Watercolors (2008) Movie Script

What's the matter with you?
You look perfectly calm.
Oh, Mary Garrison
from the New Yorker is here.
Did you say hello?
Earth to Danny!
This is what you wanted, isn't it?
Yeah, of course.
It just doesn't seem real yet.
I told you they were going to sell.
I'm proud of you.
They're just paintings, Danny.
You painted them to sell them, right?
I mean we talked about this.
We talked about this.
Yes. We talked about it.
We all talked about it.
You, me, Dr. Kaplan.
125 dollars an hour.
We all talked about it.
Then go get yourself a drink
or take one of your pills.
...or do whatever the fuck you need
to do to straighten your head.
Because I expect you
to be professional.
Stop mopping and acting
like it's a funeral, okay?
Go talk to some people.
I don't need a babysitter, Dad.
This is such bullshit.
I'm not going to have
this conversation, Carter.
This is not negotiable.
Whatever. What else is new?
I thought you agreed
we'd give this school a chance.
It's only until Monday,
then I can go back.
Right, and you'll stay with Miriam
this weekend.
without getting
into fucking trouble, all right?
Fucking bullshit!
Why can't I just stay by myself?
Because you just got suspended,
all right?
I can't trust you for shit,
that's why.
Bottom line is that this Boston trip
could mean a huge promotion for me.
I'm not going to let you fuck that up.
I swear, I don't know
what's wrong with you sometimes.
You want to compete,
and you want your freedom...
...and you want to be taken seriously.
But you act like a moron, a vandal,
and a little fucking punk.
What kind of stunt was that
you pulled back there?
- It was a joke!
- Mm-hmm.
I'll be back on Monday.
Like you're not always bragging.
...about all the shit
that you used to do.
Right, Carter.
Well, the difference
between you and me is.
I'm all grown up
and you're still just a little punk.
Well done.
I don't think Nancy had wings.
when she came in
this morning, Danny.
She looks better with wings.
The idea of this exercise
was to give it a realistic treatment.
But that's not
what I wanted to draw.
I'm aware of that.
But in your portfolio
you'll need something.
...that demonstrates
that you understand a realistic style.
The admissions jury
is very particular.
But don't you think
they're sick of seeing.
...everybody's boring figure drawings?
They're not looking
to be entertained, Danny.
What they're looking for
is discipline and technique.
- Well, hello there.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How are you doing?
- Good.
Carter, say good morning.
I really appreciate this.
I can't thank you enough.
Oh, don't be silly.
I'm happy to do it.
- You doing okay?
- Yeah.
I actually have a number
to one of those meetings.
when I'm not there,
so, that's good.
- But, I have to go.
- Okay.
You stay out of trouble, all right?
- And I'll see you guys on Sunday.
- Sure.
I don't want to get
a fucking phone call from you.
while I'm gone, all right?
Do you have some coffee, Stephen?
I was just about to put a pot on.
I'm actually okay.
I'm running late.
So, if anything happens,
give me a call.
- You bet. Good luck
- Okay. Stay out of trouble.
Come on.
Why can't I just draw her
with wings?
Do you want to argue with me.
...or do you want my help
in getting you in?
You see things in a singular,
profoundly creative way.
But you have to know the rules
if you're going to break the rules.
Mrs. Martin, sometimes I think
you're the only person that gets me.
Artists are rarely understood
in their lifetimes.
A former student of mine
is exhibiting downtown.
I think you'll like her work.
I want you to go.
- Who?
- Her name is Ingrid Capozzoli.
Ingrid Capozzoli.
You taught Ingrid Capozzoli?
Yes. 100 ago, but yes.
She's great.
So you'll go.
And suck some of it up.
Okay, Danny?
Start over.
No wings.
What are you doing?
Hey, dude.
What the hell
do you think you're doing?
Your mom said
I could watch some TV.
Did she say you could
go through my personal things?
Sorry, dude.
My dad bounced for the weekend.
He dropped me off here.
You know, business.
So it looks like we'll be roomies
for a couple of days.
I'm Carter.
I know who you are.
Why here?
I don't know.
They met at AA.
They're still talking about that stunt
you pulled at school.
You've got a lot of people nervous.
Yeah. Whatever.
So, what else do you hide
in this room?
Your mom says
I can't smoke in the house.
You want to go for a walk?
So I've seen you around school
with that girl.
The one with the limp.
She's cool.
She's my best friend.
You fucking her?
No. She's my friend.
So you got a boyfriend
or something?
I just have friends.
I thought athletes
weren't supposed to smoke?
Nerves, I guess.
But you're right.
It's stupid.
But you have to admit,
it makes me look cool.
Yeah. Whatever.
So what do you have
to be nervous about?
Well, swimming isn't as easy
as it looks, you know.
I'm not just out there
splashing around for fun.
So, how come you swim
if you don't like it?
It's not that I don't like it.
It's that I got good
and everything changed.
Like what?
It's a lot of pressure.
Oh, no. Don't spoil your appetite.
I'm making a roast chicken.
We have to nosh on something.
No. No noshing.
Don't worry,
we're still going to eat it.
Carter's an athlete.
He needs to have at least
1,200 empty calories a day...
...otherwise he might faint.
- What is it that you play, Carter?
- I'm on the swim team.
Ah, swim team.
But I'm actually in training,
so I can't eat...
