Warriors of the Dawn (2017) Movie Script

The practice of the rich hiring the poor
to serve their compulsory military duties
is prevalent but impossible to stop.
Near the northern border,
some men pursue these military
substitute jobs as a profession.
These men became known as proxy soldiers.
- From Sejong Chronicles
Give it all you've got,
and try not to die.
He's frozen with terror.
Are you afraid of death?
Yes, sir...
You've gotta be terribly
scared to kill another man.
Courage comes after the fact.
Do you understand?
What you should really be scared of
is dying before completing proxy
service like your father did.
Then, one of your dumb brothers will be
dragged out here to suffer the same fate.
Yes, sir.
Jurchen's blood.
Drink it and they can't kill you.
Drink up.
Don't worry too much.
Even the angel of death can't be so
heartless to take both father and son.
If you run, I'll kill you.
Let's go.
Cross that border and
it's our territory.
We'll celebrate big tonight.
Stab him!
Wait! Stop!
- You?
- I was just like you.
Wood for the king's fireplace.
I'm Korean!
In the Jurchen world, you're ranked
by your skills not your class.
You should join us too.
I can't stand that hairstyle.
Gather up the dead.
All of them.
Go to a good place.
What's the head count?
24 in total.
We'll be stationed back
to Seoul by next year.
For sure.
Disgusting scavengers.
You bastard!
Hwanggae got killed because of you.
I'm sorry but I just couldn't...
Stab him.
Do it!
If you don't do it, they'll cut off
his head while he's still alive.
This is mercy on the battlefield.
The man you just killed is yourself.
So, forget about who you were before.
Everything, even your name.
Do you hear those fuckers?
They didn't shed a drop of
blood, and they're celebrating.
Yeah, thanks for offering...
Gather up, proxies!
Proxy for citizen Park of Onji Village!
Jung Du-yi of Sukcheon!
Who's the proxy for Jung Du-yi?
Who is it?
- That's you, stupid.
- It's me!
I've done this shit a dozen times, but
I cannot remember this guy's name.
Nam Tae Dong of Pyongdal Village.
Did he run?
Who's the proxy for Nam?
He's dead!
Tell his family to send
a replacement ASAP,
or return the money.
Show some respect for the dead.
Who said anything about being dead?
According to this book,
Nam is perfectly fine.
None of you are dead or alive
until you complete your terms!
How can you expect anyone
to stake their lives for so little,
and be treated like shit?
How dare you!
Then find your replacement and quit!
There are people lining up
to be where we are.
Don't forget who's
feeding your families,
you ungrateful bastards...
That barbarian will serve
his remaining term.
- That barbarian?
- But he can't be trusted.
If you don't complete your term, even
the underworld won't take you in.
So, try not to die.
In 15592, the Japanese invade
Korea with 200,000 troops.
The King of Korea flees the
capital and heads to Ming China
after hastily installing 18-year-old
Gwanghae as the Crown Prince.
Who are you?
We're soldiers traveling
from the northern border.
The Japanese have taken Pyongyang.
Wait here for further instructions.
Our priority is His Majesty's safety.
There is no nation or
people without the King!
In what book does it say that?
Hear, hear.
People are what make a nation.
If you abandon the people...
I will not die in the
hands of the Japanese,
if I must, I'll do it in China, the
only place fit for a king to die.
I'll ask the Ming Emperor
for reinforcements.
Your Majesty, we must at least
pretend to fight the Japanese
before we request reinforcements...
How dare you!
Are you saying we're running away?
No, the vice minister has a point.
Someone must stay behind.
We can't all go to Ming.
I shall divide the court
to the Crown Prince.
What's taking you? Make haste.
Your Highness, how is your nausea?
You should take more medicine.
Nothing is going to help.
Unless it's poison.
Don't say such a ghastly thing.
Your Highness!
Crown Prince Gwanghae
is intelligent and humble.
