Warrior Assassin (2013) Movie Script

Young master,
young master!
- Get back!
- Feiyang, come on.
I want to talk to you.
- Wait till I'm done.
- Hurry!
Fine, I'm coming.
Father, you wanted to see me?
What's this about?
Let me guess--
you have something to give me, right?
Yes, come over here.
You're right.
I've got something for you, son.
Come on, come over here.
What did you bring me?
Hey, whoa!
What's going on?
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Be quiet, you're coming with us!
Let me go!
Let me go, let me go!
What are you doing?!
Why are you doing this to me, huh?
When-what's going on?
Father, what are you doing?
Be quiet.
Just stay put for now.
Hey hey, don't leave me here, Father!
- Afu, Alu, untie me right now.
- I'm sorry, young master,
but there's nothing we can do.
Hey, Afu, Alu!
What if I have to pee?
Open the door!
Open the door, open up!
- Open the door!
- Coming, coming.
What could be so urgent?
Open up right now!
Old Wei,
there's no escape now.
This is Old Wei the ghost thief.
Are you Old Wei?
- Have fun with him.
- Don't you move!
Old Wei, you can't get away.
Then I'll fight to the death.
I hate you, Father!
I hate you!
How could you do this
to your own son?
I can't scream anymore.
I'll lose my voice.
What's going on up there?
What's all the racket?
What's wrong with you?
Are you okay?
Sounds like you're in pain.
What is going on?
Finish him.
Get him!
Gao Da!
You need to catch him soon.
Don't let him get away.
You can't let that happen.
Stop him!
Don't let him get away!
Stop him!
The other side, go!
You wanted to keep me down here, huh?
Nice try!
Where are you, Father?
Father, you better be okay.
Father, Father!
Get out of here.
- Leave right now.
- Father.
- What the hell happened here, Father?
- I've let you clown, my son.
I've let you down.
You have to leave Luoyang at once.
Go now, hurry.
I will make them pay.
I will avenge you!
you must go find Old Wei.
Watch out.
Find the ghost thief.
Oh yeah.
Old Wei did this to you?
No, Father!
Hyah hyah!
Hyah hyah hyah!
Hyah hyah!
Hyah hyah!
Put me down!
- Shut your mouth.
- Put me down.
Do I look like a wild boar to you, huh?
Hey, who do you think you are? I'm going
to slaughter you like an animal.
A real man doesn't fear death
and he certainly doesn't fear
a coward like you.
- Shut up already.
- You peasant!
How dare you?
Don't you know who I am?
Huh? What was that?
What the hell was that?
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop!
It's just a stupid bird.
Hey, stop!
Stay right there.
I was looking for you.
Where is Wei Hangzhou?
Are you Gao Feiyang?
Now listen up, you little witch.
Tell me where Wei Hangzhou is
or you'll regret it!
I've been waiting for you.
This is Leopard Boxing.
Ahh, I'll kill you!
I'm gonna kill you.
I could kill you, but you can't kill me.
Who the hell are you?
And what are you doing here?
I just came to tell you not
to go looking for Wei Hangzhou.
Because if you do, you will die.
I want to kill you!
Grandfather! Grandfather!
This is terrible. Grandfather!
Hey, what are you doing?
Why are you yelling
out here in broad daylight?
- Grandfather, this is terrible.
- What's terrible, dear?
It's Gao Feiyang.
He's here.
- How many men are with him?
- None, he's all alone.
Uh, Grandfather,
why are you laughing?
He's alone?
Feiyang is no match for me.
Listen, where's Wei Hangzhou?
You are my nemesis!
How did you find this place?
I had a feeling
that you were related to Old Wei
from the way you treated me.
Did you lead
the royal soldiers here again?
I'm going to spare your life
only because you were once my disciple.
- Let's go.
- No, don't go!
Young man, I'm warning you,
so listen closely.
Do not take a single step forward
or you will be hurt very badly.
Old Wei!
You really think you can kill me
with the skills I taught you?
Go to hell, Feiyang!
Let me down!
Let me down from here!
- Let me down!
- Oh, be quiet.
- Let me down now!
- Be quiet or I'll kill you.
Let me down!
Why should I?
You want to kill me.
There are tigers and leopards
out here, come on.
No, wait wait!
Let me down!
Let me down!
No, you have to let me down.
Please, you just can't
leave me up here.
Come back!
Don't leave me here!
Can you get me down from here?
Why would I help you anyway?
You want to kill us.
Well, could you at least
give me some water?
- Please?
