Warrior Princess (2014) Movie Script

Everyone, follow Ahno's lead!
Balsan, look at this.
My arrow hit the target again.
And what of it?
It may be true that
your arrow hit the target,
but isn't it also true
that my arrow went farther last time?
Don't make me laugh.
I can't make you look bad
all the time, now can I?
All right.
I will admit my defeat in accuracy,
but I can still shoot the farthest.
Let's see!
Do you see those bushes over there?
Just behind the sand dunes?
- I bet I can shoot farther.
- It's a bet.
Balsan, sure you can
beat the princess?
Come on.
That way!
That way, that way.
Let's go.
We're under attack!
Come on.
Come on.
Who are you people?
Why did you come here onto our land
and attack us?
Please, calm down.
Explain your assault
on our Grand Lama Galdan's caravan.
Heavens above.
It's Grand Lama Galdan.
This is a gift from God.
Uh, I beg your forgiveness.
I am responsible for this.
I'm the one who shot the arrow
without realizing that
the caravan was here.
Your Holiness,
I hope your travels
- have been all right.
- They have been fine.
What is your name,
young woman?
My name is Ahno,
I am the daughter
- of Ochirt Tsetsen.
- I see.
How far is your home from here?
It is not far.
Just beyond those sand dunes.
My daughter Ahno will
turn 18 this year.
My daughter is very dedicated
to her studies.
Not only is she an excellent student,
she's also skilled in archery.
I know your mother Lady Yum-Agas.
I'm sure she misses you
very much, Your Holiness.
Grand Lama Galdan,
how long will you stay with us?
I leave early tomorrow morning.
I'm sure my mother
eagerly awaits me.
My brother is here.
Beloved Mother,
how are you?
I'm very well, my son.
- Please have a seat.
- Yes.
As you know...
your brother Senge claimed
the family throne...
when your dear father died
all those many years ago.
Our tribe has always been grateful
to Lord Ochirt Tsetsen.
He supported us through hard times
and we will never forget his kind deeds.
And now, son...
your brother has decided
to ask Lord Ochirt Tsetsen...
for the honor and privilege
of taking his daughter
Ahno's hand in marriage.
What do you think?
I promise to love
your beloved daughter
more than any of my other queens,
Lord Ochirt Tsetsen.
And when she gives me a son,
then he alone
shall inherit my throne.
when your dear father
was taken from this world
I was truly
overwhelmed with grief.
Ahno was born at that time
and I've loved her ever since.
I have treasured Ahno
more than life itself.
She is my precious daughter.
I ask that you love her...
as much as I do.
I accept your proposals.
Why is this happening?
Why have the heavens
cursed me in this way--
hearing my parents tell me that
I have to marry someone I don't love?
Yes, I know.
And who is the man you really love?
If I may speak openly?
I'm afraid there is no chance
of you and Galdan
ever being together.
He is a Grand Lama
and he cannot break his vow of celibacy.
Also, it's said that a person who
is born in the Year of the Monkey
tends to be smart and honest.
But on the other hand,
he is likely to face
a troubled life as he gets older.
Something for you, milady,
from Grand Lama Galdan.
What is it?
Tomorrow morning
I won't wake up in my own bed...
but in a foreign land
with no desire to be there.
Now listen, sister,
once you get to your new home,
I assure you I will send you all
the best archers from our homeland.
Promise me, brother...
that you will come
and visit me all the time.
Please, brother,
will you promise me this?
Yes, I promise.
According to our tradition,
you will be able
to come back home after three years.
My lord,
I have terrible news about Senge.
He was murdered last night.
If Tsetsen takes the throne
from your dead brother,
they will do more harm to us
and to our country.
It will be disastrous.
I am sure of it, my son.
Please don't become upset
by allowing yourself to have such
terrible thoughts about other people.
The same way the sun rises
and sets, we must all die.
Please, Mother,
you must calm your nerves.
And once you are calm,
I'll be at peace as well.
How can I calm down?
No, oh no, son.
Look at me.
when your father passed away...
