Warrant (1975) Movie Script

How are you?
Form a queue.
Come on. Get in the queue.
'At 2 am.'
What happened?
- Get up.
I think it's a heart attack.
What rubbish!
- I am not lying, sir.
I massaged his chest
and gave him water to drink.
But he is not at ease.
- Save me.
Save me.
- Get me out of here.
Save me.
- I'll take him to a doctor.
Don't worry.
I will call the doctor here.
Calm down.
What happened?
Do you consider
the police to be foolish?
Jailor, you are here!
Good to know that
you recognised me.
It's time for you to
recognise us, jailor!
All of us are free now.
- Shut up.
I command you.
Throw your weapons.
- Not at all.
Go back to your cells.
Your coward, worthless people!
We won't give up.
If you wish to stay alive, go back.
- Don't be a fool, Jaggu.
I have instigated all of them.
I have committed seven murders.
And to get you out of my way,
I can commit the eighth murder too.
If you love your life, go back.
I am concerned about your
lives more than mine.
You may kill me,
but you can't escape the police.
The police will arrest
you, alive or dead.
What do you want?
Will you retreat peacefully
or you want a tussle?
Did you get my answer?
Hands up!
You are a nice man, jailor.
We don't wish to kill you.
It's better that you
go away from here.
Scoundrel, we are trying to save
you from the death sentence.
And you are betraying us!
I won't spare you.
I won't spare you.
I will kill you.
I won't spare you.
I will kill you.
Is the game over
or you still have a plan?
Well done, jailor.
You confronted dangerous
criminals to fulfil your duty.
I am impressed.
I can risk my life for my duty.
I have inherited this trait, sir.
This was expected of you.
Be ready to bear the consequences
of the crime that
you have committed.
The law shows mercy
for good conduct,
but for rebels,
the punishment is severe.
Go back to your cells.
Go back.
Take the injured prisoners and
policemen to the hospital.
And listen.
Be careful with him.
He has badly injured his head.
Sir, he is the one
who saved my life.
I see.
Mention this prisoner
in your report.
I will recommend that he
gets a lighter sentence.
'Poor guy, can't get
a lighter punishment.'
'He is supposed to
be hanged on 17th.'
Nurse, how is the patient now?
You always show concern, sir.
I am fine.
- My mom has come to see you.
You have done a great favour to
me by saving Arun's life, dear.
I am an unfortunate man, ma'am.
I can't even touch your
feet to seek blessings.
Don't say such words, son.
Come home as soon as
you are released.
It's Arun's birthday on 17th.
On 17th?
- Yes.
I will send sweets and food
for you in the evening.
Happy birthday, sir.
I can't even wish for you
to live as long as me.
Because I will be released on 17th.
What? - Mom, you are getting late.
Raju must be back from school.
But, Arun.
I didn't wish to tell you
that he will be hanged on 17th.
O God!
- He has committed a murder.
No, this can't be true.
I don't believe this.
Law can be wrong,
but I am a mother,
and my judgement can't be wrong.
He risked his life to save yours.
He can't be a murderer.
I am sure he is innocent.
Come with me, mom.
- He is innocent.
Why are you crying?
Am I not allowed to cry?
But you have always
laughed off everything.
Had I known that you'd
make my short life
difficult by bringing
your mom here,
I'd have never saved you.
Instead of that I'd have killed
you and become a criminal for real.
- Yes, a real murderer.
It means you aren't a murderer.
But you didn't say anything
when you were asked.
What are you saying?
Tell me. Why are you crying?
Do you want me to use force to
get the truth out of you before
you end up being hanged for
the crime you didn't commit?
Kill me if you want to.
Please kill me.
At least I'd be delivered
of suffering daily
before my inevitable
death on 17th.
If that is true, why
didn't you try to escape
with the other
prisoners last night?
Why did you risk your
life to save me?
Stop it.
- Remember!
If you stay quiet and
accept your sentence,
the real culprit will
destroy more lives.
He might kill a son of
a distressed mother
or a husband of a dependent wife.
He might destroy a happy family!
Please stop it, sir.
There is still time, Dinesh.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me for the sake
of your late sister.
You reminded me of the pain
that I wanted to forget.
I chose to be hanged
than living without my sister.
'My sister is getting
married tomorrow.'
'Oh, I forgot.'
'Here, take the keys.'
'Take Rs 5000 from the locker.
- Rs 5000?'
'Dinesh, I, too, have a daughter.'
'I can understand your
'Sir, I will never
forget your favour.'
'Please don't say that.'
'I will come to bless
Rekha tomorrow.'
'Thank you, sir.'
'Professor Verma was a renowned
scientist of the country.'
'He was researching
on a special formula'
'for the benefit of society.'
'I was his personal secretary.'
'He was a father figure to me.'
'This is Professor Ashok
Verma's residence.'
'Sorry, wrong number.'
'Good night, sir.
- Good night.'
'Sir gave me Rs 5000
for your wedding.'
'Which ornaments do
you wish to buy?'
'I got the locker keys
with me by mistake.'
'It has some important documents.'
'I'll go and give the keys back.'
'Dinesh, dinner is ready.
Eat something before you go.'
'Rekha, we'll have dinner
together once I come back.'
'I'll be right back.
- Okay.'
'Come soon.'
'Sir, I took the keys
by mistake...'
'Someone gagged me from behind.'
'I saw a white cigar
in his hands,'
'and I fell unconscious.'
'...When I came around...'
'Hearing the news of my arrest,'
'Rekha committed suicide.'
'I wished to marry her
off with aplomb.'
'But thanks to my fate,'
'I had to cremate her.'
I don't believe his story.
This is the truth.
Any criminal can cook
such a story to save himself.
Does an innocent man admit
that he is a criminal?
How can you be sure
that he is innocent?
Every man on the war front
is not a soldier,
and every person in the
temple is not a devotee.
Similarly, every accused
may not be a criminal.
Your sympathy towards
him is useless.
We can't defy the court's verdict.
The court can be wrong.
The court always favours the truth.
The court only believes in
evidence, and they can be false.
Arun, don't forget.
We are servants of the law.
I request you to please believe me
and get the case reopened.
I will find the evidence
and prove him innocent.
He did small favour to you,
and you are ready to
risk your duty for him.
No. I am just reminding
you your duties.
Your duty says that you may let
go of a hundred criminals,
but any innocent man shouldn't
be wrongly punished.
Arun, what do you
think of yourself?
I am your father. Don't lecture me.
I am sorry, dad.
I am just repeating
whatever I have learnt from you.
Not just words,
you should put my
teaching into action.
Of course!
I should follow the law.
I should let an
innocent man be hanged
for the sake of protecting the law.
I should be worried about my job.
- Shut up.
Grandpa, why are you
fighting with uncle?
Raju, why are you still awake?
Go to bed.
You are always furious.
Arun is right.
- He is talking rubbish.
Listen to me.
Don't interfere with our
professional matters.
I have met the boy.
He is innocent.
Why would a person who
is supposed to be hanged
save a jailor's life?
Who is a murderer, uncle?
