Watercolor Postcards (2013) Movie Script

My mama told me once,
"Hope is the only God
common to all men.
Those who have nothing
still have hope."
This is Bent Arrow,
a small town in West Texas,
if you still want
to call it a town.
I heard it was once,
before the Mega-Mart
came and left,
but not since I can remember.
Now it seems it's just people
passing on the highway,
trains rolling through, taking
something to somewhere else
and leaving a bunch of us
hanging our hats
on the last hook
of a whole lot of hope.
These old highways
These old back roads
As crooked
as an arrow
Is where I'm from
The desert
The... The dust.
Is it the melody?
What's not
working for you?
As crooked as an arrow
Is where I'm from.
Big storm last night.
Did it scare you?
A little.
You dream?
A little.
How 'bout this one?
You sure?
Whatever you want.
See you in town?
In a while.
I want to see
if there's a lunch rush.
Bye, Joe Boy.
I say Aerosmith.
Nope. Springsteen.
What about
Green Day?
an American band.
They been around
for a while.
Yeah. Don't they
have that guy
that wore the,
uh, G.W. Bush mask
How 'bout
if we talk about
something relevant?
Those punks are lucky
they didn't get
Dixie Chicked.
Dixie Chicks. Now,
what happened to them?
That's what
I'm talking about.
You don't mess
with Texas.
You know
how long ago that was?
Can we
just move on here?
Speaking of moving on,
you ever gonna
pay them bills,
or are you gonna
make stacks out of 'em?
You ever gonna pay
your damn bar tab?
Maybe I could send you
over to the vendors
to perform sexual acts,
wipe out
some of the debt
that I've got here.
Come on.
How about it, Merlin?
Take one for the team.
Wait a sec.
You might end up
owing more.
That was funny.
Very funny.
Get ourself
a Jack-O-Lope
She doing
any better, darling?
No, sir.
All right. Well...
you keep the faith.
Now, you keep
that bottle hidden.
Run along so we
don't have any problems.
Yes, sir.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you, Ledball.
All right,
get on out of here. Go on.
...each other
with the grace of a love
You just smile
And it comes back
your way...
what'd I tell
you about that?
I don't want
to see her in here.
Then you
close your eyes.
'Cause to me,
it looks like
you're giving liquor
to a minor.
And making Lois' life
a little easier,
so we'll just leave it
at that, all right?
...gets heavy
in this town
Come on.
Ah, come on. Come on.
I got you. Ready?
1, 2, 3.
How you feeling, Mama?
I'm making it, baby.
What would I do
without you, sweetie, hmm?
Can I get
something for you?
No, baby.
The Lord is gonna
have to do the rest.
I just wish that
I could be sure
that you're gonna be okay.
Mm, my baby girl.
I know you're worried,
but please
don't worry about me.
I'm just fine.
I just don't want you
to hurt no more.
Well, you learned
all your lessons here,
so you can walk
with God, right?
That's right, baby.
How was I
so blessed with you?
After your sister...
Things work out
themselves, Mama.
Oh, I know that, baby.
It just makes me so mad.
Stop. Stop. Stop, okay?
I'm right here.
Look at me,
Everything's just fine,
All right.
Don't upset yourself.
Mama, I'm right here.
I'm not leaving you.
I promise.
You sure?
Oh, yes.
You're my mama.
You're my baby girl.
I love you.
Go to sleep.
Okay. Okay.
Where's my bottle, baby?
I got it.
Stay with me?
I'm right here.
You're home early.
I'm glad.
Come on.
Come on, boy.
Did you mail the card?
things may get worse
before they get better.
It depends
on how you look
at those things.
I suppose that's true.
Do you think, Butch,
that if you
believe in something...
And I mean like
you just really
believe in it...
That it'll come true?
Mama's going
to Heaven, Butch.
I saw it in my dream
last night.
I know she is, too.
I'll be here.
I know.
Your mama's
in a better place.
Oh, God.
Hey, Butch.
How's she doing?
She hasn't even cried yet.
Kinda weird, huh?
She knew this was
gonna happen.
One moment?
But you know I can't.
But, Sheriff...
Come on, Butch.
Just give me a day
to figure this out.
No! There's
no more talking.
What are you
gonna do now?
Gotta take her
to the home in Austin.
Don't do that.
Butch, I got no choice!
Texas law,
chapter 153-002.
The best interest of
the child shall be given
highest consideration.
You're not
her legal guardian.
Honed up on your law,
did you?
Butch, I can't
just leave her here
with a can of ravioli.
Oh, come on now.
Just hold on a second.
Come on, Butch.
This is hard enough already.
I got no choice.
Oh! Oh, I knew
you'd come!
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
I knew you'd come.
Um, what's going on?
Why is
the Sheriff here?
They just took
Mama to get ready
to go to Heaven.
She's dead?
Uh, I'm Sheriff Perez.
I'm sorry
for your loss, ma'am.
Lois left a copy
of her living trust
at my office
when she knew
she was getting bad.
It names you
as Cotton's guardian.
Cotton gets the house.
You get Cotton.
Are you kidding me?
Now you have to accept
the responsibility,
or I can't leave her
with you.
I just came home to...
For three days
just to say goodbye.
I can't take
responsibility for her.
If you don't,
I'm gonna have
to take her to
the children's home.
Now, I have
to hear you accept
the responsibility.
I guess so.
Thank you.
I knew you'd say yes.
Okay, come on.
I want to get
your stuff inside.
All right, come on.
We could go inside
You call me if she bolts.
Yeah, I'll do that.
We can do our toes.
Oh, then can
listen to music,
and then we
can have a party.
I gotta pee.
Oh, I'm in your room,
so do you want it back?
Are you putting on
new lipstick?
'Cause I would
love to see that,
you know.
I've never
really put lipstick
on before.
You need anything?
Come on.
Damn it.
You done peeing?
How 'bout knocking?
Lock's broke.
Girls pee together,
I mean, I always see them
go to the bathroom together.
I never do, though.
It's kind of gross.