I was young
and I took a holy vow...
not to-- not to marry
anyone after his death.
I became celibate
and looking after both of you
was my only purpose in life!
And-- and every day
I have prayed that...
that this is what your father
would have wanted--
his boys to become strong men.
It would mean I'd done my job.
My son!
Mother? Mother!
I vowed to remain a holy monk.
Don't you dare say to me...
that I came here all for nothing.
If so, then you're no longer...
my son.
I'm afraid I have to disown you.
How do you know...
that they are the murderers?
How can you be sure?
I'm positive.
I found this beside
your brother's corpse.
The crest symbol
that's on this button...
belongs to Tsetsen.
The crest symbol
that's on this button...
belongs to Tsetsen.
There is no need to worry.
I can assure you that
my men will never speak a word of it.
Now that Yum-Agas is not here,
we must act quickly.
We must seize Senge's throne now.
We must be patient.
I think it would be wiser
to wait until the time is right.
Senge's son...
will be of age soon.
What will we do if we wait
and he takes the throne?
What happens then?
He's a long way
from becoming the next khan.
He's too young.
Very true.
In the year 1671,
Galdan breaks his sacred vows.
He takes over his brother's throne
and marries Ahno.
And now let us all
welcome the bride.
She's lovely.
Come this way.
Have you all seen the bride's face?
- We have.
- Yes.
And now
I would like everyone
here to help me
bless their eternal love
and happiness.
The eternal flame
bonds their union forever.
Look at Uncle Tsukhur.
He's a good actor,
pretending like nothing ever happened.
So speaking of Tsukhur Uvsh,
we're always doing the dirty work...
and he could pin everything on us.
I'll step outside and order my men
- to drink less and stay alert.
- Go on.
And now...
let's welcome our new queen
to her throne.
We celebrate this union.
I'll go, just to be sure.
As you know,
our great tribe is famous for?
Its whistling winds
and chirping birds.
And now, my children,
let us all dance
like the winds and birds.
You should go after your brother.
Yes, Mother.
Emperor Kangxi's messenger.
The Qing Dynasty has asked me
to present this gift from our Highness
to Lord Galdan with the message,
"May our kingdoms prosper together."
That's a good point.
I ask myself,
"What could have been
going through your mind
when I almost married Senge?"
I always knew your heart
belonged to me always.
Here, please take this.
And always keep it with you.
My Highness,
Galdan and Tsetsen
are on the verge of battle.
When two Mongolians are
at each other"; throats,
that's good for me.
May one wolf devour the other.
Listen, I'd like to
spend more time
with you and the children.
- Daddy!
- Daddy!
- Mommy.
- Hi, darling.
Easy now, sweetie.
There's my boy.
Did you miss Daddy?
- Yes, Daddy.
- I missed you.
- Me too.
- Daddy?
I'm hungry.
Aren't you always, huh?
I would like
to thank Tsukhur Uvsh,
one of the wisest and most respected
of the Western Mongolians,
for inviting us to be
here with his son...
on this beautiful afternoon.
Ochirt Tsetsen,
you speak far too highly of me,
for I am not nearly
as noble as you are.
- Nor will I ever be.
- Hmm.
I think it would be worthwhile
to repeat what you just said
to our son-in-law Galdan.
It is a lesson he needs
to learn for his own sake.
My overly ambitious nephew
is much too proud.
He acts as if he is
the only nobleman
- in Western Mongolia.
- He has become far too powerful.
Just look at what he controls now:
Kazakh and Kyrgyz.
We cannot let this go on.
If we don't act swiftly,
we won't be able to stop him.
Aravdan, Zaisan,
Aldartaij-- all of you
conspire to tear us apart,
to produce a rift between
the Western Mongolians!
Father, listen.
You said this would be a feast,
but instead this is a conspiracy.
I refuse to take part!
Father, have you stopped
for one moment
To think about Ahno?
Calm down, son.
Easy now.
Lord Tsukhur Uvsh,
haven't you had enough
of political schemes?
Listen, all of you here.
I warn you this will end very badly.
My lord, do you really plan
to attack my father?