Were my parents
killed by a murderer?
Why did a murderer save you?
Perhaps, he is not a murderer.
Why did you imprison him then?
That's what I am wondering.
Why don't you release him?
I can't do that, Raju.
He will be hanged tomorrow.
- Hanged?
I regret to see
that you are hanging
an innocent man.
I hope you won't feel
guilty after my death.
'I confess my crime.'
'Dinesh will be with me'
'until I prove that
he is innocent.'
'If I fail in my mission,'
'I will surrender
myself to the police.'
'Please trust me.'
'I am breaking the law
to do something ethical.'
Despite being a police officer,
Arun has broken the law.
Mr Mehta, deploy the
entire police force
and search the entire area.
Keep surveillance on
every check-post.
They should be arrested.
Alive or dead.
What are you saying?
Arun is our son.
No, he is just a criminal now.
He has helped a criminal to escape.
Even you sympathised with him.
I had heard
that criminals often blackmail
the police emotionally,
but in this case, a police officer
is deliberately helping a criminal.
Arun also opened fire
on a fellow policeman.
What are you saying?
- Yes, that's true.
He has also resigned from the job.
He believes he is doing an ethical
thing by breaking the law.
I will shoot him.
- Don't say such words.
It's his birthday today.
- I will turn it into his last day.
No! You are his father.
All I know is
that I am a police officer.
And Arun is a criminal.
He may forget his duty,
but I won't.
For how long will our family
suffer because of you?
You forced our elder son
to be a police officer.
You made him follow his duty.
For the sake of
fulfilling his duty,
he along with his wife...
Both of them were killed by goons.
Raju became an orphan.
For the sake of duty,
you wish to sacrifice your
younger son as well.
My elder son made me proud
by following his duty.
But my younger son has
brought disgrace to me.
Arrest Arun if he
has made a mistake.
Punish him if you want.
But don't kill him.
Why are you people still here?
Get going.
If Arun tried to protest,
shoot him on the spot.
Hands up!
I will kill the one
who shoots my uncle.
Raju, give your grandpa's pistol.
- No.
I will kill the one
who shoots my uncle.
I will kill him for sure.
- Grandma, they will kill my uncle.
Uncle will be dead.
No, dear.
God will protect your uncle.
- Grandma.
'Jailor absconds along
with murder convict'
Do you see these pictures?
I want them here at the earliest.
This is Rita speaking.
There is a news in
today's newspaper
that Jailor Arun has fled with
the professor's murderer.
Master, why did you call up Rita?
You should make sure
that you attack your
enemies from all sides.
And I am sure Rita won't think
twice before attacking her enemies.
Today's newspaper...
- I know everything.
Get my car.
- Yes, ma'am.
The fuel tank is full.
And what about this?
- This is also loaded. Six bullets.
What have you done, ma'am?
Only two bullets are enough
for two people, Mr Das.
I think the entire police
force is deployed to nab me.
The battle is between a father and
son, not police and a criminal.
If he knows my ways,
even I am aware of his traits.
You are unnecessarily
risking your life for me.
Please change your decision.
I am firm with my decision.
I won't change my mind.
Just follow me.
Come when I signal you.
"Wait! Wait!"
"Please wait."
"Wait, my dear. Why don't you
become friends with me?"
"It's a nice day to sit and chat."
"Wait, my dear. Why don't you
become friends with me?"
"It's a nice day to sit and chat."
"My heart longs for you."
"Listen to me once."
"Let me call you by a sweet name."
"How about Rukhsana?"
"Wait, my dear. Why don't you
become friends with me?"
"It's a nice day
to sit and chat."
"Why are you so angry?"
"Don't refuse my love for you."
"Anger is bad for health."
"Don't be furious."
"Don't be furious."
"Wait, my dear. Why don't you
become friends with me?"
"It's a nice day
to sit and chat."
"You are one amongst
a thousand girls."
"You seem to be a nice girl."
"Why don't you smile at me?"
"Don't be shy."
"Wait, my dear. Why don't you
become friends with me?"
"It's a nice day
to sit and chat."
Let them go.
Next. Go ahead.
What's going on?
Can't you see the check-post?
- I am sorry, inspector.
Get in the queue.
There are many other cars as well.
Get back to the line.
- Check my car first.
Have pity on me.
- Please open the boot.
You can take my car, inspector.
Take my car and give me your jeep.
Please! I can't see my
wife in such a condition.
Don't worry, darling. We'll reach
the maternity home quickly.
What happened to her?
- It's a long story, inspector.
Despite my warning, she
wanted to go to Khandala.
She started having labour
pain all of a sudden.
And she fell unconscious.
- Labour pain?
She is 7 months pregnant.
- Oh, I see.
This is a serious matter.
- But you should follow your duty.
Is there any hospital nearby?
Yes, on Thana road.
Go straight and take
the third route.
It is on Vir Savarkar
Road on the left.
Thank you, inspector.
You are so kind.
Yes, sir.
Go with him.
- Let's go, sir.
Why do you bother? I will ask
anyone. - No, sir.
The greatest duty of the
public is to serve the police.
Let's go, sir.
- Okay, bye.
What happened?
- Let me check, sir.
Sir, it is gunpowder.
This is not gunpowder.
This is a lipstick.
Fashionable girls colour
their lips with this.
Oh, wow!
What happened, sir?
I think her stomach is hurting.
I am sure it will be a boy.
- Ask me how I know this.
How do you know?
- That's because
when my wife experienced
a lot of pain,
it was a boy.
Sir, I swear on my mom.
I wish your son shouldn't
be like IG's son.
Ask me what I am saying.
- What are you saying?
He brought disgrace
to a noble man in his old age.
Ask me more.
How did he do that?
- He fled with a murderer.
But IG is no less.
What a great officer he is!
Ask me how.
- How?
He didn't care that his son
has committed a crime.
He released a warrant against him.
'The criminals should be arrested.'
'Dead or alive.'
Now you will ask, who
will arrest them?
I will do that.
I am Constable Sakharam.
Ask me how.
- How?
I will arrest the criminals
and strangulate them.
- Constable!
Don't be foolish.
- Okay.
Ask me why.
- Why?
Because such negative talks
can affect the unborn baby.
- Yes, sir.
'Dr Joshi's Maternity
and Nursing Home'
My wife's life is in
your hands, doctor.
She suffered a miscarriage earlier,
and we are still grieving it.
That's why she seldom gets fits.
Don't worry.
I will examine her right away.
- Thank you.
I'll go and call her mother.
Don't worry.
You don't have to do this.
Doctor, do whatever you want
but don't operate her.
- Okay, lie down.
Here are your shoes.
Lie down. You aren't well.
Lie down.
- Where am I?
You are at the right
place at the right time.
I don't think that you are
Pregnant? What nonsense?
But your husband said...
- Husband?
Who is my husband?
I am not married yet.
You had a miscarriage...
- Miscarriage! Oh, shut up.
You might have had a miscarriage.
- Calm down.
I think this has affected your
mental health. - You are mad.
Listen to me. I am a doctor.