- Hmm.
Oh, what's wrong with you?
You have a death wish
or something, hmm?
Uh, I just wanted
to give him some water.
If you get close to him
he will spit out his stone and
blind you using his internal kung fu.
This man is dangerous.
I taught him that trick myself.
I know exactly what he's capable of.
So, Feiyang, how much money
did the soldiers give you
in exchange for hunting me down?
I'm gonna kill you!
'Cause I know you, young man.
You're not like your father.
He loves money,
he loves the good life,
but you're different.
Money means little to you.
I can tell you right now that no matter
what reward they promised you
for tracking me down, no matter
how much money they offered you,
you won't get anything.
Many years ago
some people wanted
to catch me and earn a reward.
Would you like to know
what happened to them?
Listen closely and I'll tell you.
Some of them ended up dead
or were crippled.
Tell me, Feiyang,
do you really want
to become one of them?
Go back at once.
I will let you live
and our friendship
will not be ruined, huh?
I'm going to kill you!
- I will avenge my father!
- What did you say?
How could you kill
my entire family, Old Wei?
- But I--
- How could you be so cruel?
No, wait,
I did not kill your family.
You refuse to admit it!
How could you, Old Wei?
You killed my father,
your benefactor.
- You know he was a good person!
- What do you mean?
What are you talking about?
But if you didn't do it,
then why did my father say
your name just before he died?
- There's been a mistake.
- A what?
Are you saying you murdered
my family by mistake?
I just meant that you are mistaken.
I swear I did not kill your family.
There must be something
that we don't know about.
Who did it?
Tell me who killed them!
Maybe they worked for Wang Shichong.
Wang Shichong?
He wants to kill
every kung-fu fighter in the world.
But my father didn't know any kung fu!
They must have been after me then.
I don't know very much about the man.
What I do know is that I met
Wang Shichong over 10 years ago.
He's cunning, fierce
and notoriously ambitious.
His blood debt is so long
it can't even be recorded in a book.
Grandfather, is he the reason
you've been hiding for so long?
I can't be sure what really
happened, but perhaps
your father gave him some information
in exchange for a favor,
and instead of rewarding him,
he killed your family, but why?
What are you doing?
Don't you understand?
Or you're trying to deceive me.
I don't believe you!
It's up to you, young man. If you
choose to waste your time with me,
then your enemy is going to slip away,
and you will never get your revenge.
And if that happens,
then your father
will never know peace in heaven.
You should believe my grandfather.
I promise you,
he has never hurt anyone.
Others are always
creating trouble for him
and making him suffer.
Grandfather, get up fast!
- Oh, Grandfather!
- Follow me.
- Oh, Master!
- Grandfather!
- Master!
- Grandfather!
Oh, Grandfather, Grandfather.
Please don't die, Grandfather.
Stay with us.
Master, hang in there.
I'll fight them off myself.
You and Xiaocui leave now
and climb the mountain.
But stay between the rocks.
Don't worry about me.
There's a horse for you
on the other side of the mountain.
- We can't leave without you.
- Master, come with us!
If you don't leave right away,
all three of us will be caught.
You must go.
There's no time for this.
- No!
- You two go first.
I know a way to escape.
I'm going to fight you!
Come on.
Stop him! Stop!
- Hyah!
- Hyah!
Xiaocui, hold me tight!
Xiaocui, what is it?
What's happened?
I'm fine.
Xiaocui? Xiaocui?
We'll be fine.
We'll make it!
Will we?
We'll make it?
Yes, there's an army camp.
- Who are you?
- Stop!
- Red alert, red alert!
- Red alert! Invaders!
- Red alert!
- Invaders, invaders!
Sound the alarm!
Damn it,
who dares charge into my camp, huh?
You'll pay for this!
You're going to get a taste of my axe!
- Hey, you, stop right there.
- Stop right there!
Surround him.
Off the horse.
- Soldiers, listen to me.
- Get off that horse or we'll kill you.
- Please, I am not a criminal.
- Get off now!
- Get off that horse.
- Hey, you, get off your horse.
- Right now, move it!
- Get down!
- Please hear me out.
- Get down!
We were forced to come here.
- They chased us here.
- I'm serious.
We will kill you if you don't
get off your horse.
Move it!
It's the truth!
Xiaocui, Xiaocui. Xiaocui.
I can't go with you.
Xiaocui, stay with me please.
I wish...
I could go...
You'll be fine.
Xiaocui, you'll be fine.
Just stay with me.
Don't die, huh?
