Warrior's Gate (2016) Movie Script

My hero...
You are the winner.
Oh he shots, he scores. Come
on Black knights strikes again.
When are you just gonna clean up?
You know people are
coming to see the house.
- Yeah I'm doing homework.
- Homework?
- Yeah homework.
- You think I'm fools?
- No, I'm working on that.
- Homework.
- I've never seen that before.
- Want me upgrade the computer?
Hey I don't mean to put pressure on you
sweetie, but you really got to grade at school.
As good as point A.
I just.. I can't afford collegue.
You gotta got scholarship.
That's not counseling.
6 months, not a house..
Not an apartment.
Hey Mr. Chang says everything
happens for a reason..
Yeah, you know what? Well Mr. Chang is
not getting his home for close in 90 days.
I'm sorry.
I know he was your friend and.. It's really sweet
ofhim to give you a job and everything, but..
We don't need philosophy.
We need a break.
- How's it going with Travis and them?
- Oh it's fine.
- No more bully.
- I just told you.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
No more gaming, until
you finish your homework.
- Is that a threat?
- Yup.
I'm the Octo man!
- Hector you dork, an octopus has 8 arms.
- Whatever.
Look who's here?
- Watch this dork!
- Oh no Travis.
- Let's try this track, you like that,
you like that! - Yeah!
Like that huh? Bye bye!
- Right away Jack!
- Come on mate get out ofhere.
- That's for sure.
- You show him, Travis.
Get away.
- Hey Travis you all right there?
- Oh Travis I'm really sorry.
How many times I gotta tell you?
This is our spot.
You said the park of Magnolia was your
spot, you didn't say anything about this.
Any place there's a ramp.
That's ours.
You almost killed me. Twerp.
I'm sorry okay? Itwas an accident.
Accident or not..
Still gonna kick your ass.
Not getting away that easy.
Don't let him get away boy! Let's go!
Hurry boy! Come on!
Go, boy! Let's go boys!
Go, go, go, go!
Oh gate!
Hey watch out kid!
- Get away man!
- Watch it!
He's thatway!
Come on, come on, come on!
Wow, wow, wow!
I'm sorry mam!
- Come on, come on, hurry up!
- No, no, no!
Wow! Hey! What are you doing?
You're going to the frat party?
- Where did he go?
- Move gentleman, away!
What's your problem?
- Problem again?
- I'm in trouble still.
You should use some of your
movements in your game, Jack.
- kick some butt. - It ain't those
gaming world Mr. Chang, this is real world.
One's get nothing to do with the other.
- Bravery is bravery.
- Look at me.
Do I.. Do I even look like I
have one awesome brave in me?
Looking and being are 2
different things, young Jack.
On this case.. Here what
you see is what you get.
Well, let's see if I can get
some work out of my employee.
Yeah okay.
How are thing at home?
Moms worried about money. Real estate markets
dead. She hasn't sold anything in months.
Looks like we're gonna have to move.
Wish I could do
something to help her out.
Medical app or something?
What's all this?
The new shipment from my cousin
in Beijing. Help me open it.
- Mr. Chang what's this?
- It has been in my family since.. Forever.
- You like it?
- Yeah I do.
- The dancing princess.
- Yeah looks like she's breaking.
- You know, like..
- Oh God..
See look?
I don't think so young Jack.
She lived a long.. Long.. Time ago.
She saved a country from the barbarians.
Talk about brave, she was brave.
This little girl can kick butt big time.
Where do I put it?
- How about your house?
- What do you mean?
I mean.. A present..
- No Mr. Chang.. I can't.. I can't..
- Oh sure you can.
You watch the shop while
I going on vacations.
- Oh but you already paying me for that.
- Bad manners to refuse a gift.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Hey so I have an idea.
- What?
This house.. Really kinda
too big for both of us.
I mean when dad was here
itwas fine. But now..
You know.. Maybe we should think
about renting our room hall.
To that some kid from
university or something.
What did I do to deserve a kid like you?
On the lottery?
- Where is the Black knight?
- What?
Where is the Black knight?
- I.. I'm the Black knight.
- You lie! You die!
Black knight, it's Octo Man.
- Hey wait, wait.
- I'll challenge you to a duel to death.
It is a video game! It's a video game!
Okay? I just.. I just
want to show you man.
I'm 8 arms now bro.
Okay you see that's the challenger
and that's me, the Black knight.
It is true..