- He can't go hungry.
- Oh.
- Cookies, Mom.
- No.
- I know you've got them.
- No, I don't.
- Come on.
- No.
Come on, stop it.
All right.
Second shelf from the top.
Hey, where are you going?
To Andy's to study.
I've got afternoon practice.
Oh. Well, okay guys.
Have fun.
And please be careful, all right?
And dinner's at 6:00.
And don't be late.
I don't want to have
to reheat this thing.
Want one?
Take one.
They're good.
You know, I think you might be
a bad influence, dude.
That's a switch.
I don't hear that too often.
Nah, I guess you don't.
Well, nice to meet you.
Sort of.
Yeah. See you later.
Why is changing the typeface
such a radical idea?
You'd think I'm suggesting
we give out condoms.
...in home room or something.
You ever think you meet
so much resistance.
...because you're so damn pushy?
- You think?
- A little.
Especially when you're inspired.
It's because they don't know shit.
The paper could be so much better.
Have you paid any attention
to the crummy stock they use?
Not really.
Well take a look at it sometime.
It sucks.
What do I have to do
to make them listen to me?
Your attitude could be
a little bit better.
Yeah. Whatever.
Eat me.
Ew! Gross!
Tell me about this swimming guy.
Nothing to tell.
He's staying until Sunday.
He was in my room
when I came home.
He found some of my magazines.
Oh, God!
I thought you'd still be here.
Wasn't practice over
a long time ago?
Yeah. So?
It's time to eat.
My mom told me to come get you.
I'm almost done.
This place is kinda scary at night.
I think I've been down here
maybe twice my whole life.
I'm not supposed to be here.
I got the code.
Yeah. You left it open.
It's all right. Nobody comes
down here at this hour.
Do you want to join me?
No. I can't.
I can't swim.
You can't swim?
Don't you know that everybody's born
knowing how to swim?
We have to learn to walk and to run
and do all that other crap...
...but we come out already knowing.
Yeah, well, I must have forgot.
You must have forgotten.
You're correcting my English?
Come on.
What do you say?
A few laps before dinner?
- It's easy.
- No.
I can't.
I don't have a bathing suit.
I'm not the athletic type, either.
Can't you tell?
Oh, I get it. You're all mental
and I'm all physical.
You know, you really need to stop
with those stereotypes.
I almost drowned once
in summer camp.
How can you be afraid?
It's just water.
I just told you.
Yeah? Well, that's bullshit.
Don't you know we're mostly
made up of water anyway?
You showed up
at one science class.
Big deal.
Oh, right. 'Cause jocks
can't know anything.
There you go again
with those stereotypes.
Come on, get in.
No. I don't have a bathing suit.
Are you nuts?
What are you so uptight about?
There's nobody here.
If you make me toss you in here...
...you'll have to walk all the way home
in your wet clothes.
Not so bad, huh?
Why are you making me do this?
One, two...
- What are you doing?
- Relax.
Relax. I've got you.
Lean back.
Lean back.
Bet you're not thinking
about drowning now, are you?
I'm hungry.
How about you?
How are you supposed to catch up
if you don't open a book?
I can't read that shit anymore.
I can feel my heart beat
in my eyeballs.
See? You're working a new set
of muscles you never used before.
Jeez. There are
those stereotypes again.
You know,
your narrow-minded attitude.
...is getting rather dull, dude.
why should I even bother?
I'll be gone in six months anyway.
I don't know.
The old man falls off the wagon.
Everything's good for a minute or two
and then he starts drinking again.
I don't know. We just seem
to wind up someplace else.
It's okay, though.
You meet all kinds.
You just learn not to get
too attached, you know?
That's so sad.
Life's tough, dude.
People just don't take
one look at each other.
...and fall in love
and live happily ever after.
Real life isn't Shakespeare.
You don't think it's possible?
Yeah, I do.
I like to think that I do.
Then write this essay.
For a kiss on the cheek?
Do you think I'm stupid?
That wasn't for that.
What was it for then?
Just being friendly.
I thought you might like it.
Well, not exactly milk and cookies,
but it gets the job done.
Otherwise, I'd be up all night.
Good night, kid.
Good night.
I bet you liked it.
You liked it
when I kissed you on the cheek.
You liked that shit.
You know, I can tell
you're looking at me right now.
Fucking little pervert.
You're going to pretend
to go to sleep.
But you're going to lie there
all night thinking about me.
Stop playing games with me.
- Write it.
- No.
You want to suck my dick?
You are a jock asshole.
Wrong answer.
Now you can just lie there all night.
...and think about
what you should have said instead.
What time is it?
Did I oversleep?
No, it's early, honey.
Where's Carter?
Oh, he went swimming.
You want some breakfast?
What are you looking for?
- I lost a sketch.
- Oh.
Bacon and eggs.
Say, Mom, what do you know
about this kid?
Stephen says he's having
a hard time adjusting.
I heard he got suspended for taking
the lug nuts off the faculty cars.
He seems all right, but then...
Then what, honey?
Stephen says he's worried
he's been taking drugs.
Yeah. Too much chlorine
to the brain.
He hasn't taken any drugs
since he's been here, has he?
No, Mom.
You'd tell me that, right?
What's up, Lois Lane?
Hey there.
Where's the Neanderthal?