Please tell me it isn't true.
My men are forced to pay
taxes to Ochirt Tsetsen,
and those who couldn't
were attacked by his soldiers.
Up until this point,
I've done nothing
because of his old age
and of course his relation to you.
I have overlooked his arrogance.
But from what I heard,
your Uncle Tsukhur
is behind all of this!
So what?
I've always suspected that.
The two of them--
Tsukhur Uvsh and your father--
were plotting.
It was because of you, Ahno,
- that I closed my eyes.
- But this is not the time
to fight amongst each other.
My lord, it's time
to strengthen our armies and unite
so we can prosper together!
Those are nice words,
but they don't reflect
your actions, Ahno.
You told me you wanted
to help build a great nation,
and yet you insist
on protecting your father?
Who's plotting against us!
Why do you protect him?
My lord, Darkhan has arrived
with his army of 1,000 troops.
Thank you, General Makhan.
Go and remind Danjilla
how to punish a slave
who disobeys his king and ruler.
Yes, of course, my lord.
The disobedient slave
who acts against his ruler?
Shall be put to death.
So it is come to this then?
So now...
I must choose between
my husband and my father?
Answer me, Galdan.
You know it breaks my heart
to see you cry, Ahno.
However, this is no longer
simply a family matter.
My lord,
this is extremely important to me.
I am begging you, please
listen to what I'm saying.
Please, my lord,
for the sake
of our children we love,
please forgive my father.
Listen, I...
Please don't tell me that.
I've always thought of you
as the anchor in my life.
I have thought of you
in times of joy and grief,
but please, don't tell me...
that I'm wrong about this.
I will hunt down
and slaughter everyone
who goes against me!
You will?
There's a saying that once
you have pulled your bow...
you must let go.
My lord,
we've captured the traitor.
It is done.
Let's go.
Do you really believe
I will not plead for my life?!
Far from it, nephew!
Let me give you
some very valuable advice.
Listen carefully.
The Central Mongolians
will never ever recognize
someone like you as their khan!
You don't belong to the dynasty.
Even Emperor Kangxi is wiser than you.
He has much better chances of uniting
the Mongols under one rule
than you ever will!
You hear me?
Now you listen to me!
I spared your life
when you took the part
in that traitorous conspiracy
to murder my brother Senge.
I let it go!
You are the one
who started this feud
which has divided our people
and created a rift between all of us.
I cannot ignore your betrayal
one moment longer!
Give him a slow
and painful death!
How was your journey,
my dear Father?
It was fine.
Oh, what a sweet child.
Oh, you're cute as can be.
How old are you, hmm?
Ahno, your daughter, is here.
Is it true?
My child!
Come here.
How are you feeling, Father?
My daughter.
How was your trip?
- Are you exhausted?
- Hm-mmm.
- I had a good trip.
- I can't believe you're here.
Please don't worry about me.
- Here.
- You don't know
how many times
I prayed, my dear Ahno.
I prayed for this.
I asked God to let me see
my beautiful daughter again
before I die.
- My dream has come true!
- Yes.
My sweet daughter.
You have suffered so much
because of your father's
and your husband's political
ambitions and conflicts.
It must have been hard for you.
It is okay, Father.
I'm just glad the nightmare
is finally over...
- Mmm.
- ...and that everything is better.
My daughter...
take good care of yourself.
Yes, Father.
It is time for your father's medicine.
I'll prepare some for him.
Your medicine.
It's me-- Ahno.
I'm here. Father.
My lady,
Prince Tseveenravdan is here.
You shine even brighter
than the moon
every single time I see you.
So how have you been?
You say I shine brighter
than the moon?
That's pretty bright.
Now tell me,
do you really mean it
or are you just teasing me, hmm?
Of course I do.
You are as bright
as the moon and the sun,
like they say in the fairy tales.
What are you painting?
My father brought me
some oil colors yesterday.
I'm trying them out.
It looks beautiful--
very vibrant.
If you're looking at me like that,
your great queen might get jealous.
I think you're the one who is jealous.
