Wassup Rockers (2005) Movie Script

what is your frame?
Is your frame?
- My frame ...
- Do you have a 200?
Yes Do not come any closer than that.
My name is Jonathan Velasquez.
I have 14 years.
I turned 14 on ... May 5.
Also skate. We are forming a
band and I am a friend of the guitarist.
Also I have another friend, Rico.
Turned 14 last Sunday.
He also skates.
And also ...
Rico's brother.
His name is Carlos.
He is 16, and skating ...
... But not much because it has
a little overweight.
Sperm is also Bola.
His name is Milton Velasquez,
but no one called that.
They call Sperm Ball.
My brother gave him that nickname ...
... When we met, because
we met before ...
... Than others.
So ... also ...
I guess he likes
masturbating because ...
... Each time you shower
masturbating ...
... And shows us how they
sex mother and father.
And then he laughs ...
... And then insults in Spanish.
That's funny.
Robert's brother is Porky,
is also 16.
Is addicted to pornography.
Is said to Porky
liked a girl ...
... But she liked another boy ...
Porky ... then angry.
And then tried to commit suicide ...
... Drowning in the toilet.
But then, when he ran out of air ...
... What he did was,
head out of sink ...
... Took a deep breath and put
back into the water.
And when he was committing suicide,
opened the door and got angry.
Then going to choke to death ...
... And walked with a belt
He started to eat
with a belt in the neck ...
... Because I wanted to commit suicide.
That's why.
And all because, supposedly,
the girl he liked ...
... I wanted to another subject,
named Frank, and then ...
... He wanted to kick his ass.
But he could not.
And that's all.
What other history
want to tell you?
Hi, Mom.
I'm sick.
You know what? I've heard
enough trash tonight.
Come on up.
Carlos! Arise!
You must go to school!
What you're lazy!
So what? I do not care.
Arise, Porky.
You're not even dressed.
- I'm already dressed.
- Fuck you.
You woke me me
and now you want me -
Hurry with the weights.
Only five more.
You need a break.
I saw you doing sixty.
Hurry up, be late to school.
- To hell with the school.
- Not even you dressed!
Damn, I know.
For that invented
rooms behind.
He fell.
Hey, what are you doing?
That's my ball, filthy Mexican!
I'll tell my brother
and you'll meet him.
- I'm from El Salvador.
- Who asked you to you?
Do they wear tight clothing?
Why? You want clothes?
Do you keep your testicles
in your pocket?
- I think so.
- In the pocket.
Would you like to hold?
It is the will, because
GPS are y. ..
... Will destroy. One
one the patearemos.
Fuck you.
Get off my street.
Go to eat their burritos
and Get out of my door.
I told them to go, or my brother
they all kick ass.
I do not care.
This is GPS and destroy
you all.
- GPS, honey.
- GPS will destroy you.
- I am of JPS.
- To hell with JPS.
You're a rocker, go to the devil.
To hell!
My God.
Let me ask you this
to see if it hurts.
- What is this? It is a kiss.
- What?
- Do you have a kiss mark?
- How could I have a?
Come on, Jonathan,
we leave!
Come on, go!
We'll play in Gina's party
on Saturday night.
Yes, but will practice on my
home tonight. Can you come?
Do not think I can go.
Maybe I can go for a few moments
after going home.
Come at 4:30.
Here comes Rosalia.
- Hello, Jonathan.
- I go skating.
I think Jonathan
is very handsome.
Yes, but I have a girlfriend.
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- No.
- Did they?
- No, but I wanted to.
- Did not you?
- No.
- Why not?
- Do not want to take off my pants.
Dude, you're a fool.
The first time I did,
she was mad.
You remember my girlfriend
the sixth grade?
He invited me to his house
after school.
I went to his house.
Not planned to do it ...
... But the situation arose,
and I took off my shirt first ...
... And I said, "Take off your shirt."
She wore two shirts,
and I had to take off ...
... Pants for her
take off another shirt.
And then I took off
clock and her bra ...
... I took off a sock,
and she took off her pants.
So we were in underwear
and remove us at once.
And then I rode it ...
... And tried to introduce
per half hour.
I could not find the hole.
He did it too low or too high ...
... And then found the hole
and pushed hard ...
... And she began to mourn.
But then you knew that
get her wet ...
... Before you take it.
My brother told me. "
And then I heard his sister
speak and thought that would come.
So I hid
behind the door naked ...