Maybe this was
a mistake.
Why? Hasn't it
been long enough?
Long enough for what?
Well, it seems like
whatever made you leave,
it's been long enough.
So would you like
some sugar in your coffee?
I could do brown sugar,
or I could do cream.
I can make pancakes, too,
if you like pancakes.
"Do not withhold good
from those who deserve it
"when it is
in your power to act.
"Lay hold of my words
with all your heart.
Keep my commands,
and you will live..."
"will get wisdom,
"Do not forget my words
or swerve from them."
Fly free, my baby.
How you doing, hon?
Are you okay?
Butch, I want you
to meet my sister,
Sorry for your loss.
I think I can feel
Mama here with us.
She's happy now.
How's she feel
about me being here?
She said to drink
some more milk.
Her answer
to everything.
She didn't
really say that.
I just made it up.
Um, Cotton, we need
to talk about what's
gonna happen now.
Pass the slaw,
Thank you.
Um, so let's...
Things must...
Things must have been
real different around here
when you were my age.
They were.
And that's
why you left?
Things have changed now.
How so?
I'm full. Heh.
I can't keep my eyes open.
I'm glad you're here...
and I love you.
Say you need me
I'll jump in the car
Drive all night
Most of the day
Just to hear
what you have to say
Look for me
Sometime tomorrow.
What a fruitcake.
Look for me
I know it's hard
Look for me
coming down your...
No way!
Can't be!
Sunny Thompson?
Hey, Jackson.
'Cause the Sunny I know,
she's in Hollywood.
I saw her on cable
the other night.
What was the name
you used?
Sunny Morning.
Sunny Morning.
That's it.
It's a good one,
too, yeah.
I mean,
what's a big-time
Hollywood actress
doing on back here
in Bent Arrow, huh?
We buried Lois today.
Right. Wow.
Uh, Tammy,
come on over here.
Meet Sunny.
This is Sunny Thompson.
Hmm. She's not
as pretty in person.
She's sweet.
Aw, come on.
You didn't think
I was gonna wait around
for you, did you?
I'm the one
that left, remember?
Yeah, I do remember that.
It's getting late,
old boy.
See you later.
Still drinking
and driving, huh?
Got it down now.
Good for you.
Come on, baby.
Let's go.
Go wait in the car.
What say I, uh,
drop Tammy home, come back?
We can have
a couple of drinks,
maybe catch up and talk.
What do you think?
I don't think so.
Why not?
'Cause I think we've
been down that road,
and we done
wore its ass out.
Still think you're too good
for the rest of us, don't you?
That's not what I said.
David Jackson,
you said hi!
Now get in the car!
She's a keeper.
You should hold on
to her.
You know, you and I,
we could have had
a couple of kids by now,
could have had a future.
Instead, all you got's
a crappy past.
Breathless and all
Beside me
What are you
doing with my suitcase?
What is that?
What do you mean,
taking it with you?
Getting out of here?
Are you crazy?
You know where
your fight is, honey.
Right there.
You run
as far as you want.
It's gonna be right here
when you get back.
You won't last
for two seconds in L.A.
God, it's ridiculous,
totally ridiculous.
The secret
remedy for a headache,
you know what it is?
Uh, let's see.
Next up.
Some kind
of a meat product?
You want to know
the answer?
Foot massage.
You get a foot massage,
take care of any headache
you got.
Also if you get 'em...
I want you to watch
your language.
Why? You got
a headache?
You were at the funeral,
weren't you?
Yes, ma'am.
I guess you
don't remember me.
My name's Ledball.
I was a friend
of your mother's.
I'm so sorry
for your loss,
but it's good
to have you back.
Thank you.
Uh, could I get
you something?
A beer, maybe?
No. Um, I was wondering
if... if you were hiring.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
They don't mean nothing.
Just things have been
mighty slow around here.
Mighty slow.
Oh, goodness.
It's all right.
I wish I could, Sunny.
I really do.
Sorry about Lois.
We all loved her.
Yeah. It's
a damn shame.
Are you hungry,
Yeah, I'm... I am.
Um, can I get
a grilled cheese
and a Coke to go?
Yes, ma'am. Coming up.
No, you put
that money away.
Your money's
not good here.
I can do this much
at least.
Oh, thank you.
You know,
your Mama and I go back
to the third grade.
She used
to chase me around
and try to kiss me.
By the ninth grade,
I let her catch me.
That must have been
a spit-drenched fiasco.
You still wearing
women's panties?
I have
a medical condition.
It's the doctor's orders.
I have a medica...
I have a prescription.
Doctor's condition?
It's a prescription.
I have a rash.
Sure, it is.
I just can't...
I'll be right back
with that
grilled cheese.
Not like
I have emphysema.
I have a rash.
Oh, God!
I can't believe...
21! That makes
five whole dollars!
Winner, winner,
chicken dinner.
You're buying me
chicken dinner.
Your choice.
Hey, all.
So it's you.
You don't look like
the type of person
that would
sit around
and paint postcards.
Yeah? What does someone
like that look like?
Not you.
Would it help
if I chop my ear off?
Well, get a load
of this retail giant.
Hi, Mr. Morgan.
Oh, you know you'd
be doing me a big
personal favor, Butchie,
if you would, uh,
take this rattrap down.
You have any idea
how much money
I'm spending trying
to bring this town
back to where it was?
Not a clue.
Well, it's a lot.
And it's things
just like this
that just keep this town
drying out day after day.
The Lord
mocks proud mockers,
but gives grace
to the humble,
Mr. Morgan.
Well, aren't you
the precocious little critter?
What are you doing
hanging out with this
washed-up has-been?
Hi, Mr. Morgan.
Well, Jackson told me
that you was come back.
Sorry about
what happened to Lois.
Take her down, Butch.
It's an eyesore.
No... No permit.
No little lemonade stand.
Do it.
He hasn't
changed a bit.
He's all talk.
I have an idea.
You up
for an adventure?
Oh, my God, I haven't
been here in forever.
A pool?