Yeah it's me, hey look when I move..
He moves.
- You are the winner. - Just you wait man,
when I'm comeback with 12 arms.
- So you are the Black knight.
- In the game world, I'm the Black knight.
In this world I'm Jack Bronson.
Jack Bronson worthless to me.
But I don't have a choice.
Jack Bronson, I need your help.
- Forwhat? - I need you to guard
the most precious treasure of the empire.
Excuse me?
Your majesty, you can go out.
The princess and future empress.
Hi, I'm Jack.
Anyone who touches the
princess dies. That is the rule.
No exceptions?
There's no point in having
rule if you have exception.
Sometimes is good to
be a little flexible.
It's useless.
But I don't have a choice.
I'll be back as soon as possible.
If anything happens to her..
I'm hallucinating, this is crazy, this
isn't happening, this isn't happening.
- Where are yourweapons?
- My weapons?
Warrior Zhao said you
were going to protect me.
To protect me you need to
have skills and weapons.
Hey you know, I.. I think Warrior
Zhao a little confuse because..
I'm not the Black knight.
I don't have skills orweapons.
So Warrior Zhao was
right, you are worthless.
Okay you know what? Can
we start over? I'm Jack..
- What do I call you?
- Your highness.
- I need a name.
- Sulin.
- Okay.
- I'm hungry Jack.
Bring be swallow nest soup.
Roasted snail, the big kind.
Oh and duck tongue in hot chilli sauce.
Let's see what I can do.
Not bad.
Su lin?
No, no, no, no.
Hey, just in time.
Hey, how's your sleep?
Great, how did your sleep?
- Do want to sit down?
- Umm, no, no.
Because I read that it's better for
your digestion if you're standing.
I never heard it.
Okay, I'll do the dishes.
No, no, I'll do it mom, I do
it mom, I'll do dishes today.
Excuse me, what?
You have to go to work, the bridge's
down, this traffic, you can be late.
- The bridge? - Yeah. No, you gotta go,
you're gonna be late.
- Okay I need my keys..
- Got it, please... ok.
Hey, I am gonna go see aunt Sophie
tomorrow, do you wanna come with?
Oh no, I gotta a lot stuff
to do, like Homework.
Yeah, bye bye.
Okay, you gotta come inside.
Hey, I am notjoking.
Ok, stay here, don't move.
Whaddup, man?!
So, how do you like my octopus, bro?
- Lame. - Damn, it's a prototype, yo,
just gimme some time.
- I'll be killing it 8 arms and shit.
- Hello.
You gonna intro me, bro?
- This is Hector.
- Octoman, yo.
Octoman, this is Your Highness.
- Really? That's her name?
- Yeah, that's it.
Well, pound it up, your highness.
Oh dude, I am so sorry.
I am sorry, you ok?
Yeah, it's cool man, I
kinda worry, you know.
So what's the story here?
It's complicated, I don't really
want talk about it right now.
- You know what I mean.
- Dude, the girl is hot.
- You're gonna hook up?
- No, if you keep ask..
me stupid questions like that.
You tell me all about that, right?
- Until the last detail.
- Right, catch you two lovebirds later.
You can't do that!
- He want to hit me. - No, he want
to fistbump you!
It's a greeting like a handshake.
Didn't you hear Warrior Zhao? No touch up
princess, they can make your heap chopped off.
- That's the rule.
- Ok, maybe where you come from..
that's the rule, but here,
here the rules are different.
When you go back to yourworld, you can chop
off as many heads as you want, I promise.
But here, my world my rule, ok?
- What are you doing?
- Observing yourworld,
So I can learn the rules better.
No, no, no, you have to go back inside.
How am I gonna to learn rules
of yourworld if I don't see it?
Well you can go out dressed like that.
- Why not?
- Because..
Because, they will stare and
wonderwhat the hell is going on.
If I were dressed differently
could I stand here?
- Yes. - Then call the tailor and
have him..
- make me new cloth. - We don't
get our clothes from the tailor.
Then take me where you do.
This for man.
- You okay?
- What's that?
- That's Ice cream, it's food.
- What that feels like?
Well, it's cold and sweet.
I want one.
Ok what flavor do you want? They have chocolate,
vanilla, strawberry, cherry and mint..
Umm, I want all of them.
All of them?
- Girl, you're the shit.
- Hey hey, it's your ice cream.
- Yeah, we gotta go.
- Thatwas fun.
