Warriors (1999) Movie Script

In 1992, Britain will
sum to UN troops
present in central Bosnia
during the civil war.
This film is based
on real events
but the characters
are fictitious.
Liverpool, August 1992
Come. We're going to smash.
I do not like the shirt.
It looks like a gas station.
Liverpool! Liverpool!
Give us strength and
protection for
Blessed art Thou, our Savior.
We praise our corazny our lips.
I remember the everlasting
Blessed be the Lord.
God Almighty
is in the mercy that you
give life to Stefan.
Put your finger here.
What is the history of
the station's service?
She is 60 years!
If she could, lengthen
the shorts.
Beware! Aprtate!
Turn around
- Qu? "Come on!
- Okay.
- S fastest!
They really are not the
fires of hell ...
Is supposed to turn ...
Qu lungs of steel!
Sandra, go get milk.
- There is in the fridge.
- No.
- I assure you it is.
- I tell you no.
Hurry before they close.
Come on, Peter!
Remember when you thought
only to sleep?
Already seen everything!
Species disgusting!
Was I wrong?
Lt. Feeley, Major Stone
being sought.
- A shower!
- Fra
Relax, Lieutenant Loughrey.
Who is?
Mayor Stone.
The permit becomes void.
Is this a joke?
"A joke." The Regiment
was mobilized.
Impossible. I'm getting married.
Your mother was lost on the way?
That was John.
Come to bed.
Shit, this here!
The first woman to play
for Liverpool!
Keegan Granny! See what I mean?
As you, Dad
Dedicaraa me this every day!
How many you killed since
you're on the army?
Until now?
Counting women and children?
We all?
- Where are you going?
- At the disco. Coming?
The queen is in her dancing.
- Forgiveness!. Upset?
Want to know why?
You are their hero.
His older brother, a soldier.
We should go to the party.
Stefan did not come.
Hubiramos creed but never ...
your brother's hard
work on the farm.
When she was late,
saves travs field.
What do you want?
Habamos lost contact.
I wanted to leave the farm.
No l, she collapses.
He stayed by your father.
- It's a mess.
- The I won.
I'm a good shooter!
Even a blind man may shoot
down an iron duck!
What is that?
A girl with chickens
around the waist.
A hail!
Will double.
T're married?
No, I embrace the
religious state.
You're the maid of honor?
You are all bastards.
Jams marry me.
A survivor!
Thanks ...
What you loved to drink?
We, champagne?
Yes, we can.
Is one that you like?
- Then left!
TmID terribly, your friend!
Mo God!
Behold, the new plane
of the tables.
To Rory and Timothy estn each
a part of the table.
Put your family away from wine.
It is embarrassing to impose
this on everyone.
- No?
- She loves it.
I hope I'm not this meddling.
Pensbamos put a tent.
We will in your garden.
There ... a problem.
John called me: The regiment
has been deployed.
Part of Yugoslavia.
When did you go?
There will be no
marriage then ...
I went to Dubrovnik.
A magnificent city.
I saw the bombing
on TV.
Your father did not like
much the Yugoslavs.
The queraa Tito.
I ask forgiveness.
Knew not how decrtelo.
I want to marry.
But my job.
I see the information.
This also touches Sarajevo.
Everything will be fine.
Do not say that.
That does not mean anything.
Does not reassure me at all.
What does here?
That jerk.
- Who is?
- The stupid to be home.
I already committed and freshly
pona hand on the buttocks.
If you do the crazy mess
tonight, do not Casarsa,
Sit in the hospital.
If s, shakes his head.
I freeze the tits.
Farouk you the warm.
Maybe make them cut me!
Why do I find the day
of my marriage?
I do not want to marry.
- It's the stress.
- Spend all.
You're an idiot. Let 's go.
I do not want to marry.
You have no choice.
Everything is paid.
Come on.
We return?
The permit has been canceled.
It's me, Grandma!
I found a gift for Bobby.
In this catalog. Check the page.
Your jersey is finished.
I need it.
Why? Where you going?
Permit has been revoked.
We're going to Yugoslavia.
Do not go to Bobby's house.
- I will make t.
- I take care of it.
Preparing your luggage.
Sorry, Grandma.
Do not worry about me.
Live your life.
Why are you leaving?
To do something in my life.
And the match against Sheffield.
Your the animars per ml.
This will happen ...
Do not worry.
Watch out for the disabled.
Is how in Yugoslavia?
We helaremos.
The Olympics were there.
We won something?
The gold medal.
In ice cream balls.
You mean in skiing ...
High speed.
I went to Austria
but no snow bean.
Cog a pneumatic for the ass ...