He has set a good example by
serving his parents and brothers
which makes him an agreeable
choice for the throne.
He shall carry a responsibility
parallel to the king,
to lead and protect his people...
Take heed, Your Majesty!
This is completely unreasonable.
Go to Ganggye and give this
command to General Shin.
He will serve you like a king.
You will join forces with him to gather
scattered troops and recruit civilians
in order to form a voluntary army.
But father!
It's preposterous that I'm
appointed the Crown Prince,
how can I take on this colossal task?
What's going to happen to us if
Gwanghae actually becomes king?
We opposed his appointment
to become Crown Prince.
He'll first have to complete
his task, and come back alive.
But anything can happen to
him in the chaos of war.
From now,
you're the King of this country.
- Your Majesty!
- Your Majesty!
Don't look at them.
Take heed, Your Majesty!
If you leave, we'll all die.
Keep your promise, Your Majesty!
No, Your Majesty!
Don't leave us!
The governor has already fled the city.
Do we have sufficient forces
to protect the Crown Prince?
Is this really happening?
Those that call
themselves loyal servants
are encouraging the King to run.
They'll be held accountable
when the time comes.
Come on, escort the carriage.
Who are those men?
Men from the northern region.
They're not regular army.
The King is going to China
to ask for reinforcements.
The Crown Prince will be
in charge of the branch court.
A branch court?
What in heaven's name is that?
How can you split
the court in two?
Hurry up and clear the way!
Move out of the way.
Don't push!
No swords!
Stand back.
Get out of the way!
How can the King do this?
Stand back.
Get them out of the way!
Please, do not abandon us!
I thought I'd already seen Hell
but nothing like what happened here.
This isn't what we signed up for.
Let's get outta here.
Proxies that abandon their
posts are punishable by death.
What do you think, Tow?
Is it even possible to
make it to Ganggye?
Yes, sir.
When things are clear,
go back to the village.
Gather all our families
and evacuate them.
Where should they go?
Follow the King's group. That's
the only way they'll survive.
We'll catch up with them
when all of this is over.
Yes, sir.
Take care.
The country's falling apart!
Who gives a damn about service time?
Even if the country falls,
our fate stays the same.
A branch court?
This bunch is ramshackle.
Listen carefully.
You've been given the serious role
of escorting the Crown Prince.
If you hurt a hair on his
head or if you try to run,
you will be killed
immediately, understood?
We will fulfill our duties but
only until our proxy
term expires in a month.
Then we return and
look after our families.
What did you say?
Do you want to die?
Think you can come and go as you please?
We stake our lives to make a
living, but we are not slaves.
You've already broken military
law that is punishable by death.
We should be working together,
not fighting each other.
As soon as we arrive in Ganggye,
we'll hold military service exams.
Since we're in the middle of a war,
you can join the official army
if you can shoot an arrow.
Can we be patrol officers too?
And any other things you want.
The point is that you'll be official.
No more serving for someone else.
If only that's possible...
Patrol officers get three
bags of rice a month.
- Three bags?
- Get ready to leave.
If you make a significant
contribution during war,
a slave can be freed, even
rewarded official status.
This could be our big break.
A drowning man will say
anything to save himself.
I wouldn't trust him very much.
If they go back on their words,
I'll shove them right into
a Japanese sword myself.
Maybe it's not the Japanese
we should fear the most.
We won't serve a king who abandons
his people just to save his own hide,
so we bring you one of his sons.
Please take him and end this war.
I have no authority.
Although I'm the eldest,
the crown belongs to my younger brother.
Korea's royal court has split.
He's now the de facto king.
So, it's him you want, not me.
Let me go.
The men sent to Pyongyang
failed to capture the King,
so if we can get the Crown Prince,
it'll be a monumental achievement.
What's the rush?
Let the people of Korea capture
him just like they did Imhae.
Take your men and find the Crown Prince.
Lord Hideyoshi will be pleased
with what we have done.
