We All Fall Down (2016) Movie Script

- Hear it change, Todd,
the change is coming.
- I know.
You don't have to remind me.
- What are you gonna
do about it, Todd?
- I'm taking him to the farm.
- Why? You need
to go to a group.
- I'm not taking him to a group.
- He needs people,
he's just a kid...
- stop!
How can you say that after
what happened last time?
- It's what he wants.
- No.
People are dangerous.
That's the only truth now.
We're going to the farm.
- Is that what's best for him?
- He doesn't know
what's best for...
Go where I can see you.
- Todd.
Don't blame yourself, Todd.
Time to go.
Last one.
Make it last.
We're going into the town
we saw the other day.
You ready?
Let's go.
You can have 'em.
We don't have room for toys.
You know that.
- Shut up and get
in the shadows.
- You have three
seconds before...
- quiet.
Over there.
Come here.
- Damn it, Benny.
- Benny, no!
What have I told
you about fighting?
They're bigger and
stronger than you.
You know that.
Thanks for watching my back.
You know what to do.
- Well, I suppose a
thanks is in order.
Although, you know, if
you weren't so loud.
I haven't seen you
around here before.
- It's a big world.
- Yeah, well, I
know most drifters.
- Yeah, well, you don't know me.
And I don't know you.
Let's keep it that way.
- You know there's a shop
that you can trade...
- yeah, I know of it.
- I thought you weren't
from around here?
- I never said that.
- Hey.
My kill, my spoils.
- Let's go.
More can show up any second.
- Hey.
For your arm. Now we're even.
You know we could
use someone like you.
We have food and water.
- No.
- We're working on a cure.
- There is no cure.
There's just this.
- It's safe.
And there's other kids
for the little guy.
- I said no.
- Do you really think
that's what's best for him?
- Don't tell me how
to raise my brother.
- Don't ever touch me.
Go ahead. Kill me.
It doesn't change anything.
You might be a hard ass but
it doesn't mean that he is.
Go ahead. Do it. Please.
You're what? 17, 18.
How much longer do you
think you have, hmm?
Where does that live him?
- Go to hell.
We're leaving.
- There's a place for you.
For the both of you.
We're just on the edge of town.
- Don't care.
- Yeah, well, you should.
- Well, I don't.
Hey, here's a map.
I circled our camp.
They'll know I sent you.
- Go.
This place'll work.
What are you drawing?
Looks pretty good.
You're getting better.
I know that place sounds good.
But it's not for us.
Who do you trust?
Todd, your brother.
Say it.
Who do you trust?
Say it!
Why don't you ever talk?!
You know I could change
into a zombie any day now.
Are you even gonna say good-bye?
Alright. Go on,
hit me, tough guy.
Get up.
You don't need to be a killer
but you're gonna learn
to defend yourself.
Come on.
Come on.
Get up!
Oh shit. Hey, hey, hey.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
All better?
Can I get a hug?
You know, you were just born
so you probably wouldn't
remember the farm.
It was something else.
Green fields.
A river that was nice
and cool in the summer.
A big tree with a swing on it.
We had wild animals.
We'd have chickens and
we'd gather their eggs
every single day.
You know the best part?
No zombies.
No people.
Just you and me.
I know.
You know the drill.
We can't stay here.
We need to keep moving.
I know.
I'm thirsty too.
We'll find some water
in the morning. Alright?
Get some sleep.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey. It's alright.
It's alright, you're just
having a hebbie jebbie.
Come here.
You're alright, buddy.
You got your whole
life before the change.
At least eight more years.
You want me to read?
"Bandy legs".
"As I was going to sell my eggs,
I met the man with bandy legs.
Bandy legs and crooked toes..."
"bandy legs and crooked toes,
I tripped us heels
and he fell on..."
show yourself!
Don't come any closer!
- Steady. He means me no harm.
- Yes, I do!
- Easy.
I only want to share your fire.
- Bullshit!
What are you doing
with bodyguards?
- They are not my bodyguards.
They were lost children once.
Now, they are my family.
Home is further than
we wish to wait.
Share your fire,
we'll share the meat.
A fair trade,
I think.
- No.
This is our spot.
- If I wanted to hurt you,
I would've already done it.
- There's more than
one way to hunt prey.
- What are you doing?
- Cooking you and
that boy dinner.
- We don't want your meat.
I know your kind.
- You don't know me.
- I know enough.
- I'd love to hear
what you think
you know about me.
- Don't come any closer!
- Relax.