Welcome to Vitez.
Skeeter, at the junction,
turn right.
- OK, boss.
- In the city.
You're going to bring?
Watch your back!
Vitez, central Bosnia.
Autumn 1992
You see the children?
Use a soft ...
- You give them candy?
- S.
Rays of chocolate.
Rays of England!
Is that you do not have, stingy?
- T you?
- Taca!
- Have a lot?
- Tons.
Look, jump!
Well done!
Thanks, Alan.
For later.
Company ... strong!
Break, Sergeant Major.
Rest ...
Welcome to Vitez.
Emma does not cancel
the ceremony?
It is love.
You have until this summer
to prepare your speech.
We supervise.
By the way that I have here
the lieutenant Engel
The British army.
It is our liaison officer.
We will ensure that the
population can eat.
To have a clear conscience?
Do not be a technician?
Our mission is: do
not take sides,
non-displaced refugees.
Ethnic purification Nothing.
No tonic redraw the
map of the country.
You come here to do a job.
If you lose your head,
lose their lives.
Your Armored not invincible.
Do not stop a 100 mm rocket.
And make no mistake.
They are not amateurs.
They were in the Yugoslav army,
one of the best prepared.
His team is the most
market cheaper.
I'm very well equipped.
Vern things very hard.
We must respect the
rules of the UN.
We will pass out this.
Estdienlo. This looks like a. ..
Northern Ireland.
It is written in Serbo-Croatian
on the back.
If you read it, for
us to be warned!
Very important:
Shoot only if your
life is in danger.
Any questions?
The upcoming reunin with Lieutenant Engel and Mr.
HCR at 19 hours.
Commander, tell everyone.
Attention ...
Behold, Bosnia, 1 month ago.
Pink, the Serbian territory.
In yellow, Bosnia is reduced
to three-fingered hand.
This map is already outdated.
Jajce fell y. ..
Thank you, Mr.
Langrubber. Finish and submit.
Having market Jajce
Serbian front liberals
to Turbe ...
If this obsolete,
so is this for?
We play tomorrow?
We play on Monday.
Against London.
But why not play on Saturday?
Sandra criticize but
you are not better.
The sperm of your father
to go back in time?
Travnik attack
Provoked a large influx
of refugees.
Do not expect to be in the path.
Sern caught completely
by surprise.
A first test ...
One ms.
A cigarette?
Good idea.
I think it was worse, all ...
How was it? Stat ... Stato.
Is he who began ...
On the right, Skeeter.
Grm we go looking for
a boy injured.
Behold, Lt. Feeley.
Minka, our interpreter.
We're going to need it.
It is not allowed to pass.
Ningn not need permission.
Yes, here, what you need.
l want to register your vehicle.
No, I refuse.
What say?
Qu remove them.
We let them pass?
Consult with his superiors.
Where to go?
Call his boss.
I do not need your permission.
In two minutes, I go along.
Is believed to be dangerous.
We let them pass.
Come on. Remove the mines.
Ask about the child?
They are Croats.
This must be a Muslim house.
Let's see if anyone knows
where is the NIO.
Excuse me for coming as,
Know something about
a child hurt?
Some guys came yesterday
and threw it.
Huy people.
He saw a guy jump off a balcony.
he is alive but the
Serbs seek him
What happens?
They have 20 minutes before
the Serbs burned the house.
And they are here.
- Not your family?
- Very good!
- How do you call?
- Dogs.
Everton fans ...
Serves no burn.
Do not burn the house,
they leave.
They are two women:
a young woman and more.
Are harmless.
Too late. They burned his house.
It does?
- I'm taking them.
- Impossible.
They need.
We must evacuate a child.
Llevndonos these women,
Ethnic purification we help.
We vern ...
as pro-Muslim.
This is not our mission.
The child is close to the ro.
I have it.
I'm English. I'll help.
It should be warm,
this ice cream.
Let's go.
I wear it right away,
this ice cream.
We're going.
The small doctor needed cures.
Because of his unruly behavior,
Mr. Langrubber suffered
a long wait
to the point of passage.
I've performed well.
And play with mine?
Due Langrubber prevented
from wearing a Muslim.
A garment purification,
in their eyes.
We are accused of helping them.
Understood, Richard.
Your Armored duty to
fly the UN flag.
- This is me.
- Do not sleep in a tent.
Another beer?
This does not displease me.
We get settled in school.
No problem.
What is in your hand?
Tell a matchbox.
Your pen ...
A telephone number.
Everything is fine. He sleeps.
No, he did not die.
Everything is fine.
Bean thought he lost ...
Only needs to sleep.