He woke up at the crack of dawn
to go swimming.
Isn't that butch?
He just got back.
He's changing inside.
He's coming?
Be nice.
Okay, whatever you say.
I'll be nice.
He doesn't have a lot of friends.
I suppose if we can keep from using
more than three syllables at a time...
we can make him feel right at home.
You're terrible.
He is potty trained, right?
Shut up. He's coming.
Her neck looks like it's broken.
She's probably dead.
Otherwise, what's the point?
Are you paying any attention to me?
What is this moron doing?
Would you stop?
This is why you don't bring
people like this to museums.
Can we look at another painting?
Well, boys and girls. It was fun,
but I have to get going.
What? Where?
I told my mom
I'd meet her at the mall.
We're getting our nails done.
Shut up.
Good luck
with your dirty pencil drawings.
- Call me.
- Okay.
Come on, dude.
That's incredible.
Do you have ESP or something?
You should go on TV.
I like to see things where they go.
I don't have that kind of patience.
All the pieces
look the same to me.
That means you're just not looking
hard enough.
That's what Mrs. Martin says
about my figure drawings.
Well, maybe she's right.
You just can't force things,
you know?
I can't believe you listen
to this kind of music.
I was expecting to see
heavy metal posters everywhere.
Give me a little credit, will you?
What are you doing?
It's just a little party favor.
Hey, you got any coin?
About six bucks. Why?
Okay, hang on a minute.
Okay. We're all set.
Set for what?
You want a hit?
Come here.
Come here!
Just breathe, okay?
You know, I really, really want
to hate him.
I can't help it.
You don't have to hate him.
I hate anything
that gets between us.
And it's my fault.
I let you do it.
Do what?
You're not making any sense.
Sure, I am. It's you
that's not making any sense.
You're not 16 anymore.
Grow up.
Wait. Hold on.
Go back.
Who is that?
Nothing. I just... I copied it
from a magazine.
Well, the body at least.
I made up a different head.
The torso's too short.
It's crap.
Give me some.
Where'd you learn how to draw?
From comic books
when I was little.
You're still little.
So that's why we went
to the museum, for ideas.
Sorry, I knew you were bored.
I guess I should give you back
this one then.
You took it?
I've been looking everywhere for it.
Well, you fell asleep clutching it.
I feel like crawling under a rock.
What do you mean? Why?
I was going to give it to you
Well, maybe you'll be
famous someday.
...and it'll make me a lot of money.
Don't count on it.
You're doing my essay
and everything.
So, I thought that I'd model for you.
Model for me?
You asked what was in it for you.
And I thought,
yeah, I'd model for you.
Right now?
Why not?
Or did you just want to wait
until I fall asleep...
...and you can pull
the covers off again?
You're not pissed?
No, I think it's
kind of funny, actually.
Is this okay?
Just don't move.
Okay, Michelangelo.
Do your stuff.
I wish you could see
how beautiful you look right now.
Wow. Nobody's ever said that
to me before.
I really want to kiss you.
Say something.
It's the weed.
Just do it.
Fucking do it then.
You want to or not?
Yeah, but...
I've never kissed anybody before.
You're fucking kidding me.
It was all right.
No fireworks?
It was all right.
Come on.
Get some sleep.
I can't.
The room is spinning.
Turn off the lights.
It's still spinning.
It's the weed.
Boy, that Carter sure is dedicated.
Does that kid ever sleep?
So, he leaves today, right?
What's the matter?
Didn't you guys get along?
Yeah. Sure.
I was just distracted
having him around.
Napkin, please.
Thank you.
You're worried about something.
What is it?
My SATs.
I know they're okay...
...but if I get a portfolio review
and get accepted...
I'm going to need a scholarship.
Well, not necessarily.
We can work something out.
There are student loans.
I hear they send people
to cut you off at the knees.
...if you don't pay them back.
- You're something.
- It's true.
They wait until you're really old,
like 30...
...and in debt
and can't make the rent...
...then they want it all back
with 150 percent interest.
All right. That's enough.
- You're better off with a loan shark.
- Cut it out. That's enough.
You worry so much.
Wherever you go,
you're going to major in fine art.
I'm behind you.
You know that?
I'm not going to some crappy,
two-year community college, Mom.
I'm not.
Well, what's all this?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Did you just finish?
Your hair is still wet.
So, it looks like you've been busy.
Yeah, I've been drawing all day.
But don't worry.
I'll still get to your essay.
Yeah, about that.
Look, I'll tell you what.
I'll come get it, okay?
Listen, this is going to sound
really shitty...
...but I'm sorry I can't be
your friend in school.
You know that, right?
What are you talking about?
Henry already gives me
enough shit. I...
I just can't let him
see us hanging out together.
So if I see you in the hallway,
I can't say hi? Is that it?
I can't talk to you?
Or even before, just...
Just not in school, okay?
I'm sorry, Danny.
Look, I gotta go.
Hey, Danny, when you're done,
I want to see it, okay?
Good luck at your swim meet.
That was quite some stunt
you pulled.
Very funny.
If you think you can get away
with this kind of behavior...
...you're quite mistaken.
You want to tell me
what's really going on?
- How are things at home, son?
- Fine.
Your folks are getting along okay?
No. They're broken up.
My mom lives in Texas.
Look can we skip the whole
"getting to know you" routine?
