Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992) Movie Script

Oh! Oh, my goodness!
It's over, Sarah.
It's finally over.
A cab. Come on.
315 Rosebud.
So, uh, pretty big
blaze back there.
Really? We hadn't noticed.
What are we going to do, Mark?
We're just gonna pretend
like nothing happened.
Go home, go to sleep,
get up, and go to class.
But what if one of those
creatures got out?
How? We burned that place
down to the ground.
Nothing could have escaped
that inferno.
I just hope you're right.
We're here.
Try and get some sleep.
We'll talk about things
in the morning.
Well, well, well,
if it ain't Cinderella.
I can explain, Stepfather. I...
Shut up!
You know what your mother
said to me before she died?
- No, sir.
- She said...
"Take care of my precious daughter."
Precious-frickin' daughter!
It's 3 o-friggin' clock
in the morning!
- You don't understand.
- Oh, I understand.
You've been out
hanging around
with that bunch of frat-brat
college idiots again.
Shit! Look at that dress!
That was your mother's favorite!
Go and get cleaned up
and go to bed.
I told you to go to bed.
I don't want to see your face
till morning.
I'll deal with you then.
Now get out of here.
You're pushing it, Sarah.
Now you better get out of here.
I'm warning you!
Let go of him!
Mark, you said it was over!
You said it was over!
I'm afraid the facts
speak for themselves,
good people of the jury.
This girl's loving, caring stepfather...
A man, I might add,
who one neighbor described
as a "kind, generous person"
I told her not to use
the hand story.
We could have built
a great manslaughter case.
...when this vicious,
shameless act took place!
And what is her only defense?
Ladies and gentlemen,
empty excuses.
And she blames it...
on a hand.
A hand that the accused claims
followed her home
from a wax museum
which she admittedly was at
when it very mysteriously
burned to the ground...
- killing
- Objection, your honor!
My learned colleague
has forgotten the case yet again.
Does the burning down
of the wax museum
have any bearing whatsoever
on whether the accused killed
her stepfather or not?
Your Honor, the latest body count
at the Waxworks is 200.
200 people.
200 human lives.
And I think that if this defendant,
the accused,
is in any way involved...
Objection sustained.
Please delete that last remark
from the record.
Sarah didn't kill anyone,
you idiots!
It was the waxworks themselves!
- They came alive!
- Order!
I saw it!
You gotta believe
Let go of me!
She's telling the truth!
Do you understand me?
She's telling the truth!
Just leave her alone!
She didn't do anything,
I tell you!
Come on! Let go!
Silly question, but...
how do you feel?
Look, Sarah. It's gonna work out.
It's got to.
64 Wargrave Road, please.
Sir Wilfred's.
This is the only room
we haven't checked.
What are we supposed
to be looking for?
I don't know. He just told me to come
here if there was ever any trouble.
Good afternoon, Mark.
- Afternoon, Sarah.
- Sir Wilfred?
Hope you're both doing well.
Put it this way,
if you're watching this,
you're a darn sight
better off than I am,
'cause I must be dead.
Help yourself.
I'm sure I'm not allowed
to touch this stuff where I am.
Always fancied
a pair of wings, though.
Won't have to travel around
in this damn thing.
Hopefully, we did
destroy the Waxwork
and killed all those creatures
ending our Mr. Lincoln's chance
of letting all that evil loose
on the world, right?
Well, sort of.
If you two are here,
it probably means that
something has gone wrong,
in which case... you're going to
need all the help you can get
if you want to continue
the fight against evil.
You may not know it yet, Mark,
but I have left all this to you.
- You did?
- Yes.
Most importantly,
you have inherited
your grandfather's
and my secret collection
of strange artifacts
which we have collected
in our many adventures
through the supernatural.
There may be something there
that will help you in your quest.
Adios and good luck!
Wait! Aren't we supposed to
Ooh. Nearly forgot.
How to get through
the secret chamber?
Just follow Alice through
the looking glass.
Ta-ta for now.
Who the hell is Alice?
Through The Looking Glass
is the second
Alice In Wonderland book,
the one where she travels
to another world
through a mirror.