We'll get there in about 10 days.
The sooner, the better. We
must stay ahead of the enemy.
Keep an eye on His Highness.
He might run away again.
How dare you fall asleep?
He treats that damn flag
better than he treats us.
Why are there two dragons?
Male and female.
Even dragons can get lonely.
He lets the court ladies
clean him, even his balls.
Who will volunteer to fight
for a frail king like that?
Volunteer to fight?
For whom?
He'll pretend to clean up after
his father then give up.
What choice do we have?
I'd do anything if he
can change my fate.
Mencius said
if a sovereign looks after his people
like he looks after his own children,
his subjects will follow him
as sheep follow the shepherd.
While some feudal lords
may send their subjects
to the battlefield in order
to expand their territory,
if you protect them and
give them a good life...
Why the hell is he studying
at a time like this?
Looking at that moon,
reminds me of home.
I'm worried about my family.
Don't worry about your family.
Soedol is a clever boy.
He'll have evacuated them to safety.
This war wouldn't last that long.
We'll be back in no time.
What's that?
Take cover!
It's the Japanese!
Protect the prince...
Protect His Highness!
Stay focused!
Your Highness!
Come out, Your Highness.
Come out, Your Highness!
- Don't touch me.
- Come with me!
- Come with me.
- My books...
Let me go! My books.
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
Are you hurt, Your Highness?
Looks like they're gone.
Who could they be?
Good heavens...
Look at this arrowhead.
It's a serious weapon.
They used horn bows which
the Japanese don't use.
And the attack was concentrated...
It doesn't look like bandits either.
Come here!
What's going on?
Because of you, I lost the books
that I cherish more than my life.
You can get books any time,
but you only have one life.
What did I just say? I cherish
them more than my life!
Take heed, Your Highness!
He was only trying to save you.
Please show mercy.
What about you? Where were you?
How can you allow this to happen?
Punish me by death! But I'll find
out who these attackers were.
Your Highness, is this
expedition worth continuing?
Over half of our men are
dead or have run off.
Take heed, Your Highness.
We are fish in a barrel on flat land.
We should take the mountain path.
This is not your place to interrupt.
Can you carry the carriage
through that path?
Treacherousness is what makes it safe.
Are you suggesting the
Crown Prince walks?
The decision will be made by
those that make decisions.
There's only one man here
who can make that decision.
We'll be climbing the mountain
thanks to the proxies.
If they cause trouble,
we'll kill them all.
Lift it up!
Wait, wait!
Carefully, everyone.
Put your back into it!
Oi, old man!
Someone else take his place!
That goddamn carriage will kills us
before the Japanese can.
That goddamn army chief is
taking it out on us for nothing.
If he does it again,
I'll make him regret it.
Calm down.
We'll have to continue even
if the carriage crushes us.
Will they hold true on their promise?
You need soldiers if you're
going to fight a war.
They take us or fight by themselves.
I'll pass the military exams
and change my fate for good.
Are you stupid or naive?
You believe noblemen's words?
Shut your trap, barbarian.
Come cross the border
with me to Jurchen.
That's your best bet if you're
looking to turn your fate.
Why not go to the Japanese?
They'll love it if you hand
over the Crown Prince.
Or be proxies all your life.
For crying out loud!
Stop it. Behave yourselves!
We're all dead if this country falls
into the hands of the Japanese!
Whichever way it goes, this
is our last proxy mission.
So just keep your mouth
shut and go to sleep!
Go to sleep.
Will the civilian army
will really gather?
I'm just worried about this
expedition and its purpose.
His Majesty put a big
burden on your shoulders.
But you must stay strong though.
I can't fathom what my
father wants of me.
He rarely accepts my morning greetings.
If it wasn't for this war, would
I ever have become Crown Prince?
The war books were the only hope I had.
I know nothing about war.
I'm beginning to feel it's all hopeless.
Your Highness.
Don't worry too much.