Let me put it this way:
Knock it off!
You just got here.
Give us a break
with the practical jokes.
All right, class. Settle in.
Find a seat.
Let's open to Act 2, Scene 2.
Remember, your essays
are due tomorrow.
No excuses. No excuses.
You've had more than enough time.
All right, let's get started.
Can anyone tell me.
what is Shakespeare
trying to tell us about love?
Even from the little bit
we've covered so far...
...does anyone want
to offer any ideas?
Come on, people.
You all know the story.
It's been told and re-told.
Even in Shakespeare's time,
it was an old story.
Does Shakespeare
believe in true love?
Yes, Danny.
I think he's trying to tell us...
Speak up, please.
I think he's trying to tell us
that a life without love.
...isn't worth living.
Love conquers death.
Very good.
And while many of us today might
consider that the romantic ideal...
Mr. Shakespeare illustrates
his viewpoint quite clearly.
...and in a very dramatic way.
Hey, hold up.
What, are we racing?
What happens
if I don't win anything.
...and you took all those pictures
for nothing?
So, what's a few rolls of film?
What's your problem?
So how's your friend doing?
You mean Danny?
Why don't you ask him yourself?
Did he say anything about me?
About this weekend?
He tells me everything.
I'm a certified fag hag.
What do you want to know?
Did he mention me?
He said you didn't want
to be seen with him.
Come on, you make me sound
like a total jerk.
Okay. Listen up.
You want to stay in the closet?
That's your business.
I could give a shit.
But you break Danny's heart
and I'll crack your head open.
Got it?
I'm just giving you fair warning.
And what makes you think
I'm a closet case?
You don't know me.
Mind your business.
Ooh, did I strike a nerve?
Hobble on out of here.
I don't know what you see in him.
How's this for a headline?
He's just a screwed up kid
like the rest of us...
...except he can swim faster.
Too long.
So, you've got time to write
something up for those pictures?
I knew you were going to ask that.
What is that?
The great American novel?
Frank's class.
Shakespeare essay.
I thought you handed that in
This one's for Carter.
He's already playing you
for schoolwork?
It's not like that.
Oh, really?
What's it like then?
He needs to keep a"C" average
to stay on the team.
The essay's tomorrow
and he's too far behind...
...so I wanted to help him.
Oh, I get it.
You're absolutely right.
That's something else entirely.
What's the use?
I can't concentrate.
I've read the same page four times.
So what's bugging you?
Something happened this weekend.
What? You mean with Carter?
You're full of shit.
What happened?
If I tell you, you've got to swear
to keep your mouth shut.
Come on.
I'll tell you over lunch.
Okay, after your kick
and you start your pull...
I want you to imagine your chest
pressing to the bottom of the pool.
All right, on your blocks.
On your mark.
Come on in.
Have a seat.
Hey, Coach.
Well, I've got to hand it to you.
You're really starting
to put it together out there.
Thanks, Coach.
Don't thank me.
I'm not doing you any favors.
If I keep you on my squad,
are you gonna pull my chain?
No, Sir.
I promise, Coach.
We have a chance
of getting somewhere this year.
I'm giving it 110 percent.
Are you going to follow instructions.
...and swim the race
that I tell you to swim?
Or are you going to be a cowboy
and make up your own rules?
No, Sir.
Did you get an English tutor?
It's all under control, Coach.
Okay. That's all.
Go on.
Get out of here.
Thanks, Coach.
Don't even look over there.
Just act natural.
But what do you think it means?
He's a fucked up boy
just like the rest of us.
...except he can swim faster.
And he's playing you
for schoolwork.
But it means something, right?
I mean, guys just don't go around
kissing other guys.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but you're fawning.
Why does he always sit alone?
I'm going to go over there.
Bad move.
You want him to think
you're desperate?
End of class.
Good work, everybody.
Keep it up.
Don't give up.
- Putting all those things away?
- Yeah.
You'll do that?
All right.
How did you like the exhibit?
Oh, it was amazing.
Really incredible.
It was like she understood light
and how it plays on objects.
Let me show you something.
She uses light from natural sources
...unlike Caravaggio, whose
light sources are unmotivated.
His light comes from anywhere.
Look at the light on her face.
Where does that come from?
It's a wonderful effect, this face.
And see how the light
is coming this way.
Why isn't there a shadow here?
There would have been.
So, it's just arbitrary.
It doesn't follow the rules.
Well, I'll let you have this.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What are you making?
- Not that tuna shit again.
- I thought you loved this stuff.
No, not really.
I just eat it to keep from starving.
...and I don't want
to hurt your feelings.
Oh, I'll get over it.
Trust me.
So, you haven't said anything
about your weekend.
How was it?
- It was fine.
- Yeah?
What about school?
Well, the principal has
no sense of humor.
But that's to be expected.
So you think we'll stay this time?
I don't know. We'll see.
Do you like it?
It's all right.
I like this coach.
He's tough,
but he really knows his shit.
Yeah, well,
a lot depends on you, Carter.
You know, it's not
just about swimming.
Your grades are for shit.
I'm good, Dad.
I keep telling you that.
Yeah, I know you're good.
But listen to me for a second.
The best of the best in the world...
...that's what the games are.
Are you the best of the best
in the world, son?
What are you saying?
That I'm not good enough?
That I'll never be good enough,
so why even try?