A mirror.
I don't see anything.
Van Helsing?
Hey, Sarah, look at this.
What is it?
It's a Cartagrian time door opener.
I don't know what it means.
It must be some medieval
expression or something.
It says it was used by angels,
both light and dark,
to travel through time.
So maybe if we went down
to the remains of the Waxwork,
we could use this to open one
of Mr. Lincoln's time doors.
You're joking.
Why not? We've been
in and out of time before.
- But, Mark...
- Listen, Sarah,
if we don't find some evidence
to support your story,
one of two things is gonna happen.
You're gonna rot in jail,
or they're gonna give you
the electric chair.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry,
but that's the way it is.
We gotta do something
about this.
But remember what happened
the last time.
Forget the last time.
This is gonna be different.
How do you open this thing?
Wow. Look at that.
Look! It even worked here!
Come on!
No, Mark! It's not
the same kind of time door
as in the last one!
It's probably because
it's in a different location.
Mark, promise me
we're not running!
What have we got to lose?
- Mark, I don't want to run!
- Come on!
Mark! Mark!
Catch the ball, son.
There you go.
That's it. Come on.
Come on. It's time
to come home to Mommy.
Come on home, hon.
Come on, honey.
Come on.
It's time to come home
to Mommy. Please?
It's time to come home, Mark.
We did it, Sarah.
We did it!
Baron Von Frankenstein?
Well, I...
I am Victor Frankenstein.
And how may I help you, sir?
I'm Herr Vogel,
Burgomeister of Ingolstadt.
Pleasure to meet you,
Herr Vogel.
Now please,
it is far too late an hour
for a social visit.
Do state your business.
All right, Baron, I will.
There have been rumors
in the village
that there's something...
Elizabeth, please,
go back to your chamber.
Don't be too long, my darling.
Herr Vogel was just leaving.
Isn't that right, Herr Vogel?
It's all right, Henry.
Go with Felix.
Let go!
I saw the way you looked
at the baroness!
- Don't think the Baron doesn't know.
- Let go!
Let go!
Feed him and clean his hay.
You know how the Baron
hates the smell.
Excuse me?
Oh, you're hungry.
You're hungry.
Okay, uh, I'm gonna
find you something.
Stay calm.
I'm gonna get you something.
What the hell am I gonna
feed him at this hour?
Hey, I know. I know.
We could send out for a pizza.
Oh! Okay! Okay!
Okay. Okay.
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna find you something.
Is that what he feeds you?
Slop coming up.
I-I can't feed you that.
It's disgusting.
This should be better.
Frankenstein's notebook.
He has much trouble
running the village.
Why is he the Burgomeister?
He can't even control
a few peasants!
Wake up.
Wake up.
Shh! No! No, no, no.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's me.
It's okay. It's okay.
Henry, what are you doing here?
If the baron finds us...
Sarah, don't do this to me.
It's me, Mark, remember?
Remember the Waxwork?
The court case?
Look, you've been affected
by the time leap.
But you must be strong!
What happened?
Where are we?
You believed in all of this.
It possessed your mind.
Come on, let's get back
to the 20th century.
But the evidence.
Frankenstein's notebook.
A step-by-step guide
on how to reanimate dead flesh...
And you should see
what's in his cellar!
You're serious.
Think about it.
If we can reanimate dead flesh,
then the prosecution's case
is out the window.
But if you don't
like the book idea,
we can always try
and take the monster.
Now come on.
The hallway is the first place
I remember appearing.
There should be
a time door down there.
All I can remember
is a falling sensation.
You don't think maybe
we should have
prepared all this
a little more, do you?
Don't worry. It's gonna
turn out fine.
The time door must be
around here somewhere.
But, Victor...
You slut!
With Henry Clevell,
my best friend!
Have you no shame?
Maybe if you spent
more time with me
instead of that 8-foot slab
of brain-damaged flesh,
I would not have to seek pleasures
elsewhere, would I?
But with him?
Now just a second here!
I warned you, Baron.
Now we must ask that you turn over
the monster peacefully,
or we must take him by force.
After him!
Open the door, you idiot!
Unchain the monster!
