you.
- Oh, come on, Brian.
I never had Santa as a child.
- You never were a child.
- Oh, good point.
Am I doing something wrong, Brian?
You're doing everything wrong.
Don't hold back.
I'm serious, though.
I've been in this place
for two months to the day.
I've never met anybody that was here
past the two-month mark.
You know, it would be nice if somebody
young took me home that got me.
You know, like you.
You can do much better than me.
I don't wanna seem needy, Brian.
But we get along great.
You're my friend.
- Trust me, you can do better.
- You're my friend, though, right?
Of course, Charlie, I'm your friend.
Okay, lie down.
We have this new machine.
So just lie down.
- And you need to close your eyes.
- Okay.
Can you play some music?
[music playing]
Can you turn it up a bit?
I love that song.
Sure, buddy.
[jazz music playing]
[music stops]
[thunder rumbles softly]
Wake up.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
[woman on phone]
God 2.0 customer service.
Please hold for the next
available operator.
[hold music playing]
[man on phone] God 2.0 customer service.
This phone call may be recorded.
Please state your name
and product serial number.
Hi, my name is Claire Larry,
- and how do I find the serial number?
- Can you request it from God?
I can't. He's not there.
Oh, did you recently
do the update?
- Yeah.
- Ooh, well, that's not good.
- Why, what does that mean?
- Well, we've been having
some technical issues with that
since the storm.
I'm afraid I can't help you
over the phone, Clark.
Um, my name's Claire.
And my last name is Larry.
Oh, okay, Larry.
I think the easiest way
is to make an appointment
with the Holy Genius Bar.
["Heaven On Earth Remix" by Summer Dregs,
Johnny Balik and Swayyvo playing]
What took you so long to ask me out?
Mm, I don't know.
Just thought you wouldn't be into it.
I never said I was.
- [Ben] Hey, baby.
- [laughing]
Say hi to the camera.
What? What should I do?
Um, whatever your heart desires.
- Um, smoke rings.
- Oh, you can do smoke rings?
- Mm-hmm.
- Prove it.
Sick smoke rings, Anna.
They say perfect circles don't exist,
- but you just proved them wrong, baby.
- Fuck. [coughs]
By the way, totally worth
you looking a little gross.
I look gross? Do I look gross?
- You're so beautiful.
- You're the worst.
Okay, stop.
[Ben] Fuck.
[tires screech]
[Ben grumbles]
You're still here.
Stop staring at me.
[phone vibrating]
[sighs] What the hell?
[scoffs] Come on.
[phone continues vibrating]
- Hello?
- [Ben] Hey, you on your way?
Yeah, I'm on my way, you creep.
Suffocating me already. Jesus.
- You know that's why you love me.
- Wait, wait, do you have wine?
Yes, I got a bottle
of red right here.
- Okay, I'll see you in five.
- Okay, bye.
[David] God...
if you can hear me... right now...
I'd, uh...
I really, uh...
I don't know. Shit.
Okay, all right, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.
Let me start again.
I-I never asked you for anything.
I've never even spoken to you.
Huh. I always figured
the universe would, you know,
lead me to wherever I needed to be.
But, uh, I don't think
this is the right way.
- [nervous chuckle]
- [Eva] Recalculating route.
Insert new destination.
Not now, Eva. Jesus!
All right, well, what's going on?
I mean, what am I...
What are we doing here, huh?
What-what's the lesson here?
What, that I'm selfish?
I already knew that.
I mean, like, what, do I look
like father material?
I mean, there's people down there fucking.
They're fucking and they're murdering
each other, and you're coming after me?
You better get your priorities
straight, buster.
I mean, if you think I deserve this...
well, maybe you should have
made me better.
I mean, this might actually be your fault.
[scoffs] I mean, as far as fathers go,
you're not very good either!
I look gross?
Do I look gross?
Is it bad?
You look beautiful.
Sorry, it comes out every once in a while.
That was not a goat.
[clears throat] That wasn't a goat?
What was it then?
That was a sheep.
Oh, you really know your farm animals.
- [chuckles]
- Um, okay, what does a goat sound like?
Do it for me.
Ba-ha-ha. [laughing]
That's a donkey,
that is not a goat at all.
- By the way, I just want to say...
- What?
I'm sorry for getting you a burger.
- Why are you sorry for...
- Well, I should have gotten you hay.
Hey, what's going on?