No, I'm saying you should apply
yourself to your studies.
...a little more,
that's what I'm saying.
So I can get into sales?
No, thanks, Dad.
Yeah, well, it's my sales.
...that keeps you in your goggles
and lycra, smart-ass.
Maybe it works for you,
but it's not for me, okay?
I could get into a really good school
on a scholarship.
Yeah, what happens
when you have another seizure?
I shaved two full seconds
off my time today.
You need to start thinking
about something else.
People win gold medals
by a lot less than that.
- Two seconds is a very long time.
- You're not listening to me.
I passed the physical.
I'm cleared to swim.
That's all I care about.
And I don't have epilepsy.
Stop making
such a federal case about it.
Seizures, Carter.
I was there.
- Yeah, a long time ago.
- Not that long ago.
And we never really
got you checked out.
You ever stop to think what could
happen if you had a seizure.
...in that pool?
When you first met mom...
Jesus, Carter. I'm not in the mood
to talk about your mother...
No, I wasn't going
to get into all that.
I was just wondering, you know,
when you first met her...
...did you know?
Did I know what?
Did you know that you were
going to marry her?
Did you fall in love at first sight?
Why did you marry her then?
She got pregnant.
It's not too original, is it?
But we thought
we were doing the right thing.
Was that the only reason?
What? Did you want me
to make up a fairytale?
Not this time, Carter.
That's all there was to it.
Oh, the Wheeler kid called.
- Something about an essay...
- Oh, shit!
Quit moving.
It's almost done.
Does that hurt?
Did you ever feel like
you were only good at one thing?
Like you could never do
anything else?
I guess.
Well, what if one day
I couldn't swim anymore?
I don't care if you ever swim
another stroke.
I'm serious.
I can't do anything else.
What are you talking about?
Of course you can do something else.
Nobody swims for a living.
Now, you need...
Right there.
I will.
I saw you eating alone
in the cafeteria today.
I wanted to come sit by you.
I told you not at school.
That's the last thing I need
is for Henry to find out.
Can't you just tell him
I'm your English tutor?
It's not a big deal.
Oh, you think I'm a punk, right?
Worried about what Henry says?
No, I understand.
I'm under a lot of pressure
right now.
Don't hate me.
I think I'm falling in love with you.
We're just fucking around, okay?
That's all.
I told you, don't say that.
You can take the grapes
out of your hair now.
If anybody saw me right now,
I think I'd die of embarrassment.
- I must look like...
- You look perfect.
Shut up.
I told my dad
I was coming over here.
He likes it when I come over here.
Can you believe that shit?
He's actually encouraging it.
Fucking hilarious.
I'm sitting here posing for you
like Julius fucking Caesar.
...and he thinks I'm studying.
I can just imagine
the look on his face.
Come on.
It's about to get good.
Tybalt's going to get
his ass kicked.
So, you done with that essay?
You have to rewrite it, you know.
Because he'll know that I wrote it.
- Good morning, ladies!
- Fuck!
Three steps out the door
and it started already.
What a jerk.
That dude has crawled so far up
my ass I'm getting a headache.
Look, we can split up if you want.
I'll just see you after school,
like you said.
Yeah, all right.
Hey, Danny.
What, faggot?
I know a lot of you are thinking,
"Why didn't they just run away?"
It seems logical.
But they can't.
Given the social structure
that was in place...
...carefully monitored by both
the monarchy and the Church...
...it would have been
unthinkable to run.
Now why?
Well, well,
what do we have here?
You're dating Carter now,
you little queer, huh?
Aw,"Romeo and Juliet."
I bet you read that to your little
boyfriend at night, huh?
Fuck you, Henry.
Yeah, you wish,
you little fucking cocksucker.
Come on. Get up,
you fucking faggot. Get up!
Aw, what are you
going to do about it?
Tell your little boyfriend, huh?
Hey, Henry, watch this.
Holy shit.
What happened to you?
Who did this to you?
Who fucking did this to you?
Who do you think?
That's it.
He's fucking dead.
Stay. Please stay.
What did he say to you?
Who gives a shit
what he said to me?
I think he broke my cheekbone.
Does this hurt?
Everything hurts.
Is it swollen bad?
Tell me exactly
what he said to you.
Tell me!
Can you just, please, hold me?
Sh, it's okay.
Hey, hey, sh.
Hey, you got guts.
You got guts, kid.
I love you.
No, you don't.
You hardly know me.
I love you,
no matter what you say.
And I don't care
if you love me back.
I don't... I don't care.
I don't suppose
you have any beer, do you?
None in my house, either.
Can I have one of these?
We go through all the trouble
of not being seen together...
...and for what?
Do you want to order a pizza
or something?
You want pepperoni or sausage?
What I wouldn't do
for a shot of whiskey.
That's why we're here, right?
I am in over my head, Miriam.
I can't take care of a kid
by myself.
I mean, Megan,
she wasn't that much help...
...but at least I wasn't alone,
you know?
From what you told me,
it was worse than being alone.
Yeah, but Carter needs a mother,
you know?
He just can't keep surviving
off of frozen dinners.
...and macaroni and cheese.
I can't take care of him.
I can't even take care of myself.
And all he cares about
is that damn swimming.
To tell you the truth,
I could give a shit.
How's that, huh?