Ho ho ho.
Look at this.
Are you kidding me?
Oh, my God.
Oh, wow.
How'd I not know
about this place?
Think we've been
hanging out with
the wrong people.
1, 2, 3!
Be careful.
How's the water?
Oh, yeah?
What do you think?
I think I'm gonna
splash you back.
That's what I think.
I used to...
I used to come up here
with... with Jackson
after his dad
had these parties,
and we'd steal
all of his liquor
and just get wasted.
Sounds fun.
It was fun.
I would talk about
how I was gonna
take over the world
and kick ass,
take names, you know,
stupid stuff.
It's not stupid
to dream.
You know,
I think everyone
used to have a place
something like this.
You have one?
Anywhere I could score
a six-pack, park my car
and find a good song
on the radio.
Are you guys
gonna keep talking,
or you coming in?
Oh, no!
What are you doing?
No, no, no! Oh!
All right, that's it!
You, you...
that could actually...
You keep hanging out
with these warts
on a donkey's dick,
I'm gonna have to have
the county dock your wages.
It's my lunch hour,
Mr. Morgan.
There something
I can do for you?
Serve an eviction notice.
To who?
You're four months
behind, Ledball.
I heard.
Several times now.
So what are you gonna do?
Rob my bank?
That should be
easy enough.
You know where
the Sheriff is
all the time.
I get an hour,
Mr. Morgan.
I can eat
where I choose.
You know,
I got some ideas
for this property.
You know,
beef's making a comeback.
I might just turn it
into a meatpacking plant.
I could even
give you jag-offs
a job killing cattle.
Heh. That means
you're gonna have
to get off your asses,
and I don't think
you're capable of that.
Aw, come on. Somebody's
got to do something
about this little town.
It's gonna end up nothing
but spit in the footnotes.
Y'all sit around here
wallowing in the past,
and blinds you
to the future.
Well, unlike you boys,
I've got things to do,
so I will bid
you gentlemen adios,
and I do use the term
"gentlemen" loosely.
All right, I can't be
killing anything.
I've been studying
the Buddhist culture,
and I've taken me
a vow of passivism.
Should have taken
a vow of silence.
I'll do what I can
to slow down the process.
There anything you can do
to pick things up?
Not yet.
I have an idea.
How 'bout a happy hour?
And since when
hasn't it been
happy hour for you?
Well, you know,
just a suggestion.
Oh, you gotta shut up,
It's imperative.
So sad
To be alone
Help me make it
through the night
Did you
ever try singing
while you were doing
the acting thing?
Oh, not really.
That's too bad.
How'd you know
about the acting thing?
Ah, the walls are thin,
and Jackson is loud.
Cotton, we gotta go.
We have to go.
Do we have to?
Come on. Get out.
I'm hungry.
Well, listen.
I'm barbecuing
so, um,
if y'all would
like to come over,
you know,
you're more
than welcome.
Can we, Sunny?
Oh, what am I saying?
I'm not your mom.
Do what you want.
I'm sorry. Come on.
Grab your boots.
We'll go.
Are you mad at me?
What do you mean?
You seemed mad when
I got out of the pool.
I... I was mad at myself.
It's hard to explain.
You like Butch,
don't you?
Well, h-he's different,
that's for sure.
I think you like him.
I didn't say that!
Don't tell him
I said that.
Why not?
It's already
complicated enough.
Does that mean
it's too hard
to explain, too?
You know,
for a grown-up,
you sure
can't explain much.
You got that right.
You know, Cotton,
I'm, um...
I'm sorry about
what I said at the pool
about not being your mother
and everything.
It wasn't
very thoughtful.
It's okay.
I know you
didn't mean it.
Looks pretty.
you have a bedtime?
But I'll go if you
sing me a lullaby.
Come here.
Oh, shh.
Maybe I'll catch
that shooting star
Just like
a firefly in a jar
Close your eyes
Your dreams are
not that far away
Mommy used
to sing that me.
Did she sing
to you, too?
Maybe I'll meet
that cow on the moon
Up in the clouds
there singing a tune
The rest of the world
can sleep
But, darling, you
Were meant to dream.
You okay?
I got allergies.
Come on.
I'll tuck you in bed.
No. It's okay.
I can
tuck myself in.
Yeah. Night.
Good night, honey.
She blows me away.
I had no idea.
You have no idea how happy
she is that you're here.
Can I ask you
a question?
What did Morgan mean
by a washed-up has-been?
I used to play
some football.
Why'd you quit?
This what you wanted?
This is what I needed.
So what are you doing
for the Fourth?
Oh, I don't know.
Well, Joe Boy and I
would consider it
a real honor
if you'd like to join us
for the Fourth of July picnic.
if I'm still here,
I'll think about it.
Still here?
We'll see.
Thanks for tonight.
Sure. Anytime.
Good night.
You know, you could brush
your teeth once in a while.
Ah, you don't
have to tell me.
She doesn't know
if she's coming or going.
And what does that say?
I'm telling you
straight up.
This one is dangerous.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
you're probably right.
She'll do
the right thing, but...
All right, well, as long
as you're with me on this.
Are you with me on this?
I'm gonna take you
to the dentist.
Early bird
getting the worm, huh?
I just wanted to talk
to you before things
got set in your mind.
About what?
What about her?
You like her, don't you?
Yeah, sure.
I saw the way
you were looking at her
at the pool
when she was singing.
Well, she's a good singer.
Oh, don't you lie to me.
You like her,
and she likes you.
Did she say that?
No, but I know.
Do you?
Well, first off,
I think y'all should
just tell each other
instead of playing
those stupid games.
Well, maybe we will
if we figure out we do.
All I know is
Heather in my class
liked this
boy named Connor,
and she used
to whisper and giggle
and do stupid stuff
with her friends,
and he used to ignore her,
and they never spoke
to each other.
Well, what happened
to Heather and Connor?
Connor moved.
in the fourth grade.
I tell people
straight out how I feel.
I know you do.
Hi, Butch.
How's it going?