Sarah... don't let us down.
Remember who you really are.
Don't Elizabeth me.
Sarah, there's
a time door over...
Mark, look out!
Behind you!
Don't worry.
Remember, Sarah?
Back in the Waxwork?
If you don't believe in this
then it isn't really happening.
Here, I'm gonna show you.
Come on!
Come on, hit me.
- Huh?
- Hmm?
Mark, I don't know if this
is such a good idea.
- Hit me.
- Huh?
Come on! Hit me!
Don't listen to a word I say!
Just run like hell
to the time door!
In the wall!
Come on!
Let go of him, you beast!
Forget about me, you fool!
Run to the time door!
Quick! Kill Henry!
You piece of rotting cartilage!
Did you hear what I said?
Kill him!
Kill him!
Are you listening to me,
you ugly freak of death?
Do it now!
I made you! I gave you life!
Kill him.
Felix, help me.
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Felix. I'm sorry.
Come on.
It's here.
Mark, I don't know.
Sarah, we have to go.
The book!
No! No!
The time door! It's gone!
Well, Douglas, this is it.
The most exciting weekend
of our lives.
You know, if we could really
prove that ghosts do exist,
I'll die a happy man.
See you inside.
Wait. Did you see a girl
come this way before me?
You really are a groover
thinking about women
on a night like this.
Come on.
How about some chicken noodle?
No, thanks.
It amazes me how fast these things
grow once they hatch.
From an embryo to one of those...
things out there
in a matter of hours.
Yeah. Well, it amazes me
how come you didn't figure
they was using us
as their fucking breeding ground.
I'm a ship's doctor,
not a genetic scientist.
Then how come you told us
it was safe
to bring that fucking cargo aboard
in the first place?
It was a calculated guess!
I didn't know.
A deserted shuttle lost in space
over 200 years ago?
You should have
Stop this shit, man!
We all thought we could
earn some salvage credits
out of the deal, am I right?
Yeah! But he's a fucking doctor!
He should have fucking known,
you fucking pencil neck!
- Relax! I said relax!
- Ha ha! C'mon!
When you guys have finished
your male bonding...
It's on 91.
Hey, let's throw him out there,
keep them busy.
Put them down, asshole.
No way, man.
This idiot got us into this.
He can get us out.
Here, little space critters!
Here's your food!
You heard the Captain.
Hey... it was a fucking joke.
Get it?
Let's get 'em.
Shit! One of them
broke through!
- Where is it?
- It's in the shaft!
Shit! We're trapped!
Shuttle still works, right?
Yeah, but we can't get to it.
They're crawling all over the ship.
257 blaster up against the wall,
and we're outta here.
You mean fly around to the shuttle.
That'd work.
Then what the fuck
are we waiting for?
- It's coming down!
- Go!
C'mon. Faster. Now! Blow it!
Go! Go! Go!
I got it! I got it!
Come on!
It's blocked! Come on!
Time to go!
Damn it! It won't latch!
Fix it, Roger! Fix it!
Eat lead, tribble!
Roger, put it on!
Just go on without me!
Fuck you!
Let's blow it!
Let's blow the fucking wall!
I'm gonna blow it!
I'm gonna blow it!
Come on, let's go!
Hey. Wait up. I'm caught!
Shit! Oh, shit!
Help me!
What the fuck are you looking at?
Aah! Aah!
What was that?
Oh, just a show of strength.
Don't be scared, little Eleanor.
You can always come sleep with me.
Gloria, please.
Do you think the machine recorded it?
Let's have a look.
Nothing at all.
Maybe it didn't
come close enough.
Check on the girls,
will you, please?
They've been gone a long time.
Go on. Go on.
Are you okay?
Uh, John just wanted me
to check on you two.
He was worried.
We're making tea.
One lump or two?
Excuse me?
Oh, nothing. Thank you.
The diamond!
Underneath the diamond!
What's happened?
Who did this?
The girl.
The girl!
This way.
Eleanor. Come and play.
Hey, wait!
Where are you going?
Shoo, shoo, birdie.
Nice birdie. Ouch!
Go home!