All I want to do is get drunk
and get laid.
Is that so bad?
At least now you're being honest.
It's nothing so terrible.
It's just that it's a slippery slope,
Stephen. You know?
Nobody said 60 days
was a magic number.
It just... it doesn't stop being hard.
You feeling any better?
Oh, hey. You're up late.
Oh, my God!
What happened?
I got into a fight at school.
Oh, sweetheart.
- We should get you cleaned up.
- No, no, I'm fine.
It just looks worse
than it is, that's all.
This guy that did this...
I hope you gave
as good as you got.
I got in a few hits.
You know I have to go
to the school, right?
Mom, you don't have
to make things worse.
Now, don't tell me my job.
You're not helping.
So, are you hungry?
Did you get something to eat?
Yeah, Carter came over.
We ordered pizza.
Why don't you go on to bed.
It's late.
We'll talk about it in the morning.
Okay. Love you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I ought to report this guy.
I'm telling you...
I told you. We did not need
to make such a big deal out of it.
- What?
- They jumped me.
Kids get jumped every day.
Well, then its wrong
every day, Danny.
Come on, let's go.
I'm not going to the emergency room
for four hours.
...just so they can tell me
I have a black eye.
No, we have to file
a police report, Danny.
No, Mom, we don't.
Not everything
is a human rights battle.
Relax. I'll deal with it.
These are Carter's friends, right?
Did Carter have something
to do with this?
Is that why you don't want
to call the police?
Of course not.
I have to get back to class.
I'll see you when I get home.
- Hey, not today.
- What?
Come on.
We have to talk.
- You can miss class for a day.
- Are you kidding?
So there's something
you're not telling me.
What is it?
They beat me up...
They beat me up
because I'm gay, Mom.
Why now? Why Henry?
You've never had any trouble
with him before.
He thinks Carter and I
are going together.
Does Carter feel the same way?
He doesn't want to admit it...
...but I know that he does.
We had sex.
- Yeah, safe.
- Are you sure?
And I liked it.
- A lot.
- Okay!
Listen. The next time,
I'm going to file charges.
- Do you understand me?
- No...
I don't want to hear
any arguments about it.
I'm not having you end up
on the evening news.
I love you, Danny.
You're my little angel boy.
You've never given me any reason
to feel ashamed.
Hey, Coach! Coach!
What is it, Carter?
I'm late.
Hey, uh, you gave me
the 100-meter freestyle.
Well, you gave Henry
the 200-meter breast.
That's my decision, Carter.
But, Coach, come on,
that's my best stroke.
Henry's swimming the 200 breast.
He's got the endurance.
End of story.
Anything else?
How's your sleeping?
Any better?
- Yeah.
- Are you taking anything for it?
'Cause if you're taking anything
for it, I need to know.
No. No, Coach, I'm not.
We have three days, gentlemen.
That's it.
We're not there yet.
I don't want any of you thinking
that we're home free.
So in these next three days,
I want you to remember...
...never let up.
These two are begging
to be large scale.
Don't you think?
I was hoping you'd say that.
I'm thinking about painting
a series in acrylic.
These are really wonderful, Danny.
Tremendous improvement.
Very well done indeed.
Beautiful sense of space.
There's an openness
suggested by the poses.
A certain vulnerability.
Maybe all the inspiration you really
needed was a different model.
I'm that obvious?
We're all inspired
by different things, Danny.
You know, every once in a while...
I have the great fortune
to meet a student like you.
You're young and full of promise.
There's nothing you can't do
if you set your mind to it.
I don't get it man,
we're supposed to be teammates.
Why are you always giving me
such a hard time?
Who's the queer
you're hanging out with, huh?
The one that draws?
He's my English tutor!
Not that that's any
of your business.
So leave him alone, okay?
Do you hear
what I'm telling you, Henry?
What do you care?
Just leave him
the fuck alone, all right?
I hope you're not going funny
on me, man.
Dude, are you really a homo?
Aw, what's the matter?
Did I hurt your feelings, huh?
Here's an idea.
Why don't you go tell your boyfriend?
Maybe he can buy you some flowers.
Make you feel better.
I'd like your essays now, please.
Well thank your for joking us,
Mr. Melman.
Please pass them forward.
I don't have it.
If you don't have your essay today,
I don't want it.
You've been warned.
You've had plenty of time.
Margaret, would you please collect
them from the front of each row.
One, two, three, four, five, six...
...seven of your classmates
are out today with the essay flu.
Please give them
my best get well wishes.
Thank you, Margaret.
Okay. Please take out
a fresh sheet of paper.
What's that, Dad?
Fan Mail.
Yep. Although I wish
I wasn't so popular.
Big day tomorrow, huh?
Better get some rest.
I am going to have
the best race of my life tomorrow.
Yeah, well, maybe you should adjust
your expectations just a little.
Thanks for the vote of confidence
there, Dad.
Yeah, well, just trying
to keep it real, Romeo.
Can't you say anything encouraging
every once in a while?
Sure. Give me a reason
every once in a while.
I should be hearing back
from UT any day now.
I got to tell you something.
What's wrong?
Are you trying to talk me out of it?
You can't go back now.
- You said that if I got...
- No, no. No.
No, I just need
to tell you something.
...and I'm not sure how
you're going to take it.
That's all.
What? Is it about me
going to school in Texas?