- Yeah, really? - I like them all, Jack,
thank you for bringing me here.
You're welcome.
What do you mean I'm the shit?
When you really like
something, that's whatwe say.
Hey mom.
- Hello.
- I ate Ice cream.
Yeah, I can see that.
Mom, I forget to tell you. Yesterday in
school they asked someone to volunteer..
to take an exchange student, and...
- Sulin showed up today.
- Oh you fresh out of the boat.
No boat, I came by box.
- What?
- Oh she meant plane.
Plane, because box and plane
are the same in her language.
What's the plane?
- She does it all the time.
- I thought she just gotten here.
- She did.
- But you just said all the time.
I did, I meant that in
the time she's been here.
- Are you ok with this?
- Yeah, I mean..
- No, no, no.
- Sulin, it's so nice to meet you.
I am Jack's mom, I am Annie.
I am so hungry.
I am sure we have salad,
fresh corn and.. hamburger.
Sulin do you like Hamburgers?
I like snails, like Jack and me last night.
Last night?
The Chinese grammar, they get their
past and future tenses mixed up alot.
You know you're acting very weird.
Why don't you put the burgers on?
Su lin and I will go make up the
couch and the guess room for her.
I'm gonna gone tomorrow but maybe when I get back
we can sketch to know each other little better?
Maybe we can go to the mall, it's the shit.
- Who told you that?
- Jack.
Umm, this is where you gonna be sleeping.
- She said that?
- To my mom.
- That is ill dude.
- Hector, give me a break.
I don't know, man, the girl is
hot. Things I would do to her..
Good night Hector.
Excuse me, the bed next door
is in the wrong position.
Very bad Feng Shui, I can't sleep.
This one good Feng Shui.
Don't forget to clean the house.
Oh don'tworry, you won't
recognize the place when get back.
- Say Hi to aunt Sophie.
- Sure.
- Where is she?
- Who the hell are you?
- Where is the princess?
- Listen man, I don't know, ok?
I am here.
No, no, no!
Jack! Jack!
Jack! Jack! Jack! Jack!
Ok, I told you not to let
her outta of your sight.
- You worthless!
- I am not a warrior!
I don't know what you're expecting.
I was expecting more.
Ok, well how about this for more,
when I saw she was taken by those..
Whatever the hell those I jumped
in and after them, man, ok?
What more do you want? And by the way, we came
the same way seconds apart, she should be here.
- She's not.
- Well where is she then?
- I don't know. - How you could not know?
I was right behind her.
I was busy!
Maybe she came in and ran
out. She probably outside.
Wait, don't!
Ok, ok.
I don'twant you to think
I am backing out on you,
but it's not, you know, I
got a lot ofhomework to do..
so I should getting back by now,
just go back to where I came.
It's not gonna happen.
So I am stuck here,
there's no otherway out?
I didn't say that.
- I am not in charge of transportation.
- Well who is?
- The wizard it is.
- And where's the wizard?
Jack Bronson, I won't do that.
- Wake up! - Stop! Never
wake a sleeping wizard.
What? I'll get my head chopped off?
Yes, how did you know?
Lucky guess. What is itwith you people
chopping offheads? I mean, really.
It's effective.
Close the door!
Cut the rope!
Get behind me!
Open the door.
There's like thousands of..
Just open it.
Sorry. Hello, what is
your name, young man?
- Jack.
- Oh Jack, welcome Jack.
Is something wrong?
No, you just look a
lot like someone I know.
Is he handsome?
ok, now let's go find the princess.
- Can you explain something to me?
- If I can.
- Well let's startwith the chest.
- The Warrior's gate.
- That's the real name.
- And how does itwork?
That's complicated.
It has to do with times, spaces, magic..
and things beyond explaining.
The main thing is that it's works.
- Then how do I get back.
- Another chest.
There's another chest?
Great, where is it?
Well, that is complicated. I have
to collect four differentwoods..
from 4 different trees that grow in
four different parts of the country.
North where the Zippa wood is found.
South where the spotted bamboo grows.
Eastwhere the black mahogany lives.
And westwhere the rarest
tree in all the land is found.
That's the only way to build a new box.
But first let's find the Princess.
You know where she is?
Another complicated question.
How about an easy one, huh?
Zhao. Tell me about Zhao.
That's easy.
Warrior Zhao was one of
the seven companions..
raised from birth by the sacred monks..
for one thing and one thing only.
To protect the emperor.