It's going.
Butch, I got a problem.
Morgan's making me move
your postcard stand.
Yeah, he came by here
the other day and
threw a hissy fit.
Yeah. You're gonna
have to move it outside
of city limits.
There's isn't
any traffic out there.
Well, Butch,
there's no traffic
anywhere around here.
you got a point.
Shoot, I don't know
why you sit out here
in the wind and
the sun for, anyway.
You know,
people think you're crazy.
I got my reasons.
Well, they must be
some good ones.
Morgan's a bully.
Yeah, Morgan's a bully.
Sorry, Butch.
It's not your problem.
Well, that sucks.
Yeah, don't it?
Well, we both
see bright things
in your future.
Oh, yeah?
What do you see?
I'm not telling you.
See you later.
I gotta go.
Where you going?
What just happened?
How much
you reckon is up there?
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe a grand or two.
That ain't
gonna be enough.
No. Really?
So what's the point?
Yeah, what's
the point, Ledball?
You're just getting
dust in my beer.
How much you reckon
I'd get for a dollar bill
signed by Janis Joplin?
Whoa. You got a bill
signed by Janis Joplin?
Well, one night,
she and I
were running
around here in our
birthday suits,
and she stuck it
up here.
There was
a lot of Southern
Comfort involved,
so I'm
not sure of exactly
where she put it.
Lord, that's
near 40 years ago.
Are you saying
that you and her...
I ain't saying
nothing about no one,
especially to you.
Well, if it was
so damn important to you,
why'd you
leave it up there?
'Cause that's the deal.
Well, it's stupid.
What's stupid?
Ledball's looking
for a dollar bill
signed by Janis Joplin.
Well, why is
that stupid?
Well, because he's late
on his lease,
and Morgan wants
to make us a bunch
of meatpackers.
next time
you have a brain fart,
seriously think
to yourself,
"Do I really want
to say that?"
And if you decide you do,
shut up anyway.
he shut me down, too.
Ah, bastard.
What are you
gonna do?
Well, I was
thinking about
setting up in here,
but obviously that
ain't gonna work either.
Paradise fading
by the dashboard
Who said that?
How 'bout who cares?
Nope. Wrong.
Well, bitching ain't
gonna get the potato peeled
one way or the other.
Yeah, but if this town
is truly gonna flourish,
then we have to criticize,
and if it's gonna
function as a whole,
then we
have to have dissent.
You want me
to cut you off?
I'm just saying.
Oh, my.
And here it is.
What are you gonna
do with that now?
I don't know.
I thought I'd
put it on eBay.
There must be
some rich old boy
who was
a Joplin fan.
Keep Morgan
off my back
for a while.
Sounds like a plan.
Theoretically, yeah.
probably not.
And that's it.
You're done.
Can I help you?
Oh, hi.
I'm looking for Jackson.
Hey, Jackson.
You didn't have
to come all this
way to see me.
I know you
ain't got a car.
You could have
just called.
There's a bar
around the corner.
Um, that's
not why I'm here.
No? Why are you here?
I need a job.
Excuse me?
I need a job.
Seems like money
puts food on the table.
After everything that's
gone down between us,
that's what
you're here for?
Oh, this was a mistake.
No, wait.
Well, we don't need
any more salesmen or
assistants, and...
I don't suppose you
know your way around
an engine, do you?
Guess that
leaves janitor
unless your hands
are too precious
for a mop.
Nope. It's kind of
what I expected.
Bucket's in the back.
Who's that?
Is nobody
working here now?
Tammy ain't
gonna like that.
Tammy can
kiss my ass.
My head before
My heart gives up
Oh, better days
I've had enough
I'd turn it off
If only I knew how to
My hands are sealed
around the love I hold to
Time will move on
Always early
Always late
I can't believe
the words you say
They ring like stones
thrown into a canyon
I feel the weight
of each one slowly landing
Time will move on
Before I do
Before I do
You didn't taste it.
Needs way more salt.
All right.
Hey, we're
in the kitchen!
What are you cooking?
Slaw for tomorrow.
The picnic.
Oh, yeah. I...
Oh, I totally forgot.
So how was your day?
I don't think
I've ever heard the day
quite described
like that before.
Well, I'm gonna
go watch some TV
before I go to bed.
I'll see you tomorrow.
All right.
I'll be over there
in a little bit.
Oh, no.
It's fine.
So, um, you want
to sit outside?
I can grab some beers.
Uh, I'll be right there.
I'm gonna turn
the stove off.
All right.
"These old highways,
"these old back roads,
"crooked as an arrow,
but it's
where I came from."
Uh, don't... Heh heh.
Don't read that.
"Flat as far
as the eye can see."
I was, um,
writing lyrics
to a new song.
I like it.
You should
finish it.
Well, maybe I will.
I should go.
I gotta take a shower.
Maybe we could
go for a swim.
So why haven't you
ever been married?
I was a long time ago.
What happened?
Guess we just kind of
grew out of each other.
We met when
I was playing ball,
and when I got out,
she wanted out.
She left you
just because
you quit football?
Well, to be fair, it wasn't
the program she bought into.
What was
that program?
The guy who
paints postcards
and plays guitar?
Yeah, that one.
Do you like
this program?
More than I liked that one.
What was wrong
with that one?
There was this one game.
It was the fourth quarter,
and the game was on the line.
75,000 people in the stands
yelling, fighting.
I looked across
the line at the guy
I was playing against,
and he had saliva
foaming at the mouth
and blood
all over his uniform,
and looked down
at my hands,
and they're
bloody and broken.
I start thinking,
"This is crazy."
But my whole life had
been geared to this moment,
just go down the field and
score the winning touchdown.
I had this epiphany.
What does it mean...
a grown man trying to move
this piece of pigskin
up and down
these white lines?
It was over,
and I knew at that moment
I was not
a football player anymore.
Come on.
Be here. Be here.
What are you
looking for?
Oh, yes. Still here.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe
it's still here.
How... How old is it?
Mmm. Really old,
and it's good.