Come here.
[Anna] This thing... he follows me.
- Hey, it's okay.
- [sighs] I see it all the time.
It's gonna be okay.
[crickets chirping]
[faucet runs]
[clattering in distance]
I have an appointment.
Yeah, I know.
[computer chiming]
- So?
- Mm...
Okay, so here's the problem.
Never update without doing
a manual restart.
Oh, no, that's not true. He just said,
"Say yes at the tone," and then he died.
Did you hold down the button
till God shut down and restarted?
- No.
- [whispers] Okay then.
- [chiming]
- [normal voice] Oh!
I see you pay for the cloud monthly,
so at least you have a backup
of your good deeds and sins.
Can you see my sins?
You want me to?
Okay, so moving on.
You back up every day, right?
Yeah, no, no, I don't, sometimes, maybe.
Okay, what's going to happen is we can
offer you a discount on a new system.
How long have you been
with your current God?
- Four years.
- Wow.
Okay, you're supposed
to renew your faith every 18 months.
- No, you're not.
- Yeah.
I'm surprised
he stayed with you this long.
Just give me a new model then.
He'll be shipped to you by tomorrow.
How am I gonna pray?
You'll have to do it manually.
are you there?
This is so stupid.
Where are your parents?
God... Oh, shit.
[man on phone]
God 2.0 customer service.
This phone call may be recorded.
So, I've been trying to pray manually
and, uh, nobody's answering.
So, I feel... kind of stupid,
and I was just wondering if maybe...
you could talk back to me while I do it?
Ma'am, we do not provide
spiritual responses
to God 2.0 customers
over the phone.
I can sign you up for an automated
hotline service
for just a $199 per month.
No, no, uh, of course you don't.
That's... Just... I actually was asking just
if you could maybe do just quick response,
like, um, just an inspirational quote,
you know, "Best preparation
for tomorrow is..."
Or something about today
or just getting through.
Uh, no.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
Hello, ma'am?
[thunder cracks]
[God 2.0]
Buenos das, Larry.
- Oh, God.
- Ingls?
- S, s, ingls.
- Good morning, Larry!
Congratulations for choosing God 2.0!
New and improved!
Wireless, waterproof, non-flammable
and simply indestructible.
Made exclusively
from recycled bots,
God 2.0 is saving you
and the planet.
Larry, come on
down to Mattress Deluxe
where we have thousands of mattresses
at wholesale prices!
Jesus fucking Christ.
You used the Lord's name in vain.
One sin recorded.
You having trouble gaining
muscle mass?
- No.
- Of course you do!
Trainers are going out of business
because of protein water.
Make it stop. Uh, stop ads, please.
To stop advertisements,
sign up for Premium God 2.0.
To roll your eyes at God is a sign
of contempt. One sin recorded.
- Can you see me?
- Yes, I see everything.
The new God 2.0 is equipped
with visual sensor technology.
- Shit.
- Swearing. One sin recorded.
- Turn off.
- [chiming]
The new God 2.0
has an eternal battery life,
and cannot be powered down.
Forever in your presence.
Making you a better person,
No, no, no, no, no!
[car alarm blaring]
[Nina] You know, I haven't been back
to this area since I was a kid.
There was a slight incident.
There was some fireworks
and a friend's robot.
What happened?
I might have blown it up.
[both laughing]
And I was never invited back, you know,
so I'm feeling the pressure.
Okay, probably best not to mention that
at dinner tonight.
No, you don't think they'd like that?
- Probably not.
- Probably not.
I thought it'd make me a bit dangerous,
but whatever.
- I get it. I get it.
- [laughing]
But I'm serious, I'm really nervous.
You know, I've never been
with someone of your kind.
What, someone so privileged,
and so self-loathing?
- Yeah, all my favorite parts about you.
- Hmm.
I was actually having some doubts
about you and I.
Hey! That's mean.
I think it's a little odd
that you would use my childhood
sippy cup as an ashtray.
You... The childhood sippy cup is odd.
- Who gave you the sippy cup?
- My mom.
It's exactly for that reason
I find the sippy cup a little bit weird.
- It's sentimental.
- Do you not think that that's a reminder
of what it was like to attach
to the last... [laughs]
I'm going to say it,
nipple-like thing in your life?
[both laughing]
No, seriously. Seriously.
Is she... is she going to hate me?
- Really?
- Hm.
- Is she really mean?