The monks train the 7
companions day and night,
year in and year out, until they
would be most invincible force.
Itwas their sole purpose in
life to protect the emperor..
while brought peace to the land.
There was not a man alive
who could defeat them.
Except one.
Arun the cruel, king ofbarbarian.
As fate would have it. Zhao was on
the mission and they figure it out.
The food has been poisoned.
Feeling the worse.
He rush to protect the emperor.
But he arrived too late.
And then chaos decendent from the door.
And the peace that emperor had work
so hard to built began to fall apart.
With no leader the army was lost.
The people were lost.
The Zhao fought relentesly but
as great as warrior as he was.
He needed a help of the greatest
warrior that could be found.
And so, by using the cynic stone.
I found you.
And we pass to the warriors gate to get help
protecting the greatest treasure we possessed.
- Shuman?
- Sulin.
The only one who can rally
the people to defeat.
The Barbarians and save our kingdoms.
But I'm not be able to help him.
He thinks I am worthless.
Oh, you seems might. But I don't.
- Based on what?
- You're here. You didn't have to be.
You could've stay at home.
That's something aboutwho you are.
Am I crazy?
And now if you will excuse me.
I have a lot of wood to collect.
See you. Bye-bye.
Come on, let's go.
You know the old saying about
blaming the burial is bad news.
Yes, your highness.
- You believe it's true?
- I hope not, your highness.
Good news, you're getting marry. Bad news.
Warrior Zhao is on his way.
kill him.
Brutus, not him, kill Zhao.
- So, I assumed you have a plan.
- I do. Save the princess.
Prevent the married.
Oh? She is getting married?
Force to. Unless we stop it.
- Ah.. Who is the groom?
- Arun the Cruel.
Ah, is it his name?
His full name is Arum the cruel,
the horrible, the terrible, the miserable.
Butwe keep it short.
If the marry takes place..
Once she become empress, he become emperor.
And once he is an emperor. He will kill her
and the whole country is doom.
Are you finish with dinner?
- I guess.
- Yeah, we sleep.
I know, I know, we are rafting it but
do we have any, blankets and pillows?
Blankets? No.
Pillows. Yes.
Good night.
Let say you have rescue the princess.
- Is she have anyone else might to marry?
- Not yet.
Any idea what kind husband she looking for?
Cause in the little time we
spend together, you know what?
I thoughtwe have something.
You know, connection.
Cause we like the same clothes,
we like the same musics.
- You know, you don't think that..
- No, I don't think, Jack Bronson.
She's looking for someone good,
someone brave, a hero.
Sized in the right of
capital of Chunghai province.
1.600 bricks of silver, 18.000
bricks of gold. 6 chests of diamonds.
And 26 slaves.
- Only 26 slaves?
- Yes, I know.
We're under performing
in that departement.
Who is incharge of slaves?
My cousin.
Get rid ofhim.
Brutus, I mean the cousin.
Not him!
A second moment here, big fella.
Now, I know you want to please me,
but next time..
Before you kill someone.
Should we have a signal, maybe?
Like, something like that? Like, signal?
Like that? A signal like that?
- Like that? Yes.
- kill. That's the signal.
- Yes.
- That's the signal.
Your highness.
- Get her down.
- Finally.
Beautiful bride has arrive.
Hello, my love.
How are you? Tired from your long trip.
- Need a hot bath?
- Stay there!
- A hunk of milk, maybe?
- Hold!
Soon, my love. Soon.
You and me.
Let's move!
You and me!
- Go! Go!
- Call the tailor for fitting!
- What are you doing?
- It's gonna rain.
There's no cloud.
Not all rain come from cloud.
Oh my God!
Oh my God! Look at this!
What the hell is going on?
He wants me dead.
- So they know we are here?
- They know we're somewhere around here.
So they're just keep shooting arrows
everywhere and hope to get lucky.
We called it the morning shower.
Why don't you wake me up?
I could been dead.
If I want you dead, I will do it myself.
You have to learn to listen.
- What is said?
- Do not enter.
- And what's in there?
- The unknown land.
- What is in the unknown land?
- Unknown things.
Okay, wait, but.. You are drop
me off to the wizard, right?
- Wrong.
- Okay, look, I really think..
Is about time we thought
about getting me home?
- So do I. Here.
- What is this?
A map. Itwill take you to the wizard.
I.. I can't read this. I justwant
to go home and you are not helping.
- I gave you a map.