... And she kept looking at me
and ashamed.
I took the door key and returned
to bed under the covers ...
... And started making it again.
And then I heard the gate open ...
... And asked: "Did you hear that?".
She said: "Yes, my dad."
And to hear that
I ran away.
I jumped the fence to the neighbor's house ...
... And I walked.
I think his father saw me.
And then went home
and thought to call it ...
... But I was ashamed and did not go to
school for two weeks for that.
And when I went to school
and saw her, only said "hello."
- Do not worry, Bola Sperm.
- It's Milton, silly.
I do not want to call me
Sperm Ball.
My name is Milton.
Okay ...
Sperm ... Ball.
He is a young heavy.
Where is Jonathan?
He had something to do.
- Are you okay?
- Yes
How unpleasant.
Yes, I turned too fast.
Faster! Faster!
The Gotcha!
- Let's make a duel of brothers.
- Let us do it!
Where are you from, brother?
This is bandit territory, silly.
Give me strong!
You want strong?
I will give you strong!
What messes with my legs
or is the destination path?
This brother always leaves me a son!
Do not stop! Do not stop!
- Way to go.
- I have a gift for you.
Do not stop!
Do not stop!
Merry Christmas!
They look like greyhounds
when put that way.
Try to look
like a hound dog.
- It has wings!
- Shake.
give me my dog, my friend.
Doing that will kill him.
He has had lots of sex.
Cindy, go to Mom's bedroom.
- Damn it Johnson?
- Shut up.
Why you treat
your sister?
Always abusive.
- Where did you get that?
- Sperm Ball he stole.
- I do not call it that.
- What's your name?
- Milton.
- What is the difference?
The girls they would
Sperm someone named Bola.
You think they would
someone named Milton?
Maybe not, but I will not
I call Sperm Ball.
My name is Milton.
Why do they call you
Sperm Ball?
I gave him that nickname because
One day he returned from school ...
... I do not know where it came from, but jumped
from behind the trash can ...
... And I said, "What's your name?".
And I did not pay attention, and I saw
had pornography in his hand.
And I was about 11 years.
He was 12, silly.
Never mind, I was a kid
and very pale ...
... And because he had a
strange hair that day -
It was an African.
- His semen was red?
- Yes, all red!
He did not know his name ...
... So we call sperm ball.
I asked him to call me "Shake."
And we do not change Sperm Ball.
Jonathan, I must go.
My mother will be home.
All right.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
This is mine.
"Hi, haters"!
What about that?
What about "Hi, haters"?
Who the hell hit you?
- I heard the music outside.
- You do not live near here.
Passed through here.
They have beer.
I like beer, makes me crazy.
I do not mess with girls.
Jonathan, do you want to do something?
No, I'm fine.
Want to go to the bedroom?
- Why would you think?
- Because everyone else did.
That's right.
Rosalia and I remember when
we did the first time.
I was a virgin, and she
knew what he was doing.
He took advantage of that.
I felt used.
How many believe that
Rosalia has done?
Fifteen, twenty.
Only 14 years old.
Yes, I remember the time
he wanted to do with me ...
... And I said no because
not want to do with 18 subjects.
Gosh, my life sucks.
One day I went home
the best friend of my brother.
There was a girl named Gina
who liked me.
I was drunk
and fell asleep on the toilet.
She took off her pants.
I woke up and we were having sex ...
... And I had no condom.
Then people told me
who had become pregnant ...
... And I cried on the shoulder
a girl.
Gina told him he did not want
I had to do with the baby.
That was not my problem.
The devil.
Do you really think that got pregnant?
If you had sex, yes.
That's my luck. My life sucks.
You like kinky sex, right?
She knows a lot. I do not like.
I would like to have sex
with this slut now.
Porky, and stop drinking ...
Because every time ...
you get drunk you cry ...
... And we listen.
Hell, I'll go somewhere
where they do not hear me mourn.
Would you be angry if you
ask if you're a virgin?
- I caught you now!
- Jonathan?
Jonathan, you're an envious!
Never succeed in doing so.
What are you doing?
What the hell is wrong with you, child?
You're stupid, man.
I have Danny's car.
He lent me the car.
Does the trunk open?
Come on, stupid. Close the door.
- Hello, Lily.
- Hello, Jonathan.
You will travel in the trunk.
What are you doing here?
I stayed at the home of Sandra.
I'm taking the bus.
We are going to Beverly Hills.