You are getting fits.
- No, you are getting fits.
You are not a doctor.
You are a crazy woman.
Come quickly.
What happened?
Baby boy? I said that!
Constable, my wife has got fits.
I am going to get her mother.
Okay, go ahead.
- Please push the car.
- I can't start it.
- Okay, come on. Let's push.
Come on.
Please let me go.
I have to go.
Stop him.
He is fleeing in my car.
You shouldn't stress yourself.
Ask me why. That's because your
husband is getting your mom.
Who is my husband?
Where is my mom?
He is a conman.
He is a criminal. Arrest him.
- Oh no.
- Why are you shouting?
I am a policeman.
This is Pyare Singh's taxi.
And this is his house.
Stay here.
Pyare Singh.
Pyare Singh.
Pyare Singh.
Pyare Singh.
Pyare Singh.
Pyare Singh.
Pyare Singh.
Pyare, save me.
- Forgive me.
Pyare, thief!
- I am not a thief.
- Pyare.
Pyare Singh!
- Arun.
I am Arun.
- Yes.
Can't you see?
How dare you call him a thief?
He turned a thief like
me into an honest man.
He took good care of me in jail.
After I was released,
he helped me buy a taxi
so that I could earn my
living by honest means.
Apologise to him.
- Both of you aren't at fault.
I sneaked into the
house like a thief.
She is my younger sister, Guddo.
She is going to get married soon.
That's good news.
Have a good celebration.
I will attend the wedding.
- You have to come, for sure.
But I have come here
for a purpose today.
Yes, sure.
Tell me what I can do for you.
Listen to me...
I saw your picture
in the newspaper.
The guy is standing outside.
Is that so?
- Yes.
How strange is that!
Sir had to break the law in
order to protect the law.
But until I don't catch
the real culprit,
we should be alert
because we are criminals
in the eyes of the law.
Sir, I am sure
that the court can be wrong,
but not you.
If God wills,
we will definitely catch
the real culprit.
All of you are worthless.
I don't understand how you got
recruited in the department.
You couldn't arrest two criminals
with all the police force.
Sir, I don't understand.
How did they flee despite
strict vigilance?
I don't want to hear
any justification.
I want a result.
Sir, Arun is a police
officer himself.
He might have guessed our moves.
And you couldn't guess anything.
Sir, he outsmarted us.
- So what?
If you have to defeat him,
like the game of chess, you have
to guess his moves in advance
and then make your move.
Pyare Singh, let's go.
- Where?
To the crime scene.
- I am ready. Let's go.
Do you think the killer
would be lingering around?
Would we find him there?
You might not know,
but every murderer
leaves a clue behind.
- Oh!
We might get a clue over there.
I see.
- Guddo! Look after Dinesh.
Don't worry.
I will lock the door from outside.
If there is one knock on the door,
it will be one of us.
Alright? Let's go.
'Professor Verma'
Do you think you can
steal my money?
Who is a thief?
- You are.
Get lost.
Stay here.
- Hey!
Hey! Don't you dare touch me!
Who are you?
They were creating
a disturbance here.
They ran away.
I scared them off.
They are stupid people.
Hey, thieves!
You left the things you stole.
O my!
I have got this by God's grace.
I will keep it.
I fell down.
Who is there?
- Keep quiet.
Number 6.
- Yes, master.
I don't like to give
orders repeatedly.
I remember everything clearly.
Oh no!
Go and get him.
I want him alive.
- Okay sir.
Hi, handsome.
Look at me once.
Who are you?
- I am a beautiful girl.
What else do you want?
Why did you bring me here?
I want to make you happy.
You are handsome.
You are young.
Let us celebrate this night.
I think you are tired.
Freshen up a bit.
How's the idea?
Don't touch me.
- Okay.
Are you ashamed of
taking your clothes off?
You can keep wearing your clothes.
What kind of water will
you like to bathe with?
Cold or hot?
Stop it.
I apologise for what
my men have done with you.
I congratulate you on coming out
from the professor's house safely.
So you are responsible for
immolating professor's house!
Okay. Don't get excited.
Dry up yourself first.
Why are you hiding?
Why don't you show yourself?
Who are you?
Why did you bring me here?
Shut up!
I don't like to be interrogated.
Tell me.
Where is the professor's murderer?
He is not the murderer, you are.
That's why you are hiding yourself.
Dinesh is innocent.
He is innocent.
Okay, handover the
innocent guy to me.
Not at all.
- Jailor!
I have many other ways to
make things easier for me.
- Yes, master.
Imprison the jailor.
Get off me.
Take the earplug and camera
out from his pocket.
But not the wallet.
The police might need some money
to buy a coffin for him.
I said such a serious thing,
and you didn't pay attention.
It means you can't
hear me properly.
Put the earplugs in his ears.
This is my latest
scientific invention.
There are clocks to show all
the time zones in the world.
All of them are telling you
that your time is up now.
Gradually, the ticking of
these clocks will increase
and you won't be able to bear it.
You will be knocked out.
If you wish to change your mind,
press this alarm.
Press it again with your foot.
I am ready to be friends with you.
But remember one thing.
You have just one minute to choose
between life and death.
One minute.
60 seconds.
Sweet time, sweetheart.
It seems he has changed his mind.
Go and look after him.
Master, there is a problem.
Jailor ran away with
Shalomi's skates.
You should've stopped him.
Go and get him.
I couldn't make a better
picture in such a short time.
Hang it on the wall.
- Alright.
My name is Rita,
and you are in my cottage.
I brought you here when
you were unconscious.
How are you feeling now?
- Thank you.
How strange!
Some people
knock other people down,
and someone else helps them
get back into their senses.
What do you mean?
'A special information.'
'The one who informs about'
'Jailor Arun and the
murder convict,'
'will get Rs 25,000 as a reward
from the Indian Government.'
'Their description is...'
Why did you switch it off?
Because you were disturbed by it.
- What do you mean?
I have recognised you, jailor.
You can earn Rs 25,000 easily now.
I haven't taken the risk
to save you for money.
I can easily spend a few
hundred thousand on you.
But why would you do that?
For the sake of love.
For the sake of love!
But we don't even know each other.
Moreover, I am an
absconding criminal.
I love the absconding criminal.
- What are you saying?
I am not talking about you,
it's Dinesh.
- Yes, jailor.
We were in college together.
We were in love.
But he put a condition
that we'll get married only after
his sister, Rekha gets married.
Considering his love
for his sister,
I decided to wait.
- Then...
Our destiny took a bad turn
and Dinesh fell trap into
an enemy's conspiracy.
He was accused of
Professor Verma's murder
who was just like a father to him.
His sister committed suicide.
But Dinesh never
mentioned about you.
Why would he talk about me?
He wanted to keep his
pain to himself.
But I couldn't forget him.
I kept looking at his picture
and prayed to God.
That's why he was saved.
You saved him.
You are my God.
- Hey!
What are you doing?
Why are you crying?
I will keep crying
till I don't see Dinesh.
I fled with him just to
prove that he is innocent.
He is my life, jailor.