All right.
Guess we're
dipping more
than our toes.
Okay, I'm down.
Come on!
I'm coming.
Don't forget the tequila!
Never leave
the bottle behind.
You gotta get
the tequila.
I'll get it.
How good does this feel?
Hey, well,
give me that thing.
Here you go.
So, why haven't you
hooked up with anybody
since wifey?
'Cause I haven't met anyone
since wifey. You?
Heh. Perfect.
So if we're gonna bare
our souls tonight,
what happened
between you and Jackson?
Well, um, one night,
he was driving
after we'd been drinking,
and he passed out
and hit a tree,
and, um, I cracked
a vertebra.
And found out
that at the time,
I'd been pregnant.
And Jackson called that
a cheap abortion.
Oh, nice.
And about the same time,
Cotton's dad, my stepdad,
dumped my mom,
and, um...
And I... I don't know.
I just... I guess I realized
that I was gonna have a life
just like my mom
if I didn't get out of here,
and so I got on a bus
and went to L.A.
So why did you
come back?
I got...
I got Cotton's
last postcard.
I think it was
the 17th postcard,
and, um... and she said
that Lois didn't have
many days left
and maybe I could come home
and stay with her,
I realized that...
I needed to come back
and... and face my mom.
And I missed her by a day.
I'm so sorry.
Maybe we should go.
Think she's
still asleep?
I hope so.
Sorry I'm so crazy.
There's nothing crazy
about you.
Sunny, don't do it.
When you touched
a friend of mine
I thought
I would lose my mind...
Hey, how 'bout
right here, y'all?
Oh, perfect.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
Hey, Judy, would you
watch Joe Boy?
Oh, sure.
I'm gonna go play.
I'll see you later.
Hey, Bubba!
Hey, Sunny!
How 'bout we set up
with y'all here?
That's fine with me.
Here, let me
help you with that.
Ow. My...
Did you sell
that dollar?
Oh, Bubba,
you know, some old boy
came in for a beer.
I wasn't paying attention.
I give it away in change.
Don't get very high marks
for my handling of money.
And, Merlin,
what'd you bring?
There's always enough.
Tree shading?
Not even a beer?
what'd you bring?
Two cases.
And that's not
gonna be enough.
all I know is
the day's over
when the beer
runs out.
Can I have one?
Thank you, seor.
Thank you.
Hey, sweetheart.
You gotta hear
my sister sing.
Really, sweetheart?
And you'll know
what I mean when you hear.
Come on.
Play something
so Sunny can sing.
Uh, why don't
we just sit down
and eat something
and relax a little bit
first, huh?
You hungry, Cotton?
No. I want to
hear you sing.
Well, I'd like
to hear you sing.
You want
to hear her sing?
Can't wait.
Yes, I do.
I don't want
to sing right now.
Will you later?
We'll see.
Sit down,
and get some food.
Here. Eat some
of your salty slaw
you made last night.
Here. I got
a fork for you.
Ohh, yes
I'm not ready
I'm not ready
I'm not ready
Oh, yes
I'm not ready
I'm not ready
Oh, ready...
Watch it, missy.
Don't "what" me!
I know
what you're up to.
And what is that?
Jackson told me
how you came
to beg him for a job.
And don't think
that you're
gonna weasel your way
back into his life.
He's with me now.
Uh, I'm sorry, Tammy, but...
And if I catch you
trying something,
I'll kill you.
Now get out of my way.
I have to piss.
What ya doing?
Nice girlfriend.
Ah, she's harmless.
in a homicidal way.
What you doing
with Butch?
Enjoying the day.
You and I,
we've got
some unfinished
Get your hands off me.
Be happy
with what you got.
You could have
brought at least
a twelver.
Enough, Cricket.
Where's Sunny?
Oh, she'll be back
in a minute.
What's wrong?
Are we leaving?
I guess.
Well, aren't you guys
gonna play a song now?
I think we're leaving.
No, no, no, no, no. Now.
Now is the time.
Now is the time.
Come on. Come on here,
because Sunny's gonna sing!
Why are you
acting like this?
Because of my dream.
I saw you guys
playing last night,
and you have
to play now!
I... I really don't
feel like singing.
Maybe another time,
You can't go now.
Aw, sweet pea,
it's getting late.
But you haven't
heard them sing,
and there's
gonna be fireworks.
Beer's all gone,
little sister.
That means
the party's over.
You could at least
bring a sixer.
Cricket, you might
have a problem.
Yeah, you drank
all my beer.
Hey, maybe we do it
another time, all right?
Why is it so important
that we play right now?
It just is.
You'll see.
I don't know.
But I know.
Come on, you can
just sing that song
that you were singing
in the shower.
They'll love it.
Whatever you
want to do.
Do you know, uh,
"What I Left
Back Home"?
Yeah, I think I do.
I'm doing this
for you.
I know.
Hey, guys.
Want to hear
one song and watch
the fireworks?
Who's singing,
you or her?
She is.
Holding out on us.
How 'bout that?
Here we go.
Come on, Sunny.
Millions of stars
can make you feel small
Like a missing person's
face on a wall
On the boulevard
of broken hearts
There's a crowd
to watch you fall
And you ask yourself
was it worth it all?
All I know
is that I'm missing
What I left at home
Guess I had to learn
on my own
And I had
a few good reasons to go
But I guess I had to leave
so I could know
What I left back home
What I was
running from then
My faults and my sins
Still followed
right behind me
And all I know
is that I'm missing
What I left at home
Guess I had to learn
on my own
And I had
a few good reasons to go
But I guess I had to leave
so I could know
What I left back home
What I left back home
Yes, ma'am!
Butch, listen.
You two, my place,
two weeks from Friday.
It could be good.
We split the door,
and I guarantee you
you will make more
than you can at selling
watercolor postcards.
Nobody is gonna come
and see us play.
Nobody? Nobody gonna
come see you play?
Anybody want
to hear her sing?
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
You want to hear more?
Two weeks from Friday, 8:00!