- So basicly it's screw you, Jack.
I brought you here against yourwill,
I kidnapped you,
and now you're not the
person I though you were.
So, adios amigo. You are not my problem.
Wrong at number one.
I did not kidnap you.
No one need you jump into that chest.
Right on number two.
You are not my problem.
My problem is to get
through the unknown land.
Get pass the Arum's army.
Pass his personal guards.
Pass the terror guards.
Find the princess,
get pass the Torror's reinforcement.
Pass the personal guard's reinforcement.
kill Arum.
And then bring the princess back so she
can be made empress who save the country.
That is my problem.
So you're saying I don't have a choice.
You do have a choice.
You can save yourself or you can save her.
- I can't save a princess!
- You are the black knight.
- Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.
- Sir, sir..
Good news.
Don't be nervous.
It's been my lucky days so far.
- And I've good feeling about this one.
- Yes, sire.
I'm sure, it's good news.
Bad news.
- No, impossible..
- No sign of warrior Zhao.
Sire... Sire..
No, no..
- Signal, you remember, the signal?
- Signal?
- kill him!
- No, no, no, no!
Sire! Sire!
I was thinking. This Arum dude, maybe ifhe
gets what he want, he'll change, you know.
Be like Arum the kind?
Do you have people in yourworld who getwhat
they want by threating to do bad things?
At least there is one kid.
And you give him what he wants.
Does he change?
Not really.
Might does not make right, Jack.
Right makes right.
If you don't stand up forwhat is right,
and why you stand up at all?
You know, that's easy to say.
This, this kid, he is bigger then me.
He's stronger then me.
So what do you do?
- I run.
- Is that solve your problem?
- So you got a girl?
- No.
- Because?
- Because I had my job.
What are yourjob doesn't
have time for personal life?
My job is my life.
Yeah, it's like much fun.
Yeah, you know. Do things
make you feel good.
I feel good doing my job.
You guys always.. You know, dude. Come on.
You have seen this before?
No, okay, look.
It's called dancing. Okay? It's like..
No? Okay, try this.
Well, just, stay still.
Open your eyes up. There you go.
- Magic?
- It's cool.
Okay, I'm lay on the beats. And
you just move your hips, okay?
I don't have time for fun.
Man, come on.
Come on! We don't have all day.
Excuse me.
We have to get through.
And I need to finish cooking my soup.
How long is that going to take?
- All night.
- We don't. We don't have all night.
You do now.
Perhaps, if we move the..
- Respect your elder one!
- No disrespect.
Butwe have very important mission.
We have to get through.
Well, your really important
misson will have to wait!
For my potatoes dissolvent.
I'm sorry.
- It can't.
- No!
Over here!
You don't happy.
I think nice.
Help me up! Zhao!
Come on, Jack! Come on!
I did not let up for last.
I'm on fire!
I hate fire!
Maybe not so worthless after all.
My bride.
I hope you like your new palace.
In two days time. You will take your place
as heritage. Of course.
You will thrill more be.
- Much more!
- I will rather die!
Whatever make you happy, my dear.
You want to see me happy?
Just tell me what I need to do
and thatwould be done.
Come close
and I will whisper it.
In your ear.
Tell me my love!
My sweet, soul bird.
What do I need to do to make you happy?
As much I like to make you happy,
your dying is not on you, love.
However, feeling insist someone
dying, it can be arrange.
keep her away.
Come on!
Come inside!
Your meal.
Get out!
Invisible woman.
How is the priest people in
place boxes and time travel,
And none of us are weird, is it?
It's notweird.
Itjust magic.
We don't have magic.
Then how you do explain
what cannot be explain?
We have sains. Sains is everything.
- Does sains explain rainbow or snowflakes?
- Yes.
But does it explain how you feel
when you see the rainbow or snowflake?
- No. Feeling aren't magic.
- So you do have magic.
- What are they then?
- I don't know. The feeling.
Okay, they make you do and say things you
normally wouldn't do or say, like, like..
If you met this girl that you never knew.
And all the sudden there's..
Can't think anything to say
but you can't stop talking
and your body like hot
and cold in the same time and...
Your heart is beating like you just run a
mile in a minute... And it's.. It's like..
Yeah, I guess.
Are you okay?
- My sister is trapped.
- What?
Please come help us.
Look... I... I really have to stay.
I.. I'm...
- Fine. Fine. Okay.
- Please. Thank you.
Oh, thank goodness. Hurry!