Please let me meet him once.
Please take me to him.
I will definitely let you meet him.
Thank you.
Listen to me.
To do this,
I'll have to take a lot of risk.
- What do you mean?
As you know, I am
surrounded by enemies.
Isn't it?
I will face them along with you.
Fine. Get ready.
I am very sorry.
Thank you.
Get inside.
Do you have a problem
if I drive the car?
- Because you don't know the way.
I see.
Just two bullets?
Do you always keep
a revolver with you?
Didn't you say that we are
surrounded by enemies?
But how can you be sure
that there are just two enemies?
I was just left with two bullets.
I think there is only one enemy.
And one bullet will be enough.
A gentleman should protect a lady.
Police! - It would be
better if we stay here.
What are you doing?
- I'm ensuring my escape.
Even you wish to do that.
Don't be afraid.
Didn't you say you are with me?
Won't you face this danger with me?
"Hey listen, all you people!"
"Hey listen, all you people!"
"Let the newly married
couple be alone."
"Let us spend some time together."
"Hey listen, all you people!"
"Hey listen, all you people!"
"Love is hard to find"
"and dreams don't
come true easily."
"Getting married is a milestone
in a couple's life."
"Love is hard to find"
"and dreams don't
come true easily."
"Getting married is a milestone
in a couple's life."
"Let the newly married
couple be alone."
"We want to spend
some time together."
"Hey, all you people. Listen!"
"Hey, all you people. Listen!"
"I look like an extrovert"
"but I am shy at heart."
"Please don't look at us."
"I look like an extrovert"
"but I am shy at heart."
"Please don't look at us."
"Let the newly married
couple be alone."
"This is our nuptial night."
"Hey, all you people. Listen!"
"Hey, all you people. Listen!"
"Go and do your work now."
"Let us dream of our future now."
"We are two lovers madly
in love with each other."
"Go and do your work now."
"Let us dream of our future now."
"We are two lovers madly
in love with each other."
"Let the newly married
couple be alone."
"Let us enjoy each
other's company."
"Hey, all you people. Listen!"
"Hey, all you people. Listen!"
You did a great job.
The real surprise is still left.
- What's that?
I told you that only one bullet is
enough for the enemy. - What?
What are you doing?
Before fooling me,
you should have let
the paint of the picture dry up.
I spare you. Go!
I will meet you in
a different way next time.
You crook!
Do you have a fiance?
Fiance? No, there is no one.
My suspicion rose
when I touched the fresh
colours of your painting.
But the girl is amazing.
I think she knows all my secrets.
And I will find all
her secrets now.
Pyare Singh.
Come in, Pyare Singh.
- Sir!
I was worried about you.
Where did you disappear?
It's a long story.
Did you meet Raju?
Why are you quiet?
God will help him recover soon.
What happened to him?
Why don't you tell me?
IG has let out the orders
to catch you alive or dead.
His health deteriorated
after hearing this news.
Raju is the only
child of my family.
His parents are dead.
Why are You playing with
Raju's life as well?
If I didn't have children,
I'd have called You ruthless.
But You are snatching my family
members away from me!
If You wish to take one life,
kill me instead of Raju.
Sir, the ambulance is here.
- Good.
Sir, Inspector Kulkarni
has called up.
Ask him to call me at the hospital.
- He says this is urgent.
Please take him to the ambulance.
Yes, Kulkarni.
Sir, we've got information
about the jailor.
What's the information?
Where is he?
When we followed him and
reached the church,
it was a wedding ceremony.
- Go ahead.
The jailor fooled us and escaped.
And you stood there
like fools, right?
He is too smart.
No more chasing now,
I will have to play with his
emotions to nab him.
- Doctor.
He is in this condition
for four days.
I can't bear it any longer.
I am trying my best, Mrs Mehra.
- Uncle.
But the child is under trauma.
Considering this,
it is important for his
uncle to be with him. - Uncle.
Thank you, doctor.
- Welcome.
Listen to me.
Save my grandson at any cost.
I plead with you.
Please call Arun for Raju's sake.
I have arranged for it.
- Sir.
Yes, Mr Sharma.
- As you told me,
I have published the news of
Raju's illness in the newspaper.
It has been announced
on the radio as well.
Arun will definitely
come to see Raju now.
Thank God.
According to your instructions...
- Your uncle is coming.
I have made all the arrangements
according to your instructions.
Inspector Pinto is
on gate number 1. - Uncle.
Inspector Kulkarni is on gate
number 2 in plain clothes.
Inspector Tiwari is also
wearing plain clothes.
Inspector Desai is
standing on the roof.
Wireless jeep on the road.
The police have
surrounded the area.
You can't do this as
long as I am alive.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
I am Arun's mother and
you are his father.
How can you stoop so low?
You took advantage of your
grandson's ill health
to arrest your son!
Don't forget that I am
a police officer too.
And I am on duty right now.
- Your duty serves no purpose
if it detaches you
from your loved ones.
If you have to fulfil your duty at
the stake of love and affection,
give up on your duty.
Resign from your job.
Are you advising me to give
up in front of a criminal?
I am pleading with you.
Don't you have any mercy?
I am not affected by your tears.
I love my duty.
You have become
an emotionless person.
There is no difference
between you and a criminal.
You can cross any limit
to maintain your
superficial status.
You are dead inside.
- Shut up.
I don't want to hear anything.
- Kill me before you harm my son.
I won't mind killing all
my kin for the sake
of my duty.
- No.
This is dangerous.
How will you reach
room number 206?
Raju's condition is critical.
Wrap this cloth around me.
Close the door.
What's the time?
- What do you mean?
I am asking you the time.
- Oh, time!
It's 11 am.
- What?
See for yourself.
It means I am late.
Matron will reprimand me.
I'll take your leave.
- Okay.
Get going.
Did you check him?
Why should I check him?
- Why not?
He is just carrying a bundle
of clothes. - Go and check.
Yes, sir. Hey, wait.
I am done for.
- 'Keep the bundle in the lift.'
'I will reach room number 206.'
I asked you to wait.
Wait over there.
Why don't you listen to me?
What's the matter?
- I will tell you.
What happened?
- I will check your bundle.
- Where is your bundle going?
It went upstairs.
- What?
- Upstairs?
How did it go on its own?
Someone must have
activated the lift. - Really?
- Okay, so let me press a key here.
Here you go.
Do you think there is something
suspicious in the bundle?
Am I carrying gold bricks
instead of clothes? - We'll see.
- Lift is here.
Yes. Take a look.
Check the bundle.
- Open it.
Come out.
Keep it here.
- Okay.
You are troubling me for no reason.
Check it.
Don't ruin the clothes.
- Okay.
Let me go now.
- What?
What happened?
- I am feeling dizzy.
I can't bear the pain.
- Sit here.
I will call the doctor.
Doctor, please check her.
I think she has a heart attack.
Call Dr Pradhan, the cardiologist.
Ward number 5, room number 3.
Yes, doctor. - Ask him to get
the cardiogram machine too.
Meanwhile, I will attend her.
- Yes, doctor.