I only want to be successful
and please my father.
Put some back into it, dammit!
Your Highness!
Your Highness...
Your Highness!
We can't continue with the carriage.
I won't hear of it.
It was you that suggested
going through the mountains.
How did they end up here?
I heard they do military
duties for others.
Isn't that against the law?
It's time to go.
Prepare the royal carriage.
I said we're leaving.
- Good heavens!
- Is he crazy?
That scoundrel!
Do you realize what you just did?
You just committed treason.
Imagine that His Highness
was in that carriage.
You could kill my men a hundred
times over for their mistakes,
but the fate of the country
would be the same.
That will be the real treason.
Shut your mouth!
Who are you trying to teach?
Put that sword away at once.
You're in the presence of His
Highness the Crown Prince!
Kill that traitorous scoundrel!
That's enough.
Your Highness, do not listen to
the unworthy words of a low born.
There is no high or low born in reason.
I hated riding in that thing, anyway.
It was hot and made me nauseous.
We still have a long way to go.
He could've decided sooner.
Please don't kill me.
I don't know who the attackers were
but I could take you to him.
He doesn't know who the attackers were.
Have Konishi's men made
it this far already?
This is not one of ours, sir.
Who are they, then? Local thieves?
I guess we should offer the
Crown Prince our protection.
Please, spare my life!
Let's go. We want him alive, not dead.
Tell the main camp to
meet back in Ganggye.
Man, I wouldn't be surprised
if a tiger jumped out.
I haven't seen the barbarian all day.
Maybe the tiger got him.
There ain't much of him worth eating,
and he stinks to high heaven.
What is it?
Something wrong?
Everyone split up!
Run, Your Highness!
Your Highness.
Help His Highness!
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
If you want to cut your opponent,
you must look at him first.
Then, without hesitation!
Your life or death is
decided in a single breath.
Stab him, Your Highness.
Stab him!
Your Highness!
Stab him! Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Your Highness!
It's over, you can come out.
Valleys like this are
filled with tigers.
I saw one following me
earlier, smelling my blood.
But if you do this,
they can't smell you.
Was there really a tiger?
Of course. It tracked
me all the way here.
It even tried to kill me.
I'm getting out. I'm
discordant with water.
How did you come in here,
if you're scared of water?
I guess I'm more scared of tigers.
You can only muster courage when
you have something to fear.
War books tell you never to fight
an enemy whose back is to a cliff.
I think I'm still looking for my cliff.
But you don't seem to
be afraid of anything.
Kim Pal-bok, Hong
Man-sik, Yi Byung-sam...
We only get our real
names back after we die.
No matter how many times it happens,
I can never get used to it.
Seeing the men that I fight beside die.
This is my fear.
How could they have
followed us this far?
We traveled through deep forest.
There's a spy among us.
How dare you make such
an outrageous claim.
Do you have good reason to believe that?
What did you find?
The barbarian didn't run away.
Tell me what you saw.
Just like you said, I
followed from afar.
Somebody lagged behind the group
and tied a note to a branch.
I got closer to see his face
but the little rascal ran off.
So what did you do?
So I went after,
and found this.
Get him!
Get him.
Conspiracy to treason
against the Crown Prince...
It must be the western faction
who went with the King.
Or the supporters of Prince Sinseong?
If he wasn't so young,
he'd've been Crown Prince.
Choose your words carefully.
Who put you up to this?
Was it the western faction?
Or was it Prince Imhae's men?
Is Imhae behind all this? Answer me.
There's no one in the court that
wants this expedition to succeed.
Including His Majesty.
How dare you speak of His Majesty?
Have you lost your mind?
My father?
Why would he want me to fail?
Do you know who your mother was?
I don't even know her face.
I do. She was a kitchen servant.
She won the King's favor and
gave birth to you and Imhae
but the King grew tired.
- When she died having you...
- Shut your mouth!
Every time he sees you, he sees himself.