Wait... you're... you're twins?
No, we are not.
We're triplets.
And you our...
Come on, let me down!
Zhao! Zhao! Zhao!
Aw! He's a cute one.
Cute one always taste better.
Oh, no. The fat ones taste better.
The fat ones give me dash.
If you let the blood
out, he'll cooked faster.
No! No! No!
Get away from him!
Hey, since it seems we're in
trouble every 20 minutes...
maybe it could be good if
you showed me a few moves.
Just in case.
Martial arts take many years to learn.
No, I'm not asking for the whole menu.
Just a little something.
Martial arts do notwork
with a little something.
Well then, a lot of something. Anything.
Even if I can do one thing to help
out the next time we're in a situation.
Just give me something so
I have a fighting chance.
Come on.
Come on.
Get up.
Stand a feet apart.
Oh, this is cool.
Bend your knees.
Now imagine... there's a
big tree in front of you.
Do you see it?
Is it big?
Now, hug it.
Do what?
I mean hug the tree.
- That's it?
- That's it.
Well, how long do I
have to stay like this?
You know if you're not gonna
teach me, you should just say so.
I am teaching you.
Yeah. Right. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Hey. Hey, wait.
What are you doing?
Come on.
Now, pay attention.
The secret of all martial
arts is the circle.
When you moved, the
circle moves with you.
Here, let me show you.
Hit me.
Hit me again.
To understand the circle,
you must make the circle...
live the circle, now,
the circle is you..
and you are the circle.
We move the moment she says "I do".
First on me.
Directly for the capital.
Second army.
To the ocean.
And the third army?
We have a third army?
Just let them robbing village.
Excuse me, sir.
For the wedding canopy.
Red or blue?
Red or blue, my love?
And this is called not good.
Why, it's beautiful?
Yes, it is. But the
fortress is over there.
And it could take days to walk
all the way around the lake.
Orwe could just swim across in no time.
No, Jack. It's not possible.
Why, are there
man-eating fish in there?
- Poisonous snakes?
- Nope.
- Dragons?
- Not this time of year.
So, what's in it that's a problem?
I cannot swim.
You kidding me?
You... you who can kick the butts
of the entire NFL at the same time...
and you can't swim, what's
wrong with this picture?
They never taught...
Yeah. Oh, come on. Where you're going?
There's no time to waste.
You're gonna walk?
We don't have a choice.
Okay, you gotta get over this "you
don't have a choice" thing, alright?
You do have a choice.
You're strong and you're coordinated.
Alright, maybe, we can
work something else, okay?
I teach you to swim,
you teach me more...
Come on.
You can do it.
You can do it, come on.
Trust me.
Hey, that's it.
There you go.
Now, put the shield on.
Now, hop on.
- Ooh...
- Hey.
There you go.
You having fun?
I bet you didn't get too much of
that, growing up the way you did.
Fun? No.
So, if you can make up for that...
maybe you can come visit me.
I'll show you around, maybe get my Mom
to take us to Disneyland or something.
I told you.
I can never take off from my job.
Hey, man, look... you...
you really got to get a life.
When you're responsible for
a life, you don't have a life.
You like go to school to
learn how say things like that?
Like what?
When you're responsible for
a life, you don't have a life.
What's wrong with it?
Nothing is wrong, but that, it's just...
sound smart.
It does?
Yeah, it does.
So, what's in Disneyland?
A lot of princesses.
- A Chinese one, too.
- Oh.
- Our king will win!
- Our king will win!
Get down, get down, get down!
So, you... you do have a plan, right?
I've told you the plan.
Ah, right. Get past the army.
- Yes.
- Get past the personal guards.
- Correct.
- Get past the tower guards. Find the princess.
- Get past reinforcements?
- Good.
- kill Arun.
- Exactly.
Crowned Sulin in person
saved the country.
You learning to listen.
The real questions is...
Do you have a plan to
execute... the plan?
Ah, I mean...
- Who will win?
- Our king will win!
Our king will win!
Good morning.
Great plan.
- Are we in the fortress?
- Yeah.
- Are we passed the army?
- Yeah.
Have we passed the personal guards?
Well then, I think the plan is working.
I think the plan to get in is working.
How about the plan to get out?
I'm working on it.
Warrior Zhao.
I'm so honored, that you've come
all this way to attend my wedding.
I'm not here to attend yourwedding.
I'm here to attend your funeral.
And you are?