No, it's not about that. It's got
nothing to do with swimming.
Jesus, you're like
a fucking broken record.
Is it about those blackouts?
Because that was just...
No, it's about your mother.
She's in jail.
She called a while ago
asking for bail money.
Is she okay?
She's fine.
She's always fine.
Carter, listen. Carter!
- Hey, Carter's up next.
- Yeah.
It's the 100-meter
something or other.
Now, where is he?
Lane 5.
It's his first event,
so he's fresh, too.
They all seem so tall.
Don't any short boys swim?
What does that mean?
False start.
He's okay as long as
he doesn't do it again.
He's nervous.
Come on, Carter.
I know you can do it.
Well, it's not his stroke.
Come on, come on, come on.
What do you want?
Is everything okay?
You weren't in English class today.
Nope, everything is totally
fucked up.
Everybody thinks you did fine.
I don't.
Well, did you see the school
newspaper? Your picture's in it.
Great. That's fucking great.
Are you coming over later?
I don't think so.
How come?
Because I don't feel like sitting
around naked for you today.
All right?
I got better fucking things to do.
I'm finished
with the drawings anyway.
I just thought
you might like to see them.
Look, we need
to cool things off, okay?
Can't you tell you're fucking up
my whole performance.
You sure those pills
don't have anything to do with it?
Shut the fuck up!
What do you know?
You think you know me?
You don't know me!
You don't know anything!
Yeah, sure.
I don't know anything.
But at least I know how I feel.
I wish I never fucking met you!
You fucked everything up for me!
- What the hell did I do?
- I didn't want any of this!
You're hurting me! Let go!
You're trying to change me!
Get off of me!
Get the fuck out of here then!
- Go!
- Why are you acting like this?
Are you fucking deaf?
Not now.
Carter, listen.
Life's going to be handing you
a lot more disappointments than this.
And don't think
I'm going to let you sit in there.
...and feel sorry for yourself
after what happened today, all right?
Thanks, Dad!
I really appreciate that!
Hey! Toughen up!
Oh, great! Sure!
Right Away!
You can't prove it.
Are you kidding?
It's obvious.
Oh, all right.
Then for argument's sake,
let's say Danny wrote it.
What are you going to do, Robert?
Fail them both?
I can't believe I'm hearing you
say this to me.
Danny is a brilliant artist.
You said yourself he's one
of your brightest students.
You want to spoil all that for him?
And Carter...
Carter is hanging on by a thread.
Do you want to devastate him?
- Are you suggesting I do nothing?
- I'm not saying that.
Give the kid a makeup exam
or something.
And I should compromise
my integrity...
...the integrity of my class,
for what exactly?
What's your definition of integrity?
Doesn't it include
doing what you know is right.
...for your fellow man?
Oh, please.
Oh, please?
Robert, these kids are crazy
about each other.
They cheated.
If I ignore this,
what does it say about fairness?
Fairness? No such thing.
You found that...
we all found that out in the '60s.
So I should play Dolly Levy now?
How did you and Nancy meet?
That's irrelevant.
Come on.
How did you meet her?
My freshman year at Columbia.
Right. She was
your French professor.
12 years older than you
and a white woman.
I know where you're going with this
and I'm telling you it's just not...
You didn't fail French,
did you, Robert?
Oh, and by the way,
how is your French these days?
One thing has nothing to do
with the other.
Nobody wanted to be called
a racist.
So whatever problems you had
with the schoolwork...
...they let it pass.
That wasn't fair, was it?
Let me ask you something.
Did you do all of your own
French homework, Robert?
Carter, would you have
a seat, please?
I asked you to stay
because I was grading your essay.
...and I couldn't help but notice
it's a marked improvement.
...over anything
you've submitted so far.
Well, I've been studying
with an English tutor.
It's helped out a lot.
In fact, it's such
a significant improvement...
I'm forced to question
its authorship.
I'm certain you didn't write it.
Danny wrote it and signed
your name to it, didn't he?
Did he say that to you?
Come on, Carter!
I'm not a complete fool.
I know Danny's work and his style...
...and what's more,
I know your work and your style.
Why don't you just admit to it?
No, I'm not going
to admit to anything.
You're a bright
and gifted young man.
I can't understand
why you would risk this.
What, did he threaten you
or something?
No. No, of course not.
He was just falling too far behind.
I wanted to help him pass.
What's going to happen to him?
Danny, do yourself a favor.
...and stop worrying about
what's going to happen to Carter.
...and start worrying about
what's going to happen to you.
I had a long talk
with Mr. Frank this morning.
As you might have guessed,
I don't much like Mr. Frank.
And I certainly didn't appreciate
what he had to tell me.
So I'll ask you one simple question.
Is it true?
I got an English tutor like you said,
but it was just still too hard.
I wanted to swim in the finals...
I warned you.
No funny business on my squad.
And when it came down to it...
...you didn't show me much
out there, did you?
Clean out your locker.
Are you planning
on avoiding me forever?
Never talking to me again?
Is that it?
Or are we not far away
from school yet?
You asshole.
They threw me off the team.
How could you do that to me?
Why didn't you just say
you didn't write the thing?
He already knew!
Yeah, well, you know what?
Just stay the hell away from me.
I don't ever want to see you again.
You're blaming this on me?
The whole thing was your idea.