- Hands where I can...
- sit!
That's better.
If you're not going
to let me feed you.
The least I can do is
satisfy other needs.
We eat like this every night
and have plenty to share.
Are you sure you don't want any?
- I said no.
Drink you water!
- Can I pour you another cup?
- He's had enough.
- I see.
You're right.
Do I make you that
In my camp, we're all family.
We live comfortably in
the woods by the lake.
You could be a part
of that family.
- I know what the plains
witch does to her family.
- The plains witch?
That's funny.
How can I make you
more comfortable?
- Leave.
- You think those
stories are true?
They're only lies
and half-truths.
- Would your mother agree?
- Where did you hear that?!
- So, it's true.
- Todd.
- Benny?
Hey, you.
- You have to find him, Todd.
- I will.
- He doesn't like to be alone.
- I know.
- Did you hear that?
- Shhh.
Where's your camp?!
Tell me now!
You have three seconds.
Take me there.
How much further?
- Matra will be
back, my children.
Release him!
So glad you could make it.
- Where is he?!
- My children, pay attention.
- Shut up!
Tell me where he is!
- This is between you and I.
Let 'em go.
- If I die,
I'm take you with me!
- My children, here
is your lesson.
- What did you do to me?
I can't...
- put him in the cage.
- Todd!
It's happening.
- Help me!
- Help you do what?
- Help me get it out!
I can get it out!
I can get it out!
I can get it out!
- It doesn't come out, Todd.
- I can get it out!
- Don't do it, Todd!
- He's changing!
Hey, he's changing!
- No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
- He's not changing.
He's reliving his own hell.
- Todd?
- Benny, wait.
- How do you know
he's not changing?
- This is his punishment.
- Sarah, no!
- You did this to him.
Make it stop!
- Only he can make it stop.
He allows his mind to be
tormented by the past.
- Sarah!
- Which makes him weak.
- It's okay.
Breathe. Breathe. It's okay.
It's okay. Just breathe. It's
okay. It's okay. Breathe.
- I'm so sorry.
- Todd.
It's not your fault, Todd.
- I wasn't there to protect you.
How is that not my fault?
- I forgive you.
- I don't deserve
your forgiveness.
Where is he?!
Tell me, you bitch!
- Do not speak to
immortal Matra that way.
- If I find out you've harmed...
- when you've learned
to speak to me properly,
I will let you out.
Until then, you
will remain in here
with our other
troubled youngsters.
- We'll never follow you!
- Oh you will, my child.
You will.
Everyone has a breaking point!
- How long have I been out?
- Three days.
- Now be sure to eat everything.
We wouldn't want
any to go to waste.
In order to gain
the strength within,
it must be devoured completely.
That is the promise
Alma makes to us all.
Do any of you know who Alma is?
Alma is our spiritual leader.
She guides and protects us all.
Much like how I guide
and protect you.
But she demands commitment.
We show commitment
to her in dances,
and war.
What do we do to those
who threaten our family?
- We destroy them!
- We destroy them!
- Right. You wouldn't want
anyone to hurt our family,
would you?
- No!
- No!
- You wouldn't want anyone
to hurt me, your Matra,
would you?
- No.
Those few hawks hurt your Matra.
What are we gonna do about it?
- Destroy them!
Destroy them!
- Again!
- Destroy them!
- Again!
- Destroy them!
- Again!
- Destroy them!
- Again!
- Destroy them!
- That's right.
- Don't listen to what she says.
- It's time for a
lesson in respect.
- Please don't do this.
Why are you doing this?
- Quiet!
When you do not
show respect to me,
you do not show respect to Alma
and she demands punishment
for those disrespect her.
- Please don't do this!
- Only one of you, the stronger
one, will survive the day.
The decision is yours.
You may begin.
Weakness is not tolerated here.
If you do nothing, you are
useless and will be discarded.
- Stop!
- You can make this stop!
All you have to do is prove
that you are stronger.
Prove that you are ready
to show respect to Alma!
- Ow!
- Last warning!
If you do nothing,
you will be killed!
Now, fight!
- Please.
- Well done, my dear.
- Don't touch me.
- You have proven your strength.
Now, you must show your respect.
You must eat your first kill.
- You did what you had to.
It's what you do now that
determines who you are.
- It's time, my dear.
- Remember who you are.
Who you were.
- You have proven your strength.
Now you join the fight.
This is yours.
Use it wisely.
Alma has made us a promise.
If we honor her and respect her,
she will Grant us immortality.