We can take if you want.
I do not know, there are many children
in the car do not know if it fits.
We can travel in the trunk.
Hey, do not stop.
All the girls like to Jonathan.
That's right.
- Get all the girls.
- Honey, do you want a ride?
Never get sex
with this car.
Jonathan, how are you back there?
Jonathan! Have fun.
There are some speed bumps,
Hang on to something.
Stop the car.
Turn it off.
Hands-on view, gentlemen.
Relax. Hands down.
I stopped because your registration expired.
- Let your license.
- I have.
- Do not have a license?
- No.
- Does anyone in the car is licensed?
- No.
- Do you know that we take the car?
- Yes, I know.
I suppose you are happy
have a car now.
Not for us.
It is faster than their bikes.
Do you like The Ramones, child?
They are great.
I saw them play in 1987.
- Yes? What was it?
- Great.
Here I am on myself.
This is boring.
- The bus is taking too long.
- I know! When will he come?
I have no sperm!
My wife is waiting for me!
I should have left
pregnant last night.
If not pregnant today
I cut the tomatoes!
He says they are dry!
It's going to break my ribs!
- And then ...
- Will give you strong and ugly?
- Will give you strong and ugly?
- Strong and ugly!
The break them all!
They smell like shit!
- Porky, "turn it off?
- No, I went to the bath house today.
We did it!
Where's my shoe?
My damn finger!
Do you think it is broken?
- Are you all right, Rico?
- My knee!
A good jump, Jonathan.
Look what a beautiful ass.
I would like to see him without pants.
- I like small.
- Does the child?
Full body and firm ass.
- Where are they?
- In South Central.
We're from the ghetto.
- You're a good skater.
- Today is not a good day.
We live in Beverly Hills.
My house is there.
You can come anytime.
All right.
It has a pink font
and that red Thunderbird out.
Come whenever you want.
I'm serious.
Jade, come on. I see my
coach at 3:00.
- I said "we"!
- No need to pull it well.
- Have you talked to you, you fucking Mexican?
- I am Guatemalan.
Sorry, I Guate!
- Bye.
- Bye, homosexuals.
Lincoln 1, I'm in
Beverly Hills high school.
I have seven Hispanic
on skateboards.
Boys, come here.
Come on.
Sitting with hands on knees,
for viewing. Go!
- Did you see the signs?
- What signs?
- All of "No skating."
- Where?
Hands on knees
for viewing.
What did we do?
Where are they?
In South Central.
We're from the ghetto.
What are you doing
in Beverly Hills?
Three months ago that
the warn skaters.
It is the first time we come here.
How did they get here
from South Central?
We took two buses.
What else are you doing here
in Beverly Hills?
Just skate.
Lincoln one, code four now.
I have a 10-6
South Central 7.
- Mexico.
- Mexican?
- We Salvadorans.
- I am Guatemalan.
- Can we go home on the bus?
- Just came to skate.
Can we go?
Not yet.
What's your name?
- Eddie.
- Eddie what?
- How old are you?
- Seventeen.
- Did you bring your ID?
- No, I have no identification.
Are you 17 years
and have no identification?
Do not bring me.
- What is your address?
- 1161 / 2 ...
- Highest.
- 1161 / 2 of West 112th Street.
90 072.
What's your name?
- Jonathan.
- Jonathan what?
- Your address?
- 1161 / 2 of West 112th Street.
Do they live together?
They are brothers.
Why have different surnames?
Different fathers, is typical.
No, we have the same father.
Why have
different surnames?
He uses the surname of his mother.
How old are you?
How old are you?
What's your name?
- How old are you?
- Fifteen.
- Your address?
- 1161 / 2 of West 112th Street.
Louie, what is your code?
90 061.
- Does everyone living in the same place?
- Yes
- What is your postcode?
- The same as his.
What do you mean it?
A few minutes ago you said "90 072" ...
... Now it's same as him?
What is it?
We do not know code.
Do not know code?
- You! How old are you?
- Fifteen!
I told them I did not lie
or go to prison, do you understand?
Why are we upset?
It is the first time we come.
Three months ago they were warning you.
- Only skated.
- Yes multar.
What's your name?
Milton Velasquez.
- Are they brother?
- No.
- How old are you?
- Thirteen.
Are you playing?
You are the greatest. Are you lying?
- She is thirteen!
- If you lie, go to prison.
- She is thirteen!
- Just looks big.
Does your home?