He's the Black knight.
I'm not the Black knight, okay? I'm...
I'm Jack Bronson.
Jack Bronson.
I've got good news.
And I have bad news.
The good news is...
tomorrow... when my
bride and I are married.
We will stand... there.
And you two... will stand...
Okay, what's the bad news?
As soon as we've taken our vows...
you know, new life begins...
your life ends.
He's not bluffing, is he?
Arun doesn't do bluffs.
Even maybe he'll be feeling generous 'cause
it his wedding day, and he'll pardon us.
Arun doesn't do generous.
Okay, ifhe doesn't do this
and he doesn't do that...
is there anything that he does do?
Well, he rapes, murders, and pillagers.
I guess in anotherwords we're dead.
When one door closes, another one opens.
Dinner is served.
I was not expecting that.
It's time to eat.
Uh... excuse me?
Uh... would you mind...
You know, so we can...
Thank you.
Guys, I'm.. I'm looking
for the Princess.
You know where she is?
What now?
Now is the time to use
what I've taught you.
I'm not ready.
Of course, you are.
You're the Black knight.
You have skills.
Okay, I don't... I don't get it.
'Cause, one minute you told me I'm
worthless, and after a few lessons, I'm not?
It's notjust me who thinks
you're notworthless, Jack.
The way the Princess looks
at you.. She believes in you.
- She does?
- Now, go rescue her. Go!
What's up?
- Jack! Jack!
- Oh!
You okay?
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
You came to save me.
I guess.
I knew you will.
You did?
From the very first.
- Are you alright?
- I'm alright.
I'm sorry I came late to save you.
Okay, plan, we did it. Um...
how do we get out ofhere?
I'm working on it.
You betterwork fast, they're coming.
How many?
I... I don't know. 25?
I need to know exactly how many.
1, 2, 3...
4, 5, 6, 7...
8, 9, 10...
13, 14, 15...
27, 28, 29...
Are you sure?
Hurry! Follow me! Follow me!
31! 31!
26, 27, 28, 29...
Don't move. Don't move!
Don't move.
Why do you still have this on?
I like it.
Come on. Get on.
Are you on? Are you on? Get on!
Go. Come on.
We almost there.
Come on.
Amazing animals.
Raise each and everyone
of them from birth.
I've fed them by hand.
Nurse them when they were sick.
They are more loyal than all my men.
They would die for me.
As well the two of you.
And you my dear..
By this time tomorrow, you
and I will be husband and wife.
Emperor and empress.
Allow me, my love.
Take them away.
- What are they doing?
- Ancient custom.
Last smoke, last meal..
So you know what you missing.
- How can you eat?
- I'm hungry.
- They gonna kill us.
- You should try.
- It's actually pretty good. - I don't care
ifit the best food in the world, man.
I'm still a kid.
And my whole life head to me.
There's a million things I'm
never gonna be able to do.
Like what?
Dude, I never been kiss a girl.
Me neither.
You know, I was that close
before you came to the room.
Yeah. That's not the point.
- With the princess? How close?
- That's not the point.
- Whatwas that?
- A butterfly.
- You spoke to the butterfly?
- Apparently.
- Are they understood you?
- Hopely.
Long live the king! Long live
the king! Long live the king!
We are gather at here today
to witness the marriage of..
Arun the cruel, the ruin,
the horrible, the terrible.
- The strong!
- Can we move it along?
- Hey, I want to say thank you.
- Forwhat?
Try to turn me to be warrior.
You were warrior from
the begining, Jack.
On the inside. Itjust
had to be brought out.
- Yeah, alot a good did..
- It's not over yet.
What do you mean this not over yet?
In the minute, she's gonna
be marriage and we'll die.
Jack, worrying it's not
gonna change anything.
Just live in the moment.
No offense, but I think
we don't have a moment.
Do you Arun take Su Lin
in sickness and in health..
- for better and the worse?
- I do, she does.
And goes to be my wife.
To make it official, you
must now kiss the bridge.
- Hello.
- Wizard!
How can you get here?
See? It's simple.
- Now just go safe her.
- Wait, wait, how?
- Jump.
- Jump? Come on, man.
- There's anotherjump powder.
- Come on.
- There you go. Now jump.
- Jump how?
What do you mean now, this
powder hasn't do specific.
- You can do it, Jack.
- Jump!
Come on.
Su Lin.
Whoa, would you stop that,
please. It's totally buzz kill.