Go on, I said! Shoo!
Ow! Ow!
Back! Shoo!
Ohh. Thank you.
I think we're in big trouble here.
We'll try and find
some way to cut you down.
Oh haha, it's a little late
for that now, Douglas,
but thanks just the same.
You've always been a good sort.
Hang on. I'm gonna get something.
Hang on.
There might be some tools in here.
You know, I'll...
I'll never forget the first
paranormal experiment
you showed me in college.
You tried to convince me
in your dorm room
that the ghost of Magellan
was bending spoons. Ha.
Of course,
I knew it was fake, but...
I didn't want to embarrass
you in front of Sally Sue...
That was the wrong rope, Douglas.
Oh, that's all right.
No harm done.
Accidents do happen,
you know? I...
I do hate nosebleeds, though.
It's gonna get infected.
No time for that now, Douglas.
All right, now listen to me.
She'll kill us all.
This was the night...
her mother murdered her.
- Big piece coming.
- Right, I understand.
You see...
until the body
is read the committal,
her tormented soul...
will remain here
with her father's,
attacking anyone
who's here in the house.
That's why this was
such a perfect place
for our paranormal experiment,
you see?
So why don't we just read her
the committal?
Well... we could...
if we knew where her father
hid the body.
Well, we could just...
Are you all right?
That's it!
The diamond
underneath the diamond.
You found her, Douglas!
Quickly. Read the body
the committal.
I've got a Bible somewhere.
It's in my jack...
Too late, raw thing.
Nobody's going to save
my daughter!
Douglas, stop her... him... it!
Just save the Bible.
Ahh! Aah!
Aahhhhh! Ow!
Quick! Water! Quick!
Ho ho ho!
- Water!
- Douglas!
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's uh...
It's going numb.
Just start reading.
It's almost dawn.
What do I do now?
Read directly to the bones.
Page 210,
chapter 13, verse 7.
Douglas, the book
is upside-down.
Oh! Oh!
"In sure and certain
hope of the resurrection
"to eternal life through
our Lord Jesus Christ,
"We commend to almighty God
our eternal sister
"that we commit her body
to the ground.
"Earth to earth,
ashes to ashes,
dust to d"
Keep reading!
"ust. The Lord bless her
and keep her.
"The Lord make her
His faith shine upon her
"and be gracious to her.
"The Lord lift up..."
"countenance upon her
and give her peace.
By George, Douglas!
You've done it!
You broke the evil spell.
I have to go.
Where to, Douglas?
You wouldn't understand.
I don't understand.
You'll be all right?
Oh, uh...
It's only a flesh wound.
Please take care of him.
I'm gonna tap into the computer
and tell it to self-destruct.
You know, I've been figuring,
that meal we ate,
the same day we brought
on this cargo.
That must have been how the aliens
impregnated some of the crew.
Lucky you and I didn't have
any of that soup.
There. Supply tent is set
to blow in three minutes.
Let's get this shuttle out of here.
Are you all right?
I've been looking for you everywhere.
Yes. I'm fine.
How did you find me?
Trust me, it wasn't easy.
Have you got the book?
- The book?
- Frankenstein's notebook.
Well, the Loch Ness monster
kind of ate it.
- It did?
- Yes.
But I did get something great
from Haiti.
You're gonna love this. Look.
What is it?
What is it?
It's a voodoo petro coffin
for bringing the dead back to life.
I've got an instruction booklet
and the eye of newt, magic crystals,
and everything.
Wait until the prosecution
gets a load of this.
You can't imagine some of the places
I had to lug this thing through.
It's not light, you know.
C'mon. Let's go.
But how are we going to get back?
The supply
will self-destruct in 30 seconds.
29... 28... 27...
26... 25... 24...
23... 22... 21... 20...
19... 18... 17...
16... 15... 14... 13...
12... 11... 10...
7... 6... 5...
4... 3... 2... 1.
Where are we?
I don't know, but you look stunning.
I'm afraid I've lost the time door opener.
Then we're never gonna find
our way back home.
Why didn't I stay and face up
to something for once in my life?
The only thing you would have faced
would have been the electric chair.