- Yeah.
- [laughs]
- Well, I'm really great,
so I'm going to make this amazing.
She's going to love me. Watch this.
So strange. What a strange... house
[scoffs] Oh, is that... is that...
- Do you have a dog? Is that...?
- [Liam] No.
Do you think that's something on my shoe?
- Look... Do you think that's dog poo?
- No, you look fine.
I cannot go into your house
smelling like dog shit.
- Yeah.
- That's just a no-go.
This is so embarrassing.
Are you sure?
- Yeah, you're fine.
- Oh, I smell like poo.
- [door unlocks, whirs]
- Ooh! The door opened.
- Where's your mom?
- [Dora] Hello, darling!
Come on in. Your father and sister
are in the game room.
Oh, God.
[indistinct chatter]
- [Ron] If you wanna watch the master.
- That's what I rolled.
See how it goes.
[Olivia] Take a nap, he takes forever.
Yeah, thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
Watch, guys. Watch, guys.
[dice rattle]
- Yeah!
- [Olivia] No!
Oh, I'm so pumped.
- Wow.
- So gonna pl... I'm killing on this.
Looks like you built
a water park instead, Dad.
Don't tell your mother.
[Dora] Ron, I think
that's enough now.
[Ron] We should never have installed
a home optics system.
Word of advice.
Keep the home optic stuff to the bedroom,
you don't need it for the whole house.
[Olivia] Eww, Dad. Stop.
[Ron] No, most accidents
happen in the bedroom.
So, you finally admit
that Olivia is an accident?
You're an accident, Liam.
Except you happened in the living room.
- [Olivia] Wait, where?
- Ay, ay, ay.
[Ron] Right, your go.
No cheating like your sister.
- [Olivia] Yes!
- [Ron] Watch and weep.
[Nina] Well, apparently mission control
lost contact with him.
[Dora scoffs] You'd think they'd just
get robots to do it by now.
Why would anybody go up there?
[Ron] Sometimes you just need some space.
Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
Nina, let him do it.
That's what he's programmed for.
[Ron] We just adopted him
a couple of days ago.
[Dora] We only rescue.
It's the best thing to do.
Why don't they rescue the space guy?
The news said that rescue mission
is impossible.
I wonder what he's thinking about.
Floating up there, all by himself.
[Ron] Probably... nothing.
I think that that's the best part,
you can just shut off the old computer.
So you wouldn't be
thinking about me then, Ron?
Well, of course, hon.
By "nothing", I meant
nothing else but you.
- Good save.
- Thanks.
No, I'm not buying it, Liam.
[Ron scoffs] I can't even
float alone through space
without her telling me what to do.
You know, I think there's, uh,
something poetic
about floating through space like that.
[Nina] Why?
Well, 'cause you know how it's gonna end.
What's poetic about dying?
It's so primitive to think
that the only way a life has meaning
is if you know it's going to end.
Um, not really, Mom.
I mean, not everyone is blessed
with the luxury of eternal life.
Oh, I'm sorry. Should we be ashamed
of how blessed we are?
No, I just don't think
that we should rub it in our guest's face.
I apologize, Nina.
I didn't mean to make you feel
Oh... [chuckles] Don't worry, I'm...
I'm not uncomfortable at all.
I actually like being mortal.
See, not everyone is dying not to die.
Sure. But I would assume
that given the choice,
anyone with a sane mind
would choose to go on living.
Well, I didn't have a choice.
I wasn't born in the same tier group
you were,
so I didn't get to choose.
But I'm okay with that.
But don't you feel like you're missing out
on so much time?
Well, I mean, time
just becomes more precious.
There we go with the primitive thinking.
What's your issue?
We, as a family,
of course we're really excited about Nina.
She's really lovely.
- But, we do have some...
- [Dora] Concerns.
- Concerns, yes.
- We have some concerns.
All right, I mean, I'd love to hear them.
None? Nothing?
Mom and Dad think
you dating a mortal is a waste of time.
I never said it in those words.
Look, Nina, I-I think you're very lovely.
But we have to be realistic here.
Well, I mean,
please, do tell us
your ultra-modern take on this, uh...
It's a big sacrifice to waste time
on something that's going to end.
And especially when that end
is so heartbreaking.
No offense, Nina.
Oh, none taken.
She's going to get sick,
and then she will die.
Do you really need to be
around there for that, Liam?