Let's go home,
It's getting late.
What you talking 'bout?
What the hell are we
doing up here, anyway?
Doing nothing.
Ah, she's asleep.
Um, I'm just gonna...
have some wine.
You want some?
Yeah, sure.
Hold this for me.
I gotta get the glasses.
They're behind you.
You know,
you were amazing today,
I've never
been unbelievable
at anything.
Well, trust me,
you were.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
For everything.
you know,
this, um...
this singing thing,
you know,
these things,
they just don't
work out for me.
Well, maybe this will.
You know, Ledball
will probably
lose his bar.
Well, if we do nothing,
he will lose his bar.
You're so confident.
There's a rock
in a field
And a dirty sky
I'm still as a corpse
I'm content as a bride
Thoughts of you
in those flying shoes
All around me
One wrong step,
and it's a long way down
So I triple-check
the handholds
And stand
on firmer ground
But it's not so easy
When the whole mountain's
coming down on you
So we wait
for the morning
When we stumble
on the truth
We fail to recognize it
As we're digging
at its roots
The sorrow and the anger
That we've sown
in the fields all around us
Rip her bumper off
if you want.
Let's see how this goes.
Well, hello, there,
big boy.
How can I do you today?
I'd like to see
Jackie Williams, please.
He is out of town.
What else
can I do you for?
How 'bout Mrs. Williams?
Do you have
an appointment?
Just tell her
her ex-husband's
here to see her.
Where are your shoes?
You know
I don't like 'em.
Jackie treating you
Bought me these.
Why are you here?
I need a favor.
Becky Mae, do me a favor,
and make me some coffee,
Of course.
Thank you.
this should be good.
I want you to broadcast
from Jack-O-Lopes.
Why would
we want to do that?
'Cause I'm playing with
a talented young girl
named Sunny Thompson.
You can't sing.
Well, I'm not.
You can barely play!
I've gotten better.
I've never even heard
of this Sunny Thompson.
Well, you will,
and you'll want
to know her.
And why is that?
Heard you were
starting a label.
So tell her
to get on Facebook
or something like that.
Aw, hell, Cheryl.
For me to even ask,
you know it's bigger
than that.
Morgan's trying
to shut down Jack-O-Lopes,
and we're trying
to raise money
to save the place.
And help this girl
at the same time?
Yeah, pretty much.
I see.
Listen, I don't want you
to do this for me.
I want you
to do this for her.
Ah, now we're
getting to it.
Does she love you, too?
I don't know.
Well, if she does,
she's a damn fool.
I'm gonna have
to run this by Jack,
but he always
gives me what I want.
I know he does.
She had better
be good, Butch.
I am not kidding you.
What's that thing
that makes a song
stick in your head?
What's that called?
A hook?
Yeah, a hook.
We'll have to find
one of those.
Come on, Butch.
she could sing, right?
In six octaves.
Oh, and by the way,
they look great.
You want to see 'em?
Nope. Been there.
Did you get
what you wanted?
Just what I needed.
Yeah, I bet.
Where you been?
Oh, I'm sorry
I'm late.
Come here.
I have something
I want to show you.
What are you doing?
Were you in my cabin
the other night?
Were you?
That's our place.
Did you take him
there, huh?
Did you bang him there?
Did you?
Did you bang him there?
Did you?
I did that at home!
That was our place!
What the hell? Jackson!
You stay out
of this, Tilda!
This is between
me and her!
You're a real jackass.
You know that?
I knew the minute
I saw you someone
was gonna get hurt.
You want me to call you
an ambulance?
No, I'm fine.
It was meant
to be you and me.
It was meant to be us!
You don't know me!
And if you ever
come near me again,
I will do more
than smash your nuts!
Do you understand me?
He's not here, Ledball.
Hey, sweet pea.
What you working on?
Now, where do you
come up with this stuff?
You dream about posters?
I did last night.
You are a special one,
young lady.
Is that why you wanted me
to hear 'em sing so badly?
Yes, sir.
I saw them
playing at your place,
and everyone's
just smiling,
having such a good time.
And, yes, they were.
Where are they?
Sunny's working.
I don't know
where Butch is.
Joe Boy's gone, too.
What's wrong with her?
She's sick, darling.
We need
to get her inside.
What do I need to do?
Come on, baby.
Okay. I got you.
There you go.
I got the door.
Oh, baby.
Oh, Sunny.
Is she drunk?
I never saw Mama
like this.
Oh, God.
What are those?
That's trouble.
I want you to call
911 right now.
Right now, child!
All right. I will.
Come on, baby.
Butch! Butch!
What's wrong?
Ho, ho, ho, ho!
Take it easy!
There's something
wrong with Sunny!
What's wrong?
You need to help her!
Come on! We found her.
I don't know
what's going on!
Oh, baby.
Oh, baby, God.
Get it out, honey.
Is that it?
Honey? Honey?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
I just got...
What happened?
She was puking it up...
And she started to choke.
Sunny, can you hear me?
Butch, help her!
She isn't breathing!
What do
you mean,
she's not
She's swallowed
her tongue!
She's choking on it.
You need
to help her!
I can't get my hand
in there!
What do you mean?
Why is she
doing this?!
What happened?!
Cotton, I'm gonna
need you to pull
her tongue out!
I can't!
Yes, you can, hon.
You gotta do it!
I can't do that.
I can't!
I might hurt her!
Sunny needs you, honey.
I can't.
Come on! She can't breathe!
You gotta do it quick!
I can't.
Come on, baby. Come on.
I can't.
Come on, hon!
You gotta push... Come on.
Pull her tongue out!
Come on. Come on!
I'm sorry.
That's it. Way down there!
Can't move it.
Pull it out, hon!
I got it.
All right, come on.
I got it. I got it.
Pull it out. Pull out!
Oh, my God.
I don't want to ever
do that again.
You're the bravest girl
in the world.
Lord Almighty,
no wonder
I don't have kids.
You almost died today.
Told you I'd find
a way to screw it up.
So what's with
the Vicodin?