How is Raju?
- Uncle.
Uncle. - Thankfully,
I recognised your footsteps.
Go away from here quickly.
Go away.
- Raju.
- Raju, I am here.
I am here.
Look at me.
Recognise me.
See! Do you recognise me now?
I am your uncle.
- Nurse.
In room number 209, my wife's
condition is critical.
Please attend her immediately.
Go away from here.
Your father has made tight
arrangements to arrest you.
Mom, he is following his duty.
Let me follow mine.
- Don't be stubborn. Go...
Don't exert yourself too much.
Just lie down. Mrs Mehra...
Don't worry.
He will be fine. Nurse!
Attend them.
I have an operation to attend.
Raju wanted to see his uncle
so you came here.
Why do you wish
to leave soon, jailor?
I didn't wish to see you again
under such circumstances.
But you left me with no option.
- Take it easy, baby.
We will meet in a different
manner next time.
Sorry, sir.
We have no cardiologist
named Dr Pradhan here.
- Arun.
Where is Arun?
Hands up.
He fled.
Didn't you say!
We'll meet differently next time.
Not bad.
- Don't act smart.
Or I will shoot you right away.
Do something that excites me.
- Shut up.
You have fooled me enough.
But today...
- Today you have nabbed me, right?
Don't talk rubbish.
Take me to Dinesh.
Dinesh? Your fiance.
Shut up. Get going.
- Take it easy, baby.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
This is a revolver,
not a microphone. It can kill.
- You scoundrel!
You should've have killed me
if you were told to do that.
You wasted time talking to me. Well!
You wanted to kill me, right?
Now I will do as I wish.
Crime doesn't suit good girls.
- Who is he?
Who hired you for this mission?
No one.
- Really?
Where is your hideout?
Who is your boss?
What's the name of
the man with white cigar?
I don't know anything.
Who opened fire on me
in the hospital?
I don't know anything.
I don't know anything.
You and Professor Verma!
He is my dad.
- Your dad?
Is this your new trick?
- This is the truth.
Inspector Samanth knows this.
He informed me about you.
Even your father knows this.
I pledged to catch my dad's
murderer in front of him.
Should I trust what
I see or what I hear?
You can trust both.
I am telling the truth.
What is the proof?
- The truth doesn't need any proof.
If you still don't trust
me, take me to Dinesh.
He recognises me...
'Dead end. Danger.'
We lost important evidence.
Pyare Singh.
Now I am sure Dinesh
is not my dad's murderer.
The real culprit is someone else.
Let's go, Pyare Singh.
Come with me.
Who did this?
- Where is Dinesh.
Some goons came over,
and they tied me up.
They thrashed Dinesh
and took him with them.
They must be the same people
who wanted to kill me.
I won't spare them...
- Pyare.
I know where they must
have taken Dinesh.
Did you find out something?
They have left this place.
The basement is empty.
What shall will do now?
- Let's go and find them.
Come with me.
Hello, constable.
- Hi!
The police are standing guard.
I will take care.
Finish your work on time.
- Okay.
'Police Station'
I have to lodge a complaint.
Who can help me?
- What do you mean?
I will file the complaint.
Ask me why.
Because I am the one on duty.
Constable Sakharam.
Come in, please.
Please be seated.
What is your complaint?
How should I tell you, sir?
I have lost my darling.
Don't worry.
Ask me why.
I have to find a missing person.
Describe him. Ask why?
How will I find him without that?
He is good-looking.
- Good-looking.
- Charming.
He has silky hair.
Black eyes.
He has a slender walk.
- What's the name?
- Age?
How dare you ask my age?
- Is your name Margret?
Tell me the name of
the missing person.
His name is Douglas.
Douglas! He is my friend.
Is he your husband?
What are you saying, constable?
- No...
Douglas is not my husband.
He is my dog.
- What?
- Yes, constable.
I won't file this report.
This is a police station,
not a municipality office.
Go there to find your missing dog.
Go away.
What happened outside?
Get off.
Who is there?
What's going on?
Why are you making noise in
front of the police station?
Shankar Tiwari!
He is dead. Nagore!
Let me see his face.
You! Who is he?
He is Dinesh.
He was absconding from jail
along with the jailor.
I recognised him.
Ask me how.
I saw his picture in the newspaper.
I nabbed you.
The reward is Rs 25,000.
Who will get the reward?
I will get it.
I am Constable Sakharam.
Rs 25,000.
Well done, Shalomi.
We just have to kill
the jailor now.
Jailor came with Rita and Pyare
Singh to our old hideout.
Didn't you find Pyare Singh's
sister over there?
No, master.
Das told me that she is
getting married today.
Arun and Rita will be there too.
Where is Das? - He has gone to
give alcohol and money to Rosy.
- Yes.
Jailor and Rita are going
to attend the wedding.
Inform the police about it.
What happened, sir?
Where is the wedding
procession going?
We are going to Chunabhatti.
My son is getting married to Guddo.
I mean to say,
taxi driver, Pyare Singh's sister.
Arun didn't come yet.
- Don't worry, Guddo.
He is a man of his words.
He will definitely come
to congratulate you.
What happened?
Why did you stop?
I can smell of cigar.
Sir, you!
Are you Pyare Singh?
- Yes.
Come here.
We have information that
an absconding criminal is here.
There is no criminal here.
Please trust me.
After coming out of jail,
I have no criminal friends.
I am sure he will be here.
I will wait for him here.
You can continue with the rituals.
Thank you, sir.
- Listen.
No one should know
about my presence.
Let's go from here.
No, Rita.
I had promised Guddo that I'll
be present at her wedding.
But this is dangerous.
Your father his here.
Dad hasn't taught me to
get scared of danger
or to take back my words.
It can be dangerous for
the jailor to come here.
Send someone to stop
him from coming here.
No one can go out of here now.
Police have surrounded the area.
Sir, our men are
checking every guest.
"What an auspicious day has come!
It's time to celebrate."
"What an auspicious day has come!
It's time to celebrate."
"Love is in the air today."
"Let's party."
"Let's party."
"What an auspicious day has come!"
"It's time to celebrate."
"Love is in the air today."
"Let's party."
"Let's party."
"Why do you look at us,
"Look at the new couple."
"Why do you look at us,
"Look at the new couple."
"Every flower tells
their love story."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
"Let's party."
"What an auspicious day has come!
It's time to celebrate."
"Love is in the air today."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
"Let's party."
"I am the brother"
"of a fortunate bride."
"Our enemies won't
be able to catch us"
"despite their many efforts."
"I am the brother"
"of a fortunate bride."
"Our enemies won't
be able to catch us"
"despite their many efforts."
"I don't want to see
these grumpy faces."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
"Let's party."
"What an auspicious day has come!
It's time to celebrate."
"Love is in the air today."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
"Let's party."
"Let's keep quiet now."
"I am short of words."
"I am so happy"
"that my eyes are full of tears."
"Let's keep quiet now."
"I am short of words."
"I am so happy"
"that my eyes are full of tears."
"What an amazing day!"