China told me James, Gemma,
they all died in that Waxwork.
So that's it: guilt.
You think you're responsible
for their deaths?
Sarah, what happened
in the Waxwork was not your fault.
Then I'll be found not guilty.
If the world was fair, yes,
but it isn't.
And face it, Sarah.
No one's gonna believe your stupid
story about dead flesh walking,
not without some evidence
to prove it.
Stop it!
Let her go!
Has Scarabis also taken
the one you loved?
- Scarabis?
- Yes.
The one they call The Master.
He took my Lenore, you know,
many, many moons ago.
It was shortly after that
we found her horribly rotten and
abused body in Bedlow's Swamp.
The Master is no mortal.
He is the Devil himself.
Where can I find this Scarabis?
The Castle of Poe,
a place of much evil.
I must go.
Which way is the castle?
Please, you must tell me.
Go east through the forest.
You will find it.
Thank you.
Take this.
I have no use for it anymore.
I couldn't.
Strike once for Lenore
and for all the others who have suffered
under the rule of The Master.
I will...
I promise.
May God go with you.
I'm bored.
So bloody bored.
So tell me.
How do you think I'm going to look
on the throne of England?
Absolutely divine, Master.
That will have to change.
- Practice.
- Practice?
Your Majesty.
Say, George, "Your Majesty."
Yes. What is it?
The Sergeant is here.
He's with Lady Madeline, sir.
Send them in.
Send them in!
What is the meaning of this?
We found her ladyship
in the woods, sir.
Is it true, Madeline?
She was with that boy Philip again.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
I... I...
I... I could never hurt you.
It's just that tonight is so important.
But I don't want
to marry the king.
You will do as you are told,
Do you understand?
Do you?
Yes, my brother.
Good. Good.
With Philip, you say?
We should have killed
that meddling boy a long time ago.
Well, it would only have made
Madeline more difficult.
We'll do it
when the time is right.
You don't think that they...
Well, you know,
it's a distinct possibility,
Your Majesty.
I want her checked.
It's nice out today, isn't it?
So anyway,
not far to the castle, now, eh?
Here, give me that.
This better be our last delivery
for that bastard before lunch.
Here, watch what you're saying, lad.
Even here he's hung, drawn,
and quartered for less than that.
I'm not afeared of no man.
- Boo!
- Oh!
Very funny.
Not scared, eh?
Here, did I ever
tell you the one about...
That's a relief.
The future Queen of England
must be pure.
As a rose, Your Majesty.
Send her to her quarters.
How many soldiers are there
in this place?
Wake up.
Oh, they must have drugged you.
Come on.
We gotta get you out of here.
This place is like a maze.
It's got mirrors everywhere.
It took forever to find you.
This way.
Oh! Watch out!
Oh! Come on!
Okay, this way.
Come on.
No! No!
You remembered.
How could I forget?
Out! Out! Out!
This Scarabis guy
is up to some pretty bizarre stuff.
You should have seen what happened
in here while you were out cold.
I wonder if maybe...
No, it's not any of our problem
anyway, is it?
I mean, it's not our problem
what kind of diabolical scheme
he's planning
to unleash upon civilization... is it?
Did you know the king
is supposed to ask
for my hand in marriage
at dinner tonight?
Excuse me?
Black Magic.
This guy must be pretty good.
I'll spare you the gory details,
but if he's done
what it says in here,
he should be able to change shape
with any living thing
within a given proximity.
Now, why would he
want to do that?
Mark, it's none of our business.
History has worked itself out
without us,
and we know that
because we studied it in class
700 years from now.
So please, let's just
find some kind of evidence
and figure out how we're going
to get back to the 20th century
before one of these worlds
possesses us forever, okay?
All right. Okay.
You know, sometimes I think
you actually enjoy all this hero stuff.
- What...
- I mean
Well, well, well!
If it isn't Romeo and Juliet.
Take him to the dungeon.
Let go of him!
And you, my dear,
we really do need to talk.
What are you going
to do with him?
That, my dear Madeline,
depends on you.
- Me?
- Yes.
You see, if your brother is
to ever achieve real happiness,
then you must willingly
marry the king.