Old habits die hard.
You hitched your trailer
to a loser.
What can I say?
That's not what I see.
What do you see?
Why would someone
like you want to be
with someone like me?
'Cause if you think
it's because
you got laid
and now you
gotta take care of me,
forget it.
Is that what it was?
You have no idea
what's going on
in my life right now.
Look at me.
There's a little girl
in there
that loves you
more than anything
in the world,
and you're all
the family she has.
You're more family to her
than I'll ever be.
Cheryl, my ex-wife,
she was pregnant
and miscarried.
The baby was
the only thing
holding us together.
I never failed
anything in my life,
but I blame myself
for not being able
to take care of her,
and I
promised myself
I wouldn't get close
to anyone again,
I wouldn't fail
somebody again.
But along you come.
For the first time
in a long time,
I don't want
to be alone anymore.
What does that mean?
That I'm
in love with you.
Don't say that!
Why not? I love you.
Don't say that!
Why not? What's wrong
with saying it?
Because I love you, too,
and I... I know that
when I want something,
it's like we both said
before, we mess it up.
But we can
do it together.
I want a family.
I want you,
and I want that...
I do, too.
But how will
we make it work?
'Cause every time
I look at you,
you take
my breath away,
and when
I'm not with you...
my heart aches.
So you think that
I'm gonna leave that
after I've looked
for it my whole life,
you are crazy.
Don't let me go.
No, I won't.
Give me that hand
No, I meant
the other one
I'd like to hold it
much better
There's the scars
from before
Then there's
those bruises
You still have
on your arm
It just builds character
Makes me want to know you
that much more
"Oh, lady
" Lady, love me"
That's what he says
In the morning
When in the night
It ain't right
He forgets.
What do you think?
I think I'm so nervous
that I'm gonna throw up.
Oh, come on.
What's the worst
that can happen?
Ooh, everything.
What? We get
booed offstage?
Pelted by
rotten tomatoes?
Stop it, please.
Run out of town,
never to be seen again?
You're horrible. Stop.
Well, what if we
really do stink?
I mean, what kind of stink
are you talking about?
Rotten-egg stink or...
No. Stop it.
Listen to me.
Would it change anything
between us?
Then who cares?
I promised Cotton
that I would have
a girls sleepover
with her tonight.
He doesn't
like the lightning.
He's probably wondering
where I been lately.
Well, you just
have to tell him
that there's
somebody new
in your life
and, uh, he's gonna
have to share you.
He isn't gonna like it.
It's tough.
It's just the way it is.
I should
go over there.
All right.
She'll be out
in, like, an hour,
and I'll
come back over.
Oh, um...
if you don't mind,
I had an idea
about how to finish
that song
you were working on.
Finish it.
I want, like,
six million more
of those.
That's all?
All right.
Gotta go.
See you later.
I think you and Butch
ought to get married.
Well, he has
to ask first.
Do you want to?
I do.
When I get married,
I'm gonna have
eight kids,
eight cats
and eight dogs...
And one parrot.
Gonna make dinner
every night,
take care of everyone.
Well, you already take care
of a lot of people.
You know that?
Oh, yeah.
Especially me.
You know, I...
I never told you thank you
for saving my life.
Thank you.
Butch says hard times
teach us things
we need to know
about ourselves.
Still, I'm sorry...
sorry about all the hard stuff
you have to go through.
You know, I thought
about you all the time
when I was in L.A.
I wondered if you did.
Well, I did.
You know we... we have
different fathers, right?
Yeah. Mama told me.
That doesn't mean
you're less of a sister.
You either.
Not in my eyes.
I want you to know
I'll never
leave you again.
Really happy
you're here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, boy.
Whoa, boy.
Whoa. What's wrong?
What's wrong, huh?
Huh? Are you mad at me?
I know we haven't talked.
It's okay.
But she's the one.
She's the one
we've been looking for. Yeah.
She's, um...
She's everything.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa. Okay.
You got something
in your shoe?
Easy, boy.
Easy, boy. I'm coming.
It's okay.
Easy, boy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa. Hey.
All right,
that's it.
Slow down.
Let me see, boy.
What's wrong?
What's wrong, buddy?
What's wrong?
Sunny. Sunny.
It's Butch!
It's Butch.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Butch.
Oh, my God!
Gotta turn him over!
Turn him over!
My God, what happened?
Butch, come on!
Cotton, call 911!
Call 911 now! Go!
Go! Go!
Come on, Butch!
Come on!
Stay with me!
Wake up!
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Stay with me,
Blood pressure falling!
White male, 42,
found unconscious.
Blunt force trauma
to the head.
Prep him in O.R.
Miss, I'm sorry,
but y'all need
to leave now.
No, we're not
going anywhere.
I'm sorry.
It's the rules.
Well, you know,
you can...
You know what you
can do with your rules.
Ma'am, please.
It's immediate
family only.
We are
his family.
Excuse me.
This is
a special circumstance,
and we'll be bending
some rules here tonight.
Do you understand
how serious the
situation is here?
Yeah. I think
we all do.
Hi, folks.
Are you his wife?
Sunny Thompson.
Dr. Enzler.
I'm Dr. Enzler.
as you know,
he's had
a very serious
brain injury.
Now, we've done
a procedure to relieve
some of the pressure,
but when
the brain's injured,
it swells,
and the swelling causes
additional damage.
How much,
we don't know yet.
We tried
to stabilize him,
but the next 12 hours
are gonna be critical.
Meaning we're
doing everything
we can for him.
I think it's all right
if they stay.
Hey, Sunny...
you need anything,
anything at all,
we are
right outside, okay?
I need him.
Put more cream
in the ice cream
and less salt, then...
Is he gonna
be okay?
What's the ballpark
for how long
he's gonna be...
What did they say?
Is there
any word from...
Come on, Butch.
Answer me.
This is no way
to start a relationship.
I still got so much
to learn from you.
Answer me, Butch!
Come on!
I know you been through
harder than this!
Fight, damn it!