Now, come on. Let's go.
Get back!
Jack. Here.
- Hey, hey, wait, wait, I don't know
how to do this. - Just throw.
Go save the princess!
Come on, let's go.
Come on!
Come on, Jack.
Watch out!
It's time to go.
Su Lin.
Su Lin.
- Su Lin. Su Lin..
- Jack..
Are you okay? Hold on.
- We almost done.
- You're can't go.
Why you doing this, son?
You're not a warrior.
Not even a grow man.
Leave her alone and I let you live.
- You leave her alone, and I let you live.
- Let me think about it.
No. I think I'll stay here.
And I will take one leg. Your other leg.
Now take your arm.
I'll just kill you.
Jack! Jack! You are the best.
Thanks to their marriage,
peace was restored.
Following the wishes of the people,
we passed the throne to Princess Sulin.
Ministers must unite and devote their
energy to serving the new sovereign
That all the state's servers
Unite their hearts and
help to help the country.
Repeat these orders.
Hello, Zhao.
The Empress request your present.
Okay, I'm justwaiting the wizard.
Jack, if the Empress summon
you, you must come at once.
- He said he'll be right back.
- It is the rule.
Orwhat, huh? Get my head chop off?
You guys and your rules, man.
So I guess it's the rules to smile.
- Hi.
- Hi. Wow.
What? Sure I'm not gonna
have my head chop off?
- There's no one here to see.
- Okay.
I wanted to see you
before you went back.
Actually I wish I could go with you.
- even for one day.
- You are the empress now
you can do whatever you want.
Because I'm the empress I can't.
Every minutes of everyday
from now on will be filled with
ministers, ambassadors, and paper
to signing, decision to make.
- No dancing. No singing.
- No fun.
I would love to go to the
mall to eat ice cream, but..
I.. I can't.
My fatherworked so hard to
bring peace to the whole country.
I can't let him down.
He gave his life for our
people I owe it to him.
I understand.
But I did want to thank you for giving
me memories that I will always treasured.
I want to give one that
I hope you will, too.
I don't think you're worthless.
I never did.
Goodbye, Jack.
He touched the empress.
He must to die!
Hey.. hey!
Wizard! Wizard!
- I'm here. Got it.
- I Gotta go.
No I gotta go now. I gotta go now.
- Hey, I know. I put it somewhere.
- I gotta go.
Here you see?
- It's not ready yet? Come on, hurry!
- Relax.
So after all we've been through?
- You gotta kill me, really?
- Rules are rules.
If we do not live by them, we'll
be nothing more than barbarians.
Unless we can make an exception.
- Sometimes's good to be a little flexible, right?
- I hate you.
Thank you.
Good bye, Jack Bronson.
I will never forget you and
the lesson you taught me.
It's done.
The last missing piece to put.
I might learned to be
flexible but they haven't.
- Hurry up. Let's go.
- Yes.
- Come on, man. Get it in.
- Let's go.
- Go.. go!
- Come on!
Hi, mom.
What happened here?
It's complicated.
I'm sure it is.
Hello, dickwad.
Come on, Travis I'm gonna
be late for the class.
You're gonna be late.. permanently.
- Okay, it's doesn't have to be this way.
- You're right. It doesn't.
- You could.. run.
- Yeah, nice.
I gave you the option.
You gave me the option?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You wanna dance?
Just give this overwith.
- Oh, man.
- Dickwad.
- You're done?
- You're dead!
Don't touch me!
You had enough?
- You alright?
- You alright, man?
Yo, come on, man. Come on, man.
- Come on, get up.
- Don't touch me!
Get up.
What you doing?
Sweetie, we have to move.
I.. I can't make the payment.
We're losing the house.
Or not.
Um. It's a cheque?
- Yeah.
- Its $25,000?
- It's made out to you?
- Yeah.
I don't understand.
Well, I, um..
I came up the idea for
a game and I sold it.
Oh, you're kidding.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry. I have to sit down.
Avideo game? What it is called?
Uh, The Warriors Gate.
Sulin wins.
I'll have the chocolate cone, please.
Uh, I'll have chocolate, too and
vanilla and cherry and strawberry.
- What.. what are you..
- Doing here?
I've made a new rule. Everyone
takes a vacation even the empress.
Very modern, huh?
- Wait, how did you.. Yeah.
- Get here?
I had the wizard making out a box.
Oh, this is.. this is so awesome.
The Warriors Gate