Waru (2017) Movie Script

When I died, I saw the whole world.
You remember dont you?
Look at me. Im alive.
Im alive.
Have you our heirlooms Rwiri?
We show compassion.
Soar, my darling
like The Great Albatross who led us here.
Crossing the seas from Hawaiki
To this and where our spirits now depart.
Guide us
like the Albatross
who guided our ancestral canoe,
to this land where we were to prosper.
Gaze upon your land,
the land that your ancestors gazed upon.
Move swiftly to the summit of your sacred mountain,
called Ahurei.
There wait our ancestors for you,
with the love of thousands
for you my grandchild.
There they wait to hold your hand.
Return to us in spirit.
Feel the love of your people of Ngti Imurangi.
That is who he is, noble woman.
- Gift him.
- I wont.
A bone for a bone.
Where is your grandchild Ranui?
The father?
Where is he?
In prison isnt he?
- Hypocrite.
- Settle, cuz.
You are right, Hinga.
My grandson is no angel.
Where is the mother of our boy here?
Your grandchild?
Where is she?
A bone for a bone.
How dare you.
Where do you think you are, Ranui?
In ancient times.
The time of our ancestors.
Get out.
- The time of our spiritual beliefs.
- Dont.
His world is different now.
- Stop, dear woman.
- I cannot.
Perhaps we are both to blame.
We both did not teach our descendants
the way of our people.
It was the white man who stripped it from us.
But we foolishly followed.
And now this is the bitter taste we must swallow.
Gift me my great-grandchild.
You speak as if he is not my great-grandchild too?
That is true.
But our ancestors believed
that our children were to be treasured.
It is not our way
to trample on their sanctity,
diminish them,
or frighten them.
They are the face of our Gods.
Now gift him.
This I know.
But I will not.
- Gift him.
- I cant.
- Give him!
- Let it be.
One house has died,
another still lives.
The house of Ngti Tupuna.
Unlike a canoe rope, a human bond
cannot be severed. No.
It has been severed.
I dont care what you say!
It was here that his light was extinguished.
Gift him so he can rest peacefully.
My great grandchild will rest peacefully here.
But hell rest more peacefully in his paternal land.
That be said.
I ask you to be merciful.
I ask you to show mercy.
I do not die like the Octopus,
I die fighting like the Hammerhead Shark.
Let it go, so his spirit can rest unburdened,
dear grandmother.
Its already been decided in the heavens
the place where he will rest.
You have honoured him bravely,
Hammerhead Shark.
Now gift him.
It is done.
Your great-grandmother is right, my boy.
Forgive me, my little one.
Forgive me.
Be gentle.
A bone
for a bone.
A treasure
for a treasure.
You leave behind your people of
Ngti Imurangi who will always mourn for you
and never forget you,
or our grief my little one.
Farewell, our chiefly grandchild.
Go to your ancestors who wait for you to return.
Leap off where spirits fly into the horizon.
Farewell, our child.
You all sit there pretending to be unaware.
How dare you cry and lament
at the death of our babies.
How dare you! You know who is
responsible and you keep your mouths shut.
You know You know and what did you do?
Why didnt you stop it?
How many of us have to
cower in pain?
How many have to die......
before you say...
enough! ENOUGH!
When I died I saw the whole world.
Everything was big.
Everything was small.
I see the people in the houses.
I see the people
bringing in their washing.
When I died, I was flying.
I see these two sisters,
Aunty Titty and Aunty Bash.
Did you know I can see inside?
The people are angry.
Their anger is a lightening bolt.
It lights up the sky.
I see the birds.
I see the people in the streets.
I see the people in the cars.
I see the people in the houses.
I see the people.
I see the people.
I see the people
I see the clouds get darker.
I see the rain coming.
Here comes the storm.
Im still here.
Im still here.