"Everyone is happy around."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
"Let's party."
"What an auspicious day has come!
It's time to celebrate."
"What an auspicious day has come!
It's time to celebrate."
"Love is in the air today."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
Stop dancing for some time.
- "Let's party."
"Let's party.
- Let's party."
Pyare Singh.
Call the bride and
the bridegroom here.
Sir, only my relatives
are present here.
No one is a criminal.
- I will decide that.
Sorry, Pyare Singh.
Come on, officers.
Good luck.
I wish you a happy married life.
Greetings, sir.
Welcome, Sakharam.
- Yes.
What's the matter?
Sir, Dinesh...
- Dinesh.
What happened to Dinesh?
- Nothing happened to him.
I risked my life for Dinesh.
Ask me how.
- How?
I have got a reward for catching
Dinesh from the department.
Sir, Sakharam has arrested Dinesh.
- Sir I...
Oh, yes. I remember.
I will recommend for
your promotion.
No, sir.
I neither deserve the
reward nor the promotion.
What nonsense?
Sir, the deserving
candidate of the reward
is the one who threw Dinesh
in front of the police station.
Now I will arrest the
person who caught Dinesh.
Sakharam, you are an honest
policeman. - Thank you.
You can go.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Got the point?
- Yes, sir.
It means someone was in cahoots
with him in Prof Verma's murder.
This can be a possibility, sir.
- Yes.
Or else why would
anyone throw Dinesh
in front of the police station?
Why didn't he claim the award?
Why did he inform about Arun
that he's going to attend
Pyare Singh's sister's wedding?
Who is he?
Rita, did you inform anyone that
we'll be attending Guddo's wedding?
No. Why would I tell anyone?
How did dad get the information?
Who told him?
Yes. Only Das knew about us.
I told him that I'd attend
Guddo's wedding with you
and come back late.
Is he the same guy who met
us at the beach house?
Yes, he is the same man.
Did your dad love racing?
Not at all.
He actually hated it.
He used to reprimand Das often.
- This is what I wanted to know.
You are unnecessarily
suspecting him.
He is a simple man.
Anyone can change their character
for the greed of money.
If you think so, let's
call and ask him.
But we won't call him here.
We'll make him confess.
- Hello, Mr Das.
Hello. Who are you?
I am Bharatram.
- Bharatram?
Didn't you recognise me?
Bharatram Charathram,
the race bookie.
My voice is changed due to cold.
Alright. Why did you call me up?
Why won't I call you up, my friend?
You have invested
a lot of money with us,
so I thought even you
should earn some profit.
What do you mean?
- 'I know'
'about the winner of Derby.'
You said the same
thing last year too.
'I didn't lie to you.
Golden Heart.'
'Didn't he win?'
You are lying.
The horse won, but I lost.
You told me about Silver Spoon.
You told me to gamble on it
to earn money.
But the horse lost.
I had to pay double
to cover my lost money.
I got it.
- What did you say?
- Murderer?
There is no horse with this name.
You are the murderer, Das.
What are you saying, ma'am?
- You just confessed it.
You were in the city when
my dad got murdered.
- Yes.
You lost a lot of
money in derby race.
You sold my father's life
to cover up your loss.
No, this is a lie.
You turned your lie into a truth.
You can't deny it now.
You murdered him
and accused Dinesh.
His sister's alliance was
called off and she died.
Dinesh was sentenced.
You are responsible for
ruining three lives, Das.
I won't spare you.
I'll call the police right away.
Police will find
your dead body here. Yes.
After killing your employer, you
want to kill his daughter too!
I was just threatening her.
I didn't...
- Who is the murderer?
Tell me who killed the professor.
They will kill me if
I reveal their name.
Who are they? Tell me.
His name is Master.
- Master.
The man with white cigar.
Tell me his name.
Everyone calls him master.
- Where does he live?
I can take you to him.
- Take me right now.
Come with us.
May I wash my face?
Your glasses.
- Thank you.
Hello. Master, this is Das.
We've killed two birds
with one stone.
I am bringing the jailor
and Rita to Eagle Bridge.
I will be wearing a black coat.
Number 3.
Jailor and Rita will
arrive there with Das.
I want you to welcome
them with this.
Yes, master.
But remember one thing.
Das is wearing a black coat.
- Right.
If you act smart,
I will shoot you right away.
Sir, we have to walk for some
distance from here.
Let's go.
- Okay.
We have to go this way.
Come with me.
Listen to me. Be alert.
You too. Stay in the car.
Remove your coat.
- What happened?
Take it off.
No, sir. I am feeling cold.
- I'll give you mine. It is warmer.
No, sir.
- Take it off.
I will die, sir.
- Go ahead.
You go first, sir.
Move forward.
- You go first, sir.
Don't shoot!
Das! Das!
You got punished for what you did.
But you can still
return dad's favours.
Das, tell me who the murderer is.
Tell me, Das. Speak up.
Please! Please!
- Rosy.
Where is your master?
The gunman committed suicide
by eating cyanide.
Das fell prey to his
own conspiracy.
Hotel Highland. Room 717.
Das took Rosy's name before dying.
- Yes.
We are mourning the deaths of
our two brave colleagues today.
Number 3 accidently shot Das.
Before the scoundrel
jailor could catch him,
he committed suicide.
Both of them were loyal to me.
They were sincere.
They sacrificed their lives for me.
I deeply regret it.
I want all of you to bow your heads
praying for the salvation
of their souls.
But I am happy to announce
that you came back safely.
Master, I tried hard.
I was very close to Rita and
the jailor in my helicopter.
I fired too.
But they disappeared in the water.
Jailor is too smart.
I am sure you must
have tried your best.
You deserve a reward
for your bravery.
Number 8.
- Yes, master.
This money belongs to you.
Thank you.
But your wife will get this.
I mean your widow.
No, master.
Don't kill me, master.
Give me another chance.
Don't kill me, master.
Give me another chance.
I don't give second chances.
However, I can give you a new life.
- No, master.
No, master. Please!
No, master.
Number 8.
Send this money to his widow.
Tell her that her husband died
in an accident all of a sudden.
We regret his death and
sympathise with her.
Mr Das.
Mr Das.
He is the same girl who took me
to the man with a white cigar.
Mr Das is not here.
- Das is no more.
- Yes.
The jailor outsmarted us.
What about Rosy's bottle and money?
- You'll have to complete the task.
You'll have to take
the bottle and money.
Remember the address.
16, Gopaldas Chawl, Bhandup.
Okay, master.
- Listen.
You have to do one more thing.
I have a special guest from abroad.
He is upset with me.
I had promised him something
that I couldn't fulfil.
My friend is fond of old
wine and young women.
Did you understand?
Master, we have a lot of old
wine at our beach house.
And I will arrange for young women.
You can bring him along
with you at 7 pm today.
That's like a good girl.
Get inside.
You go home now,
and I will meet the
master and his guest.
I may find a secret.
I'll come along with you.
- But it can be dangerous.
Being a police officer, you can
risk your life to fulfil your duty.
But I want to avenge
my father's death.