The King wasn't a
legitimate child himself.
He doesn't want another
bastard son to succeed him,
who's not even the eldest.
How dare you! I'll rip out your tongue.
Hit him hard.
I won't hear any more.
We have to know the truth.
This is the only way.
Say it!
- Who is trying to kill us?
- I'll tell you!
I'll tell you...
I was only doing what I was told.
The man who ordered it was...
I said I don't want to know!
Leave him alone.
Don't you feel sorry for him?
How devastated he must be!
It's more devastating
to not know the truth.
These men aren't one of ours.
The Crown Prince isn't here.
How long has it been since they died?
Less than a day.
They're not far. Let's go.
What about this man?
Please, don't kill me!
Why the fuck does lineage
matter in a time like this?
They rely on blood when
it only poisons the nation.
Are we gonna get caught
in the crossfire?
We won't be spared if something
happens to the prince.
You all right, man?
Come on, get up.
Hang in there.
I say just fuck it.
We should've never come
on this expedition.
Let them figure out their own mess.
Thinking too much only gets you killed.
I don't mind dying
fighting the Japanese.
We were headed for doom when
we beat up those civilians.
You wanted to change your fate.
Did you expect that to be easy?
Change fate, my ass!
This wasn't an opportunity.
Now it'll get us all killed.
So, you want to turn tail and run?
What about all these people?
Did you make a deal
behind us or something?
Did the prince promise a special status
if you see this through?
Stop it.
Where were you when we were fighting?
Come on, man.
Whatever happened to
my brother's life over mine?
You've changed.
You have changed, man.
Who here doesn't want to change?
Do you want to die as a shadow?
What changes then?
What is it?
He says he can't anymore.
He wants us to go without him.
You'll be fine.
We've been through Hell and back.
We're gonna go home together.
Stay strong, Your Highness.
My heart suffers more than my body.
My mother wouldn't have
died if I wasn't born.
I tried hard to please my father
to make up for the sadness I caused him
but I understand now.
He saw himself
every time he saw me.
That's why he never gave me
his love.
Your Highness...
This will appease your hunger a little.
Go to a nearby village
and find some food.
You want us to be robbers now?
We should've never
come to the mountains.
We'll all starve to death thanks to you.
I told you to keep the cliff
to your back, not jump off.
Your father to Ming China and
you, to the afterlife...
Does running away run
in your family's genes?
I was never meant to be a king.
I never even wanted it
in the first place.
Then why did you bring all
those books and manuals?
You struck me saying you cherished
them more than your life.
I was made Crown Prince
only to be a sacrifice.
The wooden dummy thrown
in the fire in place of the King.
A son forsaken by his own father,
what's the point of going on?
I will never be a king.
If I'm gone, people's
suffering will end.
In my next life, I just want to
be born into a normal family.
There is no next life.
Goksu... why did you come back?
He died.
You knew he wouldn't last.
Did you bury him?
Isn't that why you left me with him?
While I was burying him,
I thought 'what now'?
Then a face flashed through my mind.
Have you gone mad?
Why not?
Even his own father abandoned him.
Like he said, he'll never be king.
We have a better chance
with the Japanese.
Drop the sword or you'll
get us all killed.
Come with me, bro.
The Japanese can't be worse than this.
If you make me suffer, you are my enemy.
If you help me, you are my friend.
I'm sick of this damn country.
It's Hell at every corner.
Cut his throat already, so
there's no turning back.
I'll go back and kill
everyone then join you.
Do it.
End it for me here.
I won't blame you for killing me
if it will satisfy your grudge...
Go on, Goksu.
At least, I take comfort
in being killed by my own people.
When you're in Hell, you
just keep going forward.
They're missing their noses.
The Japanese cut them out.
To count the number they kill.
They got this far already?
They're refugees.
They scared me!
Come out.
They're government army.
Come on.
It's alright, come on.
You should share your food with us.