Xiaocui. Xiaocui!
Bring him in!
What is your name?
Why have you charged into my camp?
It's Wang Shichong.
He sent this man.
He what?
But why, huh?
This is a strategic move on his part.
He knows you defeated Yuwen Huaji,
so he sent this man to spy on you
before you go to the capital
to claim your reward.
What did you say?!
My heart is burning
with hatred for Wang Shichong!
Your words are insulting!
Son, the wise man knows you're lying,
only the fool does not.
I, for one, refuse to be fooled
by Wang Shichong's tricks.
Please, sir,
do not let him deceive you.
You're despicable!
How dare you lie to me.
Take him out and kill him.
- Sir!
- Oh my God.
I could really die this time.
Then my father's death
will never be avenged!
No, wait!
Brother, hang on.
Yaojin, what's on your mind?
I don't think there's any way
that the young man is a spy.
Oh, and how can you tell
that he's not a spy?
They don't write "spy"
on their foreheads.
Actually, brother,
I have the same feeling as you.
I mean, the girl who came to the camp
with him, she was killed, remember?
Yeah, but that was a trick...
to make us believe his story.
Cruel and convincing.
- Take him out.
- No, wait!
Do you have a final wish,
young man?
You want to kill me, fine.
But you have to promise me one thing.
And what would that be?
Do tell.
I would be so grateful...
to you, Your Highness,
if you could bury me...
together with my friend Xiaocui.
And who is Xiaocui?
Oh, the young woman
that came to the camp with him.
The one who was killed.
All right,
you have my word, son.
You can die in peace.
Th-thank you.
Move! Come on!
Hey, hang on.
Anything else, counselor?
Sir, actually,
I was just testing him
to see if he was really a spy.
The fact that he made that request
proves that he's not a spy after all.
- Please let him go.
- Ha ha, that's what I said.
Just look at the kid.
He doesn't look like a spy.
Ahh, I can let him off
this one time.
he must leave the camp
for the sake of our men's safety.
Thank you for pardoning me, sir.
But making me leave
the military camp
is like sentencing me to death.
Because Wang Shichong...
will track me down and kill me.
Please take me in, Your Highness.
Let me be part of your army.
he has suffered
and there are people
who wish to kill him.
If we don't take him in,
he will be dead soon.
All right.
You may stay here, young man.
Thank you, King Wei.
Thank you, all of you.
Come on, Jiujin, get him!
Come on, you can beat him!
Anyone else? Who's next?
Who's next?
You! Come and fight me.
Uh, me?
No no, I don't know.
It's not hard.
All you have to do is
come here and knock me down.
No really, I don't know how.
Go ahead.
Come on, it's fun.
Let's play.
Wow, he's good.
Hey, you're pretty good, kid.
One more, come on.
You dare knock me down!
I'm sorry, Jiujin.
I'm sorry.
You won that round.
Now it's my turn!
Forget it.
That's all for today. That's it.
No, I have to knock you down
one way or another!
That's enough.
No more fighting
Jiujin, he's a master fighter.
He's just modest about his skill,
can't you see that?
- Brother, he--
- I'm sorry to offend you.
Yeah yeah.
You're really good, ha ha.
- Your name is Gao Feiyang.
- Yes sir.
Now that you've joined us,
our Wagang Army is much better
and stronger, huh?
Give it back.
I want it back, General Qin.
If you want it,
come here and get it.
Aw, you don't want it?
- Then I'll throw it away.
- No, don't!
General Qin.
- That's enough.
- Come here.
Good kung fu.
Your Highness.
Stand up.
Gao Feiyang.
Gao Feiyang, young man,
I must say we are quite impressed.
We tested you and your kung fu.
And we want you to escort the king
on an important journey
to the big feast at the Grand
Commander's residence, all right?
Grand Commander?
I hear that you have
many subordinates
who are famed kung fu masters.
I wonder if I could have
the opportunity to see them fight.
You may go.
- Uh, Renze.
- Yes?
Go and arrange it.
The fighting will help us drink.
It's great entertainment.
Yes, Uncle.
Gao Feiyang, you're up first.
Go down there and fight.
My turn!
Huh, what the--
what is wrong with you?
Where are your kung fu skills?
Get up and defeat him!
- Yes, well clone. Well clone!
- Well clone!
You want to defeat me?
It won't be easy.
- Gao Feiyang, well done.
- Good!
Their reputation precedes them
and I can see why your men
are master fighters.
Come on.
Bring out the dancers.
King Wei, another toast.