I have waited for you for long.
Give my money back,
I can't give you any more time.
I am sorry.
- Mr Thompson.
I have some problem.
But don't worry about it.
I have promised you
and I will fulfil it.
Master, I agreed to give you as
much money as you demanded.
I gave you 100 million in advance.
Do anything.
Get the formula ready.
Or else return my money.
I will give you four days.
Four days. Do you understand?
Master, why did the lights go off?
It's not a big issue.
- But why did the lights go off?
This is a special arrangement.
Take a look.
What an amazing lady!
The most beautiful girl.
Her name is Rukhsana.
Beautiful. But master.
Why is she behind the curtains?
Why are you hiding, Rukhsana?
Step out.
She is more charming
behind the curtains.
She may shy away in the open.
- But I want to see her.
There is still time, sir.
Wait for some time and
enjoy your drink.
Curtains will be pulled and
you'll discover all the secrets.
But I can't wait.
I can't wait. Wow!
What a beauty!
I am flattered.
I am smitten
by this charming lady.
Master! Master!
Give this angel to me.
I can give you any price for her.
Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Always be polite with ladies.
Don't treat them as objects.
- Oh God!
What a bloody fool I am!
Thank you.
You are welcome.
- I am sorry, love.
I insulted your beauty.
I love you.
I will marry you.
I am sorry.
- What?
Won't you accept my love for you?
Don't you love me?
"Yes, I do love you."
"But I am scared to get married."
"I won't ever marry."
"I am sorry."
"I am sorry."
"Yes, I do love you."
"But I am scared to get married."
"I won't ever marry."
"I am sorry."
"I am sorry."
"Marriage is the end of love."
"Marriage is the end of love."
"The charm of love decreases."
"Take your ring back."
"I don't want to keep it."
"Falling in love is beautiful."
"That's the only
truth in the world."
"I like the thrill of courtship."
"I am sorry. I am sorry."
"Yes, I do love you."
"But I am scared to get married."
"I won't ever marry."
"I am sorry. I am sorry."
"I like to be a lover.
I don't want to be a wife."
"I like to be a lover.
I don't want to be a wife."
"We'll start hating each
other if we get married."
"Many people dream of me."
"I am one of my kind."
"I like to be free.
I can't risk my freedom."
"I love my freedom."
"I am sorry."
"I am sorry."
"Yes, I do love you."
"But I am scared to get married."
"I won't ever marry."
"I am sorry."
"I am sorry."
"I am sorry."
She is Rita. Professor's daughter.
And he is the jailor.
'Sandhu Company'
Master. Master.
They escaped.
Idiot, why did you come to
me with this information?
Go and follow them.
- Yes, master.
Master, he has Rosy's address
and the bottle of alcohol.
It means he will go to Rosy.
I have adulterated Rosy's
alcohol with acid.
Number 9.
- Yes, master.
Before Rosy spills any beans,
kill both of them. Go.
Give it to me.
Don't worry, Rosy.
This is for you.
Your husband has sent
some money also.
I will take the money.
- Where is her husband?
He is in Mumbai.
He is the one to
send alcohol, right?
Why are you asking me about him?
He sent this money
through someone else.
The same man who sends me money
every Monday. - Who is he?
Where is he?
Where does he live?
- I won't tell you.
Don't you want this?
Give it to me.
- No.
Please give it to me. I plead you.
- Hey.
What are you doing?
- Give it to me.
You can have your alcohol later.
But answer our questions first.
Listen to me.
- Rosy.
Who is the man?
Give me alcohol first.
I will tell you later.
First, you tell me and then
I will give you the glass.
Give. His name is Das.
- What is his name?
- Yes.
He wears glasses and is bald.
Yes, he is the one.
He talks a lot.
He is a nice man. Give me now.
Give it to me.
Don't drink this.
Stupid man. You broke my bottle.
I will kill you.
I will kill you.
- Look at it.
There was no alcohol but
acid in the bottle.
Das's men sent this bottle.
- They wanted to kill you.
You saved my life.
My son! God bless you.
God bless you.
Rita, look after her.
Be careful.
- My son.
My husband.
My husband.
- No.
Oh God.
- What happened, Rita?
What happened?
- He... He...
- Dad.
I never imagined my dad
would stoop so low.
He was involved with an alcoholic.
- You are misunderstanding it.
Your dad didn't lack anything.
If he was involved with Rosy,
why did he keep her in
such a poor condition?
This picture can't be fake.
Before dying, Rosy
looked at this picture
and called him her husband.
I thought highly of my father.
I was set to seek
revenge for his death.
I stooped so low
to avenge his death.
Did your dad have
a hearing problem?
Why is he wearing an earplug
in this picture then?
He even has a moustache.
When a person lives
with two identities,
he can do anything.
I think your dad and Rosy's husband
are not the same but two
different people.
They had the same faces.
Did your dad have a brother?
Yes. But I never saw him.
Dad hated him.
- Were they twins?
We found earplugs from
the professor's laboratory.
It means that one the
night when he was killed,
there was someone else
present over there.
And Rosy's husband went
missing on the same day.
But we found just one dead body.
Did you see your dad's dead body?
- No.
I was in America.
He was cremated before I returned.
What do you want to say?
It may not be Professor Verma's
dead body.
He has been kidnapped
for some reason.
What can be the reason?
A renowned scientist's life is
of great importance.
If it gets into wrong hands...
I got it.
Master wanted the formula
and Thompson had come for the same.
Professor Verma is
kidnapped for the formula.
And to confuse the police,
Rosy's husband's dead
body was kept there.
It means my dad is alive.
You rascal! Scoundrel!
I promised my friends that
you'd tell me the formula.
And you fooled me all this while.
I didn't betray you.
- Shut up.
You are lying again.
Tell me about the formula
you were working upon.
I know you want to use it to
wreak havoc in society.
Let alone the world,
you can't even kill
a mosquito with that formula.
What do you mean?
- I was suspicious of you.
That's why I called a scientist
to check your formula.
Master, he was just fooling you.
He is playing with costly
We spent millions to make
this laboratory for you.
And you are betraying me today!
- I am not betraying you.
You are a traitor.
You are joining hands
with foreigners
and use my formula
to betray our country.
Shut up.
Scoundrel! How dare you cheat me?
I won't spare you.
I won't spare you.
Kill me if you want to.
I don't care about my life.
We won't kill you easily.
I will torture you.
I will give you a painful death.
Will you give me the formula?
- No.
- Master.
I don't care if he
is alive or dead.
I want his formula.
- I won't give you the formula.
You will definitely get it.
Master, if you kill him,
there will be no hope for
us to get the formula.
If you don't agree
with us willingly,
we have other options too.
What's that?
Lovely, beautiful,
charming and seductive,
- Rukhsana?
If you don't get
such a simple thing,
A scientist
can be a patriot.
He can be brave as well.
But a daughter can become
a father's weakness.
He can betray the country
for his daughter. - No.
Don't drag my daughter into this.
Did you see!
Raju, is your grandfather home?
- Where is uncle?
Why didn't you bring him along?