And a happy brother
is a happy George.
- But what's that to Mark?
- Who?
- Philip.
- It's simple.
You see, if you stop thinking
with your pussoir
and be a good girl
then I will make sure
that Philip escapes.
Yes. Free.
To a different country,
of course.
And don't tell me
I'm supposed to trust you.
Do you have a choice?
Your perennial unhappiness...
for your lover's life.
This nonsense is gonna
make me later for dinner.
What have you done with the girl?
Young love.
Hey! Wait! Come back!
They say a man can last five days.
Unless, of course,
the rats get to you first.
Sweet dreams.
Oh, great.
His Majesty,
the King of all England.
there came a tapping
as if someone gently rapping,
rapping at my chamber door."
Sir Wilfred?
Of course it's me.
It's the only way they
let me appear in this one.
This is a heavy thing
to fly around with.
What a mess you're in.
Would you mind telling me
what's going on?
I'm not allowed
to tell you too much.
In fact, this is the last
time your grandfather
or I are ever allowed to help you.
- Grandfather?
- Yes.
I think you met him earlier.
The beggar. He was...
I'm afraid from here on in,
you're on your own.
On my own in what?
When you first used
Solomon's locket,
you opened a doorway
to another universe, Cartagra.
A place where the true battle
between good and evil
is played out for eternity.
I still don't...
Let me try putting this in a more,
oh, earthly way.
Sarah and you have actually stumbled
into God's Nintendo game.
Oh, yes! Where He
and the Devil fight it out,
using their various time warriors
as different characters,
forever trying to tip that delicate
balance one way or another.
And if evil ever wins
one of these battles, then...
The results in the real world
are more than horrific.
Earthquakes, floods, war.
Then this isn't real.
You tell me.
Ah! There.
Thank you.
- Is there a way back?
- Yes. But be careful.
Even though each locket
enables its owner
to indefinitely open time doors
around Cartagra,
it can only be used
to open the main door,
the one that joins
the two universes, twice.
You've already opened it once.
That's okay.
We only need the trip back.
Before you do go rushing back
to your world, Mark, remember,
it is one of the greatest
privileges ever
to be chosen as a time warrior.
You mean He...
I mean, God wants me to be
a time warrior?
Maybe you're one already, Mark.
And Sarah?
What about her?
I think she has too much left to settle
in her own world, don't you?
But what...
I know.
And I'm sure when the time comes,
you will make the right decision.
Well, I have to go now.
What? Sir Wilfred,
how do I get the locket
to open the main door again?
Take a minute to think about it,
then guess.
Wine! More
wine the table 'round!
My liege.
Are you all right, Your Majesty?
Are you all right?
It's all right. He just fainted.
Let's take him out of here.
His Majesty will be fine.
Let the music continue.
Tsk tsk tsk.
Now, you wouldn't want
your boyfriend's death
to be the main event
of the evening,
now would you, my flower?
Give me the key!
Do you guys
know how to fight?!
Let's go kick some butt!
What? What'd he say?
Kick some what?
In here. In here.
It's probably a fever.
We must keep him
away from drafts.
Don't you fools know anything?
Let no one in.
I'll fetch my physician.
Hurry up. Hurry!
Be on guard.
Gather up the rest!
Gather up the rest!
So what do you want?
The girl.
I just want the girl.
Girl? What girl?
This is where the king rests.
The king?
What's wrong with him?
He's sick,
if it's any of your concern.
The king's life is in danger.
You must believe me.
Scarabis is trying to
impersonate the king.
He's using Black Magic.
Black Magic.
I know it sounds crazy,
but you must believe me!
Check his room!
Just do that for me.
Check his room.
All right.
All right, I will.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty.
Danger, eh?
Your Majesty, Scarabis
is trying to impersonate...
Take these rebels prisoner.
The boy has done no harm.
Right or wrong,
he was only trying to help.
Take him to one
of the castle rooms.
Give him some food and drink.
I would like to hear more.
As you wish, Your Majesty.
Your crest ring.
Where is your crest ring?
What are you talking about?
Tell your men to follow me.