I love this woman, so I want to spend
all the time I can with her.
Don't you see what you're doing, Nina?
- Hold on.
- I'm not doing anything.
You're dragging him down with you.
Why can't you find someone
of your own kind?
[chuckles] You know, uh...
I wasn't planning
on telling you guys today.
But... [scoffs]
I've decided to die naturally with Nina.
- Excuse me?
- I'm turning it off.
[Dora scoffs] I don't think so.
- What?
- I don't wanna live forever without you.
[Dora] That's crazy talk.
Why, just spend time with her then.
- Don't kill yourself over it.
- I'm not killing myself.
Look, have your fun now,
and then, when she dies,
do a memory reset.
Delete her.
That is so cold.
- [Ron] I'm a romantic too.
- [chuckles]
You've got so much more time
and accomplishments ahead of you.
So I can what? Hmm?
Make more money?
Then what? Get another hobby?
Learn another language
I'm never gonna use?
When you can do
anything you want tomorrow,
today doesn't really matter.
I made my decision.
[Dora] You know you can't reverse this.
- Once you switch it off...
- [Ron] Mm.
...you'll be just like them, like her.
You'll age, you'll get sick and then...
Liam, you know, I'd never
ask you to do this for me.
It's my choice.
[Dora] I'm not gonna let this happen.
Absolutely no way.
Well, you know, I think it's about time
I went for a cigarette.
Oh, great! She smokes as well!
As if her life wasn't short enough.
Okay, okay.
[tires screech]
[intercom buzzes]
[Anna] Hello?
- Anna, it's Ben.
- [sighs]
You're closer than 50 yards.
- Leave or I'm calling the cops again.
- I just... I just wanna talk.
Okay, I was trying to figure out
why you left that night and...
- I left because...
- I know, okay?
- You're that thing...
- I realized I fucked up.
I've been telling you to stop
coming here for months now.
- [sighs]
- Please, Anna.
[Anna sighs]
I'm coming down.
[door unlocks, opens]
Ben, something is really wrong with you.
I know, I-I miss you.
You stalked me using that creepy
virtual program.
[scoffs] You did this.
It was you, in that fucking thing
the whole time.
No, Anna, no, I-I didn't know.
Okay, this is so fucked.
It's ruining my life too, you know.
I wish I could block you on it.
No. No, you don't mean that.
Ben, stop living in my past.
I don't wanna see you again.
- Anna, it's our past.
- Ben, I'm telling you...
- Anna, please.
- Ben!
- [taser buzzing]
- [shuddering]
Oh, fuck.
[David grunts]
Eva, how much air do I got left?
[Eva] You have six days,
11 hours and 34 minutes left.
I'm losing my fucking mind.
Eva, can I talk to you?
David, I am detecting
a change in body temperature.
Ah... okay.
I should probably tell you right now,
um, I got a kid.
My ex, she barely lets me
see her anyway, so...
Can I be honest with you?
I-I didn't even want her.
I thought it would...
ruin everything, or...
Not like I had anything, but...
that's the point, you know?
I like being alone.
Or at least I-I used to.
You know how this kid looks at me?
Like I am everything.
The thing I wanted the least
wants me the most.
I don't deserve that.
Nah, she's better off without me.
You know what? I deserve this.
Hey, God, you're right.
This makes perfect sense now.
please repeat your request.
Memory storage almost full.
Deleting old files.
Life support system unaffected.
[woman on TV] A spokesperson
for NASA says that the satellite
likely suffered damage
to its guidance control system...
during a standard inspection
and repairs operation.
[continues indistinct]
[woman on TV] ...performing routine
maintenance on the satellite
was set to return
to Earth immediately.
Where are my cigarettes?
I don't know, Mom.
[indistinct TV chatter]
Where are you going, huh?
I told you.
I'm spending the weekend at Deb's house.
- Why do you always leave me alone?
- No, I don't.
[groans, chuckles]
Your father left me.
Now, you're leaving me.
Everyone leaves me.
It's only for the weekend, Mom.
[chuckles] Fine, go.
You don't give a shit about your mama.
- No, that's not true.
- [laughing]
Leave me like a lonely dog.
I don't want you here.
- [door opens]
- [scoffs]
[door closes]
- Hey!
- What's up?
Nothing, it's my mom again.
[soft music playing]
[automated voice]
Welcome, Pawel Novac.