Your home. I'm talking to you.
1 ... 116 West ... I do not know.
They are lying, damn.
We are not lying.
What are you laughing? This is serious.
They'll go to prison!
Three months ago they were warned!
Multar Now!
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
- They do not belong to this place.
- Why are we in South Central?
- Yes
- Fuck you.
"Come here! Sit!
Get out!
Stay there.
Forget it.
Forget it.
Leave me go or eat your lunch.
This burger tastes like penis.
Turn around!
Give me your hands!
Stand still!
Give me your hands!
Here is where you live
the white girl.
That's not the house.
Yes, the source looks rosy
and the red car.
It's home.
I found it. Go ahead.
- Hello. Are you thirsty?
- Yes, I have thirst.
I'll bring drinks.
- Want to see my room?
- Yes
- I can see your room?
- Come on.
You are not circumcised.
No, I'm Latino.
Why? Does it look different?
It looks dangerous.
Are you wealthy?
How can you afford this?
- My father.
- What does your father do?
- Do not know.
- Great.
Always on the phone
cell, plays golf and stuff.
That's it.
- What's yours?
- I have no father.
- Have you ever met your father?
- No
I have one brother and my mother.
Do you have good relationship
with them?
- Good how?
- I do not know ...
... Good ...
Do you talk to them ...
- ... Or do things as a family?
- No.
We are brothers.
Do you have good relationship with
the boys who are you?
No, only friends.
- Why not?
- Because I am not gay.
In good standing
not mean they are gay.
Are they best friends?
No, we call best friends.
We are all equal.
How so?
- We are all equal.
- Equal how?
We are different, but we are equal.
I can not say that a
only my best friend.
We're just friends.
And your friends?
They're all alike ...
... Like you said. But they are -
It is difficult to know who
your true friends.
They are hypocrites.
I stabbed in the back.
I do not know. It's a good question.
You get used and are
things in Beverly Hills.
Where are you?
- Living in the ghetto.
- What do you mean by that?
- In South Central.
- How is this place?
Dangerous. Can not
walk the street alone.
Steal or attack you.
He's a menace.
What madness.
Why come here?
To skate where we met.
Did you come here
just to skate?
- Always use this?
- Yes, I never take it off.
Look at your hair.
- What is wrong with my hair?
- Nothing, but covers your face.
- Here you go.
- Yes
- It's funny.
- What?
You are different from boys
I know.
Do you care much
what people think of you?
No. ..
... I do things
my way and the way I like.
Nobody tells me what to do.
Yes, you have your own style.
That's great.
- What would you say?
- We are called rockers.
Think we are rockers
why we use the long hair ...
... And the pants and tight clothes.
And we do not care, but we
say: "What, rock?".
- They say, "What, rock?".
- Yes
We get angry because of that,
we are not rockers.
But we do not fight.
They are the ones who fight.
- What kind of people?
- Black people.
- Really?
- They want to be like them.
And when black girls
play with your hair or something ...
... Want to braid
or something ...
... I do not allow
touch my hair.
It may be dirty.
Too bad.
They are bad with us
we are bad with them.
Heavens, no one gets along
where you live.
Have you ever fought with someone?
- Many times.
- Why?
They spur you on,
you say you are gay or something ...
Abofetearte want ... or something ...
... Play with you.
Just because you use
tight pants?
"They're used to that?
Something like that always fight
or are in trouble.
Do your friends always support you?
- What do you mean?
- Can you help?
Yes, we help,
so we are friends.
They won many fights Yes
or lost a lot?
I do not know, but I never
I lost a fight or something.
"Or something"? Probably
struck it with your skateboard.
I never hit a
anyone with my skateboard.
I do not want to kill anyone.
We did not win the fights,
but not hit us or anything.
- Did you ever fight?
- No. ..
... There is nothing why
fight. Actually it is ...
... But people do not
likes to do that.
Here we fight them ...
... And some are calm because
although the hit ...
... Want to keep fighting, at least
want to hit you once.
What if you hit the first time?
They will continue trying.
But some stops.
They learn the lesson
they can not conquer.
That's the way there.
My friend died two days ago.
Near my house, a street.
- Did he die? How?
- I shot.
- Are you shot? You saw him?
- No.
- Are you sad?
Yes, it was great.
What is the worst thing you've seen?
For someone when you
shot in the head.
Really? Heaven.
- What did you do?
- I ran.
Do we run?
How close were you?