- He is fine. He'll be back soon.
When will he come back?
Take me to him if
he can't come here.
I'll take you some other day.
This is what you always say.
I want to meet him.
- Be a good boy. Don't be obstinate.
You found the real criminals.
Your father is alive.
Yes, ma'am. Dinesh is innocent.
I am elated to know this.
But dad is still imprisoned.
We aren't out of danger.
They are dangerous.
We need the police force
to deal with them.
It's important for me
to meet Arun's father.
He has gone to office for
some important work.
Let me call him up.
- No, I'll meet him there.
How is Arun?
Don't worry.
I am there for him.
What is this? Can't you see?
Is this the way to drive?
Who approved your licence?
How dare you?
Leave me.
Why did you bring me here?
Let me go.
I'll take professor's
daughter to master.
Throw the car down
from Eagle Bridge.
Shut up.
I'll send you back
in the same manner as you came.
- Close the boot.
Why did you bring me here?
You look upset.
I thought you will give me a gift
as I will take you to
your estranged father.
- Professor!
- Rita!
My daughter.
My daughter.
- Oh, dad.
My darling daughter.
My daughter!
You are alive.
- My daughter!
My dear!
He kidnapped you as well.
These despicable men
killed your uncle ruthlessly.
He was your twin brother, right?
- Yes.
He was my twin brother.
But unfortunately,
he was a vagabond.
He had a lousy character
and was alcoholic.
Don't kill him.
He is my brother.
Your brother will get a new life.
That's why you should die.
No. I am your loyal friend.
You weren't even loyal
to your brother.
How can you be loyal to me?
Professor, it's your turn now.
I am giving you 24 hours.
Convince your stupid father
to give the formula to us.
Or else your reunion
will end with your deaths.
Sir, I am telling the truth.
I didn't harm them.
Perhaps, even they consumed
cyanide and committed suicide.
Raju, tell everything about
Rita to Pyare Singh.
Pyare Singh, tell dad that I need
police force today. - Sure.
Give this picture to him.
Master and his agent.
There might be any
mention in the records.
So we may save Dinesh
from getting hanged.
No, sir.
None of these resemble the people
who kidnapped me and threw me
in front of the police station.
Bad luck, my boy.
We have lost the last hope.
You can go.
It's the last day of
his life tomorrow.
I know.
Greetings, sir.
- Pyare Singh.
- Raju.
Master's goons have
kidnapped Aunt Rita.
Uncle has sent you this picture.
Check them properly.
- Yes sir.
Pyare Singh, who are these?
These goons wanted to kill Raju.
I reached there on time.
When I tried to catch them,
they committed suicide.
Dinesh! Sir.
He is the same man
who kidnapped Dinesh
from our house.
Yes, sir. He is the same man.
- Sir.
Master is a criminal who is
also wanted by the Interpol.
White cigar!
- Sir,
he is the same man who knocked me
out at the professor's house.
Pyare Singh, where is Arun?
- Yes.
He went to Eagle Bridge
wearing this goons clothes.
Did he wear similar clothes?
Yes, sir.
- Sir.
Did you get the point?
- Yes, sir.
He went there to merge
with those people easily.
Yes. Daredevil.
Make the police force wear similar
clothes and reach Eagle Bridge.
I will reach there in
my special helicopter.
Master & Thompson.
Dad. They are here.
- Rita.
Hide in that corner.
And I will blast this corner.
- Yes.
As soon as it blasts,
run away from here.
Inform the police at the earliest.
When police find my dead body,
they will release Dinesh,
and his life will be saved.
Dad! What are you saying?
You are a renowned scientist.
Your life is precious
for the nation.
I will blast the corner,
and you will inform the police.
They will release Dinesh
when they see you alive.
Rita, I have lived my life.
You should think of
your future and go.
Dad, it's not the time to argue.
Tell me how to blast.
- Don't be crazy.
Go away from here.
I won't let this happen.
If someone has to die for
the sake of justice,
it won't be you but me.
- No!
Let me go.
What an exceptional
emotional drama it is!
Be sensible.
I will give you a lot of money.
Yes, professor.
Master is right.
No one will get a whiff
of what we give you
and what you give to us.
You dream will never come true.
My father won't accept
any of your conditions.
Forget the dream
to get the formula.
I hope you are aware
of the consequences.
It's better to die than to
join hands with a traitor.
Before you kill this gorgeous lady,
I wish to have some fun with her.
Dad, let's go.
- Professor.
I hope you know
I have many different ways
to kill people.
For the greed of money,
you wish to hamper the peace
and prosperity of our country.
No, Professor. You are wrong.
Master wants to become rich
and settle overseas.
Ask him.
- You come along.
Number 4 and 5.
Tear her clothes.
Pull her hair.
Throw her in this
pond of boiling acid.
Leave my daughter.
I am ready to give the formula.
No, dad.
Don't give the formula to them.
Let me sacrifice my
life for the nation.
Throw her, I say.
Jailor, you managed to reach here!
Let alone here, I could
have reached the moon
to nab a traitor like you.
Jailor is our guest.
- Stop the nonsense.
The police force
is out to arrest you.
I... I order everyone
to throw their weapons
and surrender.
I will obey you, jailor.
Friends, my orders
won't work anymore.
You will have to
follow the jailor now.
Throw your weapons.
Jailor, this is for everyone,
including you.
There is still a bullet left in
your revolver. - One in this.
And this has six bullets.
No, don't throw the revolver.
You are not just skilled and smart,
but you are brave as well.
Oh! Professor!
All of us will leave together.
Mr Thompson.
- Yes.
Keep your personal plane ready.
- Yes, master.
Send the helicopter
squad quickly so that
they finish off the police force
before they reach us. - Okay, sir.
And I will bid adieu to my hideout
along with the professor.
You have caused this trouble.
I won't spare you today.
Don't move or else I'll shoot.
Surrender yourself to the police.
Professor Verma.
Arun! Well, jailor.
You were right.
Dinesh is innocent.
- Thank you, sir.
Inspector Sharma.
- Yes, sir.
Take Professor Verma
away from here quickly.
Or else innocent
Dinesh will be hanged.
I don't know the way out...
- Find your way.
I'll tell you the way.
Please save Arun.
The tank is filled with acid.
- Dad.
Thank God, both of you are saved.
- So what?
Jailor has proved that
Dinesh is innocent.
He saved the lawmakers from
committing a crime.
- Yes.
I am proud of you, my son.
- Thank you, dad.
- That's better.
If you didn't believe
that I am innocent,
we couldn't have saved
Professor Verma's life.
He would've failed in
protecting the law.
You started interfering
in my matters again.
Dad, let's go home.
- Yes.
Where are you going?
- To our house.
Professor, you may go.
But you can't leave.
- What do you mean?
Sir, it means...
You have always escaped
from the legal warrant.
But you won't be able
to avoid this handcuff.
"Hey listen, all you people!"
"Hey listen, all you people!"
"Let the newly married
couple be alone."
"Let us spend some time together."
"Hey listen, all you people!"
"Hey listen, all you people!"