We grow stronger every day.
Soon we will be strong
enough to bring justice
to those who held your
Matra prisoner for so long.
War's coming.
And each and every one of
you is just as important.
You would hurt your Matra?
- You're not my Matra.
- Oh, my child! My
child. My child.
My child! My child!
Oh, my child. My child.
This is what happens
when you allow your mind
to be controlled by weakness!
Let this be a lesson to you all!
Oh, my child.
My child.
Look at what you've done!
This is your fault.
Open the cage.
You poison my little girl
with your rebellious idea.
Now, I'm gonna cut you!
- Try it.
- You're not afraid of death.
We make such a good pair.
Your strong offspring
in me only.
- Bullshit.
- I've been promised immunity.
- We all change,
there is no immunity.
- Wrong!
When we ingest their blood,
we ingest the answer.
- You're just
eating rotten meat.
- Wrong!
- Listen.
They die just like you and me.
You know this.
You've killed them.
They're not undead.
Only changed.
Their minds gone.
- Your mind is gone.
- I don't wish to kill you,
I need you.
You could make my hunters
with such
- Matra! Matra!
- I'm here.
- I got another for the war.
A runner.
- Think about it.
She'll do nicely.
Throw her in the cage.
Don't let her get
too close to him.
- Looks like you've
found yourself a good
- shut up.
- Look, have you seen two girls.
Roughly 13.
- Ruby?!
And Bella?
Damn it!
They've been missing
for two weeks,
I've been out looking for them.
- Already tried.
- Yeah but the both of us.
- Maybe.
But they're always watching.
- When the time is right.
- There you are,
my little warrior.
Your lines of
power are in place.
Breathe in.
Breathe in your invincibility.
Here you are, my warriors.
Now, you are ready for battle.
Show me your war stance.
You will be fierce, each
and every one of you.
Now, go!
Practice war!
Remember, you are invincible!
- Hey.
You know she's crazy, right?
She's gonna get you killed.
Are you listening to me?!
Go on, do it!
Get off of me.
- Knock it off.
You keep this up and we
won't be able to escape.
- Why should I help you?
- You need me as
much as I need you.
- Where is your rescue party?
- I was it.
We can't spare anymore people.
- Some camp.
- Runners die.
It's part of the job.
We can't risk losing
more to save a few.
- What about for kids?
- Everyone is just as
important as the next person.
That's how we survive.
- Until a corrupt few
think differently.
- Not in our camp.
Tommy keeps everyone in line.
- Tommy.
Sounds like the
crazy bitch here.
- She's changing!
She's changing!
Her faith is weak.
We must consume her.
Feed with me family!
We will be children forever!
Alma demands more.
We eat her raw.
- Now's our chance.
- This way. We can lose them...
- I'm not leaving
without my brother.
- Oh, okay.
If we take from the
shadows, we can...
- Todd?
It's time to wake up.
- He's awake!
- Benny?
- Look at me, my child.
I am your Matra.
We are your family now.
He means nothing to you.
- Benny don't listen to her...
- silence!
Step back into formation!
You have a broken mind.
There are only two things
to do to a broken mind.
Break it into submission
or destroy it.
You may begin.
Finish it!
Finish him.
There must be a winner.
Finish it or you both die.
Finish it!
Finish it!
Finish it!
Get them!
- Benny!
It's me.
- Everyone stay where you are!
- Benny, don't listen to her.
- Your darn fine idea.
- Benny, it's me.
- He's mine. My loyal warrior.
- Benny.
Benny, look.
I got you something.
It's for you.
- Put that down!
You carry a spear now!
I said put that down.
Defiance has a
punishment around here.
- Todd!
- How dare you defy your Matra?
- Todd!
- But we were supposed
to live together forever.
- No, no, no. We
need to keep moving.
- You spoke.
You spoke!
- I'm sorry. I'm
sorry. I'm sor...
- no, it's okay!
It's alright.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm here.
Everything's gonna be okay now.
Listen, I know you wanna
be with those other kids
but we don't belong there.
- I know.
- Yeah?
- Not all places are like that.
Good ones exist.
Like our camp.
Now what?
What'd I say this time?
I take it, you're
not coming with me?
- Todd.
- Eve.
This belongs to you.
I'll see you around.
- Alright, time to go.
You wanna piggyback?
Come on.
Say my name again.
- Todd.
- Again.
- Todd!
- Again!
- Todd!
- Again!
- Todd!
- Again!
- Todd!
- Whoo!