Watu Wote: All of us (2017) Movie Script

WATU WOTE All of Us.
The border region between Kenya and Somalia
is considered highly dangerous.
In recent years Christians have repeatedly
been attacked by Al Shabaab terrorists.
The atmosphere of anxiety and mistrust
between Muslims and Christians is growing.
Nairobi, December 2015.
Sit down.
Next one!
The bus will leave at 4 am.
The trip will take 31 hours.
Will there be a police escort?
For sure on the last passage from Kotulo.
Wake up.
She would like to sit next
to you, it's her place.
Would you like some water?
- Some juice?
- No.
- Nuts?
- I said I don't want any.
- Biscuits?
- I don't want.
Water, water.
- How much is the water?
- 20 Shillings.
You should have bought water from that boy.
He's selling it to make money
for his school fees.
- Sure.
- Really! I was his teacher in Mandera.
- Is it your first time up north?
- No, I'm from Rhamu but I moved away.
My family also lives there!
My wife will give birth to
our fifth child, Inshallah.
- Will you visit some friends?
- I will visit my sick mother.
I'm sorry.
- Why did you move away?
- They killed my husband and my baby!
- Who?
- You! You Muslims.
- Stopover for the night.
You have a place to sleep? - No.
You can sleep outside in the the sand,
it's nice and warm.
Thank you.
I'm very sorry that I offended you earlier.
I'm sorry what happened to your family.
But please leave me alone now
and let's see if we can travel in peace.
Now the problem is...
The pipe seems to be leaking.
When you put the cooling agent,
it all pours.
It will take some time.
- The tube is broken.
- OK let's go!
The tube is the main problem.
Anyway, thank you, officer.
- Will we have another police escort?
- No... but everything will be fine.
Shut up! Down.
Why do you shoot at Muslims?
Everybody shut up!
Out of the bus!
Muslims and Christians separated.
What are you waiting for?
Get off!
All Muslims down on your knees!
You were sitting next
to a Christian woman!
Where is she?
Where is she?
Tell me where she is!
You're pointing a gun
at a Muslim child, that's haram.
You are such a good Muslim
brother to know this.
Let's find the infidels together.
In the name of Allah the most gracious,
the most merciful.
Praise to be God, lord of all Worlds.
Guide us on the straight path
of those who received your grace.
Not the path of those
who wonder astray. Amen.
There is no God worthy of worship
but Allah and Muhammed is his prophet.
I seek refuge with the Lord
and cherisher of mankind, Allah.
Who whispers into the hearts of mankind.
Point them out!
- Stop it! Stop it!
- Who whispers into the hearts of mankind.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Why did you shoot a Muslim brother?
Shut up!
One of you will show me the infidels.
Point them out.
Point them out!
Show them!
Or I'll kill you.
You will have to kill all of us.
The world is trying to kill the Islam.
They kill your mothers
and rape your girls.
They don't have mercy for you!
You are the reason
why we all suffer.
All we want is to live in peace.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Is this what the Q'ran taught you?
Kill me!
Drive faster!
- Are you okay?
- Save your strength.
They are not following us.
On 21 December 2015 Al-Shabaab militants
attacked a bus in Mandera County/Kenya.
During the attack the Muslims protected
their Christian fellow travelers.
The teacher, Salah Farah, died six weeks
after the assault as a result of his wounds.
Two weeks later his wife
gave birth to their fifth child.
Dedicated to Salah Farah,
his family and his fellow passengers.