I came to tell you I want
to make you my second queen,
and live happily with you.
Live happily?
And what if my father refuses?
I have a feeling if you were the king
then maybe...
it would be a different story.
You know you're giving
away your knight.
I'm afraid it's mine now.
Then I take it back.
You do it all the time.
All right.
If you say so, my dear.
I've been playing terribly.
I don't know what's going on.
As they say, a fallen wrestler
always has his excuses.
There's something
I need to tell you.
Uh, what is it?
I've decided to take a second queen.
And who is this girl you speak of?
Who is she?
Please tell me.
she's your brother's eldest daughter...
But she is engaged
to your nephew Tseveenravdan!
I have already grown fond of her.
I've decided I want her
as my second wife,
and who she's engaged to
means nothing to me.
Galdan, please reconsider.
You can take anyone else,
but not her.
And what if I don't
need anyone else?
It's Akhai I want.
If you take Akhai's hand in marriage,
then Tseveenravdan will
rise up against you.
Hmph! I know Tseveenravdan
has been plotting against me
to take my throne.
And I also know
that he's resented me his entire life!
But no matter what,
I will marry Akhai and no one else.
Only her.
I am telling you this
not to seek your approval,
but because you're my great queen.
My lord...
the Dalai Lama
sent a messenger.
He arrived today
and brought us a loyalty gift.
A loyalty gift.
May the gods help
my husband realize his mistakes.
Why haven't you gotten married yet?
Forgive me.
Greetings, brother.
They say that you are going
to join Galdan and become his subject,
as if losing your fiance
to him wasn't bad enough.
Queen Ahno has found me
another girl to marry.
She too will make a suitable queen.
I do not need Akhai.
What do you think of that?
Are you serious?
Who cares?!
Her husband shamelessly took
Lady Akhai away from you,
and the queen's gesture
is one of pity.
And to top it all off...
you want to become his servant?
I don't believe you.
You know we cannot compare
ourselves with Lord Galdan.
Even Kangxi fears him
and the great army he amassed.
Why do you speak so fondly of him?
The man is pompous and ignorant!
Didn't he steal from us?
That throne is ours
by birthright and he took it.
When will we take back
everything we've lost?
Listen, why don't we accept
Kangxi's help
and fight against and defeat Galdan?
Think about it, brother.
It's our only hope.
No, never!
I'd rather take my own life
than join Kangxi!
Brother, let's use
Kangxi's forces to defeat Galdan.
After that,
we can sever all ties with him.
I'm telling you
it's possible and we can do it.
don't be such a fool.
We are the sons of Senge
of Western Mongolia.
No matter how far we fall,
we will never join forces
with the Manchurians!
All right, if that's the case,
our path ends here.
Listen carefully, brother,
you will regret this.
I only hope that your stomach
can hold down Galdan's feast!
My lord, my uncle,
I would like to speak.
You are the man who united
all the Western Mongolian tribes
and it is a great honor to stand
before you here today
and tell you what I am about to say.
I pledge my unfailing loyalty
to you, my lord and uncle.
My lord?
Forgive me being frank,
but I must tell you I don't believe
your nephew is here
to pledge his loyalty.
Why do you say that?
Why would you say
something like that to me
knowing it could mean the destruction
of my relationship with my nephew?
It's a feeling I have deep in my gut.
As your mother used to say...
be alert in times of peace,
be patient in times of trouble.
She was a wise woman.
That's enough.
I do not want to hear?
Any more of your
treacherous words tonight.
I would like to share
that I am truly delighted by your words.
As all of you witnessed,
my brother's son joined us
in this feast today
to pledge his loyalty
to me, his Lord.
Now that he has joined forces
we will be more powerful,
and I grant him
his own territory to rule.
Our country just became even stronger.
the messenger came back
with tragic news.
The Lord
of the Central Mongols
killed my uncle
and slaughtered his whole army.
Tusheet Khan!
Danjilla, what is that
supposed to mean?
Please, my lord,
you must calm down.
Both Central
and Western Mongols
have their own objectives,
but all Mongols share the same goal.
One common aim.