- ( Blade whooshes )
- King Wei!
Protect King Wei!
My God, the dancer is a man!
- Your Highness, let's go.
- Hurry.
Oh my God,
look how many there are!
All right,
come here if you want to die!
Show the rebels no mercy.
We'll all die here
if we keep fighting like this.
Ah, follow me.
Go toward the entrance.
Your Highness,
leave right now!
Your Highness,
why did you come back?
Your Highness!
Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
- We're surrounded.
Li Mi, listen here.
You can either surrender or you can die.
Wang Shichong,
you're a traitor, not a hero.
- You stabbed me in the back.
- Listen to me.
The one who wins
the world is a hero.
And the one who loses the world,
well, he's simply a loser.
Shouldn't you know this all by now?
All right, you two,
you protect the king.
- What'll you do?
- Yes.
Let's catch their leader!
- Let's do it.
- Now!
Catch him!
What's going on here?
Don't move...
or I will kill her.
Be quiet, Wang Shichong.
If you let us go,
I guarantee
she won't be hurt.
Otherwise she may die.
Huh! You don't have
the guts to kill her.
Kill him!
- Come on!
- No, stop!
All right.
I'll grant you your wish.
Stand back, all of you.
Come on.
Out of our way!
Move it!
Step aside!
Out of the way!
Don't be foolish.
- Step aside, step aside!
- Move it.
Stay back.
You scum.
Let my daughter go.
Gao Feiyang,
don't listen to him!
- Don't let her go!
- I know, Brother Cheng.
Wang Shichong?
Get us four horses immediately.
Let us leave safely.
You have my word,
but let her go right now.
No, don't listen to him.
He invited us here so he could kill us.
- He can't be trusted.
- Brother Cheng,
you take the king to safety.
I will join you soon.
No way, you can't fight
all of them on your own. It's suicide.
I will stay and help you.
Wang Shichong,
go prepare the horses.
Bring the horses over.
- Brother Qin?
- Yes?
I'll go with the king on horseback.
- Yes.
- Your Highness, let's go.
Your Highness, hurry.
Step aside, all of you!
Step aside, move it!
- Brother Qin, we're leaving.
- Hurry up.
- Renze.
- Yes.
Go tell the captain
not to stop them at the city gate,
to let them pass through
without delay.
Yes, Uncle.
Surround them!
- Let's go, let's go.
- Come on, surround them!
- Hurry up!
- Whoa.
Move out of our way
and make it fast.
No one leaves the city without
orders from Wang Shichong.
Stand back.
What is this?
Stand back!
Obey your king.
Do you want me to chop you
down into pieces?
Stand aside,
do you hear me?
The Grand Commander
orders you to open the gate!
Get out of their way.
Let them leave.
Stand back.
Now go!
Your Highness, you go ahead.
I'll go back to meet Brother Qin.
You scum.
They've left the city gate.
It's time to let her go.
There's no rush.
I'll let her go in clue time.
You can wait.
Brother Qin, I came
back here to meet you.
- Why did you come back here?!
- His Highness is safe now.
Surround them!
Gao Feiyang, I'm with you.
Come on, come on,
come on, fight me!
Come on, fight!
Come on.
Come here.
Come here, fight me!
Come on!
- Brother.
- General Qin.
They want to wear us out
- without having to fight us.
- Ahh, damn it.
Wang Shichong,
look at you just standing there!
You're not even fighting.
You are not a hero at all,
you coward.
Your words mean nothing,
Cheng Yaojin.
My words mean nothing?
No, you're a loser.
He who wins is a hero.
How are you doing?
( pants )
We'll be killed if we keep fighting.
What do we do now?
Wang Shichong?
Can we make a deal with you?
- What deal?
- If you stop now
then we will, uh--
we will pledge allegiance to you.
All right,
put down your weapons first.
We pledge allegiance to you.
Yaojin, what the--
are you crazy?
General Cheng,
you're going to regret this later.
Listen, my brothers,
as long as there is life,
there is still hope. Just trust me.
No, but--
General Qin,
I swear by the planet Jupiter?
That if I break my promise to you,
I will pay dearly for my actions.
All right then.
I accept.
General Qin, you...
Seize them!
See this?
We should have known.
Wang Shichong,
what are you doing?
We surrendered.
Hey, don't leave, Wang Shichong!
- Wang Shichong, are you not a man?
- Don't go!
He sure fooled you, huh?
It's over.
They'll kill us for sure!
Bring them in.
Take these fools outside
and chop off their heads.
- Now!