Do not cry. Everything is fine.
Hasta la vista.
Herzog called.
His mother ... cried.
Neighbors invite us to dinner.
Diramos an altar.
The Serbs know your
arrival time.
The estimated number of refugees
at the border ...
is 6 to 7000.
Understood? Alfa three Zero received.
Understood. Short.
Alfa Zero here.
Remember: You is
here to observe.
Go there, James.
Tommo, come on.
Move on!
Is full?
- I've woken up.
- Qu?
Forgive me, I dorma.
I dreamed you. And now, I speak.
Beautiful dreams?
I'm not very good.
- What's the matter?
- I'm a little sick.
How it goes?
It is sinister.
I wanted to wish you
a Merry Christmas.
So, come on.
Merry Christmas.
The upcoming, we will
be together.
Why do these sick?
Apparently it's normal ...
The nuseas morning.
Merry Christmas.
Neil is going to be pap.
His companion is pregnant.
Christmas Da, 1992
- Merry Christmas!
- Shout!
- This good?
- Unclean
A carol!
A Christmas carol.
Merry Christmas!
- Snow?
- Very large flakes.
Bastards! Forgiveness!
Here, no snow.
The Coventry we won 5 to 1.
Steward has not scored.
We lost 5-1.
Let me am.
- I happened to Alan.
- Okay.
As is my grandmother?
- Okay.
- And Christmas?
A drink.
Are original.
I pity your future husband.
- Think I'm going to marry?
- With a Blue Prince.
Vulvemelo happen.
- Pete ...
- It's my mother?
Merry Christmas.
What's the matter?
A small MOTNE.
We know of them?
l is with explosives and
she works at City Hall.
- How do you know?
- Counter-espionage service.
While you sit out.
The wine!
- No need to carry it.
- Why?
Muslims do not drink.
Everybody drinks here.
Going to be insulting.
We will bring ...
I res?
Lt. secretarial Feeley.
Going out.
Lieutenant Loughrey
has been retained.
For here.
A drink?
Whiskey, if any.
Naser an est on the job.
And you?
At City Hall ...
There are still marriages?
Yes. Love is patient.
- Do you have children?
- No.
Their music is violent.
- Excuse me?
- Please.
Navras, John. The work ...
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
- Almira attended him?
- She chooses the music.
Another drink?
- No thanks.
- Security?
Sinteso please.
Loughrey Lieutenant
est at the base.
- The factory is operating normally?
- Nothing is normal now.
Muslims and Croats
run it together.
I am all one of the rare Bosnian.
Good evening, honey.
Need my knowledge.
He is an American?
No. Viv a bit in the USA.
Business surveys.
- It's my specialty.
- He was at Harvard.
- They met all?
- No.
In college, in Sarajevo.
Live in a large apartment
In the most beautiful city in the world.
With charming neighbors.
No problem of religion.
Tenamos a child.
This happiness seems endless.
I hate the politicians.
This is all your fault.
According to Nasser,
we are lucky
Having left Sarajevo.
I dream of returning there.
According to her, is a curse.
There is a curse.
The whole valley is cursed.
Sentmonos to the table.
She must have sensed
your deodorant.
This reminds me of Toxteth.
Alpha One Zero Zero Hotel.
Pregnant woman.
Escort to an ambulance.
Three Zero, on the road.
Want to wait for reinforcements?
Useless. Continue.
Vigil behind, Skeet.
- You have company.
- I can see.
Batten, boss?
all will not see anything else.
- Okay, Hookway?
- Shit.
I spray t.
What happens?
Zero Zero Three Alpha here.
There was an attack.
We have a Aver.
Three Alpha Zero DNOS
its position.
We are on the bridge
of Novi Travnik.
- You see?
- Pete
Like this?
Hotel Zero.
I try to estimate
their position.
Three Zero Alpha reply.
You have been given!
- Raise your seat.
- It is locked.
The seat is locked.
Got it?
- Where is the ambulance?
- Comes from Vitez!
Devulvalo to the base.
Llvenlo to reanimacin.
- Who is?
- Skeeter.
At my signal, pick it up.
On three. One, two, three.
Sergeant ...
Muvanse! Come!
Put on clean clothes.
I wanted action ..
Did you fulfill your mission.
I was fed up of being
on your ass.
It is not what it seems.
- Your hatches were closed?
- This is not the problem.
Go talk to his men.
Skeet is dead.
Hacrselo go to pay.
We know where shot.
I also, I hacrselo pay.
But that does not
solve anything.
I can see it?
I leave.
The larger ...
The larger ...
This is not fair.
Show yourselves, you bastards!