- [vibrating]
- [soft chuckle]
[Pawel] Hello.
Uh, hi, I was wondering, uh...
Yes, yes, hi.
Um, I saw, uh, the shampoo
and the conditioner in the bathroom,
and, uh, I was just wondering maybe...
there was any body lotion available?
Just text my mom back
if she texts me, okay?
- And what if she calls?
- Don't pick up.
How much are you making on this?
Enough to pay for my own place
for six months.
- Are you fucking serious?
- Yeah.
What do you think he's gonna do?
I don't think he's gonna have
a quiet night at home.
He told me to shave my pussy
and bring party dresses.
What if he does something
messed up with you?
I don't think he's a psycho.
[birds squawking]
Oh, fuck.
[whispering] Fuck. Oh, fuck.
[smoke alarm beeping]
[normal voice] Oh...
Oh, for fuck's sake. No.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You people are gonna live forever.
Smoking is not gonna kill you. Jesus!
[alarm continues]
[birds hooting and squawking]
[thunder rumbles]
What the...?
[breathing shakily]
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Liam? Liam?
- [banging on window]
[muffled yelling]
What? Liam?
Dora! Dora! Dora, stop!
[muffled chatter]
[Nina] Liam! Liam, no! No!
Stop! Dora, stop!
- [knocking]
- Liam.
[Liam] Can I help you?
Liam. Liam.
I've been looking for you.
I've been looking for you.
Hi, I'm Liam.
[Dora on speaker] Liam,
show this young lady out, please.
Can I help you?
[Dora] Good bye, Nina.
[door opens]
- [nurse] Magda?
- Yes.
Come in.
I've prepared him now, he's ready to go.
Strip down, please.
Take off your clothes. I need to prep you.
You are basically just going to sleep
while his mind takes over your body.
He will be fully in control
of your motor functions.
Uh, what if he does something very stupid
and I get hurt?
What if I die?
If you die, he dies.
That would be unlikely.
But remember, you signed all paperwork.
So if he did something to hurt you...
it would cost him a lot of money.
We've never had any cases
that things go horribly wrong.
You're just basically taking a nap
and waking up a little richer.
Okay. Do it.
- Hey!
- [gasps]
[nurse] It's done.
[Magda panting]
I smell so good. [voice echoing]
Hello. Hi!
[nurse] You will wake up in 48 hours.
[jazz music playing]
Wait, are you not
taking my body somewhere?
You are your own responsibility.
[door beeping]
[automated voice]
You are not authorized.
[people chattering]
[Magda] Hi.
Um, I can't seem to get into my room.
- And what room are you in?
- Three-five-three.
All right, let me check.
It looks like there is
only one person on the room.
- Pawel...
- Pawel Novac.
It's my dad... I guess.
You guess?
It's my dad.
Okay, look, I'm not supposed
to let anyone in who's not on the list.
But you don't look like
you're going to kill anyone.
If you need anything, just let me know.
Hmm, no.
Definitely no. [groans]
- Hi.
- Hello.
It's weird weather, huh?
Your, uh, daddy's out late.
- What's happening?
- What do you mean?
I don't know, parties?
It's late. You know,
everything's closing up.
Can I have a cigarette?
Though I do know of a party.
It's an after-hours type thing.
You don't need ID.
But you don't really look like the type
of person that might enjoy it.
No, I wanna go.
I'll tell you what, I get off
in half an hour. Why don't I take you?
[thunder rumbles]
[David panting]
And I've never felt...
more alive my entire life.
And I don't mean that in a good way.
Eva, new voice memo.
[Eva] Voice recording initiated.
So this next part's not for you.
It's for my daughter.
I've made sure that, uh,
all the stars are shining for you...
every night, when you look up
into the sky.
I'm the space janitor, see,
for the entire galaxy, so...
That's what I do.
Whenever you see a star twinkling...
that would me just changing a bulb.
I love you forever.
- Eva, stop recording.
- David, please repeat.
David, please repeat.
Oh, God, no.
Don't leave me. Please don't leave me.
[light flickering]
[Anna] Do you believe in God?
Me neither.
[Ben] I do believe in goat people.
[Anna] Goat peeps.
[announcer on radio] Stay tuned
for late breaking news.
[sirens blaring in distance]
[female reporter] And now following up
on the new strain of the coronavirus
that has been discovered
in the US Virgin Islands.
This is the third resurgence and mutation
of this virus since the COVID-19 pandemic.