How can you take away the
only thing keeping us alive?
Even as noblemen, you don't
have a right to our food.
- He's right.
- You can't.
This branch court must survive
to save this country.
Go help the soldiers!
Stop what you're doing.
I said stop.
Please stop.
Enough! Stop at once!
Because of our failure
enemies have invaded the country
and these people have lost their home.
And now,
you're telling me I should
take their food too?
It's still cooking.
If it pleases Your Highness.
Rice! In such a long time!
How can you be proxy
soldiers for a living?
I heard it's real tough.
I've done it a few times myself.
For the magistrate's son.
Whether for high or low status,
being a proxy is all the same.
Wangchun, are you being jealous?
Hey, Goksu! Give us a song.
His voice is so good it makes his
senile mother remember who she is.
Do I look like I can sing now?
Oh, come on.
Singing touches you
more deeply in sorrow.
When I was in the palace,
I used to have someone sing
to me whenever I was sad.
Sing something.
Are you going to
ignore my request again?
No, Your Highness...
I'm just... too sober to sing.
I can solve that.
Your Highness...
These people offered me
their only sustenance,
and I have nothing
to give them in return.
So I'll dance to soothe their sorrow.
I once thought if I ever run into
the King I'd cut his throat.
People living in the border region
were relocated there by the government.
Then, they never let us pass
the first round of the exam.
We are excluded before we can
even try to be included.
Working as proxies is our only
choice to feed our families.
My mother was a professional mourner.
She would cry all night at
stranger's funeral for money.
When I was sent away to
be a palace maid at 12,
I cried my eyes out all night.
Now, I've accepted it as my fate
to live within the walls of
the palace til the day I die.
How far do we have left?
It's just after this plain.
We'll arrived in half an hour.
We'll start recruiting the civilian
army as soon as we're there.
And hold military exams too?
Wanna take a look?
Is the military exam hard?
You were pretty good.
You'll pass without problem.
Who knows, some good
might come out of this.
I wish I could be like you.
Your Highness!
This way.
Your Highness!
The royal flag...
It shows that King... is present.
Guard it with your life.
And protect His Highness.
Kill them!
What are you going to do?
Meet back in the woods.
At the end of the prairie.
Your Highness.
Good Heavens, you came back safe!
At last! We arrive in Ganggye.
They burned down everything and fled.
We've been through Hell
and back to get here.
What the fuck do we do now?
What of the military exams?
We should be thankful to be alive.
The King fled to Euiju. Go catch him.
Let's go home.
The King fled to Euiju. Go catch him.
What the?
Hey... you alright?
We had to cross a river
but they burned the boats...
The King's men.
To keep the enemy at bay?
but even before the refugees crossed.
Where are they now?
They went back to the mountains
to hide in the caves.
And you came here to give us the news?
What about our families?
They're all safe, right?
And my mother too?
Some people tried to cross
on a make-shift raft
and fell in the water.
Your mother fell too. I'm sorry...
She drowned?
I'm sorry.
Goddamn animals!
Your Highness, we must
hurry and leave now.
How can I disobey His Majesty's command?
This convoy has become defenseless.
We put word out for voluntary
soldiers to come here.
Then, we contact General Shin
to devise plans of defense.
You can't rely on peasants
to defend the court.
We don't even know
where General Shin is.
We should just send a message
to the King and leave.
He's right, Your Highness.
We'll go our own way from here.
No, you can't yet.
You must help us get out of here safely.
What more do you ask of us?
- Shush.
- I won't.
- And where's the fucking exam?
- That's enough.
Let them go.
They did what they promised to do.
It's us who didn't meet
our end of the bargain.
You can go.
We're sorry.
You have nothing to apologize for.
Besides, where else could I go now?
I should leave this flag in your care.
You sure you don't want
to join the barbarians?
Just kidding.
Travel safe, you fucking proxies.
That crazy bastard...
Shit, when did they get this far?