Why didn't you just say
you didn't write it?
- That's all you had to do.
- He already knew!
Get lost.
I told you to leave me
the hell alone.
You're up early, I see.
I'm feeling motivated
all of a sudden.
What do you think?
Yeah, it's just not the same
when you change the scale, is it?
What am I doing wrong?
Wrong? Nothing, Danny.
You just... You just don't know
your subject yet.
I don't know my subject?
What does that mean?
Well, it's obvious, really.
I mean, you think you know it.
And to some extent, you do.
But only superficially.
You know, you can
get away with that.
with the smaller drawings.
But this work is asking
something more of you.
The scale demands it.
Demands what?
Well, only you can answer that.
I want to be able to come back
to this piece again and again...
...and every time, I want to see
something new in it.
That'll come when you paint
the essence of your subject.
That thing that sets it apart
from the rest of the world.
Watch your head.
Lift it up a little bit.
1, 2...
Route 2,
we got a patient...
Excuse me, Sir, are you family?
Family only. I'm sorry.
- What hospital are you taking him to?
- Sagmore General.
Get back to class.
Come on, back to class.
There's nothing to see here.
It's okay.
Are you still mad at me?
They're done running tests.
I had to wait around for them
to poke and jab at me.
Did they say
when you can come home?
I don't know.
They didn't like
my toxicology report.
I won't be allowed to swim again.
Come on.
It's not the end of the world.
How can you say that?
I just meant that they have all kinds
of medicine to control the seizures.
The whole school knows.
No one's going to care.
They called social services,
Don't you understand?
You think I'm packing
to go on fucking vacation?
They're sending me
to juvenile rehab.
I wish I was dead.
Don't say that!
Don't touch me.
I went from star athlete
to freak of the week.
You think Andy wants
to do a story on me now?
I know what it's like to feel
different from everybody else.
Believe me.
Always worried about
what people are saying.
I know what it's like.
You don't want to get messed up
with me, kid.
I'm trouble.
You're the one piece
I couldn't figure out.
What are you talking about?
You want me to have a piece
of a jigsaw puzzle?
What for?
You probably do them, you know.
I always had swimming.
Nothing ever bothered me
as long as I had swimming.
Not my mom.
Not my dad, not school.
We'll figure it out.
You'll see.
You can make up English class
in summer school.
You still have swimming.
I can't compete.
No college is going to want me.
I'm a fucking piece of shit!
You're not a piece of shit.
You're not.
Don't... Don't fucking touch me.
You should go.
- When am I going to see?...
- Go, Danny!
Please, just go.
Leave me alone.
Love somebody else.
You know, Henry never hurt me
half as much as you.
There's going to be an announcement
in a moment coming over the PA.
I want everyone
to just stay in their seats.
Good morning.
it's my responsibility...
...to share some tragic news
with you.
As some of you may be aware...
... Carter Melman was found dead
early this morning.
Hey, quiet! Quiet!
A memorial service will be held
at White Hill Chapel...
...tomorrow afternoon.
...for those of you
who wish to pay your respects.
There are counselors and therapists
available in the study hall.
If anyone needs to talk,
they are there now
...and will be there
for the rest of the day.
School will be closing at 1:00 P.M.
Once again...
...I encourage everyone
who knew Carter.
...to drop by the study hall
and speak to one of the counselors.
That's a joke, right?
Mr. Frank?
- That's bullshit!
- Calm down.
Talk to one of our counselors?
Who made that up?
- Who made that up?
- Come on, Danny.
It's a joke, right?
Danny, sit down, please.
Please say it's a joke.
Please say it's a...
Oh, my God!
- Stay in your seats, please!
Is he okay?
Everyone just stay in your seats!
I'm okay, Mom.
You don't have to hover over me.
You were up late again
last night.
I saw your light on.
Nights are bad.
You had nightmares
when daddy died, too.
Yeah, I remember.
Do you think you'll ever love anybody
the way that you loved daddy?
No, baby.
Never like daddy.
Mom, I hurt so much inside.
I'm all broken.
I know, baby.
Oh, Mom, I hurt so much.
I know.
I'll be right back.
Just give me a minute.
I'll be right back.
I can't compete with him, you know?
What are you talking about?
I don't know why I ever bothered.
He doesn't make mistakes.
He doesn't grow old.
He's never going
to let you down you.
I mean, how can anybody
ever compete with that?
Are you drunk?
No, but I'm getting there.
Hey, big night, huh?
Big fucking night
for Danny, everyone.
Don't make a scene. I told you,
I'm not going to paint him anymore.
It doesn't even matter.
You'll find some other way
to obsess over him.
I know you.
What do you want from me?
You want to lay me out on a slab?
You want to cut me open?
You want to look inside me?
No, I want to...
I want...
I just want you to notice me.
That's all.
Treat me like you give a shit.
I hate when you start
feeling sorry for yourself.
Me? You're the one living
in your own little dream.
He's dead, Danny.
And I'm really sorry
that it broke your heart.
I am. But he's dead.
And you can't paint him
back to life.
A few of us are going
to go grab a bite to eat.
And then I'm going home.
But you should know
I've put my all into this.
Is this a peace offering?
Could be.
Or maybe a going away present.
Who's going away?
I don't know.
But it's been three of us
for too long.
I thought you might be tired
of painting ghosts.