The WHO has officially
registered it as COVID-28.
The public is being warned not to panic,
as the CDC states
the strain is not expected
to rise to the levels anywhere close
to the 2020 pandemic.
[thunder rumbles]
Citizens have, however, begun prepping
for another year of lockdown.
[helicopter overhead]
There are reports of rioting and looting,
and some governors have started enacting
serious measures
by shutting down state borders.
This, combined
with recent outages in electricity...
["Please You XXI" by Beatzart playing]
[muffled chatter]
You shy?
[breathing deeply]
["Breathe" by ED.1T playing]
Hey. You found my little flower girl.
Oh, you know her?
- Yeah.
- She's with me now.
Lara, you're fucking teasing me now.
Oh, don't be a dick, Vincent.
I'm just dancing.
I'm trying to have fun, you know.
- [music stops]
- Oh, shit.
[Lara] Can you get us a room?
We're sold out, but, uh,
Magda has a room.
- Uh...
- Come on.
[Vincent] Come on, hurry up!
You don't have to hide a dead body.
- [grunts]
- [indistinct chatter]
Just a minute.
[upbeat music playing]
- [Vincent] Mm.
- [Lara] Mm.
[Vincent] Uh-oh.
- [Lara] Ooh...
- [Vincent] Oh, wow,
you're a dirty girl, huh?
Hey! Don't!
- No, no!
- Hey, Lara, yours is bigger, no?
- [laughs]
- It's my dad's.
Your dad's? [laughs]
Your dad's a little pervert, huh?
You should invite him to the party.
- [exhales]
- Sounds like a real gentleman, you know?
And what are you hiding
in your closet, Vincent?
- Nothing.
- [Lara] Oh, really?
Come on, so you have a bag of dildos.
Come on, have some fun. Fun, fun!
Come on. [laughs]
Take some of this.
[Lara] Uh-uh, uh-uh.
Don't give her K, asshole.
What? It's not K.
I wanna try it. Fuck it.
See? That's the spirit.
- Here. Here.
- [sighs]
Oh, ho, ho, hey...
Hey, leave her.
She likes girls.
So do I.
[Magda breathing heavily]
[muffled laughing]
[Magda] I want... water.
- [indistinct chatter]
- Please.
[woman laughing]
[indistinct chatter]
- [Magda grunting]
- [groans]
- [panting]
- [Vincent] Fuck! [groans]
- Bitch!
- [panting] No, no...
See what you made me fucking do.
[Lara] What the fuck?
Just get out!
[Magda gasping for air]
[Lara panting]
You're fucking 17?
Okay. Okay.
Okay. It's gonna be okay.
Yeah, yeah. It's gonna be okay.
[thunder rumbles]
[David breathing heavily]
Oh, my God.
[thunder rumbles]
[siren blaring]
[broadcast alarm]
[man on TV] Warning! Warning!
This is a national emergency broadcast.
This is not a test.
I repeat, this is not a test.
We urge all citizens...
[alert warning continues indistinct]
This is not a test.
I repeat, this is not a test.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, you gotta pay for that!
Give me one! I need to talk to God.
Hey, it's not genuine,
I painted him last night.
Good luck with your thoughts
and prayers, man.
[indistinct chatter]
[thunder rumbles]
[indistinct chatter]
[woman] Are you okay?
Where are your parents?
What's your name, sweetie?
- Emma.
- Let's go sit, okay?
[David breathing heavily]
[David breathing heavily]
[David] So this is how it ends.
They say every end is a new beginning,
but that ain't true.
People just say that
'cause they wanna feel better.
It's easier to live in an illusion
than it is in reality.
What is this thing called "love" anyway?
Did I ever give enough of it?
Does anyone?
I thought everything made sense,
but none of this does now.
I thought I was in control.
[chuckles] But I'm not.
How the hell am I the last man alive?
How the hell does that happen?
[Eva] Recording interrupted.
David, you have
run out of storage space.
- [beeping]
- Last saved recording.
[David] Whenever you see
a star twinkling...
that would be me just changing a bulb.
I love you forever.
I love you forever.
I love you for...
I love you, too.
[David breathing]
[God] David, this is God.
I know you think I didn't,
but I did hear your prayers.
I'm sorry, it's been
pretty hectic around here.
But I'm here for you now.
My child, how may I help you?
Are you fucking kidding me?