They gotta be heading for Ganggye.
Shouldn't we warn them at least?
To get out of the city?
Don't be ridiculous. It's
out of our hands now.
We just keep going. Come on.
I gotta go back.
What's the matter with you, man?
I understand how you feel,
but we owe them nothing.
Go on without me. I can go by myself.
Think about your family!
You've done more than enough.
What could I do for my family other
than eat the little food they've got?
But these people will be
slaughtered if I don't warn them,
including the Crown Prince.
Who cares? It's not
gonna change anything.
Only my poor mother died, and
I wasn't there to save her.
Why should we do anything, for what?
For what, dammit?
Who knows, we might save
a good king for the future.
Come on, man.
Whoever becomes the King
is not gonna change our lives.
The only way for us is to push
through this madness somehow.
Your proxy term is complete.
Go home, all of you.
- Tow!
- Bro!
- Tow!
- Bro!
What are you doing?
- Are you crazy?!
- Don't touch me!
Is he crazy?
Come on, Goksu.
Come back here!
Is this all His Majesty said?
Since the Ming's military intervention
was arranged with much difficulty,
you are to go back to aide
the Ming's commanders.
So I'm to go back?
What about Ganggye?
His Majesty did not comment on that.
He only said to get there
before the Ming army arrives.
So you must leave soon.
This is for the best. We have
the royal command to leave.
We're saved.
We're not going to have
another riot stopping us?
Let's hope not.
They'll say the Crown Prince
abandoned his people
just like his father.
The enemy are heading this way.
What? The Japanese?
We were given a royal command to leave.
We must abide by it.
Even if we can't fight, we
must help them evacuate.
There are too many of them.
Don't you understand? You're not
officially the Crown Prince
until the Ming Chinese approve.
In order to obtain
their acknowledgement,
you must win the Ming's trust.
Think about us, your loyal servants,
who have risked their lives
to make you the Crown Prince.
There's a place we can
move the people to.
There's a mountain
fortress a few miles away.
Will it hold everyone?
And there's a cliff behind the fortress.
It'll be very scary to
have it to your back.
You just won't listen to
your leader, will you?
We couldn't let you get all
the credit for saving a king.
We ran into these monks
and came back with them.
We heard that Your Highness was
recruiting a voluntary army.
Where's Goksu?
He didn't come with us.
What was that?
Help us!
Come on, run!
No matter how hard you run,
you can't run away from impending death.
A fine welcoming gift
for the Crown Prince.
Now that we have evacuated the people,
we should try to get away
in the dark of the night.
There's a small boat by the river.
I've practiced archery,
although I've never shot at a man.
Why are you doing this, Your Highness?
You've done more than enough.
If you disobey the royal command,
it's the end of this court.
You must think of the greater cause.
A sovereign cannot be concerned
with personal emotions.
Where does it say that?
In what book does it say people
and emotions aren't important?
The King abandoned an
entire nation of people,
and he'll do the same to his son.
You'll only bruise his conscience
further by trying to be honorable.
That's how it works.
If you fall out of his favor now,
everything will go to ruins.
Are you really going
to be a disloyal son?
A father and son's relationship
is a trivial thing in the face of war.
That's how he could abandon his own son.
I too, shall sacrifice it
for the greater cause.
Your Highness, everyone
has their place and duty.
You must leave the fight
to us, the fighters.
I'm no different than you.
You know just as I do
that I'm here as my father's proxy.
But how can you live the
life of another person
when you are only given your own life?
Now, there is no one
here for anyone else.
From now, we all fight for ourselves,
not for someone else.
It's the King's flag.
So, he wants to fight?
At least, he's better than his father.
Shouldn't we send for
backup from the main camp?
That won't be necessary.
These people are weak and outnumbered.
This man came to us voluntarily,
claims he knows the prince's face.
What did I tell you? The
Koreans will bring him to us.
If you open the gates, I'll
bring the Crown Prince to you.