Well, follow him, then!
Follow him!
Don't let this man out of your sight.
Have you gone mad?
I'm the king!
I shall have your head for this.
You heard me.
But... but...
But he's the king.
Now to make sure The Master
retains your identity forever.
Hey, Torquemada.
Try picking on someone
your own size.
Mon Dieu!
- Out of my way!
- After him!
You all right, Your Majesty?
Yes. Yes.
Who is this brave young man?
He and his friend uncovered
Scarabis' plan to take over the throne.
I can't thank you enough.
It was an honor.
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
Where is Scarabis?
The man I asked you to hold?
Where is he?
Uh... he left.
I mean, he was the king,
wasn't he?
I mean, I couldn't have
stopped him...
could I?
Just tell your men
to take the castle.
Hold everybody,
including the king.
Do as he says.
And release the prisoners.
All of them.
They fight for England.
I don't know how to thank you.
No problem.
The Master must have
a secret escape somewhere.
Open the altar.
Of course, Your Majesty.
Scarabis, let the girl go!
Mark, speak to me.
Get away from that idiot.
My future wife kneels to nobody.
Future what?!
I'm your sister.
But when I became king,
you would have also
been my wife.
And together, we'd have had
pure, beautiful children
to rule this country with.
You'reYou're sick!
Yes, you!
You sadistic, egotistical,
blood-thirsty pervert!
Does this mean
you don't love me?
You bet it does,
brother of mine.
This does throw a different light
on the situation.
Kill the bitch.
Come on!
Smish smack boom!
I'm okay.
One thing before I kill you.
Which village would breed
such idiotic, futile persistence?
- America.
- Of course.
Is that north or south of London?
- It's the future.
- Kind of west.
Then let's hope no other of your
fellow villagers dare venture east.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
To the death.
Ooh! Ah.
Who the hell are they?
Whoever they are, they're bad.
Hello, luv.
Fancy a little naughty...
The monster! Run!
Oh, no!
They say that
the moment of death...
is more pleasurable...
than the most intense
orgasm imaginable.
Do you like to be kissed
when you release?
Now I'm gonna bleed you
like a pig.
- Mark, are you all right?
- I think so.
- The hand. It ran in here.
- Over there.
Mark, we have to
get out of this hell.
I want to,
but I don't know how.
Watch out!
The pods are hatching!
See? It's just opening the time doors
that float around Cartagra,
not the one that's
gonna take us home.
There has to be a way to trigger it.
Well, the raven said...
Sir Wilfred told me to...
take a minute
to think about it
and then guess.
Said the Red Queen.
It's another line from...
Through The Looking Glass.
Come on!
This could be our last chance
to get back to our own world.
If anything happens
We haven't got a choice.
Thank you.
For what? For getting you
into this mess?
For everything.
I mean it.
It's working! Come on!
Go, damn you! Go!
Come on!
What happened?
I don't know!
The door must be a lot smaller now.
Maybe it can only take one of us.
No! We go together or nothing!
No, you'd never be happy here.
Forget whatever I said before.
I'd be happy anywhere with you.
You're so wrong!
You have to work out Sarah
in your own world.
And now you've got
the evidence to do it!
- Go on! Get out of here!
- Mark, no!
Go on!
Scram! Get out of here!
Mark, no!
I love you, Sarah.
Mark, where are you?
And with this new evidence,
and as incredible
as this seems,
one can no longer think
that without
a shadow of a doubt
the accused was responsible
for any of the events
that occurred
on that fateful night.
Has the jury reached a decision?
Yes, we have, Your Honor.
Does the jury find
Sarah Brightman
guilty or not guilty
of the crimes accused?
Not guilty.
Ms. Sarah Brightman?
I'm James Westbourne,
Westbourne Delivery Service.
We're the oldest delivery
company in the world.
We started out in Europe,
you know.
Oh, if you'll just sign here, please.
Now this letter has been
at our company
ever since my oldest relative
can remember
with instructions to hand it
to you on this day...
After the verdict, of course.
Well... guess I've done my part.
Sarah, what are you
going to do now?
What are you going
to do now, Sarah?
I'm going back!