Nearby, about 6 meters.
Did you know the victim?
Who was he?
A subject.
Are you sad?
I do not know.
Is all well there?
"Except for you?
- It's a complicated place.
- Why?
Because they always try
cause problems.
And then bring their families.
And when the family comes
everyone says we encourage you ...
... Because we are problem ...
... And it is they who incite.
You know how mothers,
believe them to their children.
So things are.
You can take the
pants, if you want.
- What the hell?
- Damn! What is this?
Leave him alone!
Let me go, you bastards!
No! Basta!
Call the police!
My nose!
Just give me five minutes.
There are many white girls.
- Hi, honey.
- Hello.
What's your name?
- Where are you, Rico?
- I'm from the ghetto.
You're so adorable. Look.
You are so punk rockers.
They are like the Mexican Ramones.
That's great, I love it.
Do you speak English?
What is this garbage watermelon?
And these damn cookies.
This is very gay.
- Okay.
- I drink whiskey, I can not -
Now shut up.
So are Marina and Alex
Theme parties are always ...
Boring ... blah, blah, blah.
Yes, I do not like anything
what is happening.
- I am more than New York style.
- You look like on both coasts.
Beautiful! Smile!
Thank you. Think pink.
Hello, you look beautiful.
Hello! Hi, Sarah!
We listen to Madonna.
Perfect! Will my new
advertising campaign!
Luce hurt, someone to do something.
No, thanks.
Got health?
I have six medics,
a pool and jacuzzi.
I'll show you.
Sorry about the mess.
These are my works.
You know, you could be a model.
I'm too thin.
I urinate.
Over here, honey.
I return with my friends.
Just trying to help
your career.
My what?
What the hell?
- How many?
- Six, wearing a mask.
You know my policy: Shoot
first and ask questions later.
They were boys of color,
so naturally ...
I understand.
We must keep this quiet ...
... Away from newspapers.
It would be great news
for them.
is a Mexican child ...
... Probably illegal, illegal.
I will ensure that
Very good.
Ten years ago, working in Beverly
Hills, we know these things quiet.
I like many movies.
I am a great admirer.
What do you think happened to Louie?
We jumped the wall
and heard the shot.
It's a bad job. We lost
two friends in one day.
I'm tired of being here.
I too, want to go home.
Is it wrong ...
... Left behind a friend.
We leave it to a friend!
- We could have died.!
- I know, but let a friend.
We could not do anything.
I hate this place.
We ran as women.
It was like a brother.
Do not even know
what happened.
Maybe he's dead, maybe
is good, but is injured.
I do not think he is okay.
Here, no one can help.
No one is going to help.
Damn white, provided
believe they are better.
Better than we who
are Hispanic and poor.
It is very cold. We have nothing.
What now?
We must find
way back home.
How? Where are we?
We should be in the middle
from nothing, damn.
We go home.
I do not know how to get there.
I have hunger and cold, walk.
Let us move or we will be here
- Hello, we are lost.
- Everybody is looking for them, guys.
We get them out of here before
that the police find them.
I know. I'll call Manuel.
You take care of them.
- Okay.
- Escndanse! Here comes the lady.
Do not worry.
- Who is this child?
- From my sister.
I'm sorry, madam,
I know how I found it.
What a handsome boy.
With a face like that
you have lots of sex.
With sex as this must
have a face ... I mean -
With that face, there are many girls.
I do not know.
What happened?
Look at that beautiful ass. What happened?
- A dog.
- Damn dogs!
If you you take care of dinner ...
... I take care of you.
Come with me.
Come in, honey.
Take a bit.
It's fun to be neat.
It's fun to be neat.
I'm having so much fun.
- Where is Rico?
- We must go.
- No time.
- Not without Kico.
Stop looking at my
bust it forever ...
... I look at the bust, you see
what I mean?
- Yes, ma'am.
- "Yes, ma'am"?
Go! We must leave!
Jonathan, ever the same.
Damn, envious.
I think this is
where my mom.
- Do you have a car?
- I can drive.
Must be of age.
- No, no.
- Let me in!
"I can help?
- Back, friends, should be higher.
- Mom!
Mom! Mom!
- Back we go.
- What's your name?
- Nina.
- He left.
She said her son did not return last night.
One minute!
Where are you?
From anywhere.
Why are you wearing clothes so tight?
Because we do not care
what you think.
What, rock?
Goodbye, Ball Semen.
I mean, Milton.