Father, the Central Mongols
also killed another leader
who was on his way
to join forces with us here.
They took over his army
of 10,000 troops.
What did you say?!
Did they also kill
my friend Degdeekhei?
Damn it!
My lord.
I know that Kangxi
is behind all of this!
He's the one who created
this division between us Mongols.
He wants me to be alone at the end
of this, so he can finally defeat me!
I'm sure of it!
I bet the Central Mongols
are proud of their foolish trick.
Mark my words, I will deliver
a crushing blow to them all...
before they go too far!
Wouldn't it be better to wait
and check the facts?
Be quiet!
If two Mongols fight one another,
it will only give
the enemy an advantage.
Please, sir!
These Central Mongols,
they murdered my brother
and my good friends, too.
Who has broken the ancient rules
that have always been held
by the Mongol people?
Rules that were respected
and adhered to?
It is him-- it is Tusheet Khan
who has destroyed our peace.
They may have managed
to kill my brother,
But I will stop
at nothing-- nothing--
To make sure the Manchu-s
never take control of our land!
I personally will unite the Western
Mongols and the Central Mongols.
I will rebuild
our great empire once again!
Balsan, why do you enter
this sacred room so rudely?
Please, Your Highness, forgive me.
Go ahead.
My queen, I have terrible news.
Tseveenravdan has taken
all of our supplies.
He has gone and he took
everything with him.
When did this happen?
It happened
three days ago, my queen.
A messenger found out this morning.
Tseveenravdan is on the move.
There's more, my queen.
Several of his men
came during the night
and those men kidnapped
Queen Akhai.
Prepare the horses,
we are going after them!
Throw the stars now!
Let's go!
May the heavens
punish those who betray their home!
The gods may not forgive me,
but I know they will bless
my brother instead!
- Did you bring the wood?
- Yeah yes, here you go.
It's cold up
in these mountains, really cold.
Yes. We need to keep the fire going.
When are we going to eat?
I am famished. Aren't you?
My lord, there is
someone here to see you.
I prayed every night that I would see
my loved ones again soon.
And God heard my prayers.
Tseveenravdan is contemptible.
I chased down
he and his men along with my archers,
and we managed
to catch up with them,
near Tsagaandavaa, but...
Tseveenravdan escaped
and then his brother attacked.
We had no choice.
About Akhai...
I didn't have
any strong feelings for her.
When I think about it,
it was because
of my love for you...
that I-- I had broke
my holy vow as a monk.
It feels like our wedding
was just yesterday, doesn't it?
As a monk, I thought...
that we foolish humans tend to...
mistake moments of suffering
for moments of true happiness.
When I look back,
I get the sense that...
I brought you
more pain than joy.
I'm afraid a man's life
is simply too short.
No, don't say that!
I have been
the happiest woman in the land
since the day I married you.
Will] remember?
I fell in love with you
the very first time I saw you.
I was young then
and I have never stopped loving you.
I could die for you a thousand times
and more if you asked me to.
You look as beautiful
as when I first saw you.
If our life were a book...
then your wrinkles would tell me
everything that you endured for me.
We need to catch them off guard.
What if we ambush
all three Manchurian forces...
and take them by surprise?
Could that work?
Our best move is to isolate their troops
coming from the northwest
and strike them one by one.
Yes, I-- I agree.
And by ambushing them here,
along the middle route,
we will gain a strong advantage.
And if we succeed,
we can turn this war around?
And lead our men to victory.
General Makhan
along with General Dugarravdan
will set out today
and take 10,000 men with them.
They'll hide in the woods
and strike from there.
Bulad Baatar
and Darkhan Baatar
will go in the opposite direction,
taking the remaining 10,000 men
and trap Yan Huachen's army
at the riverhead.
Your Highness.
We arrived at the riverhead
yesterday morning.
It seems Galdan and his men
are hiding somewhere in the vicinity.
Your Highness.
How were your travels,
Your Highness?
Has everything been going well?
Victory comes
to the many over the few.
I am quite curious.
Why does Galdan
want to fight against my 200,000 men?