If you spare my colleagues' lives.
Get ready for battle.
Yes, sir!
Prepare battle!
Make haste.
Your Highness, it's dangerous up here.
That's alright. There are
plenty of princes in Korea.
Besides, I already broke
the royal command.
Bring in the firing squad.
Firing squad, ready.
You alright?
We've run out of arrows.
These are all we've got left.
Listen, all of you!
Listen, all of you!
Send out the Crown Prince.
And these men will leave immediately.
Isn't that Goksu?
If he doesn't surrender himself,
they'll seize the fortress,
and slaughter all of you.
I heard about him.
He lost his mother.
Save us, Your Highness!
Stop killing innocent people
and send out the Crown Prince now.
Do you all want to die like dogs?
Somebody must take responsibility
for ruining this country.
Are you going to kill all
these innocent people?
Joseung! Come out.
What are you doing there?
Why are you giving your lives to a
country that's done nothing for you?
For crying out loud...
What are you doing there, Goksu?
It's over. This country is finished.
There's no virtue in what you're doing.
Goksu, we are not going to die!
We will walk out of here alive.
I don't resent you!
And voluntary soldiers
will hear about the Crown Prince
and flock here in droves.
Do you remember that time
when we were besieged by the Jurchens?
We held off a whole month
feeding off dead bodies.
But no one came for us.
It's just like that time.
You'll either starve to death
or get killed by the enemy.
I'm not doing this just to save myself!
Your Highness!
Surrender yourself.
Give yourself up.
Save us.
I beg of you.
I know you are a man of good nature.
Save us, I beg of you.
Save your people, Your Highness!
Only you can save us.
Save us, You Highness.
Your Highness...
Save our lives!
Your Highness!
Give yourself up.
What are you doing, Your Highness?
I must go.
You can't.
It's me they want.
I know war well.
Even if you surrender,
they will rape our women,
and still kill us all.
There is no mercy for
those that surrender.
Why do you think there's a
cliff behind the fortress?
Am I supposed to just watch idly?
Giving up myself is their only chance.
You can't go now.
Let me go.
No! You must face your fears.
You know what my biggest fear is?
It's to watch all of you die.
That's my fear.
Are you alright?
- Take heed, Your Highness.
- You can't go.
Did I come out right?
I thought you'd left!
I was only getting recruits.
The refugees told us that you were here.
There are about hundred voluntary
soldiers gathered out there.
How big is the burrow?
It was built for scouting
purpose, not as a passage.
So it's very small.
The only way for all of us to
escape is through the gate.
With the volunteer army
outside, it's doable.
Get them on standby by daybreak.
Be careful, little one.
Is this everyone?
Do you still not wish to be a king?
Would you want to be my subject?
What is your name?
Your real name.
I'll tell you when we
get outta here safely.
Let's all meet back outside.
Let's do this.
Don't let them get away.
If you get defeated by peasants,
prepare to disembowel yourselves!
- Boat!
- There's a boat!
- Come on.
- Hurry!
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
Always be strong.
And keep safe.
Goddammit... Soedol!
Stay put, I'll come back for my tag.
Bros! Bros!
You're overdoing it.
We finished our proxy term.
What the hell are we doing here?
Does that make us voluntary soldiers?
Don't let him get away.
More refugees are here.
There's no end to it.
Is this base under
General Shin's command?
This is an army base.
Refugee camp is that way.
I asked if this was General Shin's camp.
Why you wanna know?
Go tell your general
that the King is here.
Your Highness!
Thank you for traveling
hundreds of miles to get here.
Your Highness.
This way, Your Highness.
Long live the King!
Do you know why there are
two dragons on that flag?
One represents the King and the
other, the people, would it not?
Those who took refuge in the mountains
responded to Gwanghae's call
to rise against the invaders.
This became the driving force
for driving out the enemy
and rebuilding the country later.
- From Seonjo Chronicles