Give me the flashlight.
He was my best friend.
The tell because you were fired?
You are a stupid.
We need a new driver.
Any suggestions?
No one can replace Skeeter.
What s.
Hookway ...
Good idea.
We are still stuck in the bridge
2.5 km east of Sase.
Zero Hotel, we tried
to find our contact.
There will be found in the
sb Serbian checkpoint.
To tell them to let us pass.
Possibly you can spend tomorrow.
If it takes much, do
not get anything.
We'll stay here tonight.
We guard 2 soldiers each time.
Will not sympathize
with the Serbs.
- Good afternoon.
- Is everything all right?
- And all?
- Quiet.
- This will not last.
- Being best bed early.
- Good night.
- Until tomorrow.
I have a contact for
Karadic in Pale.
This may help.
Believe spent the winter
in these ...
Luxury hotels in Geneva, at
the expense of the UN.
His attitude ...
They are the British army, advancing
destruyndolo everything.
S why we are here and
not destroy anything.
Then what happens?
Is your asshole.
Langrubber message.
They want to see our
My God!
- Where next?
- I'm English.
There is an English name.
Where are your parents?
This is the name
of your parents?
Is Polish.
But that is not indicated.
Why save the dirty Muslim?
I do my job.
Polak's stupid.
Dirty bastard.
A donkey fuck your mother.
A Judo ...
If it corresponds to the help
Muslims, not to Polak.
We can pass only certain
How can we go?
Two 4x4, one armored, a truck.
Are 24 000.
a lonely road, no
good for nothing.
We'll take the
eriously injured.
In view of this, we need
all the trucks.
It is the agreement, case closed.
We have 12 hours.
This will be a massacre.
Where to these people?
Estn in hell.
Buenos das.
Is the local official.
- My name is Hank.
- Aida. Enchanted
Tell him to come to seek
seriously injured.
This is the situation:
is llevarn
the severely injured.
They can not do that!
And the Dems?
I'll explain!
And the children?
If you wear them, the Serbs
are going to attack.
You say?
Explain the situation.
We must stop them.
Let us turn back.
There are a IAASB.
Sintense front of cars.
They say?
Estn where the wounded?
Podrn not happen.
If you stay, the Serbs
do not atacarn.
It is impossible.
Place the vehicles shipped
to the wounded.
They do?
We kidnap.
- Qu?
- We are hostages.
This is ridiculous.
What happens?
A misunderstanding.
Only a misunderstanding.
We are hostages.
I will fix this.
We left.
Let us ponder.
If we go, we go over.
If we stay ...
devastate their tanks are full.
We die with them?
Langrubber will warn Stone.
l? It is our only hope?
I did not tell the truth to
Gurney, you said nothing.
That has not changed anything.
Understand them.
I will do the same.
If they die, this will be ...
If we die also ...
The opininpblica react.
Where to learning the language?
In the army?
It's a secret?
My mother taught me.
Is Polish.
My father is Polish.
He worked in Serbia.
During the war against
the Germans?
All was sent for forced labor.
To build the fields.
And then stayed there.
All, I met my mother.
Have been released but ...
He sat in danger then they ...
left for Scotland.
Estn them all forever ...
Huspedes invisible.
Disclpeme ...
A woman cut her foot.
- I help?
- Where?
Okay. I'll take care of that.
Go to see if they live.
Lower your head!
Tell these assholes to
stop bombarding us.
! Stupid!
Says they are not Serbs.
Muslims are bombing themselves?
S, think that's it.
Climb immediately!
We must go.
Aydele, please!
Emira! Where is Emira?
Come on, James.
Forward and turning.
We must retreat.
Although we lack men.
- Que pasa?
- Do not s.
You say!
Make off!
Stop the vehicle! I mean?
Follow my orders. Understood?
Understood, Corporal?
It all looks the same!
Here nothing matters!
My men are risking their lives.
Djen go.
Sorry, we can not do anything.
Should evacuate the area.
Can happen.
Clear the path!
What will they do?
Irna Srebrenica.
Good luck.
Come on, fast paced!
Manchester United!
Listen to! This is who?
Does here, Gurney?
Forgot the deadline?
Were blocked. You see?
Now is safe.
No thanks to them.
Want to register the vehicle.
No way.
You zone est Serbia.
There is nothing inside.
l do not register ...
Ningn registration.
Possibly transporting a Muslim.
- The discussion is over.
- What say?
S which is a matter
of principles
But given the circumstances ...
In addition, we have
nothing to hide.
I am writing this mission.
They are criminals and not
registrarn anything.
Clmese. It is only routine.
Want to register the vehicle.