You said you
wouldn't leave me!
You promised!
You promised.
It's time
to say goodbye.
Looks like he went
real peacefully.
He did everything
he wanted to do.
No! No, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
He's not dead!
Get your hands
off of him!
He's not dead!
He's not dead.
Butch, can't you
hear me? Please!
He's not dead, okay?
He's fine.
He's fine!
He's just lying.
Please, Butch,
listen to me!
Listen to me!
He's just having
a bad dream!
Sunny, you have
to wake him up!
I can't wake him up.
I know, honey.
I know.
Come here, baby.
He's my best friend.
I know.
Are there angels
in the wilderness?
I don't know
I've got my doubts
But if you say so
But I got a feeling
That we're doing okay
We're doing our part
To make the brambles
seem less sharp
When you ask for bread
Will I give you stone...
I heard about Butch.
He was
too young to...
Hey, save it.
He was too young.
Well, the bar...
is yours.
That ain't the reason
I came here today.
You know, Bobby,
you're always talking
about how much
this town means to you.
And when
are you gonna realize
it's the people that make
Bent Arrow special...
people, Bobby,
people like Butch.
Just not about
some piece of property.
Hey, Leonard...
What are you doing?
Get away from me!
Cotton, Cotton,
put the gun down,
honey, please.
Why does it
feel this way?
This wasn't
the way it was
supposed to be.
Maybe it's supposed
to be this way.
Maybe it's supposed
to feel like this! Come on!
You did this!
You deserve to die!
put the gun down.
He did it!
I know, honey. Please.
Please put the gun down
for me. Please.
He didn't... He didn't know
what he was doing.
He's just a horse.
I want him back.
I want him back now!
I know. I know.
I want him back, too,
but we've got...
I want him back, too.
This is not
gonna get him back.
I miss the way
he would look at me,
the way
he would stay there
until I went
to sleep at night
'cause he knew
I was scared.
I miss that!
I know.
I loved him, too.
We both loved him.
That's what he gave us.
He gave us his love.
It's not gone. We gotta...
We gotta think that he's
in a better place, okay?
He went when he
was supposed to go.
We gotta
understand that...
he's gone.
He's not
gonna come back.
Just give me the gun.
I miss him.
Oh, hey.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Maybe... Maybe I should
come back later.
Oh, no, you're
not bothering me.
What's up?
I don't know
if Butch told you,
but he set it up for y'all
to play on the radio.
What are you
talking about?
He went to Cheryl.
She was at the hospital,
and she told me
he made a deal for you.
You're gonna
lose Jack-O-Lopes,
aren't you?
Don't matter.
I am tired of standing
behind three feet of Formica,
listening to people complain
about how it were.
Time to cut
and live, Sunny.
Good for you.
Guess we all
gotta move on.
From Bent Arrow, Texas,
WXRQ brings you
a special tribute
to one of Texas'
favorite sons,
Butch Heavens.
Today's service is something
a little different
by Butch himself.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Sunny Thompson.
These old highways
These old back roads
Are crooked as an arrow
But it's where I came from
The dust on the ground
is fine with me
Flat as far
as the eye can see
This is the mountain
I will die on
You are the rainstorm
The heavens gave me
You came to save me
And carry me home
And if
I footstep where I been
If I get to do it all again
Love is the mountain
I will die on
You are the mountain
I will die on
I love you.
Right, right.
That it?
Now go back.
Yeah. That's an "A."
See them stars bright.
And the next one.
There we go.
When will
I see your face?
That could work.
Yeah, you...
You may be
writing songs.
Mama would be so happy
to see you playing.
She can.
Okay, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna go, uh,
for a second,
but I'll be back.
You good?
All right.
I'll keep practicing.
Keep practicing.
When will I see
your face?
When will
I see your face?
I'll never forget Butch
and the love he left with us,
but life goes on,
I was told.
It did take a while
before things
kind of returned to normal,
if you want to call it that.
How are you, Sunny?
Good to see you.
Cricket won a scratch-off
and bought Jack-O-Lopes
from Mr. Morgan.
Ledball moved
to the Florida Keys
and went fishing.
Merlin still
hasn't paid his tab.
Sunny finally decided
she would give
this singing thing a try.
I was wondering
when you were
gonna come in.
In the end,
as Butch would say,
it wasn't
what we all wanted,
but maybe it was
what we all needed.
We'll see.
I was dreaming
of a springtime banquet
All the tables were
covered in linens of white
Linens of white
Silver lights
hung from magnolias
Every hand held a glass
Like bells, they chimed
Bells they chimed
How they love
with good intentions
Vows too sacred
to break apart
In my mind,
they failed to mention
They could have
a change of heart
Like china and wine
Everything is fine
Like china and wine
They were fine
I remember
walking over boxes
Reading cards
from their anniversaries
14, and I didn't
want to choose one
But they both had a house
and a room for me
They made for me
How they loved
with good intentions
I couldn't see 'em
falling apart
In my mind,
I'd never forgive them
Now I've had
a change of heart
Like china and wine
Everything is fine
Like china and wine
I'll be fine
I'll come and get you
No matter how far
You say you need me
I'll jump in the car
I'll drive all night
Most of the day
Just to hear
What you have to say
Look for me
Sometime tomorrow
Look for me
I know it's hard
Look for me
Coming down your road
Look at me
I'm growing old
I'll see your face
In the signs I've passed
I know that you say
Don't go too fast
Been finding things
I usually ignored
Taking steps
I've never taken before
Look for me
Sometime tomorrow
Look for me
Oh, I know it's hard
Look for me
Coming down your road
Look at me
I'm growing old
My lips
Hold the scars
Of the lovers
I've kissed
My eyes
Tell the story
It's you
I miss
I may be blind
But now I see
The best thing I have
Is next to me
Let me walk with you
The rest of the way
With my imperfections
And the stupid things I say
Look for me
Look for me
Sometime tomorrow
Look for me
Oh, I know it's hard
Look for me
Coming down your road
Look at me
I'm growing old
I love you so