- Wang Shichong,
you sneaky bastard.
You didn't keep your word.
What kind of man are you?
You held my daughter under duress
and you let Li Mi go.
I'd be a fool if I didn't
kill each one of you.
Not so fast, Master.
What's on your mind, Huan Fasi?
It's easy to gather a good army,
but hard to find good leaders.
Both of them are
celebrated generals,
comparable with Guan Yu
and Zhang Fei in the Three Kingdoms.
If you treat them well,
they'll pledge allegiance to you.
The problem is I can't
stand the sight of them,
especially that Cheng Yaojin.
He has the nerve to call me names!
Your ambition is great, Master,
but if you can't tolerate them,
then who will help you
seize the throne?
Master, the Wagang Army
has broken away and fled.
Their casualties are high.
The generals and soldiers
of the Wagang Army
have dispersed in all directions.
- Stop stop!
- Come on, hurry up.
Stop stop!
Stop where you are!
Hurry, come on!
Come on, move!
Hurry now.
Jiujin, where are you going?
Brother Cheng hasn't come back.
I'm going to find him.
Are you crazy?
Going to the city now
- would be suicide. Don't go.
- I don't mind.
Brother Cheng brought me out here,
I'm his attendant
so I have to find him,
now get out of my way!
We're finished.
It's all over.
What a disaster.
We're done for.
No chance for us to turn this around.
We're finished.
Stop talking about it
and get it over with.
Fine, you're all dismissed.
Well, Wang Shichong,
- so you won't--
- Fear not.
I'm not actually going to kill you.
I just wanted to test your courage.
That was all a show.
Don't take it seriously.
Wang Shichong,
thank you for your mercy.
For sparing our humble lives,
we pledge allegiance to our new king.
Ah, this is the Imperial Palace?
Oh, Brother Cheng Yaojin
lives here doesn't he?
Isn't that Brother Cheng over there?
Brother Cheng!
Brother Cheng!
Brother Cheng!
Brother Cheng! Brother Cheng!
Brother Cheng!
Brother Cheng!
- Brother Cheng!
- How dare he come here.
- Arrest him!
- Huh?
- Huh?
- Don't move.
What? Huh?
- Mr. Huan.
- Are you meditating?
There is something...
- I'd like to ask you.
- To ask me?
What is it?
It's in regards to--
well, it's a-- a capital crime.
What are you going to do?
I'll show you a way to do it.
This is the Premier's residence.
You think we can allow you
to come as you please?
And leave as you please?
What do you want to do?
I'll do what you want.
- General Cheng Yaojin?
- Afternoon, Huan Fasi.
What are you doing with this, huh?
Why are you holding a knife?
- Come and chase me, Your Highness.
- I finally caught you.
Come here, Your Highness.
- Okay.
- Come on, Your Highness.
- You've almost got me.
- Come here, you!
Ober here.
Where? Oh-- ah!
Aha, I found you!
Your Highness, what are you doing?
Your Highness.
Ah, you're all mine, right?
That tickles.
You're naughty.
That tickles.
Don't ignore us, Your Highness!
Guards, an assassin!
Who are you?
You think I don't know who you are
just because you're not answering me?
- Ow, Gao Feiyang!
- Huh?
Are you crazy?
It's me-- Jiujin.
Be quiet.
Ow, first you hit me,
then you tell me
I have to be quiet?
What kind of brother are you?
Jiujin, I'm very sorry.
Where were you, Feiyang?
What have you been doing
at this hour?
I'm restless.
Staying at the palace,
it's like being in prison.
I'm bored to death.
( groans )
Hey, why did you come see me?
Oh, no reason.
I just wanted to talk.
Nothing more.
It's a bit late for a chat, huh?
All right, get going.
You'd better go now.
Go on, Jiujin, go on.
- We'll chat later, go be a good boy.
- Hey, all I wanted to do
- was talk just for a little while.
- I'll see you tomorrow, Jiujin.
- Move it. I'll see you later.
- Come on, Feiyang.
- Just a little talk.
- Man, just go go go, goodbye.
Who is it?
- What are you doing?
- You bastard.
You've committed a crime.
Come with us.
What crime?
You'll find out.
- Come on, move.
- Move!
Kneel down.
On your knees.
- Did you do it?
- No.
Gao Feiyang,
don't try to deny it.
I don't know what it is
you're talking about.
Don't try to pretend you're innocent.
So, General,
do you have evidence?
Can you prove your claim?
I doubt it.
I knew it was you right away...
from your kung-fu moves.