Is he crazy, is that it?
The Mongolian land is incredibly vast.
Capture Galdan alive.
I want to question him.
Yes sir.
I don't believe it!
Kangxi amassed more troops!
Danjilla, how many cannons
do they have?
They have plenty.
More than our scouts could count.
But there is another problem:
all of his soldiers are
equipped with firearms.
There are reports that
they are very good marksman.
My lord, it would seem that
they have been trained
by the Europeans.
We're vastly outnumbered
by the Manchu army.
You must send our daughters away,
into the mountains with Mandarvaa
and along with the others.
As for you, you stay here.
Wait by the base camp, all right?
Lord Namjil's 10,000 men
are my only hope.
I can't just sit here and be idle
while you go off to certain death.
Alive or dead,
I want to be by your side always.
I can't take you with me
into open battlefield.
please don't die.
That's not gonna happen.
I'll be back.
My daughters...
always listen to Mandarvaa
and always stay with her.
Do you understand?
- Now.
- Blow the horns!
And sound the drums!
War! To War!
I will always love you, my queen.
You must never be apart
from your queen.
Good bye.
Fire! Fire back!
Keep firing!
I'll kill you!
what do we do now?
Run now.
You have to flee.
Deliver a message...
that we're outnumbered.
But I can't leave you here.
I won't leave you here!
Just go!
Your Highness,
Galdan's reinforcement troops
are joining us just as we planned.
I admire a man
who keeps his promise.
The Mongols fight
against the Mongols!
We should send
Lord Namjil's men
to the front line
and expose his betrayal.
Don't you think,
Your Highness?
Galdan has only
his arrogance to blame.
He should have accepted
my offer to take Manchu Queen.
All this could've been avoided.
It shall be known that...
those who rebel against
the Sage Dragon will suffer.
Listen to me carefully.
Wait here and if I'm not back
tomorrow afternoon,
gather some supplies
and some strong horses
and start heading west- due west.
And eventually this will
lead you back home.
You understand?
Yes, we understand, Mandarvaa.
Bumaa, always do
as your sister tells you.
I have to go now, girls.
Burn it.
Sister Mandarvaa.
Come on, men, hurry it up.
We don't have all day here.
Just burn everything.
All that you see,
throw it in the flames.
Torch it, come on.
- There's not too much time.
- Burn it all down.
Balsan, what happened?
My queen,
the Manchurians have killed
our women and children
on the mountainside.
But there is still hope
for your daughters.
They were seen together, fleeing
with the few remaining survivors,
heading west on horseback.
They were still alive.
Gerelt, prepare my armor
and the deer horn.
Wait. You know the deer horn
is traditionally worn
as a last stand in battle, my queen.
Please reconsider.
You must think this through.
I'm sure you realize
that if you wear that that you will
be easily noticed by Kangxi's forces.
We might have to sacrifice our lives
to preserve our Mongolian soil,
but I won't give up without a fight.
Father, General Dugarravdan
has arrived.
My lord...
General Makhan
fought until his last breath.
I managed to flee
and break the enemy line...
to get back here to our camp.
But unfortunately I am the only one
out of the whole unit...
that has survived.
My lord.
Our women and children...
on the mountain--
I don't know how
to tell you this, my lord.
The Manchu soldiers came
and massacred them all!
War is cruel.
Men might kill one another,
but killing women and children?!
My warriors!
To war! To war!
To war!
Everyone follow Ahno's lead!
Your Highness,
we just learned that Galdan
managed to escape again.
Shall we pursue him?
There is no need.
He might have gotten away
with his body,
but his heart will always lie here.
Victory is ours at last, Pyangu.
Aren't you happy about that?
Your Highness, you know
I have been planning
this war against the Mongols
for three years.
If it weren't for his Queen Ahno,
there is no doubt in my mind
that Galdan would have been captured.
We won, but he escaped
and so today is a day
when victory feels more like defeat.
Let's return home.
Even if God wants
a grain of sand...
from our land, we say,
Uuuhay! Uuuhay!
Uuuhay! Uuuhay!