When you need a scapegoat,
no man is innocent.
Hey, General,
this is serious.
You can't accuse a man
if you don't have any evidence.
He's right.
You cannot slander an innocent man!
Your Majesty,
I assure you he is innocent.
I can prove that he was
with us the whole night
and cannot be responsible
for those heisnous attacks.
Now it is up to you to decide.
do you have any evidence
to back up your accusation?
I see you do not.
Let us drop the matter, General Wang.
All men make mistakes.
- Your Majesty--
- All right.
You may go.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty, the Tang Army
attacked the border city.
Li Yuan finally sent his troops.
Who would like to lead the attack?
Your Majesty.
Sir, Genera Qin and I have not had
a chance to prove ourselves
since we joined your army. We'd like
to go to the front and lead the battle.
We hope you will say yes.
Yes. Yes!
Sir, I promise to annihilate
the Tang Army!
General Cheng, I am pleased
to have you two lead my army.
Your courage is admirable!
It is our honor, sir.
We await your triumphant return.
Thank you, sir!
Gao Feiyang, Gao Feiyang!
There you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Why are you in such a panic?
What is it?
Brother Cheng asked me
to inform you
that we have a chance
to join Tang's army and--
It's not safe to talk here.
Let's go back and talk.
Hello, generals!
Ah, General Wang,
it's nice to see you.
How can I help you?
His Majesty asked me
to see you off.
- Oh.
- Oh, thank you.
We wish you luck and victory
on the battlefield.
Thank you.
We are very grateful
for His Majesty's kind words
and we will bear them in mind.
Yes, and we have a request,
General Wang.
Please tell His Majesty
how much we appreciate this.
I will make sure His Majesty
knows of your loyalty.
However, Gao Feiyang and Jiujin
should remain here.
They can wait in Luoyang
for the word of your victory.
How could this be?
- Why can't you stay?
- Oh, I--
What Jiujin means is if he doesn't go to
battle, who will serve General Cheng?
- Yes, right, General Cheng.
- Of course he must come.
Then tell me something:
Do you plan to go fight
or to run off and desert?
- Uh, but we--
- Well...
Be quiet and let me finish.
Do you plan to betray the king?
If this is how General Wang feels...
we'll stay at the palace,
Ahh, yes yes!
We will see you back here
after we have defeated the enemy.
Uhh, Brother Cheng!
Stop, you're not going anywhere!
Don't move!
Where do you two wish to go?
- Uh...
- Nowhere really.
We were just going for a walk.
It's boring in the room.
Then why are you carrying those bags?
Are you planning to run away?
Hey, that's nonsense.
How dare you say that?
It's nonsense, huh?!
I want to kill both of you.
General Wang,
why are you so angry?
If you don't want us
to go for a walk, we won't.
Come on.
All right.
You won't go anywhere.
Arrest them!
Stand down.
You scum, stop fighting
or your brother will be dead.
I'm sorry, Gao Feiyang.
Isn't this fun?
This is great, huh?
All right, we're gonna
have some fun with you.
You, take him to the river.
Yes sir!
Say goodbye.
This is it for you.
- Go and reincarnate.
- Hey, you!
Why waste your breath
on a corpse? Toss him!
You are not well.
- You should not get up.
- Thank you, Master.
What am I doing here?
You were lying unconscious
in the mountains
when my students found you.
They rescued you
and brought you here.
Who are you?
What happened?
Tone your muscles,
strengthen your bones.
Continue your practice year round.
Breathe deeply for healthy lungs.
Gently vary the strength
in your front leg.
Kick your leg back to block the blow.
Good, let's do it again.
Master, may I join in your training?
Yes, son. Come
Be careful.
Now lower your head
and bend your back.
Feiyang, not like that.
But, Master, I hate them!
The more hatred you carry in your heart,
the tighter and more painful
the knot in your heart will be.
You can learn and grow
when you are humble.
You can expand your mind
when it's free of useless thoughts.
Think about it.
Learn and grow
when you are humble.
Expand your mind when
it's free of useless thoughts.
Hey, old monk!
He's a criminal of the court.
Hand him over!
Then kill all of them!
Get them!
Friend, bitterness knows no bounds.
Repent and be saved.
- Tiehu!
- Sir!
You will pay for this.
Friend, put down your weapon.
Put down my weapon?
Not a chance!
Tanzong, you can't
defeat me from down there.
Come up and get me.
Come on!
Who is it?
Who dares to betray me?
What the hell is this?